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In Memory of Ed Wooton

For the Love - 8. Pool Party

We turned off the main road when we reached the edge of Lonesome Valley. As we headed towards Veronica's house, I suddenly remembered that the party was a pool party. I also remembered Veronica's ribbing of Steve about needing to bring swimsuits, so I said, "We forgot our trunks."

Laughing, then turning away from me, Steve replied, "Nah, I grabbed some from my room and stuffed them in my gym bag. That's what I was putting in the trunk when I slammed it and made you jump."

We pulled up in front of Veronica's house, which was a small 1950's single story home that she rented on her 18th birthday six months before, because she was desperate to get away from her parents. Chad and Veronica planned to move in together when Chad turned eighteen in a few months, but he spent most of his time there already, much to the consternation of his very religious parents. Chad's car was there, as were Rob and Joe's Harleys.

After we had put our shirts back on, Steve checked his hair in the car's mirror before grabbing the gym bag from the trunk, and we walked toward the front door. Veronica opened it as we approached, "About damn time you two showed up! Rob and Joe have been out back, drinking and bitching about Chris, for half an hour." Veronica ushered us inside with a wave of her arm as she continued, "Chad is dying to tell them but I wouldn't let him. But he wants to be there when you guys tell them so he can see the look on their faces."

Veronica led us through the kitchen, where Steve dropped the gym bag on the counter, putting his wallet, keys, and the data stick in it. He grabbed a couple of disposable red plastic cups and filled them at the keg while I dug out my own wallet and stuck it in the bag as well, I'd been to enough of Veronica's parties to know that it would be a good idea to do so.

Steve handed me a beer as Veronica lead the way through the sliding glass door, out onto the pool deck.

The glint of sunlight sparkling off the water hit me at the same time as the slight odor of Chlorine. I loved pools, because, to me, there was nothing quite like the sensation of freedom and weightlessness that only swimming could bring, and having a pool in your backyard had always been my idea of heaven. Veronica's pool was even better than most, because it was big, and deep enough to dive into.

I immediately spotted Chad, Rob, and Joe, sitting next to the pool on deckchairs, all three in just shorts, drinking beer and catching some rays. Rob and Joe were big guys, very muscular, and Rob had some major tattoos.

Rob noticed me and glared, and I noticed his arm flex as he clenched his fist. I wanted to tell him quickly, but Steve spoke up first, "Hey, how you guys doing?" He asked, as if nothing had changed.

Rob glared daggers in my direction as he replied, "Okay I guess. Until now anyway."

I stood there, feeling very uncomfortable, as Steve walked up to me, grabbed a bottle of suntan oil off a table, and started pulling at my tank top while saying, "Come on Chris, work on your tan, don't hide that sexy body."

I figured out what Steve was up to, and decided to play along. I nodded, careful to keep my expression neutral, and lifted up my arms, letting Steve pull my tank up and off. Steve tucked the shirt into my back pocket, and patted my butt while announcing, "That's better! Now, let's get you oiled up."

Steve turned to stand in front of me, squeezed some oil onto his hands, and then began massaging it into my chest. The cool oil and Steve's warm hands felt great. I had to concentrate and distract myself as Steve worked on me, to avoid getting hard. I stood there, my face still showing casual indifference, as I eased my arms back a little to give Steve better access to my torso.

I watched Chad, Rob, and Joe out of the corner of my eye, as Steve massaged the oil into my chest, Chad was clearly having difficulty breathing as he fought desperately to avoid cracking up. The shocked and confused expressions on Rob and Joe's faces were priceless.

Steve brought his face close to mine and whispered, "Take my shirt off."

I said, loud enough for Rob and Joe to hear, "Steve, watch out, you are going to get oil on MY shirt," As I reached down and pulled at the bottom of the black muscle shirt. Steve raised his arms to let me pull the shirt off over his head, and as soon as it was off resumed applying the oil to my torso. I tucked the shirt into Steve's back pocket, and then I looked over at Rob, Joe, and Chad, "He's wearing my clothes, so I can take them off him, right?"

