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Please keep in mind that this story was written before I knew anything about being gay. Fortunately, time has provided me the opportunity to learn.

What Is True Love Anyway? - 3. Chapter 3

Part I - After the "fight"

The boys slept late the next morning which gave the Whittington's time to call the Russell's and tell them about what they had seen as they left their son's room the night before. The four adults weren't overly concerned, but they agreed that Dan and Sam should spend Saturday night at Sam's house which would give the Russell's an opportunity to observe the boys and reach their own conclusions.

When they awoke, Dan had a splitting headache, most definitely a result of cracking his head on the step at school. When Sam saw the pain in his friend's eyes, he did what he always did when his mother had a migraine. He started kissing Dan's eyes, his temples, the socket where his nose sloped down into the corner of his eye. His lips moved softly from one spot to another numerous times before Dan rolled onto his back and pursed his lips in a silent invitation.

Closing his eyes, Sam moved his lips gently onto Dan's and the two of them repeated the experience they'd had in the middle of the night. As their lips slid gently back and forth, probing new found territory, getting to know each other more intimately, newly awakened sensory receptors kicked in. Previously unknown messages began to flow from lips to brain and back to lips (and to other parts of their bodies). As their heartbeats quickened, so did their breathing, and as their mouths opened against one another to get more air, they began to taste each other's spit. Then, without either of them understanding why, their tongues insisted on becoming involved.

Maybe it was just the natural attempt to wet one's lips, maybe it was a subconscious response to something they had heard about kissing, or maybe it was an unbidden reaction to seeing couples kissing in movies. Whatever the cause, Dan's tongue moved between his parted lips. When it touched Sam's lips, there was something akin to an electrical shock that passed between them. His tongue darted back into his mouth like a frightened animal seeking refuge in a cave. The boys spontaneously pulled away from each other, and each looked deeply into the other's eyes. They both liked what they saw and moved back together. As their lips touched, Sam's tongue slipped out to lightly caress Danny's lips. His friend gasped for breath as this soft wet thing washed lengthwise across his lips. Dan felt his heart race even faster and hugged Sam more firmly to himself as those newly awakened sensors began shooting messages back and forth faster than anything he had ever experienced before.

Then Dan's tongue pushed Sam's out of the way and began its own back and forth motion on Sam's lips, giving Sam the same heightened awareness of life's truest joy - love. As their kiss continued, their lips becoming wetter as their tongues began a duel of affection, their breathing became harsher and more ragged. They began to moan and whimper as these new sensations increased at breakneck speed, sending blood racing into their penises until they almost hurt. Their nuts swelled and contracted without them even being aware of it, and their hormones almost stole control of their actions and thoughts, to say nothing of other basic bodily functions.

Eventually, however, Dan's inner self gained enough control to remind him of where they were and how little privacy they really had. The noise they were making finally registered on his overworked brain, and he pushed gently on Sam's chest until Sam responded by moving away and collapsing on his back. The two of them lay there gasping for air, trying to make sense of what had just happened. Each was sure the other could hear his heart beating. The skin on their faces actually seemed to tingle as though a shot of Novocain was just wearing off. Their nipples were hard, and the skin on their chests and arms seemed more sensitive than usual. Their hearts raced and their breathing was labored as though they had just run a foot race.

In fact, their upper bodies had become so involved in this, their second kiss, that they were almost unaware of their lower bodies. But eventually, as things upstairs finally returned to some semblance of normalcy, the downstairs regions began to make themselves known. Each looked down at the tent in his briefs with a sense of joy and satisfaction that seemed somehow different from before. Then they looked at each other's tent and smiled. Dan rolled to his side and slipped his hand under the waistband of Sam's shorts and onto his smooth but throbbing erection.

"I love you, Samuel."

Turning towards his boyfriend and sliding his hand into Dan's shorts to grip his throbbing tool, Sam replied.

"I love you, too Danny. But we better quit before we get started. You know there's no privacy here, and besides, I gotta pee."

Dan leaned over and gave Sam a quick kiss on his chest as he squeezed the hardon in his hand. Then he jumped out of bed.

