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  1. Butcher56

    Into the Light

    With everything in place and the plan set up, Sturgis is going to be getting her just rewards inside a 6 ft x 9 ft cell. I hope she doesn’t go to a cushy federal prison she needs to suffer from everything she has done. Then the next victim will be the juvenile court judge who will be srrested and charged with several crimes committed by him and Sturgis by the sentencing of juvenile offenders and putting them in private prison or treatment centers and getting kick backs from the companies who run these places. All the while it’s costing the state more money than they have to pay for these programs that the kids are sent to.
  2. Butcher56

    Mike Cox

    I’m sorry that Brian had to have such a father who only cared about what the community thought about him. I don’t think the community would have cared if Brian would have lived with his friend and lover and if they held hands while walking down the street or not. I’m sorry that he only saw one way to stop the fights with his father and carried it out, if his father had actually been a better man he would have been supportive of him and not putting him down all the time.
  3. Butcher56

    Chapter 16

    Leave it to Will to get back at the copilot who tried to play a joke on the guest pilot. I think he’ll have a lot of groveling to do if he intends to keep his job because Stef doesn’t like games like he pulled when the safety of his family is at stake, in fact no one in the family appreciate practical jokes like that. As Canuk said it was pretty juvenile. I hope that Will goes back to Sydney soon and hooks up with Connie again.
  4. Butcher56

    Volc Ch 1

    Carson has a long trip ahead of him as he is going from Canada to Southern Australia. I’m looking forward to reading about his trip to Australia and then back to Canada to continue with his university studies. Great start to the new story.
  5. It’s a very sad situation for these boys who the victims in this mess. It’s going to be hard at first but I think time will help to heal the boys and their moms. I’m glad that Phillip said that when they have to go see a therapist that he would go with them because he was in a situation like theirs when he was their age.
  6. Butcher56

    Chapter 8

    One thing I can never understand is why does everyone in a small town get involved in everyone else’s business. I’ve heard rumors about these things when I was staying with a friend who had a small farm and I was helping him with the hay bailing. Someone had done something stupid and they wound up moving away to stop everyone else from telling him that he had done something that he shouldn’t have done, he knew he had done something wrong and he tried to explain that he was facing the consequences of his actions and he didn’t need everyone else in the area to keep telling him that he had done wrong. I later heard that he had taken his own life because he couldn’t escape the whole town getting involved with his business dealing with the problems he had done, I know he did it because he and I were friends and I knew him and his family including his parents and siblings. I saw his mom a few months after he had moved away and she told me that he had committed suicide after he kept getting threatening letters and hateful phone calls from the people in the town. It’s sad that people can’t mind their own business.
  7. I couldn’t say anything different than chris191070 did. I hope that Stacy Scott gets the story out very quickly and then the state government will see that Sturgis has her own agenda and doesn’t really care about the kids that go through her department.
  8. Butcher56

    Chapter 28

    All in all I hope that they can keep their promise to not try to make the world a better place. No more time travel at all this was it, they got help from the Australians who helped them rescue Brian from a Russian work camp where he was about dead from pneumonia because he wasn’t important enough to get the antibiotics he needed to get well. I think they had him confused with Trevor when his interrogators told him he was the son of Soviet dissidents raised in the United States and sent to spy on them. I’m glad that they all got away and returned to the past in order to save Brian, now there’s going to be a lot of explaining to do and some serious battles ahead when Davey’s parents find out about him and Brian being gay and in a relationship that has gone on for many years and over several timelines as well. I wish them a lot of luck with their new lives and hopefully they will get to have their sons and then grandchildren again.
  9. Butcher56

    CoF Ch 10

    This was a great story to read. I’m glad that Myles is out of the hospital and is doing better, I think the trip they went on helped both of them to forget about the troubles they had been through. The report and photos from the trip is quite large at 3,728 pages. The trip also confirmed for Myles that farming is what he wants to do.
  10. Butcher56

    CoF Ch 9

    Either someone doesn’t like Mitchell or his new employee Myles the reason I say this is because the problems didn’t start until Mitchell hired Myles and he moved into the cottage. First Myles is assaulted and his scooter was damaged then while he’s in the hospital recovering from his injuries the cottage was set on fire along with a brush fire. Mitchell finds some livestock had been shot as well as the fence between his farm and the vineyard part of the property had been cut and sloppily put back together, he found shell casings as well as tire tracks leading to the fence from the vineyard. He also found that the lady who was hired to be his housekeeper had attempted to get access to his laptop computer. All that was sent to the police.
  11. Butcher56

    Hang in There

    Phillip and the boys have done something very special for the eight boys who are in jail. Even though it was arranged through the trust that they get these items it is still special because they included an item that wasn’t on the list as well as a card that said “Hang in There” with a picture of a kitten holding onto the end of a rope. I’m sure that they all appreciate the gifts that they got in the form of clothing and the cards signed by all of the boys.
  12. Butcher56

    Chapter 18

    It seems like everything is going well for Brian, Davey, Brandon, Sean, Trevor and Todd. They’re all attending ASU and doing what they hope will be the best opportunity for them due to the fact that Brian came back in time and made a few changes for the better, it could have been a lot worse for Davey and Brian if he hadn’t come back and made the changes he had. I think his best decision was when he realized that he was dating Marcie and he was being walked all over by her and then he took it upon himself to get to be friends with Davey and see where it went from there.
  13. Butcher56

    Chapter 6

    I’m glad that Davey has made friends with Brian again even though they weren’t really friends when they were freshman. Davey needs all the friends he can get right now with him having to work as well as go to school, Brian is thinking of what their lives were like in the timeline he just came from. They had built a great life together and they had two boys and they married and had their own children as well. Dave Sr did something very stupid but he came back to California and turned himself into the police and has been paying the price for his actions. It makes it tough for Davey who’s having to try to support the family by working and paying for his sisters therapy sessions. I’m glad that Brian’s parents are as kind as they are and are willing to help Davey any way they can.
  14. Butcher56

    Hunt: 8.10

    James might be getting through to the spirit by being nice and trying to communicate with it. He was able to find out that it’s not of the earth and couldn’t get back. James started showing it images of animals of earth after giving it some hot cocoa which it likes. Cody points out that the rain stopped after James had started talking to it about where it was from and then showing it the animal images.
  15. Butcher56


    It’s great that we can get more of the Camp Refuge and it’s characters. I think Harry found himself while at the campground, I think his parents made the right decision to go to the campground. It seems that once he started hanging out with Gus he figured out that he is really gay, and when he and his family leave at the end of the week to go home he finally breaks down and tells them that he’s gay. I’m guessing that he was in denial about his orientation and thought his parents would not like him for being gay. His parents have been trying to tell him that they are going to love him no matter who he decides to bring home with him as his significant other. Thank you for the new story.
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