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  1. Jack Renny

    Chapter 10

    Hi Kbois. The dynamic between the three men is enjoyable, I’m glad you went in that direction. I thought TC’s making Sin untie the knots was abusive. As long as TC has to tie them all up again by himself that’s not so bad. I think Sin is more for TC than David so far but we’ll see how the relationship(s) unfold. Looking forward to more. Best wishes, Jack.
  2. Jack Renny

    Chapter 2

    Interesting. I think TC displays some of the traits of the authoritarian variant of narcissism. It can be self destructive if the authoritarian narcissist’s selfish desires are thwarted. TC’s anger is not David’s responsibility to solve. But it is a product of TC’s selfish desire to coerce David into being his sub. TC deserves his depression, he worked to get it.
  3. Jack Renny

    Chapter 1

    Lead me to the tree house! I would enjoy hibernating there awhile. My old employer hastily despatched me to Rome on business in 1982. It was quite a culture shock at the time, nonetheless I fell in love with the place. Thanks for stirring old memories. David deserves an upturn and I feel for him. TC still needs a slap! Regards, Jack.
  4. Jack Renny


    Terrific opening! Looking forward to getting stuck in. Cheers! Jack.
  5. Terrific! You survived the year from hell and wrote all this. Hats off to you! Thanks for taking my emotions on a roller coaster and delivering them safely at the end of the ride. The humanity in your writing is a joy to experience. Looking forward to more stories. Best wishes, Jack.
  6. Hi, I’m late to the party but felt moved to comment. This is a terrific tale, thank you. I adore stories driven by fascinating characters and heartfelt emotions. This has both in spades. Please write more! Best wishes, Jack.
  7. Jack Renny

    Chapter 20

    Hey, if I’d known David was popping over here I’d have put the kettle on! TC’s duplicity is darned cheeky! I’m not comfortable with the guy holding the ropes taking advantage of David’s emotions. In fact, TC hasn’t inspired my affection yet, maybe later on? David, I like. His inner turmoil is very real and the way you present his emotional pain is beautifully done. Thanks a lot, looking forward to more. Have a fab’ weekend, Jack.
  8. Jack Renny

    Chapter 19

    Oh my! I enjoyed this chapter.....until....I read the other comments. Now I’m slightly apprehensive. Cliffhanger? Who’s being thrown over the cliff? 🤣
  9. My apologies if my tongue in cheek comment caused anyone any offence. That was not my intention. Regards, Jack.
  10. Jack Renny

    Chapter 2

    Beautifully orchestrated scenarios. I’m a devotee of single malt Scotch whisky. Some of the drinks you mentioned astonished me. I had no idea people drank such things. As for David.....David’s dancing was actually controlling the entire group. I feel he knew exactly what he was doing to all of them, not just to TC. Does that hint at the power that a sub has? I don’t think I could enjoy being a Dom or a sub but I’d quite like to try some of that dancing!
  11. Just read 2nd chapter. Oooh! Filth, pure filth! I love it. You mentioned confidence. That’s the attribute I like in authors like yourself, Wayne and tim. You all come across as having confidence in your characters. It makes for more engaging scenarios. It’s all good.
  12. I agree with you. Some enjoy the likes of E.L.James’ work. It’s not my thing. I think kbois will write a good story seeing as she has sought your input. Regards, Jack.
  13. Oh, hope they’re ok. You could sneak in a little story writing (I’ve started reading your D/s story.)
  14. Good afternoon from sunny Berkshire, UK. I wish everyone a happy day. It’s 4pm here, time to make a pot of tea! We’re enjoying sunshine and warmth....and.....my new shorts are undergoing beta testing. Early signs are very promising. My day started with wolf whistling from my partner. There was also a giggly bum squeeze. So far, so good! Regards, Jack.
  15. Jack Renny

    Chapter 1

    Intriguing! Interesting subject matter. This story could teach me something. I know nothing about the D/s Life apart from seeing comments in the DiC and and reading tim’s D/s poetry. David and TC have interesting backgrounds. I look forward to the possibility of some fireworks .... and to exploring new depths (sorry, couldn’t resist.) Thanks for taking my reading in a new direction. Regards, Jack.
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