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  1. ClosetWriter

    Chapter 2

    Last time: Ty starts on his journey, leaving home and arriving at Penn State. Lucky to have a first floor room, he sees, but hasn't officially met Colt...how will this go? Now for the rest… Wow. Yeah, Colt is hot. Geez, I need to get it together, unless I want to out myself to the entire world within 5 minutes of arriving here. Yeah, let's not do that. Mom is already going to be on emotional overload, let's not add a gay son into that mix. The fam and I approached the door and, luckily I had a free hand so I could knock..I know, it's my room too, but I don’t want to seem rude. I kn
  2. ClosetWriter

    Chapter 1

    I can’t say that I was ever one of those kids that just couldn’t wait to move out and go away to college. Sure, I was excited for the next chapter of my life, but to say I wasn’t at least a little bit nervous would be an understatement. This was one of those coming of age experiences thatI had been looking forward to for the last few years. Like any other day this summer, I woke up in my bedroom in my parents house in suburban, nondescript Philadelphia. A typical suburban neighborhood, you know the type, manicured lawns, stupid flag supporting one cause or another out front, and the back
  3. ClosetWriter


    Tyson is your normal, everyday kid heading off to college. While the world doesn't know that he's gay, he's heading off to explore and find his true self.
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