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  1. Wesley8890

    Chapter 9

    Gwen and peter need to find the rocks they crawled out of!!
  2. Oooh dragon. But now ill be humming that song all day. Could be worse could be never gonna give you up.
  3. Wesley8890

    Chapter 8

    Like you said its obvious who sent them. But hella awkward who saw them.
  4. Wesley8890

    Chapter 8

    Ive learned not to speculate on your stories as im wrong, alot. But i am curious...
  5. If i remember correctly the chapel serves 17 different faiths. I was obsessed with the architecture as well
  6. I knew that ho was gonna get a hold of it! well it couldve been worse. Mark couldve saw it. Omfg what if the grandparents saw it and were like you got a nice boyfriend! I think mark would die of shock😂
  7. Wesley8890

    Chapter 7

    Grandpa jack going old fashioned. Put thier butts in a corner of the living room with thier favorite tv show on and make them listen! (That was a very effective punishment for me)
  8. Wesley8890

    Embers 12

    Yay blood brothers!!
  9. Tomorrow im sowing onion, garlic, cherry tomatoes, squash, and catnip
  10. Every seed i planted so far has sprouted. The holdout was tarragon!
  11. I mean i meant you but ill settle
  12. Well next time he needs a weekend to himself you know where i am😉
  13. Thats not how i expected that to go
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