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  1. Charlie  Calin

    Chapter 86

    J Love This has to be one of the best tear jerkers I've Read. I'm serious you took a very known subject and made us all cry, as we became involved in a very toucky subject "child abuse etc". I'm still not ready to accept your beautiful story is over. Well done fantastic writing, you are the best writer I've read in moons. Please keep us informed of what's to come, I can't wait. You're research, writing. character development etc. are outstanding. What more can I say...............you really are good Chazbo 2920cw
  2. FSells Another fantastic chapter about our favorite GUYS. You're the best, thanks for being so darn talented. Charlie C.
  3. FSells What a fantasting ending to 2020. Looking foward to another exciting and eventful future for our two outstanding characters Jamie and Benplus Jamie's second bro Lucas. You're the best continue what your doing, outstanding writing. Charles C.
  4. Charlie  Calin

    Chapter 19

    Another great chapter. You are well versed in the Med market very descriptive, exciting and interesting. Can't wait to see where you're taking us next I'm sure it will be even better. Patiently waiting Andre for your handlingof Clint's video. I also have a feeling you've been there done that the way you write about our very much in love Drew and Ryan. Neat and well done..... Charlie Carlin oneintexas@sbcglobal.net
  5. F Sell Yr one great author. Could not put it up until I'd read umteen chapters I noticed in opening remarks, it stated "in progress". Hopefully you mean more to come? Please say, there will be more? You really are one of my best pick as a author, what can I say keep up the momentium. Outstanding. Charlie C. or Chazbo @ " oneintexas@sbsglobal.net"
  6. Charlie  Calin


    This has to have been one of the best written novel I've read. I thought Carlos H. had you but he did not. Your handling of characters is outstanding plus so real. I cannot remember how long it took me to read Circumnavigation. I could not turn off my PC, I was so engrossed with verything that was going on. So here's my verdict..........PLEASE bring Trevor and Shan back in some wonderful adventure, with them having matured some what. You made them so real so continue, bring them back, make it happen. What more can I say, you're the best soo........do it. Charlie C.
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