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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Stonegate Stables - 31. Chapter 31

When I got back to the barn, I called Dylan to invite him to the get-together on Sunday, but he said he was leaving for Los Angeles Saturday morning and wouldn't be back until Tuesday. We chatted a bit, and he was friendly enough, but our old easy intimacy was gone. After I hung up, I sat there lost in thought, staring out the window and thinking about Vincent.

Talking to Dylan always upset me a little and I decided to indulge myself in something guaranteed to take my mind off him. I tugged off my pants, took off my underwear, and put my oldest riding tights on.

In the car on the way to Corleone's, I called Tony's cell. "Hey, I need a favor. Could I borrow your apartment? I need to seduce Vincent and that's the closest place. Plus it'll be like old times since that's where it all started."

He laughingly agreed, adding a crude remark about nooners before promising to send Vincent out the back door in fifteen minutes.

By the time Vincent stuck his head out, I was lounging on the stairs with my shirt partially unbuttoned and one hand inside pinching a nipple. My erection was slanting across my belly, outlined in what I hoped was mouth-watering detail by my clingy white tights. I smiled at him and slowly ran my tongue across my upper lip.

His expression tightened, and he glanced back into the kitchen before stepping out and letting the door close behind him. He watched the hand inside my shirt for a moment before dropping his gaze to my crotch. When my dick lurched, his jaw clenched, and he took a deep breath as his hand moved involuntarily to his own hardening cock.

I crooked my finger at him as I got to my feet, looking over my shoulder as I took a few steps up, making sure my ass was facing him. He stared at it for a second, and then took the steps two at a time, coming after me fast. I made it about halfway to the landing before he got a hand on me, gripping my hip as he came alongside. He thrust the door open and propelled me inside, slowing only long enough to shove it shut behind us.

As we neared the couch, he stepped behind me and hooked his thumbs into the elastic waist of my tights, hauling them below my knees in one smooth move. My cock got caught for a moment and then sprang free, brushing against his hand as he wrapped his arms around me. He bumped his knees into the back of mine, dropped me to the floor, and pushed my chest down onto the couch. I heard his zipper and then he was behind me, nudging the head of his cock at my hole. I was beginning to wish I'd remembered lube when I heard the 'pop' of a snap-top bottle and felt the cool drizzle hit my ass. Bless you, Tony.

Vincent wasted no time poking the head of his dick into me. I sucked in a breath as he slowed for a moment, waiting until I pushed back into him before pressing steadily on in, stopping only when his balls were mashed against mine. He'd started on his knees, then he got to his feet, standing outside my legs, thrusting down into me. My prostate didn't stand a chance at that angle, which was fine with me. I wanted to be fucked quick and hard, and Vincent knew me well enough to know that.

He hung onto my shoulders and banged away, yanking me back against his thighs as he battered my prostate into submission. I had a death grip on my dick, stroking quickly, and in record time, my balls were churning. My heart was hammering in my chest, and the harsh sound of our breathing filled the otherwise silent room until the first blast of my orgasm caught me unawares. I yelped as it ripped its way up my cock, spewing onto the towel Tony had put out for us.

As my ass pulsed around Vincent's dick, he plowed deeply into me and hung there for a second, trembling as the storm built. Suddenly he grunted harshly, and began to jerk through one of the hardest orgasms I've ever felt him have. Each time his body convulsed he shuddered, shaking me as well.

After a few moments, he pulled free of me, and went over backwards until he was flat out on the floor. I turned to face him and sat down between his knees on the towel. Vincent's softening cock lay across his open fly, oozing a final few drops of cum onto his chef's pants. He lay still for a couple minutes before speaking, one hand splayed on his heaving chest and the other flung out across the floor.

"Fuck, you turn me on! It's a good thing I'm a healthy man, or that one would have killed me."

He reached a hand to me and I crawled to his side, lying down with my head on his upper arm and my hand on his chest. He ran his fingers through my hair, fisting his hand and tugging gently now and then. It felt great, and I dozed off in the total relaxation that a really good orgasm leaves behind. Finally, though, Vincent stirred.

"Wake up, baby, I gotta get back to work." He pulled me up so he could look at me. "What was that all about? You okay?"

I shrugged and kissed him. "Yeah, I just had a yen for you."

"A yen, huh? Well, I've always got a yen for your hot ass, so don't be shy about giving in to those urges. You hungry?"

