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Between the Push and Pull - 7. Chapter 7

Another sexy chapter where the boys get to test out Erik's "solution" to Ryan's problem.

Warning: This chapter contains sexual content that is explicit and graphic. Reader discretion is advised.

The bed sheets had been pre-tousled so it looked as if the camera had caught them post-coitus. And they had just finished a pushup contest to give them authentic rosy cheeks and a thin sheen of sweat. Erik might have been bigger physically, but Ryan was pleased to have won the match while the crew counted the number of pushups for them.

Now they lay in bed, Erik on his back, Ryan on his chest, their legs entwined. Ryan’s chin was pillowed on his left hand, while his right traced the misty ink that adorned Erik’s shoulder.

“Tell me about your tattoos,” Ryan asked. The script had called for him to ask something about being a go-go dancer, but he was much more interested in this answer.

The marginal narrowing of Erik’s eyes was the only indication that he hadn’t been anticipating that question. He blinked a few times, and Ryan could see the academic in Erik formulating an answer before responding.

“It’s an apt representation of what I do. It’s both real and not real at the same time. Like how,” Erik took a breath here, “go-go dancing is real because I’m there, doing it. But it’s not real; it’s a show, an act. And when I’m done, whatever, uh, connection I’ve made with someone else is gone.”

“Does that bother you? That it’s not real? That once it’s over, it’s over?”

Erik didn’t answer right away, forcing Ryan to meet his gaze. The blue eyes were unshielded and clear, framed with dark lashes and something else. Ryan read an honesty in those eyes, an openness to be transparent, to put aside the acting and give a real answer.

“It does.” The truthfulness of Erik’s words made Ryan’s heart beat faster for some inexplicable reason. “I try to not let it bother me. But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t get to me, even at some superficial level.”

Erik took a deep breath before continuing, and Ryan could feel the weight of the coming words. “That’s the other reason for the tattoo, I guess. It holds on to me and grounds me. It reminds me of what is real and is armor against the unreality of what I do.”

Ryan traced the flowing lines that circled Erik’s arm; it’s true, they looked like they held him tight.

“Doesn’t it feel like you’re being held captive?”

“We’re all held captive to something whether we like it or not. I’d rather know what I’m held captive by, choose what to be held captive by. Better than going through life led by unknown forces.”

Funny, that’s how Ryan often felt—led through life by unknown forces. Perhaps that was why he’d continually been drawn to Erik; he seemed to take charge of his own life rather than waiting for life to take him somewhere he didn’t want to go.

Ryan leaned up and placed a kiss on Erik’s mouth, just a gentle brushing of lips against lips. The kiss progressed gradually with sweet licks and nips, as their hands roamed. Ryan’s fingers found Erik’s nipples and tweaked them, knowing they were an erogenous zone, and he could feel Erik’s length start to plump against his thigh.

Erik’s own hands were sweeping broad strokes across Ryan’s back. It felt nice, but to Ryan’s body that had long been desensitized to a stranger’s intimate touch, it wasn’t going to be enough to get him hard for the camera.

Right when he was about to say something, Erik kissed his way along Ryan’s jaw, latched onto an earlobe and proceeded to torture Ryan’s poor earring. The feeling of having the piece of jewelry played with sent bolts of pleasure straight to Ryan’s cock. He couldn’t help dry-humping Erik’s hip or stop the whimpering noises that escaped his throat.

Every time Erik sucked a little harder, Ryan responded by pinching Erik’s nipple a little harder. And each time, their cocks both got a little bit harder, assisted by some strategic frotting.

Erik’s hands ventured down to Ryan’s ass, squeezing the globes, pulling them apart to expose them to the air. His fingers inched their way into the crack and brushed against Ryan’s hole, causing Ryan to buck back into him.

At the same time, Ryan shifted and sneaked a hand between their bodies to hold their cocks together. A tight squeeze had both men shuddering and thrusting into Ryan’s fist.

