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  1. CLJobe

    Chapter 34

    The airport wasn’t far from the base. I parked the bus, that's what we called it, and walked to the arrivals. “Carlos, look that's their plane landing. Would you like to fly in an airplane?” He was nodding his head as he kept his eyes on the plane. When it landed and pulled up at the gate, he watched as the staircase was rolled to the door and then the door open. The first one out was the stewardess, she waited at the bottom of he stairs, as Rita came down carrying Anthony. “That's your Grandmother.” “She’s pretty.” I expected to see Tony next but I was surprised, it was my mom. “That's your Nonna and there's your Nonno and Grandfather.” As soon as they reached to waiting room, I was hugged by two woman, and a doggie lick as well. I shook dads' hands and ended up in a hug. I noticed Carlos hanging by Larry, “Carlos come here. Carlos, this is your Grandmother and Nonna.” They reached down and hugged him. I had Anthony, “And this is your Grandfather and Nonno.” Again hugs all around. “I think they like me.” “I think so too. Here, you take Anthony, I think he needs to go to the bathroom.” He took the leash I snapped to his collar and walked to the entrance with Larry right beside him. “He's not what I expected, he's adorable.” “Please don’t spoil him to much, we have to live with him after you go home.” I gave my mom and dad an extra hug. “This is a surprise. Tony didn’t tell me you were coming.” “We wanted to surprise you.” “Well, you did. Tony your luggage?” “I was going to have it delivered. I thought you might have come in a taxi.” “No, I have the bus, there's plenty of room inside and on top. Let’s get them, then we can load the bus while the grand-moms spoil my son.” I asked Larry to see that they got on the bus and to stay there while David, Dad and I went and got their luggage. Of course, my dad joined us as well. It didn’t take long, but a taxi would never be able to handle it. Once all of the luggage was packed, I asked Larry to drive as I wanted to chat. It didn’t take us long to get home. I watched Mom and Dad’s face as we drove up. They're going to be amazed. David, Larry and Vic came down to unload the bus. I separated the luggage and told them which room they were to go. The guys really pitched in. “Let’s have something to drink and then I’ll show you around.” I led the group to the kitchen, Dan had coffee and tea. There were also some snacks that Roy made. Tony and Rita knew Roy and Joe. I introduced Dan, Larry and David to my folks and then when Vic came in, to all except Tony, who knew him. “Where is Mario?” “Shopping.” I could tell dad was anxious to talk. “Carlos, why don’t you show Grandmother and Nonna their rooms and yours. You can take Anthony with you.” He took them by the hand and headed for the bedrooms. Anthony was right on their heels. I was thinking, we're going to lose him to a little boy. “Dad’s let me show you around outside. We made a few changes.” As we left the back door through the kitchen, Dad saw the pool. He looked at me, “I expected to see a pool but this goes way beyond a pool. Whose idea was it to include a fish tank.” “That' s what happens when you put a marine biologist on staff. It’s great isn’t it.” “What's the cabana for?” “I use it to give massages. It's better than me dragging a table from room to room.” “How are you going to handle that with the ladies.” “Just like I did at the resort. Very discreetly.” ‘Sit and unload your mind.” “You know Mario has submitted his resignation.” “Yes and I support it. He's very good at what he does, but marine biology is his cup of tea. He has done some amazing stuff here, he's starting to get recognize.” “We may have to replace him, at least for a little while.” “I leave that up to you. You know us, so I have no problem” “The guy I have in mind is stationed at the base. His enlistment is up and is a trained sniper like Vic. Also like Vic, he's straight.” “That isn’t a problem. We have had no problems with any of them. They all have adopted Carlos as their nephew.” “Speaking of Carlos, he isn’t what I expected. He’s a good looking lad, definitely not underfed and speaks very well for a waif.” “He’s being tutored by Greg Thornton’s son and will start regular school this coming semester. Doug has tested him and said he'll fit in at his grade level.” “And what about Doug?” “His dad agrees and I offered him a scholarship at your school. Roy and Jay will lookout for him until he get’s comfortable.” “That leaves Dan. What are your feelings there?” “Dan has fitted in very well. He’s lonely, as one would suspect. I think he'd be content to stay here if he had someone in his life. He was hurt very badly with the last supposedly boyfriend.” “Well, I’ve hired you an assistant. He'll handle some of the work you do here. Do you think Ants would like to finish his internship here?” “He enjoys being here very much. He is respected by everyone and the indirect reports I have gotten, says they love him. But you really need to ask him.” “How do you feel about it, staying here?” “I’m with Puppy. I’ll go anywhere he goes, even if I have to wash dishes in a greasy spoon. This decision will be his and I’ll abide by what ever he decides.” ‘That's what I thought. You'll have to do some traveling. I’ll have a plane and crew stationed here to fly you wherever you have to go. I’ll probably need you in New Zealand in a couple of weeks. I have the file with me.” “I need Puppy’s input but considering his schedule, he won’t have problem. He needs to know and needs to feel he has an input.” “What time will he be here tonight.” “Probably 6 unless there's an emergency.” I