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  1. Happy birthday!


  2. Happy Birthday ! Miss you :hug: 

  3. Happy Birthday Nostic!

    1. Headstall


      Happy Birthday, Nostic :wizard: 

  4. nostic

    Sad News

    Sorry for your loss. :hugs:
  5. nostic


    And the story that made us know each other is finally done. It feels weird, so let's write more and more. <3
  6. nostic

    Secrets Revealed

    Well,at last. Note:if there is any mistake, please point out. You can blame me because I did the translation . We'll try to finish Gemini asap. There's just one chapter left, but honestly life is a bit too busy and crazy and we have so much to do that well I can't see Sammy finishing it quickly, but we'll try.
  7. I thank everyone for their nice wishes,and I send a special thank to my beloved Sammy. You guys made my day. Note: Sammy kept asking me to check GA and I was busy doing other stuff, and ignored him, but when I did I was shockingly happy. Thank you schatzi for everything. We're not perfect but we're damn close. Family Blue thanks every one of you.
  8. Thanks Kit When you mentioned being busy...I sorta freaked out.....nooooo, we won't make any baby Blue.
  9. You have pointed out a very important thing, however, this is just a smart move so none of us can forget the anniversary or the others birthday because ....you can't forget your own birthday, can you? Well, if you forget your own birthday, then something is really distracting you so no reminder can make you remember to celebrate the other occassioins Another possibility is to make awesome memories on other weeks. At least we haven't done our honeymoon or church wedding yet. XD
  10. nostic


    I didn't either.
  11. happy birthday! I see your respective birthdays and the date of your marriage is only a few days apart, just like by us :)

  12. nostic


    Thank you everyone. Good idea, we can print it and put it on the wall, perfect.
  13. nostic


    So guess we're officially married. XD
  14. nostic


    Thank you sooooo much. I'm replying on his behalf because he slept at last. We're going to fall asleep during the speech. XD A big hug from us to everyone.
  15. nostic


    Yes, I know. Can we freak out together?
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