Erik’s fingers on Ryan’s ass became more insistent, circling the wrinkled skin and pressing against the tight opening. Between Erik’s mouth on his ear, Erik’s cock against his own, and Erik’s fingers on his ass, Ryan’s mind was quickly becoming foggy despite his best efforts to keep his wits about him this time.

Erik’s hand disappeared from Ryan’s ass for a moment, giving him a breather before he was too far gone. When Erik’s fingers returned, they were wet and cool with lube. The sudden sensation gave Ryan another shudder, which only intensified as Erik used his lubed fingers to probe and invade his ass.

Ryan pushed back against the invading digits and then thrust his hips forward to rub his cock against Erik’s, both now nice and hard. He continued like this for a few moments, fucking his own hand in the front while fucking himself on Erik’s hand in the back.

Then suddenly a grumbling sound, loud and complaining, emanated from Ryan’s stomach. Both he and Erik froze before they descended into giggles.

“You okay?” Erik asked, his fingers still buried in Ryan’s ass.

“Yeah, I just haven’t eaten anything yet today.”

“What? Why not?”

Ryan raised an eyebrow at him. “It’s a shoot day, plus I’m bottoming.”

It took Erik a minute to connect the dots, but when he did, he erupted in another fit of giggles which Ryan couldn’t resist joining in on.

“Okay, girls, if you’ve gotten it out of your system, we’re still rolling,” Gary scolded from behind the camera. “Ryan, do you need to eat something? Or is your stomach going to keep quiet for the rest of the shoot?”

Ryan grinned and shrugged. “Should be fine.”

The flash of Erik’s dimple touched something vague and intangible right in the middle of Ryan’s chest. The moment was fleeting because Ryan’s eyes rolled back into his head as Erik curled the fingers that were still buried in his ass and rubbed them against his prostate.

The ragged moan that came from Ryan’s throat was one hundred percent genuine, no acting involved. But it was cut short as Ryan’s mouth was captured again by Erik, with none of the previous gentleness. This kiss was aggressive and possessive and, combined with the fingers now fucking his hole, was reducing Ryan into a mass of wriggling flesh.

Erik’s fingers suddenly withdrew and smacked hard against Ryan’s taut ass cheek with a satisfying sound. The sting was just enough to focus Ryan’s mind before it splintered into too many pieces. When Ryan could focus on Erik underneath him, he was pleased to find Erik’s normally crystal-clear eyes also clouded and hazy.

Ryan pushed himself up on all fours, knees on either side of Erik’s slim hips. Using his tongue, lips, and teeth, he traced a path down Erik’s torso, spending time on each of the hard nipples until he elicited impatient sounds from the man. Farther south Ryan ventured, seeking out all the sensitive spots on Erik’s skin, spending an extra moment or two there, nipping with his teeth and soothing with his tongue before he filed the valuable information away for future use.

By the time he reached the thick tool lying heavily on Erik’s stomach, Erik was breathing heavily, but his hands remained clenched in the bed sheets.

In this position, on his knees with his ass sticking high into the air and his shoulders lowered to reach Erik’s cock, Ryan knew his hole was exposed. The sound of the camera guys moving around behind him sent Ryan’s heart racing, and his hole tightened, as if that would make him any less exposed.

Then a soft caress on his cheek from Erik’s hand made him open his eyes to meet Erik’s encouraging gaze. A small lilting smile and that dimple helped Ryan refocus on the task at hand. And what an impressive task it was.

Ryan licked his way up from the base to the tip a couple of times, getting it nice and wet with his spit before he pulled the foreskin all the way back to expose the bulbous tip.

He took the head into his mouth, circling it with his tongue, treating the slit with a couple of extra swipes. Meanwhile, his hand slowly jacked the shaft, pulling the foreskin back and forth against the hardness underneath. Then, with his tongue wrapped around the head, he pulled the foreskin up over the tip until his tongue was trapped between the delicate skin and the heated, swollen head.

