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  1. Andre Delport


    Jonathan, soooo good to have you back and get another fix from the orchard. I hope I have read this offering correctly and that there will be more coming. If so, really looking forward to it.
  2. Andre Delport

    Chapter 3

    Thank you. Hope you enjoy the remainder of the book.
  3. Thank you for reading and leaving a reaction. Pleased you enjoyed it.

  4. Andre Delport

    Chapter 28

    Thank you for taking the time to read. I'm still in shock at the reaction to my first major writing effort. The comments and reactions have beyond my wildest expectations. In finally setting the story here at home in South Africa, I was hoping to be able to give the reader a better insight into the country. The darker aspects like crime and corruption are very often all people see and hear about, and the beauty of country gets lost in all of that. One positive thing is that South Africa has one of the most progressive constitutions with regard to gay rights. If I remember correctly,
  5. Andre Delport

    Chapter 28

    Davy, thank you for your great comment. I am so pleased you enjoyed it. If you do try any of the dishes please advise what you thought of them. Also, as I noted in a previous reply to a comment, I guess when one is writing about something you are passionate about, it comes across on the page. Please stand by for more fairly soon. Book 2 is coming along nicely. Still looking for a suitable title though.
  6. And Ryan was also on a mission. To find out if Sister Katerina was still at the airport chapel. After they had checked in and on the way to the business class lounge they stopped at the airport chapel and went in. A nun was siting in one of the pews near the front and Ryan approached her, coughing softly to attract her attention. She stood up and walked towards them. "Good afternoon, Sister. I was wondering if Sister Katerina was here? I would very much like to see her" . "Good day to you gentlemen. Sister Katerina is here in the airport somewhere. Let me contact her and get her to
  7. @Littlelovestories, I really hope you resolve this crisis quickly, because my heart and emotions will not cope with it being drawn out. While Ryan has his issues, quite honestly I sometimes think Jasper is the one who needs more help. I'm so angry right now at the way he treats and speaks to Ryan. I feel it almost borders on abuse. Jasper is being incredibly selfish and self-absorbed. He has given absolutely no thought to the fact that Ryan is grieving too. And trying to be there for the man he loves as well. Only to be rejected and yelled at. AFAIAC Jasper needs a swift kick in the bu
  8. Andre Delport

    Chapter 19

    Margaret has a problem we don't seem to know about yet, I think, apart from her obvious volatile temper. My heart goes out to Jason. He's been through so much already and still having to live with his muteness. Even the way Margaret was driving. Does she know that Jason is terrified or is she just being thoughtless?
  9. Fully agree Chris. True, he's lost his best friend and is grieving, but a lot of my sympathy lies with Ryan. He has been supporting Jasper as best as he knows how to help him through the crisis and all he gets is a kick in the teeth. Quite honestly, Jasper is just being a self-centred dick who needs to get a grip and pull himself together. He is not the only one who has lost someone they love. I just hope he does nothing stupid that would put his and Ryan's relationship in jeopardy. Hang in there Ryan!!
  10. Andre Delport

    Chapter 28

    Thank you. You're welcome.
  11. Andre Delport

    Chapter 28

    Really pleased that you did some research. I commented in an earlier post that I had considered setting 'Never walk alone' in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, both of which I am quite familiar with. Obviously, I ultimately made the decision to set it right here at home in the hope that it would pique the readers interest. So thank you for your interest.
  12. Andre Delport

    Chapter 28

    You are very welcome. Pleased that you enjoyed it.
  13. Andre Delport

    Chapter 5

    Thank you for the great encouragement and compliments. I guess when one is writing about a subject (subjects) you are really passionate about, it comes through on the page. As I explained elsewhere, the errors were occurring when I uploaded the chapter onto the site. What had been edited several times before uploading was not what I found when I read through it on the site. So I would have to go back and re-edit again. And quite honestly, not everything was picked up. I think I have the system sorted out now. At least I hope so. Happy reading!
  14. Andre Delport

    Chapter 10

    A green salad ain't a salad without them. Thanks for the comment and for all your previous , and hopefully future, reactions.
  15. Andrew smiled, remembering that first time they had brought 'Belle Catherine ' home. That had been almost two years ago. They had sailed through the harbour mouth many times thereafter and much had happened in those two years, most good but some bad. The lodge was doing exceptionally well, with the new executive rooms and suites, and spa on the property, being just the boost that it needed to really prosper. The construction phase had indeed proved to be disruptive, with a resulting drop off in business - that winter had been particularly quiet - which had Andrew and Paul slightly co
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