Joe, who had been taking a swig of his beer, spit it out as he choked, while Rob just sat there, staring at us. Joe recovered first, and said, "Uh, Steve, could I ask you something in private?"

Steve kept his back to them and replied, "Ok, Joe, if you want, but I have no secrets from my boyfriend..."

The sound of plastic hitting concrete made me look over at Joe, who had just dropped his beer. I couldn't keep a straight face any longer and grinned, nodding.

Rob finally found his voice again, and asked, "Boyfriend?" Then, his voice rising, yelled "BOYFRIEND! He's fucking GAY?"

Steve turned, grinning at Rob and Joe, as Chad doubled over laughing hysterically. Steve walked towards them and smiled, "Uh, yeah, he is. I just found out yesterday when he came out to me."

Rob and Joe glanced at me and I nodded a sheepish grin on my face. Rob and Joe turned to look at each other, "Let's get him!"

They were both out of their chairs like a shot, grabbing Steve by the arms as Joe hollered at him, "Okay, Steve, let me get this straight. You made us go back into the fucking closet so your GAY friend wouldn't think that you might be gay?" He asked, tightening his grip on Steve's bicep. "Then, you made us stay there by telling us that he was a freaking homophobe? You better start talking, Steve."

Steve did, filling them in on our problems with Eric, the car chase, the police, everything. Rob and Joe relaxed a little, but did not release him. I started to get worried, but I felt Veronica's hand on my shoulder and heard her whisper in my ear, "Relax, Chris. They won't hurt him, not too much, anyway."

Rob glanced across at Joe, and then back at Steve, "So, you have had Joe and me trying to hide who we are, for weeks, from a gay guy?"

Steve nodded, blushing a little, Joe shared a look with Rob, and then asked, "And that whole show you put on when you got here was just to freak us out, wasn't it?"

Again, Steve nodded and started to laugh.

"Right. I see. OK, happy landings!" Rob said, as he and Joe heaved Steve up, tossing him backwards through the air. I heard Steve cry out moments before he landed with a resounding splash in the middle of the pool. We all cracked up as Steve surfaced, treading water, and shook his wet hair back from his eyes.

"Chris, I've said some pretty mean things about you lately," Rob said turning to me, "and thought worse. Sorry man." Rob put out his hand, and I took it, when he added, "I hope there are no hard feeling over that or this..."

I felt Rob's strong grip tighten on my hand like a vice as he chuckled, "I don't blame you for us being pushed back into the closet, but that act you just put on means it's payback time, lil' buddy."

Rob yanked me forward, as his other hand grabbed the back of my Levi's and lifted, me off the ground.

I looked down to see Steve, hanging on to the edge of the pool, watching as I flew by. I slammed into the cool water, feeling its sting as I went under. I surfaced, sputtering, and swam over to Steve as he cracked up.

I punched him lightly in the shoulder, and splashed water at him as he returned the favor. Chad cannonballed into the pool, right next to us, as Rob, Joe, and Veronica stood laughing.

Grabbing the metal rails of the steps, I heaved myself out of the water, weighed down by my wet jeans. Steve climbed out after me, the black muscle shirt still dangling from his pocket, as the water cascaded off him. I glanced back and saw my tank top floating in the middle of the pool, reminding me that all our clothes were now soaked.

Steve put his hand on my shoulder and said, "We have swimsuits in the gym bag," then turned to Veronica asking, "Can we go change in the house?"

Veronica shook her head, "No way, you'll track water everywhere. Go through the side door into the garage, I'll toss you your bag."

We entered the garage just as Veronica opened the door from the house and handed Steve the gym bag, snickering at us as we stood dripping, closing the door as she left.

Steve began to strip, and I saw that familiar upturn at the corners of his mouth. I figured he just wanted me to watch him, and I was happy to oblige, stripping out of my own wet clothes as I did so. We both exchanged more than a few glances, until I turned to look in the gym bag for the shorts, but found nothing aside from two Speedos, which I pulled out and held in my hand. I looked at Steve, who was watching me intently, a big goofy grin plastered all over his face, "Which one do ya want, the black one, or the blue one?" He asked.

