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  1. Butcher56

    Orc Chapter 4

    Another fantastic chapter. I hope that Lewis and the others are able to stay out of sight until things cool down from the incident in Singapore. I’m glad that Sebastian did buy the island in the Mediterranean Sea, this way they’re able to be hidden from the public view. I’m glad that Sgt Lister is getting better since having to have his damaged spleen removed and he’s resting comfortably in a private hospital in Darwin. I’m sorry that Lewis had to resign from the Admistrators position on Christmas Island and had his titles removed as well because he took action when Adam was framed by someone in Singapore while he sat on a bench in a park. The whole thing was to get Australian government officials to reduce or remove the sanctions that are in place. I can’t wait to read more of the story.
  2. Butcher56

    The Young Farmers Become Young Fathers

    Fantastic chapter. I’m sorry that Ji became so ill and passed away due to the illness. Becky is very concerned and doesn’t quite understand what is happening and where her mom was, she’s so young it may be years before she fully understands fully what happened to her mom. I hope that everyone is happy being able to stay together and it’s legal because David married Ji so they could stay together.
  3. Butcher56

    Chapter 49

    Fantastic chapter. I agree with the line try a fidget spinner next time, Justin was so right about that one. I hope that Justin is able to get everything under control so that he can be the best mimic he can be as well as not losing Taryn.
  4. Butcher56

    Orc Chapter 1

    Fantastic chapter and start to another story. It is great to see the return of Lewis, Sebastian and the others from before. I don’t think it’s right that Sgt. Adam Lister is now missing after some guy sits down on the same park bench Sgt Lister was sitting on then leans over and kisses him, Sgt Lister was arrested and beaten which caused a fractured rib, bruised kidney as well as other injuries. Lewis was able to get him out of jail and took him to a private hospital where they diagnosed his injuries, when Lewis left him at the hospital he saw that there was a police officer outside his hospital room. With Sgt Lister having diplomatic immunity he should not have been in jail in the first place, then after Lewis left him at the hospital he disappeared and he can’t be found. Lewis is really mad now and is calling his boss because apparently the local police don’t believe that Sgt Lister has immunity. I can’t wait to read more of the story.
  5. Butcher56

    Chapter 75

    Fantastic chapter Cia. It seems that they have an ally in the fight to get the crew back plus shut down the experiments on the humans and other spiecies they encounter at the Brox. Also the need of Rilecca to undo the controls of her fathers on other planets. They have just learned that they are all children compared to the Elites as they age differently than others do. Can’t wait to read what else they have instore for the group as well as the Elites.
  6. Butcher56

    Chapter 18

    Fantastic chapter. I hope Worthington and the soldiers survive the attack by prince zorac, as it seemed to me that zorac was about to win until Worthington threw the sphere of white enegy at zorac and it hit him square in the abdomen and it burned him and then spread out covering more of the princes body. I hope everyone survives this attack and the door is not permanently open between the worlds now. I can’t wait to read what happens next.
  7. Butcher56

    Chapter 20

    Great chapter. It’s a sad fact that so many people don’t want to be around the disabled, they don’t take the persons feelings into account. I speak from experience because my son has Lymphedema in his right arm which makes it about 5 times what it should look like, I also took care of my grandmother who was confined to a wheelchair due to two factors, one she was the principal at a local elementary school and was in her office when the ceiling caved in on her causing her to have a stroke, two after she had the stroke she found out that she had ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease which is a form of muscular distrophy. I never knew her before she was in the wheelchair, I took care of her for the last five or six years she was alive. Even then people would stare and shy away from us when ever we went somewhere, I just wish that my sons could have known her as she passed away just four months after my youngest son was born. The chapter reminds me of the way people act when they find out that someone is disabled, like Max is saying that he may not want to be friends with Issac because he is in a wheelchair. Max feels like he would have to worry about Issac all the time he’s with him and his friends, he said he doesn’t think he will be able to keep up with them due to the fact that they’re very active and into sports. The thing that I got was that Max would like to be friends with Issac except he doesn’t know if he could handle being around him because he has enough to keep his mind going all the time. Issac understands that and hopes that they could be friends even though he’s in the wheelchair, and he’s willing to give him the time to think about it. I’m glad that Issac said that he would still go watch Max play his sport on Saturday.
  8. Butcher56

