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  1. Demiurge


    I hadn’t slept. I’d reached across the bond, tried to take away as much of the pain as I could without a physical connection. Talon never communicated with me, but I felt him. I held my knees to my chest as I poured every ounce of my feelings for him over the bond. In the wee hours of the morning, when the rest of the world slept, I desperately tried to stave off his suffering. It felt like standing in a sinking boat and trying to bail out water with a bucket. The bucket also had a hole and for every bit I threw out, a gallon surged in. I kept going though, pressing everything that was me agai
  2. Demiurge


    I didn’t hear much over the connection the following day. My training and lesson schedule had become more structured. I would be studying now Monday through Friday. Tyren and Athel had officially decided, and I was excited to have a bit of time off. For now, though, I was in the ring with my brother. Eon rolled his head on his shoulders, then rotated his arms in big circles. Athel stood nearby, appraising him. She glanced to me and nodded once before moving to sit on her favorite log near the ring. She clapped her hands twice and we both looked to her. “No Magik, no weapons, this is learn
  3. Demiurge


    @Erolove Uh not yet! This story just popped out of my head one day so now I’m scrambling to get it all out of my head so y’all can read it. I do have a few stories that I’m making layouts for but this one takes most of my free time Also, funny you should mention Amaris... 😅
  4. Demiurge


    @Philippe it keeps getting longer in my head. I’m not sure how many books. I think I like drama too much, and these characters 😅
  5. Demiurge


    Without warning, I was awoken the next morning by pounding on the door. Talon was already up, pulling a long-sleeved tunic over his head. I saw a flash and a black butterfly knife flipped open in his hand. He opened the door and I hurried to get up as he left the room. I was dragging on one of his shirts over my pants from the day before as we met Eon in the main room. Eon looked suspiciously at the door and inclined his head when his and Talon’s gazes met. I watched them both and raised my eyebrows. Why were they both on high alert? Talon’s shoulder pressed against the front door, turning his
  6. Demiurge


    I took inventory of the men around me. The guards wore helmets and were faceless. They were all different heights and shapes. Each man held a sword on their hip and had ten times the amount of training I’d had. I forced my eyes to Lex’s broad back. He wore a dark brown leather vest, straps running across the front horizontally to secure it. A mint green long-sleeved shirt was under it and my gaze dropped to the belt at his waist. It held multiple knives and I didn’t doubt Lex had trained with each one. Simple, brown pants fit into knee-high boots that matched his vest. It was the most…tactical
  7. Demiurge


    I stretched my arms above my head, sighing softly as my shoulders popped. The sun hadn’t even begun to rise, the room was still dark and I rolled onto my side. Talon was asleep, his eyelashes fluttering gently against his cheek and his brow furrowed. I wished that just once the man would get a decent night’s sleep without terrible dreams. Shifting to lay on my stomach, I rubbed my eyes with my fingertips. My mind replayed the events from the night before and I sighed. My body felt tense all over and I awkwardly tried to rub my neck. Fingers slid beneath mine and I closed my eyes as they kneade
  8. Demiurge


    It didn’t seem possible that two weeks had gone by since we had arrived in Syrin. My world revolved around my training and I seemed to be growing by leaps and bounds. No matter how many times I exceeded their expectations, we couldn’t slow time. I had still only had formal training for half of a month and Tyren was still positive it would take years to master my gift. Raw talent would only get me so far. In the two days prior, Tyren had filled me in on what the engagement dinner would entail. It was mostly just an excuse for the king to parade around his newest toy. I would be expected to ming
  9. Demiurge


    Over the next two days, I couldn’t stop myself from becoming sullen. True to his word, Eon had been trying to maneuver around court and reestablish his old connections. He’d been going every day and he reassured me that he still had friends in the military. He also seemed to think we might be able to call on our father’s old friends. Even with all of that, I didn’t feel like we were making enough progress. Nothing was getting done, I wasn’t getting any closer to ending the engagement. I went to class and advanced with my reading, Tyren pushing me farther and farther with the lessons. He pushed
  10. Demiurge

    The Queen

    I wasn’t sure that Talon would ever become a morning person. He sat across from me in the carriage, his hair covering his eyes as he avoided the sunlight peeking in through the draped fabric over the windows. I didn’t know when he fell asleep every night, but he had dark circles smudged under his eyes. His knees bumped lightly against mine as we rode along and he seemed lost in thought. He had been quiet for the whole ride and I tried not to read too much into that as I skimmed through a couple more pages of my fundamentals book. I jumped when his fingers rested on my knee. They traveled a bit
  11. Demiurge


    @lonerwolf_94thank you! Glad you like it!🖤
  12. Demiurge


    This time I awoke in my own bed, still wrapped in someone else. I shifted and immediately regretted it. My entire body was incredibly sore. My side ached as I pushed off the arm that had been draped over it. I laid on my back and tried my best to imagine how I was possibly going to function today. Sitting on Tyren’s hard stool or trying to withstand Athel’s attacks filled me with dread. I wasn’t sure when sitting comfortably would be possible again. I have narrow hips. What the hell was I thinking? I wasn’t built for sex. Definitely not! Things were not meant to enter the place they had. I w
  13. Demiurge


    I woke up in the unfamiliar room, registering the morning sunlight spilling in from the balcony. My legs were tangled in the sheets and arms were wrapped around me. I snuggled back into warmth and the arm draped over my hip tightened ever so slightly. I could feel his body pressed against mine, his breathing slow and even. I didn’t want to get up, but I had awoken later than usual and if I wasted any more time I would be late for my classes. I did not think Tyren would appreciate that very much. I tried desperately to convince my body that we had to get up, but I was so comfortable and so warm
  14. Demiurge


    @Philippe I appreciate you 😭 Thank you everyone for your comments. With the addition of an editor and/or beta reader I believe the updates may slow. I’m hoping that I will be able to perhaps give you longer chapters that are even better than the ones I’ve already posted. Rest assured I will still be trying to update as fast as possible. I’d just like to give you better quality ❤️
  15. Demiurge


    Running. I was running. My feet slapped the dirt road underneath me as I threw myself around a corner at the last minute. I could hear shouting, jeers and insults. I didn't know what would happen if they caught me. It was different today. In addition to the normal bullying, there was a dangerous glint in their eyes. The preteens had evolved into something more predatory and I wasn't ready to find out what that could mean for me. My legs burned and I came to a street that split in three directions. I looked around frantically, trying to make a decision as I heard the voices creeping ever closer
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