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  1. As someone has said, no feedback is indifference, which is worse than negative feedback. Getting likes is good enough for me to be honest but I always wonder why readers don't have anything to say, it can be frustrating when you've spent hours and hours writing and all you want is to share your work with others. Receiving no feedback when posting a chapter has made me want to stop writing my story many times, and well, I guess I have stopped writing in part because of this.
  2. I haven't logged on in a while, plus I have a stye and my vision is blurred but I still managed to read this chapter and the previous ones, not thoroughly though, but I'll try again later. This chapter was such a feel good chapter, I love that you ve written about their lives now in details, the characters feel like real people and the closeness they now share is awesome. Well done, you really know how to write a story and I'm looking forward to reading the next one
  3. Exactly! My characters totally live in a parallel universe so it's all good, no pandemic!
  4. same for my characters, I wrote about their lives in 2020 and there was no way I was going to include the pandemic cause they were supposed to go on a world tour. Plus for me, writing is about dreaming and escaping from reality a little.
  5. I prefer Nash's point of view too, I liked Penn's pov and I think it'd be nice to read his side of the story again in future chapters (how many left though? 1, 2, 3?) but I'd still prefer reading the next one from Nash's pov, and yes, why not both?
  6. Well the next chapter should be interesting! This one was, as I once called the chapter with Nick in Italy, a very well written edging chapter! Can't wait to see what will happen during the storm, is it a work in progress? Again, I'm glad you're safe.
  7. I'm sorry to hear you live in the area that is on fire, that must so scary, after Australia, now America. 2020 is such a terrible year, it's insane! I hope your house isn't lost, damn, I can't even begin to imagine how devastating it must be. Stay safe.
  8. unilive

    Part 1 - Chapter 1

    True! it would've been better. Oh well, whatever, I'm so done editing this story! 😅
  9. unilive

    Part 1 - Chapter 1

    @Marty I thought I'd changed that, but apparently I didn't, not here. I still think it's obvious Mark says you and I because it's the band's name.
  10. unilive

    Chapter 28

    you'll soon find out! Maybe you have already lol
  11. @Indigoskye I might write more, but I'm still undecided. Glad to discover a new reader even if it's the last chapter 😉
  12. unilive

    Chapter 1

    I enjoyed it a lot. Will you write more? Your writing style is compelling and I'd love to know what happens next for Mark.
  13. unilive

    Chapter 8

    @FanLit I don't say who's responsible in the story, I've left it to your imagination bc I didn't want Mark and Rob to know who it was, but as they say in the interview in chapt 10, it made them realize that they couldn't trust everybody like they thought they could, so they think it's someone from their entourage, maybe working for them who sold the pictures to the Sun. Glad you liked the story enough to want to read it again btw have you read the new chapters I posted, you never said?
  14. Had the same problem with Rob's dad, called him Edward, Ed. How about Bill? Robert? Larry? Andrew? David ? Frank ? Jim? Jeff? Richard ? They all sound like dad names to me lol
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