The strangled, “Aw, fuck,” that Erik shouted and the way he bucked under Ryan was unexpected. A quick glance up showed Erik’s face scrunched in tortuous pleasure, every muscle flexing in sharp relief. He didn’t look like he was breathing, and Ryan took pity on him with a grin.

The first couple of breaths that Erik took were ragged and uneven, and Ryan had to admit that Erik looked unbelievably hot and sexy lying there struggling to breathe.

“Do that again,” were the first words out of Erik’s mouth when he had enough air to speak.

Ryan’s grin said that he’d do it a hundred times over, with pleasure.

Ryan felt Erik tense his thighs in anticipation, and this time when Ryan pulled the foreskin over his tongue, Erik’s reaction was a little more controlled. A series of “oh, gods” and “fuck, yeahs” flowed from Erik’s mouth as his head flailed from side to side.

Kicking it up a notch, Ryan sealed his lips around the foreskin-covered head and applied a light suction. Erik’s breath hitched in his chest. With increasing suction, Ryan wriggled his tongue, caught in between the head and the skin, back and forth.

The sensations it wrought on the sensitive organ had Erik bucking and thrashing on the bed. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” came spilling out of Erik’s mouth unimpeded, and Ryan was encouraged to moan, sending vibrations onto the already sensitized flesh. This was enough to wring another response from Erik: “Fuck, I’m gonna fucking come!”

Ryan let Erik’s cock drop out of his mouth and used his fingers to squeeze a tight clamp at the base, waiting until Erik’s body relaxed.

When his eyes fluttered open, Ryan was ready for their glaring accusatory look with a grin. Erik growled deep in his chest and pulled Ryan up for a devastating kiss. He let his mouth be ravaged as he scooted up until Erik’s saliva-slickened cock slipped under his balls and slid along his crack.

A subtle tilting motion was all he needed to rub his hole up and down the thick, veiny shaft. Ryan’s hole twitched in anticipation, and a strong shudder ripped through his body just as Erik’s tongue plunged deep into his throat.

When Erik finally let them come up for air, both were breathing heavily into each other’s mouths, and Erik’s cock was in serious danger of slipping into his hole unsheathed.

With great difficulty, Ryan pulled himself together and reached out his hand, in which a foil packet and a small bottle were promptly placed. He sat up on his knees and took Erik’s cock in his hand, enjoying the weight of the length as he spread a dollop of clear lube in a twisting motion.

The tensing of Erik’s stomach muscles told him that the simple motion was doing more than just getting Erik wet. Keeping his eyes on Erik’s, Ryan tore the packet with his teeth and unrolled it over the thick cock with practiced ease before applying a second layer of lube with the same twisting motion.

Erik’s hands were caressing Ryan’s thighs, and they reached around to grab at his ass encouragingly. Ryan didn’t need to be told twice.

He shifted until the head of Erik’s cock was aligned. With one hand braced against Erik’s chest, the other on Erik’s cock, and Erik’s hands keeping him steady, Ryan slowly impaled himself.

The initial breach was the hardest, with the engorged head throbbing in time with Erik’s heartbeat. The stretch and pop into Ryan’s ass left him out of breath and trembling.

“Take as long as you need,” came the whisper from Erik, his hands roaming across Ryan’s body, doing what they could to distract from the invasion of his ass.

Ryan lowered himself an inch and stopped to let his body adjust. Little by little, he worked down Erik’s entire length until the trembling had grown into full-on shaking, his thighs straining from their position, and he felt a single drop of sweat trickle down his back. Assisted by gravity, Ryan dropped the last two inches as his thighs gave out and he half collapsed on Erik. Erik held him tight until the shaking stopped.

Ryan tried to focus on his breathing, to get air into and out of his lungs, and ignore the intense fullness in his gut. The way his ass was clenching involuntarily around the foreign object sent bursts of fire along every nerve in his body.

