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  1. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Good Morning So how is everyone doing ? Wanted to share this with everyone. Let’s all be Thankful Take care.
  2. @kitt i also love your dedication to your job. well done.
  3. yes, Michael Sir thanks to a new counselor i have met my challenges head on. they are being dealt with and my guilt / shame. i had given them to much of my time and power Over me. so yes things are starting to look up.
  4. good evening Michael Sir, i hope things are going good for you.
  5. Mac Sir, i have seen some of there other quotes and yes they are very funny. i hope your weekend is going good.
  6. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. i hope you are having a Good Day. we all need a good laugh so enjoy this. i hope things are going good for you. So Take Care
  7. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. i hope you are having a Good Day. to day the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the grass is growing. Snow last week and a high of 80 f (26.6 c) so look out we are going from Winter to Summer. i hope everyone is having a good week. So Take Care
  8. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Happy Friday this has been a LONG week. spent last night just myself, my dog and 1/2 bottle of white wine. enjoyed the quiet time with just some music. woke up this am with a positive outlook. Waiting on my Brother to call to see when he gets out. So Take Care
  9. Thank You, Sir Good Advice and best wishes to you as well.
  10. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Just thought i would drop in and report my brother surgery went well. they put 2 stents in. They kept him in the hospital overnight. Glad this Day is over. Wishing everyone a Good Evening Take Care
  11. tim, very wise words. i thank you for this special space.
  12. Thank you, Sir things are getting better brother’s labs are improving so we have the Heart Catheter scheduled for Thursday. i hope you are doing Well yourself.
  13. thanks everyone so good and bad news we got the blood work back on brother and they changed his medications. we are waiting on the Doctor now to see if he needs to have a Heart Catheter they think they need to put a stent in. so now it is a waiting game. sk thanks for all the good wishes
  14. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Just thought i would drop in and say Good Evening. things in my life are like the carnival game “wack-a-mole”. finally getting things going in the right direction for me and my brother has a heart attack. waiting on his test results. so doing what is needed. yes, i’m taking care of myself. so wanted to let my friends know. Take Care - So how are things with you?
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