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  1. Gene63

    Planting Seeds

    I grew up in the 1970’s and 80’s in a small redneck town in North Texas that was like Colt’s hometown. Friendships, relationships, and my job changed after the rumors about me came out. I was still the same person, but suddenly I was a monster in their eyes. I still battle with bitterness and pain 40 years later. Great chapter...Colt might have handled it in a better way, but sometimes you have to be brutal to get your point across.
  2. Gene63

    Group Therapy

    Fabulous...just fabulous!!! Sadie is gonna fit in just fine. I’m like the others...if this is group therapy, sign me up!!!
  3. Gene63

    Simba Ch 11

    So, does Aaron have two brothers or just one? From Jacob’s message to his uncle, it seems just one, but from the scene on the street corner, it seems to be two...it was a bit confusing to me. I’m really enjoying this story.
  4. Gene63

    Simba Ch 10

    While the family angle is nice, I was hoping for maybe a love interest for Jacob.
  5. Gene63

    Shad Chapter 13

    I'm guessing they won't be charged rent in prison when they are caught. Lordy, people can surely be stupid sometimes!!!
  6. Gene63

    Shad Chapter 6

    I'm wondering what's going on with Mitchell and Xavier...is this going to be a repeat of what Tobias just got out of? Methinks I see a breakup coming!!!
  7. Gene63

    Shad Chapter 1

    Looks like the beginnings of another great Quokka story!!! I can't wait to see where this one goes. Sounds like something fishy is going on with the trust fund...I hope the stepfather gets caught!!! He sounds like a right bastard!!!
  8. Gene63

    Chapter 58

    Ripples within ripples within ripples...each friendship overlaps and becomes part of another, like ripples in a pond. I love this tale!!!
  9. I'm wondering if Jasper's mom is using Grace just to get him there and then blindside him with an intervention of her own...worse things have happened. The press conference was well handled, especially by Jasper. His response about Ryan's anxiety was well thought out and well spoken.
  10. Gene63

    Earl Chapter 13

    As usual, the military wants to get their hands on things. Let the Chinese be unhappy...control of Darwin Harbour should be under Australian management. I'm loving this tale.
  11. Gene63

    Chapter 4

    I suspected that Adan was the Prince with the finery of the clothes, but when the Master said he would walk a different path, it was confirmed. I didn't see the twin part, though. I'm really enjoying this story.
  12. Gene63

    Earl Chapter 8

    At least Lucas didn't make any minor comments and earn Tyler's wrath this time. That part still bothers me...friends say things to friends in a joking manner sometimes.
  13. Gene63

    Chapter 2

    Looks like Chapter 2 got posted twice.
  14. Gene63

    IOR Chapter 21

    As usual, Kip not explaining who he is and threatening someone with losing their job...hmmm. Common courtesy could go a long way to diffusing some of the situations that occur with him. Otherwise, a great chapter.
  15. God, we want instant everything...Jadper needs to chill...Ryan needs to chill...Blake needs to chill...communication is what they all need...talking to each other instead of talking at each other!!!
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