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  1. Butcher56


    I’d love to be the live in housekeeper along with the others who are commenting. I’m glad that Brett & Caesar have met the neighbors, Brock is an actor and his son Ryker and his girlfriend Amy are big fan of Chippers, along with following Bryce and Zion as well as CJ on Instagram, they follow Chipper as well. It seems like they’ve all become friends in a short amount of time.
  2. Butcher56


    I’m really proud of Artie because he not only had enough of Ezra to tell him to get lost and don’t come back, now he’s working in Adam & Lindsey’s doughnut shop for the day. When he and Colleen take their lunch together they have a real chance to talk about why Adam won’t actually throw Dizzy out, she asks if he has ever told Dizzy he loves him and he said he wanted it to be special and said that he might take him to the bridge and she suggested he take him to Marin Headlands as there was a perfect clearing that allows you to see the bridge. Artie said he would keep that in mind.
  3. Dad’s ashes have been released, it’s been decided that mom will be staying on with her brother in law Owen while most of the kids will be returning to school Rhodes is staying at the station as well so that he can work with his uncle. Hedley is out of commission for awhile as he has had a stroke and he has been flown to Perth with Joyce going as well. The 2 stations have been sold now Jexon has to figure out what to do with the airbase and he’s going to ask the command in Canberra if they want to take it over. He still has to get his biplane up to where he has set up his veterinary practice.
  4. Butcher56

    Chapter 7

    Poor Jimmy is the one who has to do the packs dirty work. Now that Eddie has tried to change to become a wolf and it didn’t work out right as his body didn’t respond the way that Jimmy had hoped he would. Because Eddie didn’t make the full change he was put down with a bullet to head as Jimmy knew that he would never completely become a wolf.
  5. Butcher56

    Partner in Crime

    I’m so proud of Artie for finally standing up to Ezra and not listening to him and his way of putting him down for not being perfect at baseball. I hope Artie and Dizzy get up at five so they can go learn how the doughnut business works all the way from making them to selling them. I hope that they spend more time sleeping rather than having so much fun having sex before their first day of work.
  6. Fantastic chapter. I’m glad that Daniel and Robbie were able to go see Nathan in the hospital, even though he’s battered and bruised with broken bones it’s only temporary. I’m sure Nathan will be back to his almost old self in a few months. I still think that Connor is a bad idea for Robbie because he’s always wanting to have sex with Robbie every time he’s over. Don needs to just get out of the way and stay out of it, all he’s doing is alienating his family against him and pretty soon he will wish he would have stayed out of everyone’s affairs and left Robbie alone and he might still have a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of his family.
  7. I’m sure that Jexon will be doing a great deal of traveling over the next few weeks and then the decision will have to be made about the younger siblings and their schooling. I don’t think it was a very pleasant task of making the identification of his dad due to the extent of the damage his body received in the accident. Jexon and his mom will be having many conversations about the younger siblings and the airbase.
  8. Excellent chapter to the beginning of a new part of the continuing saga of the Currie clan. I hope everyone is doing well during this hectic time in our lives due to the pandemic.
  9. Butcher56

    DA Ch 48 - Tragedy

    It looked like things were going good for Jexon and Marcus in setting up the new practices. After Jexon got the call from Jake and Rhodes about the accident there was a very rapid turn of events in order for Jexon to be able to fly to Port Headland to pick up the rest of his siblings so he could inform them of their fathers death and mothers hospitalization due to the traffic accident. I hope that their mom recovers from her injuries as it will be hard for Jexon to handle all of his siblings and his veterinary practices and the airbase and Limestone station as well.
  10. Butcher56

    DA Ch 46 - The Move

    I’m glad that Jexon decided to keep the airbase and that way the family could stay there and run it as usual, Rhodes could take over Limestone station and with the help of Jake they could do what has to be done. The new vet practice should be running within a few days as Jexon got all the supplies they needed to set up the office as he had brought some of the supplies with him when he flew his plane up with Marcus driving Jexon’s Jackaroo with more of the supplies in it.
  11. Butcher56

    Chapter 6

    Great chapter, I can understand how both Jada and Sawyer feel at this point. Although divorce is the last thing that Sawyer wants he knows it’s the best thing for their situation. I’m glad that they were friends before they got married and they will be after the divorce.
  12. Butcher56


    Very well written story. To be 13 again would be great if only to find a friend like Alex or Sascha, I’d probably be in heaven with either one or both of them as friends. Who knows what the relationship is between Alex and Sascha being 13 years old it may be experimentation with each other’s body’s or it could just be a regular friendship with out the benefits. It may be even more than that if so time will tell if it’s meant to be for a long time thing or not.
  13. Butcher56

    DA Ch 45 - Onwards

    I like Jexon’s idea to sell both stations and the museum and move further north to set up a new practice there with outlying clinics in the area around the main practice. After talking to his parents about the things he had done and they said they had talked to Hedley and Joyce who agreed that they would sell their station as well and they all agreed to by a million acre station close to where Jex was setting up his new practice. He’s already looking at possible locations for the 1st outlying clinic with Marcus. I wish them luck with everything he’s wanting to accomplish in the new endeavors.
  14. Butcher56

    DA Ch 44 - Changes

    I’m surprised that Jess sold her practice the way she did. I think if she was interested in selling she would have given Jex the option to buy it, instead of selling out to a large group practice. I’m glad that Jex said Marcus could come work for him, and then a few days later Marcus shows up saying he quit early and came up and stayed overnight at the caravan park. While going to check on his last two patients that he’d been caring for the phone rang, which he let Marcus answer, it turned out to be the other clinic that Jex had inquired about buying. The 1st order of business was the release of the two patients who were well enough to be released back into the wild.
  15. I’m like the others who said that they were beginning to like Beverley and I’m loving Jake because he kept his word and came back to be with Brad while he met with his half brother and his family. I think the surfing trip is going to be a great bonding experience for the group who went.
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