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On The Outside - 16. Chapter 16

"On The Outside 16"


Laying there with Drew's heaving breath lightly blowing in my ear, his warm legs wrapped gently around my waist, I found out, firsthand, what my idea of true Heaven really was.

I was still partially lodged inside of my sweetheart. His snug little tunnel holding the top half of my sensitive shaft in a tight embrace, even as it began to lose some of its rigidity from the powerful impact of an orgasm that I'll probably remember for the rest of my natural gay life. I never could have imagined my existence ever reaching the level of unspeakable joy that I was experiencing at that particular moment. It was like time was standing still for the both of us, with no promise of starting up again any time soon. It was truly something special, you know? Something epic. Everyone on Earth should have at least one virgin sexual experience as explosive as this one was.

I mean...we've had sex before. I know that. But this time it was different. This was like...like Drew was truly giving himself over to me in the most intimate and vulnerable way that he possibly could. This was him opening up and giving me private access to his body in ways that most people could only dream about. He trusted me. How do I thank him for that? How do I even perceive our relationship from here on out? I mean...I can't even look at him NOW without wanting more sex! Drew is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm inside of him! I can still feel his heated muscle gripping me from all sides, occasionally constricting its wet inner walls to see if there was any more sweet nectar to be milked from our orgasmic coupling. I was literally afraid to move. Some part of me was frozen, and ultimately worried that the next sensation I felt from the swirling young sheath of his eager hole would be more excruciatingly powerful than my human senses could bear. Can you believe that? Me? Scared of my own orgasm?

Honestly, I don't know if I could survive another one. Not this soon after the last one. I'm surprised that I'm not more thirsty! Because I came really, really, HARD into Drew's body while he squirmed violently beneath me. And now, he just held me on top of him. Both of us exchanging short, loving, kisses on our cheeks, ears, and shoulders. He was sooooo warm. His limp body was so soft beneath me that it literally felt like he was melting into the carpet. I hadn't lifted my head yet. I hadn't even caught my breath yet. I just rubbed my lips back and forth across the flawless skin in the nape of his neck. It made Drew hum with a sexy smile to feel so loved.

I still didn't want to put too much weight on him. Even thought my arms and legs were both shaky and weak, I felt like I would crush the air right out of him if I just collapsed on top of him. I guess he just seemed really fragile to me at that moment. He never made a single complaint though. In fact, any time I shifted in a way that hinted at me disconnecting from him, he held me tighter.

"Nooooo...where are you going?" Drew whined softly.

I finally raised my head to look him in those bright hazel eyes of his, and felt myself falling all to pieces all over again. "Hehehe, I'm just shifting a little bit."

"Well...don't. I'm comfy like this."

"And what about my comfort?" I grinned.

Drew lifted his head up to give me a peck on the lips. "You'll just have to make do with what you've got." He said, hugging me around the neck. "Besides...I like having you inside me. I've been dreaming about this for so long. I don't want it to end yet." Just hearing that, moaned intimately in my ear, I felt myself starting to get hard again. Still sensitive to the slightest touch, it made my whole body tremble with a flittering sensation that brought a delicate smile to my lips. I kissed his cheek again, rubbing my nose through sweet scented mass of soft curls on the side of his head. My erection continued to swell, inflating inside of Drew and bringing a stretch the clutching ring as it rose to full length again. You have no idea what it's like to grow hard inside another body. There is nothing like it in the world. Nothing.

Drew felt the difference, and his knees slid further up my sides, his hands holding my shoulders as he closed his eyes and wiggled his heart shaped bottom until it slid a bit more of me inside of him. I held my breath, my tingling tip being further enveloped in his amazing body heat.

I twitched a little, and I whispered, "Whoah...wait. Hehehe...I'm uhh..I think I need a second. A few seconds."

But Drew craned his neck up to suck on my neck, and it just...it triggered another tidal wave of hormones and my lust switch was flicked back into the on position. "I love you, Ethan." He said. "Make love to me. Do it just like you did before...but harder." He smiled.

"Harder? Really?"

"You won't break me. I want to feel like I'm all yours. I want to be your boy."