knew dad had something else on his mind. “Let me show you the house. You have seen the kitchen and pool.” Walking into the dining room, “This is a large room which can seat 20 without any problem.This next room is a living room and is actually half of the total downstairs . I was thinking about carving out an office for Puppy and myself. With an assistant coming, I think that's actually what I’ll do. There are two floors of bedrooms and each bedroom has an ensuite, there are five rooms to a floor.” Moving to the second floor. “On this floor, Larry and David have their room, Vic has his room and Mario has his room. For now we have given you and Rita a room here as yours, Dad. The third floor, has Carlos’s room, Dan’s room and Joe and Roy’s as well, and our room. On the second floor, the bedrooms have balconies, but the third floor has a Captain’s Walk. I want to get a scope so I can look out at the ocean. Come.” “Frank, do you want to unpack or should I?” “You can do it, thanks. She packed it so she can unpacked it.” “Naughty Dad, Look at the view from here, an old fashion spy glass anchored here would be fantastic. Dad, don’t ever sell this place. We love it.” “I can’t sell it. It’s a wedding gift to you and Ants.” “Really!” I never kissed Tony before but I did now. “This will make Puppy so happy, he loves it here.” “Do you know your neighbors?” “We have met some town people and some of the families on the base. Everyone knows the new Doc. They probably couldn’t tell who the president of the US is, but they can tell you about Doc, where he lives and who he lives with and Carlos. A couple week back, Doug came to the door, there was an accident and would he come. He grabbed his bag, took security and headed out. According to Doug, Military Doctors would not attend civilians unless brought to the hospital. Now when we go to town, it’s hi Doc or hello Doc. He even gets free tea at the cafe. I have to pay for mine. I love it when he smiles at them. If we are sitting down somewhere in town, he calls a kid over, asks their name and generally has a sweet on him. But I’m wise to him, he really is given them a look over, medically. Don’t be surprised if he hangs his shingle here.” “Then he’ll agree to my decision to have you both stay here.” “Don’t be surprised if he kisses you.” “Tony, where are you.” I slid the door open, “Out here.” “Oh, what a beautiful view isn’t it Maria.” “You have a beautiful home Carlo. I can feel the love in it.” “Oh there's plenty of love here. Three married couples, a young lad who is the apple of Puppy’s and my eye. Our other guests are just as happy. No, anyone who comes in is happy or they leave that way. We have had only two disappointments. We decided to hire a cook to work 5 days, off on week ends. Made an offer and she was to show up on Monday. She showed up on Wednesday and said it was too much work. So we decided we would take turns cooking. Tonight is Mario’s turn. Then we thought maybe we should get a house cleaner to do laundry and clean the house. Again when the woman came she said it was too much work. Dan volunteered for that job so he get’s out of cooking. I guess these people aren’t as poor as I thought.” “You're better off doing that your way.” We heard the door open. “That's either Puppy or Doug.” “Doug Thronton?” “Yes, the son, he comes and goes pretty much as he wants. If he isn’t tutoring Carlos, he’s here for dinner. He knows what's on the menu when Mario is cooking.” “What is on the menu?” “Our normal fare, you’ll like it. Mario likes to grill. Ah, the second time the door is open this must be Puppy. The first time we didn’t hear anything, listen now.” We heard, Carlo where are you? “that’s my Puppy.” “Are you going to tell him where you are?” “He knows, listen.” Soon we heard steps coming up to the second floor and then the third floor. He opened the door, there was my Puppy in his scrubs. “I hurried home. I need a shower and change clothes.” “Why Doctor surely you could give a little mouth to mouth resuscitation.” He kissed my cheek, kissed Rita on the cheek, kissed my mom on the cheek, hugged his dad and my dad. Gave me another kiss on the cheek. “He knew you were coming?” “Yep, it was his idea. He wanted to surprise you.” “Where’s Dad, Pop?” “He”s getting a shower, he’ll be out soon and give you a hug. Where’s Anthony?” “Doug is playing with him.” Just then we heard, “Hey little man.” Carlos ran and jumped into his arms. What do you think about all of your grandparents? Aren’t they cool?” “They like me. I got a lot of hugs and kisses even from Anthony, only his where sloppy wet.” “Yea they are, aren't they. I think he’s telling you he likes you. Now you have to take care of him but I’ll help, ok.” A kiss on the cheek and he was gone. “Supper must be close, we can go down as soon as I get a shirt.” I thought, I don’t want that body covered. We went to the dining room and Dan was setting the table. I’m not sure I’ve introduced everyone but this is Dan. I’ll introduced Mario when he's finished grilling. I knew Tony knew him but my parents didn’t. With the table set Dan brought in a large salad of mixed greens, a fruit bowl of mixed fruit and in front of each plate he set a small dish of melted butter and a 1/2 of a lemon.” “Carlo, really?” “This is what you said you wanted.” Of course, all we had were the tails, the other parts were put back into the fridge per my instruction. My mom will give Puppy another cooking lesson. These lobsters were not Maine lobster, so they didn’t have the big claws. The small pinchers would be smashed and a soup will be made heavily flavored by the lobster. I was ready right then to do it. It's truly a delicious soup. After