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Crown Prince Yoshi - 8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Telia caught her first glimpse of the Princess Naria mid battle. Skirts blazing red, a pair of swords in hand, the Princess fought hard, cutting down the enemy with every move. There was no wasted motion, only efficient sweeps of her blades.

Her heart squeezed tight, instinct driving her closer until they fought as a team. When Namik’s men started a retreat, the Prince redirected the army to stop the fleeing troops. In one bloody evening, they wiped out the rebel forces that had plagued the Furian Princess for weeks.

Her sisters called victory around her, but Telia could only stare at the Princess. She froze when Naria gave her a smile.

“You are back,” Naria said in greeting.

Telia nodded wishing they were alone, and then she could hug Naria as she wished.

Naria held her gaze giving her a short nod.


“She’s safe,” Telia said. “She travels with the ordinance troops.”

“Good choice,” Naria said, wiping her blades on her skirts. Her gaze swept over the Furian women and stopped when she saw the black guard fighting in the fringes of the field. “You guard him.”

Telia’s gaze shifted to the Prince’s army.

“He has many who guard him.”

“Many who want him dead as well,” Naria said, her gaze turning speculative as the Black Guard shifted and Prince Yoshi appeared, walking toward them.

Telia almost sighed as Naria’s soft side disappeared, replaced by the fierce ruler of the Furian Forest.

Yoshi’s clothes were stained, a smudge of mud on his chin. His sword held tight in his right arm, his cloak sweeping the muddy ground. There was no sign of the unsure man she’d first met running from assassins.

To her eternal surprise, Princess Naria bowed low as Prince Yoshi reached them. Telia found herself imitating the gesture, followed by all her Furian sisters on the battlefield.

“Your Royal Highness,” Naria said. “Your servant is grateful for the relief.”

“I have sent half the army after the retreating enemy forces. They will lock down the border into Fier, and purge resistance,” Yoshi said.

“I welcome you to the Furian palace,” Naria said, straightening to her full height. “We have much to discuss, and you must be weary from constant travel.”

Yoshi thanked her with a nod, the simple gesture sending the Black Guard and Naria’s forces into a frenzy of activity.

“She is beautiful,” Midori said, riding beside Telia on their way to the Furian Palace.

“The Princess,” he said, when she glanced at him in question.

“Yes.” Telia agreed unable to stop the admiration in her voice. She cleared her throat and stared at the nearest black guard rider.

Midori gave a long sigh beside her.

“Wish it was different for us,” he said. “Caring for such great people is difficult.”

Telia glared at him.

“I’m not like you. Your emotions for the Prince are obvious. You should hide it.”

“Why?” Midori asked, chewing on the end of a grass blade. He winked at her when she continued to glare. “We’re out here, at war. Death stalks us with every swing of the blade. Why should I hide my love, Telia, when it can disappear in a blink of an eye?”

“Poetry from a warrior,” Telia teased. “Very well, General, wear your heart on the sleeve for all to see. It will only bring you pain in the end. He is not yours to keep.”

Midori threw the blade of grass to the ground and gripped his reins.

“That’s for me to deal with, Furian, as you must live with your love for the Princess Naria.”

Telia watched Midori urge his horse forward to join the Prince at the head of the convoy. Her heart clenched tight as her gaze swept over Princess Naria’s back. She was a mere warrior, not good enough yet to join the council, and live close to the Princess. All she could do was watch from afar.

Watch and wish, she thought with a sigh.


Majestic trees grew tall and thick around the Furian Palace. The walls of the ages old palace turned green with rich moss. Vivid flowers in every nook and cranny, a brook running through the courtyard carried fresh water into the palace and through the forest to the various homes and settlements in the Furian community. The Princess’s most trusted guard secured the palace. Women in pale red tunics managed the palace affairs: cooking, cleaning and repair.

Yoshi stood in a private portion of the beautiful courtyard, clean again, in fitted dark green trousers, his feet bare on the fresh green grass. He stared up at the trees above him, the air so clean and pure he could forget there was a war raging around him. A breeze swept in and he closed his eyes enjoying the solitude. He took in a deep breath.

He hadn’t been alone for days. The black guard, army generals and officers…constant crucial decisions keeping him awake.

Gentle fingers combed through his hair and he opened his eyes, a soft moan escaping when he leaned back and Midori wrapped an arm around him.

