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  1. They need to take it down about 20% there
  2. Wesley8890

    Chapter 40

    Did i? And no my baby is tristan.
  3. Wesley8890

    Chapter 40

    Why would cc not be in spirit form? Who blew up my baby? What will hunter do? Will i stop asking questions?
  4. Wesley8890

    Chapter 8

    Omg the audacity!
  5. Ok so i had a small tiny miniscule thought that maybe possibly Conrad was involved in the attempt, but now its grown. i mean what better way to free yourself from servitude than a life debt. I just dont think he intended to get stabbed. And why do i get the feeling the chef they were watching name rhymes with Jordan Gamsey?
  6. Wesley8890

    Chapter 39

    No not cc. Oh wait shes died before......
  7. Wesley8890

    Chapter 38

    Oh no hell you better not!
  8. Wesley8890

    Chapter 1

    Im gonna need that 8 pack of kleenex arent i?
  9. I swear if you dont hit don with a train i will!!!!!!
  10. Wesley8890

    Chapter 37

    Served the little twits right. And i wouldve gave them all donkey ears since they wanted to be asses!
  11. Wesley8890

    Chapter 33

    Aww jackson sweetie
  12. Wesley8890

    Chapter 36

    Parents are so daft sometimes
  13. Wesley8890

    Chapter 35

    First off woo TrisAnder for the win. I want my royalties!! Secondly, what the hell man????
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