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  1. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 4

    Hubris can be a bitch. Hope Essell finds his companion-to-be soon. Thanks @Cia Essell is going to be another intriguing character.
  2. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 3

    Why did he not just check his “Wildlife of Southern Ardra?” Of wait, he hasn’t written it yet. Essell definitely has more lives than the local Felis spp. to blunder around on an unexplored planet without a major (so-far) mishap. Hope he stumbles upon his local guide-to-be soon.
  3. Dr. John NYC


    What marvelous, mid-life-mature characters with whom to connect! Even if the main characters could be my children, they couldn’t be my grandchildren or great-grandchildren like characters in so many stories. Not that I don’t enjoy those other stories with their über-youthfulness, but thanks, @lomax61, for Leonard, Adrian, and their peers. One question I did not see raised was whether Freya knew about the relationship between Luke & Max. Did I just miss that point?
  4. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 12

    These two broken boys (& I use ‘boys” deliberately and not because of biological age) have the power to heal each other. I hope no one — including themselves — permanently blocks them.
  5. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 12

    Or cat? I wondered about those points, too. It might make it easier in the long run if Sawyer can be fully turned. I know his father is not around but can’t remember if we learned why. Hmmm...
  6. Dr. John NYC


    The letter Lucas wrote to Erik was absolutely amazing: heartfelt, honest, raw, poetic... & heartfelt. It could stand on its own as a piece of literature. The others were incredible, but Lucas’s letter was mind-boggling. Thank you, @FlyOnTheWall !
  7. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 2

    Definitely one of your more impulsive characters, @Cia. I just hope he has some better control of his capricious drivers once he's on the ground. Essell has survived growing up largely on his own, it seems, but now he's on a new, never-before explored planet. Wonder who he will meet?
  8. Dr. John NYC

    A Wall Falls

    Way more than “pretty good“... 😊
  9. Dr. John NYC

    A Wall Falls

    Me, too... ever since he remembered why he broke up with his girlfriend. 😱
  10. Dr. John NYC

    A Wall Falls

    I would add that John — through his voice in Troy’s head — contributed a little something to the cracks in the wall. Thank goodness because I’m not sure Troy could have dealt with one more obstacle. 😢
  11. Dr. John NYC


    Mystery upon mystery upon mystery... The only thing not a mystery is how long we have to wait for the next chapter. At least for us late readers, it is less than a week! I love the slow burn with a few significant flames that are Lenny & Ade. Like others mentioned early on, having characters close to my age who are far from "out to pasture" is a real, honest-to-god treat! Write on, @lomax61!
  12. Dr. John NYC


    "Serial Mom"... better not wear white after Labor Day (the USA version).
  13. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 40

    Ahhh, @Cia: killing me softly with your words, killing me softly with your song. 😢
  14. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 39

    Not often that I mark a story with “Love” instead of “Sad” while tears are coursing down my cheeks, but it happened now. Thanks, @Cia!
  15. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 39

    ...or maybe the unicorns will remain with the locus tribe?
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