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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A New Family Unit - 7. Family Fun

The Family continue bonding and sharing a good time. 

The Family

The week leading up to the visit from Mr. and Mrs. Winters flew by for the family.

Chris and Zach tried their best to get a few things looked at and fixed by the landlord. Sam became so disgusted with the homeowner's inaction that he grabbed his tool belt and did the repairs himself. Sam sent the landlord a bill and a scathing letter, informing the owner that he was on the board for the homeowner's and renter's association. Also, if it happened again, Sam would make sure the association took action against him. Taylor, Chris, and Zach were amazed at Sam's skill and knowledge. When they asked how he knew about repairing and replacing gutters, he shrugged his shoulders and giggled, saying, you learn these things. That response got him a fun old-school pin down by the three older guys. They tickled him until he agreed that Taylor was the best life partner, and Chris and Zach the best brothers in the galaxy and that he'd teach them how to fix things.

Under Sam's ownership, the security firm's reputation grew and became more solid. He had to hire more employees and expand his service area. Sam picked up some important clients. One of the most notable was the police department. They hired his firm to help secure crime scenes and when they had large amounts of evidence confiscated during raids. Unfortunately, one of the meetings was out of town, and on the day, Taylor's parents were visiting. Despite Sam's best efforts, he couldn't get the appointment changed.

On top of that, the four parents worked together to get the three boys ready for the new school year. Sam suggested they draw up papers giving each one the ability to step in and make decisions for their son's health and safety. In case that child's parent or parents couldn't be there. So, a trip to Sam's lawyer was added to the list. When Wednesday came around, the entire family was exhausted and dreading Friday.

Justin, Cillian, and Devon were on the floor of Devon and Cillian's room, under a makeshift tent. Devon and Justin decided to arm wrestle. However, whenever Devon was close to winning, Cillian tickled his feet, causing the brunet to instantly let go and giggle boyishly. When Justin was winning, he got the same treatment from his Brocuz. Finally, they gave up on wrestling and launched a combined tickle attack on Cillian. The redheaded teen writhed and screeched with wild laughter as his feet were tickled by Justin, and Devon tickled his sides, hips, ribs, and pits. After a minute or two, the three teens were sweaty, giggling, and breathing heavily.

"That was fun." Devon giggled and kissed both Justin and Cillian. The brunet smiled as he was kissed and embraced.

"Hey, you guys wanna play with the Dad's and Uncles before dinner?" Justin asked. He giggled when the other two jumped up and nodded.

The trio of teens did their best to soften their giggling as they descended the stairs. Devon was the tallest and led the youth's playful assault. They quietly padded down the hallway and stopped at the door to the living room. The boys peered around the corner and giggled. The furniture had been pushed back, and Zach and Sam were trying to best each other in a spirited game of whipped cream war. Devon looked at his two comrades and counted down from three. When he got to one, the trio yelled charge, shocking the two youngest of the dads. Devon, Justin, and Cillian ran and jumped on the two cream-covered "adults."

Chris and Taylor pulled up to the house and got the dinner out of the car. They heard all the boisterous laughter and sounds of a fun-filled evening.

"Is it too late to trade them in for a quieter bunch?" Taylor asked as he giggled and opened the front door.

"Umm, ask me in a few minutes..." Chris responded.

Both men stood in the doorway, their mouths open at the whipped cream mound of giggling, so-called adults and teens.

"Shit, Daddies are home," Devon said.

"Hey, watch you..." Sam said. The brunet looked up and attempted to look cute and innocent, which wasn't that hard, considering he had whipped cream dripping from his face and coming out of his ears.

Chris and Taylor shook their heads and headed to the kitchen.

"I've said it before. I don't know who's worse. The boys, or the bigger boys." Taylor's statement earned Chris's boisterous laughter and nod in agreement.

"C'mon, Dad, I think we've got five kids to discipline." Chris shook his head and continued cackling, with Taylor joining in.

Zach and Sam giggled and hugged their three boys as they wriggled around the mess on the floor. They all stopped and looked up at Chris and Taylor when they heard a throat being cleared.

"So, I'd love to hear how this got started," Taylor said with his arms crossed over his chest as he fought everything in him not to giggle.

Zach, Sam, and the boys looked at each other. Then Sam and Zach pointed at the boys, and in unison, they said. "They did it."

"We did not," Justin said as he glared at his Uncle and Dad.

"Yeah, they were already spraying each other with whipped cream," Cillian said.

"Hmm, I think I know the perfect punishment." Taylor giggled and tackled Zach to the floor, pinning him face down.

"I got this one." Chris swept Sam off his feet and got the struggling brunet turned onto his stomach. "What now, Tay?" He asked.

"Alright, boys, ya got ten minutes to tickle Zach and Sam's feet."

"Oh, shit!" Zach and Sam hollered in unison.

"Daddy, Uncle Zach, watch your language," Devon said and giggled.

The next fifteen minutes were filled with the sound of Zach and Sam, giggling and cackling as they desperately squirmed and tried getting free. After the tickling, they worked together, cleaned the mess, and put the room back in order. Then before eating, Zach and Sam shared a shower while the three teens shared one. Twenty minutes later, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and biscuits were being eaten by five squeaky clean giggly boys and two giggling adults.

Later, after the three teens were upstairs for the night, the four dads relaxed in the jacuzzi. Taylor and Sam were snuggled up together, as were Chris and Zach. Each man was squirming and giggling while playfully tickling one another. At one point, Sam and Zach had each other's ankle in an arm lock going to town on the trapped foot, trying to get the other one to submit first. After a minute or two, it turned out to be a tie.