“Shh, babe,” Erik whispered. “You did good. Just breathe.”

Ryan was nowhere near recovered, but he knew he couldn’t lie there forever. With unsteady arms, he pushed himself back up to sitting, and in the process pushed Erik’s cock deeper into his ass.

He let his head fall back, and ground his ass down in a circular motion. The movement sent bursts of fire through his body each time his prostate was rubbed. Once he found the right angle, he concentrated the movement to maximize the attack on his prostate until his body was on fire and his brain had evaporated into smoke. All he knew were sensations, and his body was led by the base desire to chase down each and every one.

He started to bounce on his knees, lifting himself until just the tip of Erik’s cock was inside of him, leaving him feeling strangely empty inside, then driving his ass down as hard and fast as he could, fucking himself on Erik’s cock. Up and down he rode, adding a little twisting motion when he bottomed out.

Ryan reached behind him for Erik’s thick thighs, bracing himself as he leaned back and changed the angle. Like this, Erik’s cock was running roughshod over his prostrate, and Ryan vaguely heard himself cry out. His own cock was impossibly hard now, flying up and down, slapping uncomfortably against his stomach. He shifted his weight to one arm so he could hold his cock and balls in a tight grip with the other.

The movement lifted Ryan’s cock and balls out of the way and gave the camera a perfect view of Erik’s thick dick disappearing into Ryan’s body. He tensed at the sight of the camera guy hovering over Erik’s head, camera zooming in to capture the shot. The squeeze on Erik’s dick caused him to buck into Ryan and throw off their rhythm.

Erik caught Ryan as he lost his balance and pulled him down to lie on Erik’s chest. Their mouths found each other in lazy, lust-hazed kisses, and their bodies writhed together, slickened by the sweat between them.

Erik shifted, and Ryan suddenly felt bereft as Erik’s big cock slipped out of his body.

“Come on, babe,” Erik whispered at him with a squeeze on his bruised hip.

Ryan mustered what remained of his strength and flipped himself over until he was lying on his back, his full weight on Erik. For a second, the thought that he might be too heavy for Erik flashed through his muddled brain, but then Erik’s arms wrapped tightly around him, Erik’s lips latched onto his ear, and all thought fled.

Erik’s hand ghosted down Ryan’s body, fondled his swollen cock and balls, and continued farther until his fingers prodded at his abused hole. The touch made Ryan whimper, and he reached up with one arm to bury his fingers in Erik’s hair, needing to anchor himself on something solid.

“I gotcha.” Erik’s breath felt cool against Ryan’s damp earlobe, causing him to shudder at the sensation.

Erik’s legs shifted until they were wedged in between Ryan’s, and he found his legs being spread and lifted as Erik placed his feet flat on the bed, Ryan’s legs on either side of the thick thighs.

Ryan was exposed again, and he turned his head to nuzzle against Erik’s cheek. The strong smell of sex, man, and musk helped to drive away the feeling of vulnerability. He took several deep breaths and licked at the salty skin of Erik’s neck.

Erik tightened his hold, almost squeezing the already scarce air out of Ryan’s lungs. Then Ryan felt Erik twist and reach to guide his cock back into his body.

Ryan knew that Erik could get deep in this position, but he wasn’t quite prepared for what that would feel like. Erik’s cock touched something well inside of Ryan, not his prostate, but something deeper, and Ryan could almost feel it in his throat.

He was being split in two, his whole being falling apart by the deep thrusting of Erik’s tool. And yet the only thing holding Ryan together was the strong assurance of Erik’s arms wrapped tightly around him, grounding him.

“Ev, Ev, Ev,” Ryan heard himself murmuring into Erik’s neck, one hand buried in Erik’s hair, the other one on top of Erik’s hand, fingers entwined.

“That’s it, baby. Just let go.”

Erik’s thrusting picked up speed, and Ryan could feel himself being pushed to the edge. So close to that splintering cliff that even Erik’s arms couldn’t hold him back.

