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  1. R. Eric

    The Mighty Thor

    That was very clever!! I mean it sincerely. I'm impressed.
  2. The Mighty Thor The palace was beautifully decorated. There the pungent sweet, woodsy smell of pine I instantly associate with Christmas. I decorated Aunt Benedikte’s house. So did Vincent. Okay, the house staff helped us. I asked them, “It’s Christmas! You know, once a year? The dust won’t kill you to leave it there one more day, you can sweep, polish and all that.” I said happily. “Christmas! Jul? Kommer en gang om året. Vi holder fest!” I said in Danish, telling them Christmas came once a year and we were having a party! Back at the ranch we had a party and the hired h
  3. The computer did NOT post my text I replied. How dare GA's computer not liking what wrote. Who said he could judge? I first text: I am so sorry and we feel each other's pain. Just before I met Daniel in church, the first chapter of North meets South: Worlds Collide is absolutely true. I was with Tedd when it happened. Yes, two Ds. He is included in that story. I put his Guilt Care in this story I got from him. Manic-Aggressive, that was my diagnosis. Manic he was fun and I loved him. Aggressive he was a pissed of Grizzly I didn't love. I was going to leave him. He was gay! But don't let anybod
  4. Mark, the Past and the Stroke I exited the stage and I had an hour or so before I sang again. It was 11:40pm and it would the new year when I did. I walked toward my two favorite people who were smiling at me as I approached. Suddenly, there were three more coming in the area. Thick coats on for the cold, but their caps were off to show who they were to security. “Listen to the crowd!” Mark said waving an arm toward the crowd outside. He had a bottle in his hand as he waved. “They love you!” He had a couple of champagne glasses in the other. “I hope so
  5. Family Matters Christmas Day came and we were at the church when the day came. It was interesting how this day evolved. This was a Christian country, yet it was interesting how many pagan traditions had mingled with a religious day. Really, many of the customs and traditions came from all over the area. In Denmark, Jul or Yule had been celebrated a while. The Christmas Tree! That came from Germany…so I was told. It was a tradition to dance around the Juletræet, the Christmas Tree. There was also Julemanden, the Yule Man that came in a sleigh pulled by reindeer and assisted by Julen
  6. Oops! Carman. I had Carmine on my mind. I just had a calzone at the time. (That's pronounced calzon ne. The E is not silent, but I added one that wasn't even there.) The Italian just came out.
  7. You're welcome. Oh, and it may have been in your head, but it was also in mine. I started with the piano, but left it after two years. HOWEVER, I played the violin from the fourth grade and through college. My "sister" was the pianist. I put quotation marks because she wasn't really. Bad news, that's what she was, but that's another story. Actually, I wrote about her in several stories. Preachers' Sons, Perfect Son...others I just cut her out. Preachers' Sons wasn't a lie, except for giving us her child, it was all true about her. But she was a talented pianist. She was our churches pianist at
  8. Yes! I want a Premium Membership and I will pay what is needed. GA saved my life! I mean it! I've joked about going through withdrawals when I was cut off after a hurricane or freak snow storm. I couldn't post or read. Yeah, I want to join. I have a reason to get up. I don't want violins or negative attention, but I've had bad luck since 2017! Things were kept under control with GA.  I will join. Please.

    1. Cia


      Hi dear! Thank you for wanting to support the site, and help keep it going for others who need it just as much as you. I know it's been my lifeline in the past too. Just visit the site store if you want to sign up to be a subscriber for Premium. There's a few topics about it in the FAQ through the Help tab too, if you need more info. 

  9. Elton, Mercury and Liberace! “I’m in Time Square,” A long and thick coated Ryan began holding the one ear he didn’t have an earpiece monitor in. Behind him were dozens of people behind a waist-high barrier, dressed in coats, thick scarves, mitten-wearing and various kinds of stocking caps and hats all waving at the camera. Some just cheered, you saw a couple say “Hi, Mom” loud. “It is pandemonium here tonight as we get ready to usher in the New Year. This is another year for Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve!” The screen showed quick clips of the Master of Ceremonies at the many New Y
  10. R. Eric


    (I am not angry or bothered at all!) Oh, yes. I knew there would be errors. It is said, "if you don't use it, you'll lose it." Dansk is not easy. I am not a Viking. I love Vikings!! I love Denmark , Norway , Sweden . All the others! Russians, Ukrainians, Germans...I don't care about the skin color or ethnicity. Okay, I love everybody. Can you imagine trying to remember sentence structure, where to put the noun (subject) with the right verb? (action) Adjectives, adverbs....and I will spare you what I think about Russian!! Their alphabet!?!? Letters that have no sound but are part of a word!? W
  11. R. Eric

    Part of a Family

    Thank you!! I was starting to worry. I showered, I don't think I smell bad. No one said anything!! (Sniff) Yes, the pits have that Axe Phoenix fresh smell. Macho and all that shit. It's not me, so...
  12. Well, I hope your satisfied! You got me thinking. (I hate that.) My first thought was the usual sarcasm. "Oooh, well touch you!" However, it did cause me to stop and have to think. I bow to the real Queen of England, Queen Elton, and I bow to the Queen of the group Queen. And I will bow to the American Queen Liberace! I just remember him surrounded by all those Fag Hags!! (Did they call them Fag Hags back then? Did they know they were Fag Hags?) I've traveled a long, long way from where I started. A full one hundred and eighty degrees turn and I'm tired! Yes! I thought I was one of maybe a f
  13. Part of a Family Beverly and I did dance again. As I explained, Percival was a nice man and he loved his wife. He just could not dance! I remembered being a lot smaller watching the adults dance at parties. Just because we lived in a part of the world that was somewhat remote, we weren’t totally cut off. There were often parties. Those hired hands may had a difficult time reading, but they knew how to enjoy themselves. It was part of being human! We had music! A couple of hands played guitar and banjo, one had a harmonica and we had others to play everything from a jug someone blew
  14. Elton John? Sure. Mercury? Maybe. Liberace? No way!! All were and are super talented, but...no. Only when Liberace was Chandell on the Batman series in the 1960s did I like him. Campy, but he was Chandell and his evil twin Harry who was blackmailing his brother. That was one of the highest rated episodes!! Good stuff, Maynard!!
  15. 1893 is the year for the world I created. His Highness Prince Vincent is Denmark's Crown Prince. I created a royal family in Denmark. There will be facts you will know are fiction. However, I tried to keep it as historically accurate as possible. My Danish is flawed, I know. I know about the Dannebrog. Some changes were to make it plausible. Still, love between my characters is the story. I have a friend that is from Denmark, too. I can always do with another. Prøv det. Du vil måske kunne lide det.
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