dinner, along with our tea and coffee, we had lemon sherbet which left our mouth feeling cleansed. “Doug, does your mom know you eat over here or do you eat at both places?” “Hey, how often do we get lobster fresh from the sea.” “About twice a week, if we want.” “Mom had chicken tonight and dad wanted to eat early. He had a meeting to attend. So I had a little chicken and scooted over here for lobster.” “The next time your mom has chicken, scoot some over here.” I was kidding. I noticed my mom’s ears picking up. We are going to have chicken soon. That night in bed, “What do you think about carving out two offices from the living room space. Dad is sending over an assistant and he wants me to do more traveling.” “If you are getting an assistant, he'll need an office. Why don’t we make it three, one for you and I and one for the assistant. We'll need dad’s agreement. This is his house.” “Well, that's something else I found out today. This house is ours, a wedding gift from your mom and dad.” He got real quiet, I could hardly hear him breathe and his head was on my chest. He looked at me and there were tears in his eyes. “Please don’t cry. If you don’t want the house, I’ll tell your father and he can take it back.” “I don’t want him to take it back. I love this place.” “Then why the tears?” “Tears of happiness. They asked me to stay to finish my internship, It seems Dr. Caldwell, head of administration likes my performance. He's a noted doctor in the field of cancer research. I could learn a lot from him.” “So you don’t mind staying knowing I’ll be traveling and not home all the time?” “I’m away from you now a good bit of the time working at the hospital. I need to let you have the freedom to grow into Dad’s shoes. He's going to leave the business to you. Haven’t you figure that out yet?” “You’re kidding. You dad is still a young man, it'll be years before he steps down.” “And it'll be years before you learn all of his secrets.” “To think this all started out at a resort.” “Yes and I think it's about time you take care of your mate.” I did. I took very good care of my mate. I fell asleep with happy thoughts. We woke up with an oof. “Nonna said to get up, breakfast is ready.” “Go down and tell Nonna we'll be there as soon as we shower. But they can go ahead and eat.” “Stay and cuddle a little more.” “What time do you start today.” “I work a 12 hour shift starting at 4 pm. They need another intern to even out the load.” “How many are there?” “There are 6 of us in total but only 2 of us in our first year. The others have seniority and get the better shifts.” I did stay a little longer cuddling him as he fell back to sleep. I was so lucky, a man I love, a job that I have begun to love and a far cry from my being a chemical engineer. I have devoted parents, who I have made proud. I have loving parents-in-law who I love. I have the crown jewel in my arms. I’m so lucky it scares me that something might happen that will spoil it all. Drifting off to sleep. “Carlo, Anthony get up. We got to get out of here. Your dad got a call and said for us to scramble.” I jumped out of bed, got dressed real quick. Helped Puppy, who was still sleepy, dressed him and headed downstairs. Larry had pulled the bus to the front. We all got into it and headed for the base. Vic took his gun and headed back toward the house with a radio. He was joined by three other sharp shooters. It wasn’t till Vic came back telling us it was all clear, we could go home. When we got back to the house, everything looked normal. It took several cups of tea to settle our nerves, but settle we did. We have come through a lot worse. The four sharpshooters took a position on the Captains Walk. About four hours later Dad came back. “Everything is ok, The threat is neutralized.” I looked at him, he tilted his head to indicate for me to follow. We went up to the third floor out on the Captain’s Walk, he pulled the four guys together. “The four men you shot were to circle the house and then pick us off as we left. They are operating out of South America. A team of US Rangers had been sent in to wipe them out. From the records at their headquarters, they found the orders for the four men that were sent here.The Rangers set up headquarters at their site and have been monitoring all transmissions. They now have the names of the people in the US, Germany and Russia who have been involved in the drug trade. They are being arrested as we speak. I think we can breathe a little easier. But Vic, you are still on duty. We need to get a radio set up here and in the house.” I was relieved but also aware that we could never let our guards down. This is the third time we thought we had them all. I had a funny feeling, that would always be our life, constantly alert and always prepared. To that end, I began to learn how to shoot a gun. Dad did keep his promise. My assistant arrived 2 weeks later, flew commercial, said he was glad to get here it was a long flight. I told him about the offices and that it would be about two more weeks before they would be finished. I needed to fly to New Zealand along with Larry and Vic. The new security stayed to familiarize himself with the premises and the guys. He was already familiar with the area since he came from the base. Upon my return from New Zealand, there was a new Lear jet parked at the airport. It was what Dad had promised. The crew were young air force pilots and the steward would be Dan. The first voyage of the plane was to take Roy and Joe home, and yes I dubbed it Puppy I and had a picture of a puppy painted on the sides. I told them to let me know when they wanted to return and I’ll send the plane for them.
  2. CLJobe

