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    Chase is a nickname. Chet's knowledge of sex is more clinical for the subject of sex. When Chet got away from his grandparents, he had a basic child's understanding about sex. He knew nothing about gay sex. In my mind, Chet was being brought to a better understanding of what sex is. His fathers were honest with him. Such as when he asked what some guys asked him about "fucking." He really didn't know what he was asking about or why. Geordi "Chase" Martinez
  2. Woops! No, he was never a princess, though some may say he was a queen. (Gay joke) He never was. I had someone proofing, but after one chapter he stopped. Why? I don't know. These stories are my children and will live beyond my life. So, important. At least acknowledge you received the chapter to read. I never knew what happened. Don't let it upset your life, but an acknowledgement you got it would be nice if not polite. I'll email you directly on GA. My stories may not be important to others, but they are to me. I'll contact you later. Thank you.
  3. I can always use help with the proofing. (Hint, hint) Not offending anyone or asking anyone in particular. I can use help! Or I continue to do it myself. No problem. I felt like I was doing a Bob Barker thing he did at the end of "The Price Is Right." He pushed the animal rights and care at the end of each show. The cooking, I wasn't sure if everyone would care. I don't want to bore anyone. I will explain more in the next chapter. The cooking ways are real and they are real recipes. Clay ovens and low heat. Pepper is pepper. Herbs are unique for where they are raised. I can expound more, like the Hickory Salt. The Maple Syrup is important to when the sap is tapped. It makes a difference! I love to eat. It's a miracle I'm not three hundred pounds! I'm not. 190 at my last checkup. How you cook is important, too. I have a plot with Matilda. It's coming.
  4. For The Love Of Thor Matilda’s behavior did make sense I thought. Grandma would say her spirit was out of balance. That was obvious. Did that mean Matilda willingly did her part? From her perspective I am sure she was. Teenagers often made impulsive decisions and had no experience to help guide that decision to understand what could happen. I may have given Ludwig Viktor too much credit. I didn’t know. Or I didn’t give Cousin Matilda enough credit. Again, I didn’t know. I think we needed t
  5. Possible Motive The evening wasn’t lost. Nor did it become awkward…until we got home. Once inside, Thor was becoming more excited. He knew where this was. It was home! He began squirming to be put down. “Okay, okay,” Vincent chuckled at him. “Let me get my coat off.” He put Thor on the ground and Thor made a beeline towards the back of the grand foyer. “I need to take your coat off, too!” He called after Thor. Thor knew the kitchen and I
  6. This has nothing to do with this or any story: A place where nobody dared to go / The love that we came to know / They call it Xanadu / (It takes your breath) / (It'll leave you blind) / and now, open you eyes and see / What we have made is real / We are in Xanadu / (A dream of it) / (We offer you) A million lights are dancing and there you are. a shooting star / An everlasting world and you're here with me, eternally Xanadu / Xanadu / (Now we are here) / In Xanadu Xanadu / Your neon lights will shine for you, Xanadu The love, the echoes of long ago / You needed the world to know / They are in Xanadu / (With every breath) / (You drift away) A million lights are dancing and there you are, a shooting star / An everlasting world and you're here with me Olivia owned that song! I nearly cry when I hear it and see the movie scenes. If anyone asks me, I'll deny it. 🌈 A gay moment.
  7. I did, too!! I had to pull up scenes I saved to watch again! I loved "I'm Alive" with the muses dancing out of the mural. The opening of Xanadu with the roller skates and dance and the music!! It is hypnotic!!! Man, I am so gay!!!
  8. Umbrage Is a word that never occurs to me to use. There is a plethora of words I can pontificate about not using. Now, back to the greatest hits of Electric Light Orchestra!! Turning to stone!!! Xanadu!? The movie was a little lame, but Olivia and ELO was awesome!!