I glanced at the small Lycra garments in my hand, then back up at my grinning, naked boyfriend and realized the reason for his impish grin.

"Steve, you didn't... I don't want to wear Speedos at a party!" I gasped.

Steve laughed, "Why not, you're swimmer, and so are Chad and I. Besides, you saw me do it at Veronica's last party."

"Yeah, and everybody teased you, ya showoff. Man, I am sooo gonna get you for this!" I said, as I took the dark blue Speedo and tossed Steve the black one.

Steve snickered, watching me as I pulled on the Speedo. It was tight, and a very brief style, but I knew that any suit of his would be much the same. I tied off the drawstring and tucked it in while Steve pulled on his own suit. His golden tan and his blond hair really contrasted with the tight black suit, and I had to admit, he looked stunning in it.

Steve gathered up our wet clothes and headed back for the pool, as I reluctantly followed. As Steve stepped out the door ahead of me and I heard a wolf whistle, followed by Rob's voice, teasing Steve calling him "Aqua Boy."

"What? Blame Veronica. It was her idea." Steve replied, as he put his hands behind his neck and stretched, glancing back at me as I stood within the garage.

I felt myself blush a little as I left the garage and returned to the pool deck. Veronica looked at me, then at Steve, giggling, "Okay, nice eye candy, but how was this my idea?"

Steve slung the wet clothes over chairs to dry in the afternoon sun, and then stood at the edge of the pool, facing Veronica, an evil grin on his face, "You reminded me to bring swimsuits, didn't you?" Steve hooked his thumb under his waistband, at his hip, pulling it and letting it snap back for emphasis, then continued, "I'm a swimmer, aren't I? Swimmers wear racing suits, don't they? So, you told me to bring a swimsuit, and I did," Steve commented casually before launching himself into a back flip, landing in the pool with barely a splash, and surfaced with my tank top in his hand. He emerged, dripping; the rivulets of water snaking down his smooth, tan skin, and tossed the tank top on a chair before stretching out on a deck chair to enjoy the afternoon sun.

Veronica looked puzzled for a few moments, glancing back and forth between Steve and me, before asking him, "Ok, Blondie, we all know that you like to show off, but how did you get Chris to agree to do it too?"

I snickered derisively as I stretched out on the chair next to Steve's, "Agree? It was easy. My clothes were soaked and I hate wearing wet Jeans."

I took a long swig of my beer as Chad laughed, "You let him bring the swimsuits, didn't you? The perv did the same thing to me last year."

Veronica, sitting next to Chad, playfully swatted him and added, "Yeah, he did, and that night just happened to be the first time Chad and I got together."

Chad blushed as Veronica traced her fingertips down the cleft in his defined bare chest, and Steve reminded him, "Yeah, I'd been trying to get you two together for weeks."

Veronica looked at Steve and laughed, "Ok, Blondie, I gotta admit, you do have your good points. Sometimes."

The sound of the side gate swinging open announced Dex's arrival. Strolling back towards us, decked out in his typical loud Hawaiian shirt - several sizes too big for his thin frame - and black-rimmed, oversized glasses, he held up a clear two-liter plastic bottle. He glanced at Steve and I, shook his head, and asked, "Anyone want some Vodka?"

Rob offered up his cup right away, while Steve and I shared a look. I felt Steve's hand slip into mine, as he waited for Dex to look in our direction, raised our joined hands, and said "Dex, you were right."

Dex looked, his face void of emotion, and returned to pouring vodka into his beer, before finally saying, "It's about damn time. So, what else is new?"

Steve got up, heading for the garage, calling back over his shoulder to Dex, "Something pretty serious Dex, that I need to show you."

Steve returned with the data stick and handed it to Dex, who studied if for a few seconds, before finally pronouncing, "It's a data stick."

That was typical Dex; he could be unflappable, but he could also say the obvious and mean it.