"Race ya to the John!" he said in a loud whisper.

The boys ran around the corner into the only bathroom in the house, shut the door and dropped their shorts to the floor. Their erections stood out in front of them, throbbing and proud. They grabbed each other's cock and pointed it towards the commode but had to wait until they subsided enough to release the pee that filled their bladders. The fact that they were holding each other's prick made the wait longer than normal, of course.

Part II - A Father's love

After breakfast, the boys sat around in their undershorts watching cartoons on TV. The fact that they were comfortable dressed this way was a sign of the closeness the boys felt with each other's parents. Their newly expressed love for each other didn't mean they weren't careful outside the bedroom, but the Whittington's still thought yesterday's events had somehow added a new dimension to the boys' relationship. Perhaps it was merely the fact that the boys seemed to prefer staying in their undershorts. Although everyone was comfortable with it, this wasn't the way the boys normally dressed.

After lunch, the kids walked across the alley to Sam's house. Dan's mom and dad had used their monthly canasta game with neighbors as an excuse to suggest that Sam should go home. It was easy for them to say yes when he asked if Dan could go with him and spend the night.

Now that the boys had experienced their first kisses and expressed their mutual love for each other, they were even closer than before. Although it wasn't obvious to them, their behavior did not go unnoticed by the Russell's who had been forewarned by the Whittington's. Actually, the advance notice probably would not have been necessary. The boys were so unaware of the subtle changes in the way they touched each other and looked at each other, they made no attempt to hide anything.

This was the age of television, black and white, of course, but TV nonetheless. Computers hadn't been invented yet, so The Net was no place to go. And TV's belonged to families, so they were quite naturally in the family room. Ergo, the first place the boys went when they got to Sam's house was the family room to watch TV. Dan wasn't supposed to do much, so going outside wasn't much of an option. Besides, they both liked to watch sports on TV, even though Dan didn't like to play any of them.

As they sat on the couch watching some diving competition, one kept turning his head to look at the other. You know, that look. The look that says, I can't believe you're mine, can I keep you? At first the one being gazed upon would try to pretend that he didn't notice. But after each of them found himself trying to play that game for about the third time, they simultaneously broke into a giggle fit.

As they giggled and shoved each other, they kept teasing one another about staring. They tried to whisper but weren't very effective at it, especially considering the fact that Sam's mom and dad were standing behind them in the doorway to the kitchen, silently watching what was going on.

"Why are you staring at me?"

"I wasn't staring, you were staring."

"No I wasn't, you were. And what was that funny look you were giving me?"

"I wasn't giving you a funny look. You look funny!"

"I'll show you who looks funny!"

And the scuffle began. The Russell's didn't quite know how to react, laugh or cry. It was pretty obvious that Sam's and Dan's feelings for each other had advanced to a new plane, and they acknowledged this fact with mixed emotions. They were really happy that the boys seemed so happy themselves, but they were admittedly disturbed by thoughts of where this new-found joy might lead them.

Before too long, Dan seemed to tire. It was obvious, too, that his head had started to hurt again. The Russell's watched quietly from their vantage point as Dan laid his head in Sam's lap, facing outward. While they couldn't see that his hand was between his head and Sam's groin, they could see Sam's hand. It was gently stroking Dan's hair and cheek just as he had the night before at the Whittington's.

Dan had slipped his hand under his head with the thought of groping his boyfriend. But Sam's soft stroking of his hair and cheeks was so soothing, he soon removed his hand to rest on Sam's leg just above the knee and fell asleep. Sam's dad moved quietly into the room and sat in his favorite chair. From this position, he could watch TV or Sam without having to move his head much at all. Soon he realized that he needn't be concerned about where he looked. Sam seemed oblivious to his presence in the room, his gaze fastened unwaveringly upon the small head in his lap.

