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  1. one item my brother found was 100 % fruit flavor sugar free popsicles. zero calories and soothing. tele a med is nice didn’t have to go into the Doctors office did it all online. so reading up on the things i missed. @Wayne Gray good job on promising writer. @mollyhousemouse glad you are back to work - it a shame about Phil appointment i hope things improve for him.
  2. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. just wanted to stop in and say ‘hi’ been battling a sinus infection and this heat. right now it’s 110 f heat index. so taking things slow and easy. drinking water and semi frozen Gatorade. How are things with you
  3. tim thank you for sharing your words. this is a powerful piece of work.
  4. thanks for all the good wishes. i hope you all have a good afternoon / evening
  5. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. just wanted to stop in. things are better and i can put weight on my ankle. still taking it easy. How are things with you? may you have a Good Monday.
  6. yes Sir, that is the plan for today. the swelling and tenderness is better. so keeping the ankle elevated and iced every 2 hours. Thank You l Starry the ankle is better staying off it. Thanks for asking
  7. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Happy 4th of July 2020 enjoy your Holiday How are things with you?
  8. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. i hope you have a great Friday this has been the day to learn patience. i was off work and had a few outside jobs. so here in Ohio it is Hot this am it was in the 80’s. so was working away and stepped in a gopher hole and twisted my ankle. so to be on the safe side i went to ER. this is where the lessons started 2.5 hours wait time in the lobby. then went to the back area and started to see the Doctor she needed a X-ray and this wait was 1.5 hours. luckily it is just a bad sprain nothing broken. Rest, Ice and my ankle wrapped. just wanted to stop in and say Hi. so sitting in the recliner taking it easy. how is your Day going?
  9. i can handle raccoons - possum but you know i would run not walk if i saw a gator in my front yard. the worse animals around here are deer and running across the road.
  10. molly that must feel nice to be wanted back at work. Good Job. if your email box is like mine it gets cleaned out and then i get 20 right before the end of the day that needs taken care of ASAP. so take care.
  11. Reader this has been a busy day at work. trying to get my jobs done so i can rest this weekend and start Monday with a clean slate. only 3 small projects to go. So question for DiC anyone have any plans for the weekend? myself we have cancelled our family cook out for this year.
  12. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. i hope you have a terrific Thursday how is your Day going?
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