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Harry Potter and the Destiny of Prophecies - 10. Chapter 10

“Go on.” Harry replied carefully, biting down the instinctive response of telling Voldemort to forget the idea. “I’m listening.”

“What would Dumbledore say if he knew that his Golden Boy was actually holding a civil conversation with me?” Voldemort taunted him.

“If that’s what you have to say,” Harry retorted. “then this conversation is over.”

“Nice girl you have there... Morag.” Voldemort’s mental voice was a hiss this time.

“Jealous, Tom?” Harry responded with sarcasm lacing his thoughts.

“It explains how you took the Parkinson girl and the others from me.” Voldemort’s thoughts this time were neutral. “I wonder why you haven’t claimed Lucius or the others yet. They’ve been suffering my wrath through their Marks for a while.”

“Too conspicuous.” Harry admitted.

“Wise decision.” Voldemort responded. “You certainly have grown over the last few years. I find myself grudgingly impressed.”

“Is that why you haven’t come to face me one-on-one, yet?” Harry asked.

“Tell me, Harry, what did the prophecy have to say about us?” Voldemort countered.

“Something I’m sure you guessed when you killed my parents, Tom.” Harry responded, his rage very much present in his thoughts. “It’s going to be you or me, Tom, and I plan on making sure that it’s you.”

“Ahhhhh.” Voldemort’s hiss filled Harry’s mind. “So my assumption was correct then. How…pleasing.”

“Pleasing?” Harry responded angrily. “You killed my parents!”

“They defied me three times, Harry.” Voldemort responded calmly. “If they hadn’t defied me, they might still be alive today.”

“And I’d be dead?” Harry’s anger was a hot fire now.

“Not necessarily.” Voldemort replied, causing Harry to pause for a moment.

“What do you mean?”

“Did the Prophecy say that we had to kill each other, or is that an assumption?”

“Considering that I’ll never join you, your point is moot.” Harry’s anger grew hot once more. “You killed my parents, you killed Cedric Diggory, and you used me to get Sirius killed!”

“And who have you killed in your path to greatness?” Voldemort’s words stung Harry, and he couldn’t stop the images of Oliver Wood and the nameless Death Eater from forming in his mind.

“Yes, I thought so.” Voldemort’s voice was satisfied. “Tell me, Harry, where is the guilt from those deaths?”

“They deserved what they got.” Harry’s mental voice was cold now, not hot.

“Yes, so they did.” Voldemort’s agreement shocked Harry. His next words were even more surprising. “So, Harry, what would you say if I agreed to remove all my people from England and never bother you or that dratted island again?”

“Why would you do that?” Harry asked, once more surprised.

“Because you will achieve my goals there with your Blood Oath.” Voldemort answered calmly. “The rest of the world, I am finding much more to my liking. You can have the wizarding community of Britian, I will take the rest of the world, and we will never have to worry about finding out which of us survives the Prophecy.”

“You expect me to believe that?” Harry snapped.

“Wizard’s bond, Harry, the full spell.” Voldemort’s mental voice was a whisper now. “I will seal my words with my blood, as will you. I will leave England alone, and you will not pursue me or any of those whom support me unless they enter your realm.”

“So, Voldemort and Harry Potter divide the world?” Harry said sarcastically. “Are you really that afraid of me?”

“Now that you have embarked on the dark path on your own, Harry, there is no more need for us to try to kill each other.” Voldemort’s answer chilled Harry to the bone this time. “I will have the greater portion of the world, as is my due. We both know that unless one of us kills the other, we are invincible. Think about it, Harry. We are wizards and life for us is very long indeed. Who knows, maybe someday we will recreate Flammel’s work and have eternal life with the Philosopher’s Stone. Think, Harry, of life forever with that blond haired beauty at your side. All you have to do is give your word that you will leave me alone. You have tasted power, now, Harry. Can you say that you do not feel its pull?”

“I…I…” Harry’s thoughts faltered. As much as he didn’t want to, he understood what Tom Riddle was talking about.

“I am patient, Harry.” Voldemort’s voice was soft now. “There is much power in what blind fools call the Dark Arts. More than enough for both of us.”