    AP Chapter 24

    Quite an interesting and amazing story about the two brothers who made the trip by ship to Australia in order to start a new life. They came with very little belongings and money, although they did have some livestock to help them get a start on a farm. Once they arrived in Ceduna they purchased a wagon and seeds as well as getting the deed to the original land of just over 20,000 acres, it took them 2 days to get to the property by wagon as this was the early 1900’s. Once there they started building first the paddocks for the livestock and areas for farming as well as a large vegetable garden, then came the original homestead. All in all it was the great work of Edwin & Archie that made up the original plan for the land when they arrived, today they have a total of three farms that used to be 8 with a total of 59,570 acres all of which is owned and operated by family. Thank you for the great story.
  9. Butcher56

    AP Chapter 23

    Amazing chapter. I’m so glad that Edwin, Archie, Simeon, & Martha have their parents and sister Beatrice there with them now. They’re one big happy family again, now that they have everyone in Australia with them along with Florence and her 3 sons. The community Christmas party sounds like a great idea as it gives everyone a chance to get together with each other in the hamlet.
  10. Butcher56

    AP Chapter 22

    Awesome chapter. The hamlet is really starting to get bigger with more families moving into the area. I’m wondering if Edwin will need to build a bigger building for the church services or if he’ll expand the school house which he may need to do anyway with more families with school age children moving into the area. I can only imagine what they will do once the rest of the family arrives, I know they have already expanded the house in the hamlet to accommodate the growing family since they weren’t expecting their cousins to be there. I’m glad that Beatrice has gotten better and will be coming with their mother when she gets things settled with their father whether he survives or not. If he gets better he will be coming to Australia with his family.
  11. Butcher56

    Chapter 74

    I agree she may be a ruse trying to get them to trust her so she could get them caught. If she’s telling the truth about wanting to help them then they have a better chance of getting away and completing the mission. We’ll have to wait until the next chapter to see what happens next.
  12. Butcher56

    New Friends – Then Tragedy

    Very excellent chapter. I think it’s sad that Darren’s parents couldn’t get their own act together because if they had they might’ve gotten to be part of the lives of their son and his wife and sons and now daughter. I’m sorry that Darren was taken from his family by a truck driver who just had to have a cigarette at that particular moment. Now not only will Darren’s children grow up without him they’ll also be without their mother who is going to have a tough time ahead as even during the late 80s the treatment for cancer wasn’t as advanced as it is today. I’m glad that David and PT were able to buy the farm from Drew who had the power of attorney for his parents and he handled the sale of the farm without his parents actually knowing that it had been sold. I’m glad that Drew was able to get a settlement from the trucking company and their insurance company, at least this way the children will have something to help pay for whatever they may need.
  13. Butcher56

    AP Chapter 20

    Another fantastic chapter. The story is continuing to get better with each chapter as more of the Cameron family arrives in Australia. The rest of the family should arrive around Christmas time which would make the Hamlet a bit more lively. When they arrive they will meet Florence and her sons for the first time as well as the other families that live around them. I look forward to reading more chapters as they come out.
  14. Butcher56

    AP Chapter 19

    Fantastic chapter. I’m surprised that Archie & Edwin’s parents sent the cousins ahead, of course it’s early yet for them to come. The Yumbarra Homestead is growing as they continue to get more livestock and family members every few months. I think Edwin is going to have to teach Florence to drive without almost hitting a few people while driving through Ceduna and then having some issues driving home to get Archie to take the buggy down to meet Edwin, Daniel & Charlie due to the fact that they had brought more sheep they had brought with them when Edwin & Archie’s parents sent Daniel & Charlie ahead. Soon they’ll have two houses, community center, blacksmith, school, produce stand and the paddocks for the livestock as well as the garden and fields for the farming. As Edwin pointed out they’re running out of places to build anything else around their house.
  15. Butcher56


    Another great chapter, it was a great thing that the guys did for Chatri and Hellen by babysitting their 3 year old son while they were at the hospital because Hellen went into labor with their second son. I’m glad that they also decided to have a graduation party for Gina and not make a big deal about Ozzie graduating from George Washington University as this was his third degee.

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