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  1. mikedup

    A New Place 3

    Excellent chapter, wow easy way to get a better body , I hope that he clears the air with Victor and I hope that the idiot gets disposed of.
  2. mikedup

    Prime Premiere

    Awesome chapter and a great story, I hope that you have a New story online soon
  3. mikedup

    A New Place 2

    Interesting chapter, and sad at the same time Gustav is a conniving c#@t he obviously drugged Victor I hope that they sort it out very,very rapidly,
  4. mikedup

    A New Place 1

    Awesome chapter, clever you left us with big tug of our heart strings, he is certainly meeting more and more people from his side of the family.
  5. mikedup


    Interesting chapter, very informative about the background of Dorian
  6. mikedup

    Playing with Fire 3

    Awesome chapter, a little bit of a oops landing in the wrong place , but I am sure he will learn really fast and get to the right place next time
  7. mikedup

    Happy Hour

    Interesting chapter, when you need to be a hardass you can be with excellent results
  8. mikedup

    Playing with Fire 2

    Oh sh*t drama in paradise, it can be easy or it can be extremely difficult
  9. mikedup

    Playing with Fire 1

    Interesting chapter, this is really getting Very entertaining and intense, he is certainly proving to be an very capable elf I hope that he can contain his power
  10. mikedup

    Shad Chapter 16

    Excellent chapter , I am sad that it ended but I am glad that they cought his stepfather, I am looking forward to reading your next story
  11. mikedup

    First Surge 3

    Awesome chapter, I think that he will need to contain his power and magic before it becomes dangerous, I can't wait for the next chapter
  12. mikedup

    Shad Chapter 15

    Excellent chapter, he is definitely very versatile as a musician, I wonder what is going to happen next
  13. mikedup

    First Surge 2

    Brilliant chapter, he certainly dealt with the rogues effectively, really easy disposable so no one to carry any information to the rogues, this is really getting exciting
  14. mikedup

    Shad Chapter 14

    Excellent chapter, seems that anyone who was someone important was there, makes one wonder what is going to happen next
  15. mikedup


    Awesome background to this New story, I cannot wait for more chapters
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