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Harry Potter and the Destiny of Prophecies - 6. Chapter 6

The days that followed Harry’s return to Hogwarts were pure hell for him and for many other people as well. Harry had woken to find Draco gone from the rooms and not in the great hall. Oliver had approached him immediately and asked him for a private word. They’d left and gone to an empty classroom where Oliver had apologized. He admitted to having a long-standing crush on Harry and had just let things get out of hand when he found Harry asleep on the bed. Harry had forgiven him but asked Oliver to tell Draco the truth since the blond git wasn’t speaking to him.

Somehow Harry had forgotten to ask how Oliver had gotten into their room.

As they were coming out of the empty classroom, they had run right into Ron and Draco. Ron was saying something about “just talk to Harry” when the blond saw them exiting. He had gone pale and fled before anyone could say a word, and even Ron had looked surprised at them.

By lunchtime it was all over school that Draco had caught Harry snogging Oliver in an empty classroom. Harry made it a point to keep his engagement bracelet clearly visible, but gave up when he overheard to seventh year Ravenclaws discussing how Harry might have charmed it to not fall off. After dinner, he learned that Draco had moved out of their rooms altogether. He immediately set off for the Slytherin common room, but was met by a cold greater than that of the North Pole.

He could have forced the issue by using the Blood Oath, but he just didn’t feel right doing that.

His first and second year students over the next few days grew to dread his class. He took so many points off for the littlest things that they were shaking in fear whenever they entered the classroom, and although he felt a little guilty at that, it also made him feel slightly better. Harry finally understood Severus Snape’s teaching style. Fortunately he had no meetings at the Ministry that week, so he was able to spend time talking with Hermione about the problem.

Ron wasn’t talking to him, and half the time he found his best friend in Draco’s company. For some reason, Ron had taken Draco’s side and was refusing to even talk with Harry. It didn’t help that every time he saw Draco and Ron, Oliver Wood just happened to be nearby, once again apologizing to Harry.

The one time Oliver had tried to talk to Draco, the Slytherin had cursed him with jelly legs and walked off.

This carried on for a whole week before a pair of very angry Malfoy owls streamed into the hall at breakfast. Harry had taken to sitting with his back to the Slytherin table so he wouldn’t have to look at Draco’s angry glare, but he recognized the two owls immediately and from where the second went, he knew that Draco was receiving a letter too. That was when Harry realized their wedding was only a few weeks away and here he and Draco were all but broken up.

The angry owl dropped it’s letter in Harry’s lap and he took it glumly, running his fingers over the Malfoy family crest. Hermione said something encouraging, and he screwed up his courage to open it. The letter opened and it took him a moment to focus on the elegant script to read it. Surprisingly, there was no hidden message in the family code, just the elegant words Lucius Malfoy had written.

Dear Harry,

As you might expect, word has reached us of the trouble currently existing between you and my son. While I am surprised you have not written to me about these troubles, I do understand that you might be reticent to bring such issues to me based on the fact that we have only recently come to good terms with each other, I am shocked that you have been avoiding Professor Snape’s efforts to discuss these issues with you. While I might expect such behavior from my son, I did expect better from you.

Draco has written to his mother that he wishes to have the engagement annulled. According to the ancient ritual, there must be valid reason for such an annulment and so long as your bracelet remains on your wrist, there is no such reason. Severus has informed me of the nasty rumors that you have found a way to overcome the fidelity of the bracelet, but I have conferred with knowledgeable sources and they state such an act would be impossible. Any spell that might do such a thing would invalidate the spell of the bracelet, causing it to remove itself from you immediately.

I have requested, and received, permission from the Ministry of Magic to visit Hogwarts this weekend. Narcissa and will be in attendance, as will the both of you. This issue will be resolved Saturday, as it is far too close to your wedding date to allow anything trivial to interfere. While I am hopeful that we will arrive only to find the matter has been resolved, I will stress that you should do nothing to further aggravate the situation.