Mr. Russell felt his own emotions coming to the surface as he watched. The way his son was looking at Dan was so moving, he couldn't help but love them both. He seldom saw that look in anyone other than Sam's mother, and it was a look to be cherished. He felt tears spring to his eyes as he realized his son was crying gently. Sam always seemed to be able to control his emotions so well, that even now the only evidence was in the tears that from time to time dropped from his chin to the face he was stroking. Once in a while he would reach up with his free hand and wipe his eyes, but even then, he didn't seem concerned that someone might be watching.

After several minutes of this, Sam's dad got up from his chair and knelt at his son's feet. As Sam looked at him without shame, fear or embarrassment, he made his decision. There was no way he couldn't love this boy and his friend, regardless of where their love for each other might take them.

"You OK, Sam?" he whispered. His own tears prevented more than that.

"Yeah, dad. He's so cute, isn't he?"

"Yes, son, he is."

"And he's so gentle, and kind, and funny. He'd never hurt anyone. Why do the bullies have to pick on him?"

"That's what bullies do, son. They pick on those who can't or won't fight back. That way they can't get hurt themselves."

"I told his mom and dad I was really scared yesterday. After I stomped on that guy, I just felt drained. I felt like I was going to collapse. Why is that?"

"Well, son, when you saw what had happened to Dan, the adrenalin shot through you like a wildfire. But while that sudden rush can give you courage and strength you might not normally have, it generally leaves just as fast as it comes. And when that happens, you're left feeling weaker than normal. It's an emotional high that doesn't often last very long."

"I guess we were lucky Big Bad John was there. And it was so neat the way the football team backed him up. Hank said some really nice things about Danny and me."

"Yes, I heard all about that from Dan's dad. It sounds like you boys have a pretty good reputation at school. I hope you don't ever do anything that might cause you to lose that."

Sam's tears had dried up as soon as he had started talking with his dad, but suddenly they sprang to life again.

"I told the Whittington's that I love him, dad."

"I know, Sam. They told me."

"We never used that word til yesterday. I'm not sure I even know what it means, outside of family, I mean. But he said it and I said it, and we meant what we said. Am I making any sense?"

"Well, actually, yes and no," his dad answered with a short chuckle.

"Your words themselves don't seem to make much sense, but I do get a clear understanding of what you're trying to say. Let's talk some more later when Dan's awake, OK?"

"Yeah, I'll ask Danny when he wakes up."


"Yeah, dad?"

"You know, your mom and I have noticed for some time now that you only refer to him as Danny occasionally."


"Yep. And he only refers to you as Samuel at special times, too, huh?"


"Well, I guess I know what those special times are, now, don't I, son."

"Yeah, dad. Thanks for being so understanding. Is mom OK with this?"

"Yes, Sam, your mom and I love you dearly, and we're both Ok with this. I think Dan's mom and dad will be, too. But his dad may take a little longer to show it."
(Author's note: I cry every time I read this, just wishing it were always true. Children deserve to be loved ALWAYS, regardless.)

"I love you, dad."

"I love you, too, son."

Part III - Are we queer?

As Mr. Russell stood up to leave, Dan rolled to his other side, his nose rubbing against the zipper of Sam's pants. When Sam looked down, he saw tears flowing from his boyfriend's eyes.

"What's the matter, Danny? Have you been awake long?" he whispered.

"Yeah, I guess I woke up when your dad came over."

"So why are you crying?"

"Because you are."

"But I'm not, anymore."

"But you were. And you said some pretty special things. I didn't realize how scared you were yesterday, and yet you protected me anyway."

"Well, like I told dad, I love you, Danny. I'm not going to let anybody hurt you and get away with it."

The boys were silent for a while as Danny gained control of his emotions. This love business was hard to deal with at this age.


"Yeah, Danny?"

"Could we go to your room for a while, so we don't have to whisper?"

"Sure. You go ahead, I'll get us a coke."

"Get me some aspirin, too, OK?"


Just as Dan was starting to sit up, Sam leaned down and kissed his cheek. As he moved away, their lips met only for an instant, yet they each felt that electrical charge that left the skin around their mouths and cheeks tingling.

