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  1. I’m glad that JJ is now free from his captivity and he’s been promoted to the position of CEO of a new division of Applazon, while Henry is the head of the Computational Mathematics division under JJ’s division. JJ found out that he and Henry have more patents than any other employee at Applazon combined. For him to lead the new division he needs to get his MBA over the next few years and he needs to finish his PhD as well along with Henry finishing his PhD in mathematics. I’m sure that from now on they’ll have a body guard with them anytime they’re outside their apartment.
  2. It’s great that JJ is going to be released from captivity now, although I think there’s something else going on with the whole thing. I hope I’m wrong but I have a feeling that this is just a way of getting the things that they want from him. He should have realized that he needed to shave but he must’ve never scratched his face during the last few weeks of being held hostage. I hope that he can get back to a normal life with Henry and his real family again and get caught up with his studies and his work.
  3. Aric is really going out of his way to help Blake out by taking him back to his house with him and then offering to wash and dry his clothes for him. He already bought him a bottle of tea and a bag of chips and while he’s doing his laundry he loaned him some sweatpants a t shirt and some socks and he’s letting him take a shower as well. I think that Blake is homeless like Aric does and that’s why he’s helping him out as well as the fact that he has a bit of a crush on him and would love to see him naked and then maybe do stuff with him. Great story so far can’t wait to see the next chapter.
  4. Galen is trying to be a friend to Reinard but he just won’t let him get that close. Apparently he has something in his past that he’s not willing to share with anyone around him. Great story so far.
  5. Butcher56

    Chapter 55

    Jason is struggling with his own mind over his teachings on werewolves and it’s complicating his willingness to have sex with Devyn. He wants to have sex with him he just isn’t sure he can do it with him in his wolf form. I still think they need to talk to Richard about them being mates and see how it goes from there and they need to do it before they actually do the mating.
  6. Butcher56


    I’m sorry that Fin was thrust into the position of King before he was even really ready to be a prince. On the bright side he was able to be with Zaddis until his death some 15 years later and then he went into a funk again almost like he was in when he was first brought to the castle after being adopted by the queen. I’m glad that they had a good life for the time they had together. This was a great story to read although it was never finished it was still a great story for what there was of it.
  7. I’m sure they can but a wolf doing it makes a better statement. I hope this dinner goes well without anyone getting any black eyes or clawed up.
  8. Butcher56

    Chapter 3

    This was a great chapter to read as well as the first 2 chapters. The vacation that they had was special for the twins since they’re older now and they’ll remember the trip more than any others they’ve been on before. I’m glad they enjoyed their time at Disney World along with Ryan’s parents who I’m sure wouldn’t have missed it if they didn’t need to. Now it’s back home to Cape Town and back to work for Andrew and Ryan and back to school for Cameron and Elizabeth.
  9. Butcher56

    Bro Epilogue

    It’s great to see the brothers back together again even though they aren’t living together they’re still together. Edgar is painting again and even entered the original painting and his newest one in a local art contest in which he won 2nd place for the original one and 3rd place for the newest one. I have to applaud him for his ability to paint without his subjects posing for him. The original painting was the family when Edgar was a baby and from the description of it he captured the moment beautifully, the newest one was just the 3 brothers and they were all at the same place as the original one. This was a beautiful story from beginning to end.
  10. Butcher56

    Chapter 28

    I was very impressed with this story from the beginning of it. The vision of Andrew was very inspiring and it paid off for them at the end of the story by winning the award for Best New Lodge and Lodge of the Year for the Cameron, Best Luxury Small Lodge for the Blue Bay. Having the lodges along with the Belle Catherine yacht has put Andrew and Ryan in a good place and now with the twins Cameron and Elizabeth who are the great nephew and niece of the Lochiel of Cameron through their mother who is his grand niece. The friendships that they have made from the charters are quite extraordinary especially with the Kinley’s as they did business with Andrews dad before he died for their own business. The recipes that they made in the story were all so interesting and they sound like they would be good meals to have although I don’t think I’d be able to get a lot of the meat that they were using since it’s mainly from South Africa and I live in the United States. I think in order to make it worthwhile I’d need to order quite a bit at a time so I wouldn’t be killed by the shipping costs. I will be starting book 2 shortly.
  11. Butcher56

    Chapter 54

    I agree they need to tell Richard and they need to do it very soon. Otherwise it’ll just get complicated between them and him.
  12. Butcher56

    Erupt Ch 10

    Fantastic chapter. The expedition was definitely in the right place at the right time because they not only got the movement of the earth on the sensors but they actually saw the eruption of the volcano. They told the police to start evacuating people within 50 km of the mountain in order to protect the people. Right after they said that they got a call from the Prime Minister and they gave him all the information they had and he agreed with their assessment and asked them to keep him informed which they did. After 2 weeks of monitoring the situation the dean of the university told them to come home which they did because they had not seen or felt anymore tremors. I’m loving the story and the way that you have it going is so interesting I can’t hardly wait for the next chapter to see what happens next.
  13. Butcher56


    A very awesome chapter. Northman just doesn’t like CJ for some reason and he tries to find every opportunity to put him down and try to get rid of him. I wonder if it would help his disposition if he were to be invited to a wine tasting at CJ and Owen’s apartment? I know that he’s starting to piss a great deal of people off that shouldn’t be making them mad at him because he’s going to need them one day and they may take their time to get to him. The work of the family foundation for the veterans by way of the Home for Warriors has brought CJ more attention from Northman after the mention of the video about the homeless veterans and the building of the tiny house village for them, as well as the subsequent showing of the video by the Ambassador. This brought about people stopping by CJ’s cubicle to congratulate him for what he and his family have done.
  14. Butcher56

    Fargo Forgone

    This was a sad chapter. The loss of the dad is going to be hard for the family especially their mom since they’d been married for so many years. Now comes the hard part of notifying the extended family all over the world to let them know of his passing and then the funeral arrangements will have to be made. I hope that they will allow JJ to help them with some part of the funeral arrangements or something else to help the family get through this tough time, he wants so much to give back to them after they took him in. I haven’t gotten the notification for the last two chapters at all for some reason, I get notification of the other stories that I follow and normally I do for this one as well.
  15. Butcher56


    Great chapter and story. I’m glad that they were able to get to a secure medical facility to be able to treat their injuries from their battle with Damien. I hope that Aiden isn’t going to be to upset over the loss of his arm. If Damien is a different breed then they might be in for quite a fight trying to get him out of the place he’s at, especially if he believes what his father has been telling him.
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