I also must inform you that news of these…troubles has been leaked to the media. We were contacted late last night for comment and expect the stories to appear tomorrow. While we Malfoys do prefer our private matters to remain private, we must expect that events will on occasion be made public. You must allow your assistant to deal with matters as deemed best. He has proven himself to be a very capable young man in these affairs.

Until Saturday,

Lucius Malfoy

“He wants to break off the wedding!” Harry managed to blubber as he collapsed into tears. Hermione wrapped her arms around him immediately, and he was vaguely aware of Jeremy joining her and getting him to stand. Together, they led him out of the great hall where people were staring in shock at him, and back to his rooms. They sat him down on the couch and tried comforting him, but for some reason they just set him on edge and he ordered them out. He sat there for how long, he didn’t know, but his eyes were closed as he tears fell down his face and felt like the entire world was falling on him. Then he felt a soft pair of lips on his and opened his eyes, daring against hope itself.

Oliver Wood.

A gasp from the doorway got his attention and there stood Ron and Draco. Draco had made the gasp, and before Harry could react, he turned and ran. Ron had a strange expression on his face, as if he was smug, and he turned and ran after Draco. Harry turned back to face Oliver, who was still only inches from him.

“You don’t need him, Harry.” Oliver whispered. “I am so much better for you than…”

Whatever Oliver Wood was about to say, he never got a chance as Harry drew his wand and cast a spell that threw Oliver against the fireplace. There was a large crack as Oliver hit his head on the fireplace, and a smear of blood on the stones as he slid to the floor. Harry cast an enervate that brought Oliver around. Before the man could move, Harry began kicking him violently.

“YOU SON OF A BITCH” Harry roared, changing the aim of his kicks so he struck this vile thing that called itself a man in the crotch. “YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!”

“HARRY!” Hermione’s voice was horrified, and he didn’t have time to react before her stunning spell hit him.


Harry woke on the same couch he’d been sitting on, but his room was full of people. Professors Snape, Flitwick, and Grubby-Plank were standing around him, and Headmistress McGonagall was putting her wand away from having wakened him. He noticed Crabbe, Goyle, and two others of the Defenders standing near the entrance to his rooms. Every single person had a very grave expression on their face.

“Harry Potter.” Minerva McGonagall said in an extremely stern voice. “You were found by the Head Girl brutally assaulting a member of our staff. You will explain your actions. You are facing expulsion and criminal charges for your assault on Professor Oliver Wood.”

Harry winced at the name, and remembered the angry joy he felt kicking the man. He hung his head, realizing there really was no excuse for his angry reaction. He could feel his cheeks heating in shame as the silence became very ominous. The bracelet on his wrist was even chilly.

“You will speak.” McGonagall warned him sharply.

“He kissed me.” Harry whispered, and he could hear Severus groaning from where he stood next to the couch.

“A kiss.” McGonagall whispered. “Since when does a kiss warrant such force?”

“Since he’s trying to break me and Draco up!” Harry snarled angrily.

“You are doing a fine job of that without his help.” Severus snapped at him, jolting Harry.

“Bring Mr. Potter to the Infirmary.” McGonagall said, looking at the Defenders. “Professor Snape, you will find Mr. Malfoy and bring him to the Infirmary as well. I know Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy were planning to work on resolving this issue on Saturday but due to these events I fear that we cannot wait. The Ministry will need to be informed soon and I fear that once they are any actions we might take will be moot.”

With that she left, followed by the Professors. Harry stood and the Defenders followed him out of the room as he headed to the Infirmary. Crabbe and Goyle were looking extremely angry while the two Ravenclaw girls were looking confused. Harry ignored them as he thought about the events of the past few weeks, and he realized exactly how true his statement of Oliver’s intent was. He also realized that he had to have had some help from a certain Weasley.

That only got his anger boiling harder, and he realized he’d need to calm down here. He was a legal adult and his assault on Oliver Wood could very well end up in criminal prosecution, something no one needed now. Calming his anger was not easy, and as he entered the Infirmary that keeping it under control was going to be very hard. McGonagall was talking to Madame Pomfrey, who shot a very dirty look at Harry before nodding to the Headmistress. Oliver was sitting in a bed and winced when he saw Harry.

