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  1. Zero Judgment

    "Which Series Should Thirdly (and Robin if she ever has free time again) Attempt to Webcomic-ize?"


    A. Kidnapping is Always an Option (includes Cuddlefish)

    B. Lust and Chastity (includes Lust and Propriety)

    C. Crossing the Moon (includes stories that haven't happened yet)

     (No, "All of the above" is not a viable answer right now; it's what has me polling in the first place)

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      I vote for Lust and Chastity.

    2. Thirdly


      @Timothy M. Thanks for the vote. Come on, everyone, no fear. :2thumbs:

  2. HinderToyBL


    Still a solid brown hue of depression, Galieth pressed on. He was quite upset to know just how much that tall giant meant to Pipolphi. For some reason, he had believed that one day, he'd be able to be more honest with Pip and they would bond. What an idiot he was. The tiny Sepida rushed along faster than his cousin and their friends until he ducked into Munklad's private dome. Munk blew out a breath, gesturing to their other friends to go. Munklad would take care of Galieth like he always did. Setran and Arolby looked sympathetic but didn't argue. Managing their petite companion could be tricky in the best of times. It was like navigating a Hesserack breeding ground when Galieth was wound up. Munklad was feeling a bit wound up, himself. He was still trying to process what had happened. Munk had been about to say something to calm Galieth and try to get the little pink Sepida to ease off on his harassment of Pipolphi. Munk had often been roped into the torment of the tall Sepida many times in their youth. Just thinking of it made his normally muddy-blue skin turn salmon pink with shame. Munklad had never joined in on the verbal taunts of Pip, but he had done other things that Galieth had talked him into doing. After Munklad's ceremony of adulthood, he'd refused to take part in Pipolphi's torment. He wouldn't directly stop Gal's activities but would do his best to redirect his cousin's attention and would no longer help Galieth in any cruel pranks. Gal hadn't taken Munk's 'betrayal' well, refusing to speak to his bigger cousin for a full cycle. Munklad didn't regret it, no matter how much Galieth's anger had hurt. Munk had thought many times of apologizing to Pipolphi but he couldn't seem to overcome his shame enough to approach the tall Sepida. Munk shook his head, rubbing the headache simmering above his right eye. Before he'd been able to do anything to help Pipolphi, a giant alien had been on them. The great creature had plucked up Galieth, and Munklad had been sure he was about to see his cousin's gory death before his eyes. Munk had lunged forward, only to be held back by Setran and Arolby. Munklad's struggles died, and he stared, frozen, as the giant used his massive hand to spank Galieth like a criminal convicted and sentenced to corporal punishment. Munk could tell the big alien hadn't struck Gal hard. It was obvious that the man was holding back his strength. Munklad was horrified, sure that Galieth would go mad at being treated like a criminal. And then Gal had turned blue. Munklad rubbed a hand over his face, trying to get the image out of his head. His cousin's skin flashing sapphire with dirty arousal as the final slaps of flesh against flesh resonated in the air...a part of him felt a guilty pleasure to be able to see such a thing. He had never seen his cousin turn blue before. Another part of him had become aggravated that everyone else witnessed it, too. He'd have preferred to see Galieth turning blue in private, for his eyes only. Cousins could bond and mate. It wasn't exactly common, but it happened, and no one really batted a lash at it. Munk had thought about it ever since they'd been moved to the juvenile pool, years ago, and seen the antics of some of the older Sepida. Munk had held back, waiting for the right time. Maybe a little afraid of rejection, of losing Galieth's friendship if he said anything. He'd been a coward, keeping any randy youths away from his cousin with a glare or a colorful, aggressive display. Gal had always laughed when it happened and told Munk he was too protective. They'd left the pools of youth and entered adulthood and still, he'd said nothing. Seeing Galieth's skin painted with the sapphire shades of arousal from another's hands had shocked Munk. He realized he was going to lose his cousin someday to someone else. Someone who wouldn't understand Galieth's tempers and insecurities. Someone that wasn't Munk. With that thought on his mind, Munklad went in the dome to find his cousin. Galieth was pacing about inside. Though the base of his skin was still brown, he was nearly a rainbow of striped colors as he ranted into the air. "A giant! He fell for a big, freaky, foreigner of all things!" The tiny Sepida's long hair strands swayed every time he turned his heel and paced from one end to another. "I won't stand for this! When Pip is not looking, I...I'll drown his tall troll! That's what I'll do!" He continued to rant as he paced. "He'll rue the day he ever so much as touched me!" "As for Pip, I'll-" Galieth trailed off and stood in place as he recalled the taller Sepida's last words to him. '...you're so dark on the inside,' he had said. 'Doesn't it hurt you?' Once again, he became a solid brown hue all over. Gal just stood there in the middle of the room, staring at the ground. They had all seen Pip defending someone before. He'd done so for that Nubra, Tilbei, of course. However, Galieth hadn't ever seen the tall Sepida so passionate about defending someone as he did that giant. The short Sepida wiped away the tears that had somehow rolled down his cheeks. The brown hue of his skin shifted into a defiant red. "How dare they do this to me!?" He started back up again, this time stomping from one end of the room to the other. "They'll both be sorry! I'll get them back! I don't care what it takes!" "Cousin, calm yourself before you ink," Munklad said from the archway, forcing his tone to be as mild as the lavender shade he pushed into his skin. Galieth had been so wrapped up in his ranting that he very nearly did ink himself. "Mun…" He paused for the slightest moment. But, then he started back up again. "I'm not calming down," He retorted, still a defiant red hue all over. "I'm seeking revenge. On both of them." "Enough of this. Come for a swim with me and forget the giant and Pipolphi. You did so well while he and his Nubra were gone." Galieth's hair began to tremble as he shook with unchecked rage. "So, now you're taking their side? My own cousin!?" "You know I'm not. I've always been there for you." Munklad sighed softly. "I'm just worried about you. I want you to be happy. This vendetta against Pipolphi, it's not good for you. It's been years. Can't you let it go?" "Like a novice Nubra, I'd let it go!" Gal countered. "They humiliated me...that giant even…" he trailed off, blushing for a moment. "I'll get them both back for what they did!" "What exactly did they do?" the larger Sepida demanded, beginning to lose his lavender coloring. "You attacked Pipolphi, again. You said you wouldn't do that anymore after you complained about how touching him disgusted you. Then, the biggest alien I've ever seen didn't tear your limbs off and snap you in half like he clearly could have." Munklad stopped Galieth's frantic pacing by standing in front of the smaller man and gripping his shoulders. "We're not hatchlings anymore, Gal. This is getting dangerous. We don't know anything about that alien. He didn't hurt you badly this time. Next time you might not be so lucky. Leave Pipolphi alone, forget him. You should have done it a long time ago." "That's easy for you to say," the smaller Sepida huffed as he shoved his cousin away. "Your pride wasn't hurt in the slightest. Your body didn't decide to betray you over the shoulder of a stranger!" He insisted before his voice fell down an octave in an obstinate manner. "Forget it, I'll do it with or without anyone's help." "No. Not this time." Munk said with equal determination. "I've let you go on with this madness for years. I thought you'd get it out of your system, but you won't, will you? You'll push this until you end up hurt or maybe killed. You think I'll just stand aside and let that happen? You're…you're my best friend, Gally, my most important person. You're done. No revenge. No saying cruel things or nasty pranks. You're leaving Pipolphi and his alien alone from now on." Galieth flickered white with brief surprise. "I'm your most important…?" He faltered for a second. He had never seen Munklad being so adamant...not since the time he decided to stop going along with his Pip-torture plans. But, Gal was still more stubborn. "I will still do as please!" He countered. "Is it that what you really want? Some kind of revenge for I don't even know what, anymore? I've never seen Pipolphi do anything to you. He's never even retaliated for the things you've pulled…things I used to do that you talked me into." Munk advanced on his cousin. Munklad was a bit on the tall side for a Sepida, but still within the range of normal. He wasn't as slender as most, carrying a more muscular bulk. Though he still looked willowy next to someone as broad and built as Pipolphi's alien, it was certainly still intimidating to other Sepida. He'd never used his size on Galieth before, never tried to make his cousin back down and feel smaller. Until now. "Do you want the giant's hands on you again?" Munk asked, voice dangerously low as flashes of red burst on his skin. "Don't tell me you didn't like it, I saw you all pretty and blue as he smacked your ass." Before he even realized it, Galieth began to flash in a challenge display, angry at the embarrassment his cousin brought back up. But, instead of admitting to it, he denied it. "Of course I don't," He hissed back. "How dare you even bring that moment back up?" "Are you trying to lie to yourself or to me? Because don't even try it with me. I know you too well." Munk didn't stop advancing until they were nearly touching. "Is that why you kept pushing Pipolphi? He's tall. You thought maybe he was strong enough to take you over his knee if he lost his temper? But he never did, did he." Munklad leaned close. "You don't have to go to Pipolphi or some alien if that's what you need. You only had to ask. You know I'd tame the tides if you wished for it." At first, Galieth's skin turned a deep mustard hue of embarrassment. How the hell had Mun figured out all of his deepest, darkest secrets? The ones that he refused to admit he even had? From the top of his head to the tips of his tiny toes, swirls of guilty salmon overtook the mustard hue, chased by swirls of shameful blue at the thought of his own cousin touching him that way. The small Sepida couldn't even bring himself to look Munklad in the eye as his long hair began to curl, something he hadn't ever shown anyone else. "A-Are you playing with me right now?" He questioned. "You can't be serious." "Serious as a riptide." Mun's hue shifted between red and a growing sapphire as he reached out, his fingers tracing down Galieth's side then back to cup the smaller man's backside. Munklad turned a bright, brilliant sapphire, his hair tangling and tightening. "Gally," he whispered, breathless, before tightening his hold and squeezing the flesh under his hand almost hard enough to bruise. "Tell me you want this." Galieth had always had difficulties with controlling his chlomatophores, and it was because he couldn't control it that he found himself turning a solid blue as his hair braided itself into a long Rapunzel-like braid. "I-I don't…" he sputtered, suddenly unsure of everything that led up to that moment. "I mean, I don't know if we should...M-Mun, what do you want in all of this?" "You," he said simply, before sweeping a stunned Galieth into his arms and striding down the hall and into the bedroom. Galieth's treacherous body flashed a lime green of excitement as he was carried off. All thoughts of Pipolphi, that tall foreign alien, and what they had been arguing about before...it all fled his mind faster than water flowing down river rapids. Why was Munklad doing all this? Galieth had never seen Mun aroused so up close before. Maybe his anger fueled arousal somehow? He wanted to ask his cousin so many questions, but he didn't want to do anything to break the taller Sepida's mood. Gal chirped in surprise as he was tossed into the middle of the sturdy, round bed. Mun crawled in after him, a predatory gleam in his golden eyes. "Would you like to be over my knee? Or should I flip you onto your belly and pin your wrists above your head with one hand while I spank you with the other?" Munklad was no stranger to giving a good spanking. Like all adults, he'd served his civic duty when his number was called. He'd taken the training course and delivered justice to a few criminals. Every few years the lottery system seemed to hit on him. Once he been called but they had no one who needed punishment. Those other times, he'd done his duty as the training had taught him. It had never turned him blue as the thought of laying his hands on Galieth was doing now. Another streak of guilty salmon rolled down Gal's body followed immediately by line of green-blue. He simply clambered across the bed until he was draped across Munklad's lap. He had to tug his hair, which only tightened further into the braided plait, over his shoulder to get it out of the way. For the moment, he held his upper body upon his elbows. "D-Do as you please," He whispered. Galieth had never been so aroused in his life. The sapphire hue displayed on Munklad's skin was the most beautiful and sexiest thing he had ever seen. He turned his head slightly to peek at his cousin's face and he could have sworn that he felt his own shaft hardening even more. The look in the taller Sepida's eyes turned Galieth's skin a lurid green-blue. "Mun, do you really want me like this?" Gal asked, his tone of voice insecure. "I never thought you were being serious…are you serious?" The smaller Sepida squirmed in place, feeling guilty. "I mean, when Setran had told me that he liked you enough to want to mate you, I backed off in case you liked him back…" "Setran?" Munklad said with a chuckle as he ran a gentle palm down Galieth's back. "That must have been a good while ago, for how long he's been utterly blue and green for Arolby." Munk frowned. "Wait. You backed off…from me? You never made any advances toward me. You never treated me as anything but your very platonic cousin." Rings of various shades of green rolled down Galieth's blue skin at Munk's touch, followed by a ring of guilty salmon. "I...I was going to, when we were barely more than juveniles...but, Setran confessed his feelings for you to me in private. He was just so honest, more honest than I could...I don't know, I just thought that maybe you would have preferred someone like him instead of me," He explained. "I always pictured you with someone amazing...with someone you deserved." Someone way better than me, he thought to himself as a thick band of sad brown rolled down his skin. "Have you ever seen me with anyone else?" Munklad asked seriously, his touch sliding lower to feel the soft roundness of Galieth's ass. Something long and hard pressed against the smaller Sepida's stomach. "Or haven't you noticed how I follow you around like a lost hatchling?" A blush formed on Galieth's cheeks when he felt what was, undoubtedly, Munk's enjoyment against him. Was that really for him? "I...I thought that was just cause we're family," Gal admitted. "I didn't think it was...I mean, how could someone like you come to like such a punk like me?" "Well, you can be a brat," Munk admitted with a light swat on the cheek he'd been fondling. He grinned when he saw the spark of blue chase across Galieth's skin. "But I see you when you aren't acting up around everyone else. I love who you are when it's just you and me and you aren't on a tear about something. You're clever, sweet, funny..." "And mean and stupid and stubborn," Galieth huffed in response. "Quick to pick on someone just to get his attention...for many, many moon cycles." Tears began to brim in the small Sepida's eyes. "I've been such an idiot all this time, Mun...I don't deserve you." "Then do better. Be someone who deserves me. I'm going to do my best to be someone who deserves you." Munklad's hand lifted and fell with a smack that seemed to echo in the room. "And if it's some kind of absolution you want for past behavior," Munk rubbed the stinging flesh of Gal's backside. "I think maybe we might both enjoy the activity." "Hanh!" Galieth covered his mouth with both hands, shocked at the sound that came out of it. Tiny specks of salmon rolled over his brightening blue hue. "M-Mun…" he gasped as he wiggled his lower half. "Please?" "You want more?" Munklad's voice dripped wickedness. His hand came down on Galieth's other cheek with a crack. "You want me to spank this ass until it's radiating warmth and you'll think of me whenever you sit tomorrow?" After an initial squeak of contact, Galieth nodded fervently. "Yes, please, Mun. Punish me," he keened even though he continued to blush hard. Before he realized it, the long braid began to unravel and form into multiple tight braids, a feeling he had never quite experienced before that day, and it was all for Munklad. "Only if you understand that I'm not truly doing this because of anything you've done before," Munk said seriously, still rubbing his hand over Gal's backside. "I'm doing it because we both want it and you feel like you need it. It's for both our pleasure and to let you forgive yourself." The petite Sepida felt his hearts skip a simultaneous beat. How had he been so blind? He had wasted so much time on Pip when Mun had been right there the entire time, beside him. He reached over to gently take one of Munklad's braids in his hand and pressed a kiss to the tip. "I understand," he whispered sincerely before a devious little smirk formed on his face. "Does this mean that I'm your precious punk of a pink Sepida from now on?" "If you want to be mine, I won't ever let you go unless you send me away," Munklad said, flipping Gal and pulling the smaller Sepida into his arms. Munk pressed their foreheads together, his hair tentacles gently caressing Galieth's cheeks. "I want you to be mine, and I want to be yours. It's all I've wanted since we hit the juvenile pools and I figured out the way you make me feel." Galieth's own hair immediately intertwined with Mun's, some of the strands holding his cousin's in place, as if the petite Sepida didn't want them to let go. "Then, won't you kiss me, Mun?" He asked softly, his slightly larger eyes filled with the desire he had buried away out of fear of not being enough. "Show me how I make you feel?" Munklad's golden eyes burned as he swept down to capture Galieth's lips. The smaller Sepida expected the kiss to be hard and forceful, but it didn't begin that way. Soft, gentle lips caressed, conveying the controlled longing in Munk's hearts. His hair stroked softly against Gal's cheeks and forehead, as though confirming that the other Sepida was really there. "Gally," Munk whispered, his voice low and almost desperate, before he deepened the kiss. Galieth's small and slender fingers latched on to two of Munk's braids on either side of his head and clenched them gently as he gave as good as he got. His skin all but exploded into various shades of sapphire, and he couldn't quite control the squirming and grinding of his lower half against Munklad. The bigger Sepida groaned, hands going to Galieth's hips to encourage the movement. "Spanking isn't the only thing I want to do to your ass," Munk purred into his cousin's delicately finned ear, nipping the lobe. Ribbons of green formed on Galieth's skin as he let loose the lustiest trilling he had ever vocalized in his life. "Munklad...celestials, do whatever you want to it. Just know that I'm but a ripple away from cumming right here against you!" "If you do," Munk warned, his tone turning stern and commanding. Gal had never heard it from his cousin before. "I'm going to spank and fuck you until you spend yourself so many times you turn permanently blue." Galieth's hair tightened within their braids in a rolling wave down his back in shock as he spilled himself then and there. "Mun!" He gasped as his body shivered and squirmed in response to the sudden release. Munklad clenched his teeth so tightly his jaw throbbed, his cock straining and so hard it was painful. He was dangerously close to following Gal over the edge. Munk held his cousin down, limiting the smaller Sepida's movement. If Galieth kept wriggling on top of Munklad's cock, Munk was going to spill as spectacularly as Gal had. "So, you like that thought?" Munk asked voice strained. His hand seemed to slide to the seam between those perfect round cheeks without his mind knowing it was going to happen. Munklad was amazed his fingers didn't shake as they slipped down to find Gal's entrance, tracing a careful circle around it. "You'll be so sore, exhausted. Stuck in bed for at least a day for me to dote on." "I'll do whatever you wish," Galieth vowed. "Just, please, please slip inside me already?" As usual, the colors displayed on his skin expressed his feelings in an irrefutable way. They swirled and burst as if they were putting on a show for Munklad alone. Munk took slow, deep breaths, fighting for the control he needed to keep from tossing Galieth down and immediately sinking inside the gorgeous Sepida deep and hard. Control, Munklad told himself, keep it together. The larger Sepida delivered a stinging smack to Galieth's backside. "Trying to skip your punishment?" Munk asked, voice rough as gravel. "You don't get this," he pushed his hips upward, grinding his rigid length against the petite man pinned in his lap. "Until I'm ready to give it to you." The smaller Sepida let out a whimper of pain immediately followed by a trill of pleasure. His body ached, starved, for such intimate contact...even for the sharp sting that accompanied discipline. Feeling the unmistakable proof of Munklad's own enjoyment against him nearly made Gal swoon. "That feels so good, the burn from your hand and your hardness against me," the words were out of Galieth without a second thought. "What should I do, Mun?" He asked. "What would make you feel good?" Even as he said that one of his long braids curled around his cousin's length and gave it a gentle stroke. "Gally," Munklad rasped, bringing his hand down harder than he'd meant to. He gently rubbed the warm flesh under his palm, knowing that if Munk's own hand stung it must have been worse for Galieth. "Eep!" the petite Sepida squeaked and squirmed, even more, when he felt the gentle rubbing that followed. That last one had been more pain than pleasure, but he couldn't help but enjoy it, even love it. "More...I want more," he pleaded. "Please." Munk's breaths were nearly as ragged as Galieth's as he struck the smaller man again and again, careful of the strength of his blows. The stinging slaps covered Gal's ass and down the backs of his thighs. Munklad thrust upward with every hit, rubbing what he could against Galieth's stomach while slim braids squeezed his length deliciously. Galieth's other braids began to caress every inch of skin they could reach: Munklad's face, neck, shoulders, chest...while other braids entangled further around Munk's own braids and began to tug. Though the taller Sepida had his lower half held firmly in place, Gal was still able to lean forward to wrap his arms around his cousin's shoulders and kiss him desperately. Munklad pulled back with a harsh breath. Galieth yelped as he was spun and flung to the bed. The smaller Sepida barely recognized his cousin's voice when Munk spoke, "I have to have you. Now." Oh, blessed be the reefs, Gal thought to himself. He squirmed in eager anticipation. "You can have me, all of me. Please, Munklad, I want you so badly," he keened. Munk's head spun as he lunged for the side-table, yanking open the drawer with such enthusiasm that it pulled out completely and dumped its contents across the floor. The Sepida swore colorfully, snatching a small vial and leaving the rest. Munklad froze, transfixed when he turned back to Galieth. The smaller Sepida had the brightest smile on his face. He couldn't even remember the last time he smiled so unabashedly. The blue that had taken over his entire skin from head to toe was tinged with swirls of green. When was the last time he was so happy? "Munklad...I'm not dreaming, am I?" He questioned aloud. Munk broke out of the daze caused by seeing Gal spread out before him. "I was just wondering the same thing," the larger Sepida said softly, drawing close to his cousin. "If we are dreaming, let's not wake up." Munklad slid in next to Galieth, shivering at the touch of Gal's soft skin. Galieth snuggled against the other Sepida, ensuring as much skin-to-skin contact between them as possible. "I'm a handful," He warned even as his braids once again wrapped around some of Munk's. "Are you sure you won't regret this? You'll be stuck with me forever. Are you sure you want to mate with me, ceremony and all?" "I was already stuck with you. You netted me a long time ago. You just didn't know it. I couldn't leave you before, so why would I want to go now that I finally have you? I'm half tempted to go kidnap three elders and drag them to the pools right now to bully them into binding us." Munk grinned, reaching down to grope Gal's perfectly rounded backside, still warm from the spanking. "And you certainly are a handful. I love it." Gal felt the guiltiest pleasure rolling through him. He was relieved that Munklad's mind seemed to be set. He was glad to hear that he was serious about being bound. The hand that took hold of his stinging butt cheek, however, made his body ache with a nearly desperate need. "We'll kidnap three elders later. So, won't you claim me, Mun? Please?" He keened in a voice that dripped with lust. Munklad urged Gal to the center of the bed. He arranged the smaller Sepida onto his hands and knees, placing Galieth carefully, just as he wanted him. Gal's knees were spread wide, his lower back arched, and his braids slithering in aroused agitation. Munk looked at him as though he'd just been hit in the forehead with a hammer. Munklad snapped into action, tearing his gaze away from the spell-binding sight of his cousin when Galieth whined and wiggled his ass. A single drop from the bottle was all Munklad needed. He transferred it from his fingertip to the line dividing those divinely rounded cheeks. "Hold yourself open for me." Galieth's hair was so long that he used the tips of a few of his braids to do it, holding his own cheeks wide without a second thought. He blushed hard, but bit his lips to not say anything that would deter Munklad. The bigger Sepida stroked Galieth's entrance, spreading the glistening gel. It warmed instantly and grew slick. Munk held his breath as he pressed, slipping a finger inside. The petite Sepida let out a trilling mewl, a sound he didn't even know he could make, as he desperately wiggled against that finger. "Please, please, please…" he begged. "Not enough for you?" Munk asked, voice tight. A second finger joined the first, plunging deep. "I need more of you," Galieth keened. "So much more." He couldn't even think properly by that point. His entire body felt sensitive and receptive. "Take me deeply. Pull my hair. Spank me. All the things!" "I like you demanding." Gal chirped in protest when the fingers left him. He forgot his complaint when strong fingers wrapped around his hips, digging in roughly. Something warm and rigid slid between his ass cheeks and teased at Galieth's slick opening. "Tell me you're mine." Munk's tip pressed in and then retreated. "No more chasing Pipolphi, his giant, or anyone else. Only mine." Galieth nearly swooned, which would have been the absolute worst, since he most definitely did not want to faint before having Munklad inside him. "Yes, I'm yours...wait, why would I chase Pipolphi's giant? He's a deplorable and disgusting beast!" He huffed. Gal yelped as Munklad's heavy hand cracked across one cheek. "Gally!" Munk bellowed. "That alien was defending Pipolphi from you. He wasn't the one behaving deplorably, and you should be ashamed of yourself for calling him disgusting. He defended someone weaker than himself, acted as a protector. It would make a Nubra proud." Munk spanked the other cheek harshly. "When did you last behave so nobly, honorably, or selflessly?" The larger Sepida dropped a series of hard slaps that left a burning sting aching from Galieth's lower back to upper thighs. Tears brimmed in the Sepida's eyes. Not from the physical punishment, as that felt quite delicious to him, but from his cousin's words. Munklad was right. Being a protector was honorable, and that was just what Pipolphi's giant was. "S-So I'm not all noble and honorable and selfless! So what?" He whimpered. "It doesn't mean I don't deserve to be loved!" He used some of his braided hair to hide his face so that Munk wouldn't see him sniffling. "...but, you're right. H-he's not disgusting. He was only protecting." "Good boy," Munk hummed, gently stroking the friction-warmed skin. "You do deserve love. And you'll get more than you know what to do with." The head of Munklad's cock found Gal's opening. He pushed in the tip and withdrew, then pushed in again. "And when you behave well; when you show honor…" Munk pressed in, rubbing his tip against Galieth's swollen prostate. "I'll reward you." Galieth gasped, his braids tightening and sweeping away from his face and down his back as his arms stretched outwards. Other parts of his body began to tighten, as well. His shaft, which was almost painfully hard by then, began to leak precum. He couldn't remember ever feeling so good. "I w-won't ever chase after anyone else ever again," he vowed. "I'm yours and only yours!" "Perfect." Munk slammed in hard, reveling in the tight heat surrounding him. "And you'll treat others with kindness and respect? Especially Pipolphi and his large friend?" A myriad of complaints formed in Gally's mind. Mun wanted him to be kind to them? However, the incredibly wonderful sensation of Munklad driving himself so thoroughly into his depths made him think twice about complaining. "A-alright…" he conceded. "Alright, I'll b-be kind to them, too." Galieth's reward was a series of rapid thrusts that made his braids tighten almost painfully. Munklad stopped, burying himself as deeply as he could, hips pressed tightly against the smaller man. Munk's hand snuck beneath them to catch Galieth's rigid length in his hand and began to stroke as Munklad swiveled his hips, rubbing deliciously against Gal's sweet spot. "Kind enough to apologize to them for your behavior in the recent and not so recent past?" Once again, Galieth's mind filled with all sorts of arguments to contradict everything that Munklad requested, or rather, demanded of him. Why should he have to do such embarrassing things? Especially for a crazy-ass couple that had humiliated him so? "Do I have to?" The petite Sepida all but mewled in complaint. "Of course not," Munklad said, letting go of Gal's cock. Munk pulled back and began thrusting shallowly, just short of Galieth's prostate each time. The larger Sepida's grip on Gal's hips kept Galieth from pushing back to get that little extra bit he needed. "It was just an idea. Something that would make me proud of you." Munk gave one hard thrust, just where Galieth needed it, before pulling back to short, teasing strokes. "P-Proud?" He questioned as he whimpered and wiggled desperately against his cousin, eager to have him return to his previous actions. "Then, I'll do it. I'll apologize…Ah!" Galieth cried as Munklad went deep again, the head of him seeming to drag with sensual thrill where it felt the best. "Only if that's what you want to do," Munklad said, a bit breathless as he began pumping faster, catching Galieth's shaft again and stroking it in time. "If that's what feels like the right thing, you know I'll support you, Gally." Though it didn't really seem like such a pleasant thing to do before, it certainly did just then. Making Munklad happy made Galieth happy, and his cousin seemed to be in a very rewarding mood whenever Gal pleased him. "I do, I promise," he vowed as his words morphed into moans. "Just please don't stop." "You want more of this? You like being beneath me as I fuck you however I want? Take my pleasure from you rough…and deep… and hard?" Munklad added a twist of his hips with every thrust and Galieth felt like his braids were going to strangle themselves as his body lit up with zings of electric pleasure that pulsed through him, building stronger and stronger. Too much. His mind wanted more, but his body couldn't quite take the onslaught of pleasure. In spite of having already released in an embarrassing way earlier, Galieth once again let go. "Eep!" he squeaked as he shot all over his cousin's bed. "I'm so sorry, Mun!" "Sorry? What for?" Munk's thrusts slowed but didn't stop. "You feel so good when you tighten around me. Slick and hot. Trying to pull my come out of me." Munklad leaned in close, hands drifting over Galieth as though savoring his smooth, sapphire skin. "Not yet, though. We're not done. How many more times do you think I can make you come before you beg me to finish, Gally?" "Why would I ever beg you to stop?" Galieth gasped. "Even if I pass out, I'd rather you continue until you can't anymore." He added. "I'm probably not making much sense right now. But, it just felt so good, Mun. I want you to feel the same." Munklad cursed at his cousin's words, and Galieth didn't think it was possible, but Mun grew harder and larger inside him. The larger Sepida growled, yanking himself from Gal and flipping the smaller man onto his back. Munklad laid his body over Galieth's pressing and grinding their crotches together. "Perfect," Munk said almost mindlessly. "Mine." Galieth looked into his cousin's golden yellow eyes, nearly an amber hue with lust and wondered if his own looked the same. Surely they must. He took in the sight of his cousin, his skin the sultriest shade of blue he had ever seen. "Please, Mun…" he whispered. "Won't you cum inside me? And all over me? And anywhere else you wish?" "I want another from you before I fill you up," Munklad said, sliding down Galieth's body, kissing and licking as he went. "That's not gonna be a problem," Galieth pointed out. "I feel I'm getting close again." He would surely feel all kinds of sore later, from all different parts of his body, but right then all that mattered were Munklad's magnificent ministrations. He squirmed and bucked beneath his touch. "M-Mun!" Munklad pinned Gal's hips to the bed, holding him still. Munk drew his tongue from Galieth's tip to the base and back up again, pushing harder to hold his lover still. "I think you should come in my mouth, Gally. I'm going to swallow you down, suck it out of you." Galieth only had time to draw in a sharp breath before Munklad was making good on his promise. Gal forgot to breathe as his cousin sucked him hard, down to the root, bobbing up again before repeating the action. Munk rubbed his tongue on the underside, forcing his hair to unbraid to reach up to tweak and pull Galieth's pert little nipples. "Hahn!" Gal keened as he was assaulted with pleasure unlike any he had felt before, not even when they were in the juvenile pools. A few of his incredibly long braids began to slam down on the bed in whipping waves of wantonness. "Mun...Mun, I can't control...gonna leak!" He cried out as he came. He was almost certain that he had released some of the aphrodisiac fluid that time, as well. A part of him felt mortified while the majority was quite excited to see what Munklad would do next. "Give it to me," Munk demanded, the sapphire of his skin darkening. "I can't get any hornier. I don't care." Galieth felt his own skin rippling to match Munk's hue. Maybe he was thinking about it the wrong way...maybe it was Galieth himself who was drowning in the side-effects of his own fluids. "To be honest," he responded with a pant as his shaft began to rise right back up. "Neither can I." Munk sucked in a breath, his skin feeling suddenly hot. The blue of his skin darkened to nearly black as he crawled up Galieth's body, the smaller Sepida's legs parting to wrap around Munklad's waist. "I don't think I can be gentle, Gally," Munk said, voice low as he buried his face in Galieth's neck to nibble and nip. "Oh, please don't be gentle," Galieth all but begged. "I'd rather you carry me everywhere for hours afterward." "Days," Munklad promised, lining himself up and thrusting deep. "Weeks." He drew out and slammed home. "I'll fuck you so thoroughly your feet may never touch the ground again." Munk began a rhythm, hard and measured, as deep as he could manage without breaking his petite lover in half. "Oh, fuck!" the smaller Sepida gasped as he clung tightly to his cousin with his arms, legs, and braids. Amidst their movements, he nuzzled against some of Munklad's braids until he was able to gently pinch one of them with his lips, giving it a gentle lick and bite. Munk growled, his pounding thrusts increasing in speed. If Galieth hadn't been clinging so tightly to him, Munklad would have driven his lover across the bed and onto the floor. "Take it," Munklad rasped. "Take all of me. I'm going to fuck you until you can never forget how I feel inside you." One of Gal's hands raked up to the back of Munklad's head as the fingers gently tugged at the roots of the braids. "Yes!" he cried out after releasing the braid in his mouth. "Burn your imprint right into- eep!" He squeaked as he suddenly came for the third, or was it fourth, time right between them. "Ahn, fuck, Gally!" Munklad took Galieth's mouth with his own, licking and sucking while he slammed deep and held himself there. The larger Sepida moaned into the kiss as his release hit him hard. With Gal's muscles clenching and rippling around him, Munk's pleasure stretched on and on until his vision began to gray at the edges. He groaned, hips twitching as he pressed his forehead to his cousin, their breathing ragged. Swirls of lavender and green ebbed outwards from the center of Galieth's chest. "We're mates now," he whispered between gasps of air. "You'll never be rid of me." "Good." Munk rolled to his back, smiling at Galieth. The smaller Sepida looked more than a bit dazed, sprawled across Munklad's chest. Munk kissed his cousin's temple before pushing a button above him that dimmed the lights. "Love you, Gally," Munklad said, closing his eyes as Galieth murmured an unintelligible response, already asleep.
