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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Crown Prince Yoshi - 20. Chapter 20 - Extra 1

The surprising strange search for a man named Midori Taimeng

Jian of Fier lived a dedicated life. He believed in providing the best for his family and the community. His grandfather’s people were originally from Dwind, and some of them remained in Dwind even as Jian’s parents migrated to Fier. When the great strife started in Fier, he moved his family to join his distant relatives in the small town on the outskirts of Dwind.

After the war ended, Jian longed for the home he had built in Fier, and decided to take his family and head back home even as his relatives asked him to stay in the small Dwind town. A decision he almost regretted when his wife’s pregnancy turned difficult on the way and they were almost murdered on the road by mercenaries.

His family was saved by a noble man with elite soldiers. A noble man who sold tea in the capital. Midori Taimeng was the name of that handsome lord with a mischievous smile.

Jian would never forget him. That man gave his family a chance to survive.

Three years passed after the war. Peace returned and settled. Jian, who was a spice merchant, embraced the policies the Crown Prince put in place, quickly building a business that interconnected the Empire's Quads. He built a large shop in his town in Fier, and his family prospered. On his youngest son’s fifth birthday, Jian decided to take little Mita to the Capital, intent on seeking out Lord Midori Taimeng to thank him.


On a not so busy afternoon, Lenoth entered The Peaceful Lotus Tea House, the busiest tea house in Lexin City. An attendant greeted him at the entrance, leading him up the stairs to a more quiet area as a play was underway in the main hall. Lenoth adjusted his coat, folding his arms behind his back as he followed the attendant. Tea houses were the best places to discover the Capital’s temperature. Happy patrons, tale bearers, and travelers coming in and out…

Lenoth nodded his head proud of this daily life.

The attendant brought him to a quiet table, and he thanked her asking for a cup too as he joined the only man sitting at the table sipping black tea.

“Your Highness,” Lenoth greeted, his gaze on Prince Midori, the Empire’s Imperial Consort.

“Lenoth, this play is quite interesting. I think I should have brought Yoshi along. He likes watching plays.”

Lenoth smiled at this comment. The attendant brought him a cup, and Midori poured him black tea, watching him.

“Your Highness was angry with Imperial Highness earlier. You left the palace in a fit. Have you forgiven him?”

“Who can stay angry at him?” Midori asked, placing the teapot on the warmer, his gaze returning to the play unfolding below on the stage. “His brain is filled with court sessions, memorials written by clever ministers, censors, and scholars. No wonder he thinks a boy should live in the school room reading. Ayu should be allowed to run the palace courtyards to his heart’s content.”

“Fighting over Prince Ayu’s education makes you parents, Your Highness.”

Midori sighed and placed his cup down.

“What brings you here?”

“An interesting tale,” Lenoth grinned. “A mysterious wealthy merchant is actively searching for a noble lord named Midori Taimeng. He insists that this noble lord supplies this tea house, and that he must meet him. He has caused the tea house’s owner much stress this past week. Mr. Lu came looking for help at the royal garrison this morning. I was meeting Lord General Benal when we heard the case.”

“Midori Taimeng?” Midori frowned. “Is this merchant looking for me?”

“Your Highness, no one would dare say your name now,” Lenoth said with a quick grin. “Those who do, call Your Highness, Prince Midori or Commander as you’re now training the Imperial Army. I doubt a merchant would dare call your name this way.”

“Interesting tale indeed,” Midori agreed, pouring a new cup of tea.

He returned his gaze to the stage below. He paused in the act of sipping his tea when a handsome slender man entered the tea house. Long hair down his back, with a jade pin securing strands from falling around his face. His robes a light red, embroidered with yellow. No jewelry on him to identify his house. Two men followed the handsome man close, the dark hoods over their heads hiding their real identities.

Midori placed his cup on the table, watching the handsome merchant scan the busy tea house. The owner of the tea house, Mr. Lu, approached the slender man greeting him with a low bow. A short conversation, and Mr. Lu started up the stairs, with the merchant following him. Curious glances followed their progress, though the play continued on stage, and conversation did not stop.

Lenoth started to get up from his seat, but Midori stopped him with a glance. Lenoth placed his hands on his lap, and took in a deep breath.

Mr. Lu appeared a minute later with the handsome merchant behind him. He gave them all a short bow, before he hurried off leaving the handsome merchant standing at their table.

“Lord Lenoth, how are you doing this afternoon?”

“Very well,” Lenoth answered, keeping his head lowered, not daring look at the handsome merchant, nor Prince Midori.

