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  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
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To Quiet the Little Voice - 12. Promises

Prompt 243 First Line - “I never make a promise I don’t intend to keep."

When Tyler tries to get closer to his future mother in law, things don't go quite the way he planned.


“I never make a promise I don’t intend to keep. You know that!”

“I didn't think you would stop talking to me over this! It was a misunderstanding!”

“No, a misunderstanding is handled by talking to the other person. You spread gossip. All of which was untrue, and you hurt my reputation in the business. I have had 4 clients call and cancel already this morning and you just spout your shit last night! How are people supposed to trust me when you have them convinced I don’t give a shit about anything but making money?”

“I never intended for that to happen. I thought if you were not as busy all the time maybe we could, you know…get to know each other better.”

“I don’t think spending time together is much of an option at this point.”

Tyler turned away and tried to control the emotions welling up inside him. He could feel his chances with Lucas slipping away quickly, all because of an ill thought out plan to try and win his mom over. Danielle was right; he should have just invited her out to lunch or something.

“Where did I ever get this not so bright idea?” he thought. If it was possible he would kick himself in the pants. “Luke would never forgive me if he finds out.”

Tyler took a deep breath and turned back to the hopping mad woman.

“Dani? Please? Let me explain. I never wanted to really hurt the business. I thought if you were not busy this weekend you could go up to the lake with Luke and me. We could all relax and you and I could get to know each other better. I really care about Luke, so it’s important for you and I to at least get along. I've seen friends whose parents dislike their choice in partners. It always turns nasty.”

“And you thought a perfect way to get on my good side was to sabotage the business I have spent the last three years building up out of nothing but a dream?” Danielle slammed her hand down on the kitchen island hard, making everything on it dance about a bit. It was a measure of how irritated she was. She never lost it this way.

“Do you understand what it is to have to scratch and claw your way into a close knit community market like this one? You have to not only have the skills; you have to build trust with customers. If they don’t trust you they will never give you their business. And more importantly they will never recommend you to anyone else. Word of mouth is the biggest factor in this business. It can make or break you! And you effectively wiped out my bookings for the next month with your little comment last night.”

“I realize that now. I honestly didn't think it would balloon the way it has. When I heard you talking to the guy about taking a job for this Saturday I saw all our plans for the lake going out the window. I know Luke hadn't told you about us going up there yet¸ or asked you to join us, but I just had to do something before you committed. I really didn't think he would call around and tell everyone what I said.”

“Yeah, well you picked a hell of a customer to say something to. Telephone, Telegraph, Tell Tom. Now everyone thinks I will put off safety repairs in favor of one extra job! How the hell can they trust me with their animals under those conditions? And let’s not even think about what could happen if one of those well-meaning idiots has been included in the gossip loop and decides to call the ATC1 cops or my insurance agency!”

“Would that really become an issue? Worst case someone inspects you and you pass. I know you really do take good care of your equipment.”

“You don’t understand, do you? The ATC are basically thugs with guns, no real training, and no hard and fast guidelines to go by. What one guy would pass another may have an attitude on and would fail, and most of them have no real understanding of the business. When I first was researching the business I had a lieutenant at the local state police barracks tell me if one of those guys ever pull me over to dial 911 and have a real cop sent immediately and not to get out of the truck or agree to an inspection till the real thing gets there. To get put on their watch list would destroy the business.”

“Shit, I didn't know that!”

Dani sighed and shook herself. She was getting more and more frustrated as this conversation progressed. She really didn't want to be on bad terms with Luke’s choice in boyfriends but right now she seriously wanted to turn Ty over her knee, and then shake some sense into Luke.

“OK – what is done is done. I have some serious damage control to tend to. You however have a few things to look at as well. I promised you last night after your little speech I would make your life miserable if your words came back to haunt me. I never make a promise I don’t intend to keep. Give me one good reason…”


1. The ATC is a fictional control agency based on portions of various real animal control agencies. The advice given by the state trooper was real.

Copyright © 2013 Kitt; All Rights Reserved.
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I'd hate to be in Tyler's position right now. What he did was so out of line. I can't believe he sabotaged his b/f's mother's business!


His b/f is not going to be happy about this - especially after his mother starts in on him. lol

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On 10/27/2013 04:06 PM, Lisa said:
I'd hate to be in Tyler's position right now. What he did was so out of line. I can't believe he sabotaged his b/f's mother's business!


His b/f is not going to be happy about this - especially after his mother starts in on him. lol

In fairness to Tyler that wasn't his intention, but in the horse world reputation is everything.



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