  3. HinderToyBL


    Excited to have returned home with a mate and a new friend, Pip was the first to dismount and rushed through the open hangar, burying his toes in the beach sand that began a few yards from where he had landed. The fine, white sand shimmered in the warm sunshine like a swath of crushed diamonds worn smooth by millennia of pounding surf. Pip closed his eyes and took a large breath of air, tears brimming in his eyes at the familiar feeling of being home. "Well, well, if it isn't Pipolphi ets Dejunsi of the Sepida in the Waters…" an aggravatingly familiar voice called out. Pip didn't need to open his eyes to recognize it. The voice clearly belonged to his most persistent bully, Galieth ets Amunve. The two of them were close in age and Pip had been grouped with Galieth in their school and play. More than any other Sepida, Galieth had tormented Pip while they were growing up. It went all the way back to some hatchday celebration when they'd been little. Even that long ago, Pipolphi remembered that Tilbei had been there at his side, defending him. When Pip was alone, he'd always felt open to attack, vulnerable. Pipolphi was too big, stuck out too much, never felt fast enough or clever enough. Galieth had always seemed to take joy in reinforcing his insecurities. Seeing the smaller Sepida immediately upon arrival when Pip had been so excited about coming home seemed to make the shining sun dim and to take away the sparkle from the sands. "Crawling back home again, eh?" Galieth taunted. "Space too much for you to handle? Figures." When Pip opened his eyes, he realized that Galieth was flanked by his usual accomplices. Gal's cousin Munklad, and their two friends Setrahl and Arolby. Though Galieth was the biggest threat amongst all of them, it did not ease Pip's concern to see them all before him. Galieth was absolutely lovely in the eyes of the Sepida. In fact, he was considered the most beautiful out of their entire generation. He was adorably short, a mere 3'8" (111 cm), and a vast difference to Pip's 5' (152 cm). The smaller Sepida's resting color was a light pink hue all over with slightly larger eyes that were a golden yellow. His hair tentacles reached down to his ankles, even while in the slight waves of mischief that currently sent them curling and shifting like a living cloak down the rose-colored Sepida's back. Galieth's three companions weren't as short. All three of them were between 4 and 4'2" (121-127cm), which was the range of height for nearly all Sepida. Though Munklad was Galieth's cousin, their only resemblance was in the same hue of their golden eyes. Mun was a muddy blue hue all over. Setran was a boulder-grey with blue eyes, and Arolby was a moss-green hue with lighter green eyes. Pip had a theory that Galieth had surrounded himself with friends that were naturally camouflage-hues so as to hide himself from all the Hasserack that he attracted. Gal had never been the best at shifting colors during dire situations. So, Pip had seen him hiding behind his friends on more than one occasion. Pipolphi had never said so out loud except perhaps to Tilly, saying that a Sepida couldn't hide was one of the worst insults for their kind. Even if it was true and though Galieth tormented Pip, the tall Sepida could never bring himself to say such a thing. Pipolphi had always preferred avoidance of conflict, hiding, and running. It had never worked well, but Pip had tried. The turquoise Sepida gritted his teeth and forced himself not to hunch to appear smaller. Pipolphi was tired of it, tired of hiding from everything. "Not that it's any of your business, but I met many new friends in space," Pip replied, feeling a touch more bravery after what he and his new companions had survived. Not to mention that his beloved human and his friend Louie were also on board behind him. "And together, we took down a whole Hunnar ship." "Ha! Well, talk about illusions of grandeur," Galieth mocked as he walked around the taller Sepida, circling around him like a hawk. "Who'd ever believe that such a gangly Sepida such as you would take down one Hunnar, let alone a whole ship?" He hissed as he quickly reached out to grab a handful of Pip's hair tentacles and tugged them down so sharply that taller Sepida's head bent backward. "Besides, other than that annoying Nubra, who'd become friends with someone as ugly as you?" A pleased sneer formed on Gal's face when Pip's turquoise eyes glared right at him. The pink Sepida relished whenever he managed to gain the tall Sepida's complete attention. He shoved Pip hard enough to make the taller man fall to the ground and was about to pin him down. But, the moment was short-lived when a deep voice yelling in a foreign language startled him. "Hey! Just what do you think you're doing, you little brat?" Zane called out as he rushed over to them. The three other Sepida had wide eyes on their faces, and their necks craned upwards to gape openly at the immensely tall foreigner. Galieth turned white with shock, which was quickly replaced with a pitch black of fear as he was lifted up effortlessly and held over the huge man's shoulder. {"OW! What the cosmos do you think you're do- OW! Stop this at ONCE!} He cried out as he felt a large hand coming down on his backside over and over again. It wasn't terribly painful, the shock and mortification hit him harder than the slight sting. His black hue bled quickly into an orange as he tried to decide whether the tall beast was dangerous or not. Every time that large hand swatted his butt cheeks, he flashed a mustard hue of pure embarrassment. "Little girls should behave and treat others with respect," Zane grumbled as he continued to spank the little feminine Sepida. His movements began to slow down just as loud gasps were aimed at the blue swirls that began to overtake Galieth's orange hue. The human downright blushed when he felt something quite hard poking against his shoulder. Once again, he had judged incorrectly. It wasn't a little girl that he had been disciplining...it was apparently a young man. {"I will never forget this, you big oaf! You tall troll!"} Galieth huffed as he shoved the human's hands away after he was let down. By then, he was a solid mustard hue all over, and his arousal could no longer be hidden. His hair strands moved in all directions in agitation. {"Congratulations, Pip! You've managed to find a foreign friend that's even taller and uglier than you!"} {"He's big and strong and wonderful,"} Pipolphi shouted, hands clenched in fists. His skin swirled with reds and oranges punctuated with flashes of white; he could feel the challenge display thrumming in his skin. {"And he's not ugly! He's the most amazing, beautiful thing I've ever seen! And he's like that on the inside, too. Not like you, you're so dark inside."} Pip's shoulder's slumped, but Zane was there wrapping an arm around him and the Sepida straightened. {"It's so sad. Doesn't it hurt you, Galieth? Don't you want to feel soft and warm inside?"} As the taller Sepida spoke, Galieth's mustard yellow hue began to shift from color to color. It was briefly an olive green of sly contentment when Pip began to shout back since he had managed to get a rise out of him. But, then the green turned into a yellow-orange of confusion. But, finally, his hair tentacles drooped straight down as he took on a deep brown hue of downright depression. He was dark inside? That's how Pip had thought of him all this time? Munklad rushed forward to place a hand on his cousin's shoulder. None of them had ever seen Galieth turn that sad hue before. Mun flashed a vibrant pink of concern when tears began to fall from the shorter Sepida's golden yellow eyes. {"Muuuuuuuuuuun,"} Gal whimpered as he buried his weeping face in his cousin's chest. {"Am I really that dark inside? A-all I wanted was for him to-"} A sniffle so loud that it sounded like the sound of a French horn followed. {"To like me. B-but all he cares about is that stupid N-nubra and th-this mean, un-cultured g-giant!"} Though he spouted petulant and childish jabs, the solid brown hue was the truth of how upset the tiny Sepida truly was. Pip was right. Galieth was definitely hurt. "Is he going to be alright?" Zane whispered. "I didn't think I hit him so hard for him to cry like that…" "Didn't hurt him," Pipolphi whispered back. "Not sure what is his major malfunction." Pip sighed and stepped cautiously toward the upset Sepida. {"Tilly isn't stupid, and Zay isn't uncultured. If you really wanted me to like you, you wouldn't say things like that. I don't know what game you're playing now. What are you really sad about? It definitely can't be because I don't like you. You've never had a kind word for me. You hurt me, play mean pranks, and say terrible things. You've always made it perfectly clear how you feel about me, and it's pretty far from anything friendly."} {"You know what,"} Galieth retorted with a sniffle. {"Fine! Believe what you want! I DON'T like you, and I n-never did! Go be happy with your unruly Giant and uncouth Nubra, see if I care!"} The tiny Sepida then ran off dramatically. The brown hue had never wavered. {"Gal, wait!"} Munklad cried out as he chased after him. Their other two friends reluctantly followed. "What was that all about?" Zane wondered aloud. "No idea," Pip said, looking bewildered. "We grew up together. Galieth always mean because I'm too tall, blue like I'm happy-horny all the time, clumsy. Never nice." Zane frowned. "I'm starting to think he deserved that spanking," he grumbled. He then glanced towards the ship. "Should we bring Louie with us to meet your parents, or should we leave him on the ship?" "Leave, Louie?" Pipolphi asked, shocked. "I want Louie to meet the parents. Ahn, unless Louie doesn't want to come?" "No, I just remember how he scared you the first time…" Zane pointed out. "Would he be scary to your parents?" "Mnn, yes. But can't leave him. No one gets left behind or forgotten. Can talk to parents first, warn." "Alright, if you're sure," Zane agreed. He then whistled for Louie to join them. The two of them looked on, Pip in confusion and Zane in horror, as Louie tried to drag a recently-soiled large Mr. Teddy with him. "Oh no, you don't...it's one thing to introduce you to the in-laws. It's a different thing entirely to have them see you fornicating with a bear. Mr. Teddy stays in here," Zane stated adamantly. Louie's ears and tail dropped, but he dropped the teddy bear and padded over to them. The canine sighed as the ship's hatch closed, bumping Mr. Teddy the rest of the way inside. The Irish Setter perked up when Pip hugged him. The dog walked next to Pipolphi as they ventured across the sand toward a group of shining domes in the distance. Louie liked having Salty Pup between himself and Zane. The waves and beach reminded Louie of home, but it was still a New Place and should be treated cautiously in case any bad things might be about. Later, Louie would try to patrol for Men with Hats and Beards to assure himself there were no obvious threats about. As they walked, Pip explained in his best English who they would be meeting and why Louie and Zane would have to wait outside for a few minutes when they got there. The Sepida felt himself turn a guilty salmon color as he told Louie that his people would probably be afraid of such a big-toothed predator, remembering Pip's own awful initial reactions to the sweet dog. "Don't worry, he won't hurt them. He'll be a good boy, right Louie?" Zane reached down to pat Louie's side. "No biting, ok?" Louie turned to give Zane's hand a few licks. No biting. Got it. No one had forbid licking, however. Louie's tongue lolled in a doggy grin, looking forward to it. As they approached the domes, more Sepida and Nubra were about. Most Sepida looked at Zane and Louie with wide, startled eyes before darting away or disappearing with camouflage. The Nubra they came across watched warily, sometimes stepping in front of the Sepida near them and glaring at the strangers. Pip sighed and kept walking, trying to convince his coloring to reflect calm. He thought he did alright until they reached Pip's childhood home. Nervousness prickled through Pipolphi sending flickers of orange across his skin. When the Sepida neared a familiar dome, his feet seemed to lead him toward it without direction from him. Similarly, his hand lifted and stroked down the door to set off the chime within. A moment later, a huffy and recognizable Nubra was at the door. At first, Zane wondered why Tilbei's face seemed upset. But, then he caught sight of not one, not two, but three penises in different stages of emergence. "Ahh! I can't unsee that!" the human whined as he covered his eyes with his hands. "I get it, already! Tilly's like 110% male!" Tilbei raised an eyebrow at the tall human's antics, unsure of what was wrong with him. {"Sorry...Jas and I were...hold on, give me a sec,"} he relayed to Pip before rushing back inside to make sure that his beloved half-Polkin was dressed. Tilly himself didn't really care about such things as nudity or others seeing his arousal. But he cared enough about Jasper to want to honor his wishes. When he opened the door a second time, his privates were once again concealed, not that Zane ever looked down at them again after what he had seen. He was still a little flushed with embarrassment, but Tilly didn't seem to be bothered in the slightest. As they walked in, neither Jasper nor Tilbei gave any reaction to Louie and Zane, since they had already been acquainted with them both. {"Everything okay?"} Tilbei asked after setting two bowl-like glasses of water out for Zane and Louie to drink. Zane immediately set Louie's bowl on the ground for the canine to reach. A quick scan at the dietary machine showed that both species were a bit dehydrated and could safely drink their water. {"We're on our way to see my parents,"} Pipolphi explained. {"Had a run-in with Galieth and his goons. I think he's maybe lost his mind."} Pip grinned. {"But Zay saw Gal pushing me around and, you wouldn't believe it, Tilly, he spanked Galieth."} The Sepida leaned in, guilty delight flashing in sparks white, lime, and salmon pink. {"And Galieth turned blue. Very, very blue."} {"Blue? That had to be super embarrassing for that little punk,"} Tilbei responded with a snicker. He placed a hand on Zane's shoulder. {"Well done, man!"} Zane didn't know what Tilly was trying to say, but the Nubra seemed pleased. "Tilly said 'job well done' with Galieth," Pip translated. The Sepida blew out a breath. {"We have to get him a chip and mine updated to his language. I hate not being able to communicate."} He looked down at Louie, who was dripping water from his muzzle. {"And I speak none of poor Louie's."} Pipolphi looked thoughtful. {"Isn't there still that place near the Interworld Embassy that takes trade, Tilly? I don't have nearly enough credits to buy two chips and upgrades, but if I could trade…"} Jasper stepped into the room, cheeks flushed and hair tousled. {"Oh, hi-hi.} He smiled and gave a little wave before tucking himself into his Nubra's side. He blinked down at Louie. {"Why is our Kaynen friend drinking off the floor?"} Louie's head lifted straight up at the sound of Jasper's voice. He walked over to the hybrid and leaned slightly against Jasper's leg as if to beg for scratchies. Tilly lifted a brow at the sight. {"Well, the place near the Interworld Embassy is still there. Are you sure you wanna go that far as to trade...that?"} He questioned as he subconsciously held Jasper closer to him and began to stroke his side. The rabbit hybrid didn't seem to be able to keep himself from reaching down to run his fingertips through the silky fur behind Louie's ears. Jas petted the canine as Tilly frowned at Louie before looking back to Pip. {"It's fine,"} the Sepida said, though he looked a bit uncertain. {"Zay will go with me, I'm sure. He'll make sure no one takes undue liberties with my person."} Zane peered at his beloved Sepida at the sound of his name, but he still couldn't make out a lick of what anyone was saying. He knew he was involved though since his name had been called. No punches were thrown, so it probably wasn't any bad news, in any case. {"Oh, is that the real reason?"} Tilbei questioned as he motioned towards Pip's curling tresses. {"Or is it that you want him there to watch?"} Pipolphi squeaked and flashed bright blue then an embarrassed mustard and back again. {"I, well…So, we came by to ask if you'd join us to meet my parents."} Pip said quickly, not caring how obvious the subject change might be. {"I thought they might be calmer with a Nubra there. And they can meet Jasper at the same time."} Tilly nuzzled the top of Jasper's head. {"What do you think, Jas? Should we go with them to give them some support?"} He asked. {"Oh, sure,"} Jas agreed easily. He looked down to where Louie was nearly falling over with happiness from Jasper rubbing under his chin. {"And why am I feeling like I really need to tell Louie he's a good boy like I am talking to a little kit?"} Louie let out a pleased gruff as he licked Jasper's fingers. Almost immediately, Tilbei lifted Jasper into his arms bridal style. {"Pip, your Kaynen friend is being too forward with my mate."} He huffed. {"Ah, I'm sorry, Tilly!"} The Sepida said quickly. {"I really don't think he means anything by it. Louie licks me all the time. At first, I thought he was tasting me to see if I was good to eat. Now, I think it's how he shows affection. He licks Zay, too. He seems to like hands the best. He's never tried to do it anywhere naughty."} {"It's probably just a cultural difference with Kaynen, Bei. I don't think Louie was getting fresh."} Jasper hugged the Nubra, kicking his feet slowly as he looked down at Louie, who looked utterly dejected. {"Aww, look how sad he is. Don't be sad, Louie. Who's a nice Kaynen? Who is? Yes, you are! Louie's a good Kaynen. You just can't hold your licker. No, you can't, can you?"} Louie briefly turned around in place in excitement as if he knew that he was being called a "good boy." Tilbei downright pouted. {"I would still prefer to be the only one allowed to lick you, love,"} he all but whined. Jasper grinned and nuzzled up to his mate's ear, whispering softly, {"I can think of a few places I'd like you to lick me. Maybe you'd give me a turn to lick you, too?"} The half-Polkin's soft tongue darted out to tease a spot just behind Tilbei's jaw. Tilly felt a shiver rolling down his spine at the prospect. {"Definitely, as soon as we get back,"} he vowed. {"So, are we doing this? Do you wanna stop by my mom's first for practice? She's been wanting to see you, too. She already met my Jasper."} {"I want to,"} Pip said with a sigh. {"But if they found out I went to see them second I'd never hear the end of it. Maybe after?"} The Sepida made a rude noise. {"I might need her hugs if they give me one of their prepared speeches about what I should be doing with my life and bend my knees so I don't look so damn tall or I'll never find a mate."} Pipolphi's shoulder sagged. Zane immediately placed a hand on his shoulder. "Everything okay?" he asked, concerned. Louie also walked over to lick the Sepida's knee. "Yes," Pip said, leaning into the touch and patting the top of Louie's head as he forced a smile onto his face. "Time to hit the road. Jasper and Tilly are coming, too." They made quite the stunning group as they walked over to the dome that belonged to Pip's parents. However, with the addition of Tilbei, the other Sepida and Nubra around merely stared in curiosity as they walked past instead of trying to flee or fight. The walk was too short for Pip. He found himself wanting to wander around a bit before having to see his parents. It wasn't that he didn't love them or they didn't love Pipolphi. Pip had been the only surviving hatchling of any clutch his mother had ever laid. Their devotion to their child was absolute and often overwhelming. They were determined for Pipolphi to live the life they believed he should have and knew with utter certainty what their boy needed to do in order to achieve it. It was exhausting for Pip. He let out a deep sigh as he opened the door of his childhood home, nodding at his companions to let them know that they could wait for a few minutes in the tiled entry while Pipolphi talked to his parents and prepared them to meet Zane and Louie without them inking in fright. {"Mom? Dad?"} Pip called as he walked further inside. {"Are you home?"} Almost immediately, an aquamarine blur latched herself onto the taller Sepida. {"Come down here and let me see you,"} Xihiet, Pip's mom, trilled as she dragged his face down with her hands to inspect him with her vibrant blue eyes. Hues of lavender and green rolled down her petite form. {"Are you ok? No broken bones?"} She questioned as she began to inspect every strand of hair on his head. {"Son! Do you have any idea how worried we were when we heard no further messages from your ship?"} Palosau, Pip's father, stated sharply as he emerged, though his purple body was rapidly bleeding into a pink of concern. His teal eyes, such a similar shade to Pip's own, were tight and filled with authority. He reached over to tug Pip's head onto his shoulder as he wrapped his other arm around his body. {"Thank goodness you're safe."} {"I'm seriously contemplating never letting him go off-planet ever again!"} His mom huffed. {"Tilbei was with him and yet, still, these things happen. I just don't like it."} {"I'm fine, everything's fine,"} Pip promised. {"We ran into a little trouble but we figured everything out, and it all worked out. I'm not a hatchling anymore. I love you, but I can't just hide in the juvenile pools surrounded by Nubra."} Xi's lips drew into a thin line, but she held back from voicing all of her thoughts. {"You're safe, and you're here, and that's what matters,"} She decided. {"Agreed."} Palos gruffly responded. {"Ahmm, yes. And I made some new friends while I was gone. They're just…they're wonderful. Louie and Zay."} Pip gulped, his gills flaring slightly, willing his chromatophores to behave. {"Zay is…special to me. He's taken care of me, protected me. Louie, too. But Zay…he's strong, smart, gentle, protective, patient… "} Pip trailed off with a soft, dreamy trill. {"Protective?"} Pip's mom squealed. {"Is he a Nubra? Why haven't you introduced him to us before?"} Palos gave a small grunt of approval. {"Yes, in lieu of a Sepida, a Nubra would be an equally as acceptable mate."} {"Hnn, well, he's not exactly a Nubra. Neither is Louie."} Pip nibbled his lip nervously. {"Though they share some of the best characteristics of a protecting Nubra. They're very strong and are fierce in their defense of others."} Pipolphi fought down a bubbling giggle as he thought of his human spanking Galieth blue. The two older Sepida glanced at each other. If it wasn't a Sepida or a Nubra, just who had their son brought to them? Surely, it couldn't be a Hunnar!? {"Sweetheart, just who have you brought home with you?"} Xi questioned hesitantly. {"Wonderful people!"} Pipolphi said, a bit too enthusiastically, startling both his parents. Pip tried not to fidget as he softened his tone. {"I didn't know what Louie was, at first. Tilly said he's a Kaynen, but I don't really know anything about the species."} Pip's mother and father both frowned but the younger Sepida forged on. {"Louie is maybe just a little scary when you first see him. He looks like a predator, but I promise he is very gentle and sweet. He won't hurt you or me. He seems to have a cultural habit of, umm, licking hands and faces as sort of a greeting or something. So, don't let that startle you. He's not trying to eat you, I promise."} Pip sighed. {"I can't wait until Zay and Louie have language chips so we can communicate better."} {"Language chips? If they can't understand you, how can you know that they don't feel abducted?"} His father questioned, finally realizing that his son brought foreigners with him. {"Are they even aware of where they are?"} {"Are they foreigners?"} His mother asked, echoing her partner's thoughts. {"Well, I may have possibly accidentally ended up on Zay's planet, Earth, after a little oopsie. He's something called a human,"} Pip said quickly. {"He had an extensive audio-visual library I was able to have the ship analyze to upload into my chip. It's not a comprehensive translation. But it was enough to allow communication. They chose to come with me. They wanted to."} His parents didn't look all that convinced, but Pip thought up a different tactic. {"Tilly came across his mate while on a Hunnar ship, and they escaped together!"} Pipolphi quickly summarized. {"I'll introduce Jasper first, and with Tilly here, you'll see there's no reason to be afraid!"} He then stepped out of the room and came back with Tilbei and Jasper in tow. Tilbei kept an arm around Jasper's waist and stopped a few feet in front of Pip's parents before giving a nod of greeting. {"Good to see you again,"} the Nubra greeted. {"This is my mate, Jasper."} {"N-Nice to meet you, Pip's parents,"} Jasper all but squeaked as he hugged Tilly closer as if to hide against him somehow. Both Xihiet and Palosau seemed to melt just a little at the sight. {"It's a pleasure to meet you as well. Jasper, was it?"} Palos responded. When the half-Polkin gave a hesitant nod, Xi smiled. {"We don't know the circumstances behind how you've arrived. But welcome to our planet. Tilbei's the finest Nubra of his generation, so he's a keeper,"} she praised. Hearing such praise made Tilbei's orange spots glow in embarrassment. Seeing his parents handling Jasper so well gave Pip a bubbling hope. {"Ok, with Tilly here, I think it's time to bring in Louie!'} He announced as he did just that. Then, Louie barked a greeting and walked forward to sniff and lick at their feet. Pip's parents took a step back at the sight of the supposed Kaynen. {"Is he a carnivore?"} Palos asked warily as he stood in front of Xihiet as if to protect her. Pip reached down to absently stroke the top of Louie's head. {"No! I mean, yes, but he eats special food in small quantities…"} He tried to explain. {"Louie's a small warrior,"} Tilbei added. {"He's a good guy, believe us."} Pip's parents glanced at one another again. They were still tense at the sight of Louie, but they also trusted Tilly to protect them. Pipolphi straightened back up, his fingers curling and uncurling as he wrung his hands in nervousness. {"Mom, dad, I think it's time you finally meet my Zay,"} He decided. "Zay can come in now," he called out in English. "It's showtime!" The tall human made slow movements as he walked in. But, the fact that he had to duck at the entrance until he was able to stand upright at the higher points of the ceiling made him all too intimidating. Bands of black and pink rolled down the bodies of both of Pip's parents. All of their colors then seemed to be chased away like a drop of dish soap dispersing colors in a bowl full of milk. The two of them stood there, white as snow from head to toe, staring up at the tall man in pure shock. The gymnast made as if to move in order to shake their hands, but he changed his mind. He didn't want to scare them. "Nice to meet you?" He greeted, instead. Pip rushed about until he got cushions for everyone. Zane noted that they almost felt like large bean-bag chairs. He didn't hesitate to sit down when his lover shoved him down onto one and then sat on his lap, taking hold of his hand. Feeling just how tense his Sepida was, the human frowned slightly and began to gently rub Pip's back with his free hand. {"I love, Zay,"} Pip blurted, clinging to his human's hand. {"When he has a chip, and we can communicate more fluently, I'm going to explain my feelings fully and ask him to bond with me as my mate. Permanently."} He fiddled with Zane's fingers nervously, then wrapped his arms around the gymnast's toned forearm. {"I'm not sure how we'll do the bonding ceremony without him drowning, but we'll figure it out. I want to be with him, forever."} Both of Pip's parents sat down in one of the plush chairs as they shifted from white to a sickly grey tinged with the occasional pink. Their gazes had not left the very tall alien whom their son was currently sitting on. The flesh was a strange peachy-pink hue all over. He had what looked like light patches of fur on his arms and legs. The hair on top of his head looked dull and dead. But, it was those slate-hued eyes that were the strangest. So much smaller than theirs, and with a tiny dot of black in each similar, if much smaller, than the eyes of other beings they had seen. A long moment of silence stretched so awkwardly that it made everyone in the room feel stiff, even Tilbei and his mate. Palosau and Xihiet jumped when the sudden sound of Zane clearing his throat startled them. "I know that you can't understand me right now," the human explained. "But, I am in love with your son. I would like nothing more than to have your permission to court him to my best ability. I will do my best to perform anything that you ask of me for your culture's version of our union." Pip's hair tried to braid itself at Zane's declaration. The Sepida was able to keep his hair tentacles from knotting up in a display that would be simply mortifying in front of his parents. It would be like humping Zane while they watched. Ick. {"Zay said that…that he loves me and he wants your blessing to begin the steps of bonding with me."} Pipolphi's skin rippled with vivid greens from the deep, true emerald of grass to the palest lime. A change came over both parents at the sight of Pip turning all shades of green. They bled to a lavender hue of relief. Their son was always cheerful and sweet despite the fact that he struggled with a height that was far out of the norm in Sepida society. But, even though he had a positive disposition, it was quite rare to see him genuinely green with joy. It made their multiple hearts ache. {"Oh, sweetheart...if he really makes you happy, we won't stand in your way,"} Xihiet immediately cooed, urging Palos with a nudge to agree. Palos took a deep breath, a slight frown still on his face. {"If what you've said is true, about him being a protector, and if he really is willing….then, we'll let it be your choice on whether you truly wish to bond to him or not."} {"Thank you!"} Pip said, wiggling with happiness. He trilled and chirped in delight as he turned in his lover's hold. "They say yes! We can go steady! Make out under the bleachers and go to the drive-in!" Zane felt like laughing and crying all at once. "I'm so relieved," he replied. "I'm glad they approve."