“Your wife visited Lady Telia this morning. We left them teaching their attendants self-defense. She has our home very lively. Have her visit often, when she has time.”

“I will be sure to tell her,” Lenoth said, with a smile.

“Lift your head, Lord Lenoth. Your tense shoulders are enough to give us away.”

Lenoth looked up right away, shrugging his shoulders to seem relaxed as he gave the handsome merchant a quick glance.

“Would you give us a moment with—?”

“Why are you outside?” Midori cut in, before the handsome merchant could complete his question. “Testing the boundaries of safety?”

“Someone left me this morning in a huff. I’ve been worried sick, what else could I do but step out to find him?”

Midori shook his head at the answer, and glanced at Lenoth.

“We’re working on a serious case,” Midori said.

“Do tell,” the handsome merchant said with a grin that transformed his face, startling those who watched him still.

“Don’t smile,” Midori said, not missing the swooning women at the table a few feet away.

The handsome merchant chuckled and gained a scowl from Midori in return. Lenoth suddenly felt as though they had forgotten he sat here.

“Lenoth, why don’t you invite this mysterious wealthy merchant for a cup of tea? I would like to meet him,” Midori suggested.

Lenoth got to his feet, eager to escape the lover’s tiff, practically running to find Mr. Lu.


Midori poured tea into the extra cup brought with his tray, and pushed it toward Yoshi who sat in Lenoth’s chair. Yoshi took the cup and sipped the tea, his gaze sliding to the play still continuing below.

Midori watched Yoshi watch the play. His husband, so quickly captured by the tale on stage, grew handsome with each day they spent together. No longer unsure, Yoshi now sat with confidence. The weight on his shoulders easier for him to carry. Being Crown Prince became him, and Midori loved seeing Yoshi grow into his role.

“You’re staring,” Yoshi said, his gaze not leaving the stage.

“Can’t help it,” Midori confessed, resting his chin on his palm.

“Are you still angry with me?”

Midori shook his head no when Yoshi looked at him.

“I talked to Scholar Tang,” Yoshi said, holding Midori’s gaze. “Ayu can spend the mornings you decide on the grounds playing. I’m sorry we argued, Midori. Despite the many changes in the palace, I remain my mother’s son. Her rules are hard to break away from.”

Midori reached out to take Yoshi’s hand.

“We’re both learning with Ayu. My way is not always right. There are so many things our little Ayu needs to learn,” Midori said. “Arguing is good for us, Yoshi.”

“Is it?” Yoshi asked with a grin, his lips curving into a smile when Midori traced patterns on his palm.

“I look forward to our making up,” Midori stated, covering Yoshi’s hand with his.

Yoshi blushed, picking up his cup of tea and taking a sip.

Midori chuckled, drawing Yoshi’s gaze.


“It warms my heart that I can still make you blush after all these years,” Midori said.

“I do not blush.”

“Oh, yes you do.”

Yoshi pulled his hand away from Midori, sitting back in his chair.

“What serious case are you working on with Lenoth?”

Midori rested his chin on his palm again, watching Yoshi, enjoying the burst of color on his husband’s cheeks.

“A wealthy merchant is looking for a noble man with my name. He has placed the Mr. Lu in a quandary. Mr. Lu is afraid the wealthy merchant will cause him misfortune.”


“Hmm…indeed.” Midori smiled, knowing Yoshi wanted to get involved. Though, a Crown Prince in the middle of such a domestic case would make it more complicated. “You can sit in, and play a fellow merchant.”

“Can I?” Yoshi perked up.

Midori chuckled, wanting to kiss Yoshi. Yoshi continued watching the play.

Midori noticed Lenoth coming up the stairs first followed by Mr. Lu and a man he did not recognize. Lenoth’s progress to their table was slow as he listened to the unfamiliar man explain, nodding once in a while.

When they got to the table, Midori acknowledged Lenoth’s nod and was going to greet the merchant when the man exclaimed and bowed low in Yoshi’s direction.

“My Lord Midori, what an honor it is to see you again. I’m truly blessed to see you again,” the wealthy merchant exclaimed.

Midori, Lenoth and Mr. Lu all stared at the wealthy man in surprise. His gaze stayed riveted on Yoshi.

Yoshi stared at the bowing man for a full minute, then he pushed his chair back and stood. Taking the wealthy merchant’s shoulders, he urged him to straighten to his full height.

“Jian. It’s you. You look well, my friend,” Yoshi said, shocking Midori and Lenoth.

