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In Memory of Ed Wooton

For the Love - 7. Something Borrowed, Something Blue

A slight movement that was not my own awakened me. Steve had slept in my bed a few times before, but this time, I was lying on my stomach, and had my arm draped across his bare chest. I smiled as I remembered how much things had changed.

I slowly opened my eyes, and saw a pair of sleepy blue eyes looking back at me from inches away. I reached up to run my fingers through his blond hair, "Morning," I mumbled, "been awake long?"

Steve smiled, running his fingers through my hair, "Nah, not long. I was just watching you sleep. It's great waking up like this."

I smiled, sleepily, "We've slept in the same bed before."

He sighed, watching as I traced my fingers across his chest, "Yeah, but you didn't feel free to do that. We were both putting on an act, thanks to Eric. I even remember one time, after you and I had been drinking, waking up with your arms around me, spooned up against my back. I wanted so bad to stay like that, it just felt so great, but I was afraid you would freak if you woke up, so I edged away without waking you."

I chuckled, "No you didn't. I was already awake but I was still a little buzzed. I figured I wouldn't get too many chances like that, so I pretended to roll over and put my arm over you. I figured you wouldn't mind too much, what with me being drunk, and it would all seem innocent enough. But, when you eased away, I figured I'd better pretend to be asleep."

Steve sighed, looking into my eyes, "Man, we came close to figuring it out a few times, huh? I'm just glad we finally did."

I stretched, checking my clock. It was 11:30, and I heard my stomach growl. I didn't care though, as I had other things on my mind, namely Steve, and what we had started the day before.

Steve yawned, and stretched. Unable to resist the temptation, I ran my fingers across his flexing chest as he did so, and then thumbed his nipple.

"Mmmph, that feels good," he mumbled, as he rolled up on his side to face me. I was very much awake now, and some parts of me were more awake than others. I eased onto my side to face him, as his hands found my chest and began to roam. I trembled, and I wanted more than anything to continue, but the urgent pressure of my bladder meant that I couldn't.

With a great deal of regret, I told Steve, "Hold that thought," and darted into the bathroom. When I came back out, my jaw dropped. Steve was laying back, hands behind his head, propped up on my pillows, and wearing nothing but a devilish grin, as his eyes met mine.

I yanked off my shorts and clambered into bed next to Steve as fast as I could. I lay on my side, and he rolled over to face me. We locked eyes, staring silently for a few moments. I felt Steve's arm drape itself over me, and then his hand tracing my spine before pressing on my back as he pulled me towards him.

I reached over, and lay my left hand gently on Steve's side, moving my fingers around just a little, reveling in the feel of his skin. I felt him shiver, as he placed his hand on my shoulder and leaned in even closer, our mouths now just inches apart.

Moving my hand to his back, I pulled him towards me, closing my eyes as I felt his lips brush mine, and heard myself sigh as I felt his tongue gently touch my lips, seeking entry, which was gladly given.

All hesitancy vanished, and I felt his muscles tense as he pulled me into a tight embrace. I squeezed tighter, shuddering from the sensation as our bodies met, entwined, and molded together, moving as one.

Steve pulled on my shoulder, rolling me on top of him, freeing my other hand to roam over his bare skin. I kissed him harder as his hands traced circles on my lower back, and ran my fingers softly down his sides, feeling him tremble at my touch.

I felt Steve's muscles tense as he began to grind his hardness urgently into my own, and I knew he was getting close. I ran my tongue over his teeth and then kissed him with even more fervor, and felt him respond by grinding even faster, our bodies meshing perfectly, as I felt my gut begin to clench, and the pressure build, the moment perfect in every possible way ­- except for the loud knocking from the door.

I broke our kiss and raised myself on my arms, then reluctantly rolled off Steve. I heard him grumble, "Not again, this can't be happening." But the knocking was insistent, and all too real.

I yelled towards the door, "Just a second." Then rolled out of bed and yanked my shorts on while I stumbled to the door, then looked through the peephole. I turned back to tell Steve, "It's your Dad, and he doesn't look happy." Steve was pulling on his shorts, and just nodded in reply.

