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  1. Demiurge

    Building Blocks

    @Dannersthat is assuming Eon has soft dom cravings 😂
  2. Demiurge

    Building Blocks

    Well they were at least 12. First years are 12 😊
  3. Demiurge

    Building Blocks

    @SnowBear I mean…age is just a number, but it is strange to think about. @Philippe I’m gonna be honest, I never considered that pairing
  4. Demiurge

    Building Blocks

    @marsnvic I’m not nearly that aggressive. Well, in this kinda situation. Just trying to reassure you that I’m not flying by the seat of my pants. Also don’t you dare keep your comments to yourself! I love reading them! I just don’t want to spoil my own story. @Seraph28 coming in hot with that sports ball reference…😅 Also, Paras is my sweet little feral gremlin. I love him. Adult him is even better
  5. Demiurge

    Building Blocks

    @marsnvic I’ve never felt so validated and guilty at the same time. I’m glad I’ve got you hooked😉 *struggles to kee things to myself as people point out things I’ve tackled in upcoming chapters*
  6. Demiurge


    @weinerdogboth father figures are seriously lacking in slightly different ways
  7. Demiurge


    @weinerdog Thinking is not Brock’s strongest ability
  8. Demiurge

    Building Blocks

    @EtotsiraThank you 🖤
  9. Wren and Loren had been gone for thirteen days. Talon, Suman, and Rah had been gone for three. As the days passed, I “spoke” with Talon a few times, but we still hadn’t heard anything from Wren and Loren. Eon kept reassuring me that Wren operated that way normally. He wasn’t used to having to report to anyone, so he didn’t. I chewed at a hangnail as I sat in Eon’s office. It was smaller than the war room. A mahogany desk stood in the center. The thing was massive and solid. There were weapo
  10. Demiurge


    I remember the first time I had ever set foot in this manor. Picture perfect. That’s the way everything had seemed. Even while my world was falling apart. I’d been overwhelmed by the opulence and beauty. I’d grown up wealthy, but this had been on a new level. It had temporarily distracted me from all the stress from Mallex and everything else going on. The House of Waves was still that to this day. A little respite in the pressure cooker that Syrin could be when things weren’t going we
  11. Demiurge


    The house was eerily quiet. I shouldn’t have entered without permission, but I was pressed for time and I wasn’t willing to stand outside longer than the 15 minutes I already had. Halfway through the courtyard, I had a moment of sheer terror where I thought I may walk in on something traumatizing. It would be no one’s fault but my own. That’s what I would get for not being more patient. I was climbing up the staircase when I noticed that I wasn’t alone. Wren was balanced precariously on the
  12. Did it really matter that the green multi-tiered ornament was too close to the circular one of the same color? No. When they decided which circle of hell to assign Seth to, he was positive this particular organizational slight wouldn’t come up. He let out a frustrated huff from his position atop the step ladder and moved it three inches around to the other side of the tree anyway. Hands clapped below him and he rolled his eyes as caramel ones beamed up at him. Noah handed up two more ornaments a
  13. Demiurge


    So close. We were so close to home. I was near giddy. I could sleep in my own bed. I would be back with my family. I wouldn’t have to deal with Suman alone. I knew I wasn’t technically alone, but Rah and Loren weren’t much help. I sighed. Suman and I had not made much more progress when we’d spoken in the tent. Despite what had happened in the Dlethian court, Suman was hesitant to help us. Or anyone really. Everything was black and white in his world. That was the problem. My life had never been
  14. Demiurge

    One: Encounters

    @Philippe I agree with you on the fat thing. If I bite into gristle or anything, that entire meal is dead to me
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