    Chapter 33

    Not to my knowledge, it has been several years since I was there. I do know that they call certain things different, then we do in the US. For example, butter isn't the same, to them it is an oil with a buttery taste. Guam was once Japanese, so I'd guess some of the words would come from that background. Being close to Japan, it wouldn't surprise me that some of them spoke Japanese.
  3. CLJobe

    Chapter 33

    You know what they say about smooth roads, you must pay attention
  4. CLJobe

    Chapter 33

    I think it will alway be interesting as long as Carlos has unwed body guards. Even with the distance, they are developing a close knit family, with Carlos's and Puppy's family. But also a family among themselves,
  5. CLJobe


    You have the beginnings of a great story. You have put feelings into it that a lot of readers can relate to. Please continue.
  6. CLJobe

    Chapter 33

    Indeed. Maybe nothing will go wrong, and then again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. CLJobe

    Chapter 33

    The meeting with Doug Thornton was interesting. I'd judge him as a hard man on the outside but an old softy on the inside. At least I was counting on that being the case. “Your son has been tutoring our son and doing a fine job. Has he ever indicating an interest in teaching?” “No. he hasn’t shown any interest in anything. His mother is a lot closer to him than I am. He’s 18 now so I think he'll sign up. There are no job prospects for him here.” “Would you support him if he decides to get a college degree in teaching?” “Yes, I think I would. The military is not really for him, it would be a choice of last resort.” “Why would say that?” “Carlo I think you know. The military is not for a gay man.” “So, if I told you I could get him into a university on a scholarship, you would support that?” “Yes, if it's something he wanted to do. But being a gay teacher has it’s limitations.” “Yes, prejudice is hard to combat. Well, do you mind if I talk to him about becoming a teacher. He certainly has the knack for it, Carlos is moving fast.” “Carlos, I thought his name was Chago.” “No, when we adopted him we change his name. He’s very happy with his name change. You probably wouldn’t recognize him if you saw him now.” We left the meeting on good terms and an agreement not only concerning his son but also the business with Tony’s firm. I thought it was a good afternoon. “Hey, we’re home.” There were two guys glad to see us. Puppy as well as David. I had taken Larry with me to the meeting. “Hey Pop” Then I had a young man jumping on me. “How were the studies? Did you get a good grade on the tests that Doug gave you?” “Yep, he said I did very well.” “Good, any tea?” I noticed an improvement in his language the last two weeks. “Hey Doug, how is tutoring coming with Carlos?” “He's doing very well. He really is a smart kid. I think he'll do well in class and you can enroll him at semester break. I’ll stay here and tutor him during that semester and then I guess I'll enlist.” “I promised you a birthday present. Do you want it now?” “Yes.” “Ok let me get my tea. Puppy, I’m going to give Doug his birthday present. Can you go set up my table while I drink my tea?” I whispered, “Tell him to take a shower, wrap a towel around himself and pick an oil. I’ll be up in 10 minutes.” “Do you want me to stay?” “Yes, we have some business to discuss.” I heard him call Doug and then I heard the footsteps on the staircase. I grabbed a snack to eat with my tea. When I heard the shower start, I went to our bedroom where I had the table set up. I gave Puppy a massage last night and just left the table up. “I should take one of the other bedrooms and set up the table on a permanent basis. What do you think?” “You could do that or we could build a sunroom off the kitchen and you could give massages there.” “I’m not sure about off the kitchen. But we could put a sun room off the pool.” “We don’t have a pool.” “But I have a construction company. We have the space and Dad just bought this place. So should we do it? Good they start tomorrow. It was going to be a surprise for you.” I got a big kiss out of that. It probably would've been a true make out session, but we heard the shower turn off and figured we should stop. “Want to bet he rubbed one off.” “No. I’d lose.” We were chuckling, “What's funny?” “Nothing concerning you, I just told Puppy his surprise. Now drop the towel and get on the table face down.” Puppy and I noticed his appendage that made him male. I looked at Puppy and mouthed, ‘not bad’. As I began the massage, “I talked to your dad today and he's glad that you want to be a teacher. He didn’t really feel the service was best for you being gay.” I felt the tension in his shoulders when I said that. “So, he's willing to support the idea of you going to college and becoming a teacher. I’ll arrange a scholarship for you at the University Puppy, Roy, Joe and I attended. It’s a very good school and the teachers are some of the best in the world. If you study, you’ll not only become an excellent teacher but you’ll learn teaching techniques not taught anywhere else.” “Carlo is right. This school’s top notch. They have dorms so you will stay on campus and like stories you might have heard about cafeteria food, their’s provide class A food. Even the college staff eat there. Their sport program is lacking, only because they have no school close to enter into competition. However, you'll enjoy any sport program you choose that they offer.” “Puppy, I think he has fallen asleep. I haven’t done his front yet.” “I’ll help you to place him in our bed.” Leaving him to sleep, we went and had another cup of tea while we discuss the swimming pool. We met up with Joe and Larry having a coffee. “Hey guys, good news. Doug will be going to school so I hope you'll take him under your wing. And we're going to put in a swimming pool.” “Your dad called. They'll be over next week. Roy and I will go back with them. I still have a business to run, I have several pictures that need to be painted and Roy has his accounting clients to see.” “What do you guys do?” I didn't see Dan when I came into the kitchen. “I have an art gallery that does very well. I display and sell a lot of my paintings there. Roy has his own private accounting business. He's a CPA and has a few business accounts, as well as personal accounts. He has his office in our home. That's also where I have my studio.” “That sounds great. I wouldn’t mind having a business some day.” “Well, Dan, you can always go to school to learn.” “Maybe I’ll be a masseur like you. I'd only massage gay guys, no women.” We were laughing when David entered . “What's so funny?” “Dan was telling us what he would like to do for a living. He wants to be a gay masseur and no women.” When Joe and Roy leave I will miss them. They are close to our age and we were close while we were in college. They are like the brothers we never had. “We're going to have a swimming pool. Carlo has already got it in motion. We need to pick a spot for it.” “I got just the right spot, overlooking the ocean.” We all nodded picturing that in our head. The back property extends to a cliff that overlooks the ocean. The ocean is quite far away from the cliff, but you can see it in the background and that would be a perfect backdrop for a pool. “That would be great and I can set up my massage table in the pool cabana.” “You know what would really be great. If we could somehow have one wall of glass and a large fish tank with fishes. Then it would be like swimming with the fishes, a project for Mario.” Then we decided to include a large fish tank on one side of the pool, a diving board, a cabana, a pool house with showers and a storage place for towels. “We need to put all of this down and Joe, if you could render a sketch, I can show it to the builder tomorrow.” Hey sleepy, did you have a nice nap?” “I was so relax I fell asleep. Does that happen often?” “It happens. Everyone here fell asleep the first time and some even more. Next time we’ll start with the front and you won’t fall asleep till I do your back.” “When will that be?” We all chuckled. “I understand you'll be joining us in Wyoming?” “Yes, but that place is cold, right.” “Don’t worry the first year is the hardest. But we’ll see that you have enough warm clothes.” “I hope we get the pool finished before Mom and Dad get here. Did they say