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  1. jeff

    Chapter 34

    Thanks for another wonderful chapter. Granger is a master of getting out of difficult situations.
  2. jeff

    Chapter 31

    Thanks for another chapter. Awe the calm before the storm. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
  3. jeff

    Irish Summer

    Thanks for the new story. I always enjoyed your writing
  4. jeff

    Chapter 22

    Thanks so much for a new chapter. As usual a great read. Thanks again and stay safe.
  5. jeff

    Christmas Bread

    My mother always made Mohnstriezel (German poppy seed roll ). I loving the stories and recipes. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
  6. jeff

    Our Christmas Cookbook

    I just love this series and the recipes are great. Thanks you
  7. jeff

    Priority Mail

    I really like the stories and adding the recipes is just a great way to share the love that is shown in the stories. Thanks
  8. jeff

    Northern Exposure

    Thank you for another chapter. This is one of favorites story and can’t wait to see what George and crew have to get out of next. Thanks again.
  9. jeff

    Sanc Chapter 5

    I really like how this story is starting out. Thank you
  10. jeff

    Chapter 18

    Thanks for another great chapter. Have mist your great story.
  11. jeff

    AP Chapter 24

    What a great story. Sad to see it end but a good ending.
  12. jeff

    AP Chapter 19

    Thanks for another great chapter. I really enjoying this story.
  13. jeff

    AP Chapter 7

    I’m really enjoying the Aussie Pioneers. I have enjoyed your stories but this one has me eagerly anticipating the next chapter. Thank you for your hard work for our enjoyment
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