I hadn't been, having eaten lunch with Danny not all that long ago, but now I was starving, so I followed him back down the steps and into the kitchen, sitting on the stool where it had all begun almost nine years ago. My cock was still chubby and pretty obvious in my tights, so I draped a napkin across my lap, just like that first night I'd sat there.

Vincent made me a plate piled with all the best that Corleone's had to offer and shared it with me, stopping by for an occasional bite while supervising dinner preparations. Tony sat a basket of bread next to my elbow, along with a glass of wine, and I stayed there for another hour and a half, watching Vincent manage the busy kitchen with ease.

There's something about watching the person you love do a thing they're really good at. My heart pinched a little whenever Vincent caught my eye and smiled at me, his teeth flashing white in his dark face. I knew I was feeling overly emotional, and a couple times I was close to tears, sitting there in the bright white kitchen.

During a lull, I finally got up and made my way to the back door. Vincent followed me out, holding me close with an arm over my shoulder. When we reached my car, he turned me to face him, planting his crotch on mine so that I was pinned against the door. He gathered me close and just held me for a minute before leaning back to look at me.

"You've been talking to Dylan, haven't you?" he asked. I nodded. He studied my face for a moment before saying, "I don't like seeing you unhappy, Sean, but I can't fix that one for you."

"I know," I sighed. "I'm okay. I just needed to see you."

He kissed me goodbye and I drove back to the barn - still depressed, but somewhat comforted, and glowing from the rowdy sex. I pulled into the yard just as Katie was hopping out of her car with a big smile. She bounced over - all tits and teeth - to hug me and plant a kiss on my cheek. I hugged her back, holding on longer than usual, and she must have sensed that I needed something because she tightened her arms and just stood there holding me. She smelled nice, and her body was warm and soft where it pressed against mine, and I began to understand a little of what drew Matt to her. Not to desire, but to understand.

Matt pulled in just then, so I released her. She looked into my face for a second longer, then turned away and launched herself at him. He was used to her by now, and caught her under the arms to swing her around. She laughed and kissed him, and then he turned to me.

"I finished the Branson's portrait. The one of the girl and the pony. I want to show it to you before I take it to them. I like it, but I'm not sure if it's what they wanted, exactly."

He reached into the back of his truck, lifted out the picture, which was wrapped in an old sheet, and propped it on the back bumper. He folded the sheet back, giving Katie and me our first look at his latest creation. I didn't know the Bransons other than by reputation - rich, conservative, mid thirties - but I'd assumed that they wanted a somewhat formal portrait of their nine-year-old daughter Julia on a spit and polished little show pony of some sort. With that in mind, I gazed at Matt's picture in a state of shock.

A fat, shaggy, brown and white Shetland pony stood dozing in ankle-deep grass - eyes closed, hip-shot - as a young girl in t-shirt and old jeans lay on her back at his feet with her hands behind her head and her eyes closed to the sun. She had one knee bent as she smiled a dreamy nine-year-old's smile, and you could practically hear the bees buzzing in the wildflowers that dotted the field.

Matt had done this one in watercolors, then gone over it with pen and ink, detailing facial features, blades of grass, the wrinkles in her jeans, the 'feathers' on the pony's fetlocks. As I let my eyes roam across the painting, I could almost feel the tickle of the grass on the back of Julia's neck, and the sense of contentment that both she and the pony felt. By the time Matt uttered an agonized, "Well?" I was grinning in delight.

"Does the pony really look like that?" I asked.

"Not any more. They trimmed him up after the first time I was there. Now he looks like a show horse. But he did, and he was a lot cuter then."3

"Did they ask you for a formal pose?"

He shook his head. "Mrs. Branson just said she wanted a picture of Julia with Daisy and it had to be an odd size ­17x20 - to fit in an old frame she has. So I did one that I thought really caught what the two of them are like together."

"Well, I don't know the woman, but that's an amazing picture of a kid and her pony. They're gonna love it."

"God, I hope you're right." Matt blew out a breath. "I guess I'll take it over there. Wanna come?" he asked Katie. He slipped the picture carefully back into its sheet, and I made a mental note to buy him some carrying portfolios so that he could make a little classier presentation.

They came zooming into the yard an hour later. Matt leaped out and jogged over to where I was talking to one of the owners about their overdue vet bill. He waited until I finished, vibrating with excitement, and then shoved a check in my face. He and I had discussed what he should ask for the picture back when he agreed to do it. Apparently, Mrs. Branson had agreed because the check was for the full $2000.