“Mr. Wood has a concussion.” McGonagall said sternly. “He also has several broken ribs that will have to be taken care of. However, Madame Pomfrey has agreed that he can talk for a little while now. We will begin as soon as Mr. Malfoy arrives.”

As if on cue, a very angry looking Draco walked in, Ron at his side, and a very angry looking Severus Snape behind them. Draco went to stand a few feet from Harry and at an angle where they could not see each other without turning their heads. He was staring off at a Portrait on the far wall as if no one else was in the room. Ron kept shooting dirty glances at Harry. Harry noticed that Draco was tugging at the golden bracelet on his wrist, and wincing a bit as if it was hurting him. Before he could think about that, McGonagall spoke again.

“Now that we are all assembled here,” She said, her voice still stern, “we will figure out exactly what has been going on here and what has led Mr. Potter to severely beat a Professor of this school.”

Harry was still looking at Draco with longing, so he saw the look of surprise the blond shot him. A swelling of hope filled Harry at that moment, and he looked back at Professor McGonagall with confidence.

“I believe that the basics of the matter is that Oliver Wood, with the assistance of Ronald Weasley, has for reasons currently unknown been attempting to end the relationship between Draco and I.” Harry said, his head held proud and his voice firm.

Ron reacted as Harry expected.

“What a crock!” Ron snarled, surging forward as if he was going to hit Harry. Snape caught him by the arm and dragged him back to stand next to Draco. “You’re the one who’s been shagging Wood and cheating on Draco!”

“I have never shagged Wood, nor have I willingly had any intimate contact him with including kissing or hugging.” Harry said truthfully, pointedly raising his arm with the bracelet and fingering it.

“That doesn’t prove anything!” Ron snarled. “You’ve used some charm to get around that!”

“Enough Mr. Weasley.” McGonagall said. “Mr. Wood, would you please confirm that Harry has not behaved as he is accused by Mr. Weasley?”

“Well, we haven’t shagged.” Oliver said after a moment, wincing with pain. “As for snogging, well we might have a time or two. He said that Malfoy was getting to be too much for him with that family of his and all.”

“Professor Snape?” Harry asked, and the greasy haired Potions Professor gave him a hesitant nod. “Do you have any Veritaserum in stock?”

“I do.” The Potions Professor said with a grim smile. “But you are aware that no one can be forced to take it without agreeing to before hand.”

“I do not intend to force anyone to take it.” Harry said with a smile. “I am asking so that I can take it.”

“It won’t work.” Ron said with a funny expression on his face. “You told me yourself that you can ignore it just like you can throw off the Imperius curse!”

“Ron, why are you lying?” Harry asked in a hurt voice.

“Mr. Weasley,” Snape said in a very curt voice. “I assure you that despite what you might read in the gossip column of some rag calling itself a newspaper, the truth serum cannot be overcome as easily as a curse. While it can be countered by various spells and potions, a person does not have the innate ability to resist it!”

“Then he’s probably already taken the antidote!” Ron snorted.

“Then I will administer a testing spell before giving him the truth serum.” Snape said with a sly smile as he withdrew a vial from his robe. “I anticipated this request before finding Mr. Malfoy in the Head Boy’s room and interrupted a rather…embarrassing moment. Madame Pomfrey, a glass of water if you please?”

The medi-witch brought the requested water, and everyone watched as he poured several drops of the truth serum into the water. Before giving it to Harry, he cast a spell on his wand, announced that Harry had no spells or potions in or on him that would interfere with the truth serum, and that it was an extremely heavy dose. Harry drank the water down and immediately realized that heavy dose was an understatement. Harry would have no chance in hell of fighting this off.

“How do we even know that is real truth serum?” Ron snorted.

“Mr. Weasley.” Snape said in a very sweet voice. “If you doubt my word I will be happy to have Madame Pomfrey get a second glass of water and you can verify that this is indeed what I said it was.”

“Uh….no, thanks.” Ron said, backing up a step.

“Make him.” Harry said at that moment. “I would love to hear why the hell he’s been doing this!”

