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  1. "Trust me, every stupid little conversation you’ve ever had with him is stored in that brain of his somewhere." Hehe. That's me. I can still remember all the talks I had with my best friend in college. Only this time, I was Dustin. *sigh* Dude, you're bringing back my memories with my former best friend! Haven't seen him too in a while. So I really understood what it felt like when Dustin had to decide to part ways with Billy. Beauuuutiful chapter, Jeff! Bravo! This is actually a particularly interesting chapter for me. We never get to see Brett and Dustin have a deep conversation before. I love this! Also, thank goodness it was just a kidney stone! You had me worried there for a while. And I think it was really cute when Billy called Brett "babe". I don't know why but it stood out for me this time.
  2. Hmmm. I'm sorry but it's not ringing any bells for me. Could be because it was months already since I read String. Would you mind if you give me a hint?
  3. This was a particularly interesting comment for me to read. Lol! I wonder what your early readers actually felt like.
  4. Man, Billy can't catch a break with his medical complications. Now a kidney problem? I really have huge concerns about this one. I myself knew a friend who had kidney failure, and I'm aware of how time and energy consuming dialysis could be (he's in a better place now). I hope Billy's kidney issue is not as life threatening. Can't wait to hear from him again! Also, I'm starting to like this Mr. Johnston guy. He could be the hero in disguise that'll save Dustin in the future. And that Sarah part. To say that I was uncomfortable reading it was an understatement. Guess I'm really gay? Lol!
  5. I only have one thing to say, Dustin's father could go f*** himself.
  6. Okay I'm starting to get a sense of how dark this story is going to be. Lol! I understand now why you opted for a third person storytelling. It allows you to expand the story to a broader range of characters, each with their own perspective. I like this idea. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear from B&B along the way. So Dustin, Luke, Nate, and Mr. Thompson has to be the weirdest love affair I've ever read so far. But then again, I don't read that much. On the other hand. I liked the part where we get a picture of where the gang is right now. Looks like Joey and Sarah didn't fair well. Kinda hard to believe that both were among the three students running for valedictorian. Also, it's still fun hearing from people talking about how Billy's weird. He's now practically the Sheldon Cooper of this series. From our point of view, he wasn't THAT weird. Now onto Luke. His last name is Cunningham, huh? I believe we may have met a Cunningham before. Two of them, actually. Hmmm.
  7. Dude, what an intro! I love how you wrote the foundations of the story in the first couple of paragraphs. It reminded me of how you opened The Black Summer. I'm intrigued by the switch to a third person POV. I'm curious to see if it's as effective as first person ones. So far, this chapter proves that it is working very well. Overall, Nate is a very interesting character. I also like the name "Nathaniel". It sounds Angelic. It funny how he admits that he's quite the opposite of a saint.
  8. noahthesmallpotato


    Well, I guess I have a thing for guys injuring the main character early on in a story. *cough* Brett *cough* Dude, after reading Aiden's War, you got me really hyped for Dustin's World! But before I proceed, I will be taking a short break to prepare myself for the "darkness" to come. See you later!
  9. noahthesmallpotato


    "Do you think I have some big plan? Dude, I just live my life and love the people who I love. You do that, and it won’t matter what anyone does to you because you’ll have what’s important." I absolutely love this ending! Especially when Aiden finally came to terms with Billy. I think that was actually the first time I've seen Billy have a deep conversation from a different point of view. And his words elevated my respect for him. He truly has a good heart. With regards to Aiden, I gotta admit that it took me a while to finally like him. I guess it's because most of his thoughts in the first half of the story was mostly about getting revenge on Billy. To be honest, i actually liked Tyler much earlier, and I think being mysterious was part of it. Oh and speaking of mysterious. Mr. Hartley. Billy's interpretation of him makes sense. An even bigger war lies outside of high school. Billy knows it, and now Aiden does. If Aiden could leave a legacy to the school, it is if he will continue to lead The Resistance to save the lives of kids like him. Overall, this book has been a wild ride. I absolutely loved that emotion that I get when parts of the story converge with the plot of the main series. Especially when I was like "Woah, Aiden was the reason that happened?" or "It was Hartley all along?". Loved those to bits! Thank you Jeff for writing this! Are you really done with W.A.R.? I hope not. Hehehe. I mean, I would love to see some cameos in your future stories. Like in String!
  10. noahthesmallpotato


    I doubt that Mr. Hartley deleted all the copies of the videos. He's smarter than that. But a truce is a truce. By the way, I don't recall The Resistance being mentioned in String. Did I somehow miss it? Makes me wanna re-read it again.
  11. `Awwww you don't watch HoC? It's okay, I'll try again next time. Hahahaha!
  12. Imagine Mr. Hartley winning this fight and then at the end he breaks the fourth wall... "Yes here we go again... President of the Photography club, that's what I've wanted. That's all I've wanted. That's what I was promised.... and now here I am... Principal of Mon Valley High." Understand that reference? Hehehe.
  13. Okay, I've just finished the chapter... Hehehe! I must say, Aiden and Tyler handled their revelations better than I expected. I was expecting a fight first before they tell the truth. I've already kinda figured out that Mr. Hartley has more chess pieces in play. But what I didn't expect is that Tyler was among them. I loved that twist! Now that we're getting close to the end, I'm wondering how are Aiden and Tyler going to redeem themselves for the horrible things that they've done. The resistance has begun...
  14. I had to stop reading after a couple of paragraphs because I had this really intense feeling I just had to express. I haven't finished the chapter yet, but that scene where Brett took out his necklace and whispered to it... It was just too powerful not to be acknowledged... God, it's just... wow! I didn't know such a simple act can speak a lot to me. “Please eat something…” Brett whispered. <--- this line! This f*ckin' line gets me! Brett is literally an Angel at this point. No one can make me think otherwise... *Sigh*. I've never felt that flood of emotion in a while. God that feels sooo overwhelming. What have you done, Jeff? Stop screwing up with my emotions again! HAHAHAHA!
  15. noahthesmallpotato

    The Rookie

    I freaking knew it! It was supposed to be Tyden all along! However, this creates a more of questions that it answers. What prompted Tyler to finally confess? What took Tyler so long? What has he been doing all these time? When he said he shouldn't have listened to someone, who was he referring to? First thing that comes to mind was his friends. But I can sense it is more than that. And finally, does Aiden even feel the same way for him after all he has done? I'm so excited for the next chapter!!! I know I could just click next. But ahhhhhh! I just wanna live this excitement for a little bit more.
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