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  1. CLJobe

    Chapter 18

    Since my schedule changed when Mr. Thomas hired Jane, I had mornings off except for Saturday. This gave me time to promote Tony's disc. It was a good thing I gave Anna the 20 discs yesterday before Tony's performance. After dropping off Tony, I went to the café to check on the discs I had dropped off yesterday before going to work. She sold them all and needed another 25 for backorders. I went back to the electronic store to get the additional 30 and order 30 more. When the clerk saw me he had a big smile, "more discs? I have a proposition for you; I'll make 100 discs for 250 dollars incl
  2. CLJobe

    Chapter 17

    I will pass your note on to Jim, will demo discs do?
  3. CLJobe

    Chapter 17

    It will be up to Jim to keep them grounded. Tony is still in an unbelievable state but will follow Jim's directions
  4. CLJobe

    Chapter 17

    Jim will do everything he can to prevent anyone taking advantage of Tony. Interesting time ahead
  5. CLJobe

    Chapter 17

    Have you read this story before or one like it. Tony wants to finish his college. Jim wants Tony to be rewarded for his talent.
  6. CLJobe

    Chapter 16

    Being a father I agree. Many times I wished to have the pain they had so that they wouldn't have to experience it. That is a sign of pure fatherly love.
  7. CLJobe

    Chapter 17

    It was several weeks later that Anna stopped at the store on the pretense she ran out of coffee. When checking out, she gave me the tape. "Does he know?" She shook her head no. That evening in bed after playing our version of POW, "You know if people knew how we played POW, they might want to be captured. We should change the initials to POL." "POL? What does that stand for?" "Prisoners of Love, POL. At least that's what I am, a POL." "I like that but if you are a POL, what am I?" "You're the one who has captured my heart." It never fails, when I start talking like tha
  8. CLJobe

    Chapter 16

    Yes and what a career it will be
  9. CLJobe

    Chapter 16

    I'm sure you know someone who is afraid to take the next step when everyone recognizes they should. A little push is all they need and then they are very surprised. Jim needs to push Tony into a career they both will profit from.
  10. CLJobe

    Chapter 16

    After Tony left, I went to the store where I bought the jackets; I had one printed with Anna's name. Next was the clothing store where I bought two blue shirts and two black tuxedo pants. I wasn't done; I went to a print shop and had calling cards made. I brought a picture of Tony playing his guitar. The guy at the print shop photoshopped the picture by coloring Tony's shirt blue and replacing his jeans with black slacks. We added the name, the Blue Minstrel, and put my name as the agent with my phone number. I then went to the sewing center and bought 2 yards of blue cloth. Now that I had my
  11. CLJobe

    Chapter 15

    I think I shouldn't have used that phrase. Today war doesn't mean what war meant 30-40 years ago. It was a challenge then, in Tony and JNim's case giving the kiss in public was seen as a challenge, now Jim will find a place to gibe Tony a kiss in public and it goes on and on. No winner but a loti of kisses and fun. Think of it as a challenge in relation to his kiss and then environment where the kiss was given .
  12. CLJobe

    Chapter 15

    I agree the rough spot is over, smooth sailing from now on. but where to sail to?
  13. CLJobe

    Chapter 15

    You should still sing, for your pleasure, not for your dinner. I'm sure there is someone who would like to hear you sing, maybe privately
  14. CLJobe

    Chapter 15

    When Tony got up he kissed him, as if it was a dare since it was in a more or less public place. Jim is telling Tony he will get a kiss in a public place as well. Sort of a game, what you did to me I'll do to you. That phrase is used in the US when a challenge was thought to =have been made.
  15. CLJobe

    Chapter 14

    I'm never sure if it is the running or the breathing required that gives you a high. I enjoyed running as a teen and now I have only the memories. It is an excellent exercise, not speed running. That can cause problems unless you are trained for it.
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