"She liked it, huh?" I grinned at him.

"Well, she scared the shit outta me at first. She just stood there staring at it, and then she started crying.

When she calmed down a little, she told me that it wasn't at all what she expected, but that it was exactly what she wanted."

"Kind of like what Amanda told you about the dog picture. Seems you have a knack for catching the little nuances that make it really personal. Good job, Matty, I'm really proud of you."

We celebrated that night with Matt's favorite desert ­Snickers cheesecake - a Corleone's specialty that I tried to stay away from because it had to be a thousand calories a bite. I shared a piece with Vincent, who frowned at me every time I picked at the candy topping. After the fourth time he clunked his fork into mine.

"Damn it, just eat it normally, will you? You're picking all the good stuff off."

"That's the least fattening part," I whined.

"Oh, Christ, just enjoy it. I'll work it off you later."

So I did, and he did.

Sunday was clear and hot, perfect for a pool day with friends. Maria had prepared all sorts of salads and side dishes, and Vincent had a couple big trays of stuff ready for the grill. Matt and Katie had ridden in the morning, and were now playing in the pool. As I watched, Katie trotted out to the end of the diving board and leaped in on top of Matt.

They both climbed out a few minutes later to lie in the sun, and I looked at them fondly. Katie was wearing the smallest bikini I'd ever seen. It was bright pink, and contrasted nicely with Matt's slinky black speedo. Neither suit left much to the imagination, but the way things had been going with them, I supposed I should be happy they were wearing anything at all.
Jesse and Ben pulled in around twelve, shirtless with their swim suits peaking out the tops of their shorts. The sight of Jesse's spectacular chest and arms had me entranced until Vincent walked past me and pinched my ass. "Get a grip, Sean," he muttered as he went out to greet them.

As he and Jesse stepped into a long, close hug, Vincent squeezed his eyes tightly shut and pressed his face down into Jesse's shoulder, the muscles in his arms standing out as he clutched Jesse to him. At that moment - with one of those rushes of understanding that leave you light-headed and a little ill - I realized that he was much more apprehensive about the impending trial than I'd thought. After a minute or so, as Ben looked on with a little smile, they broke apart, but Jesse kept a hand on the back of Vincent's neck as they came into the kitchen.

I hugged Jesse and Ben, grabbed a handful of wine coolers from the fridge, and we headed out to the pool. Matt leaped off his towel when he saw Jesse, and flew into his arms. Jesse rocked him back and forth for several moments, his face pressed to Matt's as he whispered in his ear. Matt clung to him, his slender form engulfed in Jesse's big arms. Matt had come so far since Jesse and Vincent had rescued him - from a frightened, abused child to a loving, talented young man - and I would not let Ray hurt him any further.

Katie stood up more slowly, staring at Jesse with wide eyes. He looked her up and down over Matt's shoulder, smiling at her until she returned it with a tentative one of her own.

"You must be Katie," he said as he released Matt. "Nice suit," he added as he dropped his shorts to reveal a skimpy square-cut suit the same shade of pink as her bikini. It was snug, low cut, and well packed, and nobody but Jesse could have pulled it off. He looked like an ad for Muscle Beach magazine as he held out his hand to Katie. "Come here, darlin'. I don't bite."

He pulled her to his side with an arm around her shoulders, and they turned to grin at us, both of them dropping into body builder poses. Together they looked like the mixed pairs swim suit champions - good looking, well built, and barely dressed.

After a moment, he grabbed her arm, put a hand on her hip, and lifted her effortlessly onto his shoulder. She shrieked and clutched at him as he took a couple long strides and leaped into the pool. Matt hopped in after them, and the water churned as the three of them rough-housed. Jesse picked up whichever one of them was closest, and tossed them as far as he could across the pool as they yelled and thrashed. After the emotional reunion, Jesse was doing his best to lighten the mood.

We had a lazy lunch, moving to the shade of the patio while we ate Maria's excellent chicken enchiladas and rice. The afternoon passed slowly, and then at one point Vincent, Matt, and Jesse went in the house. I knew they were going over what to expect in the courtroom, so that it wouldn't be as big a shock for Vincent and Matt. For an hour or so, I lay in the sun thinking about how I didn't know Vincent quite as well as I'd thought. That made me feel terrible, because I expected he wouldn't have missed something like that if the situation had been reversed.

