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  1. Andre Delport


    Brian, I've been wanting to post a comment since chapter one and have not got round to it. First, good to have another story from you to read. I always look out for them. Second, great story so far. Family drama, intrigue, murder (possibly), budding love - all there for us to enjoy and mull over. Plus the added enjoyment of references to K & K. Hope we wil see more of them at some stage. Can't wait for Tuesday for the next enthralling chapter. Keep well and stay safe.
  2. Andre Delport

    Chapter 69

    Such sad news. My condolences go to his family. Also sad this lovely story will not get it's ending. Was really looking forward to it. But I guess that's just life. Nothing is promised.
  3. Andre Delport

    The Return

    Carlos, you got to be kidding me! THE END! How can you possibly do that to us. I loved this story, just like I did all the others. Very sad that it had to end. Looking forward to more from you. Keep them coming.
  4. Andre Delport

    Chapter 26

    Craftingmom, no pressure. Just wanting to find out how you are and if you will be completing this beautiful story. IMHO it would be a massive pity if you decide not to. Please give us an update.
  5. Andre Delport

    Chapter 10

    Sui, I don't think I have commented since chapter1, not that I have not thoroughly enjoyed this very entertaining tale. Your writing, as usual is fabulous. The story you weave enthralling. I eagerly keep an eye out for my update notification for the next chapter. Thank you for sharing your vision with us. I look forward to more.
  6. Really great to get more of these guys and that Galen is doing so well. Thank you.
  7. Andre Delport

    Chapter 2 - Rush

    Loving it so far. Cannot wait for more.
  8. Andre Delport

    Chapter 36

    Wow, very emotional chapter - Tyler saying goodbye to Drake, his conversation with Sean, Andy's homecoming and , finally Aaron Scott's arrival into the world. From now through to the end, we are in new territory, so to speak. Wonderful chapter and well worth the wait.
  9. Looks good so far, promising start. Next chapter please!
  10. Another masterful story from the author. A story filled with characters who have become almost like family, their loves, dreams, hopes and plans for the future. I, for one, would love, dream and hope that the author would give us more of these so true-to-life characters. The author never fails to delight and honour us with his superb writing.
  11. Andre Delport

    Stephen & Anton

    Brian, thank you for this. I have done a review and I think that says it all. Happy holidays to you and your family and a prosperous, successful and prolific New Year.
  12. Andre Delport

    Chapter 21

    Yeah, great to have you back. And the story. Happy holidays!
  13. Andre Delport

    Chapter 35

    Being totally selfish here! As much as I would love another 'Christmas' story, I would much rather get more chapters of TESBU. So quit distracting Jonathan and allow him to get more chapters out. The add on stories can come later!
  14. Shadow dancer, what a great story! Any news on new chapters. Would love more!
  15. Andre Delport

    Chapter 1

    Had a finger problem while browsing the site this evening and found this amazing story. Absolutely loved it and I agree with the posts before - it has amazing potential. Would love to see more of these guys Love your writing.
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