"Yeah, we figured out that much, but what is on it?" Steve asked.

"Most likely, Data,"

Dex paused as I heard Veronica mumble to Chad, "For this, we need an expert?"

"Mind telling me how you got it?" Dex asked.

Steve shrugged, and launched into an animated re-telling of the blackmail plot, car chase, the police finding credit cards, then us finding the Data stick.

After staring at Steve for a few seconds, Dex mumbled, "Sounds like that data stick could be interesting. I've got a laptop and gear in my van, let's go have a look."

Dex headed for his van, with Steve in his wake, motioning for me to follow. As I followed them out the gate, I noticed Rob, Joe, Veronica, and Chad following right behind me, like a pack of puppies following their food dish at dinnertime.

Veronica's front yard was totally exposed to the street, so as soon as I was out of the gate I felt underdressed again. I looked ahead and saw Steve walking with his usual air of confidence, shoulders back and head held high, apparently totally unconcerned to be walking out to a residential street in just a skimpy Speedo. Part of me envied him a little, his total physical self-confidence, which he so often displayed. Whether it was going without a shirt whenever he could, or wearing Speedos at a party or at the lake, or any one of a thousand ways. Another part of me, though, found his brand of confidence alluring, almost mesmerizing.

Dex unlocked his van, rolled back the side door, and jumped in. I caught up with Steve, who was leaning against the side of the van looking in. I followed his gaze and found Dex busy pushing buttons, and saw that the other side of the van was taken up by an unpainted wooden workbench that contained all sorts of electronic gear, with a laptop PC held down by bungee cords in the center.

Once the PC booted, Dex opened the cover on the data stick and plugged it into a USB port. He was between us and the screen, so I had no idea what he was doing, but I got the feeling that it was going to take a while. There didn't seem to be enough room in the van for me to get in without crowding Dex, so I stood there, feeling exposed, as I glanced down the street and saw several of the neighbors in their yards, occasionally looking our way. I mentally kicked myself for not grabbing a towel from the house, but I didn't want to miss anything so I stayed put. I also promised myself that I would, somehow, someway, get Steve back for this.

Steve looked at me and grinned, but turned as soon as we heard Dex's voice, "Guys, this is going to take a while. You might as well go back inside. I work better without people looking over my shoulder."

I jogged back to the gate, eager to get off the street, and waited inside for the others to join me. Steve looked at me and snickered, enjoying my slight discomfort. I headed for my deck chair and my waiting beer, when Joe asked, "What do you think is on that data thing, Chris?"

Shrugging, "The hell if I know, but I figure if Eric hid it, it must be something important," I replied.

Steve took off in a run, heading for the pool, jumping forward, he tucked into a forward flip. At least, he tried. Steve was not a diver, and over-rotated, landing on his back with a resounding slap. I winced, knowing that had to hurt. This was just too good an opportunity to pass up, so I jumped up and dived in, feet first, near where Steve had gone under. I surfaced moments before Steve, just in time to shove his head under the water as he came up for air.

Steve came up spluttering, a shocked look on his face, and this time it was my turn to give him an impish grin. Steve's eyes went wide, because he knew that I had him.

I'd been both a swimmer and a water polo player in high school, but Steve was just a swimmer. As Steve had learned the first time he had tried, not long after we met, the first rule of aquatic combat is it's not a good idea to take on a water polo player in the water. We had wrestled around in pools a few times since, and I could easily win, and we both knew it. Steve swung away from me, launching into a freestyle crawl for the side of the pool. Damn, he made it just too easy...

I reached out and grabbed his foot, pulling him back as I eggbeatered against his momentum. I held his foot out of the water, which forced him to stroke with his arms just to keep his head above water. I heard Veronica holler "Go, Chris!" as Steve tried to twist back around, while starting to laugh.

Rule #2; never laugh when in a water fight. I dunked him, and he came up spluttering as I slid behind him, put an arm across his torso and my knee in his back, and then used my free hand to dunk him again.

He came up spitting water, laughing, "Come on Chris, you don't really want to drown me, do you?"