I turned and opened the door, then stood back, my declining hard-on hidden behind it, but this time Mr. Williams did not come in. He was obviously flustered, "Guys, we have a problem. I just got a call from the Piedmont Sheriff; Eric is trying to have the two of you bought up on charges. He's claiming that you were both trying to kill him and that's why he stole your Jeep and ran. I've given them the whole story, but they need a full statement from both of you as to what happened. It should be just a formality, but it needs to be done now so they can close the investigation. I think the two of you should head over there right away, before the bullshit Eric is spewing gets any traction."

Steve came to the door and stood beside me, anger clouding his face, "Dad, how can he get away with this? Chris and I were right here when he ran from the house and stole Chris' Jeep. Hell, he attacked two cops when we caught him at the bank. Didn't they believe you?"

Mr. Williams sighed, shaking his head, "The problem is that they have a claim, by a minor, that he was in danger. They believe me, but they need formal statements from the two of you. It's procedure. Sorry guys, but this is the best way to put an end to this. Oh, and Chris, make sure you insist on charges being filed for the theft of your Jeep. I do not want Eric to get off with a slap on the wrist, not after all this."

As he turned to leave, he hesitated, and then turned back to say, "I had to tell the Piedmont Sheriff the whole story, about the blackmail and everything, and why it occurred. I had no choice. If they give you any trouble at all over your relationship or orientation, call me immediately, and I'll have my boss call them back and read them the riot act. I don't think there will be any trouble, but in a small town, who knows? Just call if you have any trouble at all. It's probably better if you two go alone, because if I went with you they might feel like you were being defensive - almost like Lawyering Up, but call if you have any trouble at all, of any kind."

Mr. Williams gave us a wan smile, and left. I closed the door and turned to Steve, "What is going on? Your Dad seemed really strange, and now we have to go to Piedmont and talk to the police?"

Steve shrugged, "I know a little about police procedure, and this sounds like it fits. I think Dad is just really upset over everything that Eric has done. Look at it this way: He's a cop. His son just committed blackmail, grand theft auto, assaulted two police officers, and is topping it off by filing a false police report, which also paints Dad as a lair. This makes him look really bad in some ways, and that has gotta hurt."

I nodded, "I see your point. I guess this mess won't go away anytime soon, either. I hope your parent's aren't too upset by this."

"The first time Eric ended up in juvenile hall, they were both pretty down about it. I think they get less upset each time, though, and the last few haven't seemed to bother them much; I guess they kinda expect it now. This is the worst he's ever done though, so I think Dad is both mad, and embarrassed. I guess we have to get over to Piedmont right away. I think we have time to grab a real fast shower. Hey, to save time, can I grab my shower here, and wear some of your clothes?" Steve asked.

I nodded, laughing, "You never had to ask before, so that now we are together, don't even worry about it. Go ahead and shower, I'll dig out some clothes for us. Damn, I wish my shower was big enough to hold both of us." I said, reaching out to trace a finger down his chest.

"That feels good. Hold that thought till later." Steve chuckled, as he turned to head for my bathroom.

As I heard the water come on, I cursed my now-aching balls, and Eric for, yet again, causing us to be interrupted. I rummaged thought my dresser, pulling out two pairs of Levi's, socks, and boxers. I then flipped through the hangers that held my shirts, before a black one caught my eye. I grinned as I pulled the black muscle shirt out. Steve had worn it before, and looked damn hot in it, I thought, and put it with the clothes I was leaving out for him.

I grabbed a ribbed red tank top for myself. We were heading for the police station, but this was Arizona, so I shrugged, and set it with my clothes.

A couple of minutes later, Steve opened the door and stepped out of my bathroom, wearing a towel, hairdryer in hand. "Chris, I'll use this out here, so you can shower." He said, heading for my desk outlet to plug it in. He looked gorgeous in that towel, so I hated to leave, but somehow forced myself to do so, and, gathering up my the clothes I'd just selected for myself, I left to take my shower.