“I want nothing to do with the Dark Arts!” Harry snarled, his thoughts clearing.

“Really, Harry? You’ve killed now. That changes a man forever.”

“I didn’t do it with the Dark Arts!” Harry snapped.

“The first time I killed, I had never touched the Dark Arts, either.” Voldemort’s admission horrified Harry. “Face it, Harry. You’ve moved down a path that you cannot reverse. Tell me, honestly, do you desire power? Does seeing your orders obeyed please you? Would you rather trust others to do things or have them done under your direction? No, don’t answer now, Harry. Think on them. Your wedding is in a few days, it is a traditional wizard wedding is it not?”

“Yes.” Harry answered the last question, trying to ignore the others. His confidence was once more shaken.

“Ah, that is good.” Voldemort sounded quite pleased. “Enjoy the festivities. As a gift, I promise that none of mine shall disturb the festivities. Farewell, Harry. We’ll talk when you’ve had time to think over my questions.”

Harry sat bolt upright in bed as the presence of Voldemort left him. Draco was asleep, and Harry’s movement hadn’t awakened him. He laid back down, putting an arm around the sleeping form next to him, and closed his eyes. This time, he drifted off to sleep, marred only by whispers of thoughts in his mind…

Tell me, honestly, do you desire power?

The pleasure of blasting the flowers in the garden with his new wand filled him. The rush as his spell hit Oliver Wood flowed through him once again.

Does seeing your orders obeyed please you?

The unquestioning obedience when he placed his hand on the Oath Stone filled him with a sense of power. Watching the Minister of Magic that he picked take his oath of office filled him satisfaction, Kingsley backing down after Harry had led a rescue party felt so right.

Would you rather trust others to do things or have them done under your direction?

The incompetent Fudge fleeing the Ministry offices with tears in his eyes was amusing, and at least the right people would get things done now. Maggie Lawton leaning on her new executive assistant, whose ideas came from Harry, had no idea how much of Harry’s orders she followed. The looks on the committee members faces when he spoke at meetings was always quite…satisfactory.

Over and over again, these thoughts, these images, played themselves out in his sleep. He didn’t realize he was jerking in his sleep, or that when Draco was awakened by a sharp jab of Harry’s elbows, the blond took him in his arms, driving the thoughts out, and Harry passed into a more restful sleep.


“So, do you plan to accept his offer?” Lucius drawled slowly after hearing of Harry’s dream. After a large and lively gathering for breakfast, Harry had managed to meet with his lover and the two elder Malfoys to discuss his dream meeting with Voldemort.

“No.” Harry said firmly, taking notice of how Draco sighed in relief at that word. “The Wizard’s bond wouldn’t keep him from plotting against me once he felt he was strong enough. It’d just warn me when he moved against me.”

“The thought of taking power here in Britain didn’t tempt you?” Narcissa asked him, a serious expression on her face.

“It did.” Harry admitted, lowering his head a little.

“Do not be ashamed, young man.” Lucius admonished him lightly. “You told us once that the Sorting Hat thought you were ambitious enough for Slytherin. You are not surrounded by your noble Gryffindor colleagues. We understand the desire for power, and appreciate the ambition to achieve that power.”

“It’s not like you’re talking about using the Dark Arts, Harry.” Draco said from where he sat next to Harry. “I have no problems with the idea of being married to the man who runs Britain.”

“Er…oh.” Was all Harry could get out. Of course they wouldn’t be upset about his thoughts along those lines! They were Malfoys…

“Still, this does present some interesting possibilities.” Narcissa said thoughtfully, tapping one finger against her cheek as she thought. “He asked if it was a traditional wedding? Of course…”

“Of course, what?” Harry asked, mildly perturbed at her Ravenclaw type behavior.

“One ancient part of the wedding ceremony regards the protection wards for the ceremony itself.” Narcissa explained. “They keep those who have no business, or are not invited, from being able to enter or even be aware of the place where it is being held.”

“Yes, yes, that is why he asked.” Lucius’ eyes seemed to gleam as he leaned forward. “He will be coming to the wedding.”

“But he won’t even be able to bring any of his followers except Pettigrew.” Narcissa added, and Harry’s bewilderment got the better of him.

