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  1. Andre Delport

    Chapter 29

    So happy to see another chapter after so long. But sad that this wonderful tale is coming to an end. Galen and Josh may just be taking baby steps at the moment, but I'm hoping that when they do manage to get it all together, it is going to be a completely liberating moment for both of them and especially for Galen. He needs to push through the flashbacks and come to a realization that he is safe with Josh and that Josh will not hurt him.
  2. Andre Delport

    Aqu Chapter 10

    Yeah, agree fully. Seems a bit wishy-washy to me. Time to get some backbone or maybe grow a pair!!
  3. Andre Delport

    Aqu Chapter 9

    Why do I get the feeling Trenton does not like confrontation? He always seems to be running away from "problems" when he should be facing them head-on. Don't quite know what to think of him yet
  4. Andre Delport

    Chapter 26

  5. Andre Delport

    Chapter 26

    Jonathan, thank you for this amazing book. I eagerly awaited each new chapter every day. Well done for making that happen. In one of the previous chapters I commented that for a first-timer, you were doing great. Well - YOU DID GOOD BOY - REALLY GOOD! Just sad that its over, but as they say - all good things must come to an end. Looking forward to seeing much more from you.
  6. Andre Delport

    Chapter 21

    Another great chapter. Talk about "from the mouths of babes" - Matt saying "You smile more there too' - favourite line in the chapter.
  7. Andre Delport

    Chapter 18

    Yet another thoughtful, wonderfully written chapter. This story has me running through the fully gambit of emotions - anger, tears, grinning like a cheshire cat, awe - how many more! Great, great storytelling. For a first attempt at publishing. you're sure doing on helluva good job of it. Well done!
  8. Andre Delport

    Chapter 15

    Awesome storytelling - I wait in anticipation for each new chapter. Thank you for publishing them so regularly. It helps to keep the momentum going. Sometimes I feel Kyle and Jacob just need to get over themselves and really look at the situation from the others perspective. Then one of them needs to just grab the other and kiss him and both will realize that what they both felt for one another is still there - different, changed - but still as strong as it ever was. I think Matt might be the catalyst to this. Really hoping for a HEA. Keep up the great work.
  9. Andre Delport

    Chapter 80

  10. Andre Delport

    Bride of Frankenstein

    OMG - what a great chapter. Laughing so hard, I had tears rolling down my cheeks.
  11. Andre Delport

    Epilogue: Three Years On

    Fantastic ending to a fantastic story - thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Love how you interweave characters from your other books. Absolute genius. Well done!Just sad to see it end. Now I have to find another story to look forward to every time I open up Gayauthors. Waiting in anticipation for the next one.
  12. Andre Delport


    2 months - "Sometimes during meetings, his thoughts would drift back two months..." - paragraph 4
  13. Andre Delport


    OK guys and gals - I'm saying it outright (NO EMOTICONS) - I HATED the end of this chapter. It just feels so wrong in so many ways. 1. That they haven't managed to actually make the commitment to one another. 2. The way Kieren just walked away, to my mind, just seems to be a bit cold and ungrateful. I get that he and Kennedy had "a contract" and that said contract had been fulfilled, and that Keiren wanted to make the break as clean and as quick as possible, but just turning around and walking off is a bit cold-hearted if you ask me! Kennedy had spent ten of thousands of pounds on the vacation (yes I know it was a business deal), but still, I feel Kieren should have allowed Kennedy the opportunity to drop him off at home, and possibly come to a decision on the way ( that's the hopeless romantic in me speaking there). But once again, a great chapter and waiting in anticipation of whats to come. I just hope we are all not going to be disappointed. If ever a story needed a happy ever after ending, it is this one.
  14. Andre Delport

    Bali Highs & Lows

    But you know what else I learnt this past year? You can’t live your life scared, however much time you have. This is the other words that struck me in this chapter apart from the "..stood up to me....stand up for me" comment. Something else for Kennedy to mull over I think!
  15. Andre Delport

    Kennedy Gay

    Also, at some airports, the wide body international jets are usually boarded though Door 2 - which means that if Kennedy was travelling 1st Class or Business, he would have turned left! Lomax61 - just saw your explanation as well - essentially the same

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