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  1. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 15.3

    At least now there is a better sense of what the evil seer is doing. I hope that others have some ideas how to leverage that info. What a trooper Fran is!
  2. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 15.2

    Love the way Simon jumps to protect his new family!
  3. Dr. John NYC

    Unexpected guest

    Fabulous picture! Mostly I’ve seen them looking regal, but this pileated woodpecker appears to be posing in a way to make you laugh—or at least chuckle. We had a mated pair whose territory included my adolescent home, and we have a pair whose territory included our weekend home although we haven’t seen either of them recently. I’m hoping it’s because they have such huge territories and not for a more nefarious reason. Thanks for sharing, Parker!
  4. Dr. John NYC


    We so need more Rogelio’s in our world! My optimism for the future rests on him and others like him, people who will speak up rationally but from a foundation of passion for a reasonable balance between extremes and an ability to compromise when appropriate. Thank you, Carlos, for yet another story whose characters speak up for the right thing in the right way!
  5. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 58

    Go Freska!
  6. Dr. John NYC

    Blue Lake.JPG

    Stunning! I love the contrast between the stillness of the water and the sense of motion created by the right-pointing arrow formed by the reflection.
  7. Dr. John NYC

    Part 2 - Things We Found

    You nailed it, @Rndmrunner! Faulty communication is precisely what Ehren is experiencing. Even though they ostensibly speak the same language, the social cues, the rules of survival, the belief systems, and even the meanings of the words themselves make the communication between Ehren and the other people around him fraught with landmines. What is worse, the others (and even Ehren to a lesser extent) do not know they are walking through a minefield, sometimes even after having stepped on a mine. I am optimistic that, with the intelligence of both Ehren and Tris and their deep emotional bond, they will survive the minefield, but it will not be without substantial obstacles.
  8. Dr. John NYC

    Part 2 - Things We Found

    Being plopped down into a different culture -- even if you plopped yourself -- can be frustrating and disorienting, and, in my experience, it is always draining. Often, the adrenaline is pumping at the beginning of your first day in a new culture. Throw in a few miscommunications, misinterpretations, and just plain malice (thank you, Tim) on top of the physiological effects of the post-adrenaline crash and you have all the makings for a truly abominable day. It's not surprising how a subsequent "bump" can trigger an outburst of epic proportions--and perhaps of unwarranted magnitude in the eyes of people around you. My heart goes out to Ehren, and I can readily imagine how he feels by the end of the month. Whether your "new" environment comprises a new country, language, religion, job, school, grade, or any other elements, its difference(s) stimulate and exhaust, and in my experience, it is the exhaustion that lingers after the stimulation has worn off. Here's to Ehren -- & Tris -- getting through the month and to a better place for both of them.
  9. Dr. John NYC


    Wow & WOW! Quite the quintessential Halloween tale with just enough twists to hook you and reel you in. I particularly enjoyed the brujería component. Being a gringo but deeply immersed in the Latino culture, your description of young Ramón listening to his mother’s stories was priceless and spot on. Muchas gracias y felicidades por su cuenta fabulosa. ¡Disfruta esta Noche de las Brujas!
  10. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 52

    Kekillil, the doctor... Deke? Or, lower level personnel who could still be a problem. Could Freska’s messenger have given Everett a clue of what to prepare for? Another week of torture, but thanks @Cia, for another great chapter!
  11. Hello, I believe you are a New Yorker! Maybe you maybe Abe to assist me with some local knowledge please

  12. Dr. John NYC


    If this book of the Homestead Pride series is anything like the previous books of the series, fasten your seat belts and make sure to Follow this story. The diversity of the characters and the variations in the "pairings" (that sometimes are >2) show more than say, "Love is love. Don't limit it." PS: if you have not read the other books, I encourage you to do so. Even if does not help you understand the nuances of the characters and their interactions, it will give you something more useful to do while waiting for the next chapter than biting your nails or making snarky comments.
  13. Hi DR. John NYC


    It has been a while since we spoke. I am amazed at the number of stories that you have listed. I am sure that I will find among them, many that I too will enjoy reading, thank you. The comments you make to the authors, are exactly what the authors are looking for and so appreciate. The only fault I find is that you have not made hundreds or maybe thousands more in the time you have been here. However with the quality and effort you put into each of them, I guess numbers is not what matters.

    I want to wish you a very Happy 65th Birthday and I hope that you had a wonderful day of celebration. My best to you.


    Take care


  14. Happy birthday, my friend. Hope it's a great one. 

  15. Happy Birthday!


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