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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Lust and Chastity - 15. Chapter 15

"Finian was one happy human. He and Jack had crossed over into Zirao Zion merely four weeks prior, and the dimension they were in was already feeling more like home than Earth. Fin's days spent at the Montcroix estate were never dull. Jack and Lee'en came to visit him every day, though the blond was positive that Lady Penelope had enchanted his pink-haired friend with her incredible garden. A different member of Alistair's family would greet him and talk with him throughout various times of the day. He was just as intrigued by them as they were of him!

That morning he awoke, enveloped in warmth, with the early rising sun. His beloved mate had been true to his word and hadn't pressed him to fully consummate their bond. However, they were definitely well on their way. They were mates. They just needed to put their mating marks on each other and truly make love. Finian knew Alistair was ready whenever Fin was, but the Nightmare was nothing if not patient. Fin wanted that final step to be special, perfect.

Fin's navy blue eyes blinked open as a devious smile tugged at his lips. He slowly lifted himself onto his elbows and peered over at the sleeping Nightmare.

Alistair's soft snoring indicated that he was still out cold. With a quiet snicker, Finian crawled under the blankets and carefully straddled the older man's chest as he sought his treasure. The two of them had become accustomed to sleeping in the nude since, night after night, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. So, the soft shaft was easy to access. The human gently took the flesh into his hand and leaned down to suck it into his mouth.

Alistair moaned in his sleep and shifted, nearly throwing Finian off. But, the human's balance was excellent. He kept his mouth just where he wanted it, feeling a giddy thrill as Alistair began to grow firm.

It was warm under the blankets, but Fin was getting hot for an entirely different reason. His own cock was growing as quickly as Alistair's. Finian moaned softly as he rubbed himself against his mate's chiseled muscles. The human lost himself in the sensations of rubbing against the body beneath him as well as the shaft filling his mouth.

The younger man squeaked in surprise when strong hands grabbed his hips, yanking him upward. Fin's length was quickly and expertly drawn into the warm cavern of Alistair's mouth.

Finian moaned around the flesh in his mouth but eagerly took him even further inside as his fingers stroked around the base and between his balls. He sucked harder and shifted his head faster, inhaling through his nose and savoring the Nightmare's taste.

Alistair groaned beneath him, his thick thighs tensing in pleasure. He pulled away from Fin's cock to suck and nibble at his human's warm sac and the balls hidden within.

The human pressed his fingers against the underside as he rose back to the head of Alistair's cock. He gave the head a hard suck, licking and pressing his tongue against the urethra opening, before working his way back down.

Alistair gave a rumbling moan, thrusting up into Fin's eager mouth. The Nightmare captured Finian's cock again, working it with his tongue and sucking it to the base.

The smaller man felt a rolling shiver of pleasure down his spine at the thrust and found himself squirming in place when he felt Alistair's mouth on him again. He increased the suction as he dove further and further down until the shaft pressed against the back of his throat.

Alistair's hands snuck around to grope the soft mounds of Fin's delectable ass. One hand slid between the cheeks to tease and stroke his entrance.

When he felt the fingers at his entrance, it prompted the human to moan and pull back. At moments like those, he wanted the Nightmare to do as he pleased with him. But, a stronger part of Fin felt as if it wasn't the time. He was still young and nowhere near the Montcroix's level. Finian wanted to be a touch more mature. He wanted to find a job and explore what he wanted to do as he continued to live by Alistair's side. Hell, he wanted to use his first paycheck to buy the older man an engagement ring.

But, he couldn't deny how badly he wanted to give in, either. He let out a shuddering breath as he wiggled closer to the fingers. "Allie..."

Alistair pulled back to reassure his mate. "Let yourself feel, Finian. I promise I won't take things too far, not until you are completely ready." He nuzzled his lover's soft inner thigh. "I never would." The Nightmare smiled into Fin's skin. "But I think you'll like this..."