When they came back out, Matt's eyes were red. He went to Katie, who pulled him close for a moment, then took his hand and led him away along the path to the jungle pool. As they settled onto a bench by a fountain, I could see Katie talking steadily, and figured Matt would be okay with her.

Vincent looked tired as he came to me, scooting me over on the chaise lounge so that he could lie down with his arm across my chest. I pressed my face to his and spoke softly into his ear.
"I'm sorry, Vincent. I didn't realize . . ."

He rubbed his hand slowly down my side until it rested on my hip and pulled me closer.

"It's okay, baby. I didn't realize myself until I saw Jesse today. I guess cause he was there, seeing him kind of brought it all back." He turned his head to kiss me. "Just stay here with me for a bit."

He settled down, and as we lay there, I felt him gradually relax against me. It was peaceful and healing, and when we finally roused ourselves an hour later, Vincent gave me a tender, intimate smile, the kind he usually reserves for after sex, and I knew we'd be okay.

Adam showed up around four, followed closely by TJ, and Gabriel. Cody and Wade rolled in about fifteen minutes later, and David showed up five minutes after that. Adam had run into David a few times here at the house, so they knew each other a little, and Wade surprised us when he said he owned a painting David had done years ago. David began to smile as Wade described a grassy hill at dawn with a flock of partridge in the foreground.

"God, I remember that one. One of the last oils I did. I sold it at that art fair they had one year at the high school." He looked more closely at Wade. "And I remember you! You worked me over until I practically gave you that painting."

Wade laughed. "Yeah, I wanted it something fierce, but I only had like $42 to my name. I want you to know that I've gotten more enjoyment from that painting than any other piece of art I own. It's where I go in my head when I need to relax. So, thanks for giving me a deal."

They went off talking about art, and I marveled at the little connections between people that you often never have any idea of. Now all we were missing was Danny. I'd almost given up on him when he poked his head into the kitchen as I was in getting more ice.

"Sorry I'm late," he said, coming over to look out at the pool. He was wearing shorts and a tank top, and he looked great. I'd never seen him in anything but his work clothes, and now I couldn't wait to get him out of his shorts so I could see his entire body. I walked over to him and draped an arm across his shoulders.

"You haven't missed a thing. I think there's only three guys you don't know. The older guy sitting next to TJ is David, Matt's art instructor. The other two are Jesse in the pink suit, and his partner Ben."

Danny stood there for several minutes, just looking at everyone. I stayed with him - watching his eyes slide up and down TJ, linger on Jesse's muscles, admire Vincent's hard body - wondering what he was thinking. Finally, he took a deep breath, and I figured he was ready to join the party. I handed him some liquid courage in the form of a cold beer, and we walked outside.

Vincent and Matt were the only ones who knew what Danny was struggling with, but we're a fairly civilized bunch, so I knew no one would embarrass him. Vincent got to his feet when he saw us, coming over to greet Danny warmly. Matt was comfortable enough to hug him, something that surprised both Danny and me, but Danny quickly hugged him back. Katie gave him a dazzling smile, which he returned somewhat shyly, as if she was an unexpected distraction. I have to admit ­Katie's blond, curvy femininity in the midst of all our gay maleness was an odd juxtaposition.

Jesse was watching Danny with that piercing gaze of his, and I figured he could read him easily - unsure, undecided, and uncomfortable. After Danny sank into a lawn chair and busied himself with his beer, Jesse got up for more chips, and then wandered his way to the empty chair next to Danny. There he stayed for the next twenty minutes, smiling and talking. Danny nodded now and then, spoke occasionally, and finally grinned at something Jesse said to him. As Jesse stood up, he gripped the back of Danny's neck and gave him an affectionate shake. Danny watched him walk away with a smile, and I felt good that he was here with us, knowing that what he hadn't really acknowledged yet was accepted here without question.

The day stayed warm, and we all ended up back in the pool for a last frolic before dinner. Danny stripped off his tank with no problem, but was a little slower with his shorts, waiting until most of us were in the water before dropping them to reveal a suit similar to Jesse's, but a nice safe navy with red trim that looked new. I figured he'd bought it for today, and my heart went out to him, coming here this afternoon for a glimpse of a life so different from what he knew, but maybe exactly what he was meant for.

He was nicely built - broad shouldered, and a little heavier than he looked in clothes. His belly was flat and solid, his legs strong. The black wedge of hair on his chest was thickest in the center, lightening as it swirled out across his nipples, and narrowing as it fell down the center of his stomach. The sight of him took me quickly back to the blow job, and I could almost taste him again as I recalled the feel of his cock in my mouth.

