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  1. Wesley8890

    Chapter 3

    THAT LITTLE SKANK! We are three chapters in and you jave introduced someone i absolutely cant stand. I could get past the cheating but my boyfriend involved in a threesome with my bestie? Oh Hell to the no! Toss that human buttplug to the curb. Now the best friend im on the fence about. I'd listen but id keep him at a distance
  2. These chapters always leave me out of breathe😉
  3. Wesley8890


    Ill get in the truck too! Heck ill bring one. Transmission may be shot but ill help! Who treats someone like that!?!
  4. You know i kind of like the multiple povs between the chapters.
  5. Wesley8890

    Chapter 10

    You know i always found it weird how the cruciatus did that to frank and alice as well. I couldnt think of a better punishment for those weasels!
  6. Wesley8890

    Chapter 2

    Aww loving the grandpas already! I really am looking forward to more. Especially learning about sebastian.
  7. Wesley8890

    Chapter Fourteen

    Its too early in the morning for a cliffhanger!
  8. So as many know i live in georgia, yet im not gonna go to a hairdresser right now. So what could i do about hair in my eyes constantly? I decided upon tying my hair up. I hope it cheers you up as much as it did me


    1. Daddydavek


      How fun is that!

    2. Headstall


      Adorable, Wes! :D 

  9. Wesley8890

    Chapter 1

    Interesting start. Looking forward to more!
  10. Wesley8890


    "It'll help your careers" they were best friends before i think they might be after. Id find a different manager though. If everything is split she should represent one not both. Already loving this story.
  11. I love this story so much. I think it just may be my favorite by you!
  12. Damnit. Freaking ninjas cutting onions! I domt know what it is about your stories, but im always crying.
  13. That rabbit was huge enoigh for a giant pot of stew...
  14. Omg so much is running around in my head. Why did Rhys react like that to the omelet? Did rhys do what? Why is rhys indebted to sleazeball? Who is the ghost? Is he toby? How did he die? Why can mason see him? Why do i love billy so much? I Feel free to answer any or all of these immediately
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