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  1. Andre Delport

    Cold December

    This is the one thing that really irks me about the site. An author starts publishing a story and we get really drawn in to it, then suddenly, after a dozen or so chapters, the story is 'temporarily on hold' . Then one or two years down the line, the story is removed from the site because t has been published somewhere else and we remain in limbo. While I realise there are financial and copyright concerns, is it so difficult to complete the story, even if somewhat prematurely instead of just marginalising us and removing it without an ending. Unfortunately, not all of us can spare the ca
  2. Andre Delport

    Chapter 27

    You may use it with pleasure. Thank you for reading, reacting and commenting.
  3. CHAPTER 27 They sailed into Arniston just as the sun touched the horizon, and found the berth that they had reserved in a peaceful corner of the small harbour with three other monohulls, all but one deserted. Andrew and Darren had to leap ashore to tie them up, side on with inflatable rubber buffers to protect the hull from chafing on the quayside. Prior to arrival, Andrew, Kerry and Darren had been feverishly cleaning and preparing the crayfish and had a large tray piled high ready to be put on the grill. After a long day at sea, they were all sticky and sweaty so their guests heade
  4. Andre Delport

    Chapter 25

    Thank you. I will admit I thought seriously about setting the story in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, both of which I know quite well, but ultimately decided that, being a less 'well travelled' destination, South Africa would be more interesting (I hope). Andrew likes to keep his ingredients as local as possible, but as you have read, his meals themselves have a fair sprinkling of international dishes as well. I have concentrated on local cuisine though, again, because it is not well known and felt the readers would find it informative.
  5. Andre Delport

    Chapter 26

    What is life if you cannot dream and live a little. Just think of all the great meals you can have when you reach your goal weight. I know, been there, done that, bought and burnt the t-shirt. Try keeping your weight in control when you are actually in the hospitality industry. My downfall was the most sublime cheesecake that our pastry chef made when I worked in Durban. One cake contained 500g of full fat cream cheese and almost 1.5 litres of cream, either in the filling or as part of the decoration. And I couldn't resist the stuff. Good luck with your weight loss. I was on Weightw
  6. Andre Delport

    Chapter 26

    Chris, thanks for reading and all the great comments.
  7. Andre Delport

    Chapter 26

    As everyone knows, there are two highlights in cruising, whether it be on a liner or a yacht. The destinations and the food.
  8. Andre Delport

    Chapter 26

    It's very rare for the yacht to be at sea for an entire day. There is usually at least one stop during the day. If not, he has a litter box when he 'needs to go'. I seems I somehow edited out that part of the chapter when Rascal first joined them on the boat. So he gets taken out before they sail, immediately on arrival and the litter box is there for 'emergencies', which is changed daily.
  9. Ryan dropped anchor off Lookout Beach, a short distance from the breaker line. Darren had woken from his nap and helped Ryan secure the yacht and then started deploying the water toys. The first item of business was to lower the swimming platform and get the dinghy into the water, the operation closely observed by Dan, Tanner and Brandon with enthusiastic commentary from Dan. The water tube was retrieved from its storage locker, inflated and left to float tied to a cleat on the starboard scoop, as were the inflatable paddle boards. The waterskis and towing rope were also pulled out and th
  10. Andre Delport


    Sui, what a wonderful surprise! And an even better ending. Or maybe not? Really hoping you get some more inspiration and give us a few more chapters in the lives of the Maximillians.
  11. Andre Delport

    Chapter 25

    Dan and Joan are enormously wealthy, US dollar wealthy, as opposed to Andrew and Ryan's ZAR wealth, but both couples are nevertheless very humble people, and therein lies their bond. The fact that Dan and Andrew's dad were close business associates plays a role as well. As for the food, I guess they do eat a lot. But food is one of my great passions, as I have mentioned in previous comments. My background was the hospitality industry. So It plays a big part in the tale.
  12. Andre Delport

    Chapter 25

    Superb as always, Brian. Only thing I missed was the cameo appearance of one (or two) of your previous characters. Personally, I think Spence and Marsh would fit in well with the crowd at Loch Arkaig.
  13. Way to go Rich! Very proud of you. Great chapter as always, Carlos. Just wish we didn't have to wait a week for the next one.
  14. The next day, Christmas Eve, was a relaxing one and in the evening everyone gathered at The Cameron for dinner. Apart from Andrew, Ryan and the twins, the guests included David and Janice, Donna and Craig, Paul, Marie and Jonathan, Darren and Kerry, and Beth and Nicky. Once all the greetings were done, they made themselves comfortable at a table situated against the windows with a great view of the gardens, beach and the city across the bay. They were all given a complimentary glass of sherry, medium cream or pale dry, and Paul and David ordered bottles of wine for the table. They all ordered
  15. I echo the hope that Ritch and his dads are not in trouble. My suspicious mind thinks Bruce might have taken something from the house that was found on him when he was arrested and that is how the dad's were called. Waiting in impatient anticipation for the next enthralling chapter. Once again, thank you for the great story, Carlos.
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