I leaned in to kiss him deeply on the lips, and heard him whimper with boyish desperation as my hips involuntarily pushed forward into his heated suction. I sank deep into him, his tiny hole still slickened with the juices of my last offering, and as I pulled out and moved back into him again, Drew's ankles locked behind my back to cling to me with passion. A lifelong yearning, satisfied at last. I broke our kiss as I slowly began to pick up the pace. I looked down and saw the cutest little grimace on Drew's adorable face. Was it the pain of intense pleasure, or the pleasure of intense pain. Whichever it was, he didn't ask me to stop. He just held on to me, and silently begged me for more.

His skin was so warm as it slid against my own. Our tongues mingled with a sensual rhythm as I tried to keep our lips connected. Which proved to be difficult, as the eager pumping of my hips caused me to pant wildly with a sexual fever. It was like I was pushing the air right out of him with every thrust, but Drew gave a few quiet whines of delight, and wrapped himself around me even tighter. He needed this love so badly. I needed to give it to him. It was the perfect moment. Two souls that lived to please one another in every possible way.

But, after a few minutes, despite my efforts, my arms and leg were beyond sore. Fatigued and almost numb at this point from holding my weight up for such a long time, I found myself nearly ready to collapse. I was breathing so hard that it was making me dizzy. I didn't want to disappoint Drew by bringing our lovemaking to a stop, so I tried to keep going. I just couldn't support myself any longer.

I attempted to catch my breath as I pushed myself in deep, hoping to find some kind of energy reserve within me that I hadn't tapped into yet. Arrrgh! He felt soooo good! So moist. So tight. I wanted to keep going, but I've never actually done this before. I don't think the muscles I'm using have ever really had a workout like this.

Drew's hips were moving up and down, trying to get more 'action' out of me. Then I said, "Wait...I can keep going, I just...umm..."

But he just kissed me on the lips with a smile. Then he whispered, "My baby. Hehehe!" It made me happy to know that I hadn't failed him or anything. He said, "I've got an idea. Here, get up for a second..."

We began to shift our positions, and I slipped out of his warm body in one smooth motion. I could instantly feel the disconnect. It was cold. Distant. All of that life and love and sensual activity...gone in a flash. And I wanted to be immersed in it again right away. Drew also felt my absence as he put his legs down and felt me slide out of his grip. He whimpered quietly, his eyes glazing over as he rolled over and got on his knees. He crawled over to me and kissed me on the lips. Then he lightly gave my chest a push as he sat me up with my back against his bed. Then, with a sexy grin, he straddled my lap, and he reached back to find my hardness and guide it back to his tight little opening again. I giggled a bit as I saw Drew bite his bottom lip and look up at the ceiling, trying to concentrate on getting the coordination right.

"Hehehe, don't laugh at me!" He said, blushing sweetly. "Wait...ok, there we go. I've got it."

I felt the tip of my hardness touch his heated entrance, and with a lot less effort than our first penetration, his body opened up to me and began to gobble me up, inch by inch, until we both had our heads tossed back, eyes closed in ecstasy. That one long sigh that you make when you enter somebody...I can't compare it to any other feeling in the world. It's..it's just...wow. I can't imagine that anything else in life could be more amazing. To truly be one with another person. To really feel them surrounding the most private and intimate of you, and handle you with total safety and care...it's practically a religious experience. It's almost enough to make you cry tears of joy once you experience it for yourself.

Drew gripped my shoulders with his fingers as he held his breath and tried to quickly adjust to that sexy sensation of being 'full' again. He smiled at me, and suddenly lunged forward to kiss me on the lips. "Hehehe, sorry. You just looked so cute that I couldn't help myself." I pulled him close to me and rubbed my nose against his. "Hehehe, don't. I don't want you to slip out of me." Drew made a few gyrations with his bottom as it took the last inch or two, and his soft mounds rested on my slightly spread thighs. And with a gentle kiss on the side of my neck, he began to rise again. He clenched up slightly, giving my excited length a long, warm, 'suck'. And then he relaxed his anal muscle and slid back down to the base again. I could tell by the concentrated look on his face that it was a whole new sensation for him. But one that he really seemed to enjoy.

