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  1. totallyy


    Thanks It's just the real world hahahah or so I'm told.
  2. It's been a while since I've been here. Life's been busy but it's nice to see so many people still writing here and poetry being shared. I wrote a little something about how I've been feeling lately. Slightly solemn but hope you enjoy. As always I love hearing feedback. https://www.gayauthors.org/story/totallyy/rhymes/25
  3. totallyy


    Restlessness tugs Even at the hem of my dreams: Where I seek Quiet solace. But assured, I have not been Since… I wake and wander With brief respite In occupied minds: Of numbers and strings, Of logical language, That pose less resistance Than the words That seem to fail my lips. How quiet my hearth Has become And silence, heavy with Barely a whisper Of wind in the trees. And the threads of fate That bound us all unwind in their spools As time spills Ever forward And aspirat
  4. totallyy


    I met him First, In between episodes of a disaster, A haze of strobing lights on a night We dedicated to forgetting. But daylight broke the dark With a glaring blindness That branded me with New scars- -the second time we met, I smiled across the room, Wondering if he had Remembered the night We were strangers. But tired of wondering I texted a number With no last name attached for - -the third time, The drunken stumbling Filled out into an endearing clumsiness as he tripped Approaching: A
  5. Happy Birthday!  

  6. Almost missed it, but still before midnight here in the heartland. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Totallyy! I hope you have a great day! :)

  9. totallyy


    Thank you for the review. All these questions with no answers that our lives constantly present us with. I guess writing poetry helps me find the strength to stop seeking answers I won't find.
  10. totallyy


    thank you for the review i'm glad you enjoyed my work.
  11. totallyy


    thank you for allowing my work to touch you. it still amazes me that my work could express so much, not only the content of the words but the apprehension and conflict i feel in between the lines. thank you for the review.
  12. totallyy


    thank you. i'm really glad you enjoyed it. it's nice that you read it in a positive light. the kiss came at great personal cost.
  13. https://www.gayauthors.org/story/totallyy/rhymes/23 another one!
  14. totallyy


    Stranger, why did you take my hand in yours? Your voice reverberates about my bones Staying sweet slumber from my weary mind And my cheeks burn from the sting of your jaw Chafing brashly against my trembling lips. Your eyes drowned out my belaboured breathing. Did you know when you first stroked my hair that You would hold my thoughts in your calloused hands? Did you know then that your deft fingers would Pry apart my mind and leave it spilling?
  15. totallyy


    oh wow. hahahah that's an amazing story. he sounds like a man of wisdom. thank you for your review
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