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  1. Wonderful story! Funny, sexy, and even romantic. Can't wait to read more of your work. Thank you.
  2. Quixo

    Chapter 6

    Brilliant! You managed to capture the essence of that afterglow and let us all feel it through your words. I am basking in that afterglow right now, and it's wonderful. Thank you for this.
  3. Quixo

    Chapter 3

    Another great story. What seems interesting to me is that the pace of this story seems a lot faster than many of your other stories. I realize the chapters are shorter, but the pace of the action matched the chaotic energy of Shane office. I'm assuming that this was a choice you made. Masterfully handled. Thanks as always.
  4. Quixo

    Chapter 5

    Wonderful! Another great read. Thanks.
  5. By now you should know that I am a big fan of your writing, and all writers need to hear that more often. I love the way you develop characters, plot twists, and relationships. Your humor also comes shining through. This was the perfect wrap up for this story. Our three heroes have been left with a beautiful life together, and we as readers have a wonderful glow from our look into it. Thank you.
  6. Quixo

    Chapter 20

    Such a beautiful wrap up to things. These three have found that special happiness in each other. A beautiful love story you've given us. Thank you.
  7. Quixo

    Chapter 19

    I really wnat to comment about this chapter, but after that last scene, I may have to get back to it later. 🙄
  8. Quixo

    Chapter 18

    I wish I could say I've never encountered people like Sin's father, but I have. The most damaging acting teacher I ever had was one. What horrible people they are. Sin is so fortunate to have TC and David to hold him together. The love they all have for each other will help the healing. It won't be quick or easy, but the strength is in the love. I feel like I need a session with a therapist after this chapter.
  9. Quixo

    Chapter 8

    Another wonderful story, Dabeagle! I had selected another story of yours to read but you had made the suggestion to read this first. Not sure if I remember which story that was, but I enjoyed this so thoroughly, I don't care! Love the humor and love that are always laced through your writing. Thank you.
  10. Quixo

    Chapter 3

    I've been enjoying this so much I've been forgetting to comment. Another great story that has me binge reading. Love your work!
  11. A beautifully told story of return, personal discovery, and a blossoming relationship. Plenty of obstacles and plot twists make for an easy and delightful read.
  12. Quixo


    And I cried, and laughed out loud, and fell in love with these guys all over again. Date night was a thing of perfection. I had a feeling that Tracy was going to provide the ultimate private location for their date. Thank you!
  13. Quixo


    It can't be a Wayne Gray story if I don't get to crying at least once. I'm surprised it took my this long. "There, in the shade of an old barn filled with hay, Wren forgave himself for a sin that he had never committed." Maybe one of the most beautiful sentences you've written. And it just put me over the edge. That's why I find myself binge-reading your stories.
  14. Quixo

    Not Boyfriends

    OK. I now love Tracy more than ever. Something tells me that even with the empty gun racks in the house, Rachel can probably handle a shotgun too, (and possibly has one somewhere, just in case.)
  15. Quixo


    Wren has forgotten that he is further down the road on coming out to himself than Caleb. He needs to have some patience, but the confusion is understandable. For his part, Caleb is dealing with a lot very quickly and he seems to be willing to explore. Very courageous. The question now is whether morning will bring doubt or regret with it. I think what both of our heroes are feeling is a strong need for each other that will take a lot time to process. Sure makes from for very steamy lovemaking though!
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