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  1. A shame it was short. I personally find the whole kidney thing a real turn on!! (Kidding, lol!)
  2. I wrote an epilogue to English Teen, but my editors and story proofers told me not to publish it. In essence, I realised it was because I’d written the epilogue for me, not for my audience. I wanted to prove to myself that everting was okay and that there was a happy ever after, when actually the story was stronger when readers were left to read between the lines, and live without every I being dotted and t crossed. Riley
  3. This is really interesting. As you know, I’m not really a prolific writer, but I’ve been building a couple of stories the last few years, one of which is sci-fi in nature. A tool like this might be useful in helping to give that a more realistic shape and backdrop. Riley
  4. Happy Birthday Riley!

  5. Happy Birthday, Riley!! I hope you're having a great day! :)

  6. Happy birthday, Riley!

  7. Many More Happy Returns of the Day Riley... :)

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Yeah, congrats from me too. Tillykke med fødselsdagen

  8. Hello there, and thanks for taking the time to write. Maybe we—me included—find the story so affecting is that we see a lot of ourselves in people like Luke, Simon, Ryan and Jacko. I think as I wrote ET, I probably wrote a bit of myself into everyone. I also kind of believe that the mistakes of yesterday don’t have to define who we are today. Thanks for telling me some of your own story, and it touches me to know that somehow ET has found its place there. Peace. Riley
  9. Thanks for taking the time at the end of the read to leave a review, Scary. I know it’s been a pretty emotional roller-coaster. I told myself I wouldn’t go back to writing for at least six months or a year…but something new is already cooking! Riley
  10. Just finally ticked the box that marks the story (ET) complete. Funny feeling & the end of a journey.

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    2. Gandalf


      I sure wish you would resurrect some of the stories you pulled a few years ago. But will wait for your next appearance...or track you down in That England!

    3. johnnyjon1


      It was a true labor of love from you to us. A truly good story leaves one ready for more. I know inspiration is already at work. Thank you for working so hard and sharing your work with us.


    4. Lenny Bruce

      Lenny Bruce

      Thanks, Riley... we'll wait for more from you in the future! Please don't forget us!

  11. I’ve been sitting and looking at the epilogue chapter of ET for nearly a month now, wondering whether it’s right to post it. It’s a great chapter - well I like it anyhow - full of more than a few surprises and an opportunity to wrap up a few things. Still, maybe it’s not the time or the tale anymore. My feeling is that ET has come to an end - a good end - and the future belongs somewhere else. Perhaps as the beginning of a new story. We’ll see. I wanted to say a huge thank you to the two guys in my life. Andy Gordon is an amazing storyteller in his own right and is one of GA’s Classic Authors, writing at a GA level that is way beyond me! I was the lucky guy when he dropped me a line years ago and managed to tell me I needed help without making sound bad! Much more than an editor or even a beta reader, Andy has become an incredible mentor. A lot of water under the bridge - plus a bunch of honest criticism - later, I have Andy to thank for dragging my writing out of the realms of the cringy and into something hopefully readable! I also want to say a huge thanks to Cole Parker. Cole has especially helped me go back to some of the very first chapters of ET to help edit them and wean me off my fetish for commas! Cole, thank you for all the time you've invested! So now what? Dunno. I’m not the kind of author who can just spit stuff out. Something has to grab me for me to be able to write about it. I’ll let you know when and if that time comes! In the meantime, I want to thank everyone who has tracked with ET over the years for your patience, kindness, and willingness to keep reading through thick and thin! Your friend, Riley
  12. Steve.... It feels like you've always been there as a shoulder to lean on! Gonna miss hearing from you. It's almost worth starting a new story for that alone, lol! If I ever manage to create an e-book, you'll be the first to know. In your words...pax! Riley
  13. You're the best of ladies, Lisa, always there with a kind word and some encouragement. So, Alexis senior was definitely shot by the police while he was attacking Luke in the pool, so he's definitely gone. And yes, for Elli to make an effort to be at the funeral speaks volumes. It's over now, but thanks for being with me on the journey. Riley
  14. I'm not sure what comes next, Nighthawke, but glad you've enjoyed reading this one all the same. Watch this space, I guess. Many thanks, Riley
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