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  1. Bit late to the party. I had a concept over the summer of an apocalyptic fiction piece, even worked on it while camping. The premise of a lot of apocalyptic media is that there is a disaster of some kind, a certain number of humans survive, and the characters learn something. The story ends, and we're left to assume that things go back to something vaguely resembling the pre-apocalypse normal. In reality, that wouldn't happen. There are thousands of things both mundane and more exotic that help maintain our societies, things that can't always be done without specialized knowledge. I wanted to write from that perspective of one of the survivors. Just how does a small group of people try to start rebuilding society? The twist here being that instead of some kind of natural disaster or human error that leads to a mass extinction event for humanity, all heterosexual people simply disappear overnight. Infrastructure remains untouched, which would become one of the recurring issues of the story. I'm hoping to set it up here in Vancouver so I can speak more authoritatively to some of the infrastructure... things like what the survivors are supposed to do about maintaining the hydro-electric dam system that powers our region. Topical, since one of them breached a few weeks ago and led to casualties. I abandoned it because I didn't really give it a solid plan for what I wanted to write, it was going to be a free writing adventure for myself to ease back into creative writing, but I find I can't operate without some kind of plan of what I want each chapter and scene to look like, and then torture the English language to give me the scene I'm looking for. Instead I'm back into my out on the field series... maybe this thing is worth workshopping into something I can soldier through.
  2. Hunter Thomson

    Chapter 9

    Thanks for your review! I'll keep that in mind for any edits I may go forward with for this story.
  3. Trying something completely new. I have no idea how this will end up!

    1. ancientrichard



      I look forward to learning more!!

    2. Reader1810


      Good luck!

  4. Any advice for an author trying to resurrect his voice? It's been years and years, and though I claim to have been too busy, the truth is I lost the nerve and motivation to put words to paper. I guess a master's thesis will do that. But I want to make worlds and art again. Help a guy out?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Daddydavek


      Good to hear from you Hunter! 

      Keep a notepad handy and write down any interesting ideas you come across and when you have enough, look them over and put it together!

    3. Headstall


      Hey, Hunter! :hug:  Take a look at the list of prompts... there might be some inspiration there to get you started back on track. :) 

    4. Hunter Thomson

      Hunter Thomson

      @ancientrichard @Daddydavek I might do that next week when I go camping (I hope). I'm planning to bring a notebook with me and see what comes to me in a place that's not just the city skyline staring back at me.

      @Albert1434 hi Berty!

      @Headstall I've tried prompt writing before. I find the constraints difficult, I'm rusty enough that I've forgotten any skills I may have had before.

  5. Invade Vancouver again! We love Alberta plates roving around town 😛
  6. So cruel. Doubly so for that backhanded insult to my summer sport. Contrary to popular opinion, curling is a physically demanding sport. Precision, not raw force, is the name of the game. But don't take my word for it, I'll let the laddies and ladies speak for themselves.
  7. That's awful. I'm fortunate that my district is well funded. The first week after spring break, we phoned all of our students and confirmed who needed internet and device access. The district then went and provided laptops and wifi access to all of our struggling students, free of charge to the families. Those devices will be expected to be returned either at the end of this school year, or the beginning of the next school year. I'm not certain, but I do know that all my students have the technical ability to communicate with me. That ability hasn't always translated into a willingness, but nothing to be done on that one... Returning to the story a bit, I was thinking a bit about my own athletic career at that age, and how well I would have been treated by the Heritage kids. I play baseball and curl. It seems like the baseball kids don't get a lot of respect at Heritage, and I can only think about what would be said about curling based on what was said about gymnastics and other sports. For those who don't know much about curling, it's not a brute force sport. There's a lot of finesse involved, and while sweeping definitely requires strong upper body and arm muscles, the actual act of throwing a rock isn't as much about throwing the rock as much as it's about perfectly controlling your own body on a sheet of ice. So there's a lot of held muscle positions, especially with the legs and lower body. I know from firsthand experience even in Canada that most people who haven't curled scoff at how much effort is needed, and then try it only to find themselves sore the following day. That, or they just fling stones across the sheet and fail miserably. So I can appreciate the position of the gymnastics team about not being given much credit for their skills.
  8. I am, but just until June. Then we're ordered back to class while our students can (optional to the students) join us for one day a week per student for instruction. It promises to be a catastrophe of enormous proportions, but I don't have seniority so I can't say anything.
  9. I have done poorly in not tending to this thread. I don't wish to push @craftingmom, but have we heard any updates on what might be happening with the story? It's a fine piece of literature, and now that I'm a teacher I get to look at the story with a brand new perspective.
  10. Thank god Vancouver Pride is finally over. Can't wait for Burnaby Pride tomorrow!


    ....someone please rescue me. 😐 

    1. ancientrichard
    2. wildone


      Sorry, you're on your own :P



    3. Hunter Thomson

      Hunter Thomson

      @wildone me too! That was hours of trying to talk up the organization I was representing. My voice was shot by the end, and on Saturday we go again!

  11. Oh yes, burning it. With fire and brimstone and all the superheated plasma I can find. Nighty night tim, sleep well!
  12. That sounds super exciting, I"m looking forward to reading it
  13. Thank you! No idea when I'll finish with it, but it'll be good to start publishing here on GA again What's been new for you sweetie? We keep missing each other in the busyness of life.
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