“What do you mean he’ll be there!” Harry exclaimed angrily. “If he shows up without an army behind him he’ll be arrested or killed. He knows that!”

“He won’t be.” Draco said softly from behind him. “It’s still the law that liege lords like Voldemort may attend the wedding of their vassal, or their vassal’s kin, without fear of attack on the way to, during, or returning from the wedding itself.”

“You mean he’ll be allowed to waltz right up and take a seat?” Harry exclaimed in total surprise.

“It’s the law.” Lucius said firmly, with a hint of sympathy in his voice. “I still bear his mark, and that gives him right of lordship even though I have renounced him. Milieu is from a pureblood family and will not even think of breaking tradition or Ministry law, even if it does involve Voldemort. Pettigrew will be able to come as Voldemort’s attendant. He’s allowed one escort.”

“I don’t want either of them at our wedding!” Harry snarled.

“I don’t either, love.” Draco said, putting his hand on Harry’s shoulder to calm him. “But there really is no choice.”

“I want to say screw traditions…” Harry murmured.

“Sometimes we all do.” Lucius granted with a small smile. “But you know that we can’t.”

“I know.” Harry agreed. “He can’t do anything though, can he?”

“No.” Lucius said with a smile. “Tradition requires that in honor of the happy couple everyone must be polite. Maybe we should save him a seat next to Molly. She knows how to use sweetness and politeness as a weapon quite well, and the Dark Lord will be nearly apoplectic at her incessant babble and carrying on over how beautiful everything is.”

“You are a cruel man, Father.” Draco said with a short laugh.

“Why, son, whatever did I do to give you any other impression?” Lucius asked in his most put-upon tone. All four of them chuckled. “Harry, there’s a book I want you to read regarding these types of traditions. It might give you some ideas.”

“Thank you, Lucius.” Harry said softly, accepting the book the man handed over.

“Now, we have more guests arriving.” Narcissa said with a smile. “Including your family, Harry. I must say I never thought to see muggles entering the Manor for a party!”

“Squibs, dear.” Lucius snorted. “Just think of them as squibs. It makes it easier to deal with.”

“Quite right, husband.” Narcissa said with a smile of her own.

The meeting was ended at that point. Harry retired to the rooms he shared with Draco to start reading the book immediately. Draco went downstairs to entertain their guests. It was quite chilly outside, but blazing fires kept the Manor warm, and soon Harry was completely engrossed in the book. It gave him several ideas by the time he finished it just before lunch. When a house elf appeared to tell him that lunch was ready, he closed the book after finishing the last page and made his way to lunch, mind whirling with half-formed plans. They had a few days yet to make some preparations, but it should all work out.

Hermione went into false labor again at lunch, and that caused Harry to start worrying again. She was well over a week overdue and he healers had begun discussing forced labor and magical delivery. Magical delivery was something akin to a cesarean section, but wands and magic were used instead of a muggle scalpel. However, Hermione and Ginny were adamant that the baby was to be born naturally.

Molly had taken the news of the burgeoning relationship with the two extremely well, and had been overheard plotting a wedding immediately after Ginny’s graduation next year. Narcissa had presented Harry and Draco with the mother contracts, but they wouldn’t be signed until after the wedding. The contracts specifically stated all children from Harry and Draco would be borne by Ginny, setting off another round of Draco’s rantings that he should have known he was cursed the moment he saw Harry sitting on the train in first year with a Weasley.

Molly had just glowered at him until he shut up and apologized to her.

Lunch was followed by an impromptu Quidditch match. Those that weren’t playing huddled together in the cold winter afternoon while Harry faced off against Draco in a hunt for the golden snitch. Draco won the game after two hours, cheating horrendously.

It should be illegal for one Seeker to tell the other how much he wants to have sex with him while they’re chasing the snitch. It just wasn’t fair!

Harry had just finished showering, alone, when a house elf announced that more guests had arrived and Mistress Malfoy was requesting his presence in the salon. Harry sighed, telling the house elf he’d be down in a few minutes. He was dressing in the robes Draco had left out for him, muttering about the blond’s cheating habits at Quidditch, when he felt his scar burn.

