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Adventures in Dating

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Fandoms: Power Rangers
Genres: Comedy, Romance

Riley's always so serious. Chase always plays it cool. Riley thinks he's got Chase all figured out. When the two decide to take a chance and build a relationship, they learn more about each other and that they can be gay, a couple and Power Rangers all at once.

Enjoy the cuteness, the fluffiness and the sometimes hilarious lives of two Power Rangers.
Copyright © 2022 Hasbro; All Rights Reserved; Original storyline owned by Hunter. This is a fictional story involving characters from the television series Power Rangers: Dino Charge. Riley, Chase and all other Power Rangers are the property of Saban and I do not own the rights to them in any way. I own nothing related to the Power Rangers franchise, and nothing written here should be used to imply or indicate the sexuality or sexual orientation of any of the characters that have been included in the story.

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I’ll be upfront here – I’ve never seen a single episode of Power Rangers: Dino Charge before.


So, why did I read this? Honestly, I’m not really sure myself. Something about the title and description pulled me in, I guess. (Maybe it helps that I’ve been reading other stories that have been inspired by the Power Rangers lately?)

Anyway, that doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to make it clear that this review comes from someone unfamiliar with the source material.

Riley thinks he likes Chase, but they’re total opposites. On top of that, Chase is always flirting with girls at the Dino Bite Cafe.

There’s pretty much no chance for him.

… Right?

What I Loved

Riley and Chase are quite cute together, and they really do seem to complement each other very well despite being opposites in many ways.

The two boys help each other become more well-rounded and better people in general. Chase helps Riley open up and be more relaxed in life, and Riley helps Chase settle down and bring some order into his personality.

Speaking of, it’s nice that the rest of the team is so supportive of their relationship and have been since the start.


The scene where Riley and Chase both explained to Koda about relationships in general and their gay relationship specifically was quite interesting and well written.

What Could’ve Been Better

Minor grammar issues persist throughout the story, but they don’t appear often enough to be too annoying.

Going Home, part 1 starts out in the third person, but suddenly jumps to first person as Chase partway through without any sort of transition.


Any reason why Chase didn’t bring Riley home to New Zealand…? I mean, Riley took Chase home to meet his parents, so I’m not sure why Chase didn’t do the same. That was a bit of a disappointment. (Perhaps Riley had to go home to his ranch for Christmas?) 

The epilogue was a bit too fluffy, in my opinion. I think the story would’ve been fine without it or with it significantly toned down.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Being a superhero doesn’t pay very well, huh? haha

I looked up some details I was curious about on the Power Rangers wiki after reading this and stumbled upon pictures of Riley and Chase’s actors from the show. Honestly, they did not look like what I expected. (Then again, when does that ever happen?)


Ms. Morgan goes on and on about Chase and Riley having separate beds, but what’s there to stop one of them from just deciding to sleep in one bed?


Adventures in Dating is a cute little fanfic. I really enjoyed reading about Chase and Riley’s relationship and how they grew together.

(Maybe I’ll even put Power Rangers: Dino Charge on my to-watch list now, haha.)

5 stars.

Response from the author:

Wow. Thank you so much! I'm so pleased you took a chance on reading into the fandom and that you enjoyed it. I really liked being able to juxtapose two different personality types and see how they could mesh. It's become a bit of a trope to have personality clashes that lead to drama in a relationship, but I don't think that's always true anymore than complimentary personalities ensuring stable relationships.

I don't want to go point by point in your review, but I did want to touch on your comment that the rest of the team was so immediately supportive of the couple. One of the things I always enjoyed about Power Rangers series was that the team was almost always uniformly supportive of anything the others wanted in their lives. They didn't always understand, the way Koda didn't in my story, but the team would always want what would make their teammates happy and whole. Being predominantly teenagers, they didn't always do it the right way or right away, but eventually the Rangers would give the support we would all want for ourselves.

I'm really glad you enjoyed Adventures in Dating. Reading your review when I woke up today was a fantastic start to my day and really boosted my mood.

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As someone who has watched every single episode of power rangers to date i can say you truly nailed these characters. Riley and Chase were my favorites of this season, and they always just seemed to have a connection. You did an amazing job of bringimg these characters to life!

Response from the author:

Hello Wesley

Thank you for the kind and gracious review. I'm so glad that you liked my interpretation of the characters, especially since I found Riley didn't get quite as much screentime as the other main five rangers. Even Kendall seemed to get a bit more than he did over time. Most of this was written before Dino Super Charge, but I can confidently say that Kaylee was a monumental disappointment and ruined the ability for this pairing to be canon. Which is a shame, because these two were a good option to finally have a same-sex couple on Power Rangers. They also make a better pair than the actual canon pairing on the show, which I thought was just a bit too forced. 

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A nice romantic story about the power rangers with a touch of humour. 

Response from the author:

Hello Chris

I apologize for how long its taken to respond to this review. I didn't know that I could until now. Thank you so much for your kind review. It was my hope that this story would be a lighter take on things, in line with most of the canon episodes. It's also a bit of a departure from my regular style, and writing this pairing was a lot of fun!

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