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  1. CLJobe

    Chapter 14

    He wasn't going to let the little boy sit outside.
  2. CLJobe

    Chapter 14

    At least one person has. isn't fear of homosexuals so strange, the ignorant still believe it's a choice
  3. CLJobe

    Chapter 14

    She had depended on Nohr's letters to inform Stephen
  4. CLJobe

    Chapter 14

    Two months had passed, when Aunty asked me if I thought I could run the farm while she went to visit a friend. I just had a letter from Nohr, so I knew who the friend was. "Yes, just leave the phone numbers so I can call for the milk pick up and eggs. You need to let them know that I'll be calling. Also leave me a number where I can reach you.” The following Monday when the man came to get the milk, Aunty introduced me to him and told him I would be calling for the pick up while she was gone. For the next two days, Aunty made sure I had enough food to last till she came back, which by her estimate, was two weeks. I knew I’d have no problem with the food, there were always the crabs as well as fish, plus I had a lot of eggs. I could always walk to the village and get bread if I needed it, and I might try and bake some bread as well. I’d be ok, but try and convince Aunty of that. The day she left, Nohr's grandfather brought me dinner. I thanked him for it and he told me to go to his place for dinner. Breakfast and lunch I was on my own. Aunty was making sure I was taken care of properly. I took eggs, milk, and cream with me when I went to dinner. I also took fish occasionally and on occasion crabs. It was nice, I enjoyed myself in their company. I never had grandparents, so it was treat to be treated as a grandson. They knew about Nohr and me, so that helped. For the next two weeks, I was getting quite comfortable being by myself, except for dinner. I haven't gone to church for a while, neither had Aunty. I stayed away from the tavern on Saturdays. I enjoyed the quiet and being by myself allowed me to read, and do my homework. I did miss Nohr and wish, many times, he was with me. The two weeks were up and no Aunty. I was concerned so I walked to Nohr's grandparents to ask if they heard anything. They said they hadn't heard anything, but they were sure she was ok. Nohr's letter arrived the next day that explained everything. It seemed John and Aunty hooked up and Aunty was helping John setting up his apartment. Since John's apartment was close to the Gymnasium, they kept in contact with Nohr. I wrote back to Nohr thanking him for keeping me informed about Aunty. I told him I was quite worried since she was to be back and I didn't know if something happened or not. Then I told him how I missed him, how his grandparents were feeding me, and lastly, I loved him. I posted the letter that night and as I was walking home, I saw Jeppe on the road crying. "Jeppe, what’s wrong?” "I did something bad, now I'm not allowed in the house." “What did you do that was so bad for you to be outside on a cold night?” "I told my mother and dad that I think I like boys better than girls.” "How old are you?” "I'll be eleven in three weeks.” "How do you know you like boys better than girls?” "Girls always tease me, call me names because I'm small. Boys don't do that.” "Yes, girls can be mean. Did you explain that to your parents?” “No, I didn't have a chance.” "Come with me and you can talk to them.” "No, they say bad things about you.” "Don't let that worry you, God has my back just like He has yours." I was a little afraid of Jeppe's parents what they were doing was wrong. I knocked on the door. Jeppe's dad answered, "What do you want?” "I think you need to hear what Jeppe has to say. You jumped to the wrong conclusion. Jeppe isn't gay, Jeppe, tell your dad what you told me.” I stood there as Jeppe explained to his dad what he meant when he said he liked boys better than girls. I could see his mother standing behind his father, tears were running down her face. "I think you owe Jeppe an apology. You jumped to a conclusion and almost lost a son. In many ways you are like my father that almost got me killed. Jeppe isn't gay, he's a small boy that doesn't like angry girls teasing him. You'll be ok now, Jeppe, don't forget fishing tomorrow.” I walked away with a heavy heart, are fathers like that all over? Is there no place where people are accepted as God intended? That night, laying in bed, tears came again. It was a long time since I cried myself to sleep, but that night I did.
  5. CLJobe

    Chapter 13

  6. CLJobe

    Chapter 13

  7. CLJobe

    Chapter 13

    Love knows no age
  8. CLJobe

    Chapter 12

    I think we all remember our first time and not all of us were treated so lovingly.
  9. CLJobe

    Chapter 12

    how well I know
  10. CLJobe

    Chapter 12

    I remember catching a group of young boys looking at an X rated book behind the pump house. The book was quite explicit
  11. CLJobe

    Chapter 12

    Yes I remember looking my friend's father collection. we were sneaky
  12. CLJobe

    Chapter 12

  13. CLJobe

    Chapter 13

    School began, I do miss Nohr. Everything I see reminds me of him. I lose myself in my studies during the day and send him mental love letters at night. I write about every three days, he always writes back. He’ll be home for the holidays, which will give us about two weeks together. We’re looking forward to that. One of the men in the village has been teaching me to whittle, so for Christmas, I have been working on a wooden bear for Nohr. So far, it doesn’t look like one, but my teacher said it’s coming along fine. Chores continue to occupy my time. We now fill two milk cans per week, and we keep a third on hand. Aunty said my singing is horrible, can’t carry a tune, but my girls like it. Also, the little sugar I put into the hay while I’m milking them helps. I missed a nest at the chicken coop, so now we have peeps running around. Aunty is laughing. She said I brought her good luck. The Christmas holidays arrive, I can’t wait to see Nohr. But there was another surprise: John came. He spent the holidays with us, so I had to give up my room, the guest room wasn’t ready. Poor me, I was forced to stay with Nohr. Nohr was anxious to complete our relationship. I told him not till school was out for the summer. However, I insisted that he make love to me each night he was home. He didn’t agree at first, but by the third night, he eagerly went along with my idea. Christmas, we all had dinner at Aunty’s. I gave Nohr his Christmas gift. He gave me a kiss and a sweater from his school. I think I wore that sweater the whole time he was home. It smelled like him, and I loved that smell. Something is developing between John and Aunty. They seem to smile a lot at each other and are taking a lot of walks together. I caught them kissing when I finished milking earlier one morning. I looked in the cottage before opening the door. I saw them kissing. I went and got the eggs. I made sure I stomped my feet on the porch before opening the door. They were sitting at the table drinking a cup of tea as if nothing happened. I looked at Aunty and winked at her, she blushed. Then when John turned his head so he couldn’t see me, I gave her the thumbs up. She started to laugh, John turned to look at me, I shrugged my shoulders as if I didn’t understand what caused her to laugh. John and Nohr left together. I think John drove Nohr to school. I wonder what they talked about, so I was anxious to get Nohr’s letter. About a week after school started, the first of Nohr’s letters arrived. He talked about enjoying the Christmas break and was looking forward to the Easter break. He wrote that John likes my aunt; he’d be back more often since he’s being re-assigned to Denmark. I wasn’t sure if Auntyt knew that, so at dinner that night, I mentioned I got a letter from Nohr. She asked how he was, and did John take him to school. “Yes, John took him to school. I guess you were the topic of parts of their conversation. It appears that you have a suitor.” “Who? Certainly not John, although I did enjoy him staying here. The US is too far to commute.” “Oh, you didn’t know he’s transferring back to Denmark?” She looked at me, “How do you know that?” “Nohr told me in my letter. I don’t know where he’ll be stationed, but he’s coming back home.” Aunty had a smile on her face. I guess she did like John staying here.
  14. CLJobe

    Chapter 4

    Never sure what Lou's intentions were. seems like he thought this would be a sex trip
  15. CLJobe

    Chapter 4

    I guess spending the night on the boat was a pleasant experience
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