After the shower, I toweled off as fast as I could, leaving my hair damp, and then wrapped a towel around my waist before opening the door.

Steve clicked off the hairdryer when he heard me open the door, and I saw him smirk a little as he stood sideways to me and dropped the towel as he reached for the clothes. I could tell he was watching me out of the corner of his eye, ready to tease me. Seeing him naked again made me wish for more time, but we were in a hurry so I dropped my own towel and faced Steve as I pulled on my boxers and Levi's. It was great to no longer have to hide my glances at his body, and he was equally free with his on mine.

Steve finished putting on the Levi's and socks, and then leaned under my table to retrieve a pair of his shoes that had been there for a week. Slipping them on, and then the black muscle shirt, Steve ambled over to my mirror to comb his hair and tuck in the shirt. I finished dressing as I watched him, thinking that he looked good in, well, anything, or better yet nothing, but he sure looked good, tanned and blond, in that black sleeveless shirt. I felt my dick begin to get hard, so I turned to comb my own hair, and try to re-direct the flow of blood.

Steve noticed my problem and chuckled, "We really do need to do something about that, and soon, or you are gonna get busted for indecent exposure."

It was hard to believe that just 48 hours before, I'd have been scared to death to let him see me like this. I put my arm on his shoulder as we headed out the door, "It sure is nice not to have to hide stuff from you anymore." I said, meaning every word.

As we rounded the corner of the house, Steve stopped, hesitated, and told me "Meet me by the cars, I've gotta give my Dad's cell back to him."

I reached the cars, his Charger and my Jeep, and wondered which one to take. I turned to my Jeep and decided that I wanted to take it, because I'd so recently had it taken from me, and I was relieved to have it back. I heard the Charger's trunk slam behind me, making me jump as I turned to see Steve grinning at me as he walked over to stand beside me, between the two vehicles, "Chris, I know you must want to take your Jeep today, but we better take my car. Eric is making claims, and your Jeep might be considered evidence, so if it was handy to the Piedmont cops they might just impound it."

Nodding reluctantly, I agreed, when Steve shocked me by opening his car door and hopping in to the passenger seat. Steve grinned sheepishly at my gaping mouth, and nodded "Yep, you can drive if you want."

I was dumfounded. In the previous months Steve and I had shared nearly everything, even clothes, but never, not ever, had he let me, or anyone else, drive his Charger. I shook myself out of my daze and climbed in the driver's seat, still in a mild state of shock. I found Steve's keys already hanging in the ignition, and turned to face him, the obvious yet unspoken question written on my face.

Steve blushed a little, "Yeah, I know I'm kinda possessive of my car. I was gonna let you drive it but never got around to it, but, now we're together, I want you to know it's yours, too."

I wanted nothing more then to kiss him, so I leaned over and did exactly that, parting his lips with my tongue to do so, and letting him know without words just how much this meant to me.

I sat back in the driver's seat, and turned the key as the V-8 engine roared to life. I checked six and backed out of the driveway, taking it easy and trying to get a feel for the car. Putting it in gear, I barely hit the gas as we shot forward, the car's power amazing me. I think I was falling in love...

After I turned onto the main road heading for Piedmont, I hit the gas, not even all the way, and felt the Charger surge in response. I grinned over at Steve, who was sitting with his arm out the open window, smiling back at me as the wind blew in his hair, as he asked, "Now do you see why I love this car so much?"

I glanced over at him again, admiring him in the tight black shirt, and started to laugh. Steve looked over at me, a bemused and questioning look on his face, so I asked, "You do realize that he's done it again, and this time from a jail cell, right?"

Looking puzzled, Steve asked, "Who? Eric? Done what... Oh! Yeah, for the third time, he's managed to find a way to stop us while we are trying to have sex." Steve laughed, rolling his head back on the seat.

"Steve," I asked, deadpan, "Do you think we are ever going to have sex? Or is it your brother's fiendish plan to kill us off with sexual frustration?"

I had to keep my eyes on the road, but I heard Steve totally crack up beside me, so I added, "Don't laugh! A few more days like this and my nuts will explode." I had to stop talking and concentrate on my driving, because we were both cracking up.