“You’re breathtaking,” Midori whispered in his ear.

“Did you get your wounds tended?” Yoshi asked, taking in a deep breath. This time, his nostrils filled with Midori’s clean earthy scent. He nestled deeper into Midori’s heat.

“Yes.” Midori brushed his lips on Yoshi’s left temple. “I have missed you.”

Yoshi chuckled.

“You’ve been with me the whole time.”

“Not quite,” Midori protested. “I don’t have you when you’re the Prince.”

Yoshi shook his head.

“That doesn’t make sense.”

“Doesn’t it?” Midori asked, rocking him from side to side. “I almost wish we could stay here forever. The Princess Naria can command the allied forces.”

“Now who is having wishful thoughts,” Yoshi teased, turning so that he faced Midori. His breath hitched at the sight of him.

Midori wore a red tunic over his perpetual black trousers, his wavy hair falling around his shoulders. He too was barefoot.

Midori cupped Yoshi’s jaw, his thumb tracing over Yoshi’s lower lip, then he kissed Yoshi.

Yoshi closed his eyes, reaching up to pull Midori’s head down, wanting to keep the contact. He opened his mouth letting Midori explore his heat. Yoshi took in his scent and taste, savoring, memorizing. His arms wrapped around Midori, he lost himself in the sensation of their kiss. He never wanted to stop.

A soft cough penetrated the haze of growing need. Midori broke the kiss reluctantly; Yoshi buried his face into Midori’s shoulder for a moment, and then sneaked a glance over Midori’s shoulder to see Sando standing a few feet away.

“I apologize for the intrusion, your Royal Highness,” Sando said, his cheeks flaming red.

Yoshi laughed into Midori’s shoulder.

“Sando, you’ve seen me naked before. You dare blush at one kiss.”

Sando looked down.

“It is not that, my Prince.”

“What then?” Yoshi asked, still clinging to Midori.

Sando shook his head.

“Nothing, My Prince, I came to help you get ready for the banquet. The Princess Naria is throwing one in your honor.”

“We are at war. Who has time for banquets?” Yoshi complained, holding on to Midori for a moment before he let go with a sigh.

“Banquets are battle grounds too, My Prince,” Midori said.

“I’ve asked you to use my name,” Yoshi chided. “Please don’t deny me that.”

“Yoshi,” Midori said with a small smile.

Yoshi blushed and caught Sando staring at him.


“Nothing,” Sando said quickly.

“I will have you flogged if you keep saying nothing.” Yoshi scowled.

“You won’t do it,” Sando said with a quick grin. “Come, My Prince, you must get ready. Princess Naria will be waiting.”

Yoshi grumbled under his breath, not ready to leave Midori’s side.

“If you like, General,” Sando said. “I can have your dress robes brought to the Prince’s chamber.”

Yoshi glanced at Midori, his gaze hopeful.

When Midori gave Sando a short nod, Yoshi smiled, happy they weren’t going to lose any time together.


Midori caught up with Sando thirty minutes later while Yoshi talked to the head of the Black Guard about the evening ahead. Gripping the slender servant’s arm, he stood so that his gaze was on the Prince.

“Why does he ask me to call him by name?”

Sando started to glance back at the Prince, but Midori stopped him.

“He will be suspicious if you look at him. I need to know.”

“General,” Sando started.

“Don’t make me force it out of you. Unlike the Prince, I have no problem inflicting pain,” Midori warned.

“Palace rules,” Sando said. “The moment the Empress turned over her power to the Prince, he became the father of the nation. The Empire’s parent....” Sando gave him a smile. “No one will ever call him by name, not even the Empress.”

Midori stared at Yoshi then.

“He got lonely as the Prince,” Sando said. “I imagine his loneliness will only increase from now on.”

Midori let go of Sando and watched him hurry away.

Yoshi finished with the head of the black guard and walked to him. Yoshi looked royal in a brilliant red tunic that was embroidered with gold string on long wide sleeves. The tight gold clip on top of Yoshi’s head held his hair, restricting it again. Midori wished he could remove it and comb his fingers through the soft silk.

“Naria invited her council to the banquet,” Yoshi said, his honeyed gaze thoughtful. “Her council will seek political seats in the Amana government. The Empress has long battled the leaders of the Quads, but they have refused to grant the Furians these positions. The argument is that the Furians are a spiritual faction. No one wants to deal with their ideologies. I’m not sure I can change that for Naria’s people.”