"I can't believe you two," Taylor said after sipping his beer. "What possessed you guys to start a whipped cream war?"

"Well, I'm not even sure." Sam offered as he looked at Zach, who shrugged his shoulders.

"It was fun as hell." Zach's comment got the four men giggling and shaking their heads.

"The boys made it totally epic," Sam said. He and Zach high-fived each other and clinked beer bottles.

"What are we gonna do with you two? Chris asked.

Zach and Sam looked at their mates and each other. "Love us." They said in unison, then giggled like the boys they were.

"Yes, we love you two, big kids," Taylor said as he kissed his soulmate and younger brother.

The men got out of the water and dried off. They walked inside the house, and Sam brewed a pot of decaf coffee. After he poured four cups, the brunet opened the freezer, pulled out the chocolate cheesecake, and served his mate and brothers, then himself.

"Guys, I'm getting nervous about Friday," Sam sipped his coffee.

"Us too, baby boy," Zach said as he gently rubbed his younger brother's back.

Sam giggled and squirmed when Zach hit a ticklish spot, causing the redhead's giggles. "It's weird hearing you call me baby boy, only Tay's done that."

"I'm sorry, I won't call you that again," Zach said as he placed his hand on Sam's shoulder and hugged him.

"I didn't say I didn't like hearing it from you, just that it was weird." Sam paused and looked at the older men and blushed. "Umm, I kinda like being called baby boy. It's got a different feeling attached to it than when Taylor says it."

"How so, baby boy?" Taylor asked, snickering.

Sam giggled and snuggled closer to his mate. "When Zach said it, I got more of a platonically, older brother feeling. If that makes sense." When Tay says it, it's more romantic. However, both feel similar because of the love behind the words.

The other three men nodded their heads. They got up and wrapped the giggling brunet in a loving embrace and kissed his cheeks. Then the trio smirked and shared a look as they launched a unified tickle attack on Sam.

"Chris and I love you, Sam," Zach said as he wiped his eyes. "You're the perfect younger brother for me." He paused and giggled. "You even got me in trouble tonight."

"Me, it was your idea, big bro." Sam countered and blew a raspberry at the slightly older man.

"Damn, are we gonna have to keep these two apart?" Chris giggled.

Zach and Sam looked at each other and then at Chris. "Fat chance." They said together, causing them all to burst with laughter.

"Guys, why don't you sleep over here?" Taylor asked as he smiled and kissed Sam's forehead.

Chris and Zach looked at each other and smiled. They got up and grinned as they tackled Taylor and Sam, tickling them and kissing their cheeks. This started a tickle brawl that ended with the four guys smiling and breathless.

"Thanks, guys." Sam giggled and hugged his mate and brothers.

"For what, Sammer?" Taylor asked. He giggled when Zach's eyes lit up at the nickname.

"Nope, not that one, Zachy. You can call me baby boy, but Tay's the only one who calls me Sammer." Sam burst out laughing when Zach pouted.

"Fine, be that way. I don't wanna call you Sammer anyway. Nah-Nah." Zach stuck his tongue out at

Sam, then giggled. "Haha, I called ya Sammer...twice." The redhead squealed and cackled when Sam put him in a headlock and tickled his sides and armpits with his free hand until he squealed out his surrender.

Finally, the men were tuckered out, and after saying goodnight to one another, the couples separated into their own rooms. Chris and Zach undressed and lay in each other's arms, enjoying the abundance of love that filled their second home. Zach smiled and kissed Chris's soft lips as he lightly caressed the older man's slight stubbled cheek. His eyes shone with love for the only man, he'd ever been with or had sex with. As a teen, Zach did everything he could to hang out with Chris and his brother. Then, when they finally, started dating, the redhead was hooked.

"What ya thinking 'bout, my sweet leprechaun?" Chris asked as he wrapped the younger man in his arms.

Zach buried his head in Chris's muscled chest and smiled. "Just remembering falling in love with you." He paused and giggled. "You're the only one I've ever been with, or even wanted to be with." The couple softly chuckled and shared a passionate kiss.

"You were the one who's always had my heart, sweet boy," Chris said as he wiped his tears. "I love you, Zach."

"I love you too, Chris."

This was an amazing chapter to write. I loved the fun and playfulness of the guys.

Thanks for reading, reacting, and commenting

Love y'all.

Copyright © 2022 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Really enjoyed reading this. Love the way they are so comfortable interacting and looking out for each other and their kids. Found the whipped cream war to be hilarious, and the way they blamed each other for starting it. Also like that they are so adorable when they are relaxing.

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8 minutes ago, BoyLove said:

Really enjoyed reading this. Love the way they are so comfortable interacting and looking out for each other and their kids. Found the whipped cream war to be hilarious, and the way they blamed each other for starting it. Also like that they are so adorable when they are relaxing.

Sam and Zach are like peas in a pod. They are such great and fun Dad's. The punishment for Sam and Zach was awesome too. LOL

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Love this chapter, full of fun and laughter. Loved the whipped cream, tickling scene.

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2 hours ago, chris191070 said:

Love this chapter, full of fun and laughter. Loved the whipped cream, tickling scene.

It's beautiful, how Sam and Zach were already having fun, and admitted it was better when their kids got into it. :) And, the boys arm wrestling and Cillian not letting either of them win was cute too. :P 

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