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    Their steps were quick as Tilbei and Jasper strode through the throng outside the docking section holding the Hunnar ship. The very friendly Khassli greeter from the entrance had directed them there after Tilbei had inquired if the station worker had noticed a Sepida of slightly taller than normal height recently. The Khassli had sent them off with a gentle pat to the hat on Jasper's head that kept his ears held down in a way that wasn't too uncomfortable. The hybrid's lush tail was mostly hidden beneath the chocolate-brown skirt-like wrap he wore that hung to his ankles with a length of fabric that stretched from his waist, across his chest, to drape over his shoulder and down his back. Jasper had been held by the Hunnars for months. He had no desire to be recognized. "Bei," Jasper said quietly, nodding at the sign above a docking hall that flashed the symbol matching the one on the card Jas held, kindly provided by the nice Khassli greeter. The Hunnar ship was instantly recognizable. However, the trio of men that were huddled near the entrance of the ship were not. One was a raccoon, the other was a ferret, and the third a Kaynen. Were those explosives in their hands? Tilly took hold of Jasper's hand and rushed over to the three men. "Please tell me you're not planning on blowing that ship up," he insisted. "There are innocent people in there, including my best friend!" The shortest of the bunch, a Kaynen Chihuahua, turned to address them. "Claro que no," he huffed. "Of course not. We're gonna help get some people out first and then blow it up." "One of our friends was just captured, as well," the raccoon man informed. "We'll get them all out," He insisted as he glanced at the two newcomers. He then motioned towards himself. "My name's Jason. This is my partner in crime, Pedro and my partner in life, Daniel." "I'm Tilbei, and this is my lifemate, Jasper," Tilbei responded, making the hybrid feel all warm and fluttery in his chest. "And my friend Pip's somewhere in there." Tilly's words squashed the nice feeling as fear for Tilbei's friend made Jas shiver. The entire group ducked down when they heard the sound of two Hunnar grumbling. :: "Can't believe that skinny little thing managed to land such a sharp punch," one of them hissed. "Don't worry, we'll sell him off to the highest bidder. And, if that doesn't work, someone's bound to buy that fluffy Vulpan tail." The other one responded. The first one made an aggravated noise. "Our funds are low all thanks to that damn Viceroy and his exotic tastes. I can't believe his puddle jumper was stolen under our own noses." "Yeah, but if we didn't compensate him, he'd have spread the word about the escaped goods. Can't have our other wares thinking they can also escape." :: "They call their captives wares and goods?" Daniel whispered. "Assholes!" "You don't know the half of it," Jasper whispered back as he suppressed a shudder. "What do you mean?" Jason asked when the Hunnars once again moved out of earshot. "We were both captured by them at one point," Tilbei explained. "We're the ones that escaped, as a matter of fact. On the Viceroy's puddle jumper," he added with a smirk. "I'm really starting to like you guys," Daniel commended. "Wait. Then, you'd know your way around in there, no?" Pedro prompted. When Tilly and Jasper nodded, he grinned. "Muchachos, I think we should all team up." "I was, umm. The Hunnars h-had me for a while. I can show which way to go," Jasper said, forcing himself to speak, wanting to help. His gaze dropped to the floor when the strangers' eyes converged on him. "I know where the holding cells are and a little bit of the rest of the ship from when they'd take me out to… to do things," he finished in a whisper. "Those bastards," Jason hissed. "Don't worry, we'll make sure to protect you." "Yeah, don't worry. We've gotten out of worse situations before," Daniel added. "And if anything happens, we have friends in high places. Even Enforcers," Pedro affirmed. "I'll be right here next to you the whole time," Tilly vowed as he gave their joined hands a squeeze. Jasper's smile was brilliant as he looked at Tilbei and then the others. His posture straightened, no longer hunching as though trying to make himself small, to hide. He nodded eagerly. The half-Polkin's ears lifted, toppling his hat to the floor. He bent down to grab it as he heard a series of beeps in varying tones followed by the sound of an airlock opening and closing. When he peeked back to where the Hunnars had been grumbling at the ship's entrance, they were gone. The hybrid bounced a little, noticing the keypad set into the metal next to the Hunnar ship's airlock. It looked like a model that his mother had replaced on her ship and had allowed him to play with. The buttons had been made without numbers or letters to allow them to be used across species and cultures. The buttons were color-coded, but his mother had also explained how there was a different note to the beep of each button, allowing it to be used by species who saw a shorter range of colors. Jasper's mother had eventually attached the old keypad to a simple wood box. Inside, his Polkin mother would place a treat or prize. The code would be a section of the melody from his music lessons. Jasper had practiced studiously and learned how to read music, so at the end of each week when his mother would set the box in his lap and tell him which stanza of notes comprised the code, he would have the tones ready in his head. The hybrid would quickly hum through the song until he came to the notes of the code and rapidly punch them in. Jas never wanted to wait to go and look at the music sheets. As a result, he never missed a chance to open the treasure box, and Jasper was rather good at playing the handful of instruments his parents had owned. Over the years he'd learned to play the flute, two stringed instruments, short chimes, long chimes, and the yulim. It had made his mother nearly pop with pride. "I think I can get us inside," Jasper responded excitedly as he turned to his companions, his upright rabbit ears twitching. :: Not too long afterward, the five men were safely inside the Hunnar ship. As they rounded one corner to the next, they started to realize something strange. Gates that Jas recognized as leading to the prisoner quarters had screens that flickered with static. Every now and then they had to clamber over knocked out Hunnar on the ground, some with vicious injuries. "What the hell went down here?" Daniel wondered aloud, echoing all their thoughts. "Are those...bite marks on this Hunnar's tail?" Tilbei questioned. "Does it really matter at this point? We can head into the prisoner quarters now," Jason pointed out. As if recalling their important tasks at hand, the five men rushed forward, checking one door to the next. "Vasio…" Pedro whispered. "This entire hallway is empty!" Tilbei's mauve eyes followed the trail of beaten Hunnars. "Then we should see how far these bodies go!" he suggested as, once again, the group rushed onwards. :::: Not too far from the other group, Zane and Pip busily freed the prisoners one door at a time. Though the human didn't really know all the details as to why they were breaking into a Hunnar ship and freeing all kinds of aliens along the way, he didn't question it and just attacked anyone in their way. The Hunnars were surprisingly easy to take down between him and Louie. As soon as they realized he was a good fighter, they tried to run away. Louie was too fast for them, and Zane's long strides helped him easily catch up. "One left in this hall, and then I think that's all of them!" Pip instructed, not realizing that he hadn't spoken English and Zane had no idea what he'd said. Zane seemed to get the idea, however. The little Sepida hadn't remembered to speak English since they'd come onto the ship. Pipolphi's emotions were running so high he hadn't noticed that Zane was simply reading Pip's body language and coloring while going along with whatever the Sepida had been doing. Zane trusted his lover utterly and, after seeing how competent Pip had been with mixing up the vaccinations, the human had no issue with letting Pip do whatever the Sepida thought needed to be done. He probably would have been slightly less sanguine about Pipolphi tapping frantically at every video screen they came across if he'd known that the Sepida had no idea what the screens said and was hitting random buttons and icons in a mad attempt to find anything that might help him find Tilly. As they opened the last door, they were relieved that no Hunnars were inside, but there was an instant sense of despair when Pipolphi realized that Tilly wasn't present, either. The slender tentacles on Pipolphi's head waved in his distress as the Sepida's skin flickered in shades of black and gray. Inside was a Vulpan not much taller than Pip. The captive took one good look at the Sepida and promptly let out a girlish shriek. "I don't want to be raped by tentacles!" Sifta glanced from one person to the other before he noticed the canine. "A Kaynen!" He gasped as he fell to his knees in front of the dog. The small bruise on Sifta's cheek standing out against skin gone ashen with anxiety. "Please hear me out! My mate's a Kaynen just like you… I have to get back to him. He'll get so upset if he can't find me. I mean, I got lost once when he took me to the Ferinsk Exhibit of Solaris Equin. I was just going to the restroom real quick and got turned around. He was banned for life after punching through a wall when he could smell me on the other side." Sifta groaned. "And I was fine. What will he do when I've really been kidnapped?" Louie gave a soft bark and licked Sifta's face. The Vulpan blinked at the canine. That was awfully forward for a Kaynen he'd just met. Usually, only close friends kissed cheeks. Sifta let out a shuddering breath. Clearly, the Kaynen was trying to calm him, the Vulpan thought, to show that he could be trusted as one would trust a dear friend. Thank goodness for people who were so clever that they could convey so much with a simple gesture. Sifta started to feel better immediately. "We're not going to do anything badto you," Pipolphi clarified, reaching down to pull the Vulpan to his feet. "We're looking for my best friend. Have you seen him? He's a Nubra that's inky black with orange spots." It took a good moment for the Vulpan to completely calm back down enough to grasp what was happening and that he was, indeed, not going to be molested. "I-I was the last person they brought in. I haven't seen anyone like that. Please, would you help me get back to my mate?" Sifta begged. "Before he breaks the whole station?" "Of course!" Pip assured, taking Sifta's hand and beginning to lead him out of the cell. "We let everyone else go. You are the last one. I'll have to keep looking through the ship to find my friend, he has to be here somewhere, but I'll make sure you get out safely. Zay and Louie took care of all the Hunnars that are between here and the exit." Before they could step into the hall, there was a thunder of footsteps, and the doorway was full of rough-looking men rushing inside. Zane stepped in front of Pip and Sifta, ready to defend them. Louie sat on the floor and cocked his head curiously to the side. "There will be no tentacle-raping today!" One of the men hissed. "Unhand that Vulpan!" Behind the strange men, Pip saw Tilbei enter the room cautiously with another stranger. "Tilly!" Pip shouted. "Daniel! Pedro! Jason!" Sifta said happily. "Pip!?" Tilbei gasped. "Tilly?" Zane said, looking around for Pip's friend. There was a lavender-skinned person with rabbit ears and a long wrap skirt. That must be her. Zane didn't see breasts, but from previous experience on the station, he knew breasts weren't necessarily a requirement in women of other species. Zane nodded at the rabbit-eared person. "Nice to meet you, Tilly." Jasper blinked at the giant of a man who was speaking a language his chip didn't know. "Umm, Bei?" "He's not Tilly! I am!" The Nubra huffed as he pulled Pip into a relieved hug. The two of them were practically cemented together at that point. "Tilly, thank the cosmos!" Pip keener as he clung to his best friend. "Sorry I took so long. I crashed and was hurt, and Zay saved me and...Zay!" Zane walked over to take the hand that Pip offered him. "Zay, this is Tilly," he explained in English as he motioned towards the Nubra. He then gestured to Jasper. "And this is his…" "Jasper," Tilbei responded, immediately wrapping an arm around the hybrid's waist. "My lifemate." Pip let out a happy squeal and hugged the half-Polkin tightly. "Zay, this is Jasper, Tilly's umm...Tilly's husband!" The human couldn't be more confused. "Wait, so Tilly's not a girl?" The Sepida let out a noise that sounded suspiciously like a snicker. "No, Tilly has twig and berries!" He replied. "He does? Where?" He questioned, not seeing anything even when briefly glancing at the Nubra's crotch area where Tilbei's penises were sheathed and hidden from view inside his body. "I'm so confused right now." Pip shook his head and once again spoke in Sepida. "This is Zay, he's my lifemate, though he doesn't fully understand what that means yet...and this is Louie. Don't be afraid! He's a good carnivore. A great friend! Right, Louie?" Louie let out a woof as though in agreement. "We better get you back before Lox tears the whole port apart," Pedro insisted. "Jason, Daniel, can you guys wrap things up without us?" A feral grin formed on Daniel's face. "Oh, we got this," the ferret responded as he pulled out the explosives. "Are those explosives!?" Pipolphi gasped. "No time to explain!" Tilly admitted. "We better all get out of here now!" Everyone agreed and bolted for the door. Louie let out an excited bark and loped at Pipolphi's side, almost hoping he'd get a chance to bite another of the hairy-people who had scared Little Salty Pup. As far as the Irish Setter was concerned, frightening Pip was absolutely not allowed. Louie always tried hard to be a Good Dog. However, exceptions had to be made for certain situations. Besides, Salty Pup had cooed and hugged him after Louie had chomped the first bad guy and Zane had praised him. Louie was still a Good Dog. "But, isn't blowing up the ship with the unconscious Hunnars still in it wrong?" Pipolphi questioned even as they rushed down the hallways. He hated Hunnars as much as the next Sepida. But he couldn't stand to just watch them all being wiped out. "Naw, the blast is only going to be for their controls and to total the ship," Pedro pointed out. "It'll be contained. Those rats ain't going anywhere before the Enforcers get to them." "Will the Enforcers really capture them?" Jasper asked tremulously. Even ship-less Hunnars were dangerous. "They're already on their way," Pedro affirmed. "Like I said, we have friends in high places." Two of the Hunnars that had first been attacked began to stir near the exit. However, Zane and Tilbei made short work of them, ensuring that they stayed knocked out. The human was quite impressed with how agile the Nubra seemed to be. His previous image of a female Tilly, tiny and more petite than even Pip, was quickly being rearranged to the real Tilly before him. The ebony and orange-skinned man wasn't nearly as tall as Zane. However, Tilbei couldn't be called petite either. There were muscles under that dark skin, and he used them well in a fight. When they finally made it out of the hangar, they saw Jason and Daniel rushing along behind them. They were stuck in the hallway when the explosives detonated, so Jason quickly pinned and shielded Daniel against the wall as the entire ship shook with the force. The group on the dock merely gaped as the entire control area of the ship was blasted away in a flash of light and debris. Jason and Daniel stumbled out of the hangar on unsteady feet just as several armed Murisians arrived on the scene. "They're all in there," Jason pointed out. "We had to fight for our lives!" A small sense of justice filled Jasper as he saw Hunnar after Hunnar being escorted out as prisoners flanked by four Enforcers each. Tilbei held him tightly as if to assure him that he wasn't alone. Not anymore. "Man, do you guys ever miss the days when we were just simple outlaws?" Daniel griped. "I mean look at us, doing all kinds of undercover Enforcer work…" Jason and Pedro looked at one another and shook their heads. "No, better to be on the side of the Enforcers than against them," Jason decided. "I still have many mouths to feed, amigo," Pedro pointed out. "We're staying clean." "You alright there, Sifta? Ready to go back?" Daniel asked the Vulpan. "Hey wait, we haven't properly thanked you for everything," Tilbei called out to the other group. "No need, we were a good team," Pedro pointed out. "We have another stop on the way back home, so we're kinda pressed for time." "Then, take this," Tilly offered as he handed them a card with the code for the Viceroy's ship. It had been tucked inside Jasper's hat, just in case they'd needed to give an escaping Pip or the authorities the contact information in a hurry. "We'd like to hear from you again." Jason couldn't help but smile. The raccoon reached into one of his pockets and handed Tilbei a card with the code for their ship, as well. "Same goes for us." The two groups then wished each other well and good-bye. Zane, still unsure as to what was going on, merely shook everyone's hand. A moment later, his arms were full of Sepida again. "Zay, we're going home," he told him in English. "My home and Tilly's home." He then told Tilly and Jasper the same thing. "We'll meet you there, then," Tilbei affirmed. They separated once again to get into their individual ships. Once back on Pip's ship, the Sepida gasped. "Zay!" He had completely forgotten to even warn him. "Zay taking tea with the in-laws! Meet the parents!" Louie leaned against Zane's leg as the human got a funny look on his face. The canine just hoped that wherever they were going had good treats and people who liked dogs.
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    Louie hadn't taken well to space travel, at first. Zane had cleaned up several messes, which Louie looked extremely embarrassed about, before the canine had adjusted to zipping through the dark. "One jump before, but that was insane. Driving like a bat outta hell," Pipolphi had told Zane, who was sitting on the floor with Louie overflowing his lap. "Three jumps safer." Pip checked their trajectory and the jump plans. Everything was set on the computer. Pip pushed back from the console and stood. "Need to get the thing," the Sepida said, patting Zane's head as he walked by. Pip left the small bridge and strode back into the living space, trying to remember where they'd stored their Multispecies Prep Pack. Pipolphi and Tilbei had agreed to pay the extra to get it. The salesman had been very persuasive about being a good interspecies neighbor. You never knew when you might need to stop and help someone out, even if that someone wasn't your own kind. With Louie and Zane on board, Pip was doubly glad they'd gotten it. If he could find it. It turned up, buried in the back of a closet. The pack was actually a suitcase, a big silver one that could have probably held Pip with room to spare for Louie. Tilly must have packed it because it was far too heavy for Pip to carry. The little alien groaned as he heaved on the handle, growling in frustration when it only scraped a few inches across the floor. Pipolphi glared at it, swearing in Sepida as he tried to at least get the damnable thing out of the closet. "Need help with that?" Zane asked as he reached forward and lifted the suitcase out of the closet with ease. "Where do you need it?" Pip sighed in utter exasperation; it was entirely not fair that Sepida were lithe and agile but could never be considered physically strong or intimidating. Although it certainly made Pipolphi appreciate all the power packed into Zane's big body. Pip shook away the desire to climb Zane like a tree, again, and pointed to a general use table. "Thanks," Pip said as Zane set it down for him. Pip leaned up to give a thank you kiss, luckily Zane leaned down to take it on his cheek. The Sepida couldn't reach higher than Zane's shoulder, even on tiptoe. Zane watched curiously as his little alien popped the ridiculously large suitcase open. Zane helped to lay it flat and open on the table. It seemed to contain boxes. Lots of white boxes of all different sizes. Pipolphi pulled out what looked like a handkerchief that had been laid on one of the boxes, but it seemed to have strange writing on it as though it were paper. Weird. Pip laid the cloth next to the suitcase and scanned it quickly, flipping it to the other side where it seemed to be laid out like a list. Pipolphi dragged his finger down the cloth until he gave a little chirp of triumph and dug into the suitcase, retrieving a box the size of a loaf of bread and setting it aside. The Sepida carefully put the other boxes back in their places and let Zane help him close the suitcase again. "Louie an' Zay no sick as a dog," Pip said happily, patting the box lovingly before tearing it open. Several things came out of the box. Zane cocked his head to the side, not realizing it made him look like an inquisitive Louie. He had absolutely no clue what any of the items were or what they could possibly be for. Another cloth square came out of the box, and Pip read it carefully, bands of lilac and yellow moving down his body as he concentrated. He laid out what he needed in order and turned to Zane. "Zay first or Louie first?" Pip asked. The Sepida patted Zane's hand. "Don't be scared. Pip take care of Zay and Louie." "Well, if it's something we both have to do," Zane mused aloud, still not quite sure what they were doing. "Then I can go first." "Louie watch and know don't be scare," Pip said, nodding his approval. "Louie!" the Sepida called. "Come over! Zay get medicine then it's your turn!" The English Setter rushed over and padded around in a circle around Pip before sitting down, his tail wagging, as he expected to be petted. Zane reached over to provide such petting. "Good! The gang's all here," Pip chirped, rubbing behind Louie's ear and giggling when the canine stole a quick lick on the alien's wrist. The Sepida went back to the table and picked up the directions and the collection device. Pip read out loud, falling into Sepida, {"Prepare for sample collection. Circulatory samples obtain the most accurate results. Enter sample type. Gruk, hekkens, sweat, lymph, blood… Yes, blood."} Pip looked at Zane apologetically. He'd feel terrible having to prick Zane and Louie, but he'd feel worse if they got sick because their vaccinations weren't as good as they could have been. {"Choose hide thickness. Ahmmm, medium? Press non-vital extremity, if available, against slot X."} Pip nibbled his lower lip and looked at Zane who was waiting patiently, seemingly fascinated by what had to be unintelligible babble to the human. "Ahh, Zay?" Pipolphi said gently. "Need to steal a little ouchie. Better on Zay's finger or toesies?" "Oh, uh, the finger's fine," Zane said as he held out his hand palm-side up for the Sepida. Pip took Zane's thumb. Bigger was better, right? The Sepida gave the digit a quick kiss before pressing it to slot X and hitting the little screen with his own finger. There was a quick snick, Zane didn't even jump as a lancet poked him and withdrew. It was just like having his blood sugar checked. Then the odd device latched around the small wound and applied a vacuum. That was less like having his blood sugar checked. The contraption gave a cheerful ding and released his thumb. When Zane looked at it, there seemed to be something clear and shiny covering the place he'd been pricked. Wow. {"Analyzing…"} Pip sighed, unconsciously cuddling up to Zane who put an arm around the Sepida. {"Hah, there we go. Do you know the species? Yes. Choose species from list of possibilities in dropdown menu… Human. Oh good, they have him. I was a little worried."} Pip grumbled through another analysis, Zane smiling softly and petting Pipolphi soothingly. {"Analysis complete. Necessary vaccination components as follows…"} Pip scanned through the list and set to work putting the inoculation together. It was precise work, though the directions were quite easy to follow. Pipolphi was glad he had a halfway decent science background that allowed him to confidently load the components into another device that sat short and squat on the table, humming every time Pip snapped a new loading tube into the side. In minutes, it was complete. Pip slipped a small, empty, clean tube into the top. It filled with clear liquid. Pip pulled it free, careful not to disturb the seal. The tube went into what looked disturbingly to Zane like a little gun. "S'ok, Zay. Look big here," Pip tapped the end of the tube that he'd inserted into the gun. "Mostly water. Water go 'way and just important stuff left in little ouchie. Just make a little circle of poke-pokes and all done." Pipolphi patted Zane's hand. "Promise." "I'll just think of it like getting a flu shot, then," the taller man decided, in awe at how much work went into what the Sepida was doing. Shots back on earth didn't seem quite as complicated as the one that Pip needed to give him. "Go ahead Pip; I'm ready." "Ahhmmm, need biggest squishy place on Zay," Pip said, not sure how to explain that he needed an area that was well padded with, if not fat, then at least muscle. The Sepida just wasn't entirely sure if where that would be on himself, or if his rump would be the same place on a human. The human immediately rolled up his sleeve. "I usually get my flu shots here on my arm," he pointed out. "Good," Pip said, rubbing around on the spot to try to locate the best target. The Sepida was glad he wouldn't have to shoot Zane's bottom. Pip was quite fond of that part of his human. Pipolphi pressed the tip of the gun snug to Zane's arm and pulled the trigger. Zane noticed a feeling of cold, immediately replaced by a stinging burn. It only lasted a few seconds, and it was over. The gun dinged, and Pip put it on the table. The Sepida threw himself into Zane's arms. "Zay, ok? Forgive me for ouchie?" The gymnast was always too happy for his own good whenever the Sepida fell into his arms. For a moment, he simply held the smaller man close. "I'm just fine," he insisted. "Barely even hurt." "Brave, Zay," Pip said proudly, kissing the human's collarbone since Pip didn't feel like crawling up to reach Zane's cheek. Pipolphi sighed, pulling away. "Louie turn, now." The Sepida crouched in front of the canine and hugged the big beast. "Sorry, Louie." Zane knelt down to take hold of Louie's collar, helping to keep him in place. "This is only gonna hurt for a little, ok, buddy?" he urged gently as he did his best to distract him. Pip cooed and encouraged as he took a bit of blood from the callused pad of Louie's paw. The canine twitched but didn't try to pull away. Pipolphi apologized profusely in Sepida and Louie licked Pip's face. The Sepida had to figure out what the English Setter might be called besides 'dog,' which involved a few minutes of confusion and hand gestures before Pip found 'canine' on the list of possible species. Making up the vaccine was faster than before, since Pip knew where all the components were and was comfortable with the system. Zane watched in fascination as his alien zipped through the process, Pip's hair tentacles snatching components that were out of reach. Before long, the Sepida was snapping the finished inoculation into the gun. Pip looked ready to cry at the thought of hurting Louie with the shot. The Sepida's solid turquoise eyes blinked rapidly as he squared his slender shoulders. "Where Louie squishy for ouchie?" Pipolphi asked. "His hind legs, that's where he was vaccinated last time," Zane explained as he continued to pet Louie's head and held his collar steadily. Pip blew out a breath and gently probed Louie's hip, looking for the spot with the most muscle. The Sepida parted a fluffy section of fur and pressed the vaccination gun to the canine's skin. The English Setter wagged his tail, delighted with the attention he was receiving. "Sorry, Louie-baby," Pipolphi said apologetically and pulled the trigger with a click and a hiss. Louie didn't flinch or move. He didn't even seem to notice. His tail kept wagging, and he turned his head to look at Pip, tongue lolling. "Sorry-Sorry!" Pip chirped, dropping the gun and hugging Louie's backend. "Was bad? Louie angry? Can bite me. Tear me a new one. Let me have it. Let 'er rip, Louie." The Sepida clenched his eyes tight and stuck his arm in front of Louie's face while still clinging to the dog's tail-wagging bottom. The canine merely licked the offered arm enthusiastically. Both Salty Pup and his Leader were were doting on him. Louie was happy. "No bite?" Pip said, a tremble in his voice. The little alien hugged the canine. "Louie is a good friend." Zane couldn't help but smile at the sight. "I'm sure he thinks the same way about you, too," he commented. His gaze then once again fell on the complicated medical equipment that the Sepida had been using. The gymnast had a hard time just reading the instructions on a bag of cookie mix. He wondered if all Sepida were taught how to use such equipment of it was just Pip's unique ingenuity. The human would bet on the latter rather than the former. "So, does this mean that the two of us won't get sick now?" he asked when a familiar voice drew their attention. {"Approaching Therubi Port,"} the computer chimed. {"Docking Segments A-C are full. Clearance given for Docking Segment D."} "We're here," Pip said, standing with a last stroke to Louie's velvety ears. Pipolphi took Zane's hand and led him to the bridge, Louie at their heels. "Can still get a little sick. No big sick now," the Sepida explained quickly. Pip slid into his seat and tapped in his acceptance of the rules and regulations of the space port. He didn't bother to read it, just flicked to the bottom and accepted. Pip knew the rules. Well, mostly. He'd skimmed the rules the last time he'd been there. But if the port let the Hunnars run around snatching people it didn't seem likely things were strictly enforced. Pip shook his head. They'd get Tilly back, safe. Zane and Louie would help. Louie had big teeth, and Zane was big all over. Maybe Pipolphi was soft and squishy, an easy target, but he wasn't alone. There was a pang in the Sepida's heart as he thought of Tilbei again. Tilly had been his protector more times than he could count. It was in the nature of all Nubra and woven into the symbiotic culture of the Sepida and Nubra. A balance of give and take that had evolved over millennia. Pip set the ship to automatically dock and turned to Zane and Louie. "Space, the final frontier." The Sepida pointed at the viewscreen showing Therubi Port as they approached. "Sort of Deep Space Nine. Hmmm, maybe more Babylon 5. More bad guys." Pipolphi shivered. "Tilly…" "We'll find her," Zane assured Pip as he placed a hand on the Sepida's shoulder. "Even if we have to fight the 'bad guys.'" Louie added his silent support by gently butting his head against the Sepida's thigh, or he just wanted pets. Pip drew comfort and strength from his friends' touches. He laid his hand over Zane's and stroked the top of Louie's big head. "Thank you," Pip whispered. "Never have I known such a stalwart friend as thee. You've got a friend in me." The ship gave a slight jerk, then shuddered before stilling again. Pip stood, keeping a hand on Louie's head and taking Zane's hand with the other. "We're here," Pip said, not relinquishing contact with the others on the way to the exit. The little Sepida took a deep breath and blew it out, his hair shifting anxiously as his body flickered from pink to gray and back again. Pipolphi lifted his hand from Louie's head just long enough to activate the door. There was a hiss as pressure equalized and the door opened, revealing the tube-like corridor that was the airlock. It wasn't fancy, serviceable and worn, but clean. The door to the ship shut behind them, and they walked the short distance to the interior hatch. "Lotsa aliens here. Big, small, nice, mean. I try to warn you about bad guys I see, okie-dokie? Most are just," Pip paused, trying to find the words, "funny-looking people." "Got it," Zane responded. He glanced down at Louie to give him instruction. "Stay close, buddy." As the three of them made their way to the check-in, Zane was having a hard time not gaping at all the different species they passed. They ranged from human-like to shapeless forms. He was so distracted that he nearly bumped into what looked to be humans with animal ears, a rabbit and mouse. The pair were striking. The rabbit was albino with snowy white lop ears that fell to his chest. His petal pink eyes sparkled as he leaned down to talk to his companion, a cutely freckled mouse with strawberry blond hair and a cute little button nose. {"Yay!"} the rabbit said happily as they passed. {"We found the Radirberries for Nixie's recipe!"} {"Now we can head back and feed the kids,"} the other one replied, his smile as wide as the rabbit's. Zane didn't have the slightest idea what they were saying. The port reminded him of the Olympics; people from all kinds of places and dialects gathering in one area. The only difference was that he had been able to understand a phrase or two when he was competing. At the moment, he couldn't even understand a single word in the crowd. The tall human kept to Pip's side with Louie next to them at heel. The crowd broke, and they found themselves in a patch of empty space that allowed Zane to see that they were heading toward a wall with several doors. Each had an alien next to it. They walked to a door that had no one in line to exit. It was watched over by an alien that appeared to be a head shorter than Zane but built wide and muscular. He was covered in shining black and green scales. The alien was definitely a he, since he wore nothing but a vest that the other aliens at the doors were also wearing. Zane forced his eyes back to the being's face which was more lizard than humanoid, which made it difficult to tell if the alien was smiling or snarling. Pip continued walking confidently, and Zane followed, though it wouldn't have been the door the human would have chosen. Maybe the one with the vested alien that looked like an Ewok. ("GREETINGS AND WELCOME TO THERUBI PORT!") the scaled alien bellowed when they stepped up to the door. ("MAPS CAN BE FOUND AT ANY OF THE HELP DESKS THROUGHOUT THE STATION WHERE STAFF WILL ALSO BE HAPPY TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS! ENJOY YOUR STAY AT THERUBI PORT!") Startled at the loudness of the alien, Zane instinctively lowered his arm to shield the Sepida, should the reptilian man attack them. "Whoa, he's shouting. Is he angry?" He asked in wary concern. Slate grey eyes peered down to assess Louie, but the English Setter just laid down next to them in a relaxed manner. In those few moments of speech, a complex dance of biology and technology was happening. Pipolphi, like most people who interacted with others from different planets, had a tiny language chip in the superior frontal lobe of his brain. It was a spot relatively equivalent to Broca's area in the left frontal lobe of Zane's. The station employee had a chip as well. The lizard-like alien had an impressive data set of languages and dialects stored, a perk of working at a station that had a decent union. Any language in his chip would be translated and adjusted into his own language with only a fraction of a fraction of a second delay. How the chip could work that quickly without needing time to process a complete sentence or context was an avidly guarded secret that, so far, hadn't been cracked by reverse engineering or industrial espionage. All employees of the station had to be fluent in one of the common languages included in all language chips to ensure all visitors could be understood and translated by those visitors' chips. The lizard man spoke Ssahli with only a slight accent, which he was proud of, and hadn't needed to take any extra speech classes to get his job. Luckily, English as well as all other common Earth languages had been in the last data upgrade for employees. Allowing Zane's words to be almost instantaneously translated to the alien's mother tongue, overriding what the lizard man actually heard and seamlessly replacing it with the alien's native language. ("SIR, I AM NOT ENRAGED, I ASSURE YOU,") the greeter said in Ssahli, flashing a friendly, sharp-toothed smile. ("AND I'M NOT SHOUTING!") he yelled, causing Zane to tug Pip closer and take a step back. Pip patted his human's hand, the Sepida's own language chip easily making the greeter understood. Pipolphi had been more than startled the first time he'd been near a Khassith. The species were well known to be friendly and easy-going, if incredibly loud. "No problem, Zay. Person nice but loud," Pip explained. "Deaf as a post," the Sepida added, pointing to his own finned ear. "Just doing my job, ma'am," Pip said, not quite getting the words right for what he was trying to convey but hoping Zane would understand. The Sepida had a moment to wonder how Khassith understood other people when they spoke if the reptilian species couldn't hear well. Louie continued to sit calmly and wondered if any of the funny people might give him treats. He didn't smell any milkbones, but there were a vast number of new smells in the place that could hide the scent. Louie did his best to look like a good doggy, just in case. "Nice, but loud?" Zane mused. "Then, I apologize," he added as he turned towards the scaled man. Whether the alien was truly deaf or not, he made a note to ask Pip later. The last thing he wanted was to offend anyone. The Khassith's smile broadened, and Pip attempted to translate that the greeter wasn't bothered by Zane's reaction. {"Sir, do you know if there are any Hunnar ships docked right now and where we could find them?"} Pipolphi asked politely. He shifted from foot to foot, unable to contain his nerves that were painted on his skin in shades of pink and gray. The greeter's green-gold eyes narrowed. He leaned forward and seemed to be sniffing Pip. The Sepida noticed slits on either side of the Khassith's flat nose widening, the insides black and glistening. The Khassith blinked twice and straightened. ("I CAN GIVE YOU THAT INFORMATION, BUT I WORRY FOR YOUR SAFETY,") The Khassith shouted, fighting the protective urge to gather up the small Sepida, take him to the greeter's nest, and sit on the little one for his own well-being. The Khassith refrained. He'd gotten in trouble twice for such behavior, and he didn't want to get written up again. {"Please,"} Pip said earnestly, {"It's very important."} The Kassith frowned but sighed in defeat. He pulled a handheld device from his vest and tapped on it. A card the size of Pipolphi's palm popped out of the top. The greeter handed it to Pip, who was surprised to see it was printed in Sepida. ("MY NAME IS SS'RAH. MY CONTACT NUMBER IS ON THE BACK. PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME FOR ANY REASON. I'VE NO DESIRE TO FIND YOUR LITTLE SELF INJURED OR DEAD WHEN I AM ASSIGNED TO PATROL.") Ss'rah couldn't keep himself from gently patting Pip on the top of his head as though he were a hatchling. ("THE INFORMATION YOU SEEK IS PRINTED ON THE FRONT. PLEASE TAKE EVERY CARE WITH YOUR WELL-BEING.") Pipolphi was touched by the Khassith's concern. He reached out and patted Ss'rah's hand, the scales cool and smooth under his fingers. {"Thank you."} When Zane finally got used to the volume, he realized that the lizard man really did seem to be nice. He even patted Pip's head in a gentle manner, and Louie gave no indication of hostility towards him, so the scaled man was officially a good guy in his eyes. "So, where are we going now?" He asked Pip. "Find bad guys," Pip said, waving the small card as he led Zane and Louie through the doors, leaving Ss'rah behind. "Get Tilly. Save the day." The gymnast had nearly forgotten that Pipolphi was naked. On Earth, the Sepida had only worn clothing when Zane had taken him around humans. As soon as they'd returned to Zane's little island, Pip had stripped off as quick as he could. The tall man thought that it had something to do with the Sepida's mercurial coloring combined with how Pip seemed much more comfortable out of clothing rather than in it. The human's petite lover certainly seemed to have no qualms about walking confidently without a stitch on among the multitude of species that surrounded them. Pip didn't even have shoes or a bag to carry the paper the lizard alien had given him. As he looked around, Zane noted that Pip was not the only species that seemed to prefer to walk around in the buff. He made a mental note to ask the Sepida more about it later, as it didn't seem to be the time to discuss such things. Not to mention that there was a certain noise level surrounding them with the crowd milling about. As the three of them continued to walk, the human couldn't have been more grateful at how obedient Louie was. Though he was clearly glancing about left and right, he didn't seem to give into the urge to sniff at anyone. They had a close call when a massive man with husky ears and a tail walked past them, but Zane had been able to draw Louie's focus back. They had been walking for a few minutes when Pipolphi sucked in a breath and grabbed Zane's arm, pulling him between two food stalls against one wall. "Zay," Pip said, voice strained as he pointed. "Hunnars." It only took a moment for the human to find the group of five Pipolphi had indicated. Zane's first impression was of large, walking rats. Scruffy, ill-tempered rats. They were smaller than Zane had expected, certainly taller than Pip's five feet but nowhere near the gymnast's six foot four. They were covered in scruffy fur in shades of brown. The Hunnars snarled at any person smaller or weaker that got in their way while deftly avoiding any that looked as though they might be more than a match for the rat-like aliens. Thick, stiff whiskers seemed to be constantly moving as lips curled away from crooked, pointed teeth set in a pointed muzzle. Shiny, black eyes darted constantly looking for threats, advantages, or easy prey. Each Hunnar had a belt, bandolier, or both worn with black leather pants. Weapons weren't allowed on Therubi Station, but it was clear what the empty slots and holsters in the leather were meant to hold. As Zane watched, one of the group side-stepped to avoid an alien that looked like a cross between a polar bear and a porcupine. That Hunnar bumped into another, and suddenly there was a snarling, snapping fight in the middle of the crowd. People stepped back quickly, but it was over in moments. It had been quick and brutal. The winner continued walking with the others, his position closer to the front of the pack while the loser limped painfully at the back, trying to keep up while keeping pressure on a bleeding arm wound and pretending he felt no pain. Pip let out a ragged breath as the Hunnars disappeared in the crowd. Zane looked down before they left their hiding spot and found Louie wasn't at his side. He was worried until he saw the big English Setter sitting in front of one of the aliens that appeared to be running the vendor stall on one side of them. The alien was striking with thick auburn hair tucked behind elfin ears and creamy, pale yellow skin with brown stripes. The vendor was as nude as Pip, large breasts noticeable as the alien crouched in front of Louie, seeming to be deep in conversation with the dog. Louie even seemed to respond back. The other alien running the stand appeared to be the same species if the hair and skin coloring was any indication. Where the alien chatting with Louie was petite, the other could only be described as burly. Auburn hair was pulled back in a tight braid that trailed over a shoulder that bulged with muscle and ended just over flat pectorals. The big alien watched the smaller one with indulgent golden eyes. The customer being served left and the larger alien turned to the other and revealed it was as naked as half of the people that were around. Zane couldn't help but notice that where the human would expect a penis, said penis was noticeably lacking. The alien in front of Louie stood with a smile, and the human found a penis where he hadn't expected one, namely on what the gymnast had assumed was a plump-breasted woman. A quick glance (that Zane tried to stop but couldn't) showed what seemed to definitely be lady-parts below the waist of the big alien. Louie's tail thumped the floor as Zane and Pip took the few steps it took to reach the canine. The smaller, tiger-striped alien smiled at them, flashing long canines and sparkling whiskey-brown eyes. ("Hello,") the alien greeted in a smooth lyrical voice that Pip's language chip had no difficulty translating. ("Sorry if I stole your companion. My roommate in college was a Kaynen studying her home planet's early languages. I used to help her study all the time. It was fun to find out I remember more of it than I'd thought. Your friend is very kind to let me use my questionable verbal skills from years ago.") ("As if my boy ever lets anything get lost in that clever head of his,") The large alien huffed in a deep, growling voice, tugging the smaller male close and touching their noses together. The male flushed, pleased. {"We have to go, but if we're able and Louie would like it we will try to stop back so you can visit with him before we leave the station,"} Pip said. {"I'm afraid we have important business that we have to get to right now, though. I'm very sorry to cut your talk short."} The Sepida looked down at the English Setter. {"Sorry, Louie-baby. Can we go find Tilly?"} Louie gave a definitive bark, and the three of them carefully followed the Hunnar group that they had seen. Though he was quite lost and confused with everything that was going on and with all the different conversations Pip had with other aliens, he knew that they had a mission to fulfill. When they reached the dock that housed the ship, Zane took Pip's hand in his and gave it a firm squeeze. "Ready?" Pip nodded. "Tilly is in there. My turn to protect and serve."
