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  1. Since CJ is on another vacation what should we do this time?
  2. I am bringing the rice and the curry powder. it will flavor the goat meat
  3. Yesterday at work my boss brought in a jamaican dish. It was Roast Goat flavored with curry powder and many different kinds of spices. I am saving some for lunch on monday. it was pretty good.
  4. rbenn5


    nah you would be putting the characters through dire circumstances too. I can see right through the eeeeeeeeevvilll
  5. rbenn5


    Well one could write one chapter and the next week either you or the shadowy one could write the next chapter. I would sit back and watch you two create diabolical mayhem. 2 can play that game if i am not mistaken.
  6. rbenn5


    I have an idea: How about the Goat AND Shadowgod TEAM up and write a story together. Then we will see evil upon evil!!!! What have I done?!?!
  7. You must be a big fan of Tom Clancy!!!! You ever read The Bear and the Dragon by Tom Clancy? I also see some similarities to the Sum of All Fears. Also I am not sure if this is the place to ask this but when you write do you write from an outline? or is all this put on paper or the screen without any advance planning? If this is in the wrong thread you can move this.
  8. How did you do the research on the military aspects of your story?
  9. last week I was too quick to say this but i will repeat what i said last week:
  11. hey everyone it has been awhile since i was here. I found something in this latest chapter I wanted to point out. Also where has graeme been? The Scar chugged a caffeine-laced energy drink, knowing that he needed to be awake and alert. It was far from easy; he’d worked through the night, supervising the setup of Instinct’s gear. ‘The City that Never Sleeps,’ he thought, was an appropriate label given his current sleep deficit. He consoled himself with the thought that the following afternoon’s concert would be their last.
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