“Oh, god, Ev.”

“That’s it. Come for me, baby, come for me.” Erik’s fingers wrapped around Ryan’s cock—one jerk and the second with a twist at the end and Ryan was shooting ropes of white cum all over himself.

Erik’s tight hold on him never loosened, and Ryan was thankful for that. He was floating, bits and pieces of him scattered throughout the ether, and the only way he knew he was still whole was the feeling of Erik around him.

Ryan felt the emptiness as Erik’s dick left his body, and he whimpered at the loss. In the distance he heard voices, then felt some movement as Erik shifted underneath him before his breathing hitched; Erik’s arms tightened and Ryan felt burning hot liquid land on his cock and balls.

Erik just came on him, the knowledge dawned on him as an afterthought, and Ryan pressed kisses into salty skin. The kisses were caught by soft lips, and Ryan got one last squeeze from Erik’s strong arms.

Ryan and Erik get hot and heavy in this chapter! Phew!

But before they get their sexy on, Erik talks rather philosophically about "go-go dancing" (code word for something else the boys do, if you didn't catch that). What do you think about Erik's theory of porn being real and not real at the same time? What about his self-awareness of being "held captive" by forces of his choosing?

Let me know your thoughts in the reviews, or let's have a discussion about the good, bad and ugly over on the thread, found here.

As always, thanks for reading!


Copyright © 2018 Hudson Bartholomew; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

Yeah, uhm :*) that was hot. :P it will be another huge hit with the fans, I guess.
But Ryan is still vulnerable, and bottoming from the top did nothing to change that. :no: I wonder what Erik will do next to persuade him to shoot more scenes. How far will he go before the push and the pull tears Ryan apart?

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On 02/18/2017 02:48 AM, Timothy M. said:

Yeah, uhm :*) that was hot. :P it will be another huge hit with the fans, I guess.

But Ryan is still vulnerable, and bottoming from the top did nothing to change that. :no: I wonder what Erik will do next to persuade him to shoot more scenes. How far will he go before the push and the pull tears Ryan apart?

Ryan's certainly being pushed outside his comfort zone. But he's not a pushover and he knows where his hard limits are. We'll see how close to those limits he's willing to go. Thanks for the review!

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Oops, I left my review for this chapter on the NEXT chapter. That's what I get for reading two chapters back-to-back. Sorry! So, the end of the next chapter is sweet. :0)

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On 02/18/2017 07:09 AM, Geemeedee said:

Oops, I left my review for this chapter on the NEXT chapter. That's what I get for reading two chapters back-to-back. Sorry! So, the end of the next chapter is sweet. :0)

Haha, no worries :) Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review!

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Jeezus, HB! Between you and Mac, I have to keep having to run to Best Buy to buy another computer due to mine combusting every time from the damn heat of your chapters! :P I should get stock in that place. :lol:


So yeah, good chapter. Ryan is definitely NOT acting when it comes to Erik. I'm actually very surprised he was able to remember Erik's character's name as Ev. I thought for sure he'd be calling out Erik's name.

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On 03/03/2017 05:56 AM, Lisa said:

Jeezus, HB! Between you and Mac, I have to keep having to run to Best Buy to buy another computer due to mine combusting every time from the damn heat of your chapters! :P I should get stock in that place. :lol:


So yeah, good chapter. Ryan is definitely NOT acting when it comes to Erik. I'm actually very surprised he was able to remember Erik's character's name as Ev. I thought for sure he'd be calling out Erik's name.

Maybe I should get some stock in Best Buy, too! :) Thanks!

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Not really giving Ryan the power all throughout. If I were him, I'd feel a bit cheated, even though he enjoyed himself. Their pork is turning into a documentary and that is precisely what Ryan doesn't want. He doesn't want real. At all. No matter what Erik says. This is a connection he can't cut off camera and that is doing things to his head.

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