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    An English Setter padded along the stiff, partially wet sand in an almost regal manner as he approached the hooded Sepida on the beach. His fur was mostly white with brown spots that ran down the upper part of his body. The patterns nearly looked like freckles along his face when the Setter looked straight ahead. His left ear was completely brown, and his eyes were a golden brown that was a shade lighter than the brown on his fur. Louie was strong. He was a protector. Zane adopted Louie, then Little Salty Pup. Salty Pup was nice to lick because he was, well, salty. Yum. Louie had to hold himself back from giving the little one tongue baths. Louie would steal licks whenever he could, though, now that Little Salty Pup didn't make scared noises every time Louie stole a taste. Salty Pup was scared of everything. He knew Little Salty Pup wasn't really a pup, just a runt. Not like Zane. Zane was a big strong leader. Salty Pup was little and obviously much, much smaller than Louie. Louie was big and strong like his leader. Even though Salty Pup wasn't a pup, Louie was careful of him like one. Zane was careful, too, but definitely didn't treat Pup like a pup. Salty Pup had definitely reached maturity and seemed to always be in heat. Poor thing. Louie heard Salty Pup's mating calls regularly. He peeked in sometimes to make sure Zane and Salty Pup were okay and would end up simply cocking his head to the side and staring in confusion. They would never be able to make puppies doing it like that. Maybe Salty Pup was a young adult and would learn how to do it eventually? Louie had tried to demonstrate to Salty Pup how it was done one day with Louie's favorite Big Snuggle Bear. Louie was sure the poor pup was learning something with how big Pup's eyes got. But then Zane told Louie "No!" very loudly. Maybe Zane likes how Pup does it, even if it is strange? Every day, Louie laid down outside and guarded Zane and Salty Pup while they slept. They were his people, and he loved them. Louie looked over at Salty Pup, who was sitting obediently, so Louie was close enough to watch over him. Louie sat, tail swishing the sand, thinking. Zane was a Bringer of Yummies. Louie sometimes caught or found things to eat. Sometimes he barfed them up later, but that was okay. Louie hadn't seen Little Salty Pup find any of his own food. That was concerning. Salty Pup was small, but matured, and should be able to hunt. Movement caught Louie's eyes, and Louie knew what he needed to do. While Pipolphi wiggled his toes as the edge of the water flowed over them, he caught sight of Zane's pet hopping into the water and swimming around. Though he was still learning about dogs in general and their habits, this was the first time that he saw just how much Louie seemed to enjoy the water. How curious that a terrestrial carnivore such as Louie seemed to enjoy water just as much as his own kind. The creature was amazing, all muscles and long legs and soft fur. Pip had to admit that, when he could get his courage up, Louie was amazing to pet. Even if the big, white, pointy teeth were a bit terrifying. Louie suddenly bounded over to Pip, sending the little Sepida's heart into his throat. Pipolphi forced himself to stay still as the powerful carnivore barreled at him. Louie skidded to a stop a few feet away, tail waving like a damp flag. The beast's eyes were sparkling, and Louie was fairly vibrating with excited joy. {"Y-yes, Louie?"} Pip said politely. The dog bounced a step closer and spat something on the sand between them. Louie had held it very, very carefully in his mouth to keep from getting pinched. He'd had no desire to end up with a sore lip or tongue. Pip peered at the small, shelled, crawling thing on the sand. It looked so much like some of the shelled, bottom-dwelling animals that could be found on the Sepida's home world's beaches or ocean floor. It made Pipolphi smile brilliantly, warming his hearts. Even so far from home, things weren't so different on this strange, unfamiliar planet. There were commonalities to be found if one looked deep enough. Even though Pip and Zane were so different, so alien to each other, there was so much common ground. Like love. Love was universal. {"I think I've misjudged you, Louie,"} Pip mused aloud as the beast nosed the little crab. {"How did you know just what I didn't know I needed? Thank you, friend."} Louie promptly forgot the crab as Pip leaned over to hug the wet, sand-covered dog. The crab took the opportunity to beat a hasty retreat into the lapping waves. Salty Pup's happiness made Louie happy. If the Pup had trouble hunting, then he'd eagerly continue to feed him himself. In the distance, a sheen rolled over what appeared to be the invisible outline of the ship. Pip's eyes widened as he turned his gaze towards it. Once again, a rolling band of light slid over the outline of the ship. Pip jumped up and bolted toward the ship. A message. Someone had sent a message. It could be nothing. It might be some automated message about avoiding some star system that had become dangerous to civilians, something from his parents checking in on him, or even a wrong number. It could be Tilly…or Tilly's mom wondering where Pip was when they'd found his best friend's dead body, wondering why Pipolphi hadn't been there to protect him like Tilbei had protected Pip so many times. "Zay!" the Sepida shouted, his skin wavering between bright pink and sickly gray, needing his lover with him right then but unwilling to take the time to detour to the little house. Both Zane and Louie immediately rushed to Pip's side upon hearing his distress. The English Setter gave a concerned bark, and Zane was breathing heavily by the time he reached the Sepida. The human immediately looked the petite alien over. "Is everything ok? Did you get stung by a jellyfish?" Zane asked in one rushed breath. "Call," Pip told him quickly, opening the hatch to his ship and rushing inside with Zane and Louie on his heels. "I got a call. Leave a message at the tone. Scared. Scared for Tilly." The Sepida hurried onto the small bridge and sat at the controls, pulling up the message. {"Incoming message from Inture Relay, Section 5,"} the computer relayed. {"Apparent distortion,"} it warned before playing the message. {"Pip...Tilly! I got...Hunnars. Don't...port."} Static followed for several seconds. {"Message...no...okay!"} {Not okay!?} Pip gasped, the pink and grey hues interchanging rapidly across his skin. He turned towards his gentle giant, tears brimming in his eyes as he tugged on the hem of Zane's shirt. "Zay! Tilly not okay! This is madness!" He tried to explain. "Something's wrong with your friend?" Zane concluded. "Then you have to go to her! Need me to come with you to help?" "Stay with me? Save Tilly from Hunnars?" Pip said hopefully. "Come to kick some bad guy ass?" Zane gave the Sepida a firm nod. "Of course I'll come with you. We'll save your friend." He agreed. Movement near their legs alerted him to Louie. "Is it possible to bring Louie with us, too?" As much as the gymnast loved the English Setter that he had raised since he was a puppy, he'd rather that the canine be safe. He also knew a few trustworthy students of his that could take care of Louie if it was necessary to leave him behind. Would they even be able to find food for him in space? "Yes, Louie can come. Of course." Pip blinked. He'd just assumed Louie would come, too. Which was terrible of him. What if Louie had friends he would miss? Zane had said Louie was adopted and the alien had gathered such things meant that Louie had no biological family and Zane was the dog's family, now. Pipolphi hadn't heard anything about the canine having an occupation besides as a companion or perhaps guard for Zane. Pip had seen Louie patrolling the area around the house and keeping a protective eye on Zane and even Pipolphi. The Sepida felt a pang in his hearts, realizing he'd miss Louie if they left the beast behind. Pip turned an uncertain orange as he crouched in front of Louie. "Want to come, Louie? You have things that make you stay? Would be honored if Louie can come with us. Don't know when come back. Understand if Louie has to stay. Big decision. You need time to think about it?" Louie didn't know what was going on. But, he felt the tension and concern from Salty Pup. To try to dispel some of that concern, he began to lick the Sepida's face. The canine would do everything he could to protect the little one. The Pup should not be afraid. "Well, I guess that answers that," Zane responded with a chuckle. "Louie doesn't seem to want to part with you, either, Pip." The Sepida was overcome with relief that he wouldn't have to say goodbye to the strangely endearing beast and that Zane and Louie wouldn't be parted because of Pip. Pipolphi flung his arms around Louie, who was still damp and sandy but Pip didn't care. The Sepida's skin showed his happy relief, the orange replaced by starbursts of white and green flashing across Pip's skin like fireworks in the sky. "Go soon?" Pip asked, looking up at Zane. "Get your things, make arrangements, go save the day?" "Got it!" Zane responded as he rushed out of the ship and began to pack. He began with food, both for himself and for Louie. He figured that if Pip were fine eating certain foods on Earth, then both he and Louie would surely find something that they could safely eat in space. For the time being, however, the human brought as much imperishable food as he could find for their journey. In the case of clothing, he only brought along everything that was fairly new. The shoes and some of his coats were of a decent enough quality to last for a good few years. His final bags were packed with general toiletries like razors, a toothbrush, shaving cream, and Louie's shampoo. He almost forgot to bring along Louie's favorite bear, but the Setter began to drag it along himself as if he knew that they were going someplace far. It was amazing how fast two people could stuff bags and pack when it was an emergency. Barely an hour later, the three of them were set and ready for take-off. The only time concession they'd made was for Zane to give Louie a quick bath. Having a dirty dog with them in close quarters for however long space travel to their destination took seemed like something to avoid. While Zane took Louie to clean up, Pip checked on the state of the ship. All important systems were repaired. There were still some minor things that were being repaired, but nothing that would keep them out of the sky. Zane then approached Pip with a freshly groomed Louie. "Are we ready?" Pip nodded as he urged the human to sit beside him. "I am one with the Force. The Force is with me," he muttered to himself as if in encouragement. The Sepida took a deep breath and nodded decisively. He could do this. They could do this. With Zane with him, Pip thought he could do almost anything. Tilly would be alright; he had to be. Pipolphi tapped a screen causing a small jump seat to pop out from the wall next to the console. "Buckle up, Louie. It's gonna be a bumpy ride." Well, not really. Maybe it would rumble a bit exiting the atmosphere and jumping closer to the space port. The shock absorbers were excellent, and the report had said they were completely repaired. Just in case, though, it was better for Louie and Zane to be prepared for the possibility. Zane waste no time in settling Louie down, as well. He gave the Setter a scratch behind the ears. "Just hang tight, Louie. Think of this as a crazy car ride," he commented. Pipolphi entered the necessary commands to get them safely on their way. While the ship hummed around them, Pip pulled up the call number that had sent the message from Tilbei. The Sepida debated a moment before activating the number. If there was any chance Tilly might get the message, Pip had to try. He just would keep it simple, so if the Hunnars intercepted it, it wouldn't be likely to cause problems for his friend. {"We're coming to the port for you."} Pip said, voice trembling with worry. {"Whatever it takes, we'll find you and get you, I promise. Just hold on a little longer. Love you."} The message was sent. Pip sat back in his chair, suddenly tired and heart sick. A big warm hand reached out and took his just as the ship shivered a bit as it pushed through the atmosphere. Zane looked at the Sepida with concern and something like devotion in his eyes. Pipolphi tried to look at his human objectively for a moment. That man was muscled, broad-shouldered, and ridiculously tall. Intelligence radiated from his slate gray eyes. Louie barked once, excited with whatever it was that they were doing as long as they were doing it together and he was likely to be fed later. Pip's gaze went to Louie, a big, powerful, sharp-toothed, carnivorous predator. Pip nodded and sat up straight and sure, the uncertain orange of his skin morphing into a determined ruby red. The little alien squeezed Zane's hand in his. They could do this. They would. They'd get to the space port, sneak into an armed ship, and rescue the Nubra. {"Just hold on a little longer, Tilly, "} Pip said with determination. {"We'll find you on that Hunnar ship and get you loose. We're coming."} :::::::: Tilbei woke up to the most wonderful warmth of Jasper draped over him. For a brief second his deep peach-hued eyes widened as his mind brought up memories of the two of them on the Hunnar ship and then the Viceroy's ship. When his gaze refocused, he let out a sigh of relief. That's right, the two of them were finally safe in his dome home. When his heart settled back down, he found himself wondering how slow Jasper's heartbeat was. In a dreadful moment in the past, he recalled having to protect Pipolphi from a Hasserack. The Sepida had clung to him for dear life, and Tilly had been able to feel the rapid heartbeat of not one, but two hearts. Both Sepida and Nubra were quite different physically, but they thrived in the same waters. What would Tilly have to do to make sure that his Jasper thrived? He had a feeling that he'd do anything for the mixed Polkin. He wanted nothing more than to keep him safe and to protect him. {"Would you let me love you?"} He whispered softly in the language of the people in the waters. The Nubra reached down to gently pet the long, fluffy tail that had somehow curled around them both. {"Would you trust that I would follow you anywhere you want to go?"} "Hmmmnn," Jasper murmured, snuggling sleepily against the Nubra. "Tilly? Whassat?" He blinked slowly. "It was pretty. Almost like singing. Was it a poem?" The Nubra smiled, nuzzling one of Jasper's lavender ears. "I was just talking to myself," He responded softly. "Wondering if you'd allow me to be by your side no matter where you go…" "If you want to come, I'd like that," Jas said dreamily, then blushed. "I mean, come with me if I go somewhere. Not come, come. Well, unless you would like to, you know, come. I'm fine with that too." Jasper squeaked and hid his face in the soft fur of his tail. "I shouldn't be allowed to talk when I'm sleepy," came the hybrid's muffled words. The grin on the Nubra's face widened. "You have no idea how happy that makes me," he admitted as he gently moved the tail aside to kiss the half-polkin's cheek and chin. He had meant to merely express his affection, but as he was starting to realize, his body seemed to enjoy the proximity to Jasper a little too much. The orange spots on his body began to glow in embarrassment as two of his members became aroused. "Although, maybe you shouldn't have phrased it that way…" he confessed when his hips began to subconsciously grind down against Jas. "Why not?" Jasper asked, making a small, happy noise as he pressed up to feel the man against him. It always seemed to take quite a while for the half-Polkin to wake up and his brain was still a bit fuzzy. Jas rubbed his hands over Tilbei's skin, marveling at how firm the Nubra's muscles were but with the skin such a silky soft texture. It was delicious to touch. Now that Jas was not only sleepy but also aroused, he couldn't see anything that could be wrong with the situation. Tilbei forced himself to move back just as he felt his third member paying too close attention to the half-Polkin. "I desire nothing more than to be buried inside you once again. However, I'm quite worried about my friend. Is it okay if we check if he replied to the message first?" Jasper's eyes widened, his sleepiness blowing away like fog in a gale force wind. He sat up suddenly, nearly bonking his forehead against Tilbei's. "Oh, crap! I'm so sorry! I should have thought of that," Jas said, scrambling out of the pillows he'd nearly buried them in. "Of course you're worried about him, and all I can think about is getting into your pants… I mean, if you ever wore pants. Not that I'm complaining about the lack of pants situation. Fuck. I'm doing it again. Right, shutting up now," Jasper groaned, finding the soft length of deep green fabric Tilbei's mother had given him to use as a cover, though she'd been honestly bewildered why he'd want to do so. The hybrid quickly wrapped the fabric around his waist, adding a few twists and tucks to make it look prettier. When Jas was done, the wrap clung to his hips and ass, tucking just under his tail, then flared a small amount below that to allow for easy movement. The rich emerald shade made Jasper's lilac skin look luminous. "I may not like clothing, but I have to admit that it looks quite good on you," Tilbei confessed. "Will you come with me to check on the ship?" he invited as he extended his hand for the other man to take. The two of them then headed towards Tilly's scouting room, which was little more than a flat, round platform that rose upwards like an elevator into a glass dome that provided a 360° view of the shore, the ocean, the sky, and the land mass where the Viceroy's ship was docked. It was immediately apparent that the ship had received a message due to the way that it shifted colors, almost like a color-shifting lamp. The colors shifted from purple to blue to green and back again. "Pip must have replied!" Tilly gasped. "Let's go, Jasper!" he urged as the two of them went back down and then exited Tilly's personal dome home to rush over to the ship. The Nubra wasted no time in pulling up the message. {"Incoming message from Rapture Relay, Section 104,"} the computer relayed. "Section 104? Damn, that's far!" Tilbei murmured aloud before the message was played. {"We're coming to the port for you."} What was unmistakably Pipolphi's voice rang through. {"Whatever it takes, we'll find you and get you, I promise. Just hold on a little longer. Love you."} "What!?" Tilly responded with a frown. "They're going to Inture Relay 5? But that's where we left the Hunnars!" Jasper frowned, noting that the message from Tilbei's friend had piggy-backed on another message. He also noted that it sounded suspiciously like Tilbei's friend had said he loved Bei. Jasper's Bei. The hybrid leaned forward and tapped the console. Tilly's voice came over the speakers, rough with static. {"Pip…"} the message began, but it was garbled with chunks missing. "It sounds like what you sent to him got screwed up," Jas said, still frowning. "Fuck," Tilbei hissed under his breath. "I can't let him go out there by himself! If the Hunnars catch him, they'll milk him for life!" He took hold of both of Jasper's hands. "Jas, do you mind staying here with my mom for a while? I can't ask you to risk your life or be captured again by the Hunnars…" "If you get to stay by my side, then I get to stay by yours." The half-Polkin looked positively mutinous. He reflexively stomped each of his feet twice. "If you try to leave me with your mom so she can feed me, cuddle me, and be super nice to me I'm going to be so mad at you that I'll...do something that will show my grumpies!" Jasper blinked, his indigo eyes filling with something Tilbei didn't like the look of. Jasper bit his lip before speaking again, his voice soft and uncertain. "Or is it that you want to go without me because he's the one you said you were in love with? And in his message back he said he loves you?" The hybrid backed up, trying to pull his hands from Tilbei's. Tilbei's peach-hued eyes widened. Before his lover could pull away, he tugged him into his arms. "No, Jasper. That's not it at all," he refuted adamantly. "Yes, I admit that I was once in love with Pip. I'm not going to deny it. But, the love Pip and I share now is purely platonic. He didn't mean love as in the love that you and I share." The Nubra hugged Jasper tightly. "I've felt nothing that compares to the love you and I share. I didn't want to bring you with me because I'm afraid of losing you." "I'll stick to you like a prickle bur stuck in winter fur," Jas assured. "I won't get in the way, I promise. I'll help. If you go without me I'll worry the whole time, it'll make me get sick, and I'll die." Jasper sank into the Nubra's warm embrace. "I love you. Don't leave me behind." Tilbei felt his heart clench. "I love you too, Jasper," he confessed. "Then, let's tell my mom before we go, and we'll head out together."