I dunked him again, just for a couple of seconds, then as he came up I said, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Steve, don't you know that it isn't nice to embarrass your boyfriend? It's also not real smart, after doing so, to go in the water when you know he can drown you."

I heard Steve chuckle, "But you look so cute when you are embarrassed."

I was about to reply when I saw Rob waving for my attention, so I dunked Steve as Rob said, "Take his suit, toss it, then get out, and he'll have to stay in the pool for a while."

Steve came up, none the wiser, as I shifted position to put Rob's plan into action, but heard Chad yell, "Don't! He wouldn't care; he'd just walk around naked!"

I thought that might be fun, until I realized what my reaction to seeing him naked might be, especially in my unrelieved condition, so I settled for dunking Steve again.

I released him as he surfaced, then moved to pull him under again when I saw Dex return through the gate. I let Steve go, and we both climbed out of the pool and padded over to Dex, dripping, as he excitedly told us, "I've never seen anything like it. It's just a few Megs of data, but it's encrypted. I think there might be some clusters that were not overwritten, that might be recoverable, but I don't have the right equipment to do a direct read of the flash memory clusters."

Joe coughed, "In English, please, Dex?"

Dex shrugged, "There may be some old data left behind from a previous use. I might be able to recover it but I need specialized equipment. I'm going for some specialized training in California in a few weeks, and I'd have access to what I need there. I need to take the actual data stick with me, plus I have a few things I want to try between now and then. So, can I keep it for a while?"

Steve spoke up first, "Is there any way the police could use this?"

Dex quickly shook his head, "No chance. I'm better than their computer guys are, so if I can't, they can't. Hell, they hire me when they have a tough computer problem."

Steve sighed, "Ok, so, Eric will be in jail for weeks, at least. That gives us plenty of time. I think we should let Dex see if he can do whatever it is he does." Steve said, glancing at me, and I nodded in agreement.

Dex poured a large dose of Vodka in his beer, and told us, "I think this goes way beyond Steve's brother. Whatever this is, it looks sophisticated and custom. I'll do what I can to figure it out. But tonight is for drinking."

Everyone laughed. Dex could be strange at times, but that was just... Dex.

We all sat around the pool for a while, shooting the breeze and watching the sunset. Veronica swatted something away from her face and announced, "The bugs are coming out, so we better go inside for a while or they will eat us alive out here."

That was something we all had experienced in the past, and preferred to avoid. We headed inside, and in the fading light, I snagged a towel. It was small, but I managed to wrap it lengthwise around my waist, while Steve snickered at me.

Veronica led us to the family room, where a surprise awaited us. Steve saw it first, "Chad's pool table! This is so great! How did you get your folks to let you move it here?"

Chad grinned, "Easy, I didn't ask. I just got some of the guys from the team, and Rob and Joe and their flatbed truck, and hauled it on over. They were pissed, but it's my table, so screw ‘em."

I'd heard the background story from Steve, when I'd first met his friends: Chad's parents hated his relationship with Veronica, both because they suspected the two were having sex, and also because they were Catholic, while Veronica's family were Southern Baptist. Chad had a job and wanted to move in with Veronica, but his parents had threatened to report Veronica to the police for sexual misconduct with a minor. Chad was only a few months younger than Veronica, but in Arizona the law was unforgiving, so the threat worked. It also worked to help make Chad hate his parents.

Steve suggested that we play teams, but the only people who wanted to play were Steve, Me, and Veronica. The others sat down to drink and watch, while Veronica and I teamed up against Steve.

Steve scratched on the break, so it was my turn. I lined up on a shot, and noticed Steve standing right in my line of sight: Stretching, and one hell of a hot sight in just his tight black Speedo. I looked up at his face as he ended the stretch, and he was grinning from ear to ear.

The bastard, he was trying to distract me. It was working, too.

On his next shot, I returned the favor. Veronica noticed and laughed, "You guys play dirty."

