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  1. Quetzal

    Chapter 17

    I really don´t like to be political, but I am concered. Though I have sadly never visited, friends who have, agree SA is truly a beautifut country. With Ramapholsa and the parliament confiscating land right and left, are you in the least worried you might be next?
  2. Something on-topic you may find interesting, https://www.foxnews.com/us/tiny-houses-kansas-city-give-veterans-place-to-call-home
  3. Quetzal

    Chapter 3

    Having lived in Birmingham, Alabama for about 10 years and having travelled throughout the state, I can assure you most people don´t sound like hicks from remote hamlets of Appalachia. Most have genteel southern accents, though some are a bit twangy but with correct grammar. One thing for certain though, is the expression "Bless your heart!" is ubiquitous, which can mean anything from expressing pity regarding an unfortunate occurrence to a veiled but polite "F**k you".
  4. Quetzal

    Chapter 42

    I was aware the third person plural is what a lot of trans folks like to be called or referred to as. That´s fine, but it makes it difficult to follow the storyline. Perhaps italicizing when used in the modern context would help.
  5. Quetzal

    Chapter 8

    This whole Taine personality is very disturbing, and to a certain extent, that of Sly also. It seems there are sufficient assets for both of them to get some sort of psychiatric help - and soon. Refusing to shower - perhaps a transvestite hoping to be a transsexual? Not eating unless a place is set for dead mother. How weird can it get???? It's almost like an old John Waters film - as soon as you guess what might happen next, he takes it to a new level, beyond your wildest expectations of strange.
  6. Quetzal

    Chapter 54

    Thank god our Rottweilers are not bothered by pyrotechnics. Here in Guatemala, there are several hours of them on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Not only that, but when anyone has a birthday (which in our neighborhood is almost every day), long strings of firecrackers are set off between 5:30 am and 6:30 am.
  7. I imagine you never attended Tulane nor lived in New Orleans - things are different there. MBA and ME Engineering - I survived.
  8. Quetzal

    Chapter 9

    @JayT Was equally confused
  9. Quetzal

    I'm Just a Kid

    Off topic. The places and culture you describe are somewhat familiar as I graduated from Washington & Jefferson in 1976. My two favorite memories from places east of Washington were the Friendship Inn in Ritcheyville - over 200 imported beers and polka nights Friday and Saturday. The other was the Rib Shack in Monongahela down by the river - probably unlicensed - run by some old black men. Excellent smoked meats with a choice of 3 sauces - Mild Child, Hot Mama and Bad Man. Dudes definitely needed to order Bad Man so as not to seem wimps. While eating at the picnic tables outside when the t
  10. Quetzal

    Open All Night

    True story. I recall my first visit to the Guggenheim back in the late 70's. At some point I needed to pee and discovered the restrooms were smaller than those on airplanes. Descending the museum, there was a woman with her child - it seemed that the back part of her skirt was shoved into her panties. Most people momentarily stared, but didn't make an issue of it - after all it was NYC, known for bizarre fashion trends. It wasn't until she was leaving that an African-American (back in the day Black) security guard tapped her on the shoulder and pointed out the situation. Needless to say the wo
  11. Quetzal

    Chapter 13

    Interesting story so far, but that Sensei should have his credentials stripped. Having someone spar the first time they set foot in a dojo is totally irresponsible. I'm far too clumsy to practice martial arts, though my partner of nearly 20 years, is an advanced black belt in Taekwondo from the Korean Kukkiwon. He also has significant credentials from other martial arts, including Karate. Before posting this, I reviewed my comments with him. He agreed it was preposterous, but added that it was "only a story".
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