I didn't let his mind drift off into space though. I didn't want him to just think about the feeling of impaling himself, or the rhythm with which he was doing so. I smiled, and I lifted his chin to look me in the eye. I wanted him to see me. I wanted us to connect. And just those few seconds of eye contact made Drew blush and giggle in the cutest way.

I liked having my hands free in this position. I loved being able to grip Drew's slender sides, and run my hands up and down. Sometimes caressing his back, sometimes rubbing my hands over his hairless chest and nipples. I liked to spread my hands out over his thighs and feel them flex as he continued to ride me, soft, sensual, cries of passion filling the room as we enjoyed each other fully. Never did I think something like this would feel this good. Never.

Drew began to bounce a little harder on me. A little faster. There were two or three times that my erection was...ummm...bent in a way that it wasn't supposed to bend. It was a bit of an 'ouchy' moment, but by the time I felt it, I was sliding back into him again, and the pleasure had returned. So it was hardly anything to complain about. His hardness was bouncing along with him beating my flat tummy like a drum. It was straining so much. I knew that it needed attention, so I took hold of it. That only increased Drew's passion, and he grounded himself on my thighs, forcing me even deeper into him, and he made a few circles with his hips that nearly made me explode right then and there. He kissed me lustfully, and I stroked his shaft slowly. Hehehe, it created the most adorable set of trembles in him. And every time that I slid my thumb over the slick and sticky head of his erection, his inner walls would squeeze me even tighter. And soon, he was bobbing up and down again. His body had such an uncontrollable craving for me. Talk about an ego stroke.

Drew moaned something sexy in my ear, but I couldn't quite make out what it was. I just know that his body began to constrict around me, and his excited humping began to increase. It was like he was milking me so hard that I had to wrap my arms around his writhing frame and press my cheek against his chest just to hold him still! The orgasm within me was already at the gates, and once Drew hugged me tightly around the neck and his body began to twitch, it quickly rushed to the surface!

His whole body went into violent convulsions, and his legs gave out on him. I think he sank down deeper on my shaft than even he expected. But he was so enraptured by the feeling that he couldn't do much more than cry out my name and try to hold on to whatever he could reach as his shaft began to spasm with his second climax of the afternoon. The hot seed covering my chest, and one or two shots nearly reaching my CHIN!

I don't know who erupted first. But one thing is clear, either it was Drew's tight hole, squeezing and pulsing around my over stimulated manhood that made me lose it....or it was the feel of me filling Drew up with the heavy splashes of my release that set him off first. All I know is...the breathless kiss that came afterward was the most erotic part of the whole process.

Drew's lips are sooooo addictive...

Then...there was a moment where Drew had to break the kiss and put his chin on my shoulder to get more air into his lungs. Our heaving chests pressed tightly against one another as we came down from yet another high.

I remember just rubbing my hand up and down Drew's back for a few minutes. Kissing what ever exposed flesh that I could reach while I tried to keep from getting hard again. Hehehe! Two times, maybe. But three? I don't wanna 'sprain a muscle' or anything. God, he smelled good. And his soft hair was kinda brushing against my cheek and my ear...those delicious curls, almost lulling me into a trance from their tender touch. And Drew...I don't think he meant to do it, but a few times, he squeezed his little bubbled cheeks together, or wiggled slowly on my lap, and I had to fight to keep myself from taking him all over again.

I just kept thinking to myself, over and over...."So this is lovemaking..."

I mean, I'm sure that there will come a day when this won't be such a life altering experience for me. I'm sure that one day, I'll be all grown up, and me and Drew having sex will be more routine. At least I HOPE it will be! Hehehe!

But...when you have my limited access and shallow history with anything even remotely sexual...this is like a baby's first time tasting ice cream! I mean....it's just so cool when every touch, every kiss, every position, very caress, is all so new and inviting. When everything just opens the door to a new and exciting experience. To share something like this with someone that you really love...someone you're really HOT for, and you know that he's just as hot for you...it's indescribably awesome! As I held Drew in my arms, still feeling his breath on my skin as his boyish panting and soft purring started to quiet down...I couldn't help but to feel totally at peace with what I was feeling at that moment.

