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  1. Wow! Great to see a continuation of the "Puppy Saga." Glad Puppy and Hunter still together. Dave needs to come to terms with this, and hopefully someone will find him of interest and give him what he's looking for. I know, chances of that happening are as likely as Jessie suddenly coming out as Gay!πŸ˜‚ Lol!
  2. Hope Simon finds himself a special someone too😊! Can't wait for spring break though. Actually I like the longer chapters. But, then again I love to read a good story
  3. Man I love your stories! Looking forward to the next chapter about Nate and Gleason. Your stories have me smiling and crying. Think I will get me an 8pk of Kleenex too!πŸ˜‚
  4. I so really hate Don. Nothing but a troublesome ass who interferes with others happiness because he is so miserable.😠 Hope things get settled soon!
  5. Good start to what should be a very interesting story. Please keep it going!😊
  6. BoyLove

    Chapter 37

    Really glad Tristan stepped up to help Hunter out. Wish more people were like that.
  7. BoyLove

    AOC 12

    What an amazing story. Loved reading every chapter. Hope you write many more!
  8. Great story. Really nice to read stories like this.
  9. BoyLove

    Oskar & Noah

    This is the first story that I have read of yours, and I can say I really enjoyed it. Please add to it. Could really see this become a book realistically.
  10. BoyLove

    Chapter 2

    This is just as exciting as the last story! Can't wait for the next chapter in this story. I think Tristan teleported because of all the damn questions, just wants to be left alone to be a normal kid.
  11. Well I have to admit I have been reading all your stories for the past couple weeks, and I absolutely love everything I have read. Just want to ask if you would consider doing stories about both Conner Cooper and Nate. Love both of these supporting characters.
  12. Great opening to what should be a sad and heartfelt story about survival. Glad that someone is finally writing about the healing process.
  13. BoyLove

    Chapter 86

    Thanks for this beautiful story!!😊😊😊
  14. BoyLove

    Chapter 56

    Great story so far. Would really be nice if there was actually people out there willing to do things like this for the children in our country.
  15. BoyLove

    Chapter Six

    First off, welcome back! Finally Dylan and Liam are connecting in some way. I think when Dylan sobers up he will start to think about the comment that Liam made concerning Jake. I know it will take a lot for Dylan to even consider forgiving Liam, if he ever can. Hope so!
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