Midori noted that the head of the black guard remained posted in his position. Which only meant that the merchant was a familiar face.

“My Lord looks well too,” Jian said, squeezing Yoshi’s arms in excitement. “I hope your enterprises have prospered. I’m sorry that it has taken me four years to come find you.”

“No matter,” Yoshi said, patting Jian’s shoulder with assurance. “I’m happy to see you doing well. How is your wife? Did she get her baby?”

Jian beamed with pride.

“Yes. Now that I’ve met you again, please give me a moment. I will be right back. Please?”

“Of course, Jian. You will find me here enjoying a cup of tea with my husband.”

Jian nodded, and hurried off.

Yoshi sat in his chair, and sipped his tea, oblivious to their shock.

“Yoshi?” Midori prompted, when it was clear he would keep drinking his tea as though nothing had happened. “What’s going on?”

Yoshi met Midori’s gaze, then looked to Lenoth and Mr. Lu.

Yoshi placed his teacup on the table.

“This case, don’t look into it,” Yoshi said, glancing at Lord Lenoth. “Mr. Lu, Jian is my good friend. Thank you for looking after him.”

Mr. Lu smiled in relief, gave Yoshi a short nod and hurried off.

“Have a seat, Lord Lenoth,” Yoshi urged, getting up and joining Midori on his side of the table.

Lenoth waited for him to sit before he took the seat Yoshi had been using.

“How do you know Jian?” Midori asked.

“I saved his family from mercenaries the year we were apart,” Yoshi said, sipping his tea. “He was heading home to Fier, when his caravan broke down. His wife was pregnant at the time. I was tracking mercenaries attacking refugees.”

“The Epang Manor incident,” Lenoth said in understanding. “This is the incident that turned Epang Manor into a Memoriam.”

Yoshi nodded in agreement.

“Why does he call you, Lord Midori Taimeng?” Midori asked.

“Well, he asked for my name, and I did not want to startle him in to shock while he worried for his family.”

“Yoshi.” Midori chided.

“I melded our names,” Yoshi said with a rueful smile. “I might have been hoping for the future a little too hard.”

Midori shook his head in disbelief, while Lenoth chuckled.

“Here we were thinking this was the start to a serious identity theft saga,” Midori sighed.

Yoshi started to comment only to be interrupted by Jian’s return.

Yoshi shifted in his seat to face Jian and the five year old boy Jian brought along with him.

“Lord Midori, please meet my son, Mita.” Jian introduced the boy. “He is the child you saved that day.”

Yoshi smiled, charmed by the shy Mita. Yoshi loved children. So much, that Midori had asked him if they shouldn’t get another child, but Yoshi said no, saying Ayu and Roan were enough. The Empire needed only two possible heirs, not a million. Otherwise, there would be misfortune.

Midori watched Yoshi hold out a hand to Mita.

“Mita, thank him properly,” Jian insisted when Mita shook Yoshi’s hand and stepped back.

“Mita thanks Lord Midori Taimeng for saving my mother and me,” Mita said, bowing his little head in respect.

Yoshi got up from his chair and crouched before Mita, stopping his bow.

“Little Mita, how old are you now?”


“You’ve grown well, Mita.” Yoshi complimented him. “I have a son a year younger than you. Would you think of him as a brother? Look out for him when you meet?”

“Yes, My Lord. I will.”

“Good boy. Then think of me as an uncle living in the capital from now on.”

Yoshi patted Mita’s head and stood, turning to Jian, he smiled.

“Jian, let me introduce you to my husband.”

Jian stepped forward, facing Midori when Yoshi gestured to him.

“I wasn’t truthful with you when we met. I used his name to introduce myself,” Yoshi said with a quick grin. “Prince Midori thought it would be best to clear misunderstandings for the future.”

“Your Highness,” Jian said in greeting, bowing his head in Midori’s direction.

Midori watched Jian as he lifted his head, noting the exact moment Jian realized Yoshi’s real identity. His eyes went wide, and the urge to step away from Yoshi was hard to curb.

“Jian,” Midori held out his hand to Jian, distracting him. “It is my pleasure to know a man who has received my husband’s kindness.”

Jian smiled and took his hand, shaking it with trembling hands.

Jian stepped back, resting his hands on Mita’s shoulders.

Yoshi, oblivious to Jian’s shaken condition, nodded to Lenoth.

“If you ever need anything in the future, or to reach me, Jian, find Lord Lenoth at the Royal Garrison, or through Mr. Lu. He will know what to do. This way you will not struggle as you have these past days.”

