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  1. Wesley8890

    Family Love

    In other languages, im fluent in english and british insults. Workimg on australian😉
  2. Wesley8890

    Family Love

    so tissues are way tobmuch waste so ive got new hankies! I am so glad i bougjt that book of dirty words in different languages! IVe got a few id like to cal that sad crumpled up sack of pitifulness!!!
  3. I cant wait until tj is able to come home!!!
  4. Can we not call them the power rangers? I think we all know theyre the Psycho Rangers!!!!!!
  5. Wesley8890

    Chapter 7

    Can we get tristan to handle demolition of said building?
  6. Wesley8890

    Chapter 7

    I think we both know i can do that while on top!
  7. Immature little brat! Robbie should be glad to get away i can easily see that becoming a abusive relationship
  8. Wesley8890

    Chapter 7

    Yes that will do peasant
  9. Wesley8890

    Chapter 7

    You missed congratulations
  10. Wesley8890

    Chapter 7

    Do not piss off little kids! They are the ultimate revenge artists! I see what you meant by explosive!!! AND SUCK IT! IM BACK ON TOP!!!!!
  11. Yay a new chapter, yet once again email didnt notify me!!
  12. Wesley8890

    Chapter 6

    It has many meanings though. Ranging from, aww poor thing, to really? well f*ck you. I use it daily at least a dozen different ways dealing with red hats.
  13. Wesley8890

    Chapter 6

    Im gonna use it in its proper vernacular. Bless your heart.
  14. Wesley8890

    Chapter 6

    That wasnt meant as a ... You know what nevermind
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