He muttered more oaths under his breath.

No, Voldemort wasn’t nearby. It was just burning with some emotion that the Dark Lord was feeling. Still, it wasn’t something meant to give him happy thoughts so close to his wedding. Finally dressed, he made his way downstairs and entered the salon to find a small group assembled.

His first shock was how…fit Dudley looked. The whale was still big, but a large part of his fat had been replaced by muscle and he actually looked healthy. Deidre, who had given birth several months ago, looked well on her way to recovering her slim figure and was positively glowing with the baby she held in her arms. The child was asleep, but Harry’s brief glimpse of her showed that she looked quite healthy and quite large. Aunt Petunia was smiling brightly and rose to greet him with a hug. She was sitting between a very uncomfortable looking Remus and even more uncomfortable Severus. Draco was present, having showered before Harry, as were the elder Malfoys.

“Harry, you’re looking splendid!” Petunia said with genuine affection in her voice.

“As are you, Aunt.” Harry replied with a slight smile. Deidre rose as Harry’s Aunt returned to her seat and he moved towards a seat next to Draco.

“It’s good to see you again, Harry.” Deidre said softly, refusing to look him in the eyes. “I would like to introduce you to our daughter, Harriett Petunia Dursely.”

“It’s good to see you again as well, Deidre.” Harry said, accepting the baby as she held her out to him. He took the soft, sleeping bundle in his arms and instantly fell in love with the child. “It’s good to meet you as well, Cousin.”

“Harry.” Dudley said with a nod, and Harry returned the nod. He was friendlier with his cousin than he had been in the past, but there was still a lot of unease between them. He handed the still sleeping baby back to her mother, who sat next to her large husband and positively beamed.

“I am so pleased you could all attend the wedding.” Narcissa said to Aunt Petunia.

“We were happy to be invited.” Petunia replied. “Thank you for sending that car. I have no idea how long of a trip it would have been without such convenient transportation.”

“Many hours.” Severus said, looking at Harry’s Aunt out of the corner of his eyes.

“Many thanks then.” Petunia said with a nod. “You have no idea, Sev, of how several hours in a car can be tiresome to a newborn!”

Harry choked at the familiar way his Aunt addressed the scowling Potions Professor. Remus’ smile made him even more uncomfortable.

“Excuse me for being so rude as to ask, but do you know each other?” Draco asked, his eyes alight with curiosity as he pounded Harry on the back.

“Yes.” Petunia said with a smile at the coughing Harry. “Sev was great friends with Lily and he visited on Holidays before Lily started dating James. Then when she dated James he stopped coming around as much and I had to put up with his friends.”

“Hey!” Remus said in feigned affront. “You said you liked me at least!”

“Only because you kept that dratted creature from trying to put dye in my shampoo!”

The reference to Harry’s deceased Godfather didn’t hit him like a hammer anymore. Actually, it caused a bittersweet smile as he remembered the troublesome prankster the man had been. Then he remembered comments from Remus on how he’d once thought of dating Petunia, and wondered if that might be why Severus looked so uncomfortable.

“I was trying to be nice.” Remus said. “Even though you were with that dratted muggle at the time.”

“Now, now.” Petunia said with a soft smile. “He’s getting his due. The divorce is final and the courts didn’t give him much. The last time I heard of him he had moved in with his sister and was looking for a job.”

“Congratulations.” Severus said with a smile. “I never knew what you saw in him.”

“Well, at least I got my Dudley from him.” Petunia said, causing Dudley to relax a little. He’d tensed at the mention of his father, and put his arm protectively around Deidre as if he was guarding her from the absent man. “Besides, what other choices did I have? A young man so enamored of my sister that he never looked at me or a man far too polite to tell Vernon to shove off?”

“I never thought you might be interested…” Severus said at the same moment that Remus said “If I’d known I’d have…”

Both men stopped suddenly as they realized that they were talking at the same time, and silence filled the room. The two looked at each other over Petunia’s slight frame while she looked at both of them in turn. Severus nodded at the look that Remus gave him, and turned to Narcissa.

