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  1. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 45

    Billy's life will never be "normal" until he become more assertive and demands to know what is going -on. There are too many secrets and not knowing is only causing Billy's stress level to rise. I really think that a very long talk between Billy and Brandon is very important to the survival of their relationship. When school starts Billy may be bombarded with others telling him what they know. School will be a deciding factor for Stevie, too. Will Stevie step-up and take his life into his own hands, thereby owning and controlling his life.
  2. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 44

    I have to concur, that this was a great chapter. Though it was short, or I'm reading faster, I tried to read slowly to savor the words and the feelings behind them. I actually did the "butt grab" to check what's there. I really think that Billy has the ability to see people change in a way that is good for them. If only the people he is attempting to help will listen, they would find-out that Billy is right.
  3. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 42

    All to often I get down on Comsie for too little content in the chapters, but I know that he is writing many stories and trying to satify many other people. I really want the story to get to a point that Billy and Brandon have less stress. Or, perhaps that's a projection onto myself-- I really do want my life to be less stressful. Like Billy, I love to help others, though, I really have nothing else to be concerned about. Billy really is a savior to his friends but they keep-needing to be saved. Billy did have his selfish period too. Keep-up the good work on this story. I am a patient person and will wait for the next chapter. Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!!
  4. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 22

    I sorry that I really have not comment, but the description was so appropriate and perfectly worded. I could almost see, hear and smell everything that was written. Com has a way of just placing the perfect pitch to the chapter. I'm sorry that it only covered a minuscule moment of the day. So this day will have to be covered by a dozen or so chapters, right? I almost kept thinking that someone was going to walk right-in on them. I don't remember that the front door was ever closed. Maybe I'll have to re-read the chapter a few times.
  5. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 40

    Oh no. Well when you assume things, they have a tendency to bite you back in the ... I was hoping for a bit of revelation about Stevie-- Brandon is playing with 'fire' regardless of his intentions. And, on the other hand is Bobby-- he has a problem that Billy is weak to avoid. Remember that it was Bobby that was blackmailing Billy, so that Billy and Brandon had a place to 'play'. Brandon doesn't know about that. Me thinks Billy is still in the frying pan, but the fire is growing-- he just needs someone to 'flip' the handle and he'll be in the fire.
  6. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 36

    Com: I'm not too sure that this chapter didn't just felt like 'filler'. Sorry, no real content, except for the 'triangle' with Mr. Franks. When are you going to drop the revelation about Bobby and Billy-- Bobby was blackmailing Billy so that Billy could have a place to meet-up with Brandon. Brandon keeps bring-up Bobby. And what about Bobby-- he was having anxiety over Billy and his new 'squeeze' & the 'movie'. Let's get other's involved with Stevie-- remember there is "safety in numbers". Poor Robin just doesn't realize that AJ is just 'using' him and that will not end well or maybe Robin will "see-the-light". Enough of the vampires-- what about New Kid in School? And the spin-off, Kiss of an Angel-- need to get these stories moving. My mind can only keep the stories active for so long then I have to reread. Please go back to some older stories and continue them. Thanks, Mark.
  7. Mark E Gower


    Well it's almost a month later and no announcement-- where is chapter 345? or whatever chapter number. How about finishing a story-- New Kid in School, Kiss of an Angel, The Secret Life of Billy Chase & and so many others. Seems like the vampires have taken over. Please don't even think about tying all of the stories into GFD. Mark.
  8. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 33

    Com: Don't even think about it-- I'll stop reading for sure. That was sooooo baaaad at the end of school. It hurt my eyes to read at plot twist. Mark.
  9. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 33