Alistair drew Finian's hard length into his mouth again, drawing the tip against the roof of his mouth as his tongue worked the rest. The tip of one finger drew circles around Fin's tight little entrance. Alistair tapped against it, then pressed harder. It was enough force to spread Finian slightly, but not enter him. Alistair let up on the pressure, then pushed again. He let his mouth move in a matching rhythm of advance and retreat, never quite breaching the breathtaking human trembling above him.

Finian had lost the ability to think, let alone speak. He mewled and breathed hot, erratic air along the Nightmare's length as he stroked it with his hands, unable to concentrate on much else at the moment. "Allie...cosmos," He panted as his legs began to tremble. This was certainly not what he had in mind when he thought to wake Alistair up.

The Nightmare moved faster; licking, sucking, pushing, and pumping his throbbing cock into Finian's grasp. Over and over, Fin thought the tip of Alistair's finger would slip inside him, but the Nightmare always stopped just shy of entering him. It was delicious torture. Pairing it with Alistair's far too talented mouth was enough to drive a sane man mad.

If he didn't know better, Finian might think the Nightmare was working him into a frenzy to get Fin to relent and allow Alistair to take him fully. The young man knew better, though. If he begged Alistair to fuck him at that moment, the Nightmare would refuse. Alistair wouldn't fully claim his mate until they'd talked about it and until he was sure Fin was ready, that it was truly what he wanted.

It made Finian feel oddly safe in the midst of a bombardment of pleasure that made him buck and moan wantonly.

Just as he was nearing the edge, Fin took hold of Alistair's sac with both hands and swallowed him whole once again, purring his completion and sucking hard, even as he came inside the Nightmare's mouth.

Alistair nearly choked on a loud moan as the blond flooded his mouth. He pumped himself twice into his mate's eager sucking before falling over the edge himself, his orgasm wracking him as he arched his back, lifting Fin with him. The human held on tenaciously, continuing to suck with determination until Alistair was utterly spent.

Finian took several deep breaths after carefully releasing the softened flesh from his mouth. He pressed a trail of kisses on the Nightmare's inner thigh and carefully rolled onto his back beside him. Sometime during the midst of it all, their bedsheets had fallen onto the floor, but the human was grateful to be able to take in large gulps of air because of it. After a moment, he let out a snicker.

"Good morning?" He greeted his beloved Montcroix, trailing his fingers along the top of his thigh and knee.

Alistair dragged his much smaller mate on top of him, so they were face to face. He pressed a smiling kiss to Finian's lips.

"Very good morning," Alistair told him firmly.

The younger man beamed down at his mate to be. He gave him a return kiss and then wiggled out of his grasp to get the water running for their morning shower. Sometimes they took turns, but they enjoyed washing one another, as well. When they were each dressed and ready for the day, Alistair in his business attire and Finian in more casual clothing, they headed over to the kitchen for one of Annish's incredible breakfasts. That day, the renowned chef made Fin a French Toast masterpiece with berries, swirls of butterscotch and cinnamon, powdered sugar, and a dollop of freshly whipped cream. From the moment Annish realized that the human had a zest for food, Finian had become his guinea pig for many recipes and meals. His honest feedback was greatly appreciated by the chef. Alistair's meal, however, was more often than not made by the sous-chef.

After their breakfast, Alistair's father, Altyn, and two of Alistair's brother-in-laws congregated by the entrance. Alistair's sisters and mother bid them good-bye, and Finian saw Allie off with a kiss and a promise to meet him for their usual lunch later on in the day. Penelope Montcroix would then converse with Finian on their way to the library, eager to regale him with tales of Alistair's youth. In the library, Fin met up with Felix as the two of them were given a daily lecture by Lucien.

"On this continent, our regions are fairly evenly divided into Junziean, Cha Borolan, Sero, Peraza, and our very own Zirao Zion." Lucien recounted as the screen projector lit up each continent in a different color. The lesson was a refresher course for Felix and doubled as a new lesson for Finian.