“Mr. Potter.” McGonagall said a little more softly than she had spoken before. “You will focus on the questions I am about to ask you.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Harry said, his head spinning from the potion slightly.

“Why did you assault Professor Wood?”

“I was very angry.” Harry said, the word leaping to his mouth before he even had time to think about them. The potion was very strong indeed. “At dinner I got a letter from Father…”

“Father?” McGonagall asked.

“Lucius Malfoy.” Harry said at once. “I’ve been thinking of him as a surrogate Father ever since we escaped Voldemort earlier in the year. He’s nothing at all like what I expected and I’m really surprised, but I love him like a dad even if he does have a vicious streak to him and…”

“That’s enough on that, Mr. Potter.” McGonagall said quickly, and in Harry’s peripheral vision, he saw Draco moving so that the blond could look at him. Harry risked a quick look and noticed that for the first time since all of this had started, Draco wasn’t looking at him in anger or hurt.

“Continue with what you were saying before I interrupted you, Mr. Potter.” McGonagall commanded.

“In the letter, Father said that Draco wanted to annul our engagement and I lost it.” Harry said, even the flat voice common to the truth serum tinged with the sadness he felt, and tears started falling down his face. “I love Draco so much and this has all been a mess and I don’t see why. I can’t understand this. I’ve done nothing to deserve this, but he can’t. Then when I saw that he wanted to leave me forever, I completely lost it. Hermione and Jeremy got me back to my room and sat me down on the couch, but I kind of zoned out. The next thing I knew I felt lips on mine and I felt so happy that Draco had come back and was kissing me, then I opened my eyes and it was Wood. That’s when I heard a gasp and looked at the door to see Draco and Ron there. Draco ran off, followed by Ron and then Wood said that I was better off without the love of my life and that Wood and I belonged together. Then he tried to kiss me again and I blasted him off of me with a hex, then I was so angry that I just started kicking him. I didn’t really know what I was doing, just that I was in so much pain and the person that caused the pain was right there.”

“That’s a lie!” Wood said from the bed, then gasped in pain, clutching his ribs.

“If I’m lying,” Harry said, looking at the man in the bed with utter disgust. “Why don’t you take some Veritaserum and tell them so?”

“You can’t make me do…” Oliver spat out, but was interrupted by McGonagall.

“Silence, Oliver.” McGonagall said angrily. “Mr. Wood, if you wish to refute the statements made under Veritaserum, you will need to take a dose yourself in order to gain my belief of your testimony. Are you willing to do so?”

“No.” Wood said sullenly.

“Very well,” McGonagall said with a sniff. “Professor Snape, please watch the boys and make sure none leave. Professors Flitwick and Grubby-Plank, oh and Madame Pomfrey, let us confer in Madame Pomfrey’s office on this matter.”

She turned, followed by the people she named and disappeared into the office. Ron turned as if to leave, but Snape pulled him back into place. Draco moved until he was standing in front of Harry, barely an arm’s length away. His face was filled with different emotions before the cool Malfoy mask slid over his features.

“Harry, what happened that day I found you in bed with Oliver?” Draco asked, and Harry let out a sigh of relief before the answers flowed from him. As he told how he came back, totally exhausted from his time at the muggle Prime Minister’s residence and collapsed on the bed without even taking his clothes off (he surprised himself there because he hadn’t even remembered that before!), and how he woke nude thinking it was Draco, and then went on to tell the events of the last week from his perspective, Draco’s expression barely faltered, except for the fact that his eyes watered at several points and that he grew very angry as Harry finished with the events leading to him being there now.

“Attention, everyone.” McGonagall’s voice sounded just as Draco had opened his mouth to speak. Draco turned to face her, and Harry looked at her expectantly. “We have come to several decisions here. First, would Mr. Weasley or Mr. Wood care to take Veritaserum to refute the testimony of Mr. Potter?”

Both of them shook their head, Wood having the grace to not even raise his eyes from studying his hands lying in his lap.

