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  1. mikedup

    Aqu Chapter 19

    A great chapter. Things seem to be settling down at the moment. I wonder what is going to happen next
  2. mikedup

    Aqu Chapter 18

    Good chapter. Interesting times ahead.
  3. mikedup

    Aqu Chapter 17

    Another amazing chapter. Punishment to suit the offence.
  4. mikedup

    Chapter 2

    An excellent chapter. This is going to be an interesting story ahead.. thank you
  5. mikedup

    Aqu Chapter 16

    Another awesome chapter, and another cliffhanger. You seem to enjoy giving them to us .
  6. mikedup

    Aqu Chapter 15

    Excellent chapter
  7. mikedup

    Aqu Chapter 14

    Interesting. Recall in a previous comment about the ex captain being a thorn in the side it seems to have happened. I wonder if the previous captain signed a non disclosure agreement. If do his butt is going to get burnt. Another excellent chapter.
  8. mikedup

    Aqu Chapter 13

    Great chapter. Well you really know how to toss curve balls around. You really know how to keep us glued to the story
  9. mikedup

    Chapter 1

    Great to have you back. I have just finished reading part 1. I can't wait for more chapters. This has been really good. Thank you
  10. mikedup

    Aqu Chapter 12

    Awesome chapter. He is certainly taking control of his department. The captain it seems will be a thorn in his side.
  11. mikedup

    Aqu Chapter 11

    Wow You certainly enjoy leaving us with a cliffhanger. Another excellent chapter.
  12. mikedup

    Aqu Chapter 10

    Wow this was another awesome chapter. This just keeps getting better and better. Thank you
  13. mikedup

    Aqu Chapter 9

    It is a pity that Trenton is giving up. I think that he will regret it quite soon
  14. mikedup

    Aqu Chapter 8

    Well his cousin certainly got his just rewards. I just wonder if he is going to cause trouble in the future. I am glad that Trenton's future looks very secure. This is yet again an excellent. chapter
  15. mikedup

    Aqu Chapter 7

    Another awesome chapter. You are certainly giving us lots of information to process. This is getting more and more interesting

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