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  1. Butcher56

    TWB Ch 3

    Great chapter, although I thought the brothers name is Fraser not Hunter. I hope the whole trip is going to be safe and that nothing happens to the trimaran during the trip to the Cook Islands.
  2. Butcher56


    I’m glad that Avery is doing his best to crack through Lee’s wall. Although Lee failed the test set up by Greg, Avery decided to put the money back to keep Lee from getting into trouble and getting thrown out of the camp ground. Joseph proposed to Orson who said yes so there’s going to be a wedding soon. As someone said there was a lot packed into the chapter and I would have to say it was a very good chapter overall. I can’t wait to read what Jeremy asked Clay.
  3. Butcher56

    TWB Ch 1

    I like Hunter has a great knack for learning languages such as Japanese in school and Maori from his mom. The loss of his father was tough on him more so after learning that the family was going to move back to the Cook Islands where his mom is from. This was a fantastic start to the story and I hope the next chapter comes soon.
  4. Butcher56

    DTD Ch 4

    Good chapter. I don’t think I could write a travel diary either, unless I had some time to read up online as to what I would need to have it come out where it could be read by someone and they would be able to understand what I saw on my travels. This was a great attempt at the trip meant for the person who was traveling to Christmas Island, I’m not sure if it was you or a character. Can’t wait to read the next story you come up with.
  5. Great chapter. Ritch seems to be settling in for the next 4 years as an Airforce cadet having made it through the basic training part of his training. Now it’s all about learning about being an officer and other things they need to know about. Can’t wait to read the next chapter.
  6. Butcher56

    DTD Ch 3

    Great chapter.
  7. Butcher56


    Another great story to start the new year with. Lee is in a bad way with his life and if he figures out that he’s in the best place possible for him then he’ll be able to get some experience with cooking and camping out. I think he’ll also learn that sex isn’t the only thing people want him for, like he was told by Greg that he’s not there because he is wanted for sex acts. Lee might even learn how to survive without Eddie. Happy New Year and thanks for the great new story.
  8. Butcher56

    DTD Ch 1

    Great chapter and start to the new year. I hope the new year is better for us all and things will get back to normal soon.
  9. Butcher56

    Western Skies

    What a great way to start the new year with a great new story. The continuing story line is great and with this one about Ritchie (Ritch) and his entry into the Air Force Academy as a new cadet. The work that he has put into getting into shape and the exercise routine he’s adapted to fit with what he’ll be doing once he gets to the academy. He’ll have a period of adjustment since he’s moving from Washington D.C. to Colorado Springs even though he’s spending the 2 weeks prior to entering his training in Vail. Happy New Year to everyone, here’s to a better year for us all!
  10. The New Year will be better than this last year in that the vaccine is being distributed so that we could get rid of the COVID 19 pandemic all together. I’m very hopeful that this will be a better year.
  11. The guys are doing great with their own albums and the way they hit the charts. I think the time they are able to spend with their significant other is great as it strengthens their relationship with each other. I hope the tour goes well for the guys. The podcast seems to be going well for them.
  12. Good story. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone.
  13. Great chapter even with the delay. I certainly understand how life gets in the way of things we’d rather be doing. I’m taking care of my son now since he’s finally home. This is going to be a different kind of Christmas for us do to him being in a wheelchair and not being able to get into my vehicle to be able to get to my sister’s house for dinner. Any way Robbie is doing a great thing helping Nathan the way he is, due to Nathan’s current situation with both hands and arms in casts he isn’t able to do certain things for himself. This just shows that there’s a lot of love and compassion for Na
  14. Great story about a 13 year old boy who loves pleasuring himself and one day he’s caught by his 16 year old neighbor. Jody then decides that he would wait for his neighbor to come to his room and then he would put on a show for him first by stripping then jacking off all while Jacob is watching him from his bedroom next door. Jody hopes that they’ll get together one day and then they’ll have sex together. I enjoyed reading this story.
  15. Butcher56

    Chapter 29

    Great chapter filled with emotion as Jimmy told Sawyer about how his family was killed. Sawyer was able to get Jimmy to the point where he had to think about what happened wasn’t his fault, what Mitchell did was a very horrible result of fear. He rounded up a bunch of his friends and went to rid the town of the infestation that he feared.
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