It makes you question what's so wrong with loving somebody this way. It forces you to ask why it's such a problem with some people. People who aren't here right now. People who have no idea what it's like to be so utterly enveloped in a feeling that you would rather DIE than give it up for the sake of somebody else's approval.

I don't know. Maybe this kind of thing really is rare for most of us. Maybe that's why so few people ever really make an attempt to understand.

Maybe they never will.

And if it weren't for Drew coming into my life...I might have been one of those people. Wow, I'm SO glad that I'm not!

After a while of holding Drew on my lap, cuddling him lovingly as he remained wrapped around me, his legs straddling mine....I heard him sigh to himself. Then he whimpered, "I love you soooo much, Ethan..."

I kissed his cheek, and I said, "I love you too, babe..."

He wiggled some more, and my sensitivity made me wince a little from the movement. And we stayed like that for a while. We were both sooooo worn out. Not just from the sex, but from the orgasms themselves. It was like being paralyzed, I honestly didn't want to move ever again. Even when one of my legs started to fall asleep. Hehehe, Drew was far from heavy, but we had been cradling one another for quite some time now. I'd be all pins and needles soon.

A few more minutes pass...

And then Drew looks me in the eye, and he takes a sweet moment to play with my hair. We share a giggle over how dismantled my perfect hair had become while we were having sex, and then...after a brief pause, Drew kissed me deeply on the lips. We suck gently on each other's tongues for a moment, and then he takes a moment just to...look at me. I asked him what he was thinking about, and he said, "I just....I like looking at you. I don't think I could have cut a prettier boy out of a magazine. Heh..."

He indulged in that cute habit of his, twirling some of his chaotic curls around his slim fingers. I said, "Well, you're awfully 'pretty' yourself."

"Hehehe, no. No, I'm not. Not like you. You're too much for me. I look at you...and I can hardly breathe at all. The thought of you smiling in my direction makes me sooooo nervous. Even now." The compliment made me grin, and Drew wiggled his sexy little butt on my lap again, a tiny whine escaping from the back of his throat. "SEE? That's what I'm talking about! You're soooooo gorgeous! It, like...hurts to look at you."

I kissed his lips, and I said, "Well, look all you want. I'm totally yours. And I always will be." I smiled. "I'm your guy."

His blush deepened, and he kissed me back. Saying, "Unh unh...I'm your guy. And don't you forget it. Hehehe!"

I said, "Oh yeah. That's right. So...does that mean I can officially call you my baby, now?"

Drew lightly bit the corner of his bottom lip. "Well...yeah. Definitely. You can call me that. I mean...if you wanna..." He playfully rolled his eyes, attempting to hide a bashful smile from me. "I think I'd like that."

Feeling a bit mischievous, I changed the tilt in my smirk, and I asked, "Then....can I call you my lover?"

He snickered at the idea, but after another quick peck on the lips, he said, "Yeah. I suppose so....hehehe....."

Then, with a wicked grin, I asked, "Can I call you my bitch?"

"Don't push it!" He said.

"What? I can't call you my bitch?"

"NO! Hehehe! Not to my face!"

"Well, that's no problem. You'll be facing the other way when I say it, anyway..." I got a slap on the chest before I could even finish that sentence! Hahaha!

"ETHAN! Don't be mean!"

"I'm NOT! Hehehe, geez, you're so gay!" I said, and when his mouth opened to say something, I took the opportunity to plant another deep kiss on those pouty little lips of his.

"No fair..." He sighed.

We stared a one another for a moment, lost in the sound of our hearts beating in perfect harmony, and with a giggle, I wiped some of Drew's fluids off of my chest and offered it to him. But he tightened his lips and leaned back. "What? Have some." I said.

"No way."

"Why not? It's your's."

"I know it's mine. That's why I don't want it. I'd rather taste yours instead." He smirked.

But I took advantage and playfully pushed my fingers forward to smear some of it on his cheek. He was laughing, but he struggled in an attempt to slap me for doing it. "Hehehe, STOP! Ethan! You put sperm on my face! My DAD is gonna come home eventually, you know? I can't have this on my face!"

