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  1. mikedup


    Well done 👍, an excellent chapter, definitely a meeting of solid mates , between Ads and Lenny, I wonder who is trying to stop information getting out by starting a fire
  2. mikedup

    Chapter 35

    Awesome chapter, so the family expands along with the others In Their own particular family on the estate.
  3. mikedup

    Chapter 2

    Wow, explosive chapter, what a curve ball, interesting developments, I really am beginning to have an intense dislike for his mother, she acts nonchalantly like a how,
  4. mikedup

    Masters of Earth 2

    Awesome chapter, interesting fight , he is very good, he just needs some control, which he no doubt will get with training and time, he certainly is a PR in the making , on his own he can make it seem that he is approachable,
  5. mikedup

    Chapter 33

    Awesome chapter, things have definitely moved along, interesting times when the grandparents arrive
  6. mikedup

    Chapter 1

    Awesome chapter, and a great start to the new chapter of their lives , big families are are great but oh boy do they bring drama along with them at every gathering, definitely interesting times ahead
  7. mikedup

    Chapter 32

    Great chapter, what a way to gain a child , it seems that the home is going to be some sort of children's home very soon
  8. mikedup

    Chapter 31

    Great meeting with the women , no doubt there will be more than a few bumps in the road ahead
  9. mikedup

    Chapter 30

    Great chapter, crazy when you can sense trouble, it saves lives but it can be rather brutal, let's hope that they get to Guam unscathed
  10. mikedup

    Chapter 35

    Awesome chapter, amazing story, inspiring and what a roller coaster ride, it as a definitely brilliant, experience, I cannot wait for the next book , to continue this journey with TJ , JC and the crowd
  11. mikedup

    Chapter 29

    Great chapter, I also wonder what awaits them when they get to the registrar
  12. mikedup

    Chapter 28

    Great chapter, so we have moved on about 10 years , interesting times, the threat will never be gone diminished but never gone
  13. mikedup

    Chapter 34

    Awesome 👍 chapter, some normality for a short time, Tristan is certainly a tough character, the 2T's could make a formidable team , between them nobody could get to them or people who matter
  14. mikedup

    Chapter 27

    Excellent chapter, I hope that both by their courses sorted the guards are in for bit of a ride
  15. mikedup


    Awesome chapter, the two of them are really settling into a couple, easy going communication between them, with all the deep meanings , I like that the slow burn is rapidly becoming a fast burn between them, interesting about the history of the house.
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