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  1. mikedup

    Chapter 162

    Progress on all fronts, the girls school is coming along nicely, it will complement the existing schools to a T , the week-long family get together is a brilliant idea, it keeps everyone in touch
  2. mikedup


    Ok what a double ending I prefer the first one , I must say the second just opens so many doors , but I have say thanks such an emotional roller coaster ride, till the next story
  3. mikedup

    Chapter 161

    Franz has most definitely become a member of the family, spreading love all around is an Adam family trait
  4. mikedup

    Chapter 160

    A sad chapter, but he will certainly have a caring family to care for him , he will be a welcome addition to the family.
  5. mikedup

    Chapter 159

    Wow that was a rather I tense chapter, but most appropriate punishment for the two of them , I think that word is going to spread very fast , that do the crime then do the time however appropriate,
  6. mikedup

    Chapter 158

    Ok so another swindler , I feel sorry for him (not really) he and the priest deserve all the hell and brimstone that is going to be falling on their heads, Emma sounds like a worthy addition to the team
  7. mikedup

    Chapter 157

    Great progress, and another successful year done and dusted, onto the next year with the new girls academy
  8. Wow Vinnie is finally part of the family, I am glad and it was just right , streum is in for a crap load of drama and it is all his own doing , this just keeps getting better and better
  9. mikedup

    Chapter 156

    Awesome chapter, I think that construction will proceed rapidly and once word gets out it will rapidly fill up
  10. Wow what a chapter, I am also reading again to see what happened, but nonetheless I hope that they reconnect on all levels and can the. Fight the evil ahead
  11. mikedup

    Chapter 155

    Grand chapter, so the board can only but rubber stamp the girls school their hands are tied as Adam owns all the properties, interesting developments
  12. mikedup

    Chapter 154

    Great chapter, Gerry is a fine leader he is taking his country forward into the future, Adam has it seems increased his fa, even if for a short while
  13. mikedup

    Chapter 153

    Awesome chapter, so great to go down memory lane . Onwards to the future
  14. mikedup

    Chapter 152

    Great chapter, and I think that congratulations to Gerry and his fiancé are in order , his education compound is rapidly growing bigger and bigger, I think that it will become an international student body , with amazing roots and potential for the future
  15. mikedup

    Chapter 151

    Great chapter, I suppose to crow will work to achieve the necessary, but I also think that he will take this to heart about the next project
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