    I suppose the either Brandon or Billy would get an epiphany and suddenly realize that putting thing off until tomorrow or when you 'think things will be better' is NOT working. Strike while the iron is hot!!! Unfortunately, Jimmy is almost a lost cause because of his feelings for Billy. Those feelings cloud the judgement that 'normal' people use to weigh choices. Jimmy wants to help but has ulterior motives with Billy. OK, now about Brandon--he could realize that Stevie needs to move on and not 'hang-on'. Perhaps an active story could have a new chapter every 3-4 months, instead of each year. Chapters that have little progress make me want to stop reading them. I keep checking and no new chapter. YES, please copy any of my comments to the Cafe-- sometimes I write my comments to get reactions from others. I have read so many stories to a waiting point with no end, that I forget the story line and have to reread the whole thing. I'll have to start a spreadsheet to keep them straight (no pun intended). Ever heard of a straight guy that wants to be gay because of how the stories romanticize the situations? I just don't fit the tests. Thanks, Mark. p.s. I really would like to help these young people understand what they are missing in their lives. It's just like "beating-around-the-bush".
  10. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 33

    Com: You know I love your writing, however, are these people intellectually challenged? Can they not make rational decisions or work through anything logically. I know even adults cannot do that a lot of the time. But really, both Billy and Brandon are smart-- why do they make things so hard? I'm getting tired of this dragging out. The whole Jimmy thing is just an irritation that will never end, he lost all credibility. Why do they all use the phone so much when trying solve problems. The face-to-face is so that they cannot just hang-up on you. The short chapters are a killer-- nothing gets done. I'm about willing to pay to get to the end of the story quickly. There are too many stories in progress. How about a schedule of which story get a new chapter next. I really do appreciate you, Mark
  11. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 4

    Just wondering if Dustin's parents know that he's gay? And if they know he has a boyfriend? He may be very close to his parents and confide in them, as well as them supporting him. Eric needs to ignore everyone around him-- too many people worry what others think and they suffer in their relationships because of it. So far, Eric has follow his heart and allowed Dustin to be the instigator. Eric just needs to pivot around the tight obstacles. At the very least, Dustin needs to wait until his 15th birthday to advance their relationship.
  12. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 2

    If you read about Com and then read how he structures his phrases in the stories-- you will come to realize he writes from his life experiences. This story, at least up to this point, is an great example of passion for something society cannot accept tempered by extreme self-control. See Dustin is unsure of himself when he prefaces is statement with a qualifying question.["If I told you that I loved you...what you say?" "I love you."] Eric, well he knows both sides of the situation, wants it and knows he cannot be the aggressor. I naturally read slowly and create a visual from the words. Even the sounds are so well thought out-- maybe not, but they still seem to be second nature.
  13. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 20

    An the Truth Shall make you Free. I know that spending those special moments are necessary for a healthy relationship. Your actions and decisions affect those around you and cause change in their lives too. Those who think that their choices only affect themselves cannot view life in the broad sense. Change your point-of-view and the meaning changes. The circle of influence is different for everyone, but we are all part of others worlds.
  14. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 18

    I am so surprised that few people are commenting. Out of 1112 views and only 2 comments, besides my own. How on earth is Com to learn if he did good or did it put you to sleep. I have read a great many stories in the past year or so and Com has the magic touch with words. OK, be critical and talk about the missed letters and errors. Nothing that a good proof-reader cannot fix. There is a tone in Com's writing that should be encouraged. Believe me that the dialogue is so real, I can hear them actually speaking. And the descriptive narration is full and rich. I love when the character is talking to himself. I also love that the point-of-view doesn't keep changing-- I personally find that a bit annoying to keep track of in who's POV the story is written.
  15. Mark E Gower

    Chapter 17

    Enough already-- let's get on with the story. OK, they have formed a relationship between them, kissed, kissed and kissed some more, then started taking their clothes off &, of course, repeat and rinse. Now, let's get the support team lined-up. Yeah, it's great to have "built something cool and romantic on our own," but you need other people to have your backs. You have 2 people, Drew's Mom and Patrick-- so pull your head out and straighten ( pun intended) things out with your friends. Perhaps Wayne can assist you with the football team (so immature Senors). It's going to get worse before you come-out to the school. Only 3 more chapters until the big WAIT.
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