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  1. Oh Rigby, you and your punny character names.
  2. Any1


    Just a typical Rigby Taylor character name. Sylvan loosely translates to forest.
  3. Another fine story. I am sad to find myself agreeing with the concept that homo sapiens need to die out eventually, but the reality is that the world will continue to exist after man is extinct. The condition of the Earth depends on the timing of the extinction event. The Earth might be dead on the surface, but it will still exist. I always wondered in the various Star Trek iterations if there were any euthanasia movements that use the transporter system in a similar fashion as you did to send people out to the universe. What a good way to go.
  4. Wow! Wonderful job Rigby, and thank you for your patience with my questions. I look forward to the next story.
  5. Any1

    On the Run

    As I read the story, I was under the impression that Queensland seceded from the rest of the country. Most countrie's governments would not be pleased with a portion of the country that decided to declare themselves a independent country. As I read further it appears that the whole country was taken over by JECHIS.
  6. Any1

    On the Run

    I have been waiting to see the federal (?) government step in with the start of a civil war. As an American the would be the likely result if some oligarchs took over a state and got rid of the state government. There would be few people in the country that would not be aware of what they were doing. Social media would be swamped with reactions. I look forward to see what happens next as I read on.
  7. Any1


    I am having a little trouble in suspending belief in order to accept the concept of genuine true believer fundamentalist from these three religions to actually get along with each other long enough to form an organisation like this. I do imagine that I will find out as I continue to read this book. On a separate note, what happened to FUMUTIE?
  8. Any1

    Arnold's Luck

    I ment to compare Dolly to Arnold in their attitude towards money. Dolly was generous with money even when it was someone else's. I'm sure Robert has been punishing himself since the murder occurred. Unfortunately Lance if freed will not likely see it the same way as I will find out as soon I read further chapters.
  9. Any1

    Arnold's Luck

    Like the character Dolly Levi in the musical Hello Dolly "Money is meant to be spread around to help make young things grow." Or something to that effect. Too bad trouble is headed their way. Will Robert have to pay the price for the murder after all?
  10. So in this instance boyance will play by his rules the guys will play by their rules and will see which rules win.
  11. Any1

    Author's Note

    Where did kook come from?
  12. Any1

    Author's Note

    KookWow, as a citizen of the United States, we have a president that thinks that he is a supreme leader who can do whatever he wants. It will be interesting to see what happens when Congress attempts to bring him under control.
  13. Most of my thoughts have been discussed by the others here I just have to say "really?!" The exotic performers promote is named Salacia?
  14. Any1

    What to Wear?

    As someone who is not from Australia, is the instance that Jarek related about the footballer based on a actual occurrence?
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