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  1. Demiurge


    Oh no @johnnyboy2285, buckle up dear it’s gonna be a rough ride
  2. Demiurge


    @KellyONE I’m sorry! I’m glad it was worth it!
  3. Demiurge


    @Ang3lI will try! This was kind of a random story that just popped into my mind so it’s not pre-written! Thank you for reading!❤️
  4. Demiurge


    I sat in the small clearing we'd come to the day before. It wasn't long after sunrise and the cool morning breeze whipped through my body. I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself. Sunlight was filtering through the trees but it wasn't strong enough to completely pierce the dense forest around me. For some reason this was part of the estate that I didn't visit regularly. It was on the far end, farthest away from the ocean. Always so dark, it was an area I wasn't naturally drawn to. I lifted my hand and turned it this way and that in the shadows the trees made. Of course Talon was drawn to
  5. Demiurge


    “Where do we start then?” “All fours.” “Excuse me?” Talon rolled his eyes and pointed down toward the ground. I slowly lowered to my knees and those eyes rolled again. He moved behind me and pushed me forward onto my hands. “Push ups little lord. I'm not propositioning you.” I felt myself flush, heat spreading over my face and up my neck to my ears. I'd never been a very active person and my parents had given up on that front as soon as they'd decided I was powerless. I extended my legs behind me and lowered myself down shakily, I forced myself up without much grace and let out
  6. Demiurge


    “Mama I'm sorry. Just let me try one more time. I'll do better I promise!” “You're not capable of doing any better Kalian! You simply can't!” Her voice was a harsh scream and her voice broke at the end as she sobbed into her hand. She composed herself only seconds later and glared at her youngest child. His lackluster hair hung in tangled pieces around his face. His predominately blue eyes were filled with tears as he scrambled to pick up the bowl of water he'd spilled all over. His eyes pleaded up at her, searching for compassion. She just shook her head and turned away, slamming the doo
  7. Demiurge


    Noah watched the surprise on Seth's face slowly fade and tried to suppress his own shock. His brain obviously wasn't in charge of him right now. Was he actually ready for that? He was suddenly worried that it was the lust talking and he wasn't ready for this at all. It was a big step for him. He knew that and so did Seth, but he wasn't sure where this was going. Obviously he knew what he had just said and they way Seth's pupils had dilated had sent a shudder through Noah. He bit his lip as Seth's hands roamed over his skin. His outfit had been courtesy of Lia and he had made a mental note to t
  8. Demiurge


    @drsawzall that whole comment was great from start to finish
  9. Demiurge


    Noah walked slowly down the hallway, pulling nervously at the ends of his hair and chewing his lip. He didn't understand why he was so nervous? Things at work since the night they'd gone to the club and the impromptu dinner had been awkward. Mostly on Noah's part. He didn't know how to approach Seth now that things had become more intimate. He didn't want things to go back to the way they had been before, rude remarks and dirty looks, but his nerves being set on edge every time he saw the other man was something he could do without. He became a stuttering mess every time he spoke to him or Set
  10. Demiurge


    I was surprised that this time I wasn't as scared of the dark alleyways that led to Talon's home. As I made my way back through them, I sighed. How was I going to explain all of this to my family? I had escaped in the middle of the night, stayed out until dawn, and now I was coming back with power. A power that'd never appeared in my family. A power I didn't know if I'd ever heard of. How had Talon's strange concoction forced this out of me? I'd been trying everything I could for years. On top of all of the thoughts in my head one kept popping up and drawing my attention to it. Talon had seeme
  11. Sunlight spilled through the almost too large windows and Seth slowly opened his eyes. Turning his face back into the pillow he groaned. The beginnings of a massive headache were forming at his temples and the light had not helped. Alcohol was the devil. That much he knew. He hadn't even had much or had it very fast but it didn't matter. Apparently he was old now and hangovers set in fast and hit him hard. Lifting his head slowly he looked over to the other side of the bed and frowned when he saw neatly folded sheets and a serious lack of Noah. Pushing himself up, he looked around for any trac
  12. Demiurge

    At last

    @Philippe wow your comment just made my day. I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks for reading!
  13. Demiurge

    At last

    “Come here darling. Sit with me and look at the stars.” “Mama, I don't like the dark.” “Silly boy. The dark is beautiful and peaceful. If that's not enough for you, it serves a purpose. You can't have light without the dark.” The small boy looked up through the window, following his mother's gaze. Crawling up onto her lap the boy tried to see what his mother saw. He tried his hardest, small face scrunching in effort. Her fingers ran through his copper hair, brushing it away from his face as the moon bathed him in light. Rubbing his back, she began to point out constellations. The boy l
  14. Demiurge

    Lost One

    My palms sought out the walls as I tried following Talon through the dark. That low whistle started again and in between whistles he hummed a song that seemed familiar but I couldn't place. After what seemed like forever we reached the end of the path and the stone walls that came into view looked blessedly like what I was used to. The path had widened as we progressed and Talon stopped at the edge of the light. I moved passed him into it and basked in the sunlight. Talon's alley was dark and disorientating and I had felt like something was going to grab me the entire time. I breathed a sigh o
  15. Demiurge

    The Dark

    Dimian is a large country on the continent of Amres. Bordered by Dleth and Serran, it's a safe haven for those in the world gifted with magik. The east side of the country lays on the Mariede Sea. To the west is the snow capped Aine mountains. Magik is passed down through bloodlines and the oldest families normally create the strongest users. It's very rare for a person to be born to these families without the gift. Any element, object, or force can be the focus of someone's power. Magik users can control the largest storms or have reign over something as simple as wood or metal. Alliances are
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