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  1. Butcher56

    Chapter 5

    This chapter was an interesting one with the Jones family at Disneyland along with Sean. After the great day they had going on the rides all of that changed the moment Sean came back. It’ll be like the last seven years never happened to this Sean even though Davey will let him know about the changes he has made and how they’ll affect Sean who is his best friend.
  2. Butcher56

    Chapter 4

    Dave & Davey are a lot closer in this timeline than any of the other two. As far as Davey losing the memories of the other timelines he’s just been suppressing them. Now his dad gives him a file of three articles to read and he doesn’t think to read the translation on the back of the first one which was in Russian the other two were in Chinese so he had to read the translation on them. He just let his dad know that he hadn’t actually forgotten the memories of the other timelines then he had to talk to him about what he had seen when Brian left which almost didn’t go over to well. Luckily t
  3. This makes sense to me now. I wondered who they were and what they had to do with the story. Great chapter by the way, this is a great story to read.
  4. Butcher56

    Chapter 1

    Interesting start to the story. I think it’s nice of Rosalind to tell Addy the stories she does especially since she’s 4 years older, it’s understandable that she would know more things.
  5. Butcher56

    Chapter 2

    So Davey is finally becoming friends with Brian, Brandon and Trevor and he’s going to be playing football with them while Sean is going to be the equipment manager for the coach. The only other thing happening is that they have a secret service detail with them now because of the raid that the FBI did on Saturday where they found maps of the Modesto area along with their address circled on them. Then we find out that Brian’s uncle Rich has broken up with his former boyfriend who refused to become committed to just him instead of sleeping around all the time. There’s a lot of things changing in
  6. Butcher56

    Chapter 36

    This was a great story to read. I can’t believe what Dalen went through as he grew up being a part of the Royal family and being a mage himself. Once he came of age he was sent to another Vale as he was requested to do by the order of the king. After awhile he found out that the king was dead and that the mages were being blamed for the supposed bomb attack that killed him and wounded the prince who was next in line to the throne.
  7. I hope that Hideyoshi makes it especially since Casper called in a favor from “father”. Tsuru tried to stop father from getting any information as to where Hideyoshi was. Casper finally told him where he was and that the surgery was still going on.
  8. Butcher56

    Chapter 39

    I have to wonder if the memories of his adult life are gone or just repressed and not coming to the surface as much causing his headaches. He seems to be able to have friends who are not aware that he’s had memories of his adult life as well as his previous life or time lines as Davey likes to call them. With his dad at the lead of the epidemic of the HIV and AIDS virus things might get hard for him at times but he’s still playing baseball and he might be able to play football as well and he definitely has a spring in his step after meeting Brian on the first day of school for his seventh grad
  9. Butcher56

    Chapter 38

    I hope that Davey will be alright after this headache puts him out again, I hope he doesn’t wind up in another coma. I think the meeting between his dad and the new president Regan went well until the president offered him a job as a “special assi” and as he was reading the folder contents President Regan asked Davey about his plans for little league and whether he was planning to go to the other team that was sure to go to the Little League World Series and he said he was planning on staying with his friends. It was at this point Davey gave the president the letter about time travel and the f
  10. Butcher56

    Thor's Law

    They have found the man responsible for Thor to be out in the cold where they found him while walking home. Now they have done a test with the Queen to see if she was allergic to Thor or not, she isn’t at all. I can’t wait to see what Annabelle does to the breeder who tossed Thor out.
  11. Butcher56

    Chapter 37

    Papa’s not a stupid man by any means. Of course he was going to open the letters and figure out that his grandson isn’t the same person as before January 1976. He has now been told some of the other things he had written about in his letters. Davey has to make a choice before he loses all of the memories of the other time lines. Once he tells President Regan when he goes with his dad to meet with him after the inauguration he’ll tell him about the other two people who come back to this time line so they could be eliminated before they start changing things for their own benefit. I understand n
  12. Butcher56

    Chapter 17

    So Gene lost this case as well I think the jury didn’t deliberate enough, they only seemed to focus on the last question of Amanda’s. I didn’t see where they took anything that Ben said at all into their deliberations. Now the question is do they go to the next highest court in order to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen to anyone else.
  13. Butcher56

    Chapter 35

    The family is getting moved into the new house and now Davey and Sean are going to be friends in this timeline. Sean is officially his first friend in the new area of Modesto. I hope it all goes well and Mr Jones is actually going to be a state representative for California.
  14. Butcher56

    Aid: 5.13

    What a mess that Tsuru has to clean up, and she just found out that Hideyoshi has been injured. Now she’s trying to figure out who to kill so she can put a stop to this slavery thing that’s going on by taking children that have power in order to help them with their plans. I hope she gets twenty three, Caleb and Charlie away from them.
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