When the boys got to Sam's room, they dug out Sam's baseball card collection and began going through it. They were both avid collectors and enjoyed reviewing their inventories and sharing comments about how they felt about the different players. As close as the boys were, they didn't always agree when it came to which cards were the most valuable and which players were the best. It was a friendly rivalry, however, that usually ended up in some form of wrestling match. Today, however, with Dan's near concussion the day before and his headache today, they avoided the wrestling.

Lying on the floor as they were, side by side, touching from shoulder to ankle, their affection for one another seemed to flow back and forth between them. Once in a while, Dan would lean down and kiss Sam's arm, leaving little wet trails from wrist to elbow. Then Sam would turn his head and nibble on Dan's ear, running his tongue around all the ridges and valleys.

When this had gone on for 30 minutes or so, Dan moved around to where he was facing Sam, both of them breathing heavily. As Dan ground his hardon into the carpet beneath him, he noticed Sam doing the same thing. Neither of them spoke for several minutes. They just looked at each other, their eyes moving slowly over the other's face as if trying to memorize its details. Dan's look was one of almost adoration; Sam's was one of loving affection.

"Why do you think you love me, Samuel?"

"I don't think it, I know it."

"So, why?"

"I don't really know, for sure. I mean it isn't like I suddenly decided to love you. I think I've probably loved you all my life, it's just different now than it used to be. I mean, you're cute, and funny, and you're always doing nice things for people, especially for me. And you're smaller than me even if you are five months older, and I like being able to protect you. I mean, it's not like you're weak, 'cause you aren't. You're strong in lots of ways. But I'm stronger than you physically, so that lets me do something for you that you can't always do for yourself. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I think so. Sounds kinda deep to me," Dan answered with a giggle.

"So why do you think you love me, Danny?"

"I don't think it, I know it."

"Alright, copycat. So, why?"

"Because you're strong where I'm weak. You've always been there for me when I needed support. You never make fun of me when I cry. You never make fun of my skinny body or my little dick. You're kind and always stick up for the smaller kids. And I guess I've always loved you, too. I just didn't want to say that word 'cause it's scary."

"What do you mean, scary?"

"Well, we're both guys. And guys aren't supposed to love each other that way."

At that point, Dan's tears started to flow again.

Sam stood up and helped Dan up also. Then they hugged each other ... for a long, long time. Dan rested his head on Sam's chest, with Sam's chin resting against the back of his head, their hands moving softly, gently up and down the other's back. After several minutes, Sam suggested they lie down. Glancing at the clock, he noticed it was about 3:30 in the afternoon, plenty of time for cuddling before dinner.

They lay there facing each other, their arms still wrapped around the other's body, breathing in each other's boyhood aroma, each apparently lost in his own thoughts. Just when Sam thought Dan had fallen asleep again, his boyfriend spoke. This time he didn't need to whisper.


"Yeah, Danny?"

"Are we queers?"

"Does it matter?"

"I don't know. Maybe not to me, but it must matter to mom and dad. Doesn't it matter to you?"

"Danny, I love you. If loving you means I'm queer, then I guess I am. I can't help that, and I'm not going to stop loving you or even try to just so I can say I'm not queer. That doesn't mean either of us needs to go out and tell anybody else. It's just between us."

"I don't think so. I think your dad already knows."

"What do you mean?" Sam had forgotten that Danny had heard his conversation with his dad.

"Well, when you told him you loved me, you asked if he was OK with that. And he said yes. Doesn't that say something?"

"Maybe, maybe not. What else?"

"Well, he said something about us not doing anything to ruin our reputation at school. Do you think he was thinking about us being queer?"

"Maybe, but even if he was thinking that he said he and mom were OK with it. And he said your mom and dad were OK with it, too. So the only people that really matter are all OK with it, right?"

"Yeah, I guess. But I didn't want to be a queer."

"Well, maybe we are and maybe we aren't. I mean we haven't done any sex stuff except beat each other off, and lots of guys do that together. I've heard 'em talk about it at school."

Dan was quiet for a few minutes and then spoke again.


"Yeah, Danny?"

"What do you think about when you beat off at home?"