His suit started several inches below his navel, and those several inches were adorned with a trail of dark curls that spilled from his belly button down into the suit. The pouch of the suit was stuffed with his fat dick and huge nuts, and as he turned to walk to the pool, several pairs of eyes followed the shifting cargo in his shorts. I got a kick out of being the only guy who knew exactly what was in there.

I let him get almost to the edge of the pool and then ran at him, grabbing him in my arms and flinging us both into the pool. We sank for a moment, all tangled up together before he broke loose from me with a surge of muscles and rose to the surface, grinning at me. The brief contact with his almost naked body started a tingle in my crotch that I enjoyed until the cool water calmed me down.

Matt had climbed onto Jesse's shoulders, Katie onto Wade's, and they were trying to topple each other into the water. They were evenly matched, so this went on for a while, until I could tell everyone was getting tired. Finally, Wade sort of launched Katie at Matt, and all four of them went under in a tidal wave that almost drowned the rest of us. Katie called it a day at that point, going into the house to change and grab something to eat for the drive home.

It was cooling down by then, so the rest of us toweled off, stripped off our suits, and put our shorts and t-shirts back on. This was accomplished wherever we'd left our clothes, so most of us were standing around the pool area butt naked as we dried off. Danny hesitated only a moment before turning slightly away and tugging his suit down.

Out popped that incredible cock of his, not much smaller soft than it was hard. Most of us were all shriveled up from the cool water of the pool, but Danny's dick was thick and full, arching out over his low-hanging balls. The black tangle of his pubic hair emphasized the deep pink of his penis.

"Goddamn," Cody said in a reverent tone, "that's some dick you got there. You happy to see us, or is that its natural condition?"

Danny glanced down at his dick like he wasn't quite sure what Cody was talking about.

"That's about what it always looks like," he replied, looking up to see all of us gazing in admiration. He flushed a deep red, and reached for his shorts.

"Shit, don't be shy. If I had a dick like that, I'd go naked all the time." Cody laughed at the thought.

"Honey, if you had a dick like that, we'd never leave the house," Wade stated, which got a laugh from the rest of us, and the moment passed.

Vincent cooked up steaks, ribs, and hot links, and we dined on the patio again, sitting around one large table together. Danny was between Vincent and Gabriel, looking happier than I'd seen him in months. Many men go their entire lives suppressing their homosexuality, but I hoped that Danny would find the strength and the courage to acknowledge his. Whatever the consequences, it had to be better than the abject misery I'd seen on his face at the barn a couple weeks ago.

TJ was sitting next to David with Jesse on his other side. He and Gabriel hadn't spent much time together today, and I had to agree with TJ that maybe they just weren't meant for each other. That got me wondering about Matt and Adam. Was that going to become a permanent thing? Matt still went out with Vincent's cousin Eddie now and then, dancing and God knows what else. After stocking Matt up with his first batch of condoms, I'd quit keeping track, so I had no idea what Matty was up to and who he was up to it with.

Conversation ebbed and flowed as we ate, and as I listened, I was struck by the variety and complexity of this group of men I called friends. We ranged in age from 18 (Matt) to late forties (David); from a GED (Matty again) to MBAs (Wade and Ben); from sex with more men than you could count before he turned eighteen (Matt yet again) to sex with a man for the first time at twenty-nine (Danny).

We were artists, chefs, business owners, financial planners, horse trainers. We were as different in many aspects of our lives as one person could be from another, but we were all honest, caring men, men who tried to live good lives. On the spur of the moment, I stood up and stepped behind the chair to my right. Vincent stopped eating and looked up as I bent over Wade with my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you for being here tonight," I said softly into his ear. "I treasure your friendship."

He looked up at me in surprise, searching my face with curious eyes. I'm not sure what he saw, but he looped an arm up around my neck and pulled me down to hold me close for a moment.

When he released me, I moved to the next chair where Cody smiled at me as I hugged him. Adam was next, and by then everyone was silent, watching me. One by one, I moved around the table, saying something personal to each of them, letting them know what they meant to me.

TJ returned my kiss warmly, and his 'I love you, too' was the first time I'd heard that from him. Jesse didn't say a word, just grasped my arm in an iron fist, and held me tight for a moment. Danny was next to last, seated to Vincent's left. I rested my hands on his shoulders as I leaned down to his ear.

