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  1. Ang3l

    Chapter 32

    Why so frightening then. I'm sure she can get really bad ass, but how ? Please please santa, can we get an iris story ?
  2. Ang3l

    Strength Of Faith

    I'm up for bêta if you need Although i'm not sure you need any help to.be great
  3. Ang3l

    Chapter 32

    Hmmmm🤔 What gets me the most curious is how they all spontaneously say no to Iris teaching. What's the history there?
  4. Ang3l

    Chapter 48

    Im starting to imagine taht what he needs to do is completely give in to the beast and be renewed/reborn through it. Let go completely to set the controls free and merge his two parts. A bit like Worthington with the geas in dk 's rich boy
  5. Ang3l

    Chapter 19

    i think I'll speak for everyone if i say that we're nust grateful for your great writing when it comes and you don't owe us anything. But knowing you plan to finish is a great thing to look forward to
  6. Ang3l

    Chapter 23

    Absolutely ! Gobbledydocks. You should be jailed for making us suffer this way. And soon like this afternoon is even better ! I believe you have asadist's mind sui. But thanks. I love it
  7. Ang3l

    Chapter 20

    Now the literature begins I'm ready for the show. Can't wait. It's like everything a taken another turn with this chapter. Got to another level
  8. Ang3l

    Topher - "Sugarpie"

    Uh. Catholic priests can't get married and married men can't become priests unless their wife is dead. Otherwise i do enjoy the story. But that bit s really nagging at me.
  9. Ang3l

    Boar's Head

    Hmmm. Nice. Starting in great form. I do think i prefered candestine as a name though, and the surname seems a bit superfluous but perhaps that's because he's not yet the skold we know. Gillespie makes me think of gulliver for sime reason. Otherwise, it's great to see a different skold, a younger skold, even with only an opening chapter you somehow manage to make him younger more immature, more angry. Can't wait to see what ll come after
  10. Ang3l


    Best news of the week
  11. Ang3l

    Chapter 25

    I didn't mean the story, i meant the chapter. In this age of instant gratification i want more ! 😉
  12. Ang3l

    Chapter 25

    No. You can't stop there. Please ?
  13. Ang3l

    Mistaken Identity

    She's like the HP Mrs Figg, although a more competent version it seems And yes, great story. My greatest question is how Lucy can resist the mind push. Just strength of character, or another of the funny local gene pool
  14. Ang3l

    Chapter 12

    I think that's one o your best chapters so far. Poetry in the words, magic in the sky. Politics, feelings, family etc.. You play on every scale
  15. Ang3l

    Chapter 11

    Amazing, well worth the wait (although that doesn't mean I don't expect the next one sooner :-P) It's great to have such a bowl of fresh air and mirth. Although I'd say sema seems to be 13 more than 16. And your descriptions and mood setting remain impeccable. Let's ruffle a few more of Sando's feathers along the way. :-)

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