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  1. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Sorry to have been away but i found a cave i didn’t want to leave. Was on auto pilot for a couple of days. talk with my therapist and we are working on my demons. so things are looking up. Just wanted to drop by. Take Care
  2. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Just wanting to share this it has been a long week and i still have 1 more to go Stay Safe and Warm
  3. welcome to the club i got my COVID shot Monday. not sure if they told you but for about 2-3 days you will feel tired / achy but on the 3 day it all stops. That is what happened to me. You make be different so good luck.
  4. good news i’m sure you will be able to get your shot. Be proactive and call them and verify your appointment. i get my COVID Shot today thank goodness. so to those getting / are getting bad weather stay safe.
  5. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Just wanting to stop in and say “Happy Valentines Day” Stay Safe and Warm
  6. Starry let’s hope the weatherman is Wrong. we can only hope. Take care
  7. molly you stay safe and warm. we are in the area for Heavy Snow 6-10 inches (15 cm - 25 cm) Sunday thru Tuesday so that is on top of the 12 inches (30.5 cm) we have now. we have stocked up on a few items and have our battery back ups charged up. so stay Safe
  8. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. i was sent this and had to share.
  9. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Just wanting to stop in and say “Good Morning” doing fine just working a lot and staying warm. 2021 seems to be the year of weather issues this last week we have had 2 snow storms both with 8 + inches of snow and cold. things don’t look good this weekend we will get another major storm of maybe double this amount. the stores were a zoo no milk / bread / beer / toilet paper. people hear “snow” and they loose all common sense. Stay warm So how are things with everyone?
  10. rickproehl

    Chapter 1

    Great story and yes please keep posting.
  11. Fae - i found some shoe grippers that help when it is Icy. No matter the age falling on ice is no fun.
  12. tim great words - thank you for sharing them. s
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