“Madame, if you wouldn’t mind, I feel that we need to hold a private discussion. If we might be excused?” Severus said very formally.

“Yes, of course.” Narcissa said with a smile. “Please, feel free to use the music room. I do believe it has not yet been claimed by our other guests.”

Both Remus and Severus stood at her words, and both offered their hands to Harry’s Aunt, who took both of them. Harry just stared in shock as they left, and found his gaze meeting an equally surprised Dudley’s. His large cousin seemed to fumble at trying to find words, and Harry felt the same way.

“So, Dudley, have you made any plans on what you’ll be doing now that you’re out of school?” Draco broke the silence with a polite question that seemed to snap Dudley out of his shock.

“Deidre’s parents have offered me a position in one of their…regular companies.” Harry’s cousin replied, his voice a little quiet, as if he was unsure of himself.

“What kind of work will you be doing?” Harry asked, wondering what work his cousin could ever pull off.

“Working as a trainer.” Dudley said a little more firmly. “It’s a company that runs Health spas and the like. I’ll be helping people work out and so forth.”

“Well, from the way you’ve shaped up I can tell you’ll do a good job.” Harry said with genuine smile. It really was true, Dudley must have been working very hard to turn from a whale into the muscular man he was now.

“It’s a start.” Dudley said with a shrug. “He’ll be wanting me to move up in the company and learn to run it, but that’s years from now.”

“Everyone starts somewhere.” Draco said with a smile of his own.

“So, Deidre, how are the Gallenfry’s?” Lucius broke into the conversation, changing the topic.

“Oh, wonderful.” Deidre said. “They were so happy that we spent the holidays with them. They just adore Harriett, especially since the medi-witch said that she showed definite signs of being a witch. They were so happy about Dudley being related to Harry that they decided to put me back in the will and even offered Dudley that job.”

“As they should.” Lucius said with a nod. “Marriage relations to young Harry can do no family anything but good. It is good that they recognized that.”

“I still don’t understand all of this.” Dudley said in exasperation. “It seems like all you folks have a bloody obsession with bloodlines.”

“Don’t worry Dudley.” Harry said with a chuckle. “I’ve been a part of the wizarding world for almost seven years now, and I still don’t get all of it.”

Everyone laughed at that comment, and conversation turned to less controversial topics.


It was the day before Harry and Draco’s wedding and Harry wondered how things could get any worse. Hermione’s continued false labors were becoming irritating, and he’d finally convinced her to agree to a magical delivery the day after the wedding. He’d been up until two in the morning with her and Ginny, and breakfast at eight left him feeling decidedly peckish.

Dudley had been introduced to Crabbe and Goyle, and to Harry’s irritation the three had struck up an immediate friendship. Somehow he knew that shouldn’t surprise him, but seeing the three walk around the Manor excitedly talking about boxing and working out made him decidedly uneasy.

Almost as uneasy as the sight of Aunt Petunia being waited on hand and foot by both Severus and Remus. The relationship between the two Professors now appeared to be a three-way relationship that included his Aunt and somehow they all seemed quite at ease with the whole thing. His one attempt to talk to Remus about it had ended when the werewolf gave him a very sharp look and told him to mind his own business and not worry about Remus’ pack.

Still, none of those things were what had Harry’s stomach tied in knots. Instead, it was the Daily Prophet and the three articles on the front page that had him so worried he could barely eat any of the food on his plate. Beside him, Draco was also fidgeting, just as worried about the articles. Forcing himself to take a bite of sausage, Harry looked over the least irritating article again.

Wedding of the Century – An Insider’s Look at the Wizarding World’s Greatest Marriage of the 20th Century.

In a Daily Prophet exclusive, we are proud to present our readers with an insider’s look at what is being called the most important wedding in the Wizarding World over the past 100 years. As our faithful readers are quite aware, tomorrow is the day when Harold James Malfoy-Potter will wed Draconis Potter-Malfoy. Their wedding represents the greatest combination of wizarding families in the 20th Century.

Mr. Potter is perhaps most famous as the Boy-Who-Lived. Following an attack on his parent’s home in 1981 the boy survived the dreaded killing curse, leaving him with a scar on his forehead and the Dark Lord without a body. Left with muggle relatives for safe-keeping, he grew up ignorant of his proud heritage until his 11th Birthday. After his 11th Birthday, he entered the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and resumed his family’s struggle against the Dark Lord.