“Yes, thank you so much,” Jian nodded. “My family is always at your service.”

“Then take good care of Mita,” Yoshi said with a smile for the small boy. “This uncle will trouble you to bring him to the capital to visit me often.”

Jian bowed his head at the generous offer and begged to be excused soon after. Midori watched Jian hurry Mita away with a small smile.

“Lenoth,” Midori said. “Why don’t you find out more about Jian? He seems like a good friend to keep, but we should be sure.”

“Then excuse me,” Lenoth said getting up from the table with a nod, heading after Jian.

Yoshi finished his cup of tea, and shifted in his chair to face Midori.

“Now that this case is solved, will you come home with me?” Yoshi asked.

Midori hid a smile.

“Why don’t we walk around the capital and see what we can bring back for Ayu?”

Yoshi’s glance slid to the Head of the Black Guard.

“Don’t worry about him,” Midori said, placing an arm around Yoshi’s shoulders, pulling him closer. “I’m right beside you.”

Yoshi smiled and leaned up to kiss Midori’s chin, then his lips.

“Then, I’ll follow you, dear husband.”


Lenoth trailed behind Crown Prince Yoshi and Prince Midori as they walked through the busy capital streets. Yoshi stopped at stalls that interested him, touching trinkets, hoping to find something he could give to The Empress, Lady Telia and Prince Ayu.

Prince Midori kept hold of Crown Prince Yoshi’s right hand, his attention on his husband, as they walked. Their bond so clear, enough to make others envious.

Crown Prince stopped at a kite vendor’s stall, and Lenoth stared as the Crown Prince proceeded to buy the biggest kite he could find, insisting Prince Ayu would want a big one.

“What if the kite carries Ayu away?” Prince Midori protested.

“There is you to hold him tight and make sure he stays with us,” Yoshi said, thanking the vendor. “Our Ayu should have the biggest one.”

“Now who is spoiling him,” Prince Midori chided, as they continued their journey.

Crown Prince laughed and in that moment, Lenoth saw it. How utterly in love Prince Midori was with his husband. The sound of Crown Prince’s laugh, brightened Prince Midori’s eyes like nothing he had ever seen in this world. The empire was lucky indeed.


“Are you sure it was him?” Jian’s wife demanded.

She had not been able to meet the man who had saved them, since she needed to arrange transportation for their merchandise for the trip back to Fier. Jian had taken Mita with her blessing.

“You might be mistaken,” Jian’s wife insisted, staring at her son, Mita. “The Empire’s Crown Prince is not someone you meet in a tea house.”

“I’m not wrong,” Jian insisted, watching his wife buy hair pins for their daughter.

He happened to glance across the street, and caught sight of the Crown Prince and Prince Midori buying kites. Touching his wife’s arm, he drew her attention to the royal couple across the street.

“Oh my,” Jian’s wife said, clinging to his arm, her eyes shining. “Why didn’t we see it before?”

“I don’t know,” Jian said. Jian’s wife sighed, as women did when their hearts were moved, when Crown Prince laughed and Prince Midori brought their clasped hands up to press a kiss on the Crown Prince’s hand.

“Are you sure we can’t meet them now?” Jian’s wife asked, her tone one of longing.

Jian squeezed his wife’s hand.

“We will in time. Right now, let’s be grateful for our good fortune. Mita is lucky indeed.

Jian’s wife nodded in agreement.

When the Crown Prince and Prince Consort started walking again, Jian caught sight of Lord Lenoth following behind them. Lord Lenoth turned in his direction and Jian was pleasantly surprised when Lord Lenoth gave him a short nod of acknowledgment.

Jian knew then that his son, Mita, would have a life full of good fortune, and he was grateful to the Crown Prince.

“Our Mita has truly found a great benefactor.”


Just some few little extras attached to the Crown Prince Yoshi.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Surprise indeed for this extra!! Thank you so much. Hope you will continue to give us more little extra 😆

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Glad you love this little look into Yoshi's life.  I'll work on posting some more, as I find them. ^_^

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how nice to see that the Prince and Prince Consort allowed us into more of their lives. Thank you for documenting and sharing 🙂

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Once again, you’ve captured my mind and my heart. I love your writing, so please continue! ❤️

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I love this story think this is my third time reading am not a kpop fun but started following a few of them lately being following BTS and I was intrigued by Taekook I don't know why watching them made me think of this story so I came back to read it again  🥰😘 glad I did

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