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  1. Poor boone. Nightmares like that suck
  2. Wesley8890

    Dark Chills

    Im thinking anita might be tobys mother. Just the way she spoke about Rhys had me thinking that
  3. Wesley8890

    Dark Chills

    Im wOndering who it is as well. My top guesses are Ari's Boss and Renzo.
  4. Wesley8890

    Dark Chills

    Oh thank the stars! Not gonna lie you had me worried about kung fu panda! I have questions about anita now. And a few about billy. Now for a seven day agonizing wait.
  5. Wesley8890

    A Happy Camper

    Well it sucks about mom. Dad neess to get ran over by a tractor...
  6. Cant wait to see the meeting!!!
  7. I think my favorite part of the chapter is when Michael called ricky his brother. We dont often hear the bio children refer to the adopted ones as thier siblings so to hear it made it better. I know when our older brothers actually called me and my little brother that it made us feel like we were accepted for the most part.
  8. A pretty dramaless chapter. Thank you the boys needed some downtime.
  9. Bittersweet chapter. However with the departure of the Curries, and no doubt their plethora of friends, the new reverand may need to find another new congregation yet again. Its a shame i was really hoping for the new reverend to be homosexual himself and thats why he took the offer...
  10. My one and only question,and i hate to ask is, where is Billy. In the words of Jedi Master Kenobi and Han Solo I've got a bad feeling about this
  11. That sheriff is a right fine fellow
  12. Wesley8890

    Chapter 23

    Working on newest chapter. hopefully be done by next weekend.
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