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  1. CLJobe

    Chapter 86

    Have faith in Donnie he hasn't led them astray yet.
  2. CLJobe

    Chapter 86

    Ann Marie has made great strides and I think she has a beau
  3. CLJobe

    Chapter 86

    They definitely would be the first
  4. CLJobe

    Chapter 86

    Donnie is a mind reader, Tim's mind. He gives Tim insider info
  5. CLJobe

    Chapter 86

    Hogwash is used here for nonsense it is derived from hog waste, 15th century but like all old sayings, today it is used for garbage in speaking
  6. CLJobe

    Chapter 86

    I think she was surprised to see him, remember the hospital is home for her.
  7. CLJobe

    Chapter 86

    I'm sure he would horses#it come to mind
  8. CLJobe

    Chapter 86

    Are you reading the tarot cards?
  9. CLJobe

    Chapter 86

    Yes,. a little of normality.. They deserved it.
  10. CLJobe

    Chapter 87

    In the morning, “Tim, did you sleep okay?” “Yes, except what Donnie told me. He said the leak is in the DA’s office. Bruce bought tickets for England. His wife isn’t going. She’s to sell everything she can and move back to live with her family. She’s confused, and Bruce hasn’t told her anything.” “What are you going to do?” “When we get to work, I’ll call Rich and tell him there is someone in the DA’s office who is feeding information to Bruce. I’ll call Judge Howard and tell him
  11. CLJobe

    Chapter 86

    Dinner reminded me of the past at home. People were talking, enjoying the food and company. I saw Alex, Ann Marie’s doctor, occasionally squeeze her hand, smiling at her. I knew it wouldn’t be long before Ann Marie was discharged from the hospital, and I needed to think about her next move. I told Stephen that I would drive Ann Marie and Alex back to the hospital. Walking to the parking lot, “Tim, may I come back?” “Absolutely, let me know when you want to visit, and I’ll come and pic
  12. CLJobe

    Chapter 85

    Morning came, and it was as if dinner never ended. Stephen was a little sleepy. Eva Marie woke up for a 2 am feeding. Eva wanted to do it, but Stephen wouldn’t let her. I slept through it all, but I knew Stephen would wake up if Eva Marie made any noise. My usual seat was occupied, so I had to sit next to him and watch him as he fed Eva Marie. “John, I think we have lost our daughter.” I looked at Stephen. He blushed. “He is going to spoil our children, and I’m going to become num
  13. CLJobe

    Chapter 84

    Your dad is a little drastic but I know where he is coming from. I read something that rapists in prisons were given a drug that made them sterile. Of course the inmates had their own way.;
  14. CLJobe

    Chapter 84

    I don't think the death penalty applies here. A prison term most likely. Bruce doesn't know about Donnie but he will find someone among his friends to blame. I took French in the early 50's in high school. No one in my neighborhood spoke French, they should have taught Italian which the older people spoke. I think schools hire language teacher and that is the language they teach.
  15. CLJobe

    Chapter 84

    I agree and I think mom has a long road to walk. AM will be the key. To forgive is easy but to forget takes much, much longer.
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