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  1. Demiurge


    He stared down at the phone in his hand, not quite believing the conversation that’d taken place seconds before. It couldn’t be. Good things didn’t happen to Seth. Well, other than Noah and that was simply because he was so stubborn that he refused to let life drag him away. Or to let Seth push him away. He pulled up his call log-no, there it was. The call. It had lasted a half hour. He’d been silent through most of it, had answered in the appropriate places. Shock and his normal social aversion
  2. Demiurge

    Twenty Nine

    @drpaladindo you feel better about the couch? I’m sorry for the confusion 😭 I knew this chapter was coming so I didn’t reply.
  3. It was maddening. How confident and patient Seth could be. Even when Noah felt like he was crumbling apart. He was on his forearms and knees. Fingers worked him open and he clutched the sheets. He was being so loud. The one time he’d tried to muffle his sounds, he’d received a sharp hair pull. The hand was still woven loosely in his locks like a silent warning. Seth bit down on his shoulder as two fingers grazed his prostate. He let out a choked scream and fisted the sheets. His knees were
  4. Noah didn’t know where Seth’s mind was. In all fairness he wasn’t sure that he ever did. The sheets under his head were wet. Their skin and hair had still been wet from the shower when they’d fallen into the bed. Seth was on top of him and he couldn’t remember a time before they’d started kissing. Hands slid over his body and his did adventuring of their own, but it was strange. It didn’t feel sexual. More intimate than anything else. Seth broke the kiss to come up for air and his forehead reste
  5. Demiurge

    Twenty Seven

    @Mattyboy Well…thank you… *struggles to process compliments*
  6. Draining. The entire day had been draining and Seth’s chest hurt. He’d had his weird breakdown writing the letter, Lilith had gone missing, and then the worst had happened. Noah made him communicate and feel his own feelings. The audacity of the tiny blond. Of course, Seth remembered their earlier conversations when Noah hadn’t been able to even speak to him without stuttering, cheeks aflame. He’d been frustrated with the lack of communication when he himself would soon fail in the same cat
  7. Demiurge

    Twenty Six

    @drpaladin smut is easy. I write it when I’m stuck on the plot. Very little thought involved but it’s fun 😊 Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check out Nifty.
  8. Demiurge

    Twenty Six

    @Mattyboy I am attempting to find somewhere else to post as well. Since I too prefer more smut. Also I do have a playlist I made for when I’m writing this story, so that made me laugh. Not sure about theme music though
  9. Demiurge

    Twenty Six

    @Mattyboy well you see I would, but GA demands more plot than anything else. 🤣
  10. Demiurge

    Twenty Six

    @Philippe We use our words in this story to solve problems. Not, ya know, body parts 🤣 Also, you’re silly if you don’t think there’s still gonna be makeup relations at some point 😊 @VBlew thanks for your comment 🖤 @Mattyboy there are more chapters and it is finished. I never intended for it to be this long. I got carried away as this story has been cathartic for me in a way I didn’t expect. Glad you’re enjoying the characters!
  11. Noah looked at the man in the rearview mirror. He looked like he’d been hit by a bus. His eyes were red and it was obvious he’d cried. A lot. Noah shifted in the seat as they pulled away. Lia was on a date with Cara and neither used their phone while together. He bit his lip. Where on earth could the teen have gone? Lia had said she was upset with Seth, but Lilith didn’t seem the type to run away. “Alright. I’m thinking Landry’s, the library, the school, any friends’ houses you’re aware of,
  12. Demiurge

    Twenty Five

    @Philippe this isn’t the first time you’ve made me tear up. I appreciate your comments and your time 🖤D
  13. Demiurge

    Twenty Five

    @Mattyboy thank you 😊 Your comment meant a lot and I’m always excited when people appreciate how I write. @Israfil yes, unfortunately she took a little bit of a back seat @drpaladin I’m absolutely feckin geeked that you noticed the entryway description
  14. Seth was tired. That wasn’t unusual but it felt different. It was like every bad thing in his head had slid into every molecule. His bones, muscles, mind, fuck he felt like his soul ached. He stared down at the packet in his hands and rubbed his neck. He hadn’t sent anything out in a long time. He’d emailed several copies as well. He shoved it into the mailbox before he could talk himself out of it and walked the short way home. He was supposed to write something very different when he got back.
  15. Demiurge

    Twenty Four

    @bundu_st self-sabotage is the worst. Seth is trying but it’s definitely uncharted territory. Poor Michael has everything going for him and still loses to the angst ridden, mentally ill kid with commitment issues 🤣Thanks for your comment! @Philippe thank you as always for reading and taking time to share your thoughts. It’s really important to me that I depict an accurate portrayal of mental illness. I’m glad you’re noticing the effort 🖤D
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