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  1. Gene63

    Chapter 26

    I just finished binge reading this story. What a beautiful beginning, segue to conflict, and then resolution. I loved reading about the wedding and then going back and picturing it in my mind as the song played. This story speaks about generations, love, family, friendship, heartache, loss, and redemption. It was a fantastic journey through the past and into the present. Thank you for this wonderful emotional ride.
  2. Gene63


    I loved this chapter. I hope Alex doesn't get in too deep with Brandon...there could be lots of problems there, especially with Jeremy. I love when those little things cause a huge revelation and everything clicks into place!!! Can't wait for more!!!
  3. Gene63

    Aqu Chapter 8

    I guess T knows now that he's a major stockholder and quite wealthy in his own right. This should be interesting to say the least. I'm glad his father took care of the cousin situation. Love the story.
  4. Gene63

    Aqu Chapter 4

    I'm liking the Captain's folding T. into the family. It's great to see the love he and his wife have for T. This school thing is really working well for T. as long as he remembers to take time off
  5. Gene63

    Date Night

    Methinks Ezra is gonna show up sometime...just a feeling when Artie said he didn't think he wanted a relationship with him. This foursome of Artie, Dizzy, Mason, and Adam is just too precious. You just want everything to be peachy and work out smoothly...I hope there aren't too many bumps in the road ahead!!!
  6. Gene63

    Aqu Chapter 3

    I'm so glad Trenton knows the truth about his father now...but does he know about what I assume is his secret trust? As it was a lot to wrap his head around, I'm not surprised he took a few days to himself. Hopefully, he and Mitchell can reacquaint themselves and pursue a relationship!!! Loving the story so far!!!
  7. Gene63


    Jeremy??? Well, that got interesting fast...
  8. Gene63

    A Well of Embers

    I'm sad that people take advantage of those they deem "less than." I only hope that M can find his way back to Kane and Norian.
  9. Gene63

    Mirrors of Chocolate

    When George said he was waiting to talk to his "friend", my mind automatically went to Tanner...it wouldn't surprise me for George to be a mole and waiting to hurt our Alentian.
  10. Gene63

    IOI Chapter 32

    Just waiting for the other shoe to drop!!!
  11. Gene63

    IOI Chapter 31

    Things keep getting piled on Lewis. He certainly ruffled some feathers with his impromptu visit to the tree house. Here's hoping the call from Kylie isn't more administrative crap.
  12. Gene63


    Yeses!!! K&K are together!!! I hope their story continues!!!
  13. Gene63

    IOI Chapter 17

    Liking the story crossovers.
  14. Gene63

    IOI Chapter 16

  15. Gene63

    Bali Highs & Lows

    Damn...that one caught me off guard. I was sure when Giorgio was describing his wife, Kennedy would have that AHA moment (who's to say he didn't) and realize Kieran was his Kelly-Anne. Seems Kennedy has some more thinking to do.

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