"You belong here with us," I told him.

He nodded, reaching up to put his hands over mine. "I know," he whispered, our faces close. When I kissed him lightly, he returned the kiss.

By the time I got to Vincent, I was out of words and close to tears, so I just buried my face in the curve of his shoulder. He gripped my wrist and pulled me around onto his lap, wrapping his arms around me as I composed myself.

After a moment, David asked Matt how his latest commission was going, and attention turned away from Vincent and me.

"That was a wonderful thing you just did." He nuzzled into the hollow of my collarbone, speaking softly so that only I could hear him. "No wonder I love you so much."

A while later we all wandered down to the hot tub, steamy and inviting in the cool evening air. The dim garden lights were enough to see by, so I left the tub lights off. My emotional display at the dinner table had had an effect on everyone, and we were quiet as we undressed and slipped into the bubbly water.

I ended up with Danny on one side of me and Vincent on the other. Vincent slid a hand up my thigh, and as I spread my legs a little to let him in, I bumped into Danny's knee. He didn't move away from the contact, and after a moment, I settled one hand onto his muscled thigh and the other onto Vincent's lean, narrow leg.

Talk turned to the trial. Jesse had been working with the DA's office, mostly persuading reluctant witnesses to come forward with information. They had a solid case, and there wasn't much doubt that Ray would go away for a long time.

If he never saw daylight again, it would be too soon for me. I knew that Vincent was strong enough to get through the trial whole, but I was concerned about Matt. I looked at him now, his head on Adam's shoulder, eyes closed, and wondered if the love and respect Vincent and I had given him these past nine months would be enough.

David was the first to call it a night, and when he climbed out of the tub, Jesse and Ben left also, and that started an exodus. Within a few minutes, it was just Adam, Matt, Danny, Vincent, and me. When Matt yawned for the third time in ten minutes, Adam stood and tugged him to his feet, saying, "I think it's past our bedtime, Matty."

Vincent had been playing with my balls for the last twenty minutes, and I was starting to think seriously about clamping his hand around my bobbing cock, but Danny seemed in no hurry to leave, and I wasn't real comfortable fooling around with him right there. Vincent, however, had no such inhibitions, and turned toward me so that he could get both hands on me. With one hand on my dick, he slid the other between my legs and under me so that he could tickle my ass with a fingertip.

As I dropped my head back against the tub ledge, Danny glanced at me. I'm sure he recognized the look on my face because his eyes darkened and his thigh tensed under my hand. I slid my hand up his leg until my little finger touched his nuts, then began to squeeze his leg in the same rhythm Vincent was stroking me.

As I neared orgasm my breathing quickened, and in between my own pants, I could hear Danny's. His nuts lifted away from my finger for an instant, and then pushed back firmly. When it happened quickly a second and third time, I realized he was jerking off. That really wound me up, and in the heat of the moment, I reached for his balls, grabbing them gently and tugging them down, then kneading them in my hand. Danny's leg lifted against mine as he spread his legs for me, so I shoved my hand a little deeper and pressed a finger just below his sack.

Vincent bit the side of my neck just then, and as I began to shoot, I squeezed Danny's nuts harder than I meant to. He cried out and bucked under my hand, pumping into the swirling water as I milked his balls. I opened my eyes, rolling my head to him. His face was contorted with the force of his climax, the tendons in his neck were taut, and his body jerked with each spasm of his cock.

I released him before he was finished, figuring it would be less awkward if he decided to be weird about me helping. I kept watching him until his eyes opened, focusing slowly on me as he came back to himself. We stared at each other for a long minute before I smiled at him.

"Glad you came over this evening?"

He just nodded without speaking, and stood to climb out of the tub. I watched him dress, tucking that chunky cock into his baggy shorts, and tugging on his shirt. He squatted down and put a hand on each of our shoulders. "Thanks for tonight. It, uh . . . I enjoyed it."

I tipped my head to rest my cheek on his hand. "See you next week probably."

After he left, Vincent hugged me as I began to stroke him. He nuzzled my ear, squirming slightly as I pinched his nipple.

"I'll say one thing for you, Sean. You know how to throw a party."

We chuckled and headed up to bed. Vincent jumped on me as soon as we hit the mattress, climaxing quickly as I sucked him off with a finger up his ass. We took a short shower to rinse off the cum and chlorine, then snuggled up together for one last night before the trial began.

Copyright © 2011 Gabriel Morgan; All Rights Reserved.
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