when they were coming?” “Your dad said in a couple month. He wanted Doc to know because he expects some Italian food.” “I should send him a note to bring items the PX doesn’t handle.” “I bet you could get the PX to order for you.” “That’s a good idea, I’ll try that before I tell Dad.” “I’m going to take a nap. I have a 24 starting at 12 tonight.” “I’ll tuck you in.” There were a lot of laughs and innuendos shouting at us as we headed for the bedroom. “You know from the Captains Walk, we'll be able to see the pool.” “I can’t wait for the pool to be finish. Can I have a massage. It really helps me get that deep sleep I need for a 24 hour pull.” He got his deep massage as well as a relaxing loving. He was sound asleep when I moved him from the table to the bed. It was warm, so I kissed him and covered him with a sheet. I'd stay up to see him off and be awake when he comes home. I’ll give him another massage to work out the 24 hour kinks. Sometimes before the massage, we’ll have a cup of tea while he tells me about some of his patients. No names, but general conversations. I sat in the dining room going through my reports. “Who's cooking tonight?” “I think it’s Larry and David’s turn. Maybe we should hire a cook. Just for week days, not the week-ends. Didn’t your dad say we'd have a staff and grounds crew?” “Yes, but we arrived earlier than plan. I thought with all of us, we didn’t need a staff. It would infringe on our privacy.” “That’s true. It would help to have a someone, or place, where we could take our clothes to be cleaned and pressed.” “That would be a good idea.” “What would be a good idea?” “Doug, you popped in at the right time. Has your dad said anything abut the bus?” “Bus? Oh you mean the van.” “Yes” “He said it should be ready next week. They put a new motor in it and some other stuff. He said it's better than brand new.” After the first month, life settled down into a routine. Mario kept us supplied with fish and lobster. I was afraid he'd eliminate all of the seafood in that section of the ocean. He came home one day after being out all day, I assumed diving, but later found out he had scored a photograph assignment. He received his check and was very pleased. “The best news is, they want more. “I think if Tony let’s me, I’m going to resign. I enjoyed working with you all, but this is my career and being a body guard has a limited time.” “You don’t have to feel bad about leaving Mario. This is your career, although we'll miss the fresh fish and lobsters. Have you notified Tony?” “I thought I would do that when he's here. I have some more photography to do off the coast, so I’ll be busy.” “We're happy for you. Be sure to send us pictures. Joe, you might be able to show his pictures in your gallery.” “That's a great idea. Mario, if you can send us the negatives, we'll have blow up’s made and shown in the gallery. You can price them, if they sell, we take 15 % and you get the rest. Depending on the number or requests, we may need to make more. You'll have to sign each print. What do you say?” “It’s a deal. I have several photos that the magazine didn’t want. But I think they're great.” “I’ll bet that it won’t before long Joe will be painting those photos.” “The pool is almost finished, Mario before you leave we have to set up the fish tank. You also need to tell us what we need to have to feed them.” “Yea, I can do that. We need to get some ocean water to fill the tank and then a way to seal it while making sure the water is aerated.” “That is your forte, tell me what you need, I'll see that we get it.” It took another 3 weeks before the pool was complete. It looked fantastic and I knew Tony and Rita would be amazed at what was done. “Tony and Rita will be here tomorrow. Let’s not say anything about the pool. Play it cool.” “Good, I’ll get some lobsters. Do you want lobsters in the fish tank?” “Yes, That would be cool.” “What is Doc’s schedule? Will he get some time off?” “Generally he gets a day and half off after pulling a 24 hour schedule. But part of that time is giving him a massage so he can sleep. So he only has one day, unless he has a different shift.” “Doesn’t he sleep there at all?” “They have a lounge that the doctors used, but it isn’t a good sleep. He”s on call and must be able to react on a moment’s notice. His best sleep is after a massage.” “Yea, I can attest to that. Your massages really relaxes you.” “Is that a hint?” “Well, I wouldn’t turn one down.” “Ok, meet me in the cabana in 30 minutes.” “This is cool. Having a cabana by the pool for massages is really plush. Do you think Rita will want one in her new Resort.” “I wouldn’t be surprised.” Just as we finished, we were called to dinner. The fish was grilled and very good. After all the dishes were put away, we all separated. I went to my bedroom where I had mine and Puppy’s office. I took a corner of the room and had two desks and chairs installed. Desks facing each other so that if we both were there, I could look at him in front of me. Next to the desks we had two drawer file cabinets. I started to work on reports for Tony, updated the progress on projects. I grew tired but Puppy wasn’t home yet. I went to the kitchen for a cup of tea. “Joe, why are you up so late?” “Roy wants to stay longer. He thinks he can handle his business from here.” “Look, this place has a charm, but you two are married. Why don’t you propose that you go home for a month and then return for a few weeks. Do this, you get both worlds. Tony will be flying over a lot, you can come with him. Puppy and I consider you two closer than if we had real brothers. We may not be blood brothers, but in a way we are. We would like to see both of you often. Don’t let this be a big issue.” “It won’t. I’m sorry Joe. It’s just that this feels like family. I don’t want to lose that or you. I like the idea of frequent visits. Maybe you could paint here and I could handle the little stuff. Let’s work it out.” I watched as these two brothers, kiss and head to bed. I wonder how Larry and David feel, their assignment is a little different. Maybe they would like some alone time once in a while. Time seems to fly when you are not focusing on it. Tony and Rita were due to arrive this morning, We prepared their room on the second floor but knew if they wanted the one of the other rooms, we could change without a problem. Brenda had given us a name of a woman to cook for us but she didn't show up the first day and didn’t appear to enthusiastic when she knew she had to cook for so many. We decided we'd cook ourselves. As to house cleaning, we agreed to take turns. We were pretty neat guys, gays are always neat, it's the straight guys who are messy. Dan pitched in and said he'd handle the laundry. We were set. Carlos was bouncy around. ”Carlos, settle down. You keep bouncing you’ll get hurt,” “I can’t wait to meet my grandparents.” I guess I understood a little, coming from nothing to a family is a big step. I laughed, he was dressed to the nines. “Who dressed you?” “Larry laid out my clothes, I dressed my self.” “Is your room clean? Grandmother is going to want to see your room.” He shook his head yes, I looked at Larry he nodded yes as well. “OK, guys. Who is coming with me to the airport?” You can bet it would be Carlos and our security minus Mario. “Doug’s dad did a good job on this van. The new paint job really helps.” “He told the guys that this was the new Doc’s. He said that’s all it took.” “What time will Doc be home today?” “He should be home at 6, in time for dinner. He reports at 4 tomorrow for the second shift at the hospital.” “Does he talk about his cases?” “Yes, he does, but he doesn’t tell me their names. Just like ‘I had a patient today that we operated on to remove his appendix’ or we lost a patient today; he had cancer. I don’t want to know their names, I asked so I can better provide comfort for him. Doctors have to make hard decisions, sometime life and death decisions. I want him to know I’m there for him and will support him.” “So he gets a lot of massages” “Oh yea” laughing. “Carlos are you excited?” “Yes, I’m a little nervous. What if they don’t like me?” “What is your full name?” “Carlos Tomas Romano Wyman.” “Right who are your parents?” “Carlo Tomas Wyman Romano and Anthony Marco Romano Wyman.” “Now, if you have that name, who is going to say they won’t love you. Who dare say that.” We heard the giggles as Larry tickled him.
  8. CLJobe

