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  1. Butcher56

    Chapter 14

    I think the suspect is playing some kind of game with the police now that they’ve figured out some of her methods and the fact that she’s female. The only way to really stop this is to arrest her and put her in jail. I like the story and the way it is written, although drsawzall said it best in that life isn’t as tidy.
  2. Butcher56

    Need: 9.4

    I believe that Charlie maybe under some kind of control from his new friend, either that or he really doesn’t want to leave it behind and return home. Even though James has all of his powers he has something else that is stronger than his powers, and that’s his compassion for his friends and family. A great example of that is the package that he gave to Lewis to give to Charlie to remind him of what home is. I hope that he decides to come home and stay home with his mom and work on repairing his friendship with James, although I don’t think that will take much time at all.
  3. Butcher56

    Chapter 12

    I agree there are too many things to consider to say for sure that the suspect is a woman who speaks German or comes from a country that does. It just seems to much like a disguise like drsawzall said. The Nerf darts are a distraction that the suspect is using trying to throw the police off the trail of trying to find out who it is that’s darting and tattooing these students.
  4. Butcher56


    I’m glad that the Gentlemen's Club is growing and is now not just a sexual club but one of friendships as well. I think it’s newest members are going to be great to have as friends instead of being afraid of them.
  5. Butcher56

    Chapter 6

    It seems like they keep coming up with more questions than answers as to where the drugs are coming from that the shooter is using to knock out his victims before tattooing them. Although they might be on to something in this chapter that they hadn’t thought of before and that’s that drugs have to be destroyed by a licensed company and the shooter could have gotten them from there if he was doing an internship or something to do with his degree in pharmacy.
  6. Butcher56

    Chapter 24

    It seems like every female who sees Deme falls head over heels in love with him, at least the teenage ones. Shane’s got nothing to worry about with Deme and the other students at the school because he only has one love and that’s Shane. I think I understand how Shane feels like he almost needs to put an invisible barrier around Deme to keep the vultures away but I don’t think it’ll be needed. I’m interested to see how Deme does once he starts to attend the school since it’s so much different than he’s used to especially since he told Shane that his school back home was smaller.
  7. Butcher56

    Chapter 26

    I think it’s great that Ethan and Drew are talking to each other and telling how they feel about their relationship. It’s going to be difficult for them but I think it’ll work out for them as they move through it. The more people they have behind them rooting for them to succeed the better they’ll be in the long run.
  8. It seems that the dinner was a great success to David’s credit. His guests seemed to be very impressed by the meal, the waiter was very good at his job as well by describing each dish as he brought it out to be served. David paid him the best compliment by telling him that he was a natural showman, to which Dan replied that it would be boring if he just brought out the food and said here’s the food go ahead and eat it. I think I have an idea who Mads is talking about when he said that a young woman was asking questions about David.
  9. Butcher56

    Chapter 1

    Interesting beginning to the story, I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.
  10. Butcher56

    Chapter 22

    Will has a wicked side to him yet, he’s not only fixing the problem with Patrick, he’s also fixing Johnny’s housing problem as well as putting one over on the Falco family. By using Stef and JP as judges there should be no more animosity between Patrick and Johnny after they go through with the mock trial. Being related to Stef has rubbed off on Will because he definitely has the right stuff for business deals.
  11. Butcher56

    Need: 9.3

    To me Jackie is a bit delusional but I also believe that the hair that was left in the sink can be tested to verify it is Charlie’s. If it is they have solid evidence that he is alive and they can start trying to find him so they can bring him home for good this time. The relationship between James and Casper is getting better again. James is a bit of an attention whore in the fact that he likes to be noticed by people. Where Casper is more of a behind the scenes type of person in that he’s not really good with all the attention like James. At least that’s how I see it.
  12. I think Tommy is having trouble understanding what’s happening to him right now, he doesn’t quite understand that Sang is trying to save his life. I hope that it happens soon before Tommy dies from blood loss. I can’t wait to read more of the story as you post future chapters.
  13. Butcher56

    Possible Motive

    Yes welcome back it’s been a while since we’ve had a chapter from you. I understand that research takes time and this chapter shows that you took it seriously as always. Thor seems to have Vincent and David over a barrel because every time he doesn’t get the attention he thinks he’s needing he lets them know and then they play with him and he’s happy again. I’m looking forward to reading about the dishes that David helps the lady’s prepare using the Pohogwe methods of cooking and their recipes that he has brought from home.
  14. Butcher56

    Chapter 23

    It doesn’t take long for some moms to figure things out like that. From the sounds of it she’ll probably be alright with Shane and Deme dating not that everyone else would be especially since Shane’s sister has a crush on Deme. Shane’s got a bad case of the love bug and it shows when he goes back to his room to change clothes before he meets Deme so they can ride to school together.
  15. Butcher56

    Chapter 55

    I agree that the signal would have already been sent out before Garjah found Essell on Ardra. The Kardoval are playing nice but yet they’re being very deceptive at the same time, almost like they think Essell is leading the humans to their planet. I think that’s a ridiculous idea especially since he hasn’t even asked to contact anyone from his government or his parents. Essell is trying to learn everything he can about his new life and people especially since he’s now a part of Garjah.
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