"So wash your face then." I chuckled.

"I wouldn't HAVE to, if you'd stop being naughty!" He tried to give me a playful slap or two, but I grabbed a hold of both of his wrists and held the down at his sides. He tried to get free, but that only caused me to hold them behind his back. Leaving him completely helpless against my attack of kisses once I leaned forward again.

"I love you. K? I mean that." I said. "You're beautiful. Nothing less than perfect."

"M'kay..." He said. Then I felt him writing in my lap again. Squeezing me with his snug little tunnel as he tried to bring me back to life.

"Hehehe, what are you doing?" I asked.

"I wanna see if I can get you hard in me again. That was really cool last time."

"Hey, I'm not a machine, ya know? We're taking a break." I laughed.

"Awwww..." Drew gave me a sad puppy dog look that made me burst out laughing. He kissed me again. And again. And again. He said, "I can't live without you. You know...you're never gonna get rid of me if you keep proving to me how amazing you are."

It touched me. It really did. I wasn't sure how to answer. I think my emotions got all tied up in a knot, and my only response was to change the subject. "Hehehe, your sperm is getting cold."

He laughed at me, and I found myself having to protect myself from another onslaught of slaps and sloppy kisses....but I loved every second of it. And I loved him. I've never been so alive inside.

Over the next two hours...Drew and I had enough sex to last us a lifetime. I mean...seriously...we were having dry orgasms by the time we had gotten enough of each other. And even when we weren't mating like a couple of jack rabbits...we couldn't seem to let each other go. Reality was MUCH too cold without one another's naked embrace to keep us warm. Giggles and snuggles and cuddles and kisses...whispered conversations and extended sighs of pleasure. I had no idea how we were going to find the strength to untangle our arms and legs and get dressed again. I never wanted to leave. Never. I could suck on those kissable lips of his for the rest of my life and never regret a single moment of it. There's no such thing as wasted time when you're in the arms of the one you love.

As painfully shy as Drew had always been, he proved to be extremely horny once we got a chance to be together in peace. Hehehe! I was pleasantly surprised. He'll get no complaints from me. I'll give it to him anytime he wants it. The funny thing is, he never once lost his angelic grace. All that sexual activity, and he still blushes when I kiss him on the cheek. I loved that about him. It was the most playfully adorable part of his personality, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, the time came when Drew's paranoid mind began to get the best of him again. He began to look at the clock every few minutes, he began loosen his loving arms from around me...his once gentle trembling was becoming more and more turbulent by the second. And even though he was too polite to say it first, I knew that Drew wanted me to get dressed and go before his dad got home. I've never actually met Drew's dad before, but just from talking to him on the phone that one time, even if only for a few seconds...it was enough to know that he had the potential to be absolutely terrifying. Which baffled me, because his mom was so open and understanding and sweet when it came to me. If I was in Drew's shoes...I'd choose to live with her any day! Even if he had to change schools.

Then again, he once told me that he couldn't bear the burden of having to come out of the closet all over again. To have the students turn on him, laugh at him, begin to bully and chastise him, all over from scratch. He said he'd much rather deal with the situation he has now. His exact words were, "Anything else would just feel like a step backwards at this point." Heh...my baby is smart. He gets another flurry of kisses now...just for being smart. Hehehe!

As I was getting dressed, Drew began to look out the window for his father's car. Hehehe, we still had almost 40 minutes left, but he was soooo scared that he would come home early. I teased him by being really really slow, putting my shoes on. Drew saw that and nearly panicked!

"Ethan! C'mon! Don't! This is serious...." He whimpered.

"What? I have to be careful with my shoes." I giggled, and Drew started hopping around with nervous jitters like he had to go to the bathroom or something! He BEGGED me to hurry up. We both knew that I was only poking fun at him...but there was a line. I mean, he was actually starting to shake himself silly with fear, and the last thing I wanted to do was stress him out after such a beautiful afternoon. So got my stuff, and I allowed Drew's scrawny arms push me towards the door.

