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  1. Poor Rory? Seems to me he is his own biggest problem - I've slowly developed a liking ( of sorts) to almost every other character in this story - except him
  2. This author has a tendency to fill his stories with very unlikable characters - in my opinion - and frankly I can't really figure out why. But he is losing me quickly - I'm at the stage where I start scrolling through paragraph after paragraph , scanning for something positive to land on - and the landing happens less and less frequently. I'm asking myself, "why would I want to read about these people and their ridiculous drama?" And again, I cant reason why...
  3. rustygrooves

    Chapter 1

    I've decided I'm only reading your stories that are labeled "complete" - and yeah, this one satisfied that criteria Sooo ... Good job fella and thanks for the reads!
  4. rustygrooves

    Chapter 9

    That was the last chapter of this story for me - I can't waste my time on a story that has not even one likeable character...
  5. OK so even though I knew it was coming, I can't believe that this is where you "paused" the action - really, sir, you're killing me here - please, have a heart and toss a few breadcrumbs this way will ya?
  6. There is a certain irony to the reality that others have such ultimate control over you - much like the way that gay youth grow up in a world that forces its control over their own lives - interesting if maddening that such injustice is continually perpetrated on those striving to end the injustice. Try not to let it dim your shine - in fact, let it fan your flame!
  7. It seriously took 16 chapters before Artie even got to be in the story! But what a debut! He definitely needs to meet Scotty Lynch ... just sayin'
  8. See, just like that ... Magic. True magic.
  9. rustygrooves

    Chapter 5

    It's true that most of us struggled with self confidence as teens - just ... maybe some protagonists need to be the kind that don't remind you of you. Maybe the appeal of a hero is that elusive magic that you always wished to feel in yourself.
  10. HaHa BabyXander I got Scotty and Artie paired up in my mind as well ...
  11. damaged beyond repair ...I personally am still working to prove exactly how many times a boy can be damaged beyond repair... (warm fuzzy sigh)
  12. Don't be dissin' Arbor Day dude - that's my religion man...😠
  13. It would be interesting to read a companion story to this, told from Jacob's point of view - because there is a natural symbiosis between the exhibitionist and the voyeur.
  14. rustygrooves

    Chapter 9

    The drama is kind of endless...
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