“I told you the banquet is a battle front,” Midori said, caressing Yoshi’s jaw. “The only thing you need to concentrate on is getting her people to agree to fight with you against Namik.”

“She is my aunt,” Yoshi said with a frown. “When she looks at me, she still sees the little boy who grew up begging her for her best horse.”

Midori pressed a chaste kiss on Yoshi’s lips.

“Have faith, Yoshi.”

The smile that graced Yoshi’s lips at the sound of his name set Midori’s heart skating.


It was remarkable, Yoshi thought as he entered a large banquet hall at the center of the Furian Castle. Midori stayed a step beside him. The Furian community was made up of women, not a male insight. From guards, to cooks, serving women, to council members and generals, there were only women. The Earith Generals were already present and enjoying the food on large log tables, garnished with beautiful ferns and colorful flowers.

A group of women played music at one corner, one string instruments set in different tones, and their music turned the atmosphere festive.

“His Royal Highness, the Prince Yoshi,” Sando announced into the room, and everyone turned to face him.

The hundreds of hopeful gazes settling on him frightened him, yet he had to remain stoic, and in command. Yoshi gave a short nod to acknowledge the bows of greeting he got from the crowd.

“Your Royal Highness,” Naria said, breaking away from her council members. “I’m honored to host you in my Palace. The last time you were here, you were a boy visiting with Her Majesty.”

“That was a long time ago, Princess Naria.”

“Indeed,” Naria said with a nod. “The burden on your shoulders is now heavier.”

Yoshi forced a smile.

“Not too heavy.”

“Well said,” Naria said. “Please, let’s sit. There is food to eat, drinks, and people to meet. Your Royal Highness, we must celebrate the start of a new world.”

Yoshi led the way to the dais, taking the seat of honor. Naria sat beside him, a server coming to pour him wine as soon as he was settled. He picked up the gold goblet, brought it to his lips, though he didn’t sip the wine. Paranoia had set in, his assassins were many.

Placing the goblet on the table, he spoke to Naria.

“Your women fight with admirable passion,” Yoshi said, his gaze searching the crowd to find Telia. “I have had the privilege of fighting alongside Telia these past weeks. She has saved my life.”

“She is a noble fighter,” Naria said, her tone tinged with fondness, her gaze soft when it settled on Telia. “You are safe with her.”

Telia caught them looking at her, and stood up to give a short bow.

Naria raised her goblet in acknowledgement, allowing Telia to take her seat next to Hinna.

Sando brought Yoshi a plate of food, giving him a nod of assurance. The food was tested. Yoshi wondered which of Naria’s servants had been handed that job. These were dangerous times; it wasn’t safe to be his food taster.

Yoshi took a slice of peach and ate it with a small sigh.

“Royal Highness.”

Yoshi glanced up from his plate to find a tall bulky woman standing four seats down a long table below the dais. Unlike Telia with her grace, this woman was hard, nary a soft curve in sight.

“’Tis an honor to have you here in our palace,” the woman said. “I am Aruku of Furian, the First General of the Furian army. I ask you listen to a humble servant’s request, your Royal Highness.”

The hall had gone silent, the music stopped, and all eyes were on him. Yoshi gave her a short nod of approval.

“Our Princess Naria has long fought for peace in the Northern borders. She has kept the rebels from reaching the Imperial Lands, served Her Majesty, the Empress, with every breath. Kept your people from suffering when she could, she offers sanctuary to those who need it from Fier.”

“And the Empress is grateful for Her Highness’s tireless care,” Yoshi said. “We value the Princess Naria’s devotion to this Empire, General Aruku.”

“I would ask you consider the Furian people’s request to join the Empire’s government. We have every right to help make laws and govern—

“That is not a decision to be made here,” Heloth of Earith cut in, standing too. He looked formal in his army uniform. “The Quad council is not a matter to be decided by His Royal Highness alone.”

“His Royal Highness asks our people to fight for the Empire,” Aruku said. “The Empire will need our swords, our blood, the Quads are at war, and you expect us to join with you and solve your problems without reward.”

“The problem you speak of is not simple,” Heloth countered. “The fight spills into the Furian lands, if you don’t help, there will be no Furian Forest to protect.”

“What do you gain from our fight?” Aruku asked.

“Peace,” Heloth said. “Peace for all of us.”

