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  1. Wow what a curve ball I think that he crap has hit the fan everyone seems to have been told conflicting stories, what is really going on is the crucial question
  2. mikedup

    Chapter 16

    Great underhand strategy, to get him to record and to perform, interesting times ahead
  3. mikedup

    Aid: 5.5

    So we have a little bit is an unspoken peace treaty between them, intense fight no doubt when they take on the gang who are Caleb's handlers
  4. mikedup

    Chapter 15

    Awesome chapter, great to see them start running to keep fit , it is true the first time out is always the hardest , great progress, I wonder about this war
  5. mikedup

    Chapter 14

    Join The club, so was I short lived experience
  6. mikedup

    Chapter 14

    Great chapter, so we have a solo artist around, this can only get better, can I sing for dinner
  7. mikedup

    Aid: 5.4

    Father is a manipulator, I hope Casper sees that and tells him to keep his damn cell phone and he can drop the pretends that father cares because he doesn't he wants Casper for his own deprived use
  8. mikedup

    Chapter 13

    Great chapter, a lot of love and trust awesome to restart the orchard, I am glad that some more help in the market
  9. mikedup

    Chapter 12

    Awesome and emotional chapter, they have definitely bonded together
  10. mikedup

    Chapter 11

    Good news for him I think that his uncle has held something back , they could do a lot on their farm apples galore
  11. mikedup

    Aid: 5.3

    Crazy chapter, I can see a lot of anger getting set up in this chapter, lots to future use
  12. mikedup

    Embers 10

    Awesome and intense chapter, I think that Ethan is against a powerful negative power feeding the fires , and I hope that he can rein in his power to defuse the hail
  13. mikedup

    Chapter 10

    Great chapter,but they are working themselves into oblivion, they need help, let's hope they get it
  14. mikedup


    Awesome chapter, Matt is like the weather hot and cold, he likes Seamus way more than he realises or wants to realise, he is it looks like trying to celebrate his 21st however I think that horse has left the state nevermind the stable , he has taken on his brother and that is always going to curtail his wonderings.
  15. Ok I don't think that Tyler is going to give up, he will say nothing to Zeke , they are in for a bit of a surprise I think
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