  9. I would never accuse anyone of that! (I say in mocking indignation.) I played the piano, violin, I sing...I leave the sewing to you, but I enjoyed needlepoint some. Repetitive tasks on background calms the mind. Maybe I should take it up again. I am NOT left-brained. Plus sixteen!! Those that manage zero is either the perfect balance between left and right, or they have NO personality. I try to avoid the left side of my brain. It's boring!!! You use your left side some. I'd rather not. Thank you. Oh! I cook!! Every dish in Makarovia and all my stories is real!! I can usually send recipes! And have!! Even the Native American dishes are real, including the cooking techniques! How can you describe flavor if you don't cook? I do! You do. I'm proud to be so right-brained it's a handicap. I'm happy!
  10. Logical. Unfailing logical. You are very left-brained. Logic and reason on that side. Math. I am extremely right-brained; colors, textures and art from that side. Music. Though music can be used on both sides. I may have told you, I took psychometric tests, 0 to -10 was left brained, 0 to 10 was right brained. Almost everyone is somewhere between -10 and 10. Five hundred questions taken at different times of day, one in the middle of the night (as your brain will function differently depending on how coherent you are. All score were combined to give a final score. Wait for it....I scored a positive 16!!! I am so right-brained they wondered how I managed it! Questions like "Would you prefer reading under a tree outside or a library?" Outside, of course!!! Nature all around, birds singing, bees buzzing and a breeze blowing? Who wants a sterile library so quiet you hear the air conditioning run? That was how I interpreted that question. Not near a highway with horns honking and tires screeching! I told Dr. Sallee that. He was a Brainiac!! A geneticist and neurologist. My first handsome geek crush! No glasses. I never dared to find out if he would agree to an affair. I wasn't gay yet. (Hah!) Brilliant! In his late thirties...gorgeous!! He didn't seem to know that. Oh, well. We had a successful affair for three years!! (In my head.) The same sort of affair Dan Tanna and I had in Vegas. I was seventeen and he protected me from the MOB. I testified and both Dan and I were put in witness protection and relocated to Boston where he was a detective named Spenser, with the S. Susan Silverman was there to keep me sane from the pressure. Her being Spenser's woman was a cover. I was the only one that knew his first name!! Yep, I've written a long, long time. I miss you Robert. You died too soon. Not in my head!! I would love help. Not just one person. Help!! Yes, Daniel. I love you more. Our marriage was real! Drop me a line. I love everyone out there!! Bye!
  11. You ain't just a whistlin' Dixie! Do you even know the tune? "I wish I was in the land of cotton, old times there are not forgotten, look away, look away, look away Dixieland!" Gay? Yes, but Southern to the core. Boxes everywhere, lost glasses...it's Hell!!!
  12. Yeah? Why can't I see this? I write and I proofread and am blind to the errors. I proof again and the voice I hear tells me it's right! Of course, evidence tells me it's not right and I am mortified!! I'm blind to it? I asked for people to read my stories with me, but they are giving up their time from their lives. My priority is not their priority. I would love help, but waiting for a reply. Wait. And wait. It's agony!! The urge is too great!! I'll take help, but I am rather demanding. It won't be easy.
  13. Hooray For Hollywood That screwy ballyhooey Hollywood Where any office boy or young mechanic can be a panic With just a good looking pan And any barmaid can be a star maid If she dances with or without a fan… (You know Johnny Mercer’s song!) The party was great. The conversations were stimulating, and the food was so damned delicious, and Mike Cox had pulled out all the stops. The soft jazz in the background could be heard yet we could hear each o
  14. A huge chance! Stories don't ever live. end. It often changes and goes in another direction, but never stops as long as the characters. As a child leaving the theater after a movie ends I always asked, "Then what happened?" Makarovia and Blueblood will still be added to. (But I didn't leave! You did!) And the move! Now that I've moved in and have my new Wi-Fi, I can receive messages and post again! Makarovia has more years to go the VUN is in Siberia! Most of the next chapter is done, then I send it Don to proofread and post.
  15. Special thanks to Donjr101 who helped me take the errors out and edited it. Thank you, Don! Mike Cox By the time we got Mark to his room, the bourbon he drank so quickly was really affecting him. The courage he needed to tell us the truth had worked, but it hurt in the morning. The rapid intake of alcohol was really too quick for his body to process. His body was rushing to catchup. The rapid intake also resulted in a sharp and powerful drunk. It would also go away f
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