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  1. William

    Chapter 15

    Thanks Riley for one of the best stories I've read. I read from many, many sights & there are many very good writers. You definitely are up there with the best. ISH is in the top 5 of the hundreds of stories I've read. Looking forward to your next story. Thank you again, Will
  2. William

    In Safe Hands

    Thanks Riley for one of the best stories I've read. I read from many, many sights & there are many very good writers. You definitely are up there with the best. ISH is in the top 5 of the hundreds of stories I've read. Looking forward to your next story. Thank you again, Will
  3. William

    Chapter 13

    I'm a bit confused. Did Miguel catch Elliot checking out Miguel himself or the other guy who Elliot was talking to about volleyball. A good chapter, very curious now to read what all happened at the party.
  4. I was enjoying A Place in My Heart till Justin became sexually involved. You hinted it was going to happen in chapter 7, but I was hoping it wouldn't happen. It ruined what had been a good story. I stopped reading as soon as it was clear where the story was going in regards to Justin. Of course you can write whatver you want. I'm curious though why you had Justin become sexually involved with his brother & Tony. You're a good writer which is why I don't understand why you put so much sex in APIMH. It's unnecessary, the story would be better without all the detailed sexual activity. Please don't get upset about this review. You have a gift for creating characters who share with the reader the rollercoaster of emotions young people deal with.
  5. William

    Chapter 12

    I liked the chapter, (& story), apart from when Estela became Alejandro. You have created very believable characters. You have given each a personality & from this I don't believe Estela & Ale would be so devious to trick Elliot as they did in his dream. This is why I hope it doesn't turn out to be true. Also their deviousness would have had to extended to keeping Miguel away from Elliot during the party because I agree with Lisa's comments it's seems very unlikely Miguel would have willingly left Elliot alone for so long. If it turns out the dream is Elliot's inner turmoil manifesting real events into a nightmare I see the story unfolding this way; With it being Elliot's first time he probably finished quickly, before his brain had time to catch up & tell Ale to stop. Then Elliot feeling terribly guilty & torn for not stopping Ale. Torn because of his confusion about his sexuality & guilty because he figures that him not being attracted to Ale didn't mean he isn't gay & realises he loves Miguel & now feels he has to tell him what happened at the party, if indeed it turns out this way. So many stories I've read are this predictable. I think one reason is readers putting pressure on authors to post chapters quicker & it leads to stories being finished faster instead of the the way authors had envisioned the end of their story. Not saying that is the case with In Safe Hands. Take your time Riley. I have throughly enjoyed all your stories. I've read so many stories that are predictable. So far
  6. I too came very close to taking the same way as David did. Into a Better Place touched me so deep. I went through the same as David. I was 15 & desperate, scared & so lonely. I had recently accepted that I was "different." I was very shy, it had always been difficult for me to make friends. The night I could no longer deny the truth, the pain was unbearable. I was so scared because I thought the only way to stop the pain was to die, but I didn't want to die. Was it because I was scared of dying or I didn't want to hurt my family or the fear of the unknown. To tell the truth, even now. all these years later I don't know what kept me alive that night, I remember I felt the walls of my bedroom were closing in on me. I wanted to knock on my parents bedroom door to ask them for help, I was too scared of their reaction. Our family didn't talk about anything, especiall feelings, Instead I wandered to the kitchen. I fell to my knees on the cold tiles, sobbing harder than I ever had. At the same time trying not to make too much noise, scared of the consquences if I woke anyone up. I did not grow up in a religious family. If someone had asked me if I believed in God, I would have have said yes, but religion wasn't a part of our lives. That night I had no one to turn to so I begged God, literally I begged Him to help me find a friend. I needed a friend so bad, not too tell my deep secret. I was so lonely & scared, I needed someone before it was too late. Within a few days I met Melanie, or I should say she met me. She was outgoing, talked to everyone. I had seen her around school but we had never spoke. Then out of the blue one day she asked if I was going to Friday's football game. I said no & she said of course you are, grabbed my hand & pulled me over to where her friends were. I hung out with them that night. I became part of their group for the rest of high school. I never did become a religious person. I don't know what happened that night. Was it a god who answered my desperate plea of help? I have no doubt there is somethng & I guess the day will come when I, as everyone does, will find out. I lost ract of Melanie a few years after high school. Couple of years ago I reconnected with her on FaceBook. I finally got to tell her that she had saved my life all those years ago by reaching out to me. She wrote back that my telling her helped her feel good at at time she was having a hard time. Wow, have never wrote this much online. Thanks Riley for "Into a Better Place." It certainly woke long sleeping memories. It felt good writing this. I will show it to Andrew tomorrow, he is sleeping beside me. Yeah, I still tend to be awake when everyone else is sleeping. It will be our 21st anniversary next month. To everyone who is hurting & I know many find it hard to believe when you're hurting, please Don't Give Up, not only is love is out there, so is the rest of your life, so many new experiences. I never thought I would marry an Englisg guy & spend my time living between London & Malaga. To those of you who feel someone might need a friend, don't ignore your gut feeling, reach out, you could save a life. You have a great gfit Riley, thank you for sharing this deeply thought provoking story. Will
  7. William

    Chapter 10

    Hi Riley, ISH ia a very very good story. I couldn't put it down, ( guess log off is better in this case), read all 10 chapters at one sitting. Well written, the flow is excellent, both dialoge & thoughts. I'm an American living in Europe, you have put across very well the emotions & interactions that people living abroad experience, totally realistic writing. I look forward to reading the rest of the story. I even asked for notification when new chapters are posted, something I've never done. Thank you for writing a great story. Will
  8. Hey HC, Charlie is a brilliant story. I'm always checking for the next chapter. Thank you for sharing this brilliant true life writing. Will London
  9. Hi JDW, Read your story last night. I enjoyed it very much. It was a well written account of a very intense time in your life. It brought back many memories of my own early teen years. I especially liked that you didn't try to glamour it up. It was very good just as you wrote it, a very honest & appealing story. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading more of your writing. Will London
  10. I'm back after a very long absence. Was catching up & saw the poste about Dustin. He seemed to be getting better, hope that has continued onto a full recovery. Here in London my partner & I are praying for you Dustin.
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