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  1. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 55

    Schemes within schemes: how delightfully human! 😱
  2. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 44

    My question, too.
  3. Dr. John NYC

    Why Pride?

    Experiencing prejudice of any kind first hand is the best -- perhaps the only -- way to really understand it. In NYC, there is a campaign going on now that challenges people who think there is no antisemitism to wear a yarmulke for a week and then report back. Don't know of anyone who has done it, but I thought it was a great approach to get people to open their eyes about prejudice.
  4. Dr. John NYC

    Why Pride?

    Now THAT is a friend! My last roommate in grad school and one of my best friends still to date was a straight man who was neutral about gay rights (not unreasonable for Georgia in the late 70's) -- until I came out. Then he became the most awesome Ally that you could imagine, sometimes even standing up against prejudicial/homophobic crap that I had decided to ignore. I could see him doing something like Myles did! He became such a supportive friend that he was the only straight man who was routinely invited to the gay parties. Thanks, Bill, for four decades of friendship and support -- and thanks @Wayne Gray for a delightful tale!
  5. Life sure is interesting, huh Rhyad? Can't wait to see how many whelps they have! (I know, I know... it's still "if" officially.)
  6. As I often heard growing up: no good deed goes unpunished. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the punishment is not too onerous. Great chapter, @astone2292 — & I hope we get to see more of Stacy’s development as a human who now knows about the supernatural world. Hold onto her, Dave!
  7. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 37

    We’ll, I think we can rule out Timor since Essell would have recognized his scent. As for the emotional rollercoaster, I think it’s not surprising considering all that has happened—even if he brought most of it upon himself—& the way his hormones must be going crazy with all the physical changes. Thanks @Cia for bringing Bouncer back into the picture!
  8. Everyone deals with the death of loved ones differently, but at Ethan’s age the challenge of multiple losses is indeed a reason for concern. Knowing his grandmother is a witch, I hope she might provide some special solace along with her love and his father’s deep, abiding love. Maybe his struggles will give him strength and opportunities to come out to them. This story keeps getting better, @StoryMyke!
  9. I second @Valkyrie’s sentiments: I have never read a one of Graeme’s stories that I didn’t like!
  10. Dr. John NYC


    I'm glad that Cassiel is taking Kassil's advice about The Bleaching seriously, because Theofrid is certainly not going to volunteer anything in the near future. I think they could make a good couple if Theofrid can get over his insecurities with regards to Cassiel.
  11. I very much enjoyed Evan’s growing sense of family and learning new aspects of the characters. The transition from the previous chapter was quite abrupt, however, almost jarring and definitely disconcerting for me — as if there was a chapter missing. Perhaps in the finished story the arc of these chapters will feel less jarring, but you might want to consider something to connect the two chapters more. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing where they are going and why. Cheers, @StoryMyke!
  12. Dr. John NYC


    What an apt metaphor: the impromptu race from Eagle Lake to Chicago in an old van without air conditioning was a wonderful parallel to Rick's growth in moving past his insecurities towards his future -- an unknown future perhaps, but nonetheless his, not Heinrich's nor Rita's nor anyone else's, except possibly one to be shared ultimately with Gus. Then to close with, "“Somebody call a plumber?” He grinned." Sheer genius, in all its many layers! It was the perfect comic relief after the tension that had been ratcheting up since the end of the last chapter -- and will certainly help getting through the intervening week until the next chapter. As for the mind-f&@! of driving for the first time in a major city, you captured the frustration with amazing accuracy. I still remember driving the first time into NYC 40 years ago, after having driven mostly in towns and small cities in West Virginia and Georgia all my previous life. Between the impatience of other drivers and the one-way streets, it was a nightmare, but what a satisfied feeling once I had done it! Fabulous story, @Parker Owens!
  13. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 35

    And now a warning??!! (Thanks to Meryl Streep in "Death Becomes Her.") I hope it was just the natural caution of a scientist-doctor in a new situation, but knowing @Cia, there will be more to it. At least my two-day delay in reading means I have two days less before the next chapter...
  14. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 35

    I agree with @drpaladin's initial comments/observation and also with "Maybe." I was reasonably certain that he had blushed before, so I lean toward something else being the change in color.
  15. Dr. John NYC

    Chapter 5

    For me, Ryan’s avoidance of answering his sister’s question was because he is still sorting things out in his own head. If he were clearer about his feelings or closer to sister or more open about his emotions in general, then it might’ve been odd —but not at the moment and to his family. Just my thoughts...
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