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  1. HinderToyBL

    Crossing the Moon

    Images related to the story Crossing the Moon.
  2. HinderToyBL

    Chapter 18

    "That was so amazing!" Jasper said as he flopped into a seat on the bridge of the ship that he and Tilbei now considered theirs. The half-Polkin smiled sweetly up at his Nubra. "It was beautiful how Zay and Pip swam together. And Zay learned his part so fast! I know he said he had lots of practice swimming and that they changed some of his motions to things he could do more easily. But still, it was like they were dancing in the water. And then when Pip turned into his little Sepida self and wav
  3. HinderToyBL

    Chapter 17

    The short trip back to Pipolphi's village was full of chatter. The Sepida felt torn in a dozen directions. He wanted to talk nonstop to Zane, full of questions he hadn't had the vocabulary to properly voice before. Just listening to his human speaking Sepida in that big, deep voice left Pip a dreamy lavender with streaks of joyful green. Pip was also distracted by Louie and his mate. Pipolphi trilled and chirped at how cute Louie and Lilly were, amazed at how quickly they'd bonded and how we
  4. HinderToyBL

    Chapter 16

    Pip thought he understood, but wanted to clarify. He spoke in Sepida, {"Does that mean I won't have to pay for upgrades anymore? And all the languages are included with the upgrade you're doing today?"} That was way too good a deal. Sepida selling their essence wasn't a common thing, but it was done. Was there really such a demand for it that it was worth so much? It made the concern about Sepida being kidnapped by unscrupulous aliens make a bit more horrible sense. Greed was pretty much a unive
  5. HinderToyBL

    Chapter 15

    When Galieth and Munklad neared the dome that Pipolphi lived in, the pink Sepida stopped in his tracks. He started walking back towards his cousin's dome. But, then he stopped and marched his way back towards Pip's dome. A quivering wave of fearful black rolled over his skin for a moment, causing him to rush back towards Mun's dome, only for him to stop and turn a mustard hue of embarrassment. Galieth felt his hearts thump in his chest before he turned around and walked more determined than
  6. Alrighty...because no one responded (except @Timothy M., thank you) to my previous query, everyone forced me to do MATH. 😱

    According the numbers spread across four different websites, Crossing the Moon has the most:

    • views per chapter
    • likes/kudos/reactions per chapter
    • comments per chapter

    Followed by the KIAO/Cuddlefish series. If anyone's curious about the numbers, they're as follows:

    Crossing the Moon

    Average view per chapter: 2679

    Average comments per chapter: 16

    Average likes per chapter: 31

    Average other reactions per chapter: 24

    KIAO & Cuddlefish 

    Average view per chapter: 2083

    Average comments per chapter: 7

    Average likes per chapter: 15

    Average other reactions per chapter: 11

    Lust Series

    Average view per chapter: 1990

    Average comments per chapter: 9

    Average likes per chapter: 9

    Average other reactions per chapter: 9

    Though I did track each story down individually, I averaged out the numbers for KIAO and Cuddlefish together as well as the Lust Series. The singular versions still made no difference in the end result. Crossing the Moon is still the most popular of our collaborations, according to the numbers.

    I'll try to draw more Lust Series sketches on the side, @Timothy M.!

    If I manage to get this ball rolling, I'll let everyone know where and when I start posting the webcomic. :D 

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Well, I'd also like to see all the Moon characters in a comic, so that's fine with me. :yes: 

  7. Zero Judgment

    "Which Series Should Thirdly (and Robin if she ever has free time again) Attempt to Webcomic-ize?"


    A. Kidnapping is Always an Option (includes Cuddlefish)

    B. Lust and Chastity (includes Lust and Propriety)

    C. Crossing the Moon (includes stories that haven't happened yet)

     (No, "All of the above" is not a viable answer right now; it's what has me polling in the first place)

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      I vote for Lust and Chastity.

    2. Thirdly


      @Timothy M. Thanks for the vote. Come on, everyone, no fear. :2thumbs:

  8. HinderToyBL


    Still a solid brown hue of depression, Galieth pressed on. He was quite upset to know just how much that tall giant meant to Pipolphi. For some reason, he had believed that one day, he'd be able to be more honest with Pip and they would bond. What an idiot he was. The tiny Sepida rushed along faster than his cousin and their friends until he ducked into Munklad's private dome. Munk blew out a breath, gesturing to their other friends to go. Munklad would take care of Galieth like he always di
  9. HinderToyBL


    Excited to have returned home with a mate and a new friend, Pip was the first to dismount and rushed through the open hangar, burying his toes in the beach sand that began a few yards from where he had landed. The fine, white sand shimmered in the warm sunshine like a swath of crushed diamonds worn smooth by millennia of pounding surf. Pip closed his eyes and took a large breath of air, tears brimming in his eyes at the familiar feeling of being home. "Well, well, if it isn't Pipolphi ets De
  10. HinderToyBL


    Their steps were quick as Tilbei and Jasper strode through the throng outside the docking section holding the Hunnar ship. The very friendly Khassli greeter from the entrance had directed them there after Tilbei had inquired if the station worker had noticed a Sepida of slightly taller than normal height recently. The Khassli had sent them off with a gentle pat to the hat on Jasper's head that kept his ears held down in a way that wasn't too uncomfortable. The hybrid's lush tail was mostly hidde
  11. HinderToyBL


    Louie hadn't taken well to space travel, at first. Zane had cleaned up several messes, which Louie looked extremely embarrassed about, before the canine had adjusted to zipping through the dark. "One jump before, but that was insane. Driving like a bat outta hell," Pipolphi had told Zane, who was sitting on the floor with Louie overflowing his lap. "Three jumps safer." Pip checked their trajectory and the jump plans. Everything was set on the computer. Pip pushed back from the console an
  12. HinderToyBL


    Yes, I have a feeling that we're all going to have a total blast when we get to that point.
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