  8. HinderToyBL


    A few days passed in a similar manner. Zane would show Pip around some of the places on the mainland. The Sepida said that the shops around the docks reminded him of something he called a "spaceport." The gymnast tried to ask him more details about it, but it was still quite difficult for Pip to figure out how to say what he wanted to say in English. There were no helpful translation guides like there would be for another Earthian language. Zane had bought more movies while they had been out and about, to add them to the ship computer's database. They hadn't noticed much of an improvement in Pip's English, although the Sepida learned more words that related to romance and sex. Due to that, Pipolphi considered the attempt a success. Overall, however, communication was a struggle that left Zane frustrated and Pip turning unpleasant colors. The language barriers made cultural barriers more difficult to overcome. But Zane's patient, gentle, easy-going nature combined with Pip simply being Pip seemed to manage misunderstandings that might have blown up with another couple. The cultural divide came to a head one day when they'd gone back to the mainland. Pipolphi had gotten very good at making his coloring look human and not slip up if his emotions became strong or if something startled him. But when the Sepida saw a little girl who couldn't have been older than six with her long hair done up in intricate braids, Pip turned snow white with shock. He quickly got control of himself, looking closer. The child was holding a man's hand, swinging their clasped hands as they walked. Pipolphi frowned. Maybe Pip was wrong, and it was a very small adult? The alien tugged Zane's sleeve and gestured to the girl. "Kiddo? Baby?" "Yes, she's a child," Zane explained. The tall gymnast entertained the idea of them adopting a child one day and became lost in that daydream for a good second. "Isn't she just adorable? Would you ever like to adopt someday, Pip?" "Adopt someday?" the little Sepida said, obviously distracted as he tucked himself behind Zane and peered suspiciously at the girl, who had sat on a bench to eat ice cream with her feet kicking slowly. Pipolphi's liquid turquoise eyes turned to the man sitting next to her. The man didn't look like a villain. It made Pip's hearts clench to think that such wickedness didn't show on the outside. Evil should look evil. There should be some nefarious mark. But he just looked like a human man, a nice man. The Sepida shuddered, looking around. Why was no one else helping her? Didn't they see how the man flaunted the poor little thing like some cheap spaceport whore? Zane frowned at how tense his partner became. "Pip, is everything alright? What's wrong?" He followed the Sepida's gaze to the father and daughter. "She's fine. She's got her dad watching her right there." "Dad? Father?" Pipolphi jerked as though he'd been struck. The petite alien had to struggle not to let his skin flow in the reds and oranges of a challenge-display. "Zay, he's a bad motherfucker!" Pip hissed. "See what he does? How make people see?" Pilpolphi gestured at his own head, going as far as reaching under the hood to tug at his hair tentacles which were appropriately loose, even though they were covered. Zane couldn't be more confused. "He seems like a decent enough dad to me...what is he doing that upsets you so much?" Pip groaned in frustration. Was his sweet human blind? Zane allowed himself to be dragged by his mysterious alien into a small alley where they were mostly hidden. Pipolphi kept peeking around to keep the father and daughter in sight. Zane suddenly wanted to keep an eye on the pair as well. What had the lovely Sepida seen that he hadn't? Pip peeked around once more before ducking back out of sight, tugging the hood off his head. He fought not to turn some awkward, embarrassed color for what he was about to do. In public, no less. At least no one was looking. Pip glanced around once more before allowing his hair tentacles to wind into braids similar to the ones that poor child had. "Fuck!" Pipolphi whispered intently, pointing at the braids. "Like this, fuck me. Fuck me. Deep, hard. Take me now, you rowdy beast." The look in the Sepida's eyes was intense, the angry, serious tone and expression not at all matching the words. The alien thought the father and daughter were a couple. Why did Pip think such a thing about the two? Zane just couldn't figure it out. "Come with me," He urged as they walked even further into the alley. "What is it that you're seeing that I'm not, Pip? Why do you think they would have that kind of relationship?" He asked softly. "Tell me quietly." Pipolphi whined in frustration but went along. He'd need his human's strength to save the little one. "Hair," Pip said, a simple word Zane had taught him. The Sepida pointed to his head tentacles, allowing them to unwind to fall loose and limp around his shoulders. It was easy. They seemed to want out of the braids. Pip wasn't feeling sexy in the least. "This film is rated G, for general audiences." He allowed his hair tentacles to come together a bit more, not winding up, but more like a real hairstyle with waves. "PG." The tentacles moved again, coming together fully, draping like a long simple braid over the Sepida's shoulder where Zane could see it easily. "R." Pipolphi took a deep breath and forced his tentacles into a set of complicated braids similar to the ones atop the smiling little girl's head. Pip pointed at them emphatically. "NC-17. For mature audiences." An enraged chirp fell from his anger-tightened lips. "Strong sexual content!" The Sepida released his tentacles, shaking his head to make the thin tentacles unwind faster. Pip wanted a shower. He felt dirty like it would be worth the discomfort of his skin's allergic reaction to scrub himself tips to toes with Zane's harsh human soap. Pipolphi pulled the hood over his hair tentacles again, though they were trying to flare with the alien's agitation. Zane allowed himself to be dragged back to the edge of the alley, where the father and daughter could be seen again. The man was wiping her ice cream smeared face with a napkin as they both laughed. Pipolphi trembled with rage, taking a step forward, unable to stand to see the horrible man touch the poor little thing. It was hard for the Sepida to determine the child's age. Humans were too different from Pip's people. But he knew it was only a child. That was enough for Pipolphi. It didn't matter if the human man was bigger than Pip, that the father could no doubt break the Sepida in half. Pipolphi couldn't stand it anymore. He began to march forward, terrified, but resolved to do something to help. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," Zane intervened as he quickly scooped Pip up into his arms, to the surprise of the seated father and child. "Excuse us!" The human then quickly brought the Sepida over to the men's restroom before setting him back down. "Wait, let me explain…" He took a deep breath as he thought of the best way to tell his lover about Earthian hairstyles and their lack of connotations. He had never seen the Sepida so upset. The notion was rooted in concern over an innocent little girl, which was quite admirable. "It's rated NC-17 to Sepida...here, on Earth, it's rated G. Heck, it's rated E, for everyone," Zane insisted. "The father and daughter are not doing any NC-17 things, believe me." He tried his best to show the truth of his words through his eyes. "You trust me, don't you? I would never allow such horrible things to happen to a child if I were in any position to stop it." Pipolphi thought he was getting the gist of Zane's words, but he wanted to be certain. He tugged back his hood and let his hair twine into braids again. Luckily there was no one in the restroom to see. Pip was too intent on the issue at hand. "E?" the Sepida asked, the disbelief clear in his voice. "For babies?" "To everyone here, yes," Zane nodded. "Though, I have to admit that on you, they're quite sexy." Pip blushed, which didn't come out quite right on his false human skin tone, turning his cheeks purple for a moment. Then the little alien had a thought and groaned. "I almost punch his lights out, Zay! Poor daddy having fun with kiddo and crazy come knock his block off!" Pip's tentacles unwound. A lock of them grabbed his hood and pulled it up and over his head to hide his face completely. The Sepida covered his hands in his sleeves and hugged himself tightly. "Hey, it's ok! You didn't know," the taller man insisted as he tugged the Sepida into a hug. "It could have happened to anyone. Besides, you only wanted the little girl to be safe. I really admire that you wanted to jump in and help." "Pip not help anyway," the Sepida said, his voice muffled by the cloth over his face. "Daddy big. Squash me like a bug." The sigh was heavy enough it was audible through the hood. "Little puddle of silly Pip splatted on sidewalk." Before Zane could respond, Pipolphi's hood pulled back, helped along by his thin tentacles. The little alien peeked up at Zane with huge, liquid turquoise eyes, the lack of pupil almost making him appear blind. But there was too much focus there to think the Sepida couldn't see. Pip still looked unhappy, but there was an edge of hope in his face, the curve of his full lips. As though it was difficult, but Pipolphi was making a conscious decision not to dwell too much on his bad feelings. He could file it as a learning experience since no harm was done. He didn't need to flog himself for his mistake. Pip wasn't sure he could have done so without Zane being so sweet and supportive. "I disagree," Zane countered. "If anything, this situation taught me something new and important about you and Sepida in general…" The human leaned down to whisper into Pip's concealed, webbed ear. "Braids are really, really sexy." The Sepida's breath left him in a rush as his body tightened with sudden, unexpected arousal. His hair, which had been limp and straight moments before, began to wind around itself. Pip reached out, clinging to Zane's shirt, unsure his legs would hold him. All his blood seemed to suddenly leave his brain and flood south. All because of a single whispered sentence and Zane's breath against his ear. A long set of arms immediately wrapped around the Sepida as Zane quickly reacted. "You alright there, Pip?" He asked. The first thought that came to him was that the petite alien might be dehydrated. "Do you need some water?" But, then, the human took note of how Pip's hair strands began to wind up. He touched one of the twined segments. "Do these also mean that you're aroused?" Pip shivered. A tendril wound around the human's fingers. The slender tentacle tightened as the rest twined into tighter braids. "Nnn, 'roused," the little Sepida whimpered, pressing against Zane hard enough that the gymnast could feel Pip's excitement through their clothes. The taller man mentally cursed. He looked around, but there was no way that he would take the Sepida in a public bathroom stall that anyone could walk in and hear them. On the other hand, they were still on the mainland and it would take a good little while to get back home. "Wait, Pip, not here," He urged gently as he made up his mind. "I have an idea, come with me." He took hold of his partner's hand and quickly made his way to the nearest hotel. "I first came here back when I was still competing and fell in love with the place. That's part of the reason I took up residence near here…" The gymnast had never really splurged for himself, so he was easily able to pay for one of the better rooms. The inside of the room almost appeared like the inside of a house or an apartment. The bed was massive and featured a canopy. The balcony was large and spacious, looking out into the ocean. The room even featured an indoor hot tub, which Zane immediately pointed out to Pip. "Would you like to try it out?" The slate-eyed man prompted. "Try out Zay, too?" Pipolphi asked, pressing himself as close to his human as possible. His hair was nearly painful; it had twined so tight. But it was a delicious sting that made the Sepida heavy-lidded and his voice a trilling purr. Now that Zane knew what the tightly-braided hair meant, he saw it in a completely different light. Pip with braids from that moment on meant that the taller man would drop just about everything to dote on the petite alien. He nodded repeatedly. "Absolutely. Yes. Zay definitely try out, too," he agreed as he made a conscious effort not to allow the drool pooling in his mouth to overflow. Pip pulled an arm out of one sleeve but seemed to struggle with the other since the first arm was lost in the oversized hoodie. The little alien humphed in frustration and ducked his head inside, as though looking for where things had gone wrong. It was surprisingly dark inside his clothes, and he let out a startled yip. Pip tried to get his head back through the hole but missed. "Zay?" the Sepida called, his voice muffled as Pip reached his only free arm in the direction Pip remembered his lover had been. "Clothes mean to me. I don't do fashion." The gymnast wasted no time in extricating the Sepida from the offending articles of clothing. "I know. They are mean, aren't they?" he responded as he then began to take off his own clothes. "I'm very grateful that you've been using them while we're out in public. Thank you for all your hard work." "I would do anything for you, sir." Pip's soft voice was breathy as his gaze traced the muscled curves and planes of the gymnast's body. "You transfix me." The Sepida licked his lips. "Quite." "The same goes for you," Zane admitted as he tugged the Sepida flush against him. "I'm more than transfixed with you." He then glanced towards the water and stepped into it before turning towards Pip to help him in. "Now, this water is actually warm. So, be prepared to feel that." The Sepida followed trustingly, holding his lover's hands. Pip stepped in and squeaked, Zane suddenly found himself standing in the jacuzzi with a petite alien wrapped around him. Pip was so small and light. It pulled at something in Zane's chest, a need to cherish, love, and protect the Sepida. Pipolphi looked down at the water suspiciously but snuck one leg down to touch a toe into the water. His skin was a pale orange. Zane couldn't help thinking his lover was the same color as a dreamsicle. "Ah, warm," Pip said with a brilliant smile, the orange shifting to light green. He splashed his toes in the water before easing his foot down into that heat. His other leg stayed wrapped around his human." Nice," Pip purred. "Let me know if it's too hot," Zane insisted as he trailed his fingers along the smaller man's back. "We can always just go into the bathtub instead." "I like hot bathtub," Pip said dreamily, waving his foot around in the swirling water. "Feels nice." The little alien let his other foot down slowly, sliding down the back of Zane's leg. Pip trilled a purr when he had both feet dabbling in the water, utterly trusting that his lover would hold him up. A relieved smile came across the human's face. "I'm glad. The reason I chose this room in the first place was for you to try it out. Does the water change temperature where you're from?" He asked in curiosity. "Like hot, cold change?" Pip asked. "Temperature is hot cold?" Zane nodded. "Mmm, swim far down, certain place. Water hot. Very hot. From hot underground, underwater. Safe because scary things don't like hot." Pip giggled. "Sepida get hot and bothered." The tall man swallowed hard. "Hot and bothered, you say?" He confirmed. "Have you ever peeked at other Sepida touching each other? Show me." Pipolphi squeaked, several locks of his hair freeing themselves to hide the Sepida's face. Pip's wide turquoise eyes peeked at Zane from the little alien's terrible hiding spot. The Sepida couldn't help a soft giggle. "I maybe watch Sepida, since nobody touch me." Pip snorted another giggle as he splashed his feet in the water and looked up at his positively enormous human. "Don't feel too tall with Zay. And Zay touch me very nicely. Hnnn." Pip's hair drew back, revealing his heart-shaped face. "When like, ahhhmm…" He tried to remember the word, then grinned. "When like cuttlefishies, hot and bothered Sepida all tangled up and rubbing everywhere until make a mess." Pip hid his face in Zane's chest. "Come and ink everywhere." The Sepida took a shuddering breath. "But could show touches when Sepida not like cuttlefish. Could touch and show? Sit in hot bathtub and see if you like it as much as overheated Sepida?" Zane immediately sat down and nodded almost desperately. He was fascinated with the fact that Sepida seemed to enjoy touching one another in both forms. The more he tried to think about the little cuttlefish-formed Sepida huddling all together, the more perverted he felt. The imagery in his mind was akin to Japanese tentacle porn. "Sepida like cuddles," Pipolphi explained, practically purring as he draped himself across the gymnast's much larger body. "Not just hands, everything to everything." The little alien showed what he meant by curling close to Zane. Pip nuzzled his human's shoulder, slowly and gently rubbing his cheeks against the tan, warm skin like a cat. The Sepida's chest was pressed tight to Zane's like Pip wanted to be closer than the skin separating them would allow. Pip felt a strange tension slip out of him. The Sepida hadn't realized he'd been holding it within him until it left him. It had been a slow, painful coiling in his heart that had spread to the rest of his body. It had tightened unpleasantly with every rejection Pipolphi had endured with an embarrassed smile, every time the other Sepida had paired off, and Pip had stood alone and each time he'd swum in the heated waters and he only had his own tentacles or hands to pleasure himself with. Tilly had tried to help. They'd cuddled often, but their relationship was brotherly and not like lovers. A shuddering sigh rolled through the petite form holding itself so close to Zane. It felt so good, so perfect, so right. Pip wasn't sure if it was the warm water or the man he clung to that was making the alien feel so languidly happy that Pip's skin rolled in green and blue waves. "I like everything to everything cuddles," Zane confessed as his arms wrapped around the Sepida and he nuzzled the top of Pip's head. "I like them very much. Though, I wish I could do more...my hair can't do anything on its own, sadly." He pressed his lips to the Sepida's forehead and just about every inch of his face. "But, I can kiss you all over. I can touch you all over...and we can cuddle like this whenever you wish." "For realsies?" Pip asked, looking up with delighted wonder on his face. The little Sepida trilled happily, practically wallowing against Zane's body. It was like Pip had been hungry, starving to death slowly, so slowly that he hadn't even known that it was happening. He'd been so hungry for another body against his own, hands to touch him gently, someone to feel him, to know him. Zane's skin against Pip's own, the man's fingers trailing in winding nonsense patterns over the Sepida's back and arms, the soft kisses to Pip's temples and cheeks were filling up something inside Pip that was more satisfying than any meal. Pipolphi shuddered, sucking in a trembling breath. The human gazed in fascination as the Sepida's skin began to swirl in shades he hadn't seen before. He leaned down to press a soft kiss to Pip's lips and observed the colors once more. "Blues and greens mean you're happy, right?" He asked, seeking affirmation. "You make me very happy, too, Pip." The little alien chirped and flung his arms around Zane's neck, clinging to the much bigger man. "Mine," Pipolphi said, his voice choked with emotion. "I keep you. Always, always keep. Love you, Zay. Too good to be true, but I keep you forevers and evers." "I'd like nothing more than for you to keep me," the human responded with a grin. He couldn't remember the last time he smiled so goofily. The petite alien had reduced him to pure glee. "I love you too, Pip." The Sepida buried his face in the crook of Zane's neck and made a noise that was an oddly musical combination of a trill, giggle, and squeak. It was an obviously happy noise that pulled a warm chuckled from Zane that rumbled pleasantly under Pip's cheek. Pip pulled in a deep breath and let it out, the warmth of the bubbling water around them going to his head faster than if he'd chugged half a bottle of whiskey. "Zayyyyyyy," Pip hummed, blinking slowly. "You're pretty as a picture," the Sepida drawled, wiggling into a more comfortable position. He stroked the well-built gymnast's impressive bicep, over a rounded deltoid, to the defined pectoral and the pebbled nipple at its center. "You have nice bump places. Like your body bumps and places between bumps. Bigger bumps are great, but little bumps are the bestest," Pipolphi exclaimed seriously, dipping his head to kiss the nipple. Zane's breath hitched. He quickly lifted the Sepida onto the edge of the tub and knelt in the water so that they lined up face to face. He wanted to tell the petite alien similar things. He wanted to explain just how beautiful he felt Pipolphi to be. But, as soon as his large hands slid up slippery blue thighs and up the Sepida's back, he became lost in lust. He closed the space between them in a rough grind and claimed Pip's lips in a passionate kiss. "Hnnnn," Pip hummed as he fell into the kiss, pressing himself tightly to Zane. The Sepida would have fallen right back into the water if Zane hadn't been holding him so close. Their height difference was great enough that even with Zane's head bent down to meet Pip's lips, the human's rigid length was mostly rubbing Pipolphi's thighs. The human was big and long, however, and Pip gasped when Zane shifted, and the warm hard tip of the larger man nudged Pip's balls and the base of the Sepida's equally rigid cock. "I want you, Pip," The human whispered into a webbed ear before gently biting and sucking on the tip. "Can we?" "Pretty please, yes." Pip tipped his head, offering himself up to the nibbles that sent happy tingles south. "Zay feels so goooooood. Want to feel…" The Sepida arched, pressing Zane's length harder against him. "All big and wide and pushing all in." Having expected that they would, Zane had tucked a tube of lube into his pants pocket, which he all but desperately reached for and dug out. Tossing the pants back aside, he poured the product onto his fingers and immediately slid them into the Sepida's entrance, which was warmer than usual due to the water he had been soaking it minutes before. As he stretched his lover, Zane kissed and sucked on the offered neck. Pipolphi keened, bucking in his lover's arms. The Sepida felt half-crazed, a delicious haze muddling his head. He had a fleeting thought to thank all higher powers for Zane's talented mouth and hands and other, lower things. "Close," Pip was able to gasp out, his braids coiling impossibly tight as he said the word he'd heard several times on Zane's lips moments before the human had found his completion. Zane felt the same as he finally breached the Sepida's entrance with his ridiculously hardened shaft. He couldn't remember the last time he had entered anyone and risked cumming on the spot, and yet, there he was. The taller man kept as still as possible, lodged deep inside. Pip whimpered and wriggled, lips parted and eyes clenched tight as his body also clenched and released spasmodically around the thickness spearing him. The Sepida felt so full, stretched wide, the tip touching him deep inside him. Added to that was the sensation of being surrounded by his human. Big strong arms encircled him, Zane's broad chest and shoulders blocking Pipolphi's view of anything but the man above him. Not that the little alien wanted to see anything else. "Zay," Pip cried out, his tone begging. The taller man wrapped his arms around the Sepida and gently tugged him back into the water as he leaned back on his knees and gave a nimble thrust upwards. After some readjustment, the gymnast found a steady pace of rocking into the petite man's heat. It wasn't long before he increased the speed of his movements. Pip gripped Zane's shoulders and shoved himself down onto his lover's next thrust. It stole the Sepida's breath, his head falling back, his braids trailing in the hot, bubbling water. Pip did it again, and again, spreading his thighs wider as he fought to take all of Zane as deep and hard as he could. Pipolphi would have sworn he could feel the chromatophores beneath his skin pulsing as they turned him deep shades of blue that shifted across his skin like ink dropped in water, the color becoming more and more intense as Pip thought he might lose his poor mind in wanton need and pleasure. The Sepida was getting dizzy from it all. The only thing that kept him from falling back into the water was his hold on Zane's shoulders and the human's hands-on Pip's body, urging him up and down in an increasing tempo that was sending splashes of water over the edge of the jacuzzi and onto the floor. The sight of the Sepida in such rapture was the most beautiful and sensual thing Zane had ever seen. He changed his hold so that he supported most of Pip's weight with one arm while he used the other arm to gently squeeze and tug one of his lover's braids. "Gorgeous," he hissed. "Just...gorgeous." {"Zay, f-fuck yes,"} Pip babbled in his birth language. {"Pull my braids. Damn, when they teased me that I would never have anyone to yank on them, I thought they were crazy. Thought they were telling me stupid things. I mean that would hurt, but it feels so good when you do it. Doesn't hurt at all."} Pipolphi never stopped moving, meeting every thrust Zane gave him. {"Please, don't stop. Please, please, please."} "No idea what you're saying," Zane gasped as he began to angle his thrusts along the Sepida's prostate. "But, it sounds like these," He said as he took hold of two braids and gently squeezed and tugged them at the same time. "Must feel good." Pip keened in pleasure, risking holding on with only one hand so he could reach down and grip his own erection. He was so hard it almost hurt. Pip squeezed himself at the base, trying to make himself last. Even if it gave him an aneurysm, which seemed like a definite possibility with how the Sepida was feeling, it would be so very worth it. "I wonder," The human whispered. He continued to take different segments of braids to gently tug them. Then, he leaned down to gently take one of the braids between his teeth in a gentle bite. Pip squeaked, sucking in a breath. His body went rigid as the sensation of Zane's careful nip shot straight to his core. Pipolphi gripped himself tight, but it was no use. The orgasm ripped through him so violently that Zane had to let go of his gentle bite to avoid hurting his sweet little lover. Pipolphi keened as he spasmed around the hot, hard length spearing him. The Sepida finally had to let go of his own erection. When he did, he spilled into the swirling water. Zane's strong arms were the only thing that kept Pip from thoroughly dunking himself as the trembling alien control. "Pip!" Zane groaned, helpless to the rolling sensations that kept his flesh captive within the Sepida's depths. He followed the petite alien into bliss, shooting his release deep inside as he carefully held them both above the water. "A-Are you ok?" He asked. The question wasn't unfounded. Pipolphi was nearly boneless in the man's arms, eyes closed, his slender tentacles slowly uncoiling from their braids to wave in the bubbling water. Pip's skin was shifting from deep blue to alternating bands of deep lilac and pale green. His breaths were deep and shuddering as Pip tried desperately to blink his eyes open. Had Zane said something? "Hnnn?" was the best the wrung out alien could manage. Zane gently stroked the side of Pip's face. "Are you ok?" he asked again, softly. "Zay." Pip struggled to lift a hand to pat the man's cheek softly. "You did a good job. I think you deserve a balloon." The taller man couldn't help but laugh. "Honestly, Pip, I think the one who deserves a balloon is you," he admitted. "You deserve a lot more than just a balloon." Zane found a soft terry cloth to help clean them both up and then lifted the Sepida out of the water. He dried himself off and watched in fascination as the petite man rubbed at his own blue-green skin with just his hands. Pip didn't really need drying, not in the same way humans did. "Let's get some rest," the human suggested as he motioned towards the large hotel bed. "Can't walk," Pip said sleepily, blinking slowly and holding his arms out to Zane. "Help?" The gymnast didn't hesitate to lift the Sepida into his arms and carry him to bed.
  9. HinderToyBL


    The Sepida was frozen, staring at a tank that took up most of one wall. Two sharks circled within, cutting smoothly through the water. Their eyes were like large, shiny, black buttons. Teeth filled their mouths so much that some stuck forward. The sign below them announced they were short-finned mako sharks. "Baby hasserack!" Pip said, his voice shaking as much as his body. His gaze darted around the room. "Where mommy? Mommy eat you! Baby mean. Bite, bite, bite anything moves. Mommy…Mommy big, big. Mommy grouchy." Pip was terrified. He hadn't even been that scared with the Hunnars chasing him down. Juvenile hasserack were crazy. They snapped at anything and everything. They even ate their own brothers and sisters. Their massive mother stayed with a brood until they lost their instinct to stay together and swam off to begin a more solitary life. The mother spent most of her time pushing her children apart to keep them from killing each other. The young's nippy tendencies didn't stop with their siblings or prey. They chomped their mother, as well, whenever she was close enough. The juvenile hasserack would then be roughly knocked away, which would curb their enthusiasm for biting their mother for only a short time. It left hasserack mothers more than slightly ill-tempered and more than happy to take those feelings out on anyone unlucky or foolish enough to wander near. "We're gonna need a bigger boat," Pip whispered. Pipolphi's eyes went to Zane, his sweet human, who was already so precious to him. The hasserack mother could come smashing through the glass at any moment. Pip couldn't let Zane get hurt. There were no Nubra here. The Sepida would have to lead the danger away. Pip stood straight and tall, pulling his hand from Zane's. The Sepida's skin swirled in a challenge display. Red to white, then orange to white, then red again. "Hasserack!" Pip said loudly, waving hands that were nearly lost in the long, drooping sleeves. Then the Sepida bolted from the room like his ass was on fire, arms still in the air, one of them still holding on to Zane's hand. "Pip!" Zane called out as he kept up with the Sepida's fast pace. They stopped when they reached a dead-end, one of the last exhibits, one featuring miscellaneous sea slugs and the other featuring exclusively nudibranchs. The tall human held the Sepida in his arms as he tried to calm him down. "Hey," he said softly. "It's ok. The sharks can't get to us through the glass…" Pipolphi nearly wept with relief when his saw the tank inhabitants. He muttered a heartfelt thanks to any god that might be listening. The Sepida tucked himself into a corner between two tanks with brightly-colored nudibranchs moving slowly inside, sliding over rocks and coral. Pip pulled Zane down to sit with him, pushing until they were safe between tanks of gayly-colored invertebrates. The human began to carefully rub Pip's back in small circles. "Are you ok?" He asked, the worried tone in his voice further pronounced as it fell an octave. Pip nodded so vigorously the hood spilled forward to hide his elfin face entirely, which seemed to have been cycling between gray and pink. The alien shoved the cloth back so he could see. "I'm not gonna die here," Pipolphi told the gymnast. "Hasserack piss pants see Tilly family." Pip pointed at a nudibranch in the tank next to him. It was black with bright reddish-orange spots. There were two black antennae… things on its head that were shaped oddly like rabbit ears. Two-thirds of the way down the little creature's body were two appendages that looked a bit like bushes or stubby trees with a wide trunk and feathery black on the tips instead of leaves. It was pretty if weird-looking. "The nudibranch?" Zane asked. "And who's this Tilly you keep going on about?" Pip nibbled his lip, his skin turning a pale creamy orange as he tried to find the right words in English. He finally ventured, singing softly, "Cuz you gotta have friends?" "Oh, so she's your friend?" the human mused aloud. "And the nudibranch reminds you of her…" For a moment, he simply held the Sepida to him. "Want to go back home?" "Go? No!" Pip clung to the gymnast's broad chest. "Stay. Safe here. Tilly family make hasserack scream like little girls and run away with their tail between their legs." He pointed to the floor in front of them. "Safe." He pointed to the exit of the room. "Chomp, chomp, chomp." "I promise that the sharks can't get to us," Zane vowed. "We won't be chomped. If we go now, we can be far, far away from them." "Sharks? No chomp?" The gymnast gave the Sepida what he hoped was a reassuring grin. "Sharks won't chomp," he affirmed. "Baby hasserack chomp. Mommy chomp." Pip frowned. "Why you have hasserack here? You people are nuts! Nuttier than a fruitcake!" "Well, over here the sharks have a purpose," the taller man tried to explain. "They are part of a food chain of nature...they provide balance." "Balance eat your face," Pip muttered. "Not here, they won't," Zane replied as he stood up and held a hand out to the Sepida. "Trust me." "No, stay here? See all pretty Tillies?" Pip looked hopeful, eyeing the tanks and wondering if they could get into any of them. Safest would be in the water with little Nubra climbing all over them. The Sepida sighed when he saw Zane's worried face, worried about Pip, not rampaging hasserack-No. Sharks. They weren't hasserack any more than the cuttlefish were Sepida or the little beings in the tanks above him were Nubra. Pip slumped, letting the hood hide his eyes. "Stupid is as stupid does," he murmured. The human knelt down to take hold of Pip's face in his hands. "Hey, it's not your fault. You're on a strange planet with animals that look like your kind but aren't. I'm beginning to think it was a bad idea to show you the main land…" "But, but, snow cones!" Pipolphi said indignantly, allowing himself to be drawn to his feet. Zane tugged Pip into a tight hug. "I think today we should definitely have you try some chocolates...Godiva, even," he murmured. "Might make you feel better." "Better than sex?" the Sepida asked, childlike wonder in his voice. "How about both, then?" Zane suggested. "You can judge for yourself." Pip changed his coloring to something more human and very nearly dragged his human from the aquarium. It was difficult for the alien to keep from flickering blue and yellow, but he held on. Pipolphi bounced on his bright flip-flops as Zane bought an assortment of chocolates from a sweet-smelling shop that was on the way to the dock with the jet-ski. The woman behind the counter gave a gentle, tinkling laugh at what she thought was a teenaged boy who was a bit on the small side. "Aren't you just the cutest?" the woman said as she finished putting together their bag of goodies. "I am cutest?" Pip asked, looking perplexed. "Yup, a cutie-pie," the woman said with a giggle, giving him a little, wrapped bonbon because she couldn't resist. She winked at Zane. "Watch out for your little brother. Pretty soon he's going to be beating the women off with a stick." She giggled again as Zane paid and waved goodbye as the small brass bell tinkled as they left. Pip held the chocolate in his hand but seemed to have forgotten it, for the moment. "Stick?" Pip asked, pointing to a scraggly bush nearby. "It's a figure of speech," Zane explained. "She just said you were handsome." Pip shook his head, grabbing Zane's hand to continue urging him to the dock. "Humans nuttier than a fruitcake," the