“Peace,” Aruku turned to look at Yoshi. “The Empire will be at peace, and the Furian people will be forgotten again. Your Royal Highness—

“General Aruku,” Naria cut in. “Your concerns are valid. However, the Furian people follow my rule, my will. The Empire at peace is my will, for the sake of our people and those in the Quads.”

“Your Highness, you remain our wise leader. But, all the Quads have ever done is taken from us, never given. Your Royal Highness, am I wrong to ask for consideration for my people?”

Yoshi pushed his plate of food aside.

“The Quad Council is governed by the people,” Yoshi said.

“Your Royal Highness is the people’s chosen,” Aruku pointed out.

“That is currently unclear, General. The people are divided by fear of an impeding war.” Yoshi gave her a small smile. “A war that will ravage the Empire if allowed to continue, there will be no Quad Council when Namik of Fier is done.”

“Your Royal Highness,” Aruku started, shaking her head, disappointment clear on her features.

She wasn’t the only one. He saw similar expressions on all the Furian gazes directed at him. They would follow the Princess Naria’s edicts if she fought by his side, but they weren’t happy.

Yoshi glanced to his left, meeting Midori’s gaze. Midori gave him a small nod and he let a small sigh escape. Pushing his chair back, Yoshi got to his feet, waving his hand down so that everyone remained seated.

“General Aruku,” Yoshi said, meeting her gaze, then shifting his to include the hundreds of Furian people in the room, mixed in with officers from Earith. “Fellow Furians, men and women of Earith, let’s make one thing clear. Namik of Fier is fighting for power, and we are fighting for the freedom of choice and peace.”

“The world we knew before this fight has disappeared. Distrust brews among our people, anger builds as lives are lost and families are scattered. This war is a fight for the right to have a peaceful meal with our loved ones. When we win this fight, you will have a right to choose how to govern the Empire we save and build together. The tunnel darkens each day and we’re far from the light.”

Yoshi met General Aruku’s gaze.

“Promises can only be made when the war is won, and peace reigns.”

General Aruku gave him a startling smile.

“Can I take that as your word, Your Royal Highness? Will you allow me to remind you that the Furian People need to be remembered in your government?”

Yoshi returned Aruku’s smile.

“If we’re still standing at the end,” he said.

Aruku gave him a low bow.

“Your rule will prosper, Your Royal Highness.”

“You sound confident, General,” Yoshi said, resting his hand on the back of his chair.

“My people are skilled in battle,” Aruku said. “Thank you for listening to a lowly officer, Your Royal Highness.”

The hall settled into excited murmurs as Aruku took her seat, the music started and the room was once again buzzing with conversation.

“You handled that well,” Naria said, turning to look at him. “Managing not to make any clear promise of government position, Almira trained you well.”

Yoshi sat down, folding his arms against his chest.

“Your General is speaking for your people, Princess. Your people seem discontent with the current Quad Council.”

“The Empress and I have tried to keep a distant relationship,” Naria said. “She didn’t want to know what happens in the Furian Forest. As long as I didn’t interfere with the Empire’s laws, she never pushed for a Furian member on the council. However, there have been requests directed at her without my knowledge. Whenever the requests were too insistent, Her Majesty presented them at Council meetings, but as you know, the Quad Council is not keen on my people.”

Yoshi glanced at her.

“It seems your will is no longer enough, Princess Naria. You won’t be able to keep a distant relationship with Generals like Aruku in your court.”

“Yes,” Naria said with a sigh. “Times are changing.”

“Perhaps the Furian People should change as well,” Yoshi said, glancing at Hinna who was playing with Telia’s hair. “Allow the next generation to have choices—change the way you treat yours sons.”

“I had a brother once,” Naria said. “I loved him too…though I don’t know what became of him when the Furian elders took him away from my mother.”

“The Furian women are bred strong,” Naria continued. “I cannot change ingrained traditions; no men have lived in these palace walls in centuries. It’s not an easy matter. However, with your guidance, perhaps we can start mingling with the Empire’s people. Split the veil in half, so that the people are not so afraid of us.”

“It won’t be easy,” Yoshi said, his gaze on Telia.

“Nothing worth having ever is,” Naria answered with a wistful smile. “We will fight for you, young Prince.”

Yoshi nodded and reached for his goblet only to find it gone. He frowned when he saw his plate had been taken away too. He glanced up to find Midori walking up to the head table. Curious gazes followed his progress, Yoshi wondered what Midori wanted.