Steve reached out and put his hand on my shoulder, squeezing gently, as he calmed down enough to tell me, "I know what you mean. I think my nuts turned blue yesterday. What a way to start a relationship."

I was about to reply, when a sudden thought made my gut clench, and I had to hit the brakes and pull over, just barely managing to do so before I doubled over, laughing hysterically.

Finally, I managed to get myself under control and looked over at Steve, so I had to tell him "Dude, you are sitting there in my clothes, with blue balls... and I remembered what they say about weddings, ‘something borrowed, something blue...'"

The color changed first in his cheeks, as they took on a flush, right before he doubled over, laughing his ass off, finally sputtering, "I always wondered what that meant, now I know! Blue balls!"

I pulled back onto the road, and soon we were in Piedmont, pulling into the police station parking lot. It looked drab, in need of a paint job, just a single story building that poked out of a parking lot that held less than a dozen spaces, two of which were occupied by police cruisers.

After parking, we headed inside, coming face to face with a matronly woman officer who sat behind the desk nearest the door.

"Hi," I said, my voice far more calm than I felt, "My Jeep was stolen yesterday, and I was asked to come down here and file a full report?"

The officer nodded her head, "Yeah, head on back down the hall, and take the first door on your right, that's the interview room." She said, not in the kindest of voices.

As we walked down the hall, I noticed a look of concern on Steve's face. I gave him a questioning glance, and he replied, "The interview room is usually for interviewing suspects, not the victims."

With that, we reached the door and I pushed it open, walking in with Steve right behind me. A police officer glanced up from his paperwork, gave us a look, and waved for us to take seats across from him.

He grimaced, "OK, let's get down to business. I don't have all day. I'm sure you have been told what," he glanced at his paperwork, "Eric Williams is telling us. Officer Williams has vouched for you both, and assured us that the story is false. Our own findings seem to confirm this. However, there is another matter of concern," He said, as he opened a folder, and withdrew a zip-lock plastic bag containing some cards, which he placed in front of me.

I was feeling much more apprehensive as I glanced down at the bag, and saw that it contained two credit cards. I shook my head and gave the officer a puzzled look, "We found those in the passenger foot well of your Jeep. We assumed that they were from the suspect, but he claims he has never seen them before, so they must belong to you."

The butterflies in my stomach got far worse upon those words, and shook my head, telling the officer, "I've never seen them before. I've got one credit card, but it's mine, and doesn't look like either of those."

"Well, the four fingerprints we found on them all belong to the suspect. What I want to know is; why does he have them? One is stolen, and the other turned out to be a clear case of identity theft."

Steve and I shared a bewildered look, and I nodded for him to answer, as I had no ideas. Steve continued shaking his head as he began, "I don't know. This is all news to me. I never thought Eric was into anything like that. Maybe my Dad would know?"

The officer shook his head, "He doesn't, we just asked. And he sure ain't a happy camper right now. OK, if you two remember anything, or think of anything, let me know right way," he said, as he handed us each one of his business cards, "For now though, we have what we need to press charges against him on the auto theft, and resisting arrest. What we do on the rest hasn't been decided yet. OK, I guess that's it. I have work to do, so you can go."

We got up to leave, but Steve turned to ask, "What happens now? Is he going to be released?"

"Hell no. Given his record, and now this crap, even without the credit cards he is looking at a mandatory stretch in Juvie, of at least a few months, and then strict probation until he is eighteen. If he keeps up with the crap and lies, he will be lucky to get out at all before he's eighteen. Under other circumstances, Mr. Williams, I'd let you visit him right now, but given his accusations I can't."

Steve laughed coldly, "I wouldn't want to see him if I could. I'd probably try and strangle him."

The officer chuckled coldly, "Yeah, your Dad sure ain't much good at raising kids, I see."

I saw Steve turn, puzzlement mixing with anger on his face, but he left the room as I followed.

As we passed through the main room, I noticed that the female officer didn't even look up from the book she was reading. I was just so glad to be getting out of there that I didn't care.

