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  1. Ang3l

    Subito Forte

    Ohhh, this is going to getfunny with irene
  2. Just read the entire series in one go. Please start again 😊
  3. Wow, this story is absolutely effin awesome. Just read all the chapters in one go. You re absolutely terrific. I'm hooked
  4. Ang3l


    Whatever length feels good for your storywriting !
  5. Ang3l


    Well, I would be of the same opinion if it weren't for the fact that Demiurge's been awesome about the frequency of updates. I'm not too worried about Lex, more that he s being manipulated from higher up in the food chain. Also remember from.the introduction at court that Tyren seems to have a grudge against the king. He's also good at building up.his little battalion of unconventional but powerful misfits.
  6. Ang3l


    Please continue to post as frequently. I'm hooked
  7. Ang3l

    Chapter 7

    You re a sadist is all. The only problem with lomax chapters is that they re too short even when they re long !
  8. Ang3l


    but that's the fun of the epilogue. There s a bit of mystery hanging there. And yet she s probably just like another shy kid like lucas was.
  9. Ang3l

    Chapter 18

    I'm more worried about the kid seeing salamander again...
  10. Ang3l

    Chapter 13

    Nooooooo. You can't stop there ! Constantin being in on it is unexpected. I just wonder why he s so against gia when she s seemed genuine since the beginning.
  11. Ang3l


    Can you post the pictures ? 😇
  12. Ang3l

    Chapter 28

    Yayyyyy Love this story I was thinking what s this prophylaxis that popped up in the notifications. And after 3 words i went ballistic
  13. Ang3l

    Chapter 32

    Why so frightening then. I'm sure she can get really bad ass, but how ? Please please santa, can we get an iris story ?
  14. Ang3l

    Strength Of Faith

    I'm up for bêta if you need Although i'm not sure you need any help to.be great
  15. Ang3l

    Chapter 32

    Hmmmm🤔 What gets me the most curious is how they all spontaneously say no to Iris teaching. What's the history there?
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