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  1. Quixo

    Chapter 17

    Things are shifting into high gear. I'd love to learn more about Elijah. He's probably the one at highest risk in this endeavor and we know the least about him.
  2. Quixo

    Chapter 16

    Reilly, please call your dad and see what he knows about this Powell character. I’m thinking he might be one of the newer pack members with a science background if he’s fooling around with formulas. Did you mean this to be Kellan? I didn't think Reilly was in contact with is family since they're the one who tortured and experimented on him. Great chapter. Anxious for the next chapter (as always.)
  3. Quixo

    Chapter 15

    I'm still not sure I trust anyone on the council yet. They are used to being their own private cabal and they all seem wary of the new Americans. Who they really are remains to be seen. And while Robert is genuinely shocked at what was told to him about the kidnappings, I think he has some other connection that we haven't learned about yet. As always, your writing has us all on the edge of our seats.
  4. Quixo

    Facts of Life

    A very strong chapter indeed. Your well written journey through Eric's memories and out look were very stirring, not only for the insight into Eric, but also, that it makes us reflective about our own upbringing. I'm sure you have readers of many different ages, and we each bring our own memories of the times in which we were raised, what we were taught, and what we have overcome on our own. Very real and thought provoking.
  5. Quixo

    Chapter 13

    The idea of High Council involvement in wolves essentially preying on their own is really infuriating. If the entire Council is involved, it's disgusting. Hopefully there are a few decent souls there to get the Council back to protecting shifters. Sebastian is really going to have to keep his wolf in check and his temper under control. I also have a feeling that there is more to Kappas and Lambdas than we've been told, some special traits or abilities, that the Council might fear.
  6. Quixo

    Chapter 12

    I was very afraid that Kellan's family wasn't going to make it, that they would disappear along the way. Very glad I was wrong about that. Still a lot of moving pieces and I'm looking forward to how you will let them play out.
  7. Quixo

    Return Match

    Eric seems to be relaxing a bit. Slowly, but a bit. It is surely a challenge when someone has kept to themselves most of their lives to deal with being open and affable to others. Of course, having Andy around has been a start. Good for Eric for having that courage, and good for Rob for being patient with him.
  8. Quixo

    Chapter 11

    Don't rush on our account. The world you've created is so wonderful, I'm in no hurry for it to be done. No tidy endings for me. It seems that each of the Sentinels has their own gift. I'm sure this will come into play as the story advances. You have a wonderful way of describing moments of discovery in all of your stories. It's one of the elements that I really love in your writing. Thanks for spinning another great tale for us.
  9. Quixo

    Chapter 10

    I wish the other stories I'm reading would update as often as you do. Still, 3 whole days!!!
  10. I seem to have something in my eye. Both of them.
  11. Quixo

    Chapter 7

    I'm glad that Reilly has recovered, although surprised it all happened so quickly. I had expected that it would take longer, as he came to trust Sebastian more and more, by degrees. But I was glad to read that Sebastian had spent that night as his wolf to comfort Reilly. I had a feeling that the wolves relating to each other would be an important part of Reilly's healing. Thoroughly enjoying this story. Anxiously awaiting the next chapter.
  12. Quixo

    Chapter 6

    You laid out a lot of threads to weave with, and I'm excited to see the tapestry you will be creating for us to read. More fun with names with Ben being Ruben rather than Benjamin. Another link between him and Zev. Great stuff. And there are a couple more I want to see what you'll play on. Thanks.
  13. Quixo

    Alan's story

    "Dare to be yourself, Alan. Show other people the real you. Kindness like this costs nothing, yet I know it changes lives.” That's it, and all of it. May all of us who read your story, take this to heart and do a simple act of kindness to someone in honor of the season. What joy we could release into the world. Wonderful writing, as always.
  14. Quixo

    Chapter 4

    Yes, leaving Sebastian and Reilly aside is killing me. But your writing is always worth waiting for. Waiting to see where this side story with Ben does. Zev is a brilliant name choice BTW. A few of your readers will get it.
  15. Quixo

    Chapter 3

    The mating of Sebastian and Reilly was so hot and tender and passionate. I am wondering if Sebastian should let his wolf out to tend on Reilly. Let the natural animal reactions work a bit. It seems that Reilly and Sebastian are beginning to trust each other. Perhaps let their wolves do the same. Just an idea.
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