"Are you sure you don't wanna try to squeeze in ONE more quickie?" I laughed.

"NO! Go! You have to get out now! Hehehe!"

"What about if I just give you a quick suck, right here at the door?"


"How about you let me make out with you for about a half hour?"

"Ethan!!!" He giggled.

"Fifteen minutes???"

He managed to actually dig his feet into the carpet and push me forward a step or two until I was standing outside of his front door. I have to admit, I was surprised. Hehehe, that boy must have had one heck of an adrenaline boost. I looked back at Drew with a grin as he was clearly fatigued and out of breath from just that little bit of activity alone. Then he attempted to hide a smile from me as he worked up the courage to say goodbye to me. God, he was CUTE! Hehehe!

He said, "Today was...it was great. Super super great. Or..you know...whatever." He looked down at his feet for a moment, and it gave me a thrilling shiver to see him being so bashful and sweet. I am so CRAZY for this boy!

II said, "Does that mean that I can come back in for another quickie now?"

Drew snickered, but he said, "NO....but..."

"But what?" "I dunno...." He blushed. "Hehehehe....ummmm...I'll call you later on tonight. K?"

"You promise?" I asked.

"I promise. I promise, already! Just go!" He said. But then he quit goofing around, and his face adopted a much more quiet and serious expression. He looked me in the eye and he said, "I'll be looking forward to it. Any time spent connected to you is the highlight of my life."

"Look at you, getting all poetic on me!" I said, sticking out my tongue.

"Wha...? See? You RUINED it now! Hehehe! Go away! I'll see you tomorrow at school."

"You sure you don't want a rapid fingering before your dad gets home?"

We both laughed out loud at the idea, but he slammed the door shut in my face to keep me from being too naughty.

I waited a few seconds, hearing Drew lean back against the door as he, undoubtedly, tried to keep himself from feeling faint from the love and tingles overwhelming his delicate frame with emotions that he was trying soooo hard to get a handle on. I put my hand over my mouth to keep from snickering loud enough for him to hear me. Then I rang the bell again.

The second he opened up, I didn't give him a chance to even ask what I was up to. I just jerked forward and kissed him on the lips! "Hehehe, I love you, babe!"

The shock on his face was priceless! "Ethan!!! My neighbors! Geez!!! Get outta here!"

"I know you liked it!" I grinned, backing away. "You still my bitch?"

"Don't call me that!" He grinned, then added, "But...yeah. I am."

I would have skipped home if my body was all 'sex-sore' from multiple orgasms and rapid hip thrusting. I imagine it's gonna last for a few days too. Like that time my gym teacher had me running laps all afternoon for cursing in class. I think some of my muscles STILL hurt from that door.

But for something like this, Drew can punish me anytime.

He kept his word and called me later on that night. It was so cute to hear him whispering to me on the phone. He was certainly cheerful for someone so terrified of his dad finding out about us. He said, "You know...right now I feel kinda funny..."

"Funny? Funny, how?"

He hushed his voice to an even softer tone. "I dunno....it's like, I feel all warm back there now. Hehehe!"

"Hahaha! Omigod, did you just say 'warm'?"

"Shhhh..." What the heck was he shushing ME for? "It's true. But it's like...a good warm. It's like I can still feel you...moving in and out...I can't explain it, but it's like...the hottest feeling ever. I've been walking around the house with a boner for the last three hours!" It made us both snicker out loud, but Drew made sure to tell me, "It's not as good as the real thing though. I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you."

I said, "I've been thinking about you too."

"Thanks, Ethan..." He sounded like he was getting a bit trembly with his voice. "...Thanks for being the best boy ever created."

I told him, "Thanks for being my equal then."

"Smooth." He grinned. I could practically feel him rolling his eyes. "I can't believe how many times we did it today. Hehehe! I wasn't being a freak, was I?"

"What? No way. I liked it. BOY, did I like it."

"I might have to do something again before bedtime. Hehehe, that feeling mixed with hearing your voice...it's got me all worked up again." He giggled quietly.

"Really? You gonna let me listen while you do it? Because that sounds sexy as hell..." I smirked...

...And then my heart stopped!

