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The Mantis Synchronicity - Book Five

   (1 review)
Genres: Fantasy, Horror
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Three new characters make their way in the wide world. A group of Shifts from Teshon City orchestrates a rebellion in a far-off country. Teshon City must face a rogue Demifae who desires to return city life to the days when Shifts were hunted in the streets. A powerful witch is consulted, and her sorcery increases the power of her fellow alchemist. The rebellion does not turn out the way the Shifts from Teshon City are expecting, and things back in Teshon City end up even worse. 

Also, a little more about the unknown past is revealed in a prequel chapter, featuring two real-life horror celebrities who permitted their on-page deaths!

This is the 5th book in my Mantis series, and readers need to have read the previous books before reading this one, all available on GayAuthors. This book contains gruesome gore and bloody murders. This series is definitely for mature readers.

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· Edited by centexhairysub


Another crazy ride in the Mantis series, the characters are what consistently keep pulling you into this series, they are so unique and well developed that even the ones that end up being evil, you are invested in finding out what happens to them.

Well written and the chapters in general flow well, I do wish they were longer, but this seems to be the style the author has adapted for this series and in general it works really well. 

My issue with this particular book is that even some of the ones that we think are the good guys, turn out to have their own hidden agendas and you discover, none of the groups involved are easy to fully support. 

If you like strange, weird, or just out of the ordinary, pull up a seat and start this one from the first book.  


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