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  1. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends hi and Good Morning Was sent this and i thought it should be shared. Stay Safe
  2. molly doing good. This year i have volunteered to a non profit to raise operating funds. This was there monthly fish fry so we cook fish all afternoon. This small act helps so many people. i read somewhere the best way to help yourself is to help others. trying to stay busy and positive. molly things going good for you?
  3. molly thanks for asking due better the change in meds have helped me. don’t you hate when you get a headache. Sometimes just a dark room helps but at the same time i feel like i’m neglecting my family. So i hope your Friday is good day.
  4. sounds like a good box and the price is really good.
  5. good luck to SP it takes a big man to know when he needs help. so take care and take it 1 step at a time it’s a journey not a race.
  6. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends wanted to stop in and say “Good Night” take care
  7. sorry to hear this. you sound like the better person. the only jewelry i wear is a gold chain that my Mother gave me for Christmas 20 years ago. it rarely comes off. so if you like the jewelry and it means something to you then go for it.
  8. Yes Ryan it’s a better day. Thanks for asking. My game of choice is Match games
  9. yes i have done the coloring and yes it is mindless fun. i have stayed busy with a few community fund raisers - 800 hot dogs on 7/4 and we have 2 fish frys coming up. So helping out brother-in-law and meditation has help a lot. i have one i listen to right before bedtime.
  10. i know it’s better to know and deal with it now. the saddest thing is the 3 week waiting to get this done. thanks
  11. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends hi and Good Morning like many of us still working on solving our challenges. each challenge has a lesson to be learn. this current lesson is “it is what it is” and patience. Doctor Visit didn’t go as expected. Need to switch my meds. Due to what it is i have to gradually decrease it. was told this is a process and even though it feels like a step backward it will be better. was given a list of things to watch for. So working thru this. Now the scan showed we need to do a biopsy. maybe nothing but tell my brain that. He said “don’t worry” yeah right. trying not to stress on this, the best thing is Sirs and DiC Friends Stay Safe
  12. here in Ohio we have a few that have woman tree trimmers
  13. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends hi and Good Afternoon went for a walk this AM at the Flood-wall and this wonderful buddy was just being lazy. He look at me and his seem to say “ready for my Close Up” Stay Cool and Dry
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