The entire wizarding world is well aware of his defeat of the Dark Lord every year at Hogwarts, and of the whirlwind romance following an attempt on his life by Draco Malfoy nearly two years ago. The two young men had held a long-existing rivalry since their first year, but that all changed when Harry showed mercy on his rival. The two quickly became friends and eventually lovers during that summer and were engaged the next Christmas.

The relationship between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy is reported to be the cause of Lucius Malfoy’s rejection of the Dark Lord. His staunch support of the Boy-Who-Lived and help in the rescue of the boy from the clutches of the Dark Lord has led several other important Death Eaters to defect from their Lord.

While still attending their seventh year at Hogwarts, both young men are quickly becoming important leaders in the wizarding community. Both are named as Special Advisors to the Minister of Magic and are key players on the Emergency War Committee. With Mr. Potter’s inheritance of the Black Estates, their wedding tomorrow will also represent the union of two of the richest young men in the wizarding world. Indeed, when Mr. Malfoy comes into his inheritance, they will be the richest couple in our world.

Both young men are reported to be spending the days prior to their wedding relaxing with friends and relatives. One source stated that they have played several Quidditch games against each other, and are currently tied in catching the golden snitch. Both boys played Seeker for their school teams until the war against the Dark Lord forced them to resign so that they could focus on other duties. Mr. Potter was the youngest seeker in over a hundred years at Hogwarts and in fair games was undefeated.

The wedding tomorrow is the most anticipated event of the century. Everyone who has invitations refuses to consider not attending, and many hope to somehow receive last minute invitations. The wedding colors are reported to be combinations of their Hogwarts House colors, red and green as well as silver and gold. It will be a fully traditional ceremony with a guest list to be envied by all (see the main story for the biggest surprise guest!).

Minister of Magic, Orrin Milieu, will be an honored guest along with most of the Ministry’s Department Heads. Prominent business leaders and other important personages will also be attending. Over three hundred privileged guests will be attending in all. For the post-wedding entertainment, five of the top wizarding bands will be performing.

The wedding dinner is reported to have cost forty thousand galleons alone. Total costs for the wedding extravaganza have been rumored to approach three hundred thousand galleons. All we have to say about that is, when it comes to the wedding day of the Boy-Who-Lived, it was money well spent.

Harry didn’t even want to think about how much money was being spent, even though a good portion of it was coming from his accounts. Still, every knut was worth it as long as Draco was happy. It was the first article that made him worry that the money might be wasted.

The Dark Lord to Attend the Wedding of the Century?

In another Daily Prophet exclusive, we have learned that the Ministry of Magic received a special owl last night from none other than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named! The contents of this owl are reported to be a statement of his intention to attend the wedding of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. While no comment was available from Malfoy Manor, site of the wedding, or from the Ministry, we have learned that the Dark Lord is not an invited guest but is making use of a little-known clause in Ministry law and Wizarding tradition to force his presence on the happy couple.

This clause allows the Lord of any kin of the couple to attend unmolested. Although Lucius has rejected the Dark Lord, his former allegiance to the man allows He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to attend the wedding despite the objections of the participants. Sources inside the Ministry state that they will abide by the law as long as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named also abides by the laws.

According to those laws and traditions, no harm is allowed by either party. Therefore, while his attendance will be a damper on the celebrations, it is widely believed that he will be unable to ruin the ceremonies by action. Further, by attending, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named will be unable to attack the ceremony with other forces without facing immediate hexes from over three hundred attendees. A force of nearly one hundred Aurors and MLE agents will be on duty to ensure that no trickery succeeds.

Nevertheless, one must wonder why the Dark Lord has chosen to attend this celebrated event and what the significance of his attendance might be. Does his attendance signify a lessening of the hostilities between him and the Potter family? What effect will this have on the wizarding world’s war against the evil Dark Lord? Rest assured, dear readers, that the Daily Prophet will seek to answer these questions!