"Where did that question come from?" Sam asked with a startled expression.

"Outta nowhere," Dan answered with a giggle. "Now answer the question."

"Well... uhh.. I don't know. Nothin' in particular, I guess. What do you think about?"

"Come on, Samuel. I know you think about something. You don't just play with it. Do you think about a girl's boobs, or touching her pussy, or what?"

For some reason, Sam was embarrassed. He had never thought he would have to tell anybody what he thought about when he masturbated, especially not Dan. He remained silent.

"Come on, Samuel. If you tell me, I'll tell you."

"Tell me first."

"No fair, I asked first."

"But that's a really personal question. You asked first, so you gotta tell first."

"What's so personal, for cryin' out loud. You know about the chicken pox scar on my dick! What's more personal than that!?"

Sam giggled at what Dan had said and the tone of his voice.

"Yeah, and a pretty dick it is, too!"

"Yuck! You said pretty was for girls."

"Ok, cute, then. But you still gotta tell me first."

Dan hadn't planned on Sam being so bashful about this and certainly hadn't planned on being the first to disclose his secret. But he realized Sam wasn't going to budge on this topic, so he finally spoke.

"I think about you, Samuel. I think about the way you're holding me now. I think about your face, about how you're all the time rubbing my hair or stroking my cheeks. I think about your penis and balls and how cute they are. I think about playing with you and you playing with me. That's usually when I climax, when I'm thinking about bringing you off with my hand."

Sam was silent for a few minutes.

"Wow, me too."

Being the age they were, this brief conversation was all it took to bring their boyhoods to bold erections. As his desires began to build down below, Dan leaned back and tilted his head up to look at his boyfriend.

"Kiss me Samuel?" he asked quietly, a look of absolute love in his eyes.

For once, it was Sam who teared up. The look of love in Dan's eyes and the way he asked to be kissed overwhelmed his emotions. Without verbal response, he leaned forward and began kissing Dan all over his face. Starting at his hairline, he moved across Dan's forehead, then paused at each eye, then moved down the side of his nose, stopping to gently rest his lips against Danny's.

Who knew which tongue started dancing first. Neither was keeping track. With their breathing rapidly turning into panting, their arms tightened around each other, and their hips began to move against each other, grinding their hardons one against the other. They hugged, they cried gently, they traded spit, each tongue dancing against the other, trading places in each other's mouth, washing teeth, licking gums and palate and inside cheeks. Soon their moans were escaping into the room unbidden and unheard by themselves.

As their arousal grew, their hands began to move. Dan's moved first. He wanted Sam so much. His love for his boyfriend seemed about to burst from his chest, threatening to overload his heart like too much air in a balloon. His free hand, the one Sam wasn't lying on, moved down Sam's side, across his butt, down his thigh and back up to his crotch. There, it grabbed the object of his desire, gently squeezing the prize which was throbbing so hard Dan could feel it.

Even as Dan was working to get Sam's pants unzipped and unbuttoned, Sam's hand made its way down to Dan's crotch, following the same pattern his friend had used. His was the easier task, though, since Dan was wearing shorts with just an elastic waistband. Before Dan had Sam's zipper pulled down all the way, Sam had slipped his hand under the waistband of Dan's shorts and grabbed his erection through his undershorts.

Immediately, Dan's hand found its way onto Sam's cotton covered penis and balls. The mutual moment of touching and being touched almost brought them both to a climax, and their groan of excitement was louder than they would have wanted. They hadn't worried about Nancy, because she was spending the weekend with one of her friends. But Sam's dad had, at that precise moment, been walking past Sam's room and heard them. And what he heard confirmed his suspicions.

"Oh, God, Samuel. That feels so good!"

"Danny, your penis feels so hot in my hand, but you're going to make me cum too fast. Let's get out of these clothes."

"What about your folks?"

"I think they went out, but we need to be quiet, just in case."

The boys tore at each other's clothing until they were down to their shorts. Then Sam made Dan get up and stand in front of him.

"Why do I have to stand up? I'm about to lose it here."