    Chapter 32

    and I think Puppy is willing to let him take charge. Tony seems to let him take charge.
  9. CLJobe

    Chapter 32

    Not sure about a children's home but I think they won't turn a waif away.
  10. CLJobe

    Chapter 32

    If there is I think Doug's mother will intercede. She knows he's gay.
  11. CLJobe

    Chapter 32

    Chago will be an asset, children bring a permanency to a relationship. He may not be the first,. I'm sure the other couples will be watching.
  12. CLJobe

    Chapter 32

    When I awoke in the morning I heard someone screaming, I quickly jumped out of bed, pulled on a pair of pants and hurried to the first floor. Hearing the screaming coming from the kitchen, I walked in to see Larry holding a young kid. “Let up Larry, but blocked the doors” “He isn’t going anywhere as all the guys are here.” I pulled up a chair, looking at the kid, “Sit here.” He was scared no doubt about that. “What is your name?” “Chago” “Chago, where do you live?” No answer. “Chago, if you don’t answer me I’ll call the police.” No answer, ‘Larry hand me the phone. No, well than tell me where you live?” “I don’t have a home. I made a shelter and sleep there.” “I want you to show this man where that shelter is, do you understand?” Tears are now pouring down his cheeks, he nods his head. Larry takes him by the hand and walks out of the door, within 5 minutes he’s back. “He has a shelter built against the garage in the back. You wouldn’t see it for all the foliage in that area.” “Thanks Larry. Puppy, could you whip up some food for this child. Chago, how old are you? “I think I’m 10. I’m not sure.” “What happened to your parents?” “I don’t know, they just left me along the road one day and never came back.” “Here eat this, you'll feel better.” “Hey eat slow or you'll throw it all back up.” “Doc, you better check him over. I’d recommend a bath first.” “You’re the new Doctor, I heard the people talking about you?” Puppy just smiled and nodded his head. “Let’s go take a bath, I’ll give you a check over ok?” I could see the kid wasn’t too excited about a bath but he went with Doc. I called Brenda, “Good morning Brenda. How are things on your end? --- Really well that is good news. I know he feels like a load has been lifted off his shoulders. Brenda the reason I called there seems to be a young boy called Chago. Do you know anything about him? --- Oh really. That doesn’t sound good. Are you sure? --- Umm, no relatives or any one to take him in. --- So there are no homes for these children like an orphanage or something. --- None. Approximately how many kids are like this. --- That’s not many, I guess the government doesn’t think they are that important.--- Ok thanks. --- Yes, I’ll let you know.” “According to Brenda, because the weather is so nice here, except for the rains, these children are allowed to run free. The neighbors give them left overs and old clothing. She said there aren't many, just a few and in general the people take good care of these kids.” “What are you thinking? This house is pretty big, plenty of rooms. Need to talk to Dad.” “I’m going snorkeling.” “Carlo, do you think it's a good thing about him staying here?” “Larry, what’s he going to do, steal food? If he’s living here, he won’t have to steal, he’ll have a comfortable bed to sleep in and be protected by his older brothers.” Larry just looked at me and smiled. We sat in the living room waiting for Doc. “You know breakfast is not going to fix itself. Anyone wants to help?” “Just show us what to do?” “Ok, you need to put that kettle on for coffee and tea. One of you need to make toast and one needs to fry up some bacon or sausages or both. One of you need to scramble a dozen eggs.” I had them all doing something when Dan came in. You’re looking better today. You can pitch in and make fried potatoes.” Just as everyone was humming, Doc came in with Chago. “Puppy where’s Chago?” Chago just smiled. Just then the water started to boil, I made coffee and poured the guys a cup and then made another pot. I made tea for Puppy and I, the others preferred coffee. “Puppy, did you do a good scrub? What’s the diagnosis?” “Generally, he’s in good health taking into account he is undernourished. His teeth need cleaned, his ears have a peck of dirt in them. No lice or other infection, I think one week in my hospital will have him in find shape.” “Oh poor Chago, he has to be confined to Doc’s hospital for a week. Chago, can you leave your personal business go, so you can stay in Doc’s hospital for a week?” He just laughed and hugged Puppy. I saw the tear in Puppy’s eyes. I need to call Dad. “Help these guys get breakfast ready. I’ll be right back.” Handling Chago a glass of orange juice, I went to our room to phone dad. “Good morning, oh it’s not morning there.--- Yes, and tell Mom her package arrived. By the way, are we entitled to a PX card? I don’t think Mom can afford to send care packages.--- The guys are doing fine as well as Dan. He’s a nice guy. But the reason I called to discuss two things, the first you may have a grandson.--- No, we didn’t get anyone pregnant. We found a waif living on the property. --- About 10years old. --- Yes, a native as far as we can figure out. I had Puppy clean him up and give him a medical. He seems ok, but hungry, Puppy said he was undernourished. I think you'll get a call from him soon telling you. The second reason I called, I spoke to Brenda Thornton,--- yes Doug’s wife. It seems that there are more of these waifs living off of begging and sleeping outside. -- Well, if Chago is any example, rags. Brenda says they are fed left overs and given old clothes to wear. Dad, that isn’t right. The government provides nothing for these kids. They say they don’t have the money or not enough kids to warrant a home for them.-- Yes, yes, This house has ten bedrooms and they are big.-- Yes, I do and I know Puppy will agree. -- Of course we will be careful.