Steve pushed open the door as the afternoon glare and heat hit us, and we hurried to the Charger, eager to crank up the air conditioning.

We got into Steve's car, Steve back in the Driver's seat, and I leaned back, sighing, "Am I nuts, or is something really fucked up going on here?"

Steve looked over at me, an angry look on his face, "That was really whacked. First, they treat you like shit, even though the fingerprints prove those credit cards aren't yours, and then he makes that crack about my Dad? Shit, maybe they are all homophobes, I don't know. Sure as hell they know that my Dad is gonna find out what was said, so why are they out to piss him off like that? They also didn't even mention the blackmail. I think we need to talk with Dad soon."

I leaned back, trying to make sense of everything, when Steve continued, "Maybe he was just an asshole. If they had wanted to cause trouble, that deal over the credit cards would have gone differently. He wouldn't have told you about the fingerprints, and would have tried to pressure you or trick you into admitting they were yours. I don't think we have much to worry about."

That made me feel better, and my mind switched to much more pressing matters, so I leaned over to tweak Steve's nearest nipple through his shirt, watching his expression change from bemused to interested, and asked, "So, back to the apartment? Maybe we can manage to avoid any interruptions this time."

He started the car and pulled out of the parking lot, as he tapped at his dashboard clock, "I wish. But we said we would go to Veronica and Chad's party. We kinda need to, due to Rob and Joe thinking you are some kind of homophobe. We have a couple of hours, but if we go home Dad is gonna want a run-down on what happened with the police and that wouldn't leave us enough time."

I smacked myself on the head, realizing I'd totally forgotten about the party. I looked at Steve and whimpered, as he laughed, "We don't need to stay at the party for long. We can leave early, then we can play all night, and we can talk to Dad in the morning. But, we should be fine if we get to Veronica's by four. Remember that dirt road we chased Eric up? It's on the way, and we could drive a little ways up it, and spend a couple of hours in the back seat." Steve raised an eyebrow, giving me a sexy grin, and I nearly melted as I felt myself get hard. I nodded eagerly, as Steve swung the Charger onto the main road and hit the gas.

I felt my stomach growl, but I didn't care. It must have been loud, though, because Steve heard it, and swung around to turn into the town's only drive-through.

There was no one in front of us, so within minutes Steve was pulling back onto the highway, while I held the two burgers, two cokes, and a single large fries. Within seconds, we passed the town's only traffic light, and with nothing but open road ahead, I handed Steve his burger and tore into mine.

After finishing the burgers, we shared the fries, until I saw Steve glance over at me, and turned to see him running his tongue sensuously along a French fry. I nearly choked on my coke, "Oh, man, that's cruel," I laughed, "I was so close this morning, just another few seconds, but then that damn door - AGAIN!"

Steve laughed, "Yeah, me too. But, just a few minutes more."

My mind raced. FINALLY, we were going to have sex.

Steve turned off at the dirt road, driving a lot slower than last time, so the ride was nowhere near as rough. I glanced ahead, looking for a place where we could pull over, but the hills ahead caught my eye, because I could see the road snaking up them. It gave me a strange feeling, so I pointed the distant road out to Steve and said, "Those credit cards the cops found make me wonder just what Eric was really up to. This is just a hunch, but do you think he could have been doing something when he stopped? Like, maybe hiding something?"

Steve thought about it for a while, before answering, "Yeah, maybe. Maybe we should check it out. Too bad we aren't in your Jeep, or we could drive all the way. But, we have shoes on this time, and it's less than two miles from where we turned around, so we could run it in maybe fifteen minutes. Yeah, we could do it, but we won't have much time to play around in the back seat if we do. We could always come back tomorrow in your Jeep, but that credit card stuff has me stressed out. I'd like to go up there right now, so at least it won't be bugging us tonight."