I turned around and saw my mom standing in my bedroom doorway with her arms folded!

'Ahem..." She raised an eyebrow and I stood there as my body temperature dropped to lethal levels. Oh God...which part of that did she hear??? She was obviously not happy with whatever it was that she heard, and her expression showed it. She pointed a finger at me, and said, "You mind your manners, mister. You hear me?" I nodded, my teeth practically chattering from the threat of exposure. I think I know why Drew was so scared. She said, "You tell whoever you're talking to that you've got homework. It's past 9:30, and they should have homework too. So let's wrap it up and get it done. Alright? Playtime is over."

"Yes, Mom..." I said nervously.

She gave me another quick sideways look, and shook her head as she walked away. "And keep that door open..." She hollered back.

I laughed as I got back on the phone with Drew. "Omigod, my mom TOTALLY just heard that!"

"She DID???" He gasped.

"What did I say? Was it dirty?"

"Oh no! I don't remember!"

"Hehehe, well, listen...I think I should go. She's gonna be paying attention now. Ugh!" I said. "I'll miss you though."

"You'll see me tomorrow."

"I know. But...that's tomorrow." There was a pause, with both of us wondering who was going to say the magic words first. As usual, I took the initiative and beat him to it. "You ready?"

He sighed, "Yeah...I'm ready..."

"I love you, Drew."

"Love you, Ethan." He whimpered.



Is it true? Can he still 'feel' me? That's the most awesome thing in the world. There I go again, getting swept up in the majesty of it all. If only I could get my friends back and have them stop being so darn suspicious of everything, life would be perfect. I mean....I don't know. Maybe this thing with me and Jermaine has gone on for long enough. I still don't know if I want to just come right out and tell him, "Drew and I know what each other's sperm tastes like!" But...if there was someone that I would consider my first choice for easing them into this new truth about me...Jermaine would be the one.

Joey and Billy...may take a few weeks longer...

I'll think about it once my brain has some room. Right now, all I can think about is Drew. To be honest, what else is there?

All Stories and Original Content Copyright © 1998-2008 by Comicality
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Insanely hot ! But I hope they'll switch positions once in a while, even if Drew seems happy being the bottom. Or than Ethan will at least allow some mutual fingering time.

Now Ethan just needs to sort himself out regarding school, friends and parents. But I'm guessing there will be some bad stuff with all of that, before the story is over. Just hope it does not rip them apart.

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I think my biggest criticism of this story at this point is the lack of progression of the main character. He has spent far too much time wringing his hands and sneaking around and cutting everyone but Drew out of his life. That's the only thing he's really done after starting to accept his sexuality and realizing that he can indeed find love, other then exploring his new relationship. Which I actually enjoy.


He's spent far too many chapters making excuses for why he can't be with his friends and why he can't even talk to them. I can understand him not coming out to everyone just yet, but if he could at least trust a couple of other people with the truth, I think it would help him out a great deal. Billy and Joey are an enigma, they certainly acted pretty damn homophobic early on so its hard to say how they'd react, but Jermaine would be accepting. That's a conversation that's long overdue. It seemed like Jermaine was trying to be there and accepting of Ethan that day on the basketball court and invite him and Drew as a couple to join them, he just seemed to go about it entirely the wrong way. Obviously Ethan's heightened paranoia isn't helping either. Those two need to have a heart-to-heart to clear the air. The fact that Ethan keeps saying something along those lines, and recognizes that he could come out to Jermaine and yet keeps putting it off is getting frustrating and repetitive.

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I am in agreement on the previous comments. AND Com you need to have some continuity notes for each story. It kind of makes it hard to follow along when you write a chapter or 2 at a time and then come back sometime later for another chapter, but don't read about where you left off. Remember the past 3 chapters are happening on a Friday, Early Out. There should not be a need to do homework on a Friday night. And Tomorrow is NOT Monday but Saturday. Are we going to pretend that the weekend does not existed. It messes with my head when Ethan starts at age 14 then he's 15 and then back to 14. This happened in another story too. (It's called accelerated aging-- not in the real world.) Don't mean to be critical. Now let's get the friend situation fixed.

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