-- All right see if you can get us a PX card. -- My guess, probably 10 minutes. Ok Love you tell Mom the same.” “Don’t tell me you ate all my breakfast. Surely Puppy you saved me something.” “Don’t worry here.” Tea and a plate of eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. That is enough, more than enough. “Oh you forgot that extra seasoning.” I pulled him to me, Joe and Roy’s eyes got big, but I just wanted my kiss. And it was a quick one. I looked at Joe, wagged my finger at him. He just smiled. I think of all the meals, breakfast is the most important, not only for the food, because when you have breakfast with the people you love, it sets the mood for the day. At least it does for me. “We’re going to take Chago shopping as soon as I get our tour guide. Larry can you check the garage and see if there’s a vehicle.” I passed Puppy on the way to the phone. “Hi Brenda, Sorry to bother you again, but I’ve decided to go shopping and if your offer is still good could you send the young man over? -- Excellent, see him in a few.” “Carlo, there’s an old, what looks like a van, in there?” “Does it start.” “No keys.” Chago to the rescue, “I sleep in there when it’s raining, the keys are under the front floor mat.” “There you go Larry. See if you can crank that car up. We have a shopping trip including a haircut to do.” Chago went with Larry to show him where the keys are. “Carlo, are you thinking about adopting him?” “I’m not but Puppy is. I’m not surprised he hasn’t talked to Tony and got his approval. Wait until he comes in. If he’s smiling, I’m right.” We watched him as he came into the kitchen. “Carlo, baby.” I started to laugh I looked at Joe and he was laughing. “Yes, Puppy.” “Do you remember talking to Dad about adopting children.” “Yes, is there a baby that you want to adopt.” “You all ready know. Did you speak to Dad about it?” I just started to laugh. “How did you know he would want to do this? “Hey, I know my Puppy. He has a heart of gold. I saw the way he looked at him when he heard his story. There were tears in his eyes. Why do you think I sent him to bathe the boy. I could have done it just as well.” “I hope Joe and I are able to read each other that well.” “You probably do already. You just don’t have the mirror that you guys provide Puppy and I.” “Someone is at the door.” “That should be our tour guide.” Opening the door, a young man was standing there about 5 ft 7. Black hair and blue eyes. A little hottie. “You must be Doug.” “Yes, Mom sent me over to show you around.” “Good come in and meet the gang. Guys, this is our tour guide, Doug. Doug this is Joe and his mate Roy, this is Vic, he’s straight but that’s ok. What! What’s the matter?” “How did you know I was gay.” “Well, being gay myself, there’s no way a hottie like you would show up on my doorstep offering to be a guide. If you were straight like Vic, you would have had a girl on your arm or at least on both arms. Anyway you’re among friends. This is my mate, the new Doctor, This is David and his mate is out trying to start that old station wagon with our new son to be. Who did I miss. This is Dan, he’s gay but unattached. He’s an airline steward and part of the cabin crew on our plane. Oh there’s another straight guy, Mario. Mario has a degree in marine biology. Care to guess where he is?” We all chuckled. “Wow, This is a lot to absorb. So you all live together but you don’t share.” “There’s no sharing. We’re like brothers and we are all married. We’re close and all over each other but as brothers. None of us want to share or get involved in any action that would require sharing. Most gay relationships don’t last because of cheating or sharing. We’re committed for the long haul. Now Dan, is another case. He knows about cheating and how much it hurts. But Dan is also our brother, we take care of family. We want every gay man to find what we found and have. Dave, better go and see if we walk or drive.” “My dad can tow that over to the base and see if he can fix it, if you want.” “That would be fantastic Doug. See you’re fitting in already. Guys, we may have a new brother here.” You could see Doug’s chest push out a little more and his eyes now have a sparkle. “Doug can we walk to town?” “Sure it is only about a mile.” “Great, let’s go guys. A mile is a skip and a jump.” Puppy looked at Chago and then me, “Ok, I’m the first to give Chago a piggy back ride. Ok Chago, climb on. Puppy, show him how. OOF, I didn’t mean for you to jump on me. Ok Chago, climb on.” And off we went, all of us. We must have looked like some bunch of crazies. Walking down the road, holding hands, with this kid in rags riding on my back. Doug walked beside me showing us stuff as we walked. Soon he gravitated next to Dan, continuing to show us the various plants and what some of them are good for and which ones to avoid. As we turned the corner, we saw the start of the town. “Doug, the first store I want is a clothing store.” He looked at Chago and smiled. He led us to a clothing store that had clothes for teens. I put Chago down and we walked into the store. A man came over and when he saw Chago, his face got very serious. Puppy stepped up to the plate. “I’m the new Doctor, I want new clothing for my adopted son.” The man looked at all of us standing there. He wasn’t going to make a scene, we could tell he wasn’t pleased . We followed him back to one section of the store. “Doug, you know what he needs. Pick up enough clothes for a week. Everything, socks, underwear, pants, shirts.” Doug nodded and took over. He went to the front of the store and picked up a basket. Took one look at Chago and started filling the basket. When he was done, we went and paid for it. He may not have wanted to see us, but I saw the little smile as he looked at the total. There was a diner of some sort, “Doug, take him to a shoe store and buy him a pair of shoes like yours. Puppy, take David and Vic and go with him. I’ll wait here, but