Very reluctantly, I nodded my agreement, and we made our way to where we had stopped the night before. We got out, and Steve walked around the Charger, looking at the tires, "They look ok. We don't have a spare or a cell phone this time, so we gotta be careful"

Steve began to close his door, but paused, and I watched as he put his hand behind his neck, grabbed the collar of the black muscle shirt, and pulled if off over his head in one fluid movement before tossing it into his car. He looked up at me and angled his head, an unspoken question on his face, so I pulled mine off and tossed it in too. Steve locked the car, smiling at me, "Want any water to take with? I've got plenty in my emergency kit."

I didn't, so we headed out. We walked the creek bed that had stopped us the night before and followed the road/creek bed itself for a few hundred yards. It was too rocky and uneven to run, but we kept up a good pace. I was amazed that an unskilled driver like Eric had been able to get through, especially in the dark.

After the road finally exited the creek bed and Steve and I began to jog up the steepening road, I glanced over at him and asked, "Eric's done it again, you know that, don't you? Think about what we would be doing right now if we weren't running up a fucking mountain."

Steve laughed, "Yeah, you would be getting the silent treatment."

I shot Steve a puzzled look, as he grinned, "Mom's always telling me, don't talk with your mouth full."

That made my dick twitch and my balls ache as I realized what he meant, so I tried to punch Steve in the shoulder, but he sprinted ahead, laughing, leaping over the rough spots in the road. I ran after him, slowly gaining, and every few yards he would glance back at me, an impish grin on his face.

I was just about even with him when he stopped, motioning for me to do the same, saying as he stared at the road, "I think we are just about there. We should be able to tell from the tire marks."

After a dozen yards, Steve pointed, "Look, that's where he stopped." All I saw was a tire mark on dirt and rock, but Steve continued, "It's blurred out, you can't see the tread. He stopped here, then when he hit the gas it did that."

I looked at Steve, as he shrugged, "I was in the Scouts. I got a merit badge in tracking."

No way I could let that pass, "You were a boy scout?"

"Shaddap... Don't tell anyone that, but, yeah. It was kinda fun sometimes, and at least I know how to track." He chuckled.

He had me there, and I knew it. I watched as he bent over the ground, and looked uphill, "He got out, I can see his footprints. He stood here a while, probably looking to see if we were still following him," Steve moved a couple of feet up the road, still stooped over, staring intensely, "There is a deep scuff here. He must have hopped up on the hood." Steve glanced around, and pointed out an empty coke can and some plastic burrito wrappers, "Yeah, he sat there and ate, and kept a lookout, then tossed the trash."

"Oh, nice," I grumbled, "As if his other qualities weren't enough, he's a litterbug, too."

Moving further forward, Steve pointed out where Eric had jumped down, "He must have had your flashlight."

Steve stood and looked back down the mountainside, "I can see where we were. I think we would have seen the flashlight if he hadn't been blocked by your Jeep. That should make this easier," Steve bent over again, following the tracks diagonally up the road and then off it on the uphill side, "It's rock and hardpan here, barely any tracks, but there some indentations," Steve slowly moved up the slope, away from the road, for another dozen yards, before stopping at a half buried football sized rock, "Come over here and take a look, this rock has been moved, and he left prints all around it."

I walked over and bent down. Sure enough, the rock looked like it had been moved. Steve eased it over, and we found an inside-out burrito wrapper underneath, with the end folded over. Steve grinned, "I doubt he did all this to get rid of garbage." as he slowly picked up the wrapper and peered in the open end. Steve's face lit up in a triumphant grin as he pulled out what looked to me like some kind of lighter.

Steve held it in the palm of his hand, and I looked closely, "That's a USB data stick, for a computer. A Flash Drive." I gasped.

Steve looked at it closely, "Eric must have hid this for a reason. We need to find out what's on it."

"We could give it to the Piedmont police," I suggested, though I didn't like the sound of it.

Steve shook his head. "No way, not after how they treated us, and not until we have a copy. I want to know what he was up to, and they might not tell us. Dex will be at Veronica's party tonight, and he can do damn near anything with computer stuff. I'll ask him to make a copy, then figure out what it is. We can give it to the Piedmont cops later."

Steve slipped the data stick into his side pocket, and checked for more tracks or signs, "I don't see anything else, I think he went back to your Jeep and took off after stashing the data stick." Steve said, as he slipped the burrito wrapper into the hole, and eased the rock back into place.