“Very well, then.” She said, nodding her head ever so slightly. “This is the decision of the Headmistress of Hogwarts, affirmed by the minimum required two staff members. First, Oliver Wood, for sexual assault and conduct unbecoming of a member of Hogwarts staff, you are hereby relieved of your position. Upon clearance by Madame Pomfrey based on your medical condition you will remove yourself from the premises and never return unless special permission is granted from the Headmistress. This is a lifetime ban on your presence from Hogwarts.”

“But…” Oliver gasped, falling silent as McGonagall stared at him.

“I have never been so ashamed by the behavior of a staff member in my life!” She snapped at him before turning to face Harry. “Mr. Potter, according to your own testimony, you were the victim of unwanted sexual advances by a member of the faculty this evening. However, your reaction to the event is not justified. Physical or magical force to remove yourself from the threatening situation would have been warranted, however the excessive force you used merits punishment. Because of your unique position within Hogwarts, and within the magical community, most common punishments are not possible. If your actions had been committed with forethought or in a clear frame of mind, the breaking of your wand and expulsion would be warranted. Because criminal matters also play a part in this, I conferred with Minister of Magic Milieu by floo. He has agreed that as long as you do not press sexual assault charges against Mr. Wood, there will be no charges for assault and battery against you. He has also agreed to the punishment we will be enforcing as final in this matter.”

“What is the punishment?” Harry asked.

“Tomorrow morning following breakfast,” McGonagall said after taking a deep breath, “Your wand will be broken before the assembled student body and you will be suspended from school for three calendar days.”

“My wand?” Harry asked, horrified.

“Yes, Mr. Potter.” She told him. “Your wand. You will be escorted off campus by Aurors who will be sent by the Ministry. It is my understanding that one of those Aurors will be visiting Olivander’s shop before escorting you back to your residence. You may return on Sunday evening after 7:00 p.m. There will be no further punishments or penalties once you have completed your suspension. I will expect you to resume your full schedule, including teaching your classes, on Monday morning. Is this understood? Do you wish to appeal to the Board of Governors?”

“I understand, and I do not wish to appeal.” Harry said.

“Very well, Professor Snape, please administer the antidote.” McGonagall said. Wood was still looking at his hands, Ron was fuming, and looking like he wanted to run, and Draco was just looking at him behind that cool mask.

“Just a moment, please.” Harry said as Snape approached him with a vial. “Draco, I want to say this so that you won’t have any way to argue about it. I love you with all my heart. You are the first thing I think about every day when I wake. Just by being around you make my whole day better, everything brighter, and even make the food taste better. When I’m with you, I’m happier than I am when I’m alone. I have never been tempted to cheat on you and I pray that I never will because the thought of betraying your trust makes me sick. These last few days have been worse than being stuck in a cupboard under the stairs for ten years. Will you please come back to me?”

“I…” Draco began, his eyes filling with tears as his voice faltered. He cleared his throat though, and looked Harry in the eyes. “I don’t deserve you.”

With that, he turned and ran out of the room. Harry gave a groan and collapsed, the entire world spinning around him. Vaguely, he heard Snape’s voice.

“A week of detention, Mr. Weasley.” Snape was saying as blackness took Harry. “And if I am ever able to prove you had a hand in this mess I will personally skin you alive!”

Then the blackness took Harry and he didn’t feel or see a very concerned Professor Snape lifting him into a bed.


“Very interesting developments, indeed.” Harry heard himself saying in a very odd voice. He felt very excited.

“Yes, Master.” Said a sniveling voice Harry recognized immediately

“You are sure this information is accurate, Worm?” Harry heard himself say, and he vaguely recognized that it wasn’t really himself saying this.

“We have received two reports from our agents, although our new agent hasn’t reported yet.” Wormtail said. “According to one of the other agents, though, he is being held in the Infirmary and is being kicked out of the school.”

“He will have to be punished for losing his position.” Harry said coldly. “Still, he has managed to accomplish his mission, it seems.”

“Yes, master.” Wormtail said. “Our agent in your House has reported that the traitor’s son has indeed left the school, most likely to return home and his last words indicated he has no intention of ever returning to the boy.”

“Excellent.” Harry said, warm pleasure filling him. “Then we will catch all three next week instead of just the parents.”

