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  1. Quixo

    Chapter 6

    You've done a beautiful job of showing us two people who deeply love each other and yet know they can't continue their past relationship the way it was. This is so difficult because emotion and reason will constantly be battling with each other. You have given us two wonderful, rich, intelligent men who will have to do a lot of conscious thinking for their friendship to move to its next stage. Some things will stay as they are,but much will change as the dynamics of their lives change. Wonderfully written.
  2. Quixo


    Very hot! Knew (or at least, hoped) it was going to happen, but had no idea when. What a nice hot beginning for the two of them. Looking forward to much more.
  3. Quixo


    I've been very much enjoying this story. (I've burned through the first 10 chapters in a day and a half.) You have a very comfortable narrative style that just keeps me wanting to move on to the next chapter. It's very refreshing to read about a burgeoning friendship between older men. Looking forward to more. (And even more curious why the aunt wanted so desperately to get the place. We all know there is something hidden there.) Also still curious about the lack of furnishing. Did the aunt and uncle have the stuff cleared away after Luke's death? Leonard needs to check with the lawyer about an inventory.
  4. Quixo

    Chapter 16

    Great chapter. I'm still chuckling. TC's parents seem rather enjoyable so far. Of course, no one can push buttons like family. It also let's us see through a crack in TC's armor. Somehow, I expect some bumps in the road ahead.
  5. Quixo

    Chapter 15

    I was actually thinking that it's a good thing that TC is so perceptive. He does understand what is going on with David, although not always while it is happening. I also think that their friendship is so strong that they remain very sensitive to each other and neither is going just shut things down completely because mistakes happen. Not that the road is completely smooth, but it's certainly easier because of that.
  6. Quixo

    Chapter 14

    Even with all the stress in their lives, the end of summer was rather sweet for everyone. David and TC do have some relationship work ahead of them, but they both seem to be coming at it with the understanding that they have work to do. Nothing worse in a relationship when one person is oblivious to the other's need for some course correction.
  7. Quixo


    The chapter was great, if a bit brief. I would feel cheated, except I love everything of yours that I've read, and so if there isn't going to be much more of this, then I'm sure I will be delighted by whatever your next project is. Having now read several of your stories, I also have to admit it's very humbling. I have tinkered with the idea of perhaps putting up some of my own stories on GA, but then I look at the work of the authors I have enjoyed most, and I feel so inadequate. Your ability to turn a story on a single line ("He said, his ring size is nine.") is so delightful. Maybe, I'm not ready to run with the big dogs just yet.
  8. Quixo

    Chapter 22

    What a beautiful ending for this story! Instead of all that possibly could blow up, we were treated to all of the wonderfulness of things going right! Even though Cole has had some experience before, this really is first love for both of them and it is so beautiful to behold. I guess I now need to look up that list of all the SS stories and make it my summer reading list. Thank you for this journey.
  9. Quixo

    11:50 From Seattle

    This story is so beautiful. Love is love is love is love. Some people can find the courage to love without regard for the external casing of the person they love and just love the person for themselves. It's not about acceptance. It's not about ignoring anything. It's about loving in totality. And when that is found, it is beautiful indeed.
  10. Quixo

    Chapter 13

    Even though they will want more from sexual partners eventually, David and TC have a good working arrangement for now and they have a good relationship outside of that. I also think that David will be a better dom for all of the exploration he's done as a sub.
  11. Quixo

    Chapter 21

    Glad to read that the get together happened. I was really afraid something would blow that up. But Drew and Cole get to be together for a bit. And all of us melt along with them. I think we all needed a feel good chapter right about now. Hope there is more good stuff in the next.
  12. Quixo


    Everyone has pretty much said what I've felt. I'm sure the tightness in my chest will subside eventually. I guess Bailey has enough love in his heart for both of them. Good man, Bailey. Now please let Harlan start to accept that love. Yeah, Corbin might be needed here. He knows all about it.
  13. Quixo

    Chapter 20

    Another excellent chapter! So much ground got covered , but the main thing is our heroes are losing their minds being apart. We feel their pain. Thank goodness for Auntie Keith! He seems to be the only one who can referee between Drew and Morgan. I'm just afraid that if Morgan doesn't think it's safe for the boys to get together and the weekend gets blownup, Drew could seriously lose it. That would be bad. I also have an alternate image in my mind of Teo, Alessia, and Brax coming to the rescue of Drew and Cole and guarding them for their reunion.
  14. Quixo

    The Promise

    It is a delightful story, and I'm delighted to see that some of my favorite authors read each other's work. (Well, you guys have collaborated as well, so ...) I too would love to know more about Sam's world, but I also like the idea that we never will. There are beautiful mysteries in the world that just need to be accepted, wondered at, and even questioned. But it doesn't mean we get to know all of the secrets. 😄
  15. Quixo

    Chapter 12

    Absolutely delightful. I've got some hunches about some possible twists, but I'd prefer to see what plays out. Another great chapter!
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