I want to know what happens. Here take a pair of socks. Chago got on Vic’s back and off they went. They weren’t gone thirty minutes, when they game back and Chago was walking in a very nice pair of shoes. “You should have came, it was funny.” “Let me tell you what happened. As soon as you walked into the store they made a big fuss over Chago. When you asked for shoes, they couldn’t get them fast enough. And they called you doctor.” “How did who know?” “The guy in the clothing store. You better sit down and order. This place will be full soon. Chago, what do you want to eat, hamburger, fries, Doug the same, good, take Chago into the bathroom and have him change into the new clothes. Toss the old ones and be sure to take the tags off.” We placed our order. When Chago came back, “Doug, what did you do with Chago and who is this new kid.” He just smiled. It was good to see him smile. If I had my way every kid would have a smile on their face. The waitress started to bring us our order as the door of the diner started to open. People filed in until there wasn’t a seat left. You could hear them gossip, ‘which one is the new doctor,’ who is the kid, that isn’t Chago,’ who are those other people that’s Doug. I heard he’s gay, the gossip continued. We finished, I paid the bill. Before leaving, “That was Chago, but Chago doesn’t exist any more, he died from maltreatment. This is Carlos, he’s my and the new Doctor’s son. Good day.” Doug looked at me, Chago looked at me, “Chago, you do not exist. As of this moment, your name is Carlos Tomas Wyman. You got that. Say it. I want you to say it until we get home. Is there a barber here. Someone needs a haircut.” Doug led us to a barber, He was sitting in his chair, obvious not busy. All of us walked in, “I would like a haircut for my son.” “I’m not cutting Chago’s hair.” “My name is Carlos Tomas Wyman not Chago.” “The barber looked, Vic looked at him, “Is there a problem cutting my nephew’s hair?” He stumbled, “No, sir.” Vic picked up Carlos and placed him in the chair. Half hour later he was done. Carlos Tomas Wyman was a cute kid. Doc paid him and we left. I looked at Doug. I knew he had a thousand questions. “Doug, I know you have a lot of questions, just hold on to them and in a week’s time you’ll have your answers. I do have a question for you, where can I get a massage table?” “What’s a massage table?” “It’s a special type of table that is used to give people massages.” “There’s a massage parlor at the hotel. They might sell you one.” “Carlo, have Dad send you one with the next shipment.” “Shipment of what?” “Food, he said he’ll ship food until you get your PX card.” “Doc, aren’t you going to be working at the hospital?” “Yes.” “Then you can get a PX card. All you have to do is ask at the hospital. I can walk you there.” “Ok.Vic, come along.” “Hey, I want to go to if that’s ok.” “Sure, come along David.” Now I can relax a little. I went and made some ice tea, asked anyone if they wanted some, made ice coffee for Larry and gave a large orange juice to Carlos. Life settled down for a few days. Doug came over often, hung around, chatted. I knew what it felt like to not have anyone who understood what you’re feeling. We had to wait a week for the PX card since Puppy wasn’t on the roster yet. Tony’s supplies arrived, no freezer, but plenty of meat. I noticed some cheeses, so we’ll have Italian again. I was surprised when they set up my massage table. I immediately took that to my room, along with a case of oil. “Hey babe, we’re home.” It’s always interesting to watch Doug when I kiss Puppy or when any of the guys kiss. I know what he’s feeling. I thought I better have a talk with him. That has got to be hard for him. “Dad sent me a massage table. If we have an Italian dinner tonight, I might give you a massage.” “Hey, what about the rest of us, we want massages also.” “Ok, you go fishing with Mario, who ever brings home the largest lobster gets a massage.” “What if it’s a tie?” “Then you both get one. There’s one caveat, your partner must be present and for Vic, Mario and Dan, Puppy has to be present.” “Can I get a massage?” “I’ll give you a massage on your 18th birthday, which is when?” “Next Friday.” “Ok, you have a birthday present. You do realize that everyone will want to watch. It’s like getting a smack for every year.” We all laughed. “Just to be serious for a moment. When does school start?” “Next week school starts, but I’ve graduated.” “Have you made any plans about college and what you would like to study?” “No, I think dad wants me to join the service.” “Don’t you have any interest, science, math, art, teaching.” “I like to teach. I tutored when I was in high school. The school provided tutoring after school, I enjoyed that. That’s like teaching.” “Yes, excellent, I don’t know how much Carlos Tomas knows. So if you want, I’ll pay you to tutor Carlos so he can slip into the appropriate grade. Then when you are done, I’ll see that you get a scholarship to the same college, Doc, Joe, Roy and I attended. You’ll love it. How about it, is it a deal?” “I’ll have to ask my dad.” Vic is not subtle, “Your dad doesn’t have control once you turned 18, you are a legally responsible adult.” “Yes, but he’s my father.” Vic didn't let up, “A father should do what is in the best interest for his son, not what is in the best interest for himself.” I just got an insight into Vic. obviously his dad made him go into the service. I wonder what he would have studied if he had the chance. Discussion for the massage table. “I have a meeting with your dad next week, We shall see how that goes.”
  13. CLJobe

    Chapter 31

    Someone is providing the information, or else they are open about their plans. It is strange
  14. CLJobe

    Chapter 31

    unfortunately you are right
  15. CLJobe

    Chapter 31

    They are glad to be in Guam. But I'm sure they are still on alert.
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