Harry realized fully what was happening and extricated himself from Voldemort very carefully, doing his best to leave no traces. He woke, seeing the infirmary for a few moments, gasping out loud and clasping his scar. Through blurred vision he realized his hand was covered with blood from the scar. His gasp acted like a summons for Madame Pomfrey.

“Vision.” Harry gasped out as she reached his bedside. “Wood, Death Eater, don’t let him leave.”

“Now, now, dear, get back to sleep.” She said, lifting a jar to his lips. He swallowed against his will, and fought as the blackness consumed him.

“Vision of Voldemort, he said Wood worked for him.” Harry whispered, not sure if she heard him or not before darkness reclaimed him.


Harry opened his eyes and saw two blurry forms standing near his bed. He blinked several times, trying to get his vision to clear up, but it was like it use to be, before it suddenly clearing at Hearly Manor. He groaned aloud and he realized the two figures were now facing him, joined by a third.

“Wotcher, Harry!” A very familiar voice said.

“Tonks?” Harry asked the blurry figure with a bright dash of emerald on the top of the blob he thought was a head.

“Yup, Harry.” Tonks said, the emerald dash bobbing. “What, you don’t recognize me with my new hair?”

“Not that.” Harry said, “Everything’s blurry like I need glasses again.”

“I wonder how that could be.” Madame Pomfrey’s voice said. “I checked you over when you came back from Hearly Manor and your vision was perfect. I thought it odd, but there could be so many explanations for it. What happened last night that could have changed that?”

“Wood.” Harry said firmly. “I had a vision and told you to hold him. He’s being held right?”

“What’s that, Harry?” The other voice asked, and Harry recognized it as belonging to Auror Dawlsey.

“I had a vision of Voldemort last night.” Harry said. “First time it wasn’t initiated on my part in over a year. He was talking to Wormtail and they gave me enough information to identify Wood as a Death Eater. He was following Voldemort’s orders in trying to come between Draco and I. I told Madame Pomfrey before she gave me a potion to put me to sleep.”

“Harry, I didn’t go to your bedside at all last night.” Pomfrey said with a concerned look. She stood back and cast a spell on him. “Someone did give you a sleeping potion last night, but it wasn’t me. As far as I can tell, nothing else was done. Wood was gone this morning when I came to check on him. He’s not in the castle either. Did you actually see me give you a potion or was your vision blurry?”

“Blurry.” Harry admitted, and now that he thought about it, the voice wasn’t quite like hers either. “It might have been another person. Voldemort said they still had a spy in Slytherin House as well. If it was a female, it could have been her.”

“Very likely.” Tonks said. “But what about your eyes?”

“Wait.” Harry said, remembering something. “My vision cleared up when I used Occlumensy to counter the dreams and the effects of Voldemort. The times that I purposely went seeking his mind, my vision was blurry a bit afterwards. I wonder if I clear my mind and reinforce my shields…”

“Try it, Harry.” Madame Pomfrey said quietly, and Harry did. Within a few moments, his vision slid back into a focus.

“Does this mean my blurry vision is a side-effect of the curse-scar?” Harry asked.

“More than likely.” Madame Pomfrey said. “That’s why those spells and potions I tried in first year didn’t work.”

“It’s almost time.” Dawlsey said, reminding Harry of why they were here. He knew his face expressed his feelings at the moment.

“Doncha worry, Harry-o.” Tonks said cheerfully. “We already talked with old Olivander and he’s opening the shop early just for you. He said he’s just finished a few wands he wants you to take a gander at.”

“But doesn’t the bond you have with a wand cause you to lose some of your power when it is broken?” Harry asked.

“Yes, which is why this is still the punishment you deserve instead of a mere performance.” Dawlsey said sharply. That was when Snape appeared in the doorway and summoned the male Auror, shutting the door behind them as soon as they man entered the hallway.

“Quick Harry!” Tonks said, handing Harry his wand. “Look at your wand and say ‘wandum finis’. It breaks the bond between you and the bond so you don’t lose your powers. Hurry!”