By that time, Chad, Rob, Joe, and Dex were all aware of the what we were doing, and were laughing at us, as Rob, with an odd look on his face, handed Steve and I each a new beer.

On my last shot, Steve began paying extra close attention to the tip of his pool cue, and then began stroking it, up and down, with his hand. The symbolism was so obvious that I felt my dick began to swell. I still had the towel around my waist so I had a little cover, but managed, somehow, to think of other things until the situation subsided. Of course, I missed the shot, so Steve won, and Veronica punched me in the shoulder.

We played another round, and again Steve was winning at first. Then, in the middle of the game, he began to miss easy shots, and I noticed that Rob helpfully taking Steve's beer cup to the kitchen to refill it. By the end of the game, Steve was obviously drunk, and Veronica was seriously buzzed.

I sank the eight ball, winning the game for Veronica and I. Steve staggered up to me, obviously drunk, and draped his arm across my shoulders, mainly to keep from falling down. Veronica, well lit herself, chuckled as she told me, "He's seriously smashed. I saw Rob spiking his beer with Dex's vodka a few times, and his blondness is not a heavy drinker."

As I glanced over at Rob and Dex, and the nearly empty bottle of Vodka, Rob shrugged, "Steve doesn't like Vodka. It gives him a nasty hangover. I hope you two didn't have anything planned for tomorrow, because he's probably going to want to stay in bed all day."

I turned to glance at Steve, who still hung drunkenly off me, his arm around my neck, and felt my hopes for the night shatter. My suspicions were confirmed when he slurred, "Can you take me home? I need to pass out."

Being as I'd only had two beers all night, I was okay to drive the few blocks home, so I nodded in agreement. Dex told me that he'd let us know as soon as he had anything new on the data stick, and Rob looked bashful as I half-carried my drunk boyfriend into the living room.

Veronica tossed me the keys as she stuffed our still-wet clothes into the gym bag. Chad took Steve's other arm and together, we began to half carry, half drag Steve out the door. The sudden tug as the towel was snatched from my body startled me, and I glanced back to see Veronica grinning evilly, "Gimme back my towel. You don't need it." She then leaned in to tell my drunken boyfriend, slurring a little, "You two look good together. Don't fuck it up this time, Blondie."

Chad and I hauled Steve out to his car and poured him into the passenger seat. Veronica tossed the gym bag into the back seat. I slid into the driver's seat, fired up the Charger, and headed for home, feeling really strange about driving a car while wearing just Speedos. I shuddered as I had a thought; Arizona has a zero tolerance law for alcohol and under-18 drivers, so if I were pulled over I'd be spending the night in jail, in just Speedos. I glanced nervously in the rear view mirror, relieved to find nothing there.

I silently cursed Rob for getting Steve drunk. I wanted him so bad, and our first time would have been tonight. My balls ached, just thinking of yet another night with no release.

My stomach growled as we passed the Burger King, and I glanced over to see if it was still open. It was, so I wheeled the Charger around and into the drive-through. I glanced down at my lap, wishing that Veronica hadn't taken the damn towel, before I realized that I'd be hidden from the mid-chest down by the door, so no big deal. I ordered enough for both Steve and I, figuring that he could re-heat the burgers in my microwave when he was ready. I pulled up to the window and waited, cursing my luck at the way the night had turned out.

The cashier appeared in the window with our order, and I heard her ask me for $14.76. My hand went reflexively to my side, but of course my wallet wasn't there. I cursed under my breath as I remembered that it was in the gym bag. I twisted around and retrieved the bag, then fished out my wallet and handed the cashier a Twenty. I saw her smirk as she took the note and opened the register, then as she handed me my change and the order, she laughed, "That must have been some swim meet. Your buddy looks like he's passed out."

Blushing, I shrugged and replied, "Yeah, just tired I think," and then took off towards home. I set the burgers between us, and then glanced over at my gorgeous, passed out boyfriend, only to find him sitting up and grinning at me as he reached for the food, not looking drunk at all. I asked, dumbfounded, "Steve, are you ok?"

