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  1. Quixo

    Chapter 9

    Caleb is so sweet and Hunter doesn't have a clue. Caleb is going to have to make the first move, and we'll see how he works up the courage to do it. Sunday the tables will be turned. I'm hopeful.
  2. Quixo

    Chapter 24

    Gee, what could possibly go wrong? Take am adolescent, totally unfamiliar with a people, their customs, their laws, and put him in charge of it all. The closest thing he had to a mentor is dead. The second closest mentor has just died. The only other person of authority he knows, he has just appointed deputy without knowing much about his past. He has been hearing about Sacred Texts, but no one has given him any assistance in what they actually say (and at this point, are they so eroded as to still be legible?) Sounds like a situation wide open for manipulation. Sounds like Adam needs some life schooling and fast.
  3. I wish they would bring Ezekiel in on their conference. He's not as ancient as Matthias, but he may have another perspective. If the priestess has as much power as we're lead to believe, I hope the bunch of werebears from the academy will be enough to hold her and her wights at bay.
  4. Quixo

    Chapter 18

    Curiouser and curiouser. What do the Silgas want with Adam that they are willing to go to war for? Will Adam agree to flee without Castro? I am assuming that the procedure that they keep talking about involves Adam and Castro having a child. Do they think that Adam will just be able to abandon him after that? And this doesn't even begin to touch on Brandon and Sam and the artifact. Lots of unsolved parts of the puzzle. I'm loving this!
  5. Quixo

    Chapter 8

    @weinerdog, you and I definitely think the same way.
  6. Quixo

    Part 2

    Yeah, I loved that moment too. Jack having thought about Roman at that moment just isn't like Jack. Jack having a little joke at Joey's expense - That's much more like Jack. A Roman's speech was wonderful, and totally Roman. Heartfelt and funny. More stories about all of these wonderful people, PLEASE!
  7. Quixo

    Chapter 14

    This seems like a republishing of the previous chapter.
  8. Gary and bill may need someone more versed in the old lore to help Bernie, but I'm sure it will be an interesting journey to follow. Nicely spun. Waiting for the next chapter eagerly.
  9. Quixo

    The New Kid

    Loving the way you are spooling out this story. As always, exited for the next chapter.
  10. I'm another fan who feels this ended much too soon. Mot just because I really enjoy your writing, but because there were far too many threads left unresolved. Going to a therapist is not a quick process, and would have made some more great reading. I feel like this story really ends in the middle.
  11. Quixo

    The Talk

    I have some different takes on things than some of the other readers (and that's fine,) but I think Joey still has a long road ahead of him. I'm also not so quick to label Jack and Roman as scum. They are confused and that happens to some relationships. That is something they have to work through and from their last conversation, they are not in the same place about things. They may be able to sort it out them selves, or they may need some professional help as well. I am also very concerned about Dean. He is in a truly awful situation and may not feel like he has many ways out. He's the one who may actually need to be rescued.
  12. You certainly have the ability to draw me right in and get me engaged in these folks. Can hardly wait for the next chapter.
  13. Quixo

    Chapter 7

    It looks like Caleb might be the one to crack through Hunter's defenses and get him out of his head. This will be an interesting journey.
  14. Love v. lust and all of the blurry permutations that can go along with it. Oy! It seems like our heroes haven't quite sorted out their own emotions with each other and now they have the galloping hornies to contend with as well. Very much want to see where this leads. A foursome? Not sure that any of them are in the right head space for that, especially the ever-threatened Joey.
  15. Very courageous to write this story. Dane and Brandon have an unpredictable road ahead of them, but they sound like they're both committed to making it go. Their love will help a lot, but even so, they should know that there will be some stumbling blocks. You've made them so real for me, I really do wish them well.
  16. Quixo