A tiny folded piece of paper landed on the table in front of Finian. The human blinked and opened it to find a rather well-done caricature of Lucien with a whip in one hand and a speech bubble pointing at him saying, "Blah, blah, blah." Drawings of Finian and Felix were sprawled in front of Lucien. Their eyes were closed, and spirals of Z's drifted from their heads.

Fin snorted softly and edited the drawing to have his caricature awake and paying attention before passing it back to the naughty Nightmare. "How many continents does this world have and does it have a name as a whole?" He asked in curiosity.

"Fourteen continents," Lucien replied as he snatched the note from Felix and frowned at it. "As a whole, it is simply considered 'the world.' We will go into further detail about the other continents in another lesson. For now, we will continue to go over our own continent. We have what could be considered as a monorail in your world that circles the entire continent several miles high off the ground. Several enchantments balance out the force of the speed so that it is not felt from the inside. However, the velocity well exceeds that of your 'cars.' Three trains cycle during the morning, noon, and night. They are our main means of traveling from one region to the next without having to go on hoof."

"Do the continents have names?" Fin asked.

The scholar tilted his head slightly. "In a way. Each continent has a symbol that represents it, and ours is called Seven-Rehn." He explained as he drew a tribal number seven with four smaller swirls and symbols around it.

Felix stretched dramatically and sighed.

"You aren't going to start talking about the other continents again, are you?" The young Nightmare stared blankly at the ceiling. "It's so boring, and it's not like we're ever going to need to know that stuff." He let his eyes fall to his red-headed mate. "I can say one hundred percent that I've never needed any information about any place other than Seven-Rehn or the human realm in any conversation I've ever had or will have." Felix rested his elbow on the table and his chin on his fist. "Have some mercy for poor Fin if you don't have any for me. That crap is so boring and dry he's going to wither and blow away."

Lucien gave his young mate a stern glance, but his face softened as he turned towards Finian. "Does any of what he just said ring true, Master Finian?" He inquired.

The human shook his head. "I find every bit of knowledge fascinating, thank you so much for teaching me!"

"Hey," Felix said teasingly. "I'm supposed to be teacher's pet!" He grinned up at Lucien, holding his hands up like a begging puppy. "Right, Master?"

The copper-haired Nightmare lifted Felix's chin. "You are my mischievous mate. I have no use for pets." He pointed out. "You'd do well to pay attention. Though you may not actively use the information right now, as a Montcroix, you will need to know all of this."

Felix stuck out his bottom lip. "Fine...But can I be your little pet later?"

Lucien took a step back, feeling himself stiffen in more places than he'd have liked. "I think it's time for your dancing lesson." He all but growled.

"...on that note, I'm off to find Habby. Thanks again Sir Luce!" Finian responded as he left the library.

The human all but ran out of the library, slowing down once he was in the main hallway once more. As much as he enjoyed learning and spending time with Lucien and Felix, the two of them were notorious for forgetting he was there and going into full make-out sessions right before his eyes. Finian had seen enough flashes of skin from them to last a lifetime. As he rounded the corner, he nearly walked right into the man he was looking for.

"Sir Habby!" Fin greeted as he gave him an affectionate hug.

The mature Nightmare always returned the hug hesitantly, not wanting to hurt the young human's feelings, but knowing that it was not proper conduct for a Montcroix to hug members outside of their blood family, albeit a future Montcroix like Finian. In addition, Habacuc had his own feelings of guilt in regards to how he, himself, behaved around the blonde's human father.

"Good noon, young one." The scholar greeted. "Are you ready to meet with Master Alistair for lunch?"

"Definitely!" Finian replied with a grin. At noon, he and Habby would head out of the estate together. The way to the entrance was so long that it was much faster on horseback, or in his case, Nightmare-back.

After announcing as much to the Lady Penelope, the two of them walked out of the front door of the estate, where Habacuc shifted into his equine form. He had a dark grey pelt with darker gray spots, a dark violet mane and tail, and a set of kind amber eyes.

