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  1. Awesome chapter, 😥 I certainly enjoyed this amazing journey, Vincent has grown up by leaps and bounds, I hope that the next books is out very soon, thanks for such an awesome read
  2. mikedup

    Chapter 65

    I suppose that is was bound to happen, the children would grow up and leave to spread their wings, there will be sadness however I don't think any of the boys and girls will just stay away afterwards, home is where you grow up and get treated with love and kindness
  3. mikedup

    Chapter 64

    Insane, the way these boys were transported, the traffickers need to be hung by their nuts till they are almost dead then let them recover a bit and then repeat often
  4. mikedup

    Chapter 63

    Great addition to the sanctuary, the more help the better and a translator in the house is going to very helpful
  5. mikedup

    Chapter 62

    It is amazing to see that parents do sell their children, you read that some people have children just for that purpose, we live is really sick world ,us humans are sometimes worse than animals
  6. mikedup

    Chapter 61

    Another awesome chapter, his extended family is growing up fast , at this rate he will need a multi level car park,
  7. mikedup

    Chapter 60

    Great chapter, Abe certainly made an impression with the kids , and congratulations to the boys going to study outside it makes one heart glad that they have made such progress despite some awefull beginnings
  8. mikedup

    Chapter 21

    An awesome chapter, back home from an amazing holiday in europe I think that it is great to get away and see the world but it is even better and greater to get back home again.
  9. mikedup

    Chapter 59

    Great progress on most fronts, the hobbies should keep the kids busy for a while, good idea with the pool,
  10. mikedup

    Chapter 58

    Great that all had a really good time, a lot of progress on the construction at home , I am glad that there are no incidents while away , plus I have to agree anchovies are "yuck" but each person Is entitled to to be unique,
  11. mikedup

    Chapter 57

    Absolutely envious 😊
  12. Great chapter, a least Vinnie is back to his old self, interesting that Neil knew so much about the shadows , the balls monk is going to take over and hopefully teach or else he is really bad news
  13. mikedup

    Chapter 57

    Awesome chapter, a seaside holiday that everyone will really see enjoy and remember for a very long time.
  14. mikedup

    Chapter 56

    Awesome chapter, great bingo game, it seems that the kids will enjoy any game they can play as a group
  15. mikedup

    Chapter 55

    Great chapter, I think that Brad is going to need a clone to split his time with everything,
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