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  1. R. Eric

    Chapter 4

    Yes again, but you'll see Makarovia didn't bow to the wishes of other countries. Whether the person married someone of the "right" denomination, Catholic or Protectant doesn't matter. Same gender marriages were allowed in Makarovia for decades! You'll understand why as you read.
  2. R. Eric

    Chapter 3

    Yes, to all you said. However, Makarovia is a different situation. Keep reading and know, technically she is Queen Consort. When Olek the First died, she steps in as Queen until Olek the Second finishes school. She shouldn't have been allowed to do that. They people loved her and supported her. Even after Olek the Second takes the throne she still acted as Queen. Olek did the kingdom business and Alla saw to the medical and education needs of Makarovia. No one in Makarovia objected and certainly not Olek the Second. It eased his burden. Makarovia doesn't care what other countries thi
  3. R. Eric

    Our Best Fiends

    Just turn the page and find out. Oh, right, I need to finish it and post it. Sorry.
  4. Our Best Fiends It was really too cold for it, but I had to be outside. I stood out from that round castle or what Natives normally called a Longhouse. This was the biggest Longhouse I even heard of. Often it would be the only “constructed” building in the tribe village. They followed whatever, be it Buffalo, deer, or whatever. The tribes of the Northwest had more permanent homes. Houses made of planks for the Winter, but they left those homes in the Spring to hunt that whatever. They came back in the late Fall and rebuilt those plank homes again staying five months th
  5. R. Eric

    Scare Them

    I mean this sincerely. Yes, I have read a lot. I claim to not to know everything about the Bible. I try. The other volumes I also don't know. I also included alot of legends and myths from Native American legends and beliefs. I fact checked much of what I wrote. Yes, there is much I made up, but based on what I can "show you." I put people in Sunday School mode, so when I write about what happens, it will be understood and make the story plausible. I hope it is worth it. Thank you for endorphin rush when people like what I wrote. I have more coming!
  6. Scare Them Give Them What They’re Looking For Demetrius came in the dining area. “Where are you?” He sounded inpatient and a little annoyed. “We were getting things settled,” I said using his tone against him. Again, I wasn’t really bothered and he was just being Demetrius. “Lia needed some consoling,” Caleb said a little embarrassed. “And she would!” I said to Caleb. “That should be expected. She’s Human. Things that happened to her tonight would have most people running away, kicking, and screaming in fear.” Seth nodded, “But she didn’t.” He smiled. “In fact, sh
  7. Lia “That was much better,” Seth assured with a kiss. “Maybe we should wait on things like that, Father Seth,” I grinned. Seth looked down at himself, “Oh, yes. Right.” It was two or three in the morning in Roma. I knew many people started their day very early, so we did tarry long. Caleb pointed at a house nearby. “Lia lives there. Alone.” It was four-story house/building, but…Caleb pointed to a single bottom corner. This building housed several families. I say that because of the white cloths hung on a line from a third-story window, telling everyone there was a
  8. I have an appointment, but I'm following you all over this. More surprises coming!
  9. R. Eric


    Errors? I hope you mean grammar and spelling errors. No plot errors. And yes, it was like the style with Makarovia SY. I was coming out of my funk. Now, I'm known for my errors. A new computer helped later in this story. Still blind in my right eye and hanging on to what's left in my left eye. No! I'm not looking for sympathy, but hopefully it will improve as you go.
  10. R. Eric

    Chapter 55

    A word of warning. It's a little different. You'll discover some new things. Now back to writing.
  11. R. Eric

    Chapter 41

    First. Damn, you've really covered some ground!! Second. Covid-19 is very dangerous. It's happening in our reality world. I don't want to one up any illness, but this fictional germ is deadly. It kills quickly, leaves no trace and transmitted easily. Covid-19 is very dangerous. Too bad there's no real juice from the Forbidden Fruit. It would knock it on germy ass!
  12. R. Eric

    Honeymoon Part 1

    So? Do it again! Be ready for Cinderfella 3!
  13. Hi! I just woke up! Now for another day of writing. I was kidding, sort of, when I wrote you that message. I did miss you. And the comments made about my writing makes my day! I know endorphins are being released and I am addicted to them. A runner's high, if you will...without the running. I write. Now, I have an outlet and I am hooked!! You read Preachers' Sons. That is the only story I wrote without channeling Daniel. It's older than any of the others. Well, I can relax now. Cinderfella was a stand alone story, but the voices said, "Oh, no you're not!" You can binge read, if
  14. R. Eric


    And where have you been? There are some constancies when I write. You and a few others almost always are there. I got a severe block with my Makarovian princes. People weren't reading it and...I admit it. I'm an addict! I write and post, and then sweat it out to see if it's liked! I do, really. My block with them had a lot to do with my mood. I was depressed. If you've read Cinderfella3, you'll see my style has changed. I thought of doing the two stories at the same time like before. I might. I need Olek and Helga married, the Royal Proposal (which will be different.) A news abou
  15. He's learning!! Just wait. He's going to blow people away! He's done it five or six times in his whole life! He'll learn, I swear!
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