"That's quite a tent you're making in your shorts, bud," Sam said with a grin. And he leaned forward and placed a kiss right on the head of Dan's cotton clad dick.

At that point, Mr. Russell had heard enough and moved on down the hall. He hoped he would still have an opportunity to talk to the boys before the weekend was over.

As Sam's dad walked away, Dan almost collapsed from the sexual rush that accompanied the visual pleasure of seeing Sam kiss him in that most private of places. The only thing which kept him standing was Sam's hands grabbing the backs of his thighs. The sudden buckling of Dan's knees caused Sam to grab his thighs quickly, resulting in a pull towards him as well as upward. Suddenly Sam found his face buried in Dan's crotch, not just lightly kissing his penis.

The aroma which filled his nostrils was more powerful than Sam had ever encountered, most likely from the combined affect of the physical and the emotional. Here he was, not even accustomed to kissing his boyfriend on the lips, and suddenly he was practically smothered by a part of Dan's body he had only looked at and fingered. The emotional impact of the moment was truly overwhelming, and he himself almost swooned.

Neither of the boys seemed able to react to the sensations that washed over them. Dan just stayed as he was, barely standing, leaning against Sam and the bed, his hands on Sam's head for support. Sam just sat there intoxicated by Dan's musky youthful aroma, yet barely breathing, his hands moving slowly up to cup Dan's little bubble butt and pull his groin more tightly against his face.

When they had finally regained some control of their senses, Dan pushed back gently on Sam's head and looked down, even as Sam looked up. Their facial expressions mirrored one another. Any onlooker would have envied the rapturous look of love that made each face seem to shine.

"Oh my god, Samuel. What was that all about? I could hardly stand, I felt so weak."

"I don't know, Danny. I wasn't really thinking of what I was doing, just wanted to give you a little peck on your pecker. Then I just lost it. It felt like you were going to fall, so I grabbed you. Then everything just went haywire. I may be having a heart attack here."

"Did I cum?"

"I don't think so. Let me look."

And with that, Sam finished what he started out to do. Slipping his fingers into the waistband of Dan's J C Penney briefs, his eased them down off his butt and over that gorgeous tool of his, the one that was sticking straight out at Sam's face. Sam was tempted to kiss it again but let it pass.

"As hard as you still are, Danny, I don't think you came yet."

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Samuel. But boy it sure felt good. Now it's my turn."

Dan sat down and made Sam get up and stand in front of him. With Sam's hands resting on his shoulders, Dan reached out and softly stroked the length of his friend's erection through his underpants. The palm of his hand rubbed over Sam's ballsac as his fingers traced the ridge on the bottom of Sam's dick. For a moment, they each thought Dan was going to copy Sam's action from just moments before. But a sudden inspiration caused Dan to move his head back a little and slide his hands up Sam's thighs, across his privates to grasp the waistband of his Hanes briefs.

When he had removed Sam's undershorts and let them fall to the floor, Dan moved his hands back up to grasp his friend's hard instrument with one hand and his soft hairless scrotum with the other. As he played, he studied his friend's pubic area lovingly. All of a sudden, he looked up at Sam with a startled expression.

"What?" Sam said, looking down.

"You've got some hairs coming in down here!" Dan said with a mixture of respect and envy.

He moved his head closer as if to get a better look and surprised Sam with a kiss right on the head of his penis.

"Omigod, Danny!"


"You just kissed my dick!"

"You want to keep your voice down a little, or shall we just call your mom and dad in here so they can watch?"

Sam turned beet red when he realized how loud he had spoken.

"Besides, you kissed mine!" Dan said in a whisper.

"Yeah, but you still had your shorts on."

"So? Your penis doesn't scare me. I mean, we've already traded spit, and that sure wasn't bad."

"Well, I'm not complaining, ya know? I was just shocked. Actually, it was kinda neat."

Dan stood up and pressed the head of his throbbing tool against Sam's erect penis. Then the boys grabbed each other in a tight hug and soon were humping their hips together, the shafts of their penises rubbing each other, the mushroom heads pressing into that little mound of meat and flesh that would soon be covered with hair.