human thought he heard Pipolphi say under his breath. Once the two of them mounted the jet-ski, Zane once again gently tugged Pip's arms around him. "Ready?" He asked. "Ready as I'll ever be!" Pip said excitedly, clinging to the gymnast's back and plastering himself as close as possible to his human. Zane couldn't help but grin like a giddy schoolgirl as they took off on the jet-ski and the Sepida clung harder to him. Pip wasn't scared this time. He was happy, exhilarated. He was clinging to his human hottie with the odd machine vibrating beneath him. Vibrating in a very distracting way. The sensation seemed to roll up from under him wherever he touched the jet-ski. It tingled against his calves, his thighs, and higher. Pip buried his face in Zane's back, moaning so softly it couldn't be heard over the roar of the motor. But, the human certainly felt the warmth behind him. When they got back, he lifted the Sepida into his arms as soon as they were indoors and gave him a kiss. "How are you feeling, Pip? Feel better?" "So better," the alien hummed, wrapping his arms around the big man. "Want you. Vroom thing makes me crazy." Zane chuckled. "The vibrations of the jet-ski?" He mused aloud. "Hmm, what exactly do you want of me Pip? Try telling me with words." "Hnnn," Pipolphi whined. "I wanna be on you," the Sepida began breathlessly, having trouble finding the phrases in English he needed. "Mmm, fuck like minks and live happily ever after?" Pip petted Zane's cheek and looked into his eyes. "You should be kissed, and often, by someone who knows how." Pip captured his human's lips and pressed his body close, frustrated by the clothes between them. "Mmm, yes, that's quite nice," Zane responded as he wrapped his arms around Pip, unwilling to let him move back. "Why don't we take some of that chocolate with us to the bedroom? Have you taste it there." "Yes," Pip cooed happily, then nuzzled under Zane's chin. "Love my Zay. Love, love." The human grinned widely as he once again lifted the Sepida into his arms, bridal style that time, and then walked them over to the bedroom. When he settled Pip down on the center of the bed, he fished for a decadent dark chocolate truffle from the bag and handed it to him. "Have a little taste while I get out of these clothes…" The treat wasn't wrapped, sitting in Pipolphi's palm. It was round and brown, smelling sweet with a tiny hint of bitterness. Pip hazarded a lick but didn't get much of a taste since it was too fast to melt any of the chocolate onto his tongue. It intrigued the Sepida, though. It didn't taste bad, so far. He didn't have any tingling or burning on his tongue, which seemed a good sign that he didn't have an allergy to chocolate. Pip hummed softly, enjoying the show of his human baring himself. All those lean, muscled lines that made Pipolphi's mouth water. The alien nipped a bit off the rounded side of the truffle, pretending he was nibbling the sweet curve of Zane's backside. Pip rolled the chocolate on his tongue, ready to spit it out if his body reacted badly. His eyes widened as the sweet began to melt, allowing the flavor to spread across his tongue. "Mmmmm," Pipolphi moaned softly. At the sound of Pip's melodious voice falling into sultrier tones, Zane's shaft quite literally hardened further before their very eyes, curving upwards along the way. "W-We should get you out of those clothes, as well…" he murmured aloud as he reached over to gently unzip the Sepida's hoodie. Pipolphi took a larger bite of the truffle, making soft yummy noises as he allowed his human to draw the sleeves down his arms. Zane pressed kisses to warm skin as it was revealed. There was the curve of a shoulder that flowed into the length of upper arm that became the bend of and elbow, then the forearm, the slender wrist, a palm, and delicate fingers. All drew the attention of the taller man's lips, causing Pip's head to fall back as rich sweetness seemed to bloom across his tongue. The Sepida hadn't realized he'd still been holding his human coloring but felt when it fell away. Pip had been holding such careful control of his chromatophores and iridophores that relaxing that control drew a gasp from his throat. His skin tingled pleasantly as it flowed with shades of blue that rippled over his flesh. "Beautiful," the human whispered in reverence as he finally managed to toss the hoodie aside. "Do you like the taste of chocolate?" he asked as he lifted the hem of Pip's tank up and pressed a kiss to his stomach. "I like chocolate," Pip hummed. "Love you," he added, popping the last of the chocolate in his mouth. He squirmed slightly, the pleasure in his mouth seeming to link with the touch of Zane's lips on his skin. It wasn't an unhappy movement, more like the delicious sensations bubbled out to his muscles and forced him to move. Zane couldn't help but smile wider when his fingers trailed along the Sepida's live hair as he tugged the shirt off. For a moment, it was as if they wanted to keep his hands in place. He kept one hand threaded within them, gently stroking the follicles as his other hand undid the string on Pip's pants. The little alien thrust his hips upward, ass lifting from the bed as the fabric pooled loosely around his body. His hardness was obvious, tenting the oversized shorts. The Sepida's hair tentacles wound around itself and Zane's fingers. It wasn't tight, not yet binding into a lascivious braid of arousal. The human wasted no time in tugging the pants off. With both of them free from clothes, he draped himself over the Sepida and sought Pip's lips. Every time he kissed the Sepida, he realized just how addicted he was to his warmth and touch. Pipolphi made soft, eager noises, holding as much of his lover as he could, though his arms didn't wrap far around the broad, muscled back. Their differences in height meant that while they were face to face, Pip's groin was well above Zane's. It didn't stop the Sepida from rubbing his hard length against the warm, muscled abdomen. "Zay," Pip gasped against the human's lips. As they pulled away, the human was left with a slight taste of the chocolate truffles that the smaller man had eaten but a moment before. "You taste far better than chocolates to me," Zane murmured as he gave a gentle nip to Pip's webbed ear. {"Zay, please. I want you,"} Pipolphi said in his native tongue. {"Want you to touch me. Make me feel…} His words broke off in a gasp as the human nibbled Pip's throat. For Zane, it was amazing how certain inflections in Pip's trilling came off just as wanton and sexy as any other language he'd ever heard. "No idea what you just said," He gasped as his hands slid up and down the Sepida's side, marveling at the changes in color. "But, I want to touch you all over...bury myself inside you…" "Inside," Pipolphi said with a gasp. His slender hand slipped between them to grasp Zane's hardened length. "Please… Inside." Zane felt his own shaft pulse against Pip's hand as if it were in complete agreement with the petite man. He nodded and quickly set about slicking the Sepida's entrance and making his way inside. Though he tried to do it slowly, the squirming of his partner did not make it an easy task. "Are you ok?" He asked worriedly when their movements caused him to slip in the rest of the way faster than he had intended. "Ok. Very, very ok," Pip assured. It had felt amazing. There had been a stretch, a pull, and then Pipolphi was deliciously full, so full. It made the Sepida's hair tentacles twist and writhe, twining together. Zane dove down for another kiss as relief coursed through him. Their first time had been a bit scary since Pip couldn't outright say that he wasn't injured or hurt. Things were different now that the gymnast had affirmations. The taller man gently grinded against his lover's prostate, which was larger than a human's, to see what sounds he could draw forth from the beautiful blue alien. Pipolphi squeaked and clung to his much bigger lover. A wanton, clicking trill fell from his lips, the tone ascending as Pip writhed in bliss. If the little alien hadn't been utterly lost in desire, he would have turned a mortified mustard color knowing that a nice Sepida boy, like Pip had always tried to be, could make such a naughty call. Luckily, Pipolphi didn't notice his lustful cries. His body felt heavy with pleasure, braids tight and wrapping across one of Zane's shoulders to join the Sepida's and legs in their efforts to be as close as possible to the well-muscled human. One of the gymnast's long arms easily reached up to cradle Pip's scalp, fingers digging and rubbing carefully into the skin. "Does it hurt when I do this?" He asked into one of the webbed ears. "Just how sensitive is your scalp?" He prompted as his fingers gently pinched the base of some of his hair strands and then stroked alongside them. Pipolphi turned a deep, rich sapphire, his body throbbing as he tightened down on Zane's, muscle contractions rippling up and down around the human's rigid length as Pip keened his pleasure, body thrumming with it. "Ok!" Pip shouted. "Yes, ok! More ok!" Zane would have laughed if he wasn't preoccupied with the sensations of the Sepida clinging to him in more ways than one. "Just let me know…" He insisted as he slowly pulled out and back in. "If there's anything you don't like, Pip. Just tell me 'no.'" That being said, he began to rock into the heated depths at a measured pace that almost immediately shifted into a faster rhythm. Pipolphi felt like he was losing his mind. His skin was so sensitive, every rub of Zane's warmth against his body sent bursts of pleasure straight to his core. Pip's length was achingly hard, slick with his own pre-come where it pressed against the gymnast's stomach. "Zay!" The Sepida's body flexed and rolled beneath Zane, slamming the human deeper, harder, and faster inside him as the little alien trilled and gasped beneath him. Once again, Zane became lost in their movements. He shifted his hold on the smaller man so that he could drive himself even deeper inside. As much as he tried his best not to be too rough, the human was no longer aware of just how hard he thrusted into the Sepida. Every trill and moan caused the gymnast to lose himself further and further into the rampant lust. The human's skin tingled deliciously where the seeds of the Sepida's pre-come streaked his tan skin. It seemed to heat up the human's skin, his blood. Pipolphi wailed, his body shuddering as, from one moment to the next, he came. It felt like his body turned molten with pleasure, and his vision went in streamers of white and gray. The little alien clung to Zane, holding tight as the orgasm seemed to go on and on. The human had never experienced such an intense release. Considering the fact that the odd couple had been making love frequently, Zane didn't think he had much of anything left. Yet, there he was, spurting every last drop into the Sepida as if Pip's body were a magnet. "Gods," Zane groaned as he heaved in breaths of air. He had a feeling that his next few orgasms would be dry ones. "Pip, you're amazing." Pipolphi hummed softly, happily. His fingers traced contented patterns on Zane's skin; invisible shapes meant to ward away evil and protect the person. The Sepida's skin tingled pleasantly where his own seed was smeared across skin that was fading from blue to green. Pip frowned, the green of his flesh still there but not as bright. If the Sepida's skin was tingling, he'd released a decent dose of aphrodisiac. Probably even in Pip's pre-come. Among the Sepida's people, the vigorous sex they'd had would satisfy the push of hormones and chemicals. Pipolphi wasn't sure about the people on this planet, though. There were some species that had a bad reaction to such amounts, even if not ingested. It had been beyond careless for Pip to lose control like that. He couldn't stop all release of aphrodisiac, but he could certainly limit it and did. All little Sepida were taught to do so. It limited accidental orgies or even injuries. Zane had taken Pip's control and shattered it like a dandelion puff caught in a hurricane. But it had felt so good, so right. Even if Pipolphi could do it over again, and hopefully he'd get the chance, Pip wasn't sure he'd be able to control himself better a second time. "Zay?" the little alien asked, rubbing his human's muscled shoulder. "I come all over the damn place. You… Hm. Hmm… You not gone crazy? Not going to fall upon me like a beast to steal virtue? Zay brainpan not cracked?" Zane frowned at Pip's choice of words. "Steal virtue?" He murmured to himself for a moment before realizing what the Sepida meant. "Oh, you mean the aphrodisiac?" He looked down at the mess the two of them made. "I feel ok. I mean, I came harder than usual, and it felt fantastic. But, it doesn't feel like I'm on Viagra or anything. We could go another round if you wanted to, but we could also take a nap instead, so, I guess that's normal for me." The Sepida blinked his liquid, turquoise eyes slowly, trying to work through Zane's words. The gymnast seemed alright. It was hard for Pip to tell since they weren't the same species. The buff human certainly didn't seem to be having a severe reaction. That made Pipolphi feel quite a bit better. However, the little alien had a responsibility. Pip had accidentally dosed Zane. The Sepida wouldn't leave the poor human wanting if the effects of Pip's pesky natural chemicals left Zane in need. "Need more ok, Zay?" Pipolphi asked sweetly, cupping Zane, not entirely soft yet, in his small hand. A sensual smile formed on the taller man's face. "Sure, I could go for one more round," He admitted as he gave the Sepida a rather lurid kiss. "What about you, Pip? Do you want to continue?" "Continue," Pipolphi purred, rolling the word on his tongue, stretching it into something exotic with his unusual accent. The Sepida smiled, thinking that it was hardly a chore to bring his human lover pleasure again to relieve Zane's need. Pip had a passing thought that he should feel bad about accidentally drugging his lover. The other man didn't seem upset, though. On the contrary, the human seemed happy. It made Pip's skin swirl in shades of blue as the alien's slender fingers stroked up and down Zane's length. Zane shook his head. "Oh, no...not just me," He urged as he shifted them so that the Sepida sat on his lap and he was able to take hold of Pip's shaft, as well. "What would you like, Pip? I could bottom for you if you'd ever wish it." "Bottom?" the Sepida asked, patting his own deliciously curved backside as his skin swirled with shades of questioning yellow. "Though I guess I'd have to explain to you what a condom is and how to use it first…" Zane mumbled aloud as he thought. "In any case, however you want to do it, I'm up for it. So, what do you think?" Pip was having trouble deciphering Zane's English, so he went back to the one word he was pretty sure he understood. Especially when he could feel how hard his human was again. Pipolphi slid from Zane's lap onto his hands and knees in front of the bigger man. The Sepida curved his back, practically presenting his ass to Zane. "Bottom?" Pip asked, gazing at the gymnast over his shoulder, hints of aroused blue edging the swirls of yellow painting the alien's skin. The Adam's apple on Zane's neck bobbed as he swallowed hard. The mere sight of the Sepida in that position seemed to cause more blood to flow south than he could have imagined. "Right. Yes," he responded as he moved to kneel between the petite man's legs. "I'll explain reverse positions another time." The human wasted no time in working his way back into the Sepida's heated entrance. One of his large hands slid up Pip's curved spine until his entire arm was all but engulfed in colorful, active hair strands. "So beautiful…" he muttered aloud. He couldn't help but marvel at the shifting colors that created different patterns all the time. Beautiful. Pip knew that word. It seemed a perfect description for what they were doing, what they were together. It was in the sensation of Zane filing him, the touch of warm skin, the emotions and pleasure that played out in dancing colors on the Sepida's skin. It was beautiful. "Yes," Pip agreed in his soft, lilting voice, then shoved his body back, taking all of Zane deep and hard. As the two of them began yet another dance in discovering more about one another's bodies, not many other words were exchanged between them vocally. The words were, instead, communicated through their movements, their moans, and the sharing of pleasure. At some point in their activities, Zane tugged the Sepida against the front of his chest so that the two of them were in a kneeling position. He continued to piston into the Sepida's warmth as one of his hands kept Pip in place against his chest, and the other took hold of the alien's already familiar shaft to stroke it along the way. "Zay!" Pip gasped, rolling his body sinuously, taking the thick length deeper inside him, and then thrusting into Zane's wonderful grasp. Over and over, until he lost the rhythm. Pipolphi shuddered, crying out as he spilled himself into his human's stroking hands. The Sepida controlled his body, keeping himself from giving his lover another dose of aphrodisiac. After the initial warmth of the spray of the Sepida's seed on his hand, the tingling inner sensation that Zane had felt previously did not accompany it. Later on, he would wonder why and when Pip's body released those aphrodisiac chemicals. But, at that moment, his mind was blissfully clear of anything other than the pleasure of releasing deep inside his lover. "Pip!" the human hissed as he came. That particular time, he didn't release as much fluid as usual. If he were to compare his current orgasm to the last one, he knew the previous one to be more intense and less controlled. But, the intensity level didn't matter to him as much as the intimacy of holding the Sepida against him. The warmth shared between them was irreplaceable to him. Pipolphi went limp in his lover's arms, eyelids fluttering over those alien, pupil-less turquoise orbs. "Zay," Pip said softly, beginning to fall asleep before Zane had a chance to lower the colorful alien to the blankets. "Love, Zay," the Sepida whispered, his breathing becoming slow and even as he passed out trustingly in his human's arms. Zane felt as if a hand had gently squeezed his heart at the soft confession. He pressed a kiss to the top of the Sepida's head and rearranged them both so that they laid down more comfortably. Once there, with the warmth of the petite man against him, the gymnast couldn't deny that he felt the same. "Love you too, Pip," he whispered before closing his eyes to also rest.
  10. HinderToyBL


    Zane grew increasingly nervous as he helped the Sepida into clothes for the first time. He didn't bother with any underwear. He opted for a pair of soft, drawstring shorts instead. They reached past the petite alien's knees to the point that they appeared like capris. His smallest tank top made up his shirt and the human felt as if he were dressing a child when he finally managed to get the hoodie on him. "There...this will make it easier to hide should anyone get too close of a glance," Zane voiced aloud. Half of him was frightened for Pip, should they be caught. The other half wanted to show him a good time. "This isn't a date," he whispered to himself as if to remind himself of it. "A date?" Pipolphi said guilelessly, his pupil-less, liquid turquoise eyes gazing up at the human, wriggling his body as though trying to settle the cloth more comfortably. "A date is when an established couple go out to have fun together or to spend time with one another," Zane responded as he tried to explain. "The couple spends time figuring out where to go and what to do...but, a date is not supposed to be dangerous like what we're about to do." "Mayhaps, discretion is the better part of valor?" Pip asked uncertainly, wringing the hem of the shirt in his small hands. The Sepida's skin lost its human coloring and rolled in orange waves. "Don't worry, I'll protect you," the human insisted with a smile. "You should really peek around at this place before you leave, in case you never return. Besides, there are some very delicious things I want you to taste." "Chocolate is better than sex?" Pip said, parroting a phrase that his computer had downloaded into him from some movie. He didn't know what chocolate was, but the bits floating in his head told him it was something to eat. The Sepida couldn't imagine any food being better than sex with Zane. The food must either be very good or his human was a sensual genius. Pip would believe it. The human was just that sexy. Pipolphi smiled, the orange fading to the buttery yellows of curiosity with small bursts of happy green. He went on his tip-toes and tilted his head up, inviting a kiss from the much taller man. The petite Sepida would have to climb Zane to get a kiss if the human didn't bend down to him. Not that Pip would have minded climbing Zane. It sounded like a delightful activity. Zane chuckled as he leaned down to press a firm kiss to the Sepida's lips. "You'll soon find out," he admitted. "Just be careful of your color changes while we're out," he warned as he motioned towards the shift in colors displayed on Pip's visible hands and lower legs. "Are you ready?" Pipolphi nodded. The yellows and greens were chased away by a human tan. When it got to the long, thin tentacles on his head, the color became a warm brown. Up close, the Sepida didn't look quite human. There was something in the curve of his cheek, the bones of his face, that weren't quite right for a human. Adding the huge blue-green eyes with no pupils made him look like some fae creature. Lovely, enchanting, but not human. If no one looked close, however, it would probably work. Pip held his arms out at his side. "I'm ready for the ball?" he asked. Zane took hold of one of Pip's hands and led him out towards the dock, where he had a jet-ski ready secured on a platform. He lowered the jet-ski into the water and mounted it, urging the Sepida to clamber on behind him. He wrapped Pip's arms around him. "We're going to be moving a little fast across the surface of the water," the human warned Pip. "I need you to hold onto me securely, ok?" "Hold like when hide?" Pip asked, squeezing tight like a clinging baby monkey and nuzzling his face between Zane's shoulder blades. The human gulped hard as he gently covered one of the Sepida's hands with his own. "Oh, how you make me want to take a longer route…" he mumbled as he started up the motor and the two of them zipped off towards the main land. Pip squeaked and clung tighter, his thighs tightening and his head tentacles drew forward to wrap around Zane's shoulders and upper arms. The Sepida struggled to hold onto his coloring, his skin tingling as he fought the inclinations of his chromatophores and iridophores. As the moments stretched and Pip didn't die, a wild grin pulled his lips. He burbled in delight, not caring that the wind stung his eyes or yanked on his clothes, making them feel even more uncomfortable. It felt like flying. Zane carefully docked the ski jet and helped Pip dismount it, making sure to readjust the clothing so that the Sepida was mostly covered once more. "Are you ok?" He asked in concern. Pip stood there, legs wobbling, feeling as boneless as his other form. Zane held out his arms, ready to catch the little alien if he fell. Pipolphi looked out at Zane from the abundant folds of the hoodie. Pip's face was shadowed, his eyes striking and luminous, the sight taking Zane's breath. Then the Sepida moved, smiling wide and flinging himself into Zane's arms and hugging tight. He let go with one arm to point enthusiastically at the jet-ski. "These go to eleven!" Pipolphi chirped, still grinning like a loon. "Yes, something like that," Zane responded with a chuckle. He led them both over to the street, where two rows of shops were lined on either side. On weekends, the area was full of everyone from tourists to locals milling about. But, on a weekday, there weren't too many people around. "Let's go here, first." He gently urged as he took hold of Pip's hand once more and led him towards a cart with an umbrella overhead. The vendor sold the best snow cones Zane ever had. "Two piraguas please," Zane ordered. "One strawberry and one pineapple." "Yes, sir!" The aged man behind the cart responded as he promptly piled two paper cones high with shaved ice and then doused them both with the different flavored syrups before handing them over to Zane. The tall human paid the vendor and then held the snow cones in front of Pip. "Which one do you want to try first?" He asked. Pip leaned forward, sniffing a brightly colored contents that looked like a mountain over the little paper cone. He leaned back, rubbing his chilled nose and pointed at the pinkish-red ice. "The cold never bothered me, anyway," Pip announced, looking excited about the snack. Zane grinned, giving the petite alien a kiss on the cheek before taking a bite out of his pineapple snow cone. "Don't eat too much at once, it's cold." Pip mimicked Zane, taking his own bite. Every head in the area turned when Pipolphi let out a happy, if somewhat loud, trill. "Cold! I like cold!" Pip looked thoughtful. "Mmm, not better than sex." The man at the cart snorted. The gymnast couldn't help but grin. "Try some of this one, too," he prompted. "You share cone of snow?" Pip beamed. "Trusty!" The Sepida took a small, delicate bite of the pineapple flavored ice, his eyes on Zane. Pipolphi gave a delighted burble and shoved his snow cone in Zane's face. "I trusty!" Pip urged. "Let it snow, Zay." Zane took a bite out of Pip's snow cone in return, pleased that the Sepida seemed to enjoy it. "Let's walk around while we finish eating these," he suggested. "Okily-dokily," Pip said happily, taking another bite of his yummy snack. The alien's feet were bare, which kept them from going into some of the shops. He had the shirt, as oversized as it was, but no shoes. Therefore, no service. Zane found a little stand that sold sunglasses, flip flops, keychains, and hats. Even the smallest women's flip flops were too large. Pip ended up with a pair of rainbow flip flops with hearts on the straps. The alien cooed at them happily, wiggling his toes. It felt funny. Pip adored them. When they were away from prying eyes, the Sepida wanted to see if he could turn himself rainbow with ruby hearts. He wondered if Zane would like it. With the sandals on his feet, Pip and Zane were able to walk into the shops. Pipolphi saw humans of all shapes, sizes, and colors. He was fascinated by the children. The adults were amazing to the alien as well. "Different. All different," Pip whispered to Zane as a group of adults walked past. There were both men and women. It was a bit difficult for Pip to tell the men from the women, at first. They all looked so different, it was distracting. Zane gave him some tips. Most women had breasts, which Sepida women also had, but Pip wasn't accustomed to seeing them covered in clothes and the size variation in human breasts was confusing. Sepida women didn't all look alike, but the differences were more in coloring than shape and size. Men were the same. Nubra had plenty of variation in size and shape, but Pip thought of the Nubra more as individuals. It was common to think of an unfamiliar Nubra simply as that, a Nubra he didn't know well. Pip would notice the person's coloring and features, but there wasn't much thought about gender unless their genitalia was eye-catching. Pip had a thought that it was funny that with his people, who ran around naked all the time, he thought about gender less than with the humans who seemed to compulsively cover themselves to varying degrees. It made Pipolphi peer around him, sniff the air, then look up into sky with its shining sun. "Wind, sky, bright in sky," Pip pointed at the golden circle of the sun above them. "Danger? Hide from in clothes? Will hurt? Die?" "Oh, yes, we wear clothes to protect from the elements. If we're in the sun too long without protection, we end up sick from either dehydration or skin cancer…" Zane explained. "So, more 'hurt' than 'die.' And that reminds me! Let me know when you need more water." "Such a nice boy," Pip said, reaching up to pat the human's cheek in a grandmotherly way. It made Zane laugh, with the little alien smiling in front of him in the taller man's oversized clothes and rainbow flip flops. The gymnast's heart gave a squeeze in his chest and he took a deep breath. He was falling hard and fast for his unexpected guest. "Water?" Pip said, licking dry lips. "Please?" "Yes, hold on," the human replied as he rushed towards a fridge and bought them a couple of water bottles. When he returned, a slight blush was still visible on his face. As much as he tried to will the sight of the Sepida's tongue licking his lips, the image kept replaying in his head. He opened one of the bottles and handed it to Pip before taking a sip from his own. The Sepida took an eager gulp and nearly choked on the ice cold liquid. He'd expected the cold from the snow cone. The water at Zane's had been cold from the pitcher in the fridge, but this was even colder. If he hadn't had right control of his coloring, he would have flashed white with surprise. Pip blinked at the bottle, his head tentacles reacting, lifting the hood slightly. Zane didn't get a chance to ask what was wrong before Pip burbled softly and took another gulp that made his teeth tingle and his tentacles rub against the fabric of his hood. "Mmmmm," Pip hummed happily. The other man let out a sigh of relief. For a moment, he thought that the water had been contaminated or worse. "Let's go do a little more sightseeing, shall we?" he prompted as he took hold of the Sepida's hand again and the two of them walked out of the store. People didn't seem to pay much mind to Pip. If they thought it odd he was buried in clothes that drowned and hid him, no one said anything about it or looked at him overly long. People seemed to see what they wanted to see, what they expected. No one expected a cute little camouflaged alien in borrowed clothes and kid's sandals. It was a huge relief to Zane. And he'd only had to warn Pip twice that he was turning green and once that the Sepida's tentacles were trying to escape the hood. Pip tugged at Zane's hand, trying to pull him forward. The tall human allowed himself to be led, a soft smile on his face at how excited Pip served to get about nearly everything. It was like seeing the world through new eyes. And the alien wanted to know about all of it. What is it? What does it do? Can I touch it? The last question was important to Pip. Sepida were an intensely tactile species and just as curious. Zane thought it was a sense as important as sight or hearing to his alien. Pip seemed to need to feel things. And when the Sepida wasn't trailing those slender fingers over all the new sights he could reach, Pip was touching Zane. It was nothing that could be considered inappropriate in public, but the petite alien seemed to touch and pet Zane without even realizing it. "What is it?" Pip asked happily, looking at a large window that was actually the clear wall of a large fish tank. Pip pressed his face to the glass, still holding Zane's hand. "It's an aquarium," Zane explained. "It's a place where injured sea animals are treated before they're returned to the ocean. Would you like to go in?" Pip didn't really understand, except for the last sentence. "Let us in!" the Sepida chirped and nodded, pressing on the glass and running his fingers over the edges as though looking for a way to open it. The gymnast laughed and led Pip to the entrance. Once inside, Zane paid for their admission and led the Sepida further in. Many sea animals were seen through the glass. The human noted several different species of seahorses, rays, octopi… "Sepida?" Pip squeaked, scurrying over to a massive tank along one wall. He peered inside, talking to himself in his own language. There was a diver inside, a group of cuttlefish bobbing around him. They looked a bit like squishy, red-brown footballs with a fun on each side that looked like a diaphanous, waving fringe. The heads were blocky, with wide eyes holding w-shaped pupils. Most had their tentacles held together or slightly splayed. The diver held up a large card with a symbol that was hard to make out from their angle. All the cuttlefish turned bluish-black, swam upward, then quickly returned to the diver. He gave each of them a small fish, which was quickly grabbed and devoured. When the group had settled again, another card was held up. This time, they flashed white and swam in a circle before returning for their reward. Zane glanced at the large sign next to the tank. GIANT CUTTLEFISH: SEPIA APAMA In smaller letters, it explained that these cuttlefish were rescued from poachers wanting to sell them as pets. Circumstances prevented them from returning to the wild and had been given to the small island's aquarium to care for. The animals were taking part in a university-sponsored research project exploring their intelligence. Then it talked a bit about their natural environment and habits. "They are called cuttlefish, Pip," Zane pointed out. "They have only one form, the form they are currently in. Though similar, they are not Sepida." "Had worried they sick and stuck in the slammer, the big house, up the river, the pokey…" Pipolphi pressed his face back to the glass. "The crowbar hotel." The Sepida spoke softly, cooing to the cuttlefish in his musical language, before looking back to Zane. "Not sick? Not bad?" "No, on the contrary, they're taking care of them here at the aquarium," Zane explained with a smile. "They even have a new job." "What is job?" Pip cocked his head. "Workin' nine to five? What a way to make a livin'?" "In our world, we began exchanging goods through trading from one area to another. One food or resource was exchanged for another from region to region. A job is work that we put in for a mutual exchange," Zane tried his best to elaborate. "For example, the cuttlefish are being cared for by the aquarium staff...in exchange for that care, they participate in a research project for students. Did you notice that after every movement they performed with cards, they were fed?" "Like snow cone." Pip nodded. "Good." The alien hugged his human around the middle. "Thank you for explain me, kind sir." He smiled up at the big man. "See more the things?" "Yeah, let's keep going," Zane agreed. "There are many more fish to see." The gymnast had been through the aquarium several times. It wasn't big or fancy. It was clean, but the floors were simple, polished concrete. The whole place could have used a new coat of paint. But the glass of the tanks were clear and sparkling, the creatures within them as comfortable as they could be made to be. The island was between tourist rushes, leaving them mostly alone in the cool dimness where the light came mostly from the tanks on display, set into the walls. Pip went from one to another and sometimes back again. He cooed, trilled, and made clicking noises interspersed with his alien language and movie-based English. The Sepida was amazed at the creatures he saw that were similar to some on his planet. The alien learned a new phrase: convergent evolution, which explained how animals from completely different solar systems could end up so similar. Pip was especially taken with a small tank, tucked into a corner wall, filled with tiny seahorses. There was no creature he knew of from his home like the odd little animals. Zane was delighted, enchanted by the sparkle in Pipolphi's strange, expressive eyes. They came to a place in the corridor that split several ways and Pip seemed to choose a path at random, leading his human by the hand. They were in the middle of the room when Zane sensed something was wrong. Pip's small fingers gripped Zane's tighter and the human felt a shudder wrack his lover's smaller body. When Zane looked down, every inch of the Sepida had turned a terrified ebony, as though Pip had been dipped in ink. "Pip? What's wrong?" Zane questioned, concerned. "What is it?" "Hasserack," the alien said in a hissing whisper.