“I have a request of His Royal Highness too,” Midori said, stopping before Yoshi’s table.

“Midori of Fier,” Naria said, straightening in her seat. “Imagine my surprise to see you in my hall. Your father has wrecked havoc on my borders for years. Now he seeks to touch the sun. It makes me wonder about you and your motives.”

“My father’s choices are his own,” Midori said, giving the Princess a short incline of his head. “Mine lie with the safety of my people.”

“Telia has sworn consequences should those choices lead His Royal Highness into more danger.” Naria smiled, her eyes narrowed, their depths filled with warning. “Whatever punishment she chose, I will triple it, even if it means following you into the afterlife.”

“Aunt, the General has proven his loyalty,” Yoshi said. “He has protected me.”

“For now,” Princess Naria said. “What request would you make of his Royal Highness?”

Midori smiled then, his gaze on Yoshi.

“It is quite simple after all this is a celebration of sorts. The allied forces are now working together.”

Midori extended his hand, giving Yoshi a formal bow.

“All I ask of His Royal Highness is one dance.”

Yoshi bit back his smile, amused by Midori’s antics. The murmurs of surprise filled the room, all eyes were on Yoshi to see if he would refuse Midori’s request. Yoshi met Midori’s gaze and read a challenge.

“Only one dance?” Yoshi asked with a smirk.

“If one should turn to two, or three, I would not object,” Midori said, still in his formal bow. “Will you grant me this simple request, Your Royal Highness?”

“I’m afraid your request is not so simple, General.” Yoshi bit his lower lip, this time to keep from laughing as approving murmurs filled the room. Most of the officers were still wary of Midori. “The requests we grant could have far reaching repercussions.”

“Your toes in pain would be the only repercussions, Your Royal Highness. I must confess, I have two left feet”

Midori winked.

Naria chuckled, her amusement prompting others to join in the laugh.

Yoshi stood then, glad the atmosphere had changed from wary to merriment. He took Midori’s hand, biting back the small moan of pleasure when Midori’s warm fingers wrapped around his.

“If that is all we shall endure, then you have your dance,” Yoshi said, meeting Midori’s gaze.

The music changed to a slow melody as they stepped down to the open floor between tables. Midori placed Yoshi’s right hand on his left shoulder, taking Yoshi’s left hand, he closed the small distance between them. Midori placed his left hand around Yoshi’s waist.

“I see you, Yoshi,” Midori whispered, as they moved in slow steps. “How hard it is for you to hold on to your armor among them. You take my breath away.”

Keenly aware of every gaze in the room on them, Yoshi met Midori’s gaze.

“You’re taking risks.” Yoshi matched Midori’s tone. “I can barely hide what I feel for you. Your life will be in danger, Midori.”

Lord Heloth and the Princess Naria joined them, dancing close. Yoshi let out a soft breath as more couples joined in.

“Namik of Fier is my father. My life is always in danger. Forget the risks for one night,” Midori said into his ear. “Forget the assassins, the war, politics, only think of us, here dancing to beautiful music.”

Yoshi fought the urge to step closer and lay his head on Midori’s shoulder.

“Do you want to escape?” Midori asked.

“How can I?”

Everyone would notice him leaving, they always did, no matter how discrete he was.

“Trust me,” Midori said.

Yoshi met dark eyes surprised to see that leading him into an alcove and they were off the main floor.

Midori took Yoshi’s hand and led him out of a side entrance, leading them into a corridor. They broke into a run, that ended when they entered Yoshi’s chambers. Midori closed the doors and pressed Yoshi against them.

“Alone, at last,” Midori said with a triumphant smile.

Yoshi gripped Midori’s shirt. He tilted his head up, a relieved sigh escaping when Midori kissed him with unrestrained hunger.


Lexin City

The air was rife with unrest. With every step, unseen by her people, Almira caught glimpses of fear, uncertainty…a family packing up belongings in to a cart, she hoped they weren’t going into the Imperial Lands. The mourning drum rolls in the palace didn’t help matters. The Capital was tense. She secured the scarf around her neck, making sure it hooded her face in the shadows. She didn’t stand out, but a glimpse of her face on the streets would cause a wild panic.

