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  1. mikedup

    Chapter 87

    Ok so I was not expecting that revelation, but if the plane crashed or he is taken to account by someone on the plane or so, where he is poisoned or something like that, he will not make it back it does leave his estate to claim damages from, interesting times ahead
  2. mikedup

    Chapter 86

    Well the christening went well , the family seems to expanding, I think the hint about a bigger family, is going to come true , I wonder what Donnie is going to reveal
  3. mikedup

    Chapter 17

    Progress I am glad Elijah has agreed now onto the really tough work of breaking in to the idiots compound
  4. mikedup

    Chapter 85

    Well the entire family is together finally, the "mixing"of doctor and patient does have ethical issues, but if they are happy then we will have to accept it , a somewhat drama free chapter
  5. mikedup

    Chapter 84

    Well Bruce can run but he cannot hide , Donnie is on the case, I think he wants justice even more than Tim, so mom has told dad and I don't think it went well, but I hope they can overcome the major problem , and the whole family bar AM is together,
  6. mikedup

    Chapter 83

    Well that was a real revelation, that imagine is not a detail that needs to aired to the public , putting sleeping tablets in someone's drink is bordering on premeditated murder, this story is really getting very ,very intense, Bruce is going to pay
  7. mikedup

    Chapter 82

    Finally mom can clear her chest of the drama that she has carried for the last few decades, I wonder what new information she is going to deliver, we seem to be going from 1 cliffhanger to the next
  8. mikedup

    Chapter 81

    Oh hell another bump in the road , it seems As soon as 1 problem appears to be solved another one appears on the horizon
  9. mikedup

    Chapter 16

    Ok , so the two idiots are the ring leaders , giving away their plans , plus an added bonus exposing themselves, I think when they expose the bank records they can move the funds and leave them penniless, the fight for the lives of the youth are hanging in the balance, , the two are going to hung out to dry in no uncertain terms
  10. mikedup

    Chapter 80

    And so the next Domino falls , I imagine that they will all start falling a little faster with each small event, rich has most certainly started a war that will escalate as time goes by, another awesome chapter
  11. mikedup

    Chapter 79

    I think that Bruce is feared more than the gay element , I wonder what control he has over them , it is going to come out there is no doubt that anymore, I wonder if Bruce's parents are still around stirring trouble in the background,
  12. mikedup

    Chapter 15

    Sebastian certainly didn't waste any time establishing control, I think that there will be some scrambling to cover tracks , however Robert could be an ally in the making , getting the information they want may take a bit of work but it will be used as needed , heads need to roll
  13. mikedup

    Chapter 78

    Interesting chapter, you will always find the homophobes that will go out of their way to cause trouble, Tim is going to be raking someone over the foals AM seems to be a lot better
  14. mikedup

    Chapter 77

  15. mikedup

    Chapter 76

    Wow well the genie is out of the bottle, and putting it back is not going to be easy , I wonder what is mom's case , I suspect that she knows something and I suspect that Bruce told her something, the ball has started to roll, nothing can stop it now.
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