  11. "He looked pretty into you. He didn't even try to make stupid excuses to Uncle Al, even though he was about to get punched out." "Yeah, after all that, though..." Amshel replied with a sigh. "I doubt he'd want anything more to do with me." "Hey, don't say that." Felix threw an arm around the taller teen. "Anybody'd be lucky to have you. If he doesn't, he's an idiot." "So...will you help me pick out clothes that at least make me attractive for tonight?" Amshel asked. "Hell yeah!" Felix grinned. "You're gonna look so hot his eyeballs will melt!" :: Before the mixed Nightmare knew it, evening had fallen and it was time to head to the pizzeria. He wore clothes that were fancier than he would have normally worn on a date, but he didn't question Felix's judgment. As he entered the parlor, it wasn't hard to find his blind date. He was the only unicorn there with the lightest color hair. "H-Hey, I'm Amshel," the mixed Nightmare greeted as he approached. The fair-haired Unicorn stood and bowed formally. He was dressed as though he was ready to visit a king, making Shel's outfit seem downright casual in comparison. His crisp shirt was snowy white with a silver satin vest over it. His jacket was a deep gray velvet, bringing out the flawless cream of his skin. He was a similar height to Amshel, with long graceful limbs and a heart-shaped face. "I am Pennicola Gale Ondais, seventh in line to the throne of Peraza, cousin to Prince Winter of Peraza." He straightened, giving Amshel a warm smile. "I'm honored to meet you." The Unicorn's pale sapphire eyes twinkled. "Please, call me Penni." Amshel nervously shook the boy's hand. Though they were both the same age, the Unicorn seemed way more mature. "Um, friends call me Shelly," he responded before having a seat. "L-Listen Penni, I know our parents have this whole crazy idea about us going out together. But, I kind of have a big crush on someone else right now..." Penni stiffened, glancing quickly to see if anyone was nearby. No one was. He gestured for Amshel to sit, taking his own chair when the mixed Nightmare had done so. "You don't wish for us to see if we are compatible for a romantic relationship?" the Perazan asked. The mixed Nightmare tried not to gape at the words coming out of the Perazan's mouth. He shook his head. "I have someone else in mind..." Pennicola's perfect posture melted, causing him to relax in his chair. He peeked around once more before turning back to Amshel. "To be honest, I'm in the same predicament," the Unicorn admitted. "You are?" Amshel asked, eyes wide. He then broke out in a smile. "Wow, our parents sure have rotten timing, huh?" "I am so very sorry, Shelly," Penni said earnestly. "I had no desire to mislead you. My parents... They don't approve of my choice and refuse to give their blessing. The one I want knows how important my family is to me and refuses to fully claim me without their approval." He sighed softly. "I was told, in no uncertain terms, that if I refused to meet with you, I would be immediately returned to Peraza. Likely to be locked up with my uncle, who would keep me firmly under his thumb. I apologize for misleading you by accepting this date. I simply didn't know what else to do." Amshel's eyes widened even further. "You mean the person you're with right now lives here in Zirao Zion?" He wondered aloud. Penni leaned forward, a dreamy look swirling in his eyes. "His name is Renke, Renke Ruzzier, and he is simply the most wonderful and desirable man I have ever had the pleasure to know." The Unicorn smiled sweetly. "What is your lover's name?" "He's not my- I mean I'd like him to be..." Amshel tried to explain. "Anyway, his name is Simon." "Tell me about him?" Pennicola requested. "Oh, he's beautiful," Amshel described. "He's actually about six years older than me, but he was very considerate of my first time and..." the Nightmare trailed off as he remembered. "My uncle and my family don't seem to trust him." "I'm very sorry. That sounds terrible for you." Penni reached out to pat Amshel's hand. "Do you think him trustworthy?" "Yes," Amshel replied softly. "I want nothing more than to have him as my mate...if he'd ever accept me." "Why would he not?" the Unicorn asked kindly, squeezing Shelly's hand gently. "I don't know you well, I must admit. However, you seem like a good person. I get a feeling for these things and I'm rarely wrong." The mixed Nightmare gave the Unicorn a shaky smile. "I sure hope so..." he whispered. Penni squeaked in surprise as a large form suddenly appeared before them. "Amshel," Simon struggled not to shout as he glared at the pale hand holding Shelly's. "May I have a word?" Before the mixed Nightmare had a chance to respond, he found himself yanked away from the shocked Perazan and practically carried off. In moments, they were in the relative privacy of the shadowed alley behind the restaurant. Amshel's heart nearly beat itself right out of his chest as he regarded the taller Nightmare. "S-Simon..." he practically moaned. And then, he forgot how to speak the following moment. "Shelly, please." Simon pressed the teen's back to the cool brick wall, his body against the smaller boy's front. "I had to see you." The Nightmare's fingertips ghosted across Amshel's cheekbones before burying themselves in his dark purple hair. "I was going to the Montcroix estate when I saw you holding hands with that...that pasty, pale fop. I couldn't stand it." Amshel frowned as he worked hard to form the words he needed to say to him. "I wanted to see you, too...I wanted to apologize for b-being the kind of clingy Maiden you usually avoid. I didn't mean to push you that hard..." Simon froze, blinking several times before he spoke. "What are you talking about? I never thought you were clingy." He grinned nodding to their position. "I seem to be the clingy one here. And what do you mean about pushing me?" A blush blossomed on the younger man's face. "Pushing you to stay with me a-and to t-take me..." he clarified as he glanced down at the ground, unable to look Simon in the eye. "Fuck, Shelly." Simon pressed his hips forward, causing the hard bulge that had grown in his trousers from the moment he'd touched the teen to grind rather obviously against Amshel's groin. "Does it seem like I need much pushing? You make me want you so badly." The mixed Nightmare's body began to respond almost immediately. He bit his lower lip as a few whimpers escaped his lips. "I'd like nothing more than for you to have me," he pleaded, his purplish-pink eyes darkening as they peered up at Simon. "Right here and now if you wish." "Be careful, little lion." Simon leaned down to nip at the teen's earlobe. "I can and will fuck you against this wall. I left my home with hope in my heart and a vial of lubricant in my pocket. So, be certain it's what you desire." "Yes!" Amshel responded a little too loudly and a little too eagerly. He lowered his voice as he blushed harder. "Y-yes, please." "Show me how much you want it," Simon demanded, his gaze hot. "Unbutton your pants and pull them down just enough so I can get to that amazing ass of yours, baby." The mixed Nightmare quickly complied, shoving everything down to his knees and turning around. He peered over his shoulder. "Please, Simon," he begged. "Fuck," Simon choked out, his hands dropping to grope and squeeze the smooth, warm flesh of Amshel's ass. "You make me feel like an over-excited fifteen year-old about to cum in his pants. But I think I'd much rather cum in you," He growled, pulling a small bottle out of his pocket and pouring half the contents over his fingers. The slick liquid was warm as Simon parted Shelly's cheeks and found his entrance. The Nightmare kissed the side of Amshel's throat as he pushed two fingers inside, wishing he could go slower, but knowing they didn't have time. Someone could come across them at any moment. Amshel tilted his head, exposing more of his throat to the older Nightmare. "I'd very much like it if you came in me," he confessed. "It felt so good the first time. So warm..." Simon's cock throbbed, feeling as though his pants were choking him. "Damn, you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen," the Nightmare rumbled, reaching down to unbuckle his belt as he thrust his fingers inside Amshel, doing his best to begin stretching and preparing the boy. "We haven't done it this way yet..." Amshel realized as he spread his legs a little further. "Do you plan to take me in all three forms?" He pondered aloud. It was childish to hope for more than their current encounter, but he couldn't help it. He wanted to see him again. "Gods, yes," Simon groaned, adding another finger and working them in and out of the teen's tight hole. "And in every position I can twist your body into on every available surface I can find." "Thank goodness I'm flexible," Amshel snickered. A moment later, he felt Simon's fingers brush up against an area that gave him a jolt. "Oh!" he keened. "Mmm, there it is," Simon purred, exploiting that spot ruthlessly with his fingertips as he freed his eager cock. "Simon!" The mixed Nightmare whimpered as he tried to shove back against the fingers, eager to have them continue stroking him in that area. "Want m-more...please. Just please fill me." "You want my cock in you, little lion?" Simon asked, his voice husky with lust as he withdrew his hand and teased the teen's opening with the head of his hard member. "Stretch you out and make you scream my name while I pound you into the brick?" Amshel took in a shuddering breath and, unable to will himself to speak, simply nodded desperately and braced his hands harder against the brick wall. "Then be sure to speak up quick and clear if I'm going to fast," Simon warned, pushing inside Shelly's tight heat. The dark-eyed Nightmare groaned. "Fuck, baby, so tight. You feel so good, better than anything I've ever known before." Simon buried his face in the crook of Amshel's neck, taking in his sweet scent as he worked himself inside the younger man. The Nightmare watched for any signal of discomfort; a pained breath, a flinch, or a reflexive tightening of the boy's muscles. None came. When Simon had sheathed himself halfway, congratulating himself on his care and patience, Amshel let out a needy moan. The noise seemed to twist down Simon's spine, causing his hips to slam forward, burying himself suddenly and fully inside the teen. Everything felt more than a bit tighter than the first time. Though the stretch burned a bit, it was a new sensation to the mixed Nightmare. When Simon slid down to the hilt with a sudden motion, he gasped. It felt so damn good that the stimulus tipped him over the edge and he came hard. "Annh!" He cried as burst after burst of his cum splattered on the wall in front of him. With another raspy breath, he peered over his shoulder with an apologetic expression. "I'm s-sorry, I just couldn't..." "Gods, you're amazing," Simon praised, peppering the boy's cheek with kisses. "So sensitive, responsive. You feel like heaven when you tighten around me, I nearly came, myself." Amshel felt a pleasant shiver rolling down his body along with instant relief. "Th-then, please continue," he pleaded as he grinded back against him. His own shaft gave a twitch or two as it still recovered from its earlier release, but he still wanted more. A little voice in the back of Simon's mind warned him to go slow, that his sweet young lover was likely rather sensitive after his orgasm. He tried, he really did. He was able to manage two slow, careful thrusts before Amshel pushed back into him and made another deliciously needy whimper. Then, Simon was moving fast and hard, pumping into the teen's velvety heat. His belt buckle rattled with every pounding thrust, a musical chime that increased in tempo. He nibbled and sucked at the boy's throat, raising marks that left a feeling of deep satisfaction within him. Simon knew he wouldn't last long. Amshel really did turn him into some green teenager. The Nightmare slipped his hand forward to catch the younger man's erection, slick with his own cum, and began pumping it in time to the music of his clicking belt buckle. Simon's shaft felt like it was reaching deep inside places Amshel didn't even know he had. With every hard thrust, he felt as if his inner walls were molding and conforming to the older Nightmare's flesh. Some of the burn was still there, but the pleasure covered it and blanketed it around his entire body. Everything felt sensitive to the touch. So, when the other man began to mark his throat, Amshel was already nearing the edge. By the time that he felt the large, warm hand encase his member, the mixed Nightmare was gone. He came copiously all over Simon's palm and fingers, the seed dripping down between the digits onto the ground below. "S-Simon...nnh," Amshel keened as his knees began to feel weak. Strong arms wrapped around the teen's middle and Amshel found himself lifted from the ground in Simon's eager haste. His thrusts became quick and rough as the Nightmare's breathy grunts filled the alley. He slammed himself deep, one final time, shouting Amshel's name as the teen felt the man's heat fill him as his cock jerked deep inside him. They were both panting when Simon let Amshel's feet touch the cobbles beneath them, his arm continuing to hold up the boy's trembling body. Shelly gasped as Simon withdrew, blushing hard when the Nightmare pulled a handkerchief from his pocket to gently clean the younger man. Simon turned the teen in his arms, letting the wall support Amshel as he tidied the younger man as best he could before pulling up Shelly's pants and buttoning them, not bothering with his own. He pressed his forehead to Amshel's, their crests tingling pleasantly as they came in contact. "Shel," Simon began, but seemed to lose his thought and pressed their lips together in a gentle kiss. ::: Renke glanced down at his phone once again. Though he loved Pennicola's honesty, the truth still stung quite a bit. It wasn't that he didn't trust the lovely Maiden royal, he simply didn't trust others around him. When the Nightmare couldn't take it any longer, he got dressed and pocketed his mobile device before making his way over to the pizzeria. He wanted to see for himself just who his new rival was for Penni's affection. He saw no sign of the Unicorn inside the restaurant, so he began to look around and caught sight of pale platinum locks around the corner. As he approached, he caught Penni staring avidly into a dark alley. "Watcha lookin' at, luv?" Renke prompted as he approached. He wore a soft gray hoodie with a leather vest over it, a pair of tight jeans, and black boots. Penni squeaked and straightened so quickly he lost his balance, tumbling forward into the alley. He clenched his pale blue eyes tight as the ground rushed up to meet him. Instead of smashing into the cobbles, however, he found himself wrapped safely in strong, muscular arms. "Ren!" Penni yelped, his eyes darting to the side to see Amshel's lover quickly shove Shelly behind him and buckle his pants. "I wasn't...there's nothing...how are you doing today?" Renke raked the back of his fingers down the side of the Unicorn's cheek as he looked him over. "Gotta be more careful, you know?" He insisted. "Why's it I always find ya in dark alleys n' dangerous situations?" "Well, I wasn't actually in the alley this time," Penni said meekly, leaning into the man's touch. "And I was just...checking on my friend." "What's going on here?" Simon demanded from further in the alleyway, Amshel peeking from behind him. Renke raised a brow and stood to his full height, which was about an inch taller than Simon. "That's what I'd like to know...is this him, Penni? Your blind date?" "What's it to you?" Simon snapped, eyeing the hold the brute had on the young Perazan, concerned the situation could turn ugly fast. Simon wasn't any fan of the Unicorn who'd thought he could go on a date with his Shelly, but he didn't want to see the guy get hurt by some thug. "I think it's time you let the kid go." "Eeeeh?" Renke drawled as he draped an arm over Penni's shoulder and wrapped his other arm around the Unicorn's waist. "Hate to break it to ya,' but Penni here's promised to save himself for me." "Oh, I, ah..." Pennicola blushed prettily, a soft pink blooming across his cheek. "It's quite alright, Simon was it? I rather like it when he grabs me. More than half the time it saves me from something unpleasant. The other half...well...I must admit to encouraging him, since I like his arms, especially when they're around me. So, thick and strong and...I'm going to stop talking now. Hello, Shelly. How is everything going for you?" The mixed Nightmare gaped at the different colors Penni began to change. Though they had just met, it was strange to see the Unicorn so out of sorts instead of composed and mature as he was moments ago. "Simon, this is Pennicola of Peraza and his intended, Renke," he introduced. "Simon wasn't Penni's blind date. I was. But, as you can see, I have my sights set on Simon..." Renke tilted his head as he regarded the little thing. "Hmm, though you're cute as a button, I don't think you're strong enough to protect Penni," he mused out loud. "Ren," the Perazan grumbled, trying to sound serious but ending up just seeming adorable. It would probably help if he could stand on a chair so he could look his love in the eye. "I've talked to you about this. I'm eighteen years old, now. And while I deeply appreciate everything you've done for me, I'm not a kitten trapped in a tree. I'm perfectly capable of minding to my own welfare." Renke let out a snort. "As you keep telling yourself. Can't fool me, though, can ya?" He countered. "Caught the pretty thing getting into all sorts of trouble on many occasions," he tossed over his shoulder at the other two. Amshel was already concerned. "Trouble? Then he shouldn't be all by himself! Would you like to stay with the Montcroix?" he asked Penni. "I couldn't think to impose so much on your family, Shelly." Penni's words were formal and polite. His tone was a contrast to the position he was in, wrapped in Renke's arms, as well as the piqued glare he was throwing at the burly man. "You're Montcroix?" Renke questioned as he glanced once more at the plum-haired teen in a new light. When he received a nod in return, he leaned down to press a kiss to Pennicola's cheek. "Listen, luv...I think the tyke's got a point. No one fucks with the Montcroix. You'd be safe." He then glanced up at Simon. "Could I still come see him?" Before Simon had a chance to refuse, Amshel spoke up. "If I ask my grandparents, I'm sure they'll let both of you stay for a while!" Pennicola seemed to have become entranced with the thick muscles on Renke's left forearm, his fingertips caressing back and forth. "Hmm?" Penni blinked, face brightening in what was turning into a perpetual blush. "My apologies, I was...distracted." Simon sighed heavily, admitting defeat. "It would appear that you and Renke will be staying at the Montcroix estate for the foreseeable future." When Penni was about to argue, Ren leaned down, nuzzling behind the teen's ear. Pennicola's eyelids fluttered in reaction as his body went limp in the larger man's arms. "Mmm, sounds lovely," the Perazan murmured. Amshel looked up at Simon. "I'm going to head back to the estate with them," he suggested. "I want to see you again, but I don't want you to get hurt again..." "I'll need to talk to Alistair," Simon admitted with a frown. "Surely, he'll see reason." Amshel took his hand. "Maybe just not tonight..." he suggested. "I'll speak to him at work, don't worry." He pressed a fleeting kiss to the teen's lips. "Everything will be fine." :::::::: Amshel shifted in his sleep, refusing to open his eyes for a while. Finally, with a frown, he woke up to the sound of some noise coming from his window. As he stood up and walked over, his spodumene pink eyes widened at the sight of Simon on the other side of his window. "What are you doing there?" He wondered as he quickly opened the window to let him in. He then gaped at the injured Nightmare. "What happened to you?" He had never been gladder to be mixed, as he had a small ability to heal. Simon certainly needed it at the moment. Simon fell inside with a bit less grace than he'd intended, limping over to sit gingerly on Amshel's bed. The purple and green-haired Nightmare was sporting a black eye, a busted lip, and Shelly noticed a bit of crusted blood on his temple. "So," Simon began, trying to smile at the teen. "That didn't go quite as well as expected." Amshel frowned and gently held his hand over the black eye, using his healing magic to lower the swelling. Some of the bruising remained, but at least the pain would be gone. He then moved onto the lips. "Who did this? Was it Allie?" He questioned. "He didn't really see things my way," Simon admitted with a wince. "He was just looking out for you, so, I didn't really fight back." He sighed softly. "And then I wouldn't leave when he told me to get out. I thought I could make him understand." The Nightmare smirked. "He said if I touched you, he'd tear off my horn...literally and figuratively. He cares about you a lot, Shel." "If he cares about me so much, he needs to stop trying to kill you," the mixed Nightmare huffed. "Where else are you hurt?" "Will you kiss it better?" Simon asked playfully. "Actually, that's not a bad idea," Amshel responded. When he pressed his lips to Simon's he fed the rest of his healing magic through it. The Nightmare moaned, pulling Amshel close. Simon had been healed before, he and Alistair had gotten into more than one scrape that left them needing patched up. However, Simon could never recall it feeling so pleasantly warm and gentle. He felt oddly protected, which wasn't something he'd experienced much of. Simon and Alistair had nearly always had each other's backs, but neither felt the need to protect the other. Simon's parents had been loving but firm, expecting strength and cunning from him, even as a child. He'd been taught to protect himself and to protect others. Feeling the genuine care and concern from the young man who was so much smaller than him touched something in his heart, making him feel oddly safe. When Amshel pulled away, his hands gently raked through Simon's hair as he looked him over. "How are you feeling? Does anything still hurt?" He asked softly as he gazed into black opal eyes. "No, nothing." The Nightmare leaned into the touches like a cat. "I've never felt healing like that. It was so warm and thoughtful." Amshel pressed his forehead against Simon's. "Next time, fight him back. He can go and find his own Healer," he insisted. "You're feisty." The Nightmare grinned, rubbing their crests together and enjoying the sparking tingle it produced. "I like it. You really are a lion." "I'm your lion," Amshel added cheekily. "That is, if you'll have me...n-no pressure or anything!" "I don't let Alistair beat me up for just anyone," Simon responded, dropping a kiss to the tip of the mixed Nightmare's adorable nose. "If that's not a declaration, I don't know what is. I'm not sure I could want you more and survive." The mixed Nightmare felt as if his heart would burst into as many colors as the jagged star crest on Simon's forehead. "In that case...would you be my mate, Sinoval?" Simon grinned wide. "I wanted to ask you but I was worried I'd be pressuring you." The dark-eyed man pulled Amshel close. "I can't think of anything I'd want more, little lion. I've been looking for you for so long, and I didn't even realize I was searching. As soon as you spoke to me and I caught your scent... Even though we'd never met, I'd missed you so badly." "Where should I place my crest?" Amshel asked softly out loud as one of his hands gently slid down the side of Simon's face and neck to his right shoulder. "Perhaps here?" Buttons flew in every direction as Simon tore his shirt as his eagerness got the better of him in his need to bear Amshel's mark. The Nightmare was bare from the waist up in moments, leaning into Shelly's warm touch. "That sounds perfect," Simon purred. "And I'll happily place yours anywhere you wish." Amshel blushed at the thought of having Simon's jagged star crest somewhere on his body. He lifted the Nightmare's hand to the nape of his neck, just below his hairline. "How about here?" He asked. "Yes," Simon said quickly, leaning in to steal a kiss. "How soon can we?" "Right now would be-" Amshel suggested, but his words were cut off by the sound of the door opening. "Shelly, Ren and Penni are hungry, so it's snack time!" Felix called as he walked into the room followed by Renke and Pennicola. The three of them were in various types of night clothing. Felix wore one of Lucien's oversized shirts, Pennicola was in a set of soft pajamas, and Renke was just walking around in a pair of boxers. Both Felix and Amshel had double-teamed their grandparents, who caved quickly into allowing the Perazan and his intended to stay for as long as they needed. Amshel pouted in Felix's direction. Penni found himself suddenly blind as Renke covered his eyes. "Ren," the Perazan laughed. "I've seen bare chests before. He still has his pants on. You're wearing less than he is right now." With a big sigh, Amshel turned towards Simon. "Maybe not tonight...if these guys are out and about, Fin and Uncle Allie probably are too, and I don't want you to get hurt again." "You're right," Simon said sadly, looking as though someone had kicked his puppy. "I want to make our mating special and give you the time and care you deserve." The Nightmare couldn't help a chuckle as Felix and Pennicola let out a little squee behind him. "See?" Penni whispered to Ren. "We could be mated, as well. My parents can...well, they can go sit on a porcupine. I want us to be together." Renke's heterochromatic green and purple eyes gazed down at the petite Unicorn in quite the serious gaze. "You sure that's what ya want?" He questioned huskily as he lifted Penni's chin. "Once you're mine, I aint gonna give you back." "I don't want you to let me go," Pennicola announced desperately. "Even if my parents never speak to me again…" The Perazan's voice broke. "Or I can never return home ever again…see my s-siblings..." The teen hiccupped. "Penni..." Renke hissed, "My precious Penni." The larger man then dove down to kiss the Unicorn fervently. He didn't care how low he had to bend, he did his best to kiss the daylights out of him. "I'll do whatever I can so you can at least see 'em all again, I swear it." The pale-haired Unicorn gave a little hop, wrapping his arms and legs around Ren and burying his face in the taller man's neck, sniffling. "I can still see my family right now...but, they said I had to keep seeing Shelly." Penni hiccupped again. "I can't even simply take him out on pretend dates, though. It wouldn't be fair to Simon and Shelly." The pale Unicorn clung tightly to his love. "I don't know what to do..." Renke straightened up, carrying Pennicola like he weighed nothing. "We'll just have to force 'em to accept us, luv," he suggested. "They can't stop you from visiting them, I'd tear down their very guards if they tried." "What if you ask Prince Winter to help? Isn't he your cousin?" Amshel asked as he neared them. "If he's to be king, then no one can go against anything he says, right?" "Prince Winter has much more important issues to concern himself with than his silly cousin's inability to show my parents how perfect and wonderful Ren is." Penni rubbed his cheek against his love's warm shoulder, loving the gentle strength in the arms holding him. "If nothing else works, I'll speak to Winter. I just need to work harder to make Mother and Father see what I see in Ren." The Unicorn sighed softly. "I'm just not sure what to do in the meantime." "I don't mind you using Shel for cover," Simon said, his heart going out to the couple. "At least until we get ourselves sorted, mated, and have things settled in the family. If it's alright with Shel, that is." The Nightmare frowned. "As long as you don't get smoochy or anything." "Cosmos, no!" Amshel gasped. "I-I mean yes we can do the cover. But, I couldn't bear the thought of kissing anyone else." "I'm of the same mind," Renke growled in response as he gazed at Penni. "If you want to buy some time with the little tyke, that's fine, as long as you remember who you belong to." Pennicola went boneless in Renke's arms. "Mmm, I'm yours, Ren," the Unicorn purred, unable to resist rubbing, just a little, against the tight muscles of Renke's abdomen. "I wish you would take me..." Felix giggled beside them as he watched the show avidly. The brunet Nightmare wanted nothing more than to take the Unicorn right then and there, other eyes be damned. But, then his stomach gave a loud grumble. Ren made a sour face and tsked. "I will. I promise ya, I will. Right after we get some food. Otherwise, we won't have 'nuff energy to." Amshel stood on the tips of his toes and tugged Simon down for a kiss. "I'm going to take them to the kitchens with Felix. Stay safe and keep out of sight of Allie!" "Maybe I'll just lay down for a while." Simon smiled at Shelly. "Mind if I crawl under your covers? I'm not sure I'd make it home without passing out into a bush." The mixed Nightmare's eyes lit right up. "Then, I should be back soon," he responded, happy that Simon chose to stay. "Come on then, let's get some grub so we can all go back to doing more fun stuff," Felix declared as he led group off to the kitchens.
