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  1. A funny thought came from this line. I'm imaging a ghost going on a date, and has trouble picking the right body to possess. Whether his date is another ghost or a living human would be up in the air, but I'm putting this on my "to-write" list.
  2. astone2292

    Chapter 44

    I probably need my eyes checked, but what is that falling over the waterfall?
  3. astone2292

    The Condemned

    Also callin' it: Joe and Bernie are gonna be mates. 🐺🐻
  4. astone2292

    The Condemned

    I'm not sure about the foreshadowing with this chapter. Karhu is implying he won't survive the ceremony, and with Grumpy's streak of hope throughout the series, I think we're overdue to see experience a major death. What has me curious is Bernie's secret word. This isn't any Pee Wee's Playhouse word either; it's pretty dang serious. Now where did I leave my "I'm Callin' It" cap... I'm Callin' It! Bernie is the destined host for Odin; the big bear himself. I'm also predicting Rodney is acting. His repetitive calling of Rieka a "b!¥<#" has thrown me off during a re-read. While the old bear god could be using it as the archaic term for woman, it would be a great outlet for Rodney's displeasure for the sorceress and the group as a whole.
  5. astone2292

    Chapter 44

    I mean... I'd be distracted by that thought. Glad you liked the chapter, Patch! I guess we'll have to wait for the next chapter...
  6. astone2292

    Chapter 44

    I'll be taking this into consideration for future chapter content.
  7. astone2292

    Chapter 44

    Fixed the downwind mistake. That was oversight on my part. With the pack pay scale, there are several factors that could be at play. How much does teaching pay him? My advisor during college had to moonlight-teach at another university's online program since pay was crap. The American Histories professor, one with his doctorate, at the same private college works at the local Kroger for 30 hrs/week. A second thought would be Arric's manor. Is the manor passed down from Pack Alpha to Pack Alpha? All that being said, I'll be sure to implement more details in these regards going forward, for both this story and further ones.
  8. Update on the bed-hogging: he was reluctant once I offered to cook him breakfast in the morning. Joke's on him... I'm sleeping in, and breakfast won't be cooked until noon.
  9. astone2292

    Chapter 44

    Kieran closed the door behind him. Slinking through his apartment, his mind was swimming. Beta… to Arric? He sighed and went for the coffee machine, but halted before he could press a button. Looking at the device only intensified his thoughts. Can I even handle it? I mean, Walter says I can. Why else would he nominate me? Hell, I’m dating the Alpha! That’s already a conflict of interest. If I took the position, any suggestions I give Arric would cloud his judgement of others’. Would he ta
  10. Well I'm going to kick Noah out of the bed since he's hogging it all...
  11. I hope to see many more throughout my writing career.
  12. I'd imagine so, although the bear god seems to be protective of Tuath De's beliefs instead of the sacrifices' lives. But that's my take as a reader. I'm sure Grumpy has a better answer
  13. I wouldn't say 2022. Death in the Shadows might make an appearance before then.
  14. How could I do this? Easy. Content! OMG... ZitS. Now I'm interested... Vincent would be the powerhouse in the survival team, being capable of detecting incoming shadows. The question is simple; who would be in the starting survival team? Which of our beloved characters would be turned/killed? Uh oh... I think I'll have to add a short side story to this series... Thanks so much for commenting, Mark! I'm glad to see you're enjoying this series!
  15. By far, one of my favorite chapters in this entire series. The seriousness of the Tuathe De dinner was riveting. I can no longer tell if Rodney is acting or if he truly is the embodiment of the bear god, although I'm leaning towards acting as I clutch onto any shred of hope. I am rolling! Susie is just the best character in your arsenal, Grumpy. Axel got the much needed ass-kicking for his smart mouth, but redeemed himself by defending Susie from the ignorant pilot. This scene was pure class.
  16. Shaw had such a redemption arc! Going from showing his ass by accusing Vincent and confronting him about being a mage, to finally seeing the bright side of life. But we all can't have nice things. It was a little vague of a description, but Stefan's hand gesture was him releasing his shadow magic. The assailant was not a shadow mage. *dun, dun, DUN!* Plenty of material to work with for Book Three. Two investigations, a Global and North American Summit, and a showdown! I better start writing Cernunnos so I can start on Death in the Shadows! Just the Coyote Cub leaving Coyote Cliffies. I can't thank y'all enough. It means a lot to have so many dedicated readers to this series. Just as you try to be patient, I'll try to push my fingies to the limit. Uh oh. Pitch forks? Torches? Thanks, Kitt! I understand everyone's loving frustrations, and I feel the love. Once Cernunnos is knocked out, I'll be focused and on my "A" game. Just a few months. It'll go by before you know it.❤️ Thank you for reading and commenting, mikedup! If I remember correctly, you've been there since the first chapter of LitS was posted. I'm thrilled to have entertained you, as well as the readers. Uh oh. Speechless Patch. I think I broke him... Same thing as mikedup and centex, you've been following along for quite some time. I can't thank you guys enough! I don't know what I'd do without my emoji-affinity reader. Oh, Shaw knows them. But who would use such a term like, "mutt-lover?" Thanks for commenting, Omaygawd! By the way, I forkin' love your name! I foresee a trail of excited reviews and comments throughout the GA community. Make sure to take my Chromebook when you come nab me! An author needs his typewriter! I agree that Shaw was dealing with a very experienced opponent, but I'm not sure if Ingle "set" him up. Ingle was trying to get Shaw more out and about in the shapeshifter community. Let's hope we don't have another double agent death... *cough* https://gayauthors.org/story/astone2292/love-in-the-shadows/25 *cough* Sorry, G. I switched the POV style halfway into RitS and found it tells a much better story, versus having everyone's thoughts running amok. I think having LitS and RitS updated before DitS (don't like how the abbreviation sounds, but I ain't changing the title) will be for the best. Ah, a clue has been uncovered. I wonder what other ones can be deduced...
  17. Looks like there's a new telepath in town... and they like guns! The flip phone has one number, and possesses one use. If Vincent's going for it, then he must be either confident... or reckless.
  18. Thanks for commenting, centex. It means a lot that you've followed this story since its inception. Stefan is a smart man. There's no doubt this was a calculated move. But who is the gunman? Pesky plot holes...
  19. Tossing the keys onto the coffee table, Wagner got the message. Didn't expect it though. It's a damned good opening! His denial as enforcer bothered him, regardless of the reason why. Is this why he chose to do it now? To have these powerful emotions? Yeah, that's it. Alpha Vonder is smart, but this is really smart! With his mind swimming, Wagner debated on taking a shower. No, I can't. It will give me time to cool off. I need to do this now! Scrolling through the contact list,
  20. The original movie is worth a rewatch. It's a little '90s cringy, but there are lines that are giggle-worthy.
  21. Did the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers movie not make it to France?
  22. There are none!!! What?! Best Power Rangers villain to date... And I quote, referencing Ivan being locked in an egg for 6,000 years:
  23. I was more of an Ivan Ooze fan. He wasn't scared of Zordon...
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