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  1. Butcher56

    The Next Step

    Excellent chapter. I’m glad that Artie is finally getting to the point where he feels more relaxed around Colleen, especially after she asked him to help her sort through a lot of photos she had taken and just stored in tubs. She had a lot of photos of Dizzy by himself, some with him and Ky and some with Charlotte. One that stood out to Artie was of Dizzy as a toddler covered in paint, Coleen told Artie that was when Dizzy started his love of paint. I think a few more times of being around Coleen Artie will start to really relax around her and start opening up more becoming more of himself than he is right now.
  2. Butcher56

    GFD: Dark Web 3

    Excellent chapter as usual. I agree that Winston has definitely gotten in way over his head, let’s hope he can see his way out.
  3. Excellent chapter. I agree with droughtquake that the military is great to have available to assist with the situation their dealing with now. It’s great to see that the three countries are working together to help each other so that none of them gets hit harder than the others. I hope they survive this attack and they also need to find out who’s leading the attack and then put a stop to them. Great story, I hope there’s a lot more to come.
  4. Butcher56

    Double Take

    Very well written. I can see where Aiden is coming from with his fascination of the cutest boy in the store. His dad saw the looks from Aiden as he saw the other boy, Aiden is doing a double take every time he sees the other boy. I’m glad that his dad doesn’t want to condemn him for being gay and he thinks to himself that if he were to talk to Aiden about this he could become offended and pull away from him and not be close like he has been. I agree with the others that this is unconditional love at its finest , I’m glad the dad is going to let Aiden come to him when he’s ready to come out, until then he’ll just be there for him when he needs him. This was written with a great deal of thought.
  5. Butcher56


    Awesome chapter as usual. I agree that this was a short chapter. It was good to see that they’re staying in contact with Lincoln after the situation with a crooked building inspector. I’m glad to see that Richie is standing by lucy’s side after she made the decision to get an abortion after she wound up pregnant. I hope that everything goes well for her during the procedure.
  6. Butcher56

    It Begins

    Another excellent chapter. I’m in agreement with droughtquake that these attacks are being controlled by one person. The earlier attacks might well have been a way of testing the strengths and weaknesses of the enemies. This is the way that the attacker’s are able to determine where they can attack without much resistance.
  7. Butcher56

    Chapter 26

    Awesome chapter as usual. It looks like Worthington has gotten into another demon fight only this time they’re using a lot of mages as he just had a battle with 40 mages. He called Norman who he’s supposed to be reporting to and informed him about the situation he and Kyle just went through only it seems like Norman didn’t believe him at first but Worthington just kept repeating to him that this was not a joke and he needed help to control the situation and also to try to locate the 40 missing tourists. I hope help arrives quickly so that some of the pressure can be taken off of his shoulders.
  8. Butcher56

    Chapter 3

    This is probably my third time reading this story and I must say that it makes a lot of sense that a professor is going to put two people together for a project that is to be done as a group project it helps with things if one of the people spoke the same language as the other. In this case Peter speaks English but the professor thought it would be easier for him to be partnered with another student that spoke your language. Eric speaks Russian and Ukrainian thanks to his grandmother who had defected with the help of his grandfather as she was in New York with the Russian ballet. At the time Katrina Sams was the Prima Ballerina with the Russian Ballet, after defecting she became the Prima Ballerina with the New York City Ballet. The attitude of the Vice President is something that is still a hot topic today even though it’s been allowed that anyone from the LGBTQ is able to marry, all though it’s still a issue with some insurance companies that don’t allow the spouse to be insured with the other one even though they are legally married to each other. I loved the comments made by King Olek and Queen Alla to not only the Vice President but the other people who were at the same table that they had no issues with their brother and son to be dating another man who just happens to be American as they allowed the gays,Jews and anyone else who wanted to stay in Makarovia after the war was over which a lot of them did stay as the rest of the world wasn’t very receptive toward them. I think it’s great that Eric & Peter want to see where the relationship goes from where they are right now.
  9. Butcher56

    Chapter 55

    This was a great story, it definitely has it’s highs and lows due to the fact that there are great times as well as sad times. The threat that first struck Christian put in play the way that Erik was able to cure him and also the way that the kingdoms of A’Dore, Blethos & Creid started to work together in order to stop the threat from LenNa by creating what they call “Little Warriors” that are in Christians blood after he was cured by the liquid that Demetrius gave to Erik after adding a few drops of Erik’s blood to it so that it would work better for Christian due to the fact that they have the same blood.
  10. Butcher56


