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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. MasterM

    Chapter 45

    Hi Com, been a while since I commented. Loved this chapter, cant wait for chapter 50. Chapter 50 always has some crazy stuff going on!
  3. MasterM

    Come Over

    Great Story. This is relatively new too. I like it. Nice one Com!
  4. MasterM

    Chapter 41

    Hope everything goes well for everyone. Been awhile since they were all happy. Cool chapter Com.
  5. MasterM

    Chapter 40

    Uhhh, what the? Are you sure the twist wasnt just some lazy writing? XD. No offense Com hehe, the clues were just all so backwards hehe. On the other hand, the Stevie thing is starting to bother me as well, you keep mentioning it so there's probably more to it than it really is... Anyway, loved it, but also bothered by Stevie :P.
  6. Is it weird that I get jealous for Tristan? Lol. Cool update, things are heading in a great direction. Never expected you to incorporate "Jukeboc Jimmy" ahem... I mean, "Jimmy Jukebox" into this story hehe. Cool. I weirdly got jealous lol. But love it
  7. MasterM

    Chapter 39

    There's still something weird about this Brandon-Monday thing to be honest. Likw the build-ups not finished... Hmm. So, anyway, it was great that Sam got a chapter of screen-time, this series wouldn't be itself if it didnt have Sam hehe. Poor Ian and Bobby, I guess one of them has to be the source of conflict. Great Chapter Com! Love it! :) <3
  8. This is great, didn't expect a new update so soon! Well, it's cool that Tristan is growing up and moving on, and uh getting "eager" as well. But who could blame him? Hehehe. Great chapter
  9. MasterM

    Chapter 46

    There are these possibilities, either this is a sort of mind trick by The Jeweller, possibly a some sort of imitating extra. Or this is part of his training regimen. Or most dangerously, the Jeweller is working for someone against Justin. If it's the last... God help them. Cool twist Com!
  10. MasterM

    Chapter 6

    Well THIS was a pleasant surprise hehehe. The suspense is really something in this story. I'd never had guessed this was the next update lol. Love it!
  11. MasterM

    Chapter 30

    So he's finally opening up eh? Hehe that's good, maybe it wasn't necessary but it was a long time coming :p. The job might be both good news and bad news, good because of the money bad because she might be busier than her current job (if that's possible), less time with Derrick. Love it Com!
  12. MasterM

    Chapter 37

    Truth be told I don't really have much experience about these types of issues so... Poor Billy. Poor Billy's mom.
  13. Woah, its either Chicago is small or Ryan has a fast car... The beach that fast? Lol... Well I can't say I like Sean now but... The little sh*t needs to back off with the compliments XD. I do understand Ryan's reactions a bit, subtle flirtatious comments done the right way can very much make someone feel good. But I do think Ryan won't get further than the giggly part with Sean, and that's awesome. Oh and Cody's falling for Randy fast, poor kid :P. Geez I guess Randy is THAT beautiful. Love it Com.
  14. MasterM

    Chapter 11

    Wow the poems are great. "Venus as a man" actually works as a line, also sounds so cool and romantic, hehehe. Love it Com, and thanks 'Charlie'.
  15. MasterM

    Chapter 24

    Hehehe, I guess the directors are ruder than Evan thought. This chapter has a longer feel to it, thats great!
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