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  1. Andre Delport


    Brian, so good to see you back. Once again, a great story. Just love the way you write. Waiting eagerly for each chapter (why do I get the feeling I've been here before) -and to see who makes a cameo appearance from one of you previous works. Can't wait.
  2. Andre Delport

    Alo Chapter 13

    OK, I'm seriously p'd off here - not only for the assault, but why the hell is he running away!! Surely Jem and Angela deserve some sort of explanation - who knows, they might even realise what sort of person their son is, and support Lloyd. Just all seems rather wimpish to me. Face up to the problem - don't run away from it!
  3. Andre Delport

    Chapter 33

    Hi Sui - been away and caught up on the last 3 chapters this morning. WOW, what can I say - your talent is simply amazing. Loved this wonderful story from beginning to end. Like everyone else, also sad to see it end. Am really going to miss my weekly update of Rory and Milan. I too hope in expectation for a sequel. Please! Please! Please! Well done!
  4. Andre Delport

    Orc Chapter 10

    I really enjoy your stories - have read them all. I do not, however, 'enjoy' your lead character Lewis Shaw. To me, he seems self-opinionated and rather impulsive. My immediate thought on reading that Sebastian had been killed in the high-speed car accident, was that he had committed suicide because Lewis had walked out of their marriage. Just my 2c.
  5. Andre Delport

    Chapter 29

    This story just gets better and better with each chapter. Even with a ‘quieter‘ chapter as this one was, your talent and empathy come shining through. I get the feeling we are approaching the end of this beautiful story, although I really do not want it to end. Thank you, thank you for making each week just that little bit better. I will miss it when it is over.
  6. Andre Delport

    Chapter 28

    -Wow, just a beautiful, beautiful chapter. Written with thought, feeling and compassion. Just beautiful
  7. Andre Delport

    Chapter 26

    Sui, what happened to our weekend fix - going into (very impatient) withdrawl symptoms here!
  8. So great to have all the Curries back again. I will enjoy reading about them for as long as you produce chapters.
  9. Andre Delport

    Chapter 26

    If Mohammed won't go to the mountain, then the mountain will come to Mohammed! Now we're really getting there! Fantastic chapter - just how is Drew going to deal with Aria's condition. Hope it does not take too long (Sui, are you listening). As usual, can't wait for the next enthralling chapter.
  10. Andre Delport

    Chapter 26

    I have very little knowledge of the werewolf lore and all the myths that surround them. I am really happy that I have read this beautifully told story and learned so much. Your imagination and the ability to put it into words is truly remarkable - an absolutely brilliant talent. I have been happy, sad (sometimes both at the same time), anxious, releaved, enthralled and otherwise totally wrapped up in this story. Each new chapter has been waited on with impatient expectation. And you never fail to deliver. This chapter was amazing and totally worth waiting for. Thank you for your hard work in bringing us our weekly fixes and for sharing it all with us. I too will be sad to see it end.
  11. Andre Delport

    Chapter 25

    Not fair to tease us like that!!
  12. Andre Delport

    Chapter 25

    I have a question - not related to the chapter, but relevent nevertheless. When Rory shifts into wolf form, what happens to the bracelet that Grandma Asta gave him? (Know I'm probably being pedantic, but that's me - bogged down in the detail - sorry)
  13. Andre Delport

    Chapter 24

    Don't like the sound of that at all. Hope he'll be OK
  14. Andre Delport

    Chapter 24

    I have a feeling Henley has underestimated the boys. They are far more independant and mature than he thinks. Also, he doesn't pay Drew, Aria does - so not really his decision if Drew must go. Methinks Aria is going to lose it when he gets back
  15. Andre Delport

    Chapter 23

    Thank you for this great, surprise chapter. I wasn't expecting a new chapter until the New Year. I get the feeling something nasty is about to hit the fan. Wouldn't want to be Principal Rick or any of his cronies when it does. (Rubbing my hands together in anticipation)
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