Cutting through the city square, Almira led the way through back alleys that led her to an old city library. She used the back entrance, as the front was guarded by two palace guards. The back was a service entrance, and her guard handed the old man seated at the entrance a bag of coins to forget he’d seen them. Once inside, she turned right at the first corridor, and walked straight to the end. There, she opened a heavy oak door and entered a dusty apartment.

The living room was empty, the couches old, the tables dusty. She smirked as her guard closed the door.

“Guard the door, Ara. No one enters,” Almira said.

Ara gave her a short nod, and drew a dagger from her sleeves.

Almira headed down a short corridor and entered a large room with laden shelves from top to bottom. She past two shelves and paused when she saw the old man seated at a table in the middle of the room.

Teng Heim was older than the great big oak tree growing in her palace courtyard. Last she’d checked the records, the big oak was over ninety years. The pristine white hair on Teng Heim’s head was always held in a tight ponytail. His grey robes older than the great big oak tree…Almira bit back a scoff. She couldn’t tell what was more mysterious. How Teng kept his old grey robes intact, or why he walked straighter than the great big oak in her courtyard.

“Her Majesty in my home, the world is surely at an end.”

Teng’s voice was strong, and filled with amusement.

“Perhaps,” Almira said, walking along the closest bookshelf, her finger running over the books on the shelves.

Old tomes, stories from her father’s time, and her grandfather time, some even older. Teng sat at the simple table in the middle of the room mixing herbs for his tea.

“Perhaps the world is simply rearranging itself for the future. Perhaps, your vision is blurred from all the herbs you drink.”

“My vision is better than yours, Majesty. Prince Tailen wants his son on the throne, he has planned his coup for years. He has made one move and left you defenseless in your palace as though you didn’t see it coming. Which one of us has poor vision, Head of House Taimeng?”

“Teng Heim, this Empress has never been defenseless.” Almira scoffed. “Only pressed into a slight disadvantage, never forget that.”

“Is the Crown Prince alive?”

“He lives, as is expected of this Empire’s heir,” Almira said, though a pang of fear filled her chest. With Namik’s armies matching on the city, she couldn’t be sure Yoshi was still alive. She had gotten no news.

“And the funeral?” Teng asked. “His Highness will think you have abandoned him.”

“The Phoenix knows my thoughts,” Almira said. “He has a task to complete. While I wait for him, I have need of your help, Teng Heim.”

Teng sipped his tea.

“What can this old man do for Her Majesty?”

“The task is not easy.”

“As is expected from a slightly disadvantaged Empress.”

“Can I rely on you?”

Teng Heim stood up from his chair and came around his desk. He bowed low, his white hair almost touching the polished floors of his library.

“I serve the House of Taimeng, my slightly-disadvantaged Empress. That will never changed.”

Almira straightened to her full height.

“Then tell me every secret you know about my Palace.”


On a bed of rose red sheets, Midori kissed soft skin, his lips tracing a phoenix down to the sharp talons curved around a green coiled branch. He swirled his tongue on the sensitive spot at the small of Yoshi’s back. His hands moving to cup Yoshi’s cheeks, smiling when Yoshi arched into his touch. He massaged Yoshi, then urged him up on his knees, so that he was kneeling on the bed.

Midori palmed his hard cock, lining it up with Yoshi’s entrance. He slid in fast, eyes closed in pleasure at the feel of Yoshi’s heated depths engulfing him, squeezing him in a tight vice. He was addicted to this dance they couldn’t seem to stop. Yoshi moaned, his fingers bunching the sheets, as Midori surged into him, taking him, driving them both into a violent race, seeking release, not wanting the end…the sweetness of their heat addictive, wanting more, and more, Midori curled over Yoshi, running his hands over Yoshi’s back. His lips on Yoshi’s right shoulder, he took Yoshi’s hard cock in his hand and stroked him. The resulting moans from Yoshi, enough to bring him close.

The Prince was hot in his arms, so deliciously hot, he couldn’t get enough. He wanted more of their heat. Yoshi came with a harsh cry, and Midori gave in to his own urgent need, gripping Yoshi’s hips tight, he came in hard jerks that sent them both sprawling on the bed.

Yoshi turned to him minutes later, moving into his arms. Midori sunk his hair into luxurious silky hair, and accepted Yoshi’s soft kiss. Then Yoshi’s stomach growled, and he laughed against soft lips.

“Hungry?” he asked, looking into Yoshi’s embarrassed eyes.