Finian was becoming more and more adept at riding. He gracefully mounted the Nightmare, and Habby gently galloped out of the massive estate. The two of them always travelled near the heart of the city, always stopping about a block away from the Montcroix business building, where Alistair worked. Habby would then head a different way to the nearest dimension boundary to check on Finian's father, and Fin would walk the rest of the way.

When they reached the drop-off point, Finian dismounted and thanked Habacuc for the lift. The Nightmare watched after the human until he rounded the corner before making his way to the dimension boundary. From the moment he first met Robert Fair, he realized that he couldn't idly stand by and watch over him from a distance. The Scholar had, quite rudely, imposed himself on the middle-aged human and had named himself little more than Robert's warden.

As he crossed through the boundary, he smoothly shifted forms until he was human in appearance. After a Unicorn or Nightmare reached the ripe age of 30, the rules changed for the enchantment that kept them hidden from humans. Instead of being covered with two layers of invisibility, they could instead be covered in a layer of glamour.

The glamour that Habacuc had in place made his dark violet hair appear black, and his amber eyes appear brown. The Scholar gently tugged on the ends of the sleeves of his suit and walked the rest of the way to CopyWorld with long, measured strides. He appeared every inch the businessman as he walked through the glass doors and sought out a set of navy blue eyes.

Those eyes rolled when they saw their daily Nightmare escort. Robert was working with a girl named Megan, that day. She was twenty-five, so she only saw the Nightmare because of his glamour. She clearly liked what she saw, though.

On the days Megan knew she'd be working with Robert, she made sure she tried to look her best. Her clothes were within the dress code, but she wore a short skirt instead of pants, and her shirt was more than a size too small, showing off her ripe breasts. Her pretty brown hair was carefully coiffed, and her makeup had been touched up just a few minutes before the Nightmare came in. She fought a giggle and a blush when she saw him.

Robert acted like the Nightmare wasn't even there turning, instead, to his coworker and letting her know he was heading out to lunch. The man walked quickly, continuing to ignore his escort. Megan gave her manager and Habacuc a little wave and a smile as they left.

Ever polite, Habacuc gave her a slight bow as he followed after his charge. "I take it that it wasn't a pleasant day," He said as he caught up to him.

Robert snorted and walked faster. "Don't talk to me about pleasant when you're keeping me from my son," the human growled.

"Need I remind you that I serve you both?" Habby replied. "You might not see the big picture just yet, but you should learn to trust me."

"Serve me? Trust you?" Robert turned on him, a wild look in his bloodshot navy-blue eyes. "You show up after I think my only child is gone for college and I find out that crazy mythical creatures have taken him to another dimension!" Robert's eyes narrowed has he hissed at Habacuc. "You have the gall to judge me, manhandle me, and then inform me that I'm going to be kept from my son?" The human stepped close and glared up at the scholar. "Don't give me crap and then tell me it's diamonds."

Robert turned on his heel and stomped into the next building on the street, which happened to be a liquor store.

Habacuc rushed over to intercept him, standing right before the entrance. "You do want to go live with him, don't you?" He questioned. "Finian wants you to go."

"Don't lie to me," Robert whispered, pushing past the scholar into the store.

"Robert!" The clerk called. "Haven't seen you around as much lately. We've got a deal going on your brand."

"Sounds great, I'll grab a case." The blue-eyd man gave a nod to the clerk as he opened the beer cooler and picked up a twenty-four pack. He was turning to head to the counter and found Habacuc passively blocking his way.

"Move," Robert growled. "I'm not up for your holier than thou bull today."

"Please, at least reduce the amount by a fraction." Habacuc insisted.

Robert looked ready to punch the taller man, but put the case back and got a twelve pack instead.

"There, happy?" he snapped. "Like being followed around by my goddamned high school guidance counselor."

"If that's what you which to see me as" Habacuc responded stiffly. However, he was quite relieved that the human did not buy the excess. His eyes softened just a fraction. "He was very happy today. Talked to me about the geography he had learned earlier that morning."

