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  1. Yes kill the fracker!
  2. Wesley8890


    Can we have the new chapter now? Nope ok I'll suffer.
  3. Wesley8890

    Cruella de Vil

    Mother fudger she is a right old bitch! Jesus please let her get in a car wreck! Or better yet a nervous breakdown that results in her having a stay in a psych ward that would be justice! I don't think she will get anywhere with Cynthia though! Are you selling tickets to that smackdown?
  4. Wesley8890

    Chapter 21

    Uh oh trouble is coming
  5. Wesley8890


    Another great chapter
  6. Wesley8890


    I've read about that kind of magic scares the hell out of me!
  7. Wesley8890

    Chapter 11

    I didn't even think about the phone call being an invitation.
  8. Wesley8890

    Chapter 11

    I hate to say this but now I'm up to the point where I kinda want to knock some sense into this boy! I mean dad is obviously attempting to try to show he cares and Richie just refuses to acknowledge it. Was I this freaking insufferable as a teenager?
  9. Wesley8890


    Well it seems Cyr has some sort of sense. I feel bad for Macarius now.
  10. Wesley8890


    Oh snap! Start us off by lovingly caressing us and the you shank us with that!
  11. Wesley8890

    A Secret Admirer

    Awesome chapter. Black Panther is in my top five of the MCU movies!
  12. Wesley8890


    The chapter ive been waiting for! I've now got the answer to my question from chapter two!
  13. Wesley8890

    Chapter 10

    I think this is your saddest story
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