    Home Truths

    I'm finding it a lot harder to feel supportive of Joey in this story. The penny hasn't dropped that he has to get a handle on himself. And I think that it has to start with his drinking. That needs to be a big, red flag to everyone around him. Roman sees it and knows it. I'm no tea totaller, but I find I am having less patience with the personality change that happens when some of my friends drink. Jack hasn't come out and said as much, but he has got to see it as the same slippery slope his father went down. If Joey gets so pissed as to actually hit Jack, it could well and truly be over (or it should be.)
  17. So everyone had planned a fun surprise for Joey on his birthday with included Jack and Orca as go go dancers in their match black thongs and bowties, and Joey jumps to conclusions and freaks out, and blows up his world big time. That about wrap it up? And the heavy drinking isn't helping. Joey needs to get himself to therapy (at the least.) Can't blame Jack for bolting. Probably too mach like the situation with his father. You've started us with quite a mess, @James Matthews!
  18. I'm glad not to have to wait for the sequel, but man, if the beginning is any indication, we're in a for a bumpy ride. Just the prologue, and already it sounds like Joey may need professional help on this one.
  19. I am loving these guys even more by the minute. Jack and Joey have come clean to each other. Joey still needs to screw his head on a bit better. There is a lot going on and things are going to be more complicated before they get simpler (if they ever do.) Yeah, Orca overstepped himself. I chuck it up to being a horny. isolated teenager trying for what he knew was a slim chance. I'm sure there is a story about Roman's broken phone.
  20. I enjoyed reading the comments from fellow readers almost as much as the chapter itself. Obviously Joey and Jack have a lot more to learn about each other's pasts. They are still relatively new with each other. And Joey is taking a few steps toward giving Jack his space in personal matters. Learning to transition from "me" to "us" can take some time and concentration. Especially the first time. And of course, I loved Joey and his Dad having their time together. Love everything about it. And then there's Roman. First of all, I thought he was 20 (from a previous chapter). It does change the dynamic a bit. Not his relationship with his brother, just the dynamic. I have a lot of feelings for Roman. He's the big brother I wish I'd had. (I'm an only, so I have no real idea what that relationship can be like.) I also think if he wants to try out "the other side", he has plenty of options - Toby, Orca, and now Ryan. Only future chapters will tell.
  21. I'm glad that Joey and Dean had a chance to really talk and repair their friendship a bit. I hope Joey's commitment to make more time for his friends holds true. It's not good for his relationship with Jack if he isolated himself with just his boyfriend. I think Orca and Toby will help with that. I'm also glad that news of Shaun's suicide didn't shut down Jack. I do think he may be a little concerned about how quickly relationships can go south. He keeps bringing up that Joey went sour on Shaun after years of being best friends, despite what Shaun did to undermine their relationship. Is he worried that one big blow up and Joey could go cold on him? Is that the way he perceives how his father was before he got violent? Jack needs people to be consistent with him. He has enough change happening in his life as it is.
  22. Quixo

    Chapter 6

    @weinerdog like the way you think.
  23. I had a bad feeling that this was what might happen. Shaun desperately needed help and not the kind that his mother seemed to think. Sometimes it's not about wanting to die or to punish others, as much as it is wanting the pain to stop. Shaun had no support to help him through his darkest places. And I have a bad feeling that Shaun's parents are going to keep shoveling the blame on Joey. It would be easier than accepting any responsibility themselves. And what will happen with Dean is up for grabs. My heart aches for all of them. I just hope this isn't something else that Jack will add to his own burdens. Roman is a rock. Whatever secret he and Joey have about "the thing that happened" is only another bonding moment, even if it's never spoken of. His care and protectiveness of his younger brother is huge and so steadying for Joey. And now, Orca! Yeah, I like him already. And if he and Roman have a fling, that could be interesting. (yeah, I'm an old perv, and I know it.) Great story telling, sir. Thank you.
  24. Joey is trying to get his head screwed on (which is a big task for any teenager,) but it's extra hard when Shawn is working so hard to screw him up again. Shawn is the one who really needs rescuing. He is way off the rails and it's clear that his mother isn't focused on the real issues to get him the help he desperately needs. I'm worried about him doing something really destructive to himself or joey or Jack. From the title of the next chapter, it seems that he is.
  25. A number of other readers ha guessed correctly, but I didn't. Ah, the trials and tribulations of teenage angst. All those feelings and no idea how to express them. Lashing out at a buddy isn't cool, but neither is punching holes in the walls which some teens do. Feeling like you have no one to talk to is part of the problem, but so are raging hormones, and a bunch of other things. All of these guys need to find someway to get a little grounding, either among themselves, or outside.
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