"Why do you torture me?" Tears pricked Robert's eyes. "Why can't you leave me in peace?"

He stepped around the Nightmare and headed to the counter. He quickly paid and left, continuing his short walk home.

"It is not meant to be torture, it is meant to be motivation." The Nightmare refuted. "You know that it's not me he truly wishes to tell everything to."

"What I know is that you are keeping me from my boy!" Robert wouldn't look at Habacuc as he continued marching angrily down the street. "I don't want a baby sitter telling me what I can and can't do, dangling the possibility of a visit with Fin as some sort of carrot just so I'll fall into line." He blinked hard as his eyes burned. "If he was off at college, I could have at least called him sometimes. I knew I wouldn't see him a lot, but I could talk to him, and I know he'd have visited when he could."

The Nightmare appeared taken aback for a moment, but the human kept on.

The blue-eyed man stomped up his steps and unlocked the door. "I have no way of knowing you're telling me the truth about any of this. This could just be some sick game for you, and I'll never see Fin again no matter what I do." Robert flung the door open, rattling the glass in the window. "So, don't expect my gratitude when you taunt me with little tidbits that I have no way of knowing are true." He glared at the scholar. "You showed me what you are, told me you're a Nightmare. Well, you're certainly mine."

The human turned and walked into the house, not bothering to shut the door behind him.

Habacuc followed him in, allowing him to rant as much as he wanted. "Then, you will hear the truth from his very lips this weekend." He conceded as he tried to ignore the sharp pain he felt in his chest at hearing the torn man's insecurities. "I will speak with the Montcroix."

"I don't believe you," Robert said coldly as he shoved the beer in the fridge, grabbing one as he did so.

He cracked it open and took a pull. He knew he could only have a couple over lunch since he had to go back to work. He turned and stared angrily at the Nightmare.

"Do you want to know what I believe?" He took a long drink, covering how his voice broke. "I believe my son is dead. You or someone like you took him...and killed him." Robert looked away glaring at the floor. "But what can I do? I know you're not human, so it's not like I can call the police." He ran a hand through his hair, yanking hard at the dark blond locks. "And you wave this hope in front of me, telling me about my son and how maybe, someday, I'll get to see him again if I just do everything you tell me to." Robert leaned back on the counter like he needed the support. "And I stand like a fool, hoping, praying, as you watch me. Probably enjoying every moment, while I know my boy is probably rotting in the dirt somewhere or worse."

Robert slid down until he was sitting, tipping the can back until the drink was gone. His anger and hopelessness flooded him. The blond pulled his arm back and flung the can as hard as he could at the wall.

The more he watched Robert Fair, the more Habby realized that he needed round the clock care. He had kept the man from his son due to the horrid state he had found him in. The Scholar didn't want the lovely young man to see his father this way. However, he was starting to realize that it had been a mistake to keep them apart for so long. Four weeks, to a person like Robert, must have felt like four years. "His favorite color is blue. He doesn't have a favorite food because he enjoys all food...and he expresses as much quite loudly with inappropriate sounds." He said out loud. "He can't go a day without talking to his best friend, Jack. How could I know all of this if he weren't alive?"

Robert looked up at the Nightmare. There was hope on his face, but it was a painful kind of hope. The human knew he was never father of the year material, but he still loved his son. He always had and always would. Habacuc was right. Those were things that only a friend would know of Fin. But, Robert was still terrified. He wanted to believe his son was alive and happy. But he feared that if he allowed himself to believe that, and then his hope was taken away...he wasn't sure he could survive it.

"Do you swear?" Robert's voice was rough with emotion. "Swear to me I'll see my son."

"I swear that you will see your son soon," Habacuc responded with conviction as he placed a hand on the man's shoulder. "I swear it on the Montcroix family line itself."

Robert allowed the touch for a moment before shrugging it off and standing. He looked at the clock. He didn't have time to eat, and he needed to get back to work. A bottle of mouthwash sat next to the kitchen sink. He swished a mouthful and spat, hoping it covered the beer on his breath. He couldn't bring himself to worry too much about it.