We looked around a bit more, and then jogged back to Steve's car. We didn't talk much on the run back, both lost in our thoughts, and just enjoying the desert scenery. The sun and dry wind felt great on my body, and we made fast work of the run, as it was all downhill.

When we reached the Charger, Steve checked the clock, which read 3:10, and I knew what he was thinking, because I was thinking it too: we didn't have time, especially not now that we needed to talk to Dex as well as Rob and Joe.

He glanced at me, longingly, but said, "I wish we had more time. But everyone will be showing up around four, and we need to talk to Rob and Joe when they get there. Besides, I kinda want our first time to be just right, not rushed. We can break in the back seat of the Charger some other time."

I looked at him, his sweat-soaked torso shining in the sun, and felt my nuts ache, but I knew he was right. As I got into the passenger seat and Steve fired up the Charger, I grumbled, "Yet again, Eric manages to keep us from having sex. That makes what, five times?"

Steve shook his head as he wheeled the Charger around and headed back towards the highway, "Nope. Way more than that, because without him we would have been together weeks ago, at least." and then he glanced over at me, "So, I guess we have a LOT of catching up to do, starting tonight." Steve told me, and then laid his hand on my crotch, giving my returning hardness a squeeze.

Shuddering, I felt Steve stroke me through my Levi's, and gasped, "If you don't stop that, I'm either going to have a wet mess or a raging hard-on when we get to Veronica's party."

Steve giggled, and withdrew his hand after giving my shaft one last squeeze, "Just wanted to keep you thinking about tonight."

©Copyright 2007 C James; All Rights Reserved.
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Just letting you know I am enjoying this having got this far. You making it into an interesting story with the whole shebang about Eric and all his nonsense; and I like the twist you putting on Eric still coming between Steve and Chris. That's really funny.

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I am the same couldn't stop reading the first few chapters. You had me rivetted. I have to agree with Jaro too the twist with Eric is funny but also sad that a young child could be so vindictive and has no care about his family at all and what he is doing to them, he is wasting his life at such a young age and now with no doubt more trouble to come up with that data stick and trying to get Chris in trouble with those credit cards. I have to agree with the boys though what is up with the Piedmont Police? That was weird and rude

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I’m worried the police will make out like they’re in on whatever Eric is doing because they didn’t come forward with the USB drive immediately upon finding it. It seems like the police are homophobic considering that they seemed to want to paint them as potential criminals more so than victims considering all the evidence supported that those credit cards were only linked the Eric due to only his prints being on them plus that female officer avoiding looking at them makes me think it’s because she was uncomfortable with the fact they are gay. Then there’s the remark about Steve’s dad not being good at raising kids which gives the impression the officer blames the dad in some way for Steve being gay as unless he thinks Steve is a criminal as well I can’t think of any other reason he’d say something like that.

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The expression, "I checked six", might not be familiar to some readers. It comes from the Air Force pilots communicating over the radio, "Bogies at 6 o'clock high" as a warning about enemy approaching. They divided directions off by means of numerals on the face of a clock. To check six, would mean to look behind you. At any rate, the actions of the police indicate something is up. Maybe they are involved with Eric is some illegal operation and are afraid of it coming out at trial. The presence of the 'suits' in the diner makes me suspicious about the police, too. I think the contents of that thumb drive (is that what you call them?) will be very interesting, especially to the police in the neighboring city!

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When the guys hatched the plan to investigate, I wanted to jump up and down screaming at them to stop! The seem to be oblivious to the dangers so obvious to those of us posting comments.  I wanted to remind Steve his father was a policeman who is on their side and can do things legally.  I just hope they don't get caught by the police or Eric's accomplices in crime. I am sure he has them after the credit cards and false identity allegations at Piedmont.  I just hope they get the data stick to Steve's dad quick.

I don't think Eric has been doing the cock blocking the past few times.  I think he has an evil writing assistant working on it for him.:gikkle: It does ramp up the steam very well in anticipation for the big event.

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