The fact that Voldemort would be arriving tonight definitely had Harry troubled, but it was only part of why he was so upset. The other part was the middle article, the source of which was all too familiar. Custom demanded that Harry remain at the table until the meal was completed, and although Lucius had seen the article, he was too set in custom to end the meal early so Harry could go to Black Manor. Instead, Harry read the article one more time.

Is Harry Potter Planning to be the New Dark Lord?

Every day, this paper receives dozens of letters filled with crackpot ideas and false reports about the famous Boy-Who-Lived. While we ignore most of these, a letter was recently received that we couldn’t ignore because of the person who wrote the letter. His claims while wild and exaggerated, must be given some credence due to his close relationship with the Boy-Who-Lived over the past six years.

In this letter to the Daily Prophet, the author claims that Harry Potter, with the aid of his soon-to-be-husband Draco Malfoy, is planning a coup against the Ministry of Magic and to claim power for himself. According to the letter, his goals are quite similar to that of the Dark Lord as it is claimed that Harry Potter wishes to eliminate muggle influence on the wizarding world and limit or destroy muggle-born wizards and witches. It also claims that Harry Potter has begun to use Dark Magic, which was the real reason for the breaking of his wand by Hogwarts Headmistress Minerva McGonagall following the attempted seduction by Oliver Wood.

In furtherance of these claims, the author has stated to have proof that Harry Potter has performed the Blood Oath with unknown people, and for unstated purposes, in Black Manor. He claims to have found an Oath Stone bearing the magical signatures of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy as well as other people in the library of Black Manor, Mr. Potter’s current place of residence. Inquiries with the Ministry of Magic were met with statements by various Auror officials that they had been in Black Manor many times and detected no dark magic in the building.

Still, one must wonder why these claims are being made now, and by whom they are being made. Ronald Weasley, the author of this letter, was Mr. Potter’s close friend and confidant since his first year at Hogwarts. Mr. Weasley is rumored to have been a primary assistant to Mr. Potter in his continual encounters with the Dark Lord. Over the past two years, the relationship between the two has deteriorated. Mr. Weasley was rumored to have been put under the control of Death Eater Cho Chang and helped to bring the wards of Hogwarts down in last year’s attack on the school. He was also recently implicated to help Oliver Wood in his attempted seduction and attack against Harry Potter.

While the youngest son of Ministry official Arthur Weasley, Ronald Weasley has recently proven himself to be made of stuff other than his upstanding parents. Following the revelation of his role assisting Oliver Wood in his nefarious goals, Mr. Weasley fled Hogwarts and has not been seen by many since. He did appear at the ceremony completing Mr. Potter’s and Mr. Malfoy’s engagement period and attempted to object to their union. His objections were refuted and he fled the scene before he could be questioned.

We must conclude, therefore, that his wild charges are simply that…wild, unfounded, and truth-less accusations. Instead of following in the proud paths of his father, and four older brothers, it appears that Mr. Ronald Weasley is following in the shamed path of convicted Death Eater spy Percival Weasley, who is finishing his one year sentence in Azkaban for spying on behalf of Death Eaters.

“Thank you all for attending another wonderful breakfast.” Lucius Malfoy said, drawing Harry’s attention. As the man stood and left the table, Harry was up in a flash, Draco at his side, and they both headed for the apparition point. When they appeared at Black Manor, they were just in time to see Kingsley Shacklebolt leading a team of Aurors inside, over the objections of a shrieking Kreacher.

© 1997-2022 J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing, Scholastic Press; All Rights Reserved; Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and her fine people. This story belongs to dkstories.
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LOL let me guess they found out about the blood oath and figure Harry is another Tom....Bleh

Harry read that book fast on traditions wonder what he has up his sleeve for good old Tom at the wedding...can't wait to see

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A male child who, at his baptism is not given a middle name, may take the first name of his father as a middle name if he so chooses. (College of Heraldry). While this rule is spoken of as being a modern function of heraldry, it has been used often all the way from Roman times. In the same sense, but not as a formalized rule, a female may use her mother's maiden name as a middle name. My mother's baptismal name was Marjorie Carter, for passport uses she added Helen as a middle name as it was her mothers name.

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