"I'm going back to work." Robert ran his fingers through his hair, hoping it didn't look too terrible. "Stay, go back where you came from...I don't care anymore."

"I'll be here when you return," Habby confirmed as he watched the human head back. He rubbed his knuckles just over his heart, frowning once again at what he felt.

After Finian rounded the corner of his drop-off point, his thoughts immediately turned to Alistair. What should the two of them eat for lunch? Since they were near the heart of the city, they had many choices when it came to food. He had to remember to stop by and say hello to Raj while he was at it, the mixed Nightmare actually enjoyed small interruptions throughout the work day.

The human was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn't notice when the two men behind him slipped up too close for comfort. When he felt a hand around his elbow and another on his shoulder, he was startled. As the two of them forcefully tugged him back, he finally recognized them. They had been seen here and there around him and Alistair as passersby from the moment he had crossed over into Zirao Zion!

Memories of glimpses flashed through his mind. The two men walked out of the first café Alistair took him to. The same two men had shocked expressions on their faces when they caught him and Alistair making out at the public gardens. They had even occasionally passed the two men on their way to the Montcroix estate!

"Let me go!" He hissed as he tried to break out into a run. However, their grip was too strong. Panic gripped the human, and he began to struggle and wail. "LET GO!" One of them pressed a hand to Finian's forehead. He saw a brief flicker of light before his vision faded to darkness.

One of the men shifted into his equine form while the other man mounted him, draping Finian's unconscious form in front of him. The two of them then took off.

When Finian next opened his eyes, he found himself laying on top of a leather couch in someone's study. As his eyes focused, he noted the shelves lined with books. His gaze was drawn to the green lamp on top of the cherry wood desk. Sudden movement made him gasp and rush up to a sitting position.

"What do you want from me!?" Finian all but shrieked.

The Unicorn that stood from the desk was aged but still considered good-looking. His hair was salt and pepper, and his eyes were a very pale blue. He was elegant and could have easily been taken for a wise Scholar if it wasn't for the sharpness in his eyes.

"I am Elder Galamin, young Maiden." The man greeted coldly as he peered down at Fin. "And I want you to obey me."

Copyright © 2017 HinderToyBL, Rambling Robin, Thirdly; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Glad to have Finian back, but not so happy about him being kidnapped. Alistair will have a fit. Is he able to find Finian even if they aren't mated fully yet? If so I expect that unicorn is in for a very nasty surprise. :evil:
The older nightmare should simply take Robert over and make him sober up there. Hmm wait, no he can't do that, can he?

Edited by Timothy M.
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On 01/21/2017 09:39 PM, Timothy M. said:

Glad to have Finian back, but not so happy about him being kidnapped. Alistair will have a fit. Is he able to find Finian even if they aren't mated fully yet? If so I expect that unicorn is in for a very nasty surprise. :evil:

The older nightmare should simply take Robert over and make him sober up there. Hmm wait, no he can do that, can he?

I can't answer any of your questions without giving too much away. I can tell you that Robert does cross over. Finian having been kidnapped throws a big wrench in Habby's plans for them to see each other at the moment.

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It's going to take a lot to keep Alistair from finding Finn, and I feel sorry for the two that kidnapped him. I'm sure that Finn's dad finds out his son was kidnapped he's going to be madder than he's ever been. I'm wondering if the folks that took Finn are actually looking for one of Alistair's family. I can't wait to see what happens next. 

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On 6/21/2017 at 4:03 PM, Butcher56 said:

It's going to take a lot to keep Alistair from finding Finn, and I feel sorry for the two that kidnapped him. I'm sure that Finn's dad finds out his son was kidnapped he's going to be madder than he's ever been. I'm wondering if the folks that took Finn are actually looking for one of Alistair's family. I can't wait to see what happens next. 


Yes, the majority of the characters became quite busy after this.

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