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  1. CLJobe

    Chapter 32

    An interesting chapter, I wonder what surprises you have planned for the next chapter. I'll guess a confrontation. maybe.
  2. CLJobe

    Two Brothers Meet in a Bar

    Looks like a good story, I look forward to reading the rest of this adventure.
  3. CLJobe

    IOI Chapter 20

    I hope future chapters will let us the Australian Agents were all about. G'day
  4. CLJobe

    IOI Chapter 17

    tough man
  5. CLJobe

    YD Chapter 3

    Do I note a little sensitivity in your responses. good story.
  6. CLJobe

    Chapter 19

    Some loves are hard to replace, one needs to be thankful for memories, even sad ones. We are not meant to be alone, we are by nature needing love that can only be given with a true heart. Do not give up let not your loneness guide you, look with caution and use your head not your heart.
  7. CLJobe

    Chapter 3

    Great story, well written. You are a master at keeping the suspense building. I'm amazed at how much history you have included in your story. Good job, looking forward to reading more.

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