  12. Dear Jackoff the Second, I'm not ashamed to admit that I, like everyone else, had been waiting anxiously for our little troubles to be born [1]. I was also eager to name one of them, but the point would have been moot until they arrived [2]! When the day finally came and all was said and done, my concerns became a source of amusement to my Serahl [3]. The fact that I ended up "checking-out" for a moment towards the end...I don't think they'll ever let me live it down. Regardless, our beloved babies have arrived and are held dearly to our chests...literally. The grouchy Kaynen obstetrician told us that the babies would benefit for some "kangaroo care" which went something along the lines of skin-to-skin contact for many hours which, to us, meant never putting the kits down...at least, not until Nix's MedBay is done. Adrian, being the one with the widest chest and biggest hands held both our girls. Poor little Miles had been the worst off, but all he needed was a little MedBay time and Mycha hasn't let go of him since. The happiest dad in the universe, Rios [1]- 'Can't wait for the little troubles to be born.' by reader booklove [2]- 'Naming babies, much fun, but they have to be BORN! first.' by reader mogwhy [3]- 'I just know the birth chapter is going to be hilarious!' by reader LadyDe :::::::: "Are you seriously holding the baby with one hand and writing in your journal with the other?" Mycha teased as he gently cradled and rocked baby Miles against his chest. "It's how I deal with trauma and big events in my life, ok?" Rios huffed as he set the pen down. "Well, he was the only one who fainted..." Caspin chimed as he neared them, baby Chase squirming against him. "I was worried sick the whole time!" The Alano hissed before downright whimpering. "Everyone keeps bringing it up like I had any control at all to my body's reactions..." "That's enough, guys, if he's too agitated it'll affect baby Faustir," Adrian warned as he continued to hold Naia and Anisa to him effortlessly. "Yeah, what Ade said," Phenner added, holding tiny Phaedryn and gently stroking his back with his fingers. The rabbit smiled at the others. "I really love this. Constant baby cuddles and all the yummy menfolk shirtless with cute-cute kits snuggled up to them." Phen winked at Mycha. "When the littles can have some time on their own, I'm going to be super-duper frisky." Mycha's large ears flicked downward as his tail stood straight up in an eager shiver. "Can't wait," he whispered. "Nix's Medbay unit seems to be doing fine. I think it's almost done healing him," Loxias commented as he joined the group. Adrian handed one of his girls to a fidgeting Sifta who was nearby, already with a burp rag over his shoulder. Sifta cooed at Anisa, who was still in the form of a tiny black and white cabbit kit. He stroked between her ears with one gentle fingertip. "Feeding time," the hazel-eyed Vulpan pointed out, looking both nervous and excited. He adored the babies, especially helping to care for them, but the little creatures were tiny, and Sifta was terrified of doing something wrong and hurting them. He was most comfortable with little Anisa. Sifta said she looked most sturdy, even though she was itty-bitty. Caspin ducked into the kitchen and returned to distribute bottles, a special one for Anisa. Babies were untucked from carriers and the sweet little noises of babies eating mixed with the loving whispers of the men feeding them. The wings of the kits that had them unfolded as they ate and pumped the air languidly. It made positioning during feeding time a unique challenge. "Phaedryn's almost dooooone," Phen taunted. "He'd going to get to do the butt-butt dance of victory." "Whatever!" Caspin responded. "Chase is the chowtime champ!" "Not if Faustir gets there first!" Falorios taunted, joining in. Mycha was ultra careful with his bottle and kit. Miles had trouble breathing not that long ago, after all. A set of tiny white antennae had unfurled along with the albino luna moth wings. The kit had white cat ears and a white tail, but his hair was as pitch black as Nix's. As the Murisian held the bottle to the baby's mouth, little slivers of violet eyes opened. "You have to eat well so that your mom and daddies don't worry, little one," Mycha urged. "Done!" Sifta announced with a whispered shout, making Phenner, Caspin, and Rios groan. Sifta put the bottle down and held Anisa with one hand carefully under her bottom, the kit's fluffy black tail sticking out above his palm. "Now, the butt-butt dance of victory and burps." Sifta gently patted between little Anisa's shoulder blades with one finger and wiggled her floofy bottom back and forth while humming a taunting tune that ended with a final wiggle and a burp that sounded much too large to come from such a tiny body. "And to the potty pad with you, Miss Anisa," Sifta cooed. "Such a good girl, always making your pee-pees and poo-poos at expected times, so we don't have to figure out how to put a diaper on you." Sifta blushed scarlet when he realized everyone was looking at him, whisking baby Anisa off to do her business. Caspin's ear shot up at the sound of the Medbay chime. "It's done! Nix's Medbay!" Falorios was the first to rush to the unit, baby and all. In no time at all, everyone made a semi-circle around Nix's prone form. The Alano reached out to gently scratch behind one of the Civek's ears. "How are you feeling, Serai?" He asked softly. "You have quite a few new visitors to see." "Feel pretty good, like I can see my feet again," Nix smiled, then frowned. He nipped at his lower lip nervously. "Miles? Is he…" Nix trailed off as though unable to finish the question. Mycha rushed forward and held the drowsy baby towards Nix. "He's fine. He gets all drowsy after eating, but he's breathing just fine," he announced as he handed him over. The violet-eyed kit yawned and flicked one of his tiny white cat ears as he peered at Nix through tiny slits. "Kit-kit, you gave us a scare," Nix murmured while cuddling his little one close. The baby yawned, letting out a little huff. "I know, not your fault," Nix continued. "Just expect us to fuss over you until you're thirty." Miles smacked his lips together and promptly fell asleep. Nix kissed the top of the kit's head and handed him back to Mycha. "How's the rest of the gang?" Nix asked, trying not to sound as anxious as he felt. Six kits, all born small, all early. How could he expect not to lose one? Even knowing the MedBay could take care of almost anything, the Civek's chest felt tight with worry. Where Nix had grown up, only the large hospitals could afford a MedBay. For Civek breeders, having a litter larger than four generally meant losing at least one or two, sometimes more. There were more often complications with the breeder, as well. The female mothers were less prone to unexpected internal bleeding, tearing, and a myriad of other potentially fatal problems. So, even though he could count the kits snuggled up to their daddies, Nix couldn't quite believe it that all of them were well. One by one, the men went up to the Civek, showing off their tiny charges. Caspin was last, with tiny Chase. The little one was startled awake, having fallen asleep against the Vulpan. He began to cry and gasp as he changed hands. But, when Nix began to rock him, he immediately settled down. A pair of heterochromatic eyes peered up at the Civek, one golden brown and the other green-yellow. "Oh," Nix said, blinking up at Caspin and sucking in a breath. "He has one of my eyes." Nix looked back down at the little one. "Hey, cutie-pie," the Civek whispered. "You're gonna see big things with those eyes." He tickled the tip of Chase's big toe. "These footsies gonna take you places. But me and your daddies are always gonna be right there looking out for you." Nix smiled sweetly and nuzzled Chase's soft hair. "And anybody who thinks about hurting you and your sisters and brothers? I rip their guts out through their nostrils and hang them from the rafters by their balls," Nix finished in the same cooing whisper. The baby boy turned towards the Civek to snuggle closer as if reaching for his warmth. Chase fell back asleep encased in that warmth. Caspin smiled and allowed them some bonding time. "As you can see, they're all doing great," Falorious said softly. "They're all beautiful." "I need to design six more rooms," Adrian mused aloud. "Not that they'll be sleeping in their own rooms for a while." "I know I've been conked out." Nix yawned. "But I'm feeling a nap coming on. Think we can all go snuggle in the nest?" "I'm in," Falorios agreed immediately. "We can finally use the baby slots in the big pillow of the nesting room!" Phenner commented. "Let's all go take a nap together, then," Adrian added. :::::: The kits grew fast. After three weeks, little Anisa shifted into a less furry form. Her black and white fur was exchanged for skin the color of the dark cocoa Caspin had taken to hiding from Mycha and Phenner. Her fluffy baby hair was a green so dark it was nearly black. She would tug on a lock of it just above her left ear when she was sleepy or upset. The babies with tails; Anisa, Miles, Faustir, and Chase; were able to use normal Vulpan diapers that worked around tails. Although, Anisa hardly needed hers, even when not in her spirit form. She used the toilet pads and then a potty chair that played music when it was piddled into. Adrian had been able to find a decent deal with a supplier who could bring special diapers more suited to Phaedryn and Naia's bottoms. Rios had the unfortunate honor of discovering that their tailless progeny needed different diapers one day when Naia was two weeks old. Nix was taking a nap with Faustir, leaving Falorios to care for sweet little Naia… Who had an upset tummy and a subsequent detonation in her diaper that Rios claimed defied all natural laws by coming out of such a sweet, tiny creature. Phenner thought this was hilarious until, an hour later, he had a similar incident with baby Phaedryn. Chase surprised no one when he was first to crawl at three months, then walk at five months. Naia and Faustir weren't far behind Chase. Scooting around, then toddling, at four and then six months. Phaedryn, Anisa, and Miles were slower. Adrian suggested might have been because of their partially human genetics, since human babies usually don't crawl until after seven or eight months. Anisa, however, often would shift into a tiny cabbit when she wanted to get somewhere, hopping around much earlier than she could crawl. Usually, trying to catch Chase. "Calm down, Rios," Phenner told the Alano, peering up at the highest shelf in the storage room, where baby Chase was soothing his teething pains by gnawing on the corner of a box, his brown-spotted black wings folded against his back. "If he got up there, he can probably get down." Phen smiled with pride. "He really got high up there, huh?" "But, how?" Rios questioned with a squeak. "Did he learn how to fly already?" He fretted as he paced back and forth on the ground in case Chase fell. Chase was a tanned baby with soft, strawberry blond hair that seemed to have black tips at the ends. For a while, the crew wondered if that meant that his hair would fall out. But, as the months continued to fly by, the hair remained. He had heterochromatic eyes, one golden brown and the other green-yellow like Nix's. Not only could he shift into the form of a black mouse with brown spots, whose ears and tail he retained in human form...but, he also had wings in both forms. The wings were reminiscent of a spotted tiger moth. The forewings were the same black hue of his mouse form with brown spots. The hindwings were a deep, coral-ish orange hue that seemed to be several shades darker than the strawberry blonde hair on top of his head. The spots on his hindwings were as black as the tips of his hair. Those wings were seen in their full splendor as he used them to glide off the top of the shelf, nearly giving Falorios a heart attack. Chase had but one destination in mind. "Wee-am!" he cried out as he flew right into the older boy's arms and clung to him tightly. "Mine!" Liam, along with his grandparents, Loxias and Sifta, had just barely walked through the hangar doors when the baby headed their way. The six-year-old jaguar reacted quickly so as not to drop Chase. "Hi, little one," he responded, using the same words his parents and grandparents used to refer to himself. Liam tagged along with either Orin and Etsu or Loxias and Sifta whenever they came to visit the crew. His seventh birthday was coming up, so he was quite proud of being able to carry the weight of any of the babies. He loved feeling like a big kid. Rios paled. "Did he just say his second and third words?" he questioned. Chase was one of the first of the babies to speak, and his first word had been 'mama.' The Alano had been looking forward to the day Chase referred to him as 'dada,' but he was apparently outdone by a six-year-old. "Did you see him, Rios?" Phen squealed, bounding over to Liam and ruffling the leopard's hair. "Did you hear him?" Phenner hugged the little boy holding the baby. "Liam, Chase flew for you, for the first time! Okay, it was more of a glide, but it so counts!" The bunny leaned back, beaming down at them. "And your name was his second word, ever! And his third word was right after that! I mean, when he's a little older we're going to be having a serious discussion with him about possessiveness in fully consensual relationships. But hey, the third word was for you, too!" Phen leaned down to rub his nose against the baby's. "I'm so proud of you, little buddy!" Liam gave his uncle Phen a big grin, feeling rather touched that little Chase was now able to call him by name. "Can I go play with Chase and the other babies?" he asked, laughing as Chase looked at the older boy very seriously and patted Liam's cheeks with his pudgy palms. "If Sifta and Loxie say it's okay, then I don't mind," Phenner replied. "We came to visit everyone," Sifta said when Liam turned to him with pleading eyes. "So, of course, you can." The Vulpan smiled at the happiness on Liam's face. "Do you need me to carry him? I know he can be squirmy." Liam shook his head. "I totally got him," he insisted as he made his way over to the other babies. Chase barely moved or wiggled whenever he was held by the jaguar, so the six-year-old was able to carry him the whole way without any problems. The young jaguar stepped carefully through the little gate into the common room, which had been thoroughly baby-proofed. Although, if Chase started doing more than gliding, they'd have more work to do. The kits were scattered around the room with the other daddies watching over them attentively. Chase folded his wings flat to his back and clung to Liam, not wanting to be put down. "Mine!" Chase bellowed, making everyone look up. Naia had been toddling toward Mycha's outstretched arms. The kit tottered, then thudded down onto her diaper-padded bottom. Her black-tipped tan hair was done up with a little pink bow in a tiny pigtail on the top of her head. She grinned, clapping her hands when she saw Loxias and Sifta. She loved how Lox would toss her in the air and catch her, how Sifta would sit with her, rocking her as he read to her in his gentle voice. Caspin glanced up from where he was laying on the floor, one arm buried under the couch. The captain pulled out his arm, dragging baby Faustir from under the sofa by one leg. The baby's yellow-green eyes gleamed from his ebony-skinned face. The kit's cheeks were puffed like a chipmunk as he gazed upward innocently. "Faustir," Caspin scolded. "Spit it out, right now." The kit looked grumpy but did as he was told, shooting a glob of partially chewed paper into Caspin's palm. "Yech." Cas made a face and went to throw the little present away. "Hi, guys," he said as he walked by their guests. Anisa had immediately shifted into her cabbit form and hopped right over to flop on top of Liam's foot. The young jaguar had to carefully lower himself down to a sitting position so that he wouldn't drop Chase, who refused to let go of him. "Hey, Anisa," he greeted as he petted her fluffy little head. Her eyes were a gold hue in both forms. The tip of her nose and her inner ears were the same dark-brown hue of her skin. When in human form, the girl had straight, dark-green hair. But, she clearly enjoyed being in her spirit form more, especially when her daddies Phen, Cas, and Mycha accompanied her in their own spirit forms. "Want me to shift into my spirit form?" Liam offered only for Chase to hug him harder and make a noise of displeasure. "Doesn't have to be right away," he added as he gently scratched behind Chase's round, mouse ears. "Whoa!" Adrian gasped as he leaped just in time to catch Miles as he rolled off the couch. He had the largest wings of his siblings, those of a white luna moth. But he was slow in learning how to walk or use them. They didn't even know if he had a spirit form or not since his development was slower than the others. Miles took one good look at his dad Adrian's scraped elbow with his big violet eyes and began to cry in empathy, waving his bronze arms about. "It's ok, daddy's ok," Ade soothed as he rocked the dark-haired cherub. Miles sniffled and took in shuddering gasps of air as he began to calm down. The sniffling died down even further when Adrian began to stroke the white kitten ears on top of his head. Phaedryn crawled his way to Loxias, who didn't hesitate in picking him up. The baby gave him a toothless grin and kicked his little, tanned legs as the red-spotted purple butterfly wings fluttered behind him. He had unique Vulpan eyes, much like his uncle Etsu's. They were a vertical gradient of yellow on top blending into green on the bottom. His hair was dark at the roots like Nix, but with green streaks and tips instead of red. Naia was back on her feet and was resolutely wobbling towards Sifta. The Vulpan held out his hands. "Come on, Nai Nai. You can do it," he encouraged softly, crouching down. Naia took the last handful of steps at a lurching sprint, toppling into Sifta's arms. She burbled happily as the Vulpan lifted her, cuddling the kit close. Naia's babble continued, as though telling Sifta about everything exciting that had happened since she'd seen him last. Sifta smiled and nuzzled her cheek. "Ah, how do babies smell like love?" Sifta murmured, looking at his mate. Loxias paused in his gentle swinging of Phaedryn to give his mate a smile. "Because they are meant to be loved," he responded. "And we can adopt children of our own whenever you wish." Sifta looked down at Naia with a cross between pain and longing in his eyes. The kit didn't help him with his inner struggle by resting her cheek on his shoulder with a contented sigh, her pudgy little fingers playing with the fabric of his sleeve. "I…You don't think it's too soon?" Sifta asked, his eyes all for the little bundle in his arms. "We haven't been mated a full year, yet. And I don't know anything about being a father." "I can teach you anything you'd wish to know," Loxias pointed out. "I would love nothing more than to raise children with you." "Even throwbacks?" Sifta asked with uncertainty, though they'd had the conversation before. "Especially throwbacks," the Kaynen responded firmly. Sifta looked down at little Naia, his eyes suspiciously shiny. "Let's talk about it later. Is that okay? I haven't even done any research about adoption." "Oh? I've done plenty. Just say the word, and we'll head out to one of the nearest three orphanages," Lox admitted. Sifta's eyes widened, looking overwhelmed but very interested. Phenner bounced into his view, the rabbit's long ears bouncing with him. "You're gonna have a baby!" Phen squealed happily. "Liam will have an uncle or aunt!" Naia grinned at the big bunny and began bouncing along in Sifta's arms. "But, I have so many already!" Liam countered as he looked around at all the men that were his uncles. "That's right!" Phenner said, delighted. "Big nephew, Liam! I love it!" As Nix made his way to the common room to join his Serraglio and kittens, he paused to take in the sight. His Serahl, his mates, all caring for their children...and their close friends Loxie and Sifta. Even the sight of the growing Liam made a strange little ache swell inside his heart. He recognized the pain as a mixture of grief for the life he'd had to live through, one that he never wanted any of his precious people to suffer. But, beyond that ache of grief was the overwhelming sensation of contentment. It settled in him like being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold night. He never allowed himself to feel such joy; he was always fearful of it for what it could rip away from him. But, mere moments earlier, he had talked to his close friends and their family. He had never trusted anyone other than himself, and presently, he not only trusted his Serraglio but also their shared friends. Pedro had indeed brought over his wife, Gracie, and their children. Even Jason and Daniel stuck around to acquaint themselves with the kits. Caspin had settled them all in another section of the ship, which was where Nix had just been. "It's bath time, sweethearts!" he called out. At the sight of their mother, all of the babies made their way over to Nix. Even Chase, who was reluctant to part from Liam, toddled his way over. "Mama!" Chase squealed joyfully, having reached the Civek first. "Can I help?" Liam offered. Soon, there was a flurry of motion as Loxias, Sifta, Liam, Phenner, Mycha, and Rios helped gather the babies up and headed over to the ship's newest bathroom, which was modified to accommodate the babies. Adrian wrapped his arm around Caspin's shoulders. "I think they're more than covered tonight," he commented. "I think we should go ahead and lock down." Due to their dire experiences in the past, the crew had decided to add more security to the ship, including monitoring equipment that kept track of any living being that wasn't already recognized by the system. They weren't taking any chances. Caspin agreed. As they walked past Loxias, Cas told him, "We're getting everything buttoned up for the night. Just put in the security code before you open the lock to keep the alarms from going off in a screaming hissy fit." They'd all decided Loxias, Sifta, Orin, and Etsu should have security clearance on the ship. In an emergency, the Zanders being able to move freely in and out of the ship could only be a good thing. They were trusted. They were family. "We'll be fine," Loxias insisted as he adjusted his hold on Phaedryn and the baby snuggled closer. "More than fine." When the Vulpan and the human finished their security rounds, Adrian motioned for the captain to follow him into their shared room. As the babies grew too big for the "nesting pillow" room, they had made a room just for them, with cribs on one end and small beds on the other for when they were big enough. The cribs were designed by the creators of the Medbay, so they automatically rocked the babies if they sensed nightmares and only alerted the dads, in tandem, when it was diaper dilemmas or hunger. The system allowed the men to rest wherever they wished on the ship, be it the adjoining rooms, their own chambers, or anywhere else. Adrian convinced Caspin to have a private bath time of their own. Soon, the two of them were sitting in their own private tub. The dark-haired human began to gently rub Caspin's back. "Lately, the babies have been sleeping all through the night," he mused aloud. "Ugh, yes. Finally," Caspin said, relaxing under his love's touch. "I hardly know what to do with myself getting a full night's sleep." He looked back over his shoulder, smiling as something soft and warm filled his emerald eyes. "Did you ever imagine things ending up like this when you woke up in my MedBay with a crazy alien fangirling all over you?" The Vulpan gave a short giggle. "I would never have imagined waking up in a Medbay in the first place," Adrian pointed out. "And, if I remember correctly, you were far from a crazy alien...you were a sexy, youth-faced doctor in my perception." "Awww." Caspin turned, pressing a kiss to Adrian's cheek. "Even so soon after my nefarious kidnapping, Stockholm syndrome had already set in." "You can't kidnap the willing, Cas," the human countered. "I was the one who asked to come with you, remember? You gave me a choice. Granted, it was quite the irresistible choice..." Caspin grinned, but it faded, and the Vulpan looked down with uncertainty. "Don't you miss your home, your people, your family?" Adrian shook his head. "My mother passed away during childbirth," he confessed for the first time. "I find it hard to talk about it because every time I asked anything about my mom, my dad would get this sad look in his eyes. I hated making him upset, even though I wasn't the direct cause of it, so I just stopped asking unless he was the one to bring it up. "He was my biggest supporter when it came to soccer," the human continued. "He was like my second coach through middle school, and he couldn't have been any prouder when I landed my scholarship after high school. But he was diagnosed with colon cancer while I was away at college and he didn't tell me how bad it got until the next thing I knew, I had to arrange for his funeral… "I wasn't kidding when I said that you gave me a new home." Periwinkle eyes brimmed with tears as he entrusted Caspin with the events of the years before the Vulpan had ever even seen him play. "If it wasn't for my cousin, Zane, I don't think I'd have been able to get it all done," he explained. "We had never really been close since my dad and uncle didn't really get along...the two of them clashed on many issues, racism, homophobia, politics… My uncle wasn't the greatest guy." "But Zane and I got along whenever we visited," Adrian admitted. "I was so messed up emotionally during that time that I briefly wondered why someone who I barely spent time with growing up would go through so much trouble to help me with my dad's funeral. I guess I felt a bit paranoid. He didn't mind, though. He said in spite of the short visits that were far and few in-between, he really cared for us and I was still his favorite cousin. "I threw myself into soccer in dad's name, and Zane went on to become an Olympic gymnast, so we haven't really seen each other since," Adrian concluded. "A part of me that was still grieving my old man's death didn't want to see a living reminder of the fact that we buried my dad six feet under. So, if there's anyone that I miss and would like to see again, it'd be him, my cousin Zane. Maybe one day we can visit him and we can show him our kids. Otherwise, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you are my home, Cas. You, our Serraglio, our children, and our friends. I'm happy. Happier than I've ever been." Caspin burst into tears, throwing himself into his human's arms and nearly drowning them both in the tub. They came up sputtering and laughing, Cas still hanging from Adrian's neck like a monkey. They blinked water out of their eyes, and as soon as the Vulpan could see enough to find Ade's lips, Cas pressed their mouths together desperately. The taller man eagerly responded, wrapping his arms around the Vulpan and tugging Caspin flush against him. The sadness Adrian had felt when bringing up his past seeped away from him in the face of the fox's love. If he had the chance to go back in time, Ade would have still made the same choices. Though they had lived through quite a few chaotic events, they emerged stronger and more united than ever. One of Adrian's hands raked along the sensitive areas of Caspin's tail as they deepened their kisses. A moment later, he lifted the Vulpan by the thighs and pinned him against the wall of the large tub to grind against him. He kissed his mate with the intention of laying claim to every inch of his mouth. Caspin cried out his mate's name, wrapping his legs around the big human. The fox whimpered and writhed, rubbing as much of himself as he could against his lover. Cas delighted in the muscles covering Adrian, pressing himself against the human's delightfully cut chest and stomach, fingers dragging along arms and shoulders. "Ah, Ade!" the Vulpan gasped out, pleasure tingling across his flesh everywhere skin met skin. "Cas," the human responded headily as he gave one of the Vulpan's ears a sharp bite. With some quick maneuvering, it wasn't difficult for him to slide right into his mate in a sharp thrust. Their activities had only slowed down with the arrival of the babies, but never truly stopped. The entire crew found creative ways to sneak off and bond with one another in shifts. Most of the time, they had to be fast and focused. But, Adrian had different plans for the insatiable fox in his arms. He kept the Vulpan firmly pinned against the wall. Since he was tall, it wasn't very difficult to keep him there with his lower body alone. His hands were free to do as they pleased, and they slid all over the petite man's torso. Fingers slid across nipples, nails scratched sensitive areas, and warm lips kissed and marked the very paths they chased after. Caspin cupped Adrian's face in his hands, utterly trusting that his mate would never let him fall, adoring his human's strength and care. Cas drew Adrian's face close, rubbing their cheeks together in a motion that had become familiar to the human as an expression of love and affection from his Vulpan. Caspin whimpered against Adrian's lips, his breath coming faster as Ade's thick length settled inside him. Cas was still somewhat slick inside, enough that the big man could enter him comfortably while still allowing Caspin to feel just enough friction deep inside him to make his toes curl and his heart thump. The tall man leaned down to suck one of Caspin's buds into his mouth, departing from it after a gentle tug of his teeth. "The next time we have free time like this, I'm going to massage you from head to toe with the intention of touching every inch of your body," he practically purred as he kissed his way back up to the Vulpan's ear. "While you're all tied up and blind-folded, aching for me to help you seek release." "Please," Caspin begged breathlessly. "Touch me everywhere. Do everything to me." A cry fell from his lips as teeth found the base of his tall, sensitive ears and bit down. The Vulpan's cock jerked. The cool slickness of precum smeared against the ridges of Adrian's stomach as Caspin writhed, rubbing his length against his human's warm body. Adrian reached down to pinch one of Caspin's butt cheeks. "Or would you rather be tied to the bed posts while I kissed and licked everywhere but where you want it the most?" he continued. "Your favorite toy would become more of an ache from over-stimulation…" "F-favorite toy?" Caspin stammered, Adrian's voice weaving a spell around him with that warm, deep voice and strong, clever hands. "Yes," Adrian rumbled. "And then I would slide inside you," he said as he gave a short upward thrust. "Feeling you constrict around me as you made a mess of yourself." "Make a mess of me," Cas begged, his head falling back as he clung to Adrian's broad shoulders. "Anything you want, anything you do, I love it. All of it. I swear you couldn't touch me at all and make me come by whispering wonderful, wicked things in my ear." Caspin's words ended in a cry as Adrian's quick teasing thrusts ended with the human slamming inside Cas and staying there, grinding deep. Just as the Vulpan thought he might implode, Adrian withdrew, returning to his shallow, teasing thrusts. "I love you, you know?" Adrian responded. "I love how responsive you are, how deviant you are...how strong and kind you are." He gave the Vulpan's shoulder a gentle bite. "I will never tire of seeing your reactions and of hearing and downright feeling your arousal…" "Love you," Caspin said, feeling the truth of the words thrum through him, making his eyes sting with emotion. "So much. So kind, sweet, smart, but wicked when I need it. Strong enough to hold me up or hold me down. Caring and wise enough to know which I need. Don't know what I did in my last life to deserve you. Must have heroically saved a herd of orphans and puppies." "Caspin, my love," Adrian pointed out with a growing grin. "You heroically saved a herd of orphans and kittens in this lifetime itself. You've sheltered us all, risked your life to ensure the Maivit mafia didn't come after us again, and now we're raising kittens together. If that's not heroic, I don't know what else is." "Mmm, maybe," Caspin said with a shake of his head. "But it wasn't some great sacrifice. Look at everything that I've gotten out of it. And I did those things because I wanted to because I could. And except for when I stole you, hardly saintly behavior, I wasn't alone. You were with me, and then the others. All I did was happen to have a big ship that I could make bigger and enough credits to throw around to do what we needed. I'm no hero. I'm a selfish brat." He grinned up at Adrian's beloved face. "Maybe you should spank me." Without any hesitation, Adrian lifted them both out of the tub to do just that. As his large hand came down on one of the Vulpan's wet butt cheeks, the sound was amplified. He did the same with the other as he continued to walk them towards a drying tube. In the process, he slid out of Caspin, but as they made their way to the bed, he didn't feel remorseful in the slightest. "How do you want us to continue, Cas?" He asked softly. "Should I lay you across my lap and continue spanking you until your cheeks are a rosy pink all over and sting?" A noise that was halfway between a giggle and a moan came from the Vulpan as warm air rushed over them, blowing his hair every which way and poofing his black-tipped tail. Adrian's large hand smoothed the ruffled fur as he whisked them to the bed, lifting Cas up and dropping him onto the mattress. Caspin bounced with a little surprised squeak, then laughed in delight. He got on all fours, his tail swaying in the air like a flag as Cas looked up with mischief dancing in his emerald eyes. "Hmm, I'm very naughty," the Vulpan told him, voice low and purring. "I might reach back and try to smack your hands away. "Maybe you'd better tie my wrists." A delighted shudder rolled through him. "And hold me down so I can't get away. Ooo, unless you want to feel me squirming around, rubbing against you." "Both," Adrian replied, nodding his head. "Definitely both." He sat on the middle of the bed with his legs laid straight as he tugged the Vulpan where he needed him to be. With one hand, he held Caspin's wrists down as he draped him over his lap. He used his other hand to give the tempting backside a swat. "Ah!" Cas gasped, jerking half-heartedly against his mate's hold. He arched his back, swaying his ass temptingly as his tail draped across his back, a velvet weight against his heated skin. "I'm not feeling repentant at all for my wicked ways," the Vulpan taunted. Adrian's hand came down sharper. "Such a bad fox," he said as he alternated between slaps and caresses. "We're going to have to put a stop to this naughtiness." He added as he pulled one of Caspin's toys from the nightstand and pressed it against the Vulpan's pucker. "Please, yes!" Caspin's legs opened wider, a shiver running through him. "I want to be good for you. So good." It wasn't clear if his last statement was a reaffirmation of the one before it or an exclamation of pleasure. The human turned the toy on as he began to wiggle it inside. As he slid it in, he angled it towards the Vulpan's prostate and held it there. "Such a wanton Vulpan…" he whispered. Cas could only nod, unable to form more than incoherent cries as his body writhed, unable to decipher if the sensations wracking him were too intense to take or something he never wanted to stop. Adrian lowered the setting, pulling the toy in and out, keeping away from further stimulation. "How does it feel?" he asked as he carefully lifted his leg so that his thigh could rub along the fox's erection since his other hand was still occupied holding down Caspin's wrists. "What do you want? What do you need?" Caspin keened softly, arching back and forth, uncertain which stimulation he wanted more of. He rutted mindlessly against Adrian's warm skin as the toy filling him skirted where he wanted it most, teasing until he found his voice. "Make me come, please! Then fuck me while I'm still so sensitive I'm not sure I can take it. But don't-don't stop." A rough moan tore from Caspin's throat, and it took him a moment to continue. "Fuck me until I come again. Do it how you want it. Use my body in the way that will make you get the most pleasure. I want it. Fuck, I want it so bad." Adrian's shaft became rock hard beneath Caspin, but he fought hard to focus on his intentions. He first raised the setting on the toy again and angled it right back against the Vulpan's prostate while doing his best to rub Cas's shaft with his thigh. He then carefully flipped Caspin onto his back, still holding those wrists above his head, as he began to grind against him. Cas became frantic. Adrian was so much bigger, so much stronger. The human could keep his wrists pinned with one hand, the other beneath them to twist and prod the wildly buzzing object within him, all while rubbing their lengths together with a precum-slicked friction that sent white sparks across his vision as the pleasure ratcheted up inside him. It felt like he was a cup being filled with warmth, a heat that spiraled through him. Close, so close to overflowing the cup and drowning in it. The human left the toy in place and shifted so he could drape his body over Caspin's. His mouth found the petite man's lips and his tongue dove inside to seek its twin. The hand that was freed trailed down the side of the Vulpan's body until it latched onto the waist and held it in place. The toy pressed hard into Caspin's prostate and stayed there, relentless, as the little Vulpan's cries were lost in Adrian's mouth. Cas could feel his mate's body all around him, covering him, pressing him into the mattress beneath them. Caspin couldn't help struggling, but he didn't move more than a wiggle and the kicking of his bare feet against the blankets. It was enough, more than enough, and his pleasure roared over him, turning his moans into screams. Adrian pulled away just as he saw one of the final spurts eject from the Vulpan's member. He reached down to steadily tug the toy out. The ravenet moved quickly. He sought out a lubrication tablet and slid it inside the fox's twitching entrance and chased it the rest of the way inside with his own hot flesh. "Fuck," Caspin shouted. "Fuck!" The Vulpan's body bucked, trying to escape sensations that were too much, too soon. Adrian might have worried he was hurting his petite mate, but they'd played this game before. Cas loved every moment of the painful pleasure. Regardless, Adrian held himself still, lodged deep inside his mate as he drew him into languid kisses. The urge to buck away into the Vulpan's depths wasn't easily controlled, but he made sure not to move around too much while Caspin recovered beneath him. His hands continued to glide all over the captain's skin. The refractory period for a Vulpan was much faster than a human's. Not a full two minutes passed before Caspin began to take control of the kissing, all but swallowing Adrian's tongue into his mouth. He felt Ade's hand come down against his outer thigh in a sharp slap when Cas began to squirm and tried to force the human to move. Adrian raked his hands through Caspin's hair and gave a sharp little tug as he pulled away. In spite of the fox's insistence, the taller man drew out of him slowly and then slid back at the same pace. He kept Caspin's hips pinned down with one hand while the other hand held the Vulpan's opposite shoulder down. Cas whined, eyelids fluttering. He was pinned like a butterfly and Adrian couldn't imagine a more lovely specimen. The human leaned forward, Cas was saying something over and over in a breathless whisper. "Please, please, please. Ade, please, cosmos, please…" A rolling groan fell from Adrian's lips at the plea. He reached out with one of his long arms for a pair of silicone handcuffs that he looped around the headrest of the bed and then slipped Caspin's wrists through. The cuffs hid stronger material within that tightened comfortably for a custom fit, but would not release unless a button on the outside was pressed. With his hands completely free, Ade adjusted them both until he was able to slide a memory foam pillow beneath the captain's hips. "Now then," he mumbled aloud to himself with what little blood remained in his brain in comparison to what ran south. "Where were we?" Adrian rolled his hips in a circular motion and grinded right down to the hilt. With a deep breath, he slid almost all the way out and then back in. After a few more thrusts in a similar manner, he then spread Caspin's legs a bit further and built up a faster rhythm. "Fuck, yes!" Cas hissed, his head pressing back into the pillow, his sandy hair spreading like a halo. The Vulpan pulled on the restraints, loving the thrill that came with the bondage, of being in control of such a strong, powerful man. Being desired by such a man, how Adrian looked rough and wild above him, and the surety of Caspin's safety in his human's hands made the Vulpan's heart feel full and his body thrum with excitement. Ade felt so good inside him, seeming to find all the little and big spots that shot pleasure through him. Cas thought he could nearly come just from the stretch of his body around Adrian's thick length, the delicious friction. And Adrian gave him so much more than that. The pleasure arched through him in waves. It shimmered across his skin where Ade's hands touched him, where their bodies touched and rubbed together, and bloomed from the bliss building deep inside him with every quickening thrust. Adrian carefully lifted both of Caspin's legs over his shoulders and shifted to brace his arms on either side of the Vulpan. The position allowed him to more easily rock into the petite man's depths. He built up to a rather fast pace, his hips snapping with every other undulation as he continued to drive himself balls deep within the fox's walls. His teeth once again bit into a large ear as he kept up that pace. The sharp nip sent a little shock of startled pleasure through him at the same moment Adrian's tip ground forcefully against the little Vulpan's prostate, and the larger man's clenched abdomen rubbed Caspin's shaft. Adrian's name was a ragged shout from the fox's lips as bliss flooded him, sending wracking waves of pleasure through him. Caspin's toes curled, hands clenched into fists, body arched, muscles tightened as he shook with the power of his orgasm. He felt Caspin's inner walls tremble around him, but Adrian couldn't bring himself to stop. At least, not until a moment later, when he slowed down into several deep and taut thrusts, filling his mate up. Burst after burst shot through him, his body trembling like a plucked guitar string above the Vulpan's form. He then held himself inside, panting as he took in the state of his lover's flushed face and chest. The human reached up to press the button that would release the cuffs and then tossed them aside. Caspin's arms felt leaden as they dropped heavily to the bed. A heavy, languorous warmth filled him. The fox felt a sappy smile on his face. "Mmm," was all Cas could seem to say. He was very proud of himself when he was able to lift a hand and pat Adrian's shoulder. "So this is where you two snuck off to," Falorios accused as he and the rest of the Serraglio began to walk into the room. "They're giving me some fun ideas," Nix purred into Rios's ear as he hugged him from behind. "The kits?" Adrian wondered aloud. "Bathed and in nap time," Mycha supplied. "Lox, Sifta, and Liam were reading to them and fell asleep with them." "Hee hee," Phenner giggled. "I want to have fun with everyone, too!" Adrian and Caspin looked at one another before holding out their arms in a welcoming gesture for the rest of their mates to join them. It had started with just the two of them, but their life was so much more, now. Cas remembered the loneliness, the feeling that he didn't belong anywhere. The fox's smile grew as the others clambered up onto the bed and the captain ended up in the cuddle pile. Caspin's heart was full. His loneliness had shifted to belonging and happiness that he saw reflected in the faces of his mates. The Vulpan captain sighed happily and closed his eyes, content in the overly full bed. Cas was home, with his family. Home was wherever they were, and he dozed off with the thought that he could have that with him wherever he went. He'd never have to feel as he did before he decided to kidnap a man from a little-known planet that he'd found by chance. END
  13. Artwork by Thirdly and Rambling Robin.
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