He laughed, "Yeah, I'm fine. I tasted the vodka the first time Rob put it in my beer. I knew he wouldn't quit until he got me back somehow, so I poured it out into a plant when no one was looking. The next time he did it, I just switched cups with him, and then watched as he added more to his. I've had maybe three beers all night. But it's Rob who will have the killer hangover, not me."

I cracked up. Trust Steve to turn the tables on a practical joker. "So, you aren't really drunk?"

"Hell no. No way I'd miss what we have planned for tonight. That's one of the reasons I did it: it was a good excuse to leave early. I'm slightly buzzed, but that's it."

I glanced over at him, "So, why did you pretend to be passed out after we left the party?" I asked, before adding, "You were just teasing me again, huh?"

Steve chuckled, "Yup. But I was way too hungry to keep it up. I needed to eat anyway, ‘cause there are other things I need to keep up tonight."

I grinned, and felt my dick twitch. YES! Steve handed me a burger, and as we ate I asked, "Umm, any ideas on how we can get to my place without being seen, dressed like this?"

Steve chuckled, "Why, are you still shy? We are coming back from a pool party, and we are wearing swimsuits, what's the big deal? Anyway it's late, so just pull into the driveway and we can go around the side of the house."

A few minutes later, I pulled the Charger into the driveway and we jumped out, hurrying around the end of the house. When we reached the backyard, Steve took my hand in his and pulled me into a run. Rounding the last corner, we barely avoided slamming into his father, and skidded to a halt right under the automatic security light. The light had a faulty motion detector, which hardly ever worked, but, my bad luck held, and the light decided to click on, illuminating the three of us with its harsh light.

Mr. Williams blinked, did a quick double take at what we were wearing, chucking and shaking his head, before uttering those now-familiar, grave words;"Boys, we have a problem."

My heart sank, my hopes for the night again dashed, as he told us, "I was just coming to tell you that the Piedmont cops are being asses. They are charging Eric, but something just ain't right there. I talked to them today and they were really strange. I can't put my finger on it, but something is definitely up. Keep your ears open, both of you, and let me know if you hear of anything at all."

Steve nodded, and then filled his Father in on the details of our meeting with them. He nodded gravely as he listened to his son, finally growling, "Sounds like they have an issue with your sexuality. OK, I'll call the Sheriff in the morning and have him go blast them out. He doesn't like bigots of any stripe, so he'll enjoy it, and I hope that puts an end to it. I have an early shift tomorrow, so I need to get to sleep. See ya tomorrow, guys. G'night."

Mr. Williams turned to enter his house, leaving Steve and I alone in the backyard.

Steve grabbed my arm, pulling me to my door. We dashed into my dark apartment, and I shut and locked the door. I turned to Steve, his hand still in mine, as I clicked on the light. He looked spectacular, and I couldn't wait any longer. I reached in with my free hand and pulled out his drawstring, pulling the knot open as I did so, then I tugged on the drawstring to lead him to my bed. I sat on the edge, and lay back, pulling Steve down on top of me. I traced his defined chest with my fingertips, feeling the heat of his skin. Lowering himself on his arms, as if to kiss me, he stopped at the last second, a blank look crossing his face, as he asked, "So, what do you wanna do? I was thinking we could play Backgammon?"

I moved too fast for him to react, both of my hands finding his ribs, tickling him, and he collapsed on top of me, giggling and squirming. I stopped as we both laughed, and then Steve rolled off me, scrambled the rest of the way into my bed, and I felt him pull me backwards by the shoulders, into the bed with him.

We lay still for a moment, on our sides, facing one another. Our eyes met, and he told me in a quiet voice, "I've wanted this for a long time. If someone knocks on the door, let's ignore it. I don't care if the building catches fire, no more interruptions," he said, as he reached for me and pulled me in for a kiss.

I put my arm around him as our lips met, and I felt Steve's tongue seeking out my own.