Harry took the wand he’d known for so many years now, and whispered the words. Immediately he felt magic pouring from the wand back into him, and the warm wood he had come to know so well suddenly felt…strange. Tonks took it back from him and put it the back of the muggle jeans she wore, hidden under the beige jacket she was wearing. Dawlsey opened the door and came back into the room, followed closely by Snape.

“Are you ready, Harry?” Snape asked him in an almost kind voice. Harry nodded, standing from the bed and glad he was at least still wearing pants. Madame Pomfrey led him to a changing curtain where his best school robes and uniform were hanging. He changed quickly and came from around the curtain in time to see Tonks trip over something. Snape caught her, and out of the sight of Dawlsey took Harry’s old wand from under her coat and hid it up a sleeve.

“I’m ready.” Harry told them, causing all three of them (Madame Pomfrey was no longer anywhere to be found) to turn and nod at him. He left the Infirmary, standing tall and holding his head proudly as Severus walked beside him, the two Aurors following behind.

Peeves flowed out of a wall as they neared the great hall, saw Harry and looked as if he was about to say something. However, he took one look at the Potions Professor and gave a strangled “eep” before disappearing the way he came. Harry almost chuckled, but didn’t. The doors to the great hall were closed, but as they reached it, Severus held out his hand and they opened.

Every student and Professor was there, except a very noticeable absence at the Slytherin table. As Harry strode towards the staff table and the standing Headmistress, he noticed Hermione give him a sympathetic look, and Ron practically gloating. He gave Hermione a small smile in return and stared daggers at Ron until he lowered his eyes before completing the walk to the Headmistress. When he reached her, she looked down at him sternly.

“Harold James Malfoy-Potter has been brought before us today to receive punishment for the crimes committed when he failed to control his temper.” She said in a voice that rang in the silent hall. “While the use of some force was justified in removing himself from the situation he was in, he allowed his anger to goad him into using more force than was necessary. In recognition of this, his punishment has been decreed a three-day suspension and the breaking of his wand.”

A soft gasp filled the hall at that point.

“Professor Severus Snape, you have his wand?” McGonagall asked.

“I do.” Severus said sternly, taking the wand and handing it to her. “It has been in my possession since this morning when you gave it to me, and has not left my possession nor been touched by the accused.”

“Harold James Potter.” She said in the same, loud voice. “For your crimes you wand is hereby broken.”

As she spoke, she bent his wand, and at the last word it snapped. A flash of light followed the breaking, and everyone in the hall watched in shock as a single Phoenix feather floated down. Fawkes appeared out of nowhere, grabbing the feather in its beak before it could touch the floor, and flew out of the open doors of the hall. Harry stared in shock at the broken pieces of wood that McGonagall let fall to the ground and responded numbly as a hand on his shoulder guided him out.

“It’ll be alrigh’, Harry.” Tonks whispered to him as they boarded the carriage that would take them to Hogsmeade. For the first time in a very long time, Harry Potter felt weak and defenseless. He spent the carriage trip, huddled in on himself, wondering what had happened to the wonderful life he had two weeks ago.

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a know just once it would be nice if Harry got a break. For the last week everyone was all against Harry, calling him a liar untrustworthy u name it even when it comes out the he was the only honest person he still ends up having his wand broke and suspended. Personally if I had a "good friend" like Ron that persistently screwed me over and caused me as much pain as he did Harry I would kick his ass all the way to Voldemont myself. Why Harry continues to forgive and forget is beyond me.

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Ron's part in this really bothers me. I know he is jealous of Harry's relationship with Draco and the perceived loss of his closeness with Harry, but to go this far??? Sounds like to me, someone is under an Imperius curse or even worse. Maybe I'm just feeling the bitter memories I keep locked inside myself because of a similar circumstance in my own life.

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I certainly would not forgive Ron.  He was a prick during the Tri-Wizard Tournament and has failed to support Harry too many times in the past.  I think that the wand breaking was all for show.  Faulks will make sure the new wand still has his feather.  Tonks will take Harry to Olivander's to get the replacement wand. I wonder if Draco realized what is happening and has returned home waiting for Harry to explain his actions.  

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