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  1. (This is a review of the extended story. It was initially a one-off, but the author chose to extend it and write additional chapters.) Andrew notices Ian, a blind man, at his boarding house's cafeteria and takes an immediate interest in him. The two become friends, and eventually it grows into something more. Likes A slow-paced, "minimal action" story (but not boring!). Just two guys trying to figure out how to live their lives together. The author consulted with those who have vision problems, and while I'm not (very) hard of seeing myself, Ian's disability did seem fairly
  2. Ben, a famous actor, meets Mark, a struggling musician, at a party. The two quickly start to fall for each other, but must keep it hidden for the sake of Ben’s career. How long can their relationship stay a secret? Likes Mark and Ben's relationship progressed at a natural pace without it feeling rushed. Both lead characters were not perfect and had their own flaws which they had to deal with (for example, the events in The Secret in a Photograph, and The Brief Silence). Accurate portrayal of the starving vulture-like nature of the British tabloids. I quite 'enjoyed' the imi
  3. What happens when a predator suddenly becomes the prey? Will they be able to adapt? Or will it be their downfall? Likes The subject matter was handled with care, and appropriate content warnings were included at the beginning of each chapter for those who may be affected. Prospective readers should heed the content warnings and continue with caution. I didn't feel that the rape scenes were excessive or gratuitous, and I was able to get through them fine for the most part. They had a greater purpose within the story: making one feel sympathy for The Predator. While The Predator's
  4. Caleb makes a huge mistake, which leads him to make the sudden decision to move away. He is forced to return a year later, and he ends up running into the one person he would least like to see. Likes The writing was very atmospheric. I could easily imagine how everything in the barn played out in my head. Realistic and captivating dialogue. (Important, considering that the plot is primarily driven by conversation.) Wow, a Canadian setting! Spoiler-y Thoughts Verdict Honestly, this is my number one favourite one-off on GA thus far. Highly recommended. 5
  5. A nefarious Corporation kidnaps young boys with the intent of transforming them into killing machines. They are ruthlessly abused, tortured, experimented on, and pitted against each other at a secret laboratory in the mountains in an attempt to make them the best they can be. One day, the leader of Green Squad, Harley, is informed that they will be "liquified" soon. As a result, Green Squad put into motion a long-planned operation to escape from the facility and become free once again. Likes The action is fast-paced, and the plot is compelling. It was hard to put it down during
  6. Desert Dropping is a classic coming-of-age story. And to be bold for a moment: DomLuka's best. The premise is simple - Rory's mom dies of cancer, and her last wish is for him to be sent to Arizona to live with his dad, whom he has never met before. Plenty of plot twists, surprises, and emotional rollercoasters await. Admittedly, the lead character, Rory, can be quite infuriating at times (especially in the first half and the penultimate arc). Sometimes you just want to grab him by the shoulders, shake him, and scream "what the hell are you doing!?"... But he does get better, and ends
  7. ChillFire


    A fantastic coming-of-age story. The unique setting was very enjoyable! It's a nice change to see a story on GA that doesn't take place in the "usual" countries. I really liked how atmospheric some scenes were - the descriptive writing really helped to immerse me in the city of Buenos Aires and its local culture. The scene where was particularly vivid. It was also fun learning about Argentinian culture by Googling some of the terms mentioned. (Wonder where I can find mate where I live? haha) Definitely deserves a re-read in the future.
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