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  1. Your essay was certainly eye-opening although probably not for the obvious reason. I had never thought about people working night shifts as being miscreants or worse. Part of the reason is that my grandfather, who lived with us from the time I was 10, worked night shifts at the gas station until they did away with that shift. He loved it -- and it probably helped him stay married to my grandmother. Another part of the reason, is that I was a lab rat (i.e, a scientist) and often had to work late hours for various experiments. So while I did not have to do ONLY night hours, I did them often enou
  2. Welcome, Justin, and best of luck with your final semester! It’s a momentous time for you and the world, so relish all the good aspects and when some not-so-good crap comes along, just remember that it will get better—but as one professor told me 40+ years ago, you will likely look back and realize that it was one of the best periods of your like, so appreciate the hell out of ALL of it!
  3. Almost impossible to believe you’ve been here such a short time, Aaron. You have already become a favorite author for me — and many others, based on the comments to LitS chapters. So, to go with your belated intro, here is a belated welcome and thanks for your writing!
  4. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 14

    I did have a niggling suspicion about Prince and Bev even before the last chapter. Nevertheless, I was half-hoping that Prince might have had a brief dalliance with Blake — and then blown him off, figuratively. Of course, if that had been the case, I doubt Blake would have brought it up in his snarky manner. Thanks, @lomax61, for stopping the wheels from spinning too long, and for bringing Niles into the story. I like him a lot, even if the semi-forced kiss may come back to haunt Spencer. On the plus side, maybe Blake’s reaction will alert Ambika to Blake’s true nature, if she does not alre
  5. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 13

    Nope. Top question on my mind. 👹
  6. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 10

    The same thought crossed my mind...
  7. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 10

    Or vicious, jealous frenemies — but I hope, friends, as Spencer & Marshall need their individual have-their-back peeps but it will be better if those peeps are also friends!
  8. Dr. John NYC


    I grew up in Appalachia with the expression “better than sliced bread”, too — along with the variants of “white bread” and “Wonder bread”. I’m sure there are some other interesting variants from different parts of the country.
  9. Dr. John NYC


    ...& the answer would be: a resounding, YES. At least in my mind, the picture of Rita is that she will do whatever easy, sleazy thing it takes to accomplish HER goals. She's a pathological narcissist, just like Heinrich. Hey, maybe T****p can play Heinrich in the movie version -- except he would never get dirty doing plumbing.
  10. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 21

    ...& it’s just one of many fabulous stories from @Cia . You might as well click “Follow” on her link now to get alerted about all her stories!
  11. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 21

    My thought exactly... & maybe Bouncer will be part of the catalyst for that hypothesis to become a reality. 😉
  12. Loved the history. I did my PhD at UGA and had friends at Ga Tech, but never got that history lesson. PS: I agree with your thoughts about Todd...
  13. Dr. John NYC

    Libera Me

    Oh yeah, Caroline DEFINITELY has Rick figured out. Bringing Jared to distract Marta does seem likely to be Rick’s plan, but I think it is more explicitly to give Joey and Marta some separation. Of course, any time alone with Gus is an added benefit.
  14. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 20

    So glad the Four-Arms’ leaders let Esssell wake up Bouncer and start to show how he’s not what they thought. Our 21-year-old chihuahua died two months ago, and although we’re not ready for a new pet yet, I’ll be looking for a Bouncer when we are. 😉
  15. Following up on the hybrid mind: clearly Mason and other Alphas in their hybrid forms are not just animal instinct. Can either their animal or human mind be in charge? Is the problem with Vincent/VinW that they wreaked havoc on their mind barrier too soon, or that they did it all? I'm sure at least some of the questions will be answered in future chapters, but the questions were burning in my brain after reading this chapter, so I figured I'd ask. Happy New Year!
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