It seemed unreal to see a Prince blush, especially a Prince he’d watched order armies into battle with a steely gaze. This Prince, now in his arms.

Yoshi hid his face in Midori’s chest.

“I didn’t get to eat much at the banquet. Sando kept removing the food from the table too fast.”

Midori kissed Yoshi’s shoulder.

“I saw,” Midori said, lifting his head slightly from the pillow to check if Sando had followed his instructions.

There was a table near the windows laden with trays holding fruits, a fowl and a jug of wine. He smiled. Sando was the best, he decided.

“Sando is terrified you will be poisoned under his watch,” Midori said. “He made sure your food was brought here.”

Yoshi wrapped his arms around him.

“But I don’t want to move,” Yoshi said. “I really like it here.”

Midori held on to Yoshi for a while, enjoying the moment. Having Yoshi in his arms, he felt at peace. Still…the future intruded. When the war ended, Yoshi would be Crown Prince soon to be Emperor, living in the Palace at Lexin City. Heir Apparent to the Empire. His future would be planned, down to the children an Emperor would need to ensure a strong reign. Yoshi would no longer be his alone.

“Tomorrow morning,” Yoshi said, interrupting his dark thoughts. “Will you go for a ride with me?”


“I want to ride with you, Midori,” Yoshi said, lifting his head from Midori’s chest. Their gazes met and held. “Not in battle, not because you guard my life, but because you’re my lover. I want a full hour with you. Can’t you give me that?”

Midori sighed, bringing his hand up to cup Yoshi’s jaw. How could he ever say no to this Prince?

“Then we’ll go riding,” Midori said with a smile.

“Good,” Yoshi said, happy. “Now we can eat, I’m starving.”

Midori chuckled watching Yoshi jump out of bed.

“When we’re around people, I need to call you by your title, especially when you become Crown Prince,” Midori said, taking a grape from the tray on the bed between them. He brought it to Yoshi’s lips and smiled when Yoshi took a bite.

“No.” Yoshi chewed the delicious fruit, rubbing his thumb over Midori’s dark beard. “Just Yoshi.”

“What about Prince Yoshi?” Midori asked.

Midori sat with his legs folded. Yoshi too, though he had some of the sheets draped over his lap. They were both naked. Yoshi’s hair gloriously free, settled around him. Midori played with the strands close to him.

“No,” Yoshi said.

Yoshi took a peach, and sliced a piece with his knife. He fed it to Midori and smiled when Midori held his hand, taking the fruit into his mouth and nipping Yoshi’s thumb. Midori held Yoshi’s gaze, his fingers wrapped Yoshi’s hand in his, pressing their clasped hands against his chest.

“Yoshi,” Midori said.

“Yes,” Yoshi nodded. “Always use my name, Midori, even when others press you to stop.”

“What about the Empress?” Midori asked. “What will she do when she finds out about us?”

“She will do what makes me happy,” Yoshi said.

Midori wasn’t so sure.

“Stop,” Yoshi ordered, his gaze hard. “Don’t worry yourself about my mother, Midori.”

Midori nodded and poured wine into one glass. He took a sip first, then held the goblet to Yoshi’s lips. Yoshi took a healthy sip, and they both laughed when drops slid own Yoshi’s chin.

Midori placed the goblet on the tray and leaned to lick away the sweet wine. He was happier than he dared voice, which was odd considering the war they fought beyond the Furian Forest. Yet, here on this bed with Yoshi feeding him slices of fruit and drinking wine with him, it almost felt like paradise.


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Yay! This is one of my favourites from your stories. I hope the next chapter doesn't take as long.

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On 08/07/2016 08:07 AM, Ang3l said:

Yay! This is one of my favourites from your stories. I hope the next chapter doesn't take as long.

Thank you Ang3l, so happy to know this. I will work on updating it often. :)

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So, I'm definitely back to liking Yoshi now that he took the responsibility he was groomed for and took the initiative to keep Midori close. I especially liked that he insisted that Midori call him "Yoshi", just Yoshi. I really admire Almira: she is an amazing person. I loved how she was just slightly "disadvantaged".  You can also see that  she and Naria are close relatives: both strong, determined rulers who live to serve their people. I can imagine there's a good story about them growing up and taking on the roles that they have --but first Yoshi & Midori have some work to do (...and some more loving to do, too, I hope). 

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