"Let's get under the covers, Samuel. This will be more fun lying down."

The boys let go of each other just long enough to get into bed, then Sam grabbed Dan in another hug and began lavishing kisses all over his face. When he paused for breath, Dan returned the favors, leaving little wet trails across his boyfriend's cheeks, nose and forehead. As he ended up at Sam's lips, they once again began the dance of the oral manipulators that they had so recently learned about.

As their hormones kicked in, responding to the messages sent out by the sensory receptors in their lips and tongues, their hardons began to throb and ache. Soon, their hands were upon each other's equipment, squeezing, stroking, pulling, rubbing. Before long, Sam had pulled Dan on top of him, toes to toes (well, almost) and nose to nose. They began to lunge against each other, their dicks reveling in new sensations. Without actually thinking about the position they were in and its similarity to a couple making love, their instincts told them that they were now engaged in another act of love.

As their bodies reacted to the thrusting of their hips, the rubbing of stomach on stomach, chest against chest, stiff little nipples against the other's and tongues dancing wildly over each other's lips and faces, they lost control of their emotions, voices and bodies.

"Oh, Samuel, I love you so much. Is this what love feels like? Oh, God, I'm going to cum!" Dan almost shouted, fighting to keep his voice down.

"Oh, God, Danny, I never knew we could do this. Your penis feels so good rubbing against mine. I love you so much! Don't cry, Danny, don't cry! Here I cum, cum with me!"

And with one last simultaneous cry, the boys came together, sweat making their bodies shine and slide against one another more easily, more sensuously. Their hugs became almost desperate, their breathing more like the gasps of fish out of water. The bed springs threatened to wake the neighborhood (which, of course wasn't asleep at 4:00 on a Saturday afternoon).

Finally, they each bit their lips to keep from saying anything more as their bodies began to relax. Dan laid his head on Sam's chest where he listened to the rapid, almost erratic beating of his love's heart. In utter relaxation, Sam's arms released his boyfriend and fell to the bed as though they had no muscles at all. Fortunately, Dan was light enough that his weight wasn't causing Sam any breathing problems.

Eventually Dan slid off and lay at Sam's side, his one arm lying across Sam's chest, his fingers slowly moving up and down his side, moving over to play with his nipples occasionally. Sam lifted the arm on which Dan was lying and pulled him closer to himself, resting his hand on his best friend's shoulder.

"Wow!" whispered one.

"Yeah, me too." Whispered the other.

"Do you suppose anybody heard us?" Dan asked.

"I hope not," Sam answered. "I wouldn't want to embarrass anybody."

The boys giggled at that and then dropped into that peaceful sleep that follows a mind-blowing orgasm, the top sheet coming up just far enough to cover their privates, but not as far as their underwear would have been had they been wearing any.

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"After several minutes of this, Sam's dad got up from his chair and knelt at his son's feet. As Sam looked at him without shame, fear or embarrassment, he made his decision. There was no way he couldn't love this boy and his friend, regardless of where their love for each other might take them.  Well, I guess I know what those special times are, now, don't I, son." and "Yeah, dad. Thanks for being so understanding. Is mom OK with this?" "Yes, Sam, your mom and I love you dearly, and we're both Ok with this. I think Dan's mom and dad will be, too. But his dad may take a little longer to show it."

Sam’s father is a revelation. I did not expect him to be so moved by is son’s love for another boy, let alone express he was OK with it, particularly given the story is set in the 1950’s.

An emotional chapter for the boys, Sam’s dad and your readers too @gdaniel. I was not alive in the 1950’s but was a teenager in the late 1970’s. When I think of what I was like at a similar age to Sam and Danny, Sam and Danny are very innocent (and I was by no means well versed in the pleasures of the flesh). One often reads of how society “lost its innocence” after the sexual revolution of the late 1960’s; this is convincingly portrayed when reading this most charming of stories about two very likeable boys.

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Wow! Now that was mind blowing! The fact that Alex's dad did not stop what was happening was so awesome!

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