    Excellent chapter Carlos. I think it’s great that they were able to get the FBI involved in catching this crooked building inspector, just because the property sold for quite a bit of money 💴 and the renovation is going to be expensive as well, then add the wealth of CJ & Owen this guy thought he would be able to get a lot of money from them in order to have him sign off the permit for the renovation. Lincoln Ericson is the agent who was assigned to lead the investigation for the FBI he was assigned this because he is also gay, his bosses thought he would be the best agent for the job. I’m also wondering if the dads know that Richie got Lucy pregnant? I think it’s great that CJ & Owen were asked to possibly back the documentary film that is going to be done about Heroes Haven, this would be the way to get Brad in there in order to help him get back on his feet so to speak. Between CJ & Owen the dads and the family foundation I’m sure that there’s enough money for the film, that a filmmaker in California is wanting to do. I’m glad that the crooked inspector is going to jail after trying to get the guys to give him $10,000.00 to get him to allow the remodel of their historic home. Awesome story Carlos I hope it continues for some more chapters and then a possible additional book or books.
  11. Excellent chapter in the continuing story. I thought it was quite funny the stunned looks on people’s faces when Toby spoke to them, knowing that he was deaf added to the shock of hearing his voice. After the shock wears off a bit then the questions begin how is he able to speak, how did you teach him to be able to speak, after they calm down some more it’s explained that he and Dennis were the ones who worked for a long time in order to allow Toby the ability of speech. I’m glad that he and Dennis are willing to work with Tom on his sign language and his ability to speak with out signing his words, I believe he’s going to need more help than he gets from his parents. I think the environment he’s in now will be the best way he can learn to sign better and to use his own voice. I’m really enjoying this extension of this story it’s a great story not only of Cinderella & Prince Charming but of the love two individuals have for each other not really caring about the fact that they are both male. Thank you again for the opportunity to read your stories about various topics. You are a wonderful writer and your stories are extremely well written.😋😊
  12. Butcher56

    Chapter 82

    I agree with everything you said. I hope that they can get to a point where they are in control of their lives and where they go. The problem I see is that they are just going places where circumstances take them.
  13. Butcher56

    No Magic Needed

    Awesome chapter Eric. I’m glad that Seth is doing better for him breaking his foot only about 3 days ago. The visit from Christian & Ella was a pleasant surprise, Grace made a wonderful meal as she had said she would. I thought it was funny when Toby came in from school with Dennis, both of them saying hello to their aunt and uncle. Christian & Ella both about fainted when they heard Toby speak instead of signing to them. I’m sorry that Ella had a miscarriage but she’s not letting that stop her as she and Christian are trying again. I wish them a great amount of luck that they will be able to have another child.
  14. Butcher56

    Chapter 16

    Awesome chapter. I think Margaret & the priest are doing this so that they can eliminate the homosexuals from the valley. In my opinion I think the priest is the one that put her up to filing the charges against these people who are living in sin. I hope that Samuel has the law changed so that the people are not living in fear that they can be arrested and possibly killed just for being in love with a person of the same gender.
  15. Butcher56

    Chapter 13

    What a great chapter. I’m glad that Seth is learning that when Christian or Ella say that he’s family it’s not taken lightly because he is as much a member of the family as Erik is. I’m glad that Ella stood up to the judge when he asked her for her plea in the case she was on trial for (killing her abusive husband before he did it to her). Ella read the information about the case and found it documented that the husband was abusing his wife when he was drunk which was almost always the case, when she read what it said then told the judge that she should be able to plead not guilty as she was abused. I’m glad that Christian stepped up and entered the not guilty plea for the woman and at the same time he said that other cases similar to this one would be looked at and if there’s documented evidence of abuse the case would be thrown out as self defense. As for the remainder of the trip to ADore went well until the birthday party for Christian when a noble woman asked Ella if it was safe for Seth to be holding Edward who had taken a liking to Seth as Ella had a hard time getting him back because he wanted Uncle Seth only as Erik stood nearby when the woman said what she had Ella told her in no uncertain words that she trusted all four of her children with Erik & Seth without reservation as they would not do the things that the woman had said he might do with both Thomas and Edward. The woman was put in her place and then told to leave, the next morning as the family gathered for breakfast Erik mentioned to Ella that he was proud of the way she handled the woman.
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