We kissed, deeply, earnestly. I broke it off to trace my tongue slowly down Steve's chest, then his abs, until I reached his Speedos. I grabbed them, tugging them down and off in one smooth movement, before scrambling back up and nibbling at his nipple with my teeth, and my hand took hold of his bare, hard shaft. I felt him tremble and writhe beneath me, moaning as I began stroking him.

I felt his muscles tense as he pushed me over onto my side, while easing my hand away from his shaft, whispering sexily in my ear, "You sure you don't want to play backgammon instead?"

I laughed, pinching Steve's side, as he twisted away from me, and then ducked his head down and began licking my abs. I threw my head back on the pillow, shuddering from the exquisite sensation. I felt him stop, and raised my head up to look as he took the drawstring of my Speedos in his teeth, leaning back to pull and untie it, giving me a grin and a wink as he did so. I was so turned on that I thought I'd explode. I was way too turned on to think anymore, much less talk, so I twisted forward to put my mouth to better use by nibbling on Steve's delicious neck.

Steve pulled back suddenly, yanking my Speedos down to my ankles, before using his foot to kick them completely off the bed. He eyed my hard dick, took my balls in his hand, and began to lick his way down my stomach. The sensation was incredible, and I trembled as I felt him lick his way down, going ever lower, until I felt him knead my balls, and I knew what he intended. I wanted it, desperately, but I wanted to look into his eyes even more.

I whispered, "Come here..." as I hooked my hands under his arms, and pulled him up on top of me as I lay back.

He lowered himself until our noses touched, and my vision was filled with the blue of his eyes, "Don't you want the silent treatment, Chris?" he asked, chuckling softly.

I ran my fingers through his hair, both of us laughing. I'd never imagined that sex could be both hot, and outrageously fun, at the same time. I kissed him furiously, feeling his body respond, melting into mine.

We were both so charged up due to the previous days that it took only a few minutes to reach the edge, and I tried to ease back from his grinding hips, but he was insistent, and frantic, as he ground into me. I felt his muscles tense as he writhed, kissing me ever more frantically, as his hips surged forward one last time, sending us both over the edge, to the ecstasy and relief we had both so craved.

I wanted to cry out, but my mouth was locked on his, and the intensity of our kiss continued in spite of our relief. Finally, Steve backed off, breaking our kiss, both of us gasping for breath, as he lay on top of me. We stared into each other's eyes for several minutes, content to let time roll by until Steve broke the silence while stroking my hair, "I've wanted to do this for so long, even longer than I've been in love with you."

Steve rolled off of me, grabbing a towel off my side table to clean up the mess, as I told him, "Me too. I wanted this so bad it hurt, especially once I realized that I was in love with you."

After giving my earlobe a playful nibble, Steve replied, "It sure hurt all day today. I thought my nuts were gonna explode."

I grabbed the towel and helped Steve finish cleaning up, laughing, "I think we nearly did explode tonight. Mphhhh." I gasped, as I felt his hand start to knead my balls, as we lay facing each other. I felt myself growing hard again, though only minutes had passed, as Steve leaned forward to whisper in my ear, "Now we can take our time, and we really do have all night," before licking his way down my abs again, reducing me to jelly, and I knew without a doubt that it was going to be one long and wild night.

©Copyright 2007 C James; All Rights Reserved.
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LOL there are blue balls then in the case of the guys BLUE BALLS hehe poor guys.. Enjoying the story, laughing at all the interruptions :2thumbs:

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Just for your information, Arizona does have the Romeo and Juliet exception to the Statutory Rape laws. The law says the legal age of consent is 18.

However, there is an exception in the law if the participants both willing and are close in age. Google 'Age of Consent Arizona' for complete information.

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Great to see the "homophobe" issue settled with all of Chris and Steve's friends.  Dex sound like a good friend and a bit of an eccentric person.  I bet he's cute under all that baggy clothes and Hawaiian shirt.  That the data stick is complexly coded and difficult to access the files, is only more proof that Eric is in some deep shit with people that are dangerous.  Someone should be on the lookout for Eric's life, especially if the Piedmont police are in on this.  As was so well outlined in prior chapters, murder can easily be made to look like suicide.  

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