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  1. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 11

    Life differs from person to person and sometimes it can be unfair. Eventually, we begin to accept it for what it is. Because, in reality, life is not always perfect like in the books or movies. Some of us could still end up like how Drake does in his former life: alone and never found true love. But that doesn’t mean that life in general is bad. We simply need to look at it from a different perspective. As Mrs. Benoit said, what ultimately matters are the lessons that we’ve learned from it and how we would use it. Let’s be honest, not everyone of us in the gay community would ever find the true meaning of love. That fact alone is heartbreaking. But some people, including those who didn’t get their chance, risk their lives fighting for our rights in order for the next generation to not experience the tragic life that a lot of the people in the community did in the past. We might never get our second chance like Drake and Kyle got in this story. But we can do something to give a chance for the future generations. Who knows, maybe we’ll get ours when we are born again on our next life. *Fingers crossed* Those are the thoughts that I realized after finishing your story and doing a little contemplating. Again, I am really humbled to experience this world you created. Definitely among the top of my favorites as it relates deeply with the experience of closeted people in the society, which I am still a part of. Thank you so much for writing this, @Dabeagle. You have no idea how much your work touches my heart. I'm sure there are other readers who feel the same way. Thanks again @weinerdog for recommending me this. This is really a story worth sharing with others. I hope all of you guys are doing well wherever you are!
  2. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 9

    I kept thinking about the conversation Drake had with Mrs. B as it argues against Drake's outlook in his previous life. Unlike Mrs. B, his choices left him unsatisfied in the end. Was it a flaw in Drake's perception? Did his old life actually turned out fine and he simply just didn't appreciate it enough? Most importantly, was his chance to start over again, really justified? Similarly, I can't help but doubt myself sometimes, "What if I am wrong?" It took me a while, but eventually I realized what was different between Drake's mistakes and Mrs. B's. Mrs. Benoit found love in the end. Drake didn't.
  3. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 8

    I... uh... that was... wow. Still trying to calm myself down from the influx of emotions this chapter threw at me. To say that this is a beautiful chapter is an understatement. Again, I'm speechless. I-... wow. How could you do this to me, Dabeagle? I feel like I'm Kyle at the moment, not knowing what words to say.
  4. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 7

    I'm freaking speechless! This chapter is soooo heartwarming! I really couldn't think of any better way this story could be written. It's perfect! I don't know what else to say, I'm just freaking out about Drake and Kyle! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! They're so cute! Btw. I let Free Fallin' play on background while reading the last few paragraphs, I think it fits the ending of this chapter. I'd recommend trying it.
  5. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 6

    I'm loving where the story is going so far. Things seem to be going pretty well for Drake for now. And it's not just by pure luck. Drake earned it by making wise decisions both in school and in his group home. I like that he now has friends. Even if there's only two of them, it emphasizes that he chooses carefully and seems to know which are the right people. I didn't realize that Kyle's words to Drake at the swimming pool did actually hurt Drake as much as it did to me. Looks like I relate to Drake more than I thought. But I'm glad Kyle was able to contemplate on this and admit his mistake. I'm definitely on board with Drake on this: Kyle might be someone worth fighting for.
  6. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 3

    I relate A LOT to the chemistry between Drake and Kyle. Sometimes, realizing I was just one of the many friends of the only friend I have makes me wonder of my actual importance in our relationship. To Drake, that pool meant a place for him and Kyle to bond together. To Kyle, it was just a regular pool. Which is why this quote struck me a great deal, "You can go here anytime you want. You don't need me." What hurts me the most about my relationship with my closest friends is that I valued the things that brought us together too much. And those things could be in a form of a place (like the pool in this story), or an object, or even the experiences we shared together. I don't enjoy being back in those places if my friends are not there with me. So for friend to tell me that I can simply get back to this place without him is heartbreaking.
  7. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 2

    I like this this concept. Plus, a little sci-fi in it makes it unique. I haven't read many stories involving sci-fi before. But I've watched a good amount of movies and TV shows to understand some of the terminologies mentioned in this chapter. As a fan of the MCU, and having watched the Loki series last month, I am curious about the involvement of the multiverse in the story, as from first glance, I think a similar situation can be achieved even with only the magic part - the bartender saves the original Drake and transfers the protagonist's memories to the body, and the main timeline continues to flow. As for the use of the different branches, it intrigues me how it will fit in the story. But I may have just been reading too much between the lines. Okay, into the main plot. Second chances... Wow... The thing is... Personally, even if I am nowhere near to the middle part of an average person's life, I can already relate to the premise of this story. I bet all of us have made choices in our past that we hope we could've done differently, regardless of how old we are. I can imagine there would be a lot of tearjerker moments waiting for me here. Why am I doing this to myself? lol. And having the body you have always dreamt of having can be jackpot at first glance. But now that the protagonist has it, I wonder what he will do with it? Same question I ask myself if I ever had the chance, too. Intriguing story, overall. Thanks a lot to @weinerdog for suggesting me this. I was just about to search for a potential stories to read but when he recommended this one in particular, and after reading its short description, I knew already that I have to read it. Looking forward to living in this another world you created, @Dabeagle! Catch you on the flip side!
  8. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 14

