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  1. echo2003


    I agree with all the positives written about this story. I always like stories that take me on an emotional journey and this took me on an excellent one. I wish you had written more stories, from a selfish point of view, but would rather read one like this than ten middle of the road stories. Thanks
  2. echo2003


    Thanks Wayne. This is the fifth of your stories that I have read and I have enjoyed them all. I look forward to whatever you write next.
  3. Thank you for writing a terrific story.
  4. echo2003


    This was a great story and I look forward to what might follow. You do a great job of creating complex stories, ones that stir up emotions yet have happy endings. Your creativity is much appreciated and enjoyed.
  5. I have read and enjoyed the first two stories in this trilogy "The Guardian" and "Camp Refuge". I am impressed by the complex plot and have started to anticipate events in hopes that they happen (or don't). I look forward to reading the last story in this trilogy " A Silent Song", I know I will enjoy it. So far each of the stories I have read have been complete before I started reading and I appreciate how hard it must be to be constantly looking for the next chapter. Also I am glad that Wayne is a current and active author, so I can look forward to more stories to come. Thanks Wayne
  6. echo2003


    I read Ash and Ember a while ago, which is why I returned to read Guarded. I just started Camp Refuge and am looking forward to it.
  7. echo2003


    Thanks for writing this most enjoyable story.
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