    That was quite a journey! You know, this is actually the first story I've ever read from you. And I'm really glad I came across this among the thousands of other stories in this website. I am certain that it is among the few special ones that I will be holding close to my heart and never forget about. Thank you, Debeagle, for giving us the opportunity to experience 'living' in the world you created. Real life can be tough for all of us, and it can be a lot tougher because of the circumstances of the world right now. However, stories like these serve as an escape route from the pain and confusion that we feel. It gives us a moment to pause and recollect ourselves. For some reason, I think it makes me feel more human. This particular story reminds me that, like Ethan and Nathaniel, there are people out there that are going through the same challenges that we do, that the only way that we can get through this is if we help and support each other, and finding someone who would be with us all the way is something to be cherished and never taken for granted. On the other hand, Ethan and Mason's relationship reminds me of the importance of loyalty. Despite of the other's shortcomings, our love and care for our best friend is the most important. Friendships are meant to build upon each other. Again, thanks for writing this story! I hope you are doing well during these times and I look forward to reading your other works!
  9. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 13

    What an intense penultimate chapter! This one has been sending chills down my spine during the entire time I was reading it! You had me scared to bits at the thought of Mason being dead. I don't think I could ever forgive you if that actually happened. Overall, I couldn't give enough credit to how amazingly written this chapter is. I'll save my final thoughts after reading the finale.
  10. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 12

    As Dr Ian Malcom from Jurassic Park would say, you did it. You crazy son of a b, you did it! I have repeatedly said before that I was hesitant of the Ethan-Nathaniel relationship. Even until last chapter I was skeptical because I was still rooting for a Mason-Ethan ending. Secretly hoping that'll be the case. However, I didn't not expect that the revelation of Ethan and Nathaniel's love for each other to be THIS BEAUTIFUL. I really admire your writing! For one, that kiss... it felt very natural and flowed quite smoothly in the story. I still can't stop thinking about it. It was truly an unforgettable moment both for the characters and including the readers. I find it kinda cute and unique that it happened right next to a washing machine, lol! And Mason, oh Mason. Now I completely understand who Mason was supposed to be - the brother Ethan deserves. As the story tells, he fills the space in Ethan's heart that was left empty by his brother. Same goes vise versa with Mason's parents. In the end, Ethan and Mason complete each other. Where does Nathaniel fit in the situation, you ask? I think Nathaniel is the one who is meant to make Ethan a better person - to become the best he can be.
  11. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 11

    Okay, Neats it is! I can't stop thinking about Mason though. I really love how supportive he is with Ethan and Nathaniel.
  12. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 10

    Is it too early to ship Ethaniel? or Neats? Dang, I couldn't think of a cute name. Okay, I'll be honest. I actually wanted Ethan to end up with Mason. I didn't like Nathaniel because he was very sketchy during the early chapters. But overtime, the story was able to give me a reasonable and realistic approach to understand Nathaniel's background and intentions. It is very clear to me now that he is on the good side, and even thought he had a dark past, I can see the goodness in him, which was also made clear with Ethan's thoughts. I'm also glad that Mason wasn't jealous or anything (at least for now). Else that would make things complicated. Love this chapter to bits!
  13. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 9

    Personally, I'm really jealous of Ethan and Mason's friendship. I think it is a perfect example of how two friends can be as intimate as they can be without becoming romantic. I wish I had one when I was younger. Would've made life a little easier. Dammit I'm getting too attached to a story again. I'm hoping the ending won't destroy me completely. Lol!
  14. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 8

    Holy sh*t, the story got way more intense! This chapter gave me Sherlock vibes (The TV show). When Nathaniel revealed to Ethan that his father is going to kill him, that was the moment that gave me chills for the rest of the reading. My interest for this story keeps getting bigger and bigger! I freaking love this!
  15. noahthesmallpotato

    Chapter 7

    I notice how when Ethan sees something special in someone, he tries his best helping that person find it